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All boys had a hard-on or at least a half stiff cock
I don't usually sit down and write like this, especially as what I'm writing is true, and happened to me about a year ago. I've changed the names and not specified the location but the actions are authentic, and the people real. I hope you enjoy it, as I still can't quite believe it happened to me. Sure I've added a rhetorical flourish here and there but the narrative follows events pretty closely.

It all started with a dream. I'd call it a low fever which brought it on, an early summer cold that knocks you back and drags your thoughts downwards to the gutter. Somewhere in between tossing and turning, my vision a jumble of seductive, twisting limbs, the lowering sun glinting off the surf, an idea was planted which stuck with me when I woke up. I'd no idea what it would turn into yet.

I was 24, I'd just finished a year of a real job, saved some money and put a deposit on a house (with a little help from my parents). I wouldn't call my life blessed, I worked hard and didn't go out much, watching youtube videos and occasionally going to the gym. My life was vanilla, no, blander than that. Few friends, few real interests except work, and almost no free time.

The best thing in my life was my gorgeous girlfriend, Eleanor. She was 5"6, a petite size 10, piercingly intelligent, a natural, sandy blonde with small, beautiful pert tits and a striking pale complexion. Frustratingly, she was also hundreds of miles away, studying at the university I'd graduated from a year hence. We'd had our moments of doubt and a couple of facetious arguments, but for some reason I still can't understand she was besotted with me, and I with her. We'd been together two years.

We skyped to communicate, and a couple of nights after the dream I logged on to chat. The conversation as I remember it revolved around her imminent graduation and how excited she was. I'd got time off work to travel up and attend the ball they throw afterwards. I'd never bothered with it in my final year after graduation, and to be honest I was more interested in getting my little drunk girlfriend back home afterwards for some long overdue sex! She was picking out dresses in her mind (she has dozens, a real girly girl in that respect).

"Aren't you excited?" she said, her brow furrowing cutely.

"I am, of course I am darling." Of course I wasn't. It would be pleasant but not spectacular.

"You don't sound that interested. Roy and Nina will be there."

Roy was one of my oldest friends. We'd met in University and he'd fallen for a friend of mine, Nina. He'd taken a job in the big city near the university, so they could be together. I really liked them both, and they'd been together almost as long as we had. Roy was about 5"8, broadly built and slightly dark in complexion, and if he'd been any shorter I'd have said he was a little overweight for his age. Nina - well I'd had a bit of a crush on Nina before I hitched up with Eleanor. She was about 5"4, also a size 10 but curvier with a much larger bust, quick-witted, with a brilliant smile and a soft, round face. She'd dyed her hair blonde but she was naturally a brunette - it suited her, she could pull off dresses that exposed her larger, milky-white cleavage.

"That all sounds great hunni. I'm sure we'll have a wonderful time. Did I tell you about my dream?"

"No," she said, intrigued, "what dream?"

I wasn't one for dissecting what my brain did at night, so she knew something was up the moment I said it. I told her, making up the details, filling in the gaps, about the mysterious, erotic dream and the cryptic flashes of fire and sun off the sea. I wove a story out of a few erotic memories as best I could.

"Sounds like you were on a beach, having a REALLY good time" she said, smiling coyly.

"Perhaps I was skinny dipping" I mused, nonchalantly. Her eyes widened;

"Let's do it! Can we do it? It's on my list of things to do before I leave."

"Skinny dipping?"

"Yeah, it'll be SO fun" she grinned happily, showing off her beautiful, perfect set of white teeth.

All of a sudden the idea arrived in my head, perfectly formed. A romantic little fire set in the dunes, some towels, a blanket to lie on and a bottle of wine in a portable chiller. I wouldn't need to take her back to her house at all!

"Sounds great!" I said, enthusiastically, "How about straight after the ball finishes? They'll be no-one around!"

"Sounds amazing darling, let's do it! I can invite Roy and Nina."

Poof! Up went my plan in smoke. Instead of beautiful, romantic beach sex we'd have two interlopers - good friends, but interlopers nonetheless. I doubted they'd even want to skinny dip at all.

"Are you sure they'd really want to get involved?" I said, precariously.

"I'll ask. Nina said it's something she's always wanted to do."

Getting a flash of Nina's impressive jugs wouldn't quite make up for it, but I gave in, figuring I could try to get round it somehow later.

"Ok great," I said.

I can honestly say the next time I thought about it was on the plane up to the grad ball. I reached down into the net bag on the seat in front and saw a beautiful picture of a palm on a beach, fronds swaying from the wind. It was early summer and the air had turned warm and moist, reaching a balmy 80 F. At the arrivals lounge I bought myself a couple of duty-free towels and a deep red patterned blanket, not my favourite colour but I guessed it would be one-use only, so I didn't mind shelling out for it.

Eleanor picked me up in her car, and we embraced lovingly and kissed for a few minutes.

"I'm so glad to be here, to be your date tonight" I said. I meant it too - she could look show-stoppingly stunning when she put her mind to it.

"Have a look in the back," she said, noticing my blanket with the price tag still on.

I moved round to the back and saw a box of small logs and box of kindling - clearly I wasn't the only one who was thinking about later! I dropped the blanket on to them and jumped in the front again.

"So...did Roy and Nina say they were coming?" I asked hopefully.

"Yes, darling," she said, oblivious to my enquiring note, "A fire on the beach, it'll be really fun. I'm almost looking forward to it more than the ball, just hanging out and saying goodbye in our own way."

I'd tried, dear reader, and at this point resigned myself to a lovely, but not very 'fulfilling' time.

The ball was always a big thing. They pulled out all the stops, and Eleanor looked gorgeous in a pale blue floor length gown and white gloves, an outfit that matched her sparkling blue eyes and made me want her so much it almost hurt. Halfway through we saw Roy and Nina, she in a dark red gown with a cutaway V shape showing off her impressive assets. There was a small twinge of guilt as I watched those beautiful breasts advancing towards me, but at least I'd be able to see them in full tonight after giving them up all those years ago. Nina's face was alive with excitement, and Roy dutifully tagged along. I exchanged the nod of the ensnared male with him, and joked about as the girls talked and danced with each other.

"So are you really going to come tonight?" I asked

"Yeah," he said, somewhat unsure, "your girlfriend has convinced my girlfriend she won't have said goodbye properly until she's run into the sea naked."

"I just hope we're the only ones down there. Beautiful weather though." I added.

We'd both curtly avoided the subject about seeing our respective girlfriends, and each other, in the buff. If Roy wanted to he could have kept Nina from going, but as I turned around to fetch my drink I caught him eyeing Eleanor, probably wondering the same things I'd wondered about Nina. Tonight at least he'd get an answer!

We left the ball around midnight, as it began to wind slowly up, and headed for Eleanor's car. It was a six seater, with plenty of space, and I sat in the front with her while Roy and Nina got in behind.

"Did you bring old clothes to change into?" said Eleanor to Nina, who flashed a smile and held up a white holdall.

"Are we gonna change here?" said Roy, a bit nervously.

"Yeah," said Eleanor, nonchalantly, "what, are you worried I might see you without your top on Roy?"

We all laughed, even Roy after his initial hesitation. Nina and Eleanor exchanged a glance, and I think that was the first time that night I picked up on something. There was a kind of undercurrent running between the two girls, a silent agreement Roy and I weren't party to.

As I changed with difficulty in my seat, I looked up at the rearview mirror and caught Nina's breasts exploding out of her bra as she wriggled out of her ballgown. Instantly my cock began to get hard. There was nothing I could do, except hurriedly pull off my good trousers and throw on my cargo shorts before anyone noticed.

The car was silent apart from the sound of rustling of clothes, and I looked up again to see Eleanor staring at my noticeable bulge. She looked in the rearview mirror herself, before giving me an 'are you kidding?' kind of stare. I mouthed 'I'm sorry', and tried to look guilty. In reality it was a struggle not to look in that mirror again!

Eventually we set off for the short drive to the beach. We'd all relaxed again and I passed my hip flask back to Roy and chatted about the view, about leaving, about the future. Life felt good as we pulled up in a deserted car park and unloaded the car. Roy and I took the materials for the fire on ahead down to the beach, where we found a perfect dune cut in a 'C' shape overlooking the sands.

"Guess this is it" said Roy, and started to dig a hole for the fire.

I helped out, and together we had a respectable little blaze going in minutes, just in time for the girls to arrive and lay out the blankets, the little cooler and some towels. We all sat by the fire and watched the black sea gently lapping against the sand about thirty feet away. A glass of wine in hand, good conversation, a fire and an idyllic location. We were all smiles!

Surprisingly it was Roy who first broached the subject of skinny dipping, about half an hour after we'd arrived

"So, when are we going to do this?" he asked nervously, but directly.

"Whenever you want," said Eleanor sweetly, "Nina and I are going to go in together."

"Maybe you should get undressed first then" I jumped in, mock enthusiasm in my voice.

Frankly at this point after my reaction to Nina in the car I was a little afraid of getting undressed and not being able to control myself, to put it one way. To my surprise, it was Nina who stood up first, and, looking coyly at her boyfriend, and nervously at us, pulled off her old T shirt to reveal her bra. Eleanor, not to be outdone, shot up and followed her example. Soon they were down to their underwear, and then they hesitated.

"Maybe you should do it together," I said, still fully dressed.

"Or maybe we should do it for you" interjected Roy, bluntly.

Smiling, we lined up behind our respective girlfriends, who stood nervously facing each other, our hands on their bra clasps.

"Wait!" said Eleanor, "If we do this, you guys have to get undressed IMMEDIATELY afterwards, is that clear?"

Roy and I stopped, nodded to each other as if we were engaging in a gentleman's agreement, and pulled off our girlfriends bras. I couldn't take my eyes off of Nina's magnificent, globe shaped tits - so different to my own girlfriend's pert but small ones. Gently my hands moved to Eleanor's beautiful ass, and Roy, seeing me - followed my lead. We both pulled down in one motion, revealing our girlfriends fully to each other. To my surprise Nina had no pubic hair, she was fully shaven down below! While I marvelled, my own girlfriend turned around, flashing her fantastic ass to Roy, and to my disbelief her pubic hair was completely gone too!

"We wanted to surprise you both," said Nina, with a shit-eating-grin. Unsure of herself, she turned to face Roy, and I caught her equally lovely, curvy figure in the glint of the fire. Eleanor could see me staring, and Nina must have been able to see Roy's dropjaw expression for another woman, but they both set to work pulling off our shorts and shirts until we too were down to our underwear.

"Time for the big reveal" giggled Eleanor, and I looked down at her mischevious face, lit up with glee. I still had a semi-hard on and was admittedly unwilling, but she leant forward and kissed me passionately, and as she did her hands raced to my waist and forced my boxers to the floor.

Eleanor took me by the hand as if to present me to Nina, who had had slightly more of a struggle with recalcitrant Roy, but won in the end. Both males pointedly avoided looking at each other, and I prayed silently for something to shrink my penis so I didn't look so aroused.

"Come on," said Eleanor, "her eyes gleaming, let's go". She pulled me behind her towards the water, and I could hear Nina and Roy behind, and we almost made it to a sprint before ploughing in to the water - sending the surf cascading up around us. We got out to waist deep, Eleanor's hand in mine, and then turned to see Roy and Nina behind us. Eleanor's breasts rested just underneath the water, which seemed calm, and I couldn't help but embrace her and kiss her passionately in the moonlight. We held each other and turned to see Roy holding Nina up against him, kissing her forcefully and pressing her tits against his chest.

There was something about the atmosphere that made me understand all that guff about free love. Everything was so beautiful and natural, even if the water was freezing it looked amazing, and when we got out and strolled up the beach together to our campfire we no longer cared we were naked any more. It was as though we'd undergone the briefest of baptisms, and were comfortable in one another's presence all of a sudden. After all -- it had been much more pleasant than I think any of us had expected it to be.

We collapsed on the blankets together, Roy and Nina on one that overlapped ours. I picked up the towel and rubbed off the wettest parts of myself, but otherwise we were all content to let the fire dry us.

"That," said Nina, "was amazing" "Wasn't it?" said Eleanor, ecstatic, "I'm so glad we did that"

We freshened our glasses and let the fire's glow warm us. Eventually, with all the bare flesh about, I reluctantly noticed that my cock was stiffening once more, and I pressed myself against my girlfriends reclining form so it pushed against her ass, out of sight. I noticed that after a while Roy did the same to Nina. There was no doubt about it, we were aroused!

Suddenly I felt my girlfriend's hand run down her thigh next to me and then onto mine, and up, until she was loosely gripping my penis. Then, slowly, she began to fondle it.

"Err..darling?" I asked, whispering, "what are you doing?"

"Nothing" she said playfully, turning gently around to face me so she still obscured my - by now - raging hard-on from the others.

"Do you want a drink?" she said abruptly, noticing my glass was empty.

I hesitated, knowing if she left I'd hastily have to pull a towel over myself to avoid offending Nina or Roy.

"Yes, but-" I managed to get out before she interrupted.

"Nina! Does Roy want a drink?" she said, loudly, crooning the words.

"Yes!" came Nina's mischevious reply, before Roy could answer.

"Well we'd better get it for them shouldn't we" she said, innocently, staring with her big blue beautiful eyes into mine, "Back soon, sweetie"

She and Nina both jumped up, nearly together, which sent Roy and I scrambling for the spare towels. But it was too late, both the girls had seen our shame, and began laughing loudly. I noticed Nina's eyes lingering on the spot which my towel now covered.

The girls sauntered over to the other side of the fire where the cooler was, growing confident and throwing their bums out to taunt their poor aroused boyfriends. Finally, when they reached the cooler, they leaned over in unison, giving us a front row seat to their beautiful pert asses, Eleanor's less full than Nina's, but no less rounded. I glanced away from the fabulous sight briefly to see Roy, knowing what he and I were both going through I thought a bit of masculine cameraderie was in order, but he was far too busy staring. I noticed, with not a little indignation, his head was turned slightly away from his own girlfriend's ass and onto Eleanor's, which he seemed to be taking in greedily.

Eleanor and Nina were giggling and whispering to each other rapidly as they filled the drinks. Finally they turned around, and putting the drinks down, turned to face each other, as if they were both taking a deep breath.

"What are you guys doing?" asked Roy, genuinely not being able to guess what was coming next. I had an inkling, dear reader, knowing the humour that had been employed so far, and if God had made me a eunuch I would have been able to look elsewhere, and not directly - lustfully at my girlfriend and Roy's girlfriend as they embraced and kissed passionately.

"Oh Jesus" I said, and I caught Roy's expression in my peripheral vision. Had we been standing I fully expect to have gone weak at the knees. Nina began to moan softly, and to my surprise I watched as Eleanor joined in, breaking off the kiss to continue softly kissing down her neck - almost exactly copying what I did during sex. Nina's hands began moving up to Eleanor's breasts, and gently rubbing them and her sides, as Eleanor placed one hand lightly on Nina's breast and the other like a girdle round the small of her back.

They continued, alternating between kissing each other softly on the neck, moaning and passionately french- kissing each other. I'd always known my girlfriend had wanted a "bi" experience, but I was equally surprised by Nina! Despite her good looks I'd always assumed she was less wild than my girlfriend. Yet it was Nina's hand that eventually began to stray hesitantly around from my girlfriend's ass and, ever so gently, descend down with two fingers to her clit.

"Wow" I heard Roy say, and as if they took it as encouragement, I saw my girlfriend part her legs so she stood with a gap between them. Nina was rubbing her off! Eleanor began to moan more loudly and kind of embrace Nina, holding on to her as she would if it were me.

Perhaps it was the atmosphere, the fact they were being watched by us, or just that Nina was a girl and knew exactly what she was doing, but after what seemed like a brief period I saw my girlfriend begin to shudder slightly, her embrace around Nina tightening, and her heels lifting off the ground. Her moan became a low cry of pure pleasure, until she was holding on to Nina and rocking them both back and forth like she couldn't control it, her thighs seeming to spasm wildly. I was actually quite affronted by how easily she'd made it look, and Roy looked as if he wanted to clap, but stopped himself in time.

Nina let her down slowly, gently, until my girlfriends moans became quiet joyful sobs. Watching a woman orgasm like that is one of the great pleasures of being a man, and there is nothing guaranteed to get your hornier than you can bear in a short time, than watching your dearly beloved being so utterly and totally in the throws of pure ecstasy.

Nina looked over at us men, our mouths agape, and smiled as if to say 'let's see you do that'. As if we needed encouragement! Both girls split and came to sit by their respective men, and Eleanor sat down I could see where her fluid had run down the first quarter of her thigh. Her face had flushed, and saying nothing, she held on to me for a while, while I stroked her hair.

The air was still as everyone recovered from the collective experience. I saw Nina look over, concerned, at my girlfriend, whose face was buried in my chest. I mouthed 'she's fine' and winked to reassure her, but I was pretty shocked myself. I'd known Nina for years, and yet in one night I felt I'd learnt more about her than all of that time. Nina the lesbian lover - my mind churned with fantasies, as I covertly eyed her breasts again.
I knew my girlfriend had recovered when her hand slid under the towel again to fondle my cock, which had maintained it's throbbing, rock hard consistency despite the lull. She looked up at me, straight into my eyes, and said, soothingly;

"I'm really sorry for that darling. You must be so frustrated. Can I give you a blowjob?"

She said this out loud, stopping the very quiet conversation going on between Nina and Roy about six feet away. What was I to say to that beautiful face, with such a pretty, soft mouth asking me if it could pleasure me somehow?

"Err...yeah, why not?"

It was the best I could do. She flashed me a smile again, and dived under the towel. I tried to look over apologetically at Roy and Nina but I couldn't bear to, too heady and confusing was the mixture of shame and lust. This was actually happening -- I seemed to have lost control of events, and I wanted to pinch myself and wake up.

Within seconds I felt a wonderful warmth descend over the tip of my cock, and then disappear, only to reappear as she took more of me in her mouth. If I tasted salty from the sea she appeared not to care, and gently she began a slow rythm, making the towel move up and down. If I hadn't been getting such pleasure from it I would've found it amusing to look at!

Here I have a confession to make - despite my gorgeous girlfriend's efforts it was a huge struggle not to turn my head and stare at Nina's inviting tits and curvy bum. I struggled for about five minutes and then shot a brief glance over to Roy and Nina. What I saw shocked me for a second time that night.

Nina had simply dispensed with the towel over her boyfriends cock as an irrelevance, and, leant over on all fours, was busily sucking him off not six feet away. As I tried to look away I caught Nina's face turned to me, her boyfriend's throbbing penis still in her mouth, before she plunged her head back down onto the base of his shaft.

My girlfriend has never been able to deepthroat me, I'm too large and her mouth too small, but it was getting me off watching Nina out of the corner of my eye and imagining it was her tongue sliding up and down my shaft. Perhaps my girlfriend could even learn something. I pulled off the towel, feeling it was unfair to literally keep her in the dark when I had live action porn going on so close.

"Look over there," I said softly to Eleanor's puzzled expression, as I whipped off the towel. She looked and laughed briefly, making Nina laugh and go in at a shallower angle on her boyfriend's penis.

"How do you do that?" asked Eleanor, genuinely curious.

"Practice" said Nina, giggling slightly, but not stopping. Roy's head was tilted backwards, his eyes closed in pleasure.

"Maybe it's Roy's cock" said Eleanor. She seemed to pause a moment and then, looking up at me, but saying matter-of-factly to no-one in particular, "can I try?"

"We could swop" she added hastily, smiling at Nina's bobbing head and then looking slightly concernedly at me.

I wasn't sure what to say, and I'm sure there's many a man who would be instantly suspicious if his girlfriend said she wanted to try another man's cock. With Eleanor however, I had to factor in the very probable possibility that she was actually more interested in seeing if she could do it or not. Her competitiveness was legendary among her friends, she'd have hated being bested by Nina, and if I'd suspected it was anything more than that I'd have said no regardless. That night, however, with the juicy prospect of Nina's beautiful, skilled mouth taking in my cock as a reward, I said;

"Yeah, go on then"

I looked over at Roy when I said this, because if there was anyone who could shoot it down it would be him. To be honest though Roy was probably thinking in exactly the same terms as I - a free pass to get a blowjob from another girl? I'm in! His eyes hadn't opened, but I could tell he was listening intently. He just didn't want to look at me, but everyone, Nina included, took his silence as consent.

Eleanor scrambled over, and then gently took hold of Roy's cock. I heard Nina murmur some words of advice to her, and then she looked back at me once more as if to say "are you sure this is ok?". I nodded mutely, trapped in this surreal moment where my girlfriend was about to go down on another guy and I'd agreed to it.

Eleanor started really slowly as she had down with me - sticking her tongue lithely out and touching the head of Roy's penis, then gradually I saw it disappear into her mouth. Up, tentatively, then down, coating the outside of his cock in her saliva. I couldn't help but imagine her tongue gently swirling around the head of his cock, as she did with me. My girlfriend was pleasuring another man with her mouth, trying playfully to get him to cum -- that was the blunt fact of it. There's a number of emotions that swirled around in my head when I realised this, but I'd never thought that one of them, the tiniest little breath of an emotion - would arouse me further.

I heard Nina whisper something in my girlfriend's ear and she nodded, Roy's cock still halfway in her mouth. Then Nina stood up and walked slowly, tentatively towards me. My heart started to thump - this was the first time another girl would touch me this way in three years, and three years ago, before I'd met Eleanor, I'd actually wanted that girl to be Nina.

She fell lightly to her knees and looked really deeply, playfully into my eyes. Unlike my girlfriend she had light green eyes that sparkled when the fire's light hit them. I breathed in deeply as I felt her hand take hold of my cock. I so badly wanted to play with those tits, with that ass.

"Are you...ok?" she said, smiling hopefully. I could see her tits swaying below her face. She was biting her lip, her hair loosely dangling around her cheek in a way that made me try hard not to pant with anticipation.

"Yeah, I...I'm fine - thankyou."

Way to go, eh? I thanked her for coming over to suck me off. What a great line. Truthfully I was almost too shellshocked to think straight, which is why when her head glided down to my crotch, her nimble tongue running up my shaft before sinking her lips down over it - I almost came right there and then.

"S-Slower..." I whispered. She smiled hugely, more confident now, and flicked her hair back, and then straight off the bat went right to the base of my shaft with the next stroke.

"Oh God" I said, out loud, barely able to stop myself from exploding in that deliciously warm, soft mouth. She came back up and plunged down again, wearing away my resistance. To keep from looking at the hypnotic, beautiful sight of her head rising and falling I checked over to where my actual girlfriend was. Her round little ass was facing me, her knees curving inward to the sand, and behind it I could see her blonde head bobbed up and down rythmically.

Eleanor was doggedly trying to get it right, plunging her head forward, but only getting halfway before having to pull back spluttering. As I watched her I felt the urge to laugh, not at her but because I was in love with such an amazing trier. She'd moved up from what she did with me and was trying for the big leagues of cocksucking now, and she was really going for it! Roy didn't seem to mind a bit, and kept telling her softly to do it her way if she wanted, but he'd underestimated Eleanor's self belief and will to overcome her gag reflex!

I wondered then if Nina would let me cum in her mouth, or whether I'd have to withdraw from that paradise soon. I didn't want to though. I wanted to extend the moment, because, as weird as this sounds, I wasn't in love with Nina. I was in love with Eleanor and wanted her, but just for tonight I was allowed to try another - not just another, a flavour I'd missed out on before. I wanted to draw this feeling out a little because it was never meant to last. I got the same sense from Nina, who had slowed down her ministrations, and now looked at me from behind the head of my own cock.

I could tell what she wanted to do, and worried she might take it too far, break open the little prism this was all happening through so it would seem like a nightmare instead of a happy dream tomorrow. At the same time I could see Nina's logic, she had pleasured Eleanor, and now Eleanor and her were pleasuring Roy and I. Tomorrow she might wake up and regret she didn't take everything out of the experience she might have.

Knowing this, figuring it out in the heady atmosphere, kicked off a passion arising up from me I could barely control. I felt my arms move, out of my control almost, towards her as our vision locked, and we both smiled. I could've asked Roy's permission I guess, but Nina and I were descending down the rabbit hole with each other - this was going to happen, whether he liked it or not. I let go of my inhibitions for one last time that night and reached forward so our faces met, as I grabbed the back of her hair and gently pushing her face to mine. Her mouth was sticky from sucking me off but I didn't care, we kissed as passionately as Eleanor had done with her earlier.

Finally my hands got a hold of those beautiful orb-like breasts, so different from my girlfriend's teardrop shape and much fuller. She made her way up my chest and I rolled her over playfully so I was on top. We were still kissing, moaning, embracing - not even looking at our actual partners. She opened her legs invitingly, and I don't think we would have stopped even if Roy had yelled at us to stop. Too passionate to even pause and think about contraception (I think we both assumed the other's long-term relationship had back-up plans for out-of-the-blue sex)

My dick was wet and lubricated with her saliva, and as I pressed it down into her mound I felt completely alive. As the head of my penis and then the shaft passed into her tight pussy a warmth engulfed my penis, and I sank forward until my chest rested gently against her breasts, my ass rising and falling as I began to build up a rythm.

At this point my girlfriend was fully within her rights to drag me off of Nina (if she could of). According to Roy though, after pausing from her slow, insecure blowjob, and piqued by the sudden chemistry between Nina and I, flat out asked him if he wanted to fuck her doggy style (her favourite position), scooting around to present her ass to his throbbing, slick cock.

So there we were, two long-term couples, all of us graduates with bright futures, competing to see who could be most passionate about fucking the other's partner. Team A for amorous consisted of me vigorously pounding my best friends girlfriend while her ample tits bounced engagingly in front of my face. Team D for doggy-style consisted of my best friend hammering frantically in and out of my girlfriend's wonderful ass while her face was pressed against the soft blanket, loving it.

I really didn't want to cum first, but due to the amazing deepthroat blowjob I'd been given earlier I knew it was coming soon. To my relief I could feel Nina's moans building as she positioned herself to best receive my deep thrusts. She pushed her hips out and up, and I grabbed her ass and lifted it so I was hitting the front section of the vagina as much as I could. Her legs began to buck and her arms stretched out, grabbing handfuls of sand to either side, and I knew with some relief I'd be able to hold out longer than she. He moans had become interspersed with little frantic gasps and I felt the contractions running through her pussy as she orgasmed powerfully. Her legs hooked rapidly around my back and her thighs pressed against my sides as she threw back her head and let out a long, soft cooing sound. I wasn't far from orgasm myself, and this presented a dilemma.

Where to cum? Was it right I unloaded in my best friend's girlfriend's pussy, coating it in my semen? Would he ever be able to enter her again without thinking about tonight if I did that? What about her tits? I could pull out and spray a bucketload onto those beauties, would that satisfy me? Finally I saw her mouth, that wonderful soft mouth, letting out little gasps. I leant over -

"I'm going to cum. Swallow it, will you?"

I'm not usually so direct but time was running out. I saw her eyes open briefly and she nodded, still in another world. I slowed down as carefully as I could, still on the frantic verge, pulling out I grabbed her head and pulled it on to my dick. To my delight she opened up wide, taking it right to the root almost in one go, and my back arched triumphantly as I began to unload down her throat, my hand still pressing her head down against my crotch.

I couldn't tell you what Eleanor or Roy were doing at that moment, all I could think about was each heaving contraction as I spurted cum down into Nina. I might even have been hurting her a little, with an iron grip on the back of her hair, pressing her into place for my pleasure -- but she didn't move or make a sound, almost-kneeling there, her mouth totally encompassing my cock, and those beautiful eyes looking willingly up at me.

Several powerful contractions later I fell, dizzy, beside her. She let out a little splutter as my cock withdrew and collapsed backwards onto the blanket nearly on top of me. We were both exhausted, physically and mentally. At a 90 degree angle I saw Roy building up to cum, his legs making powerful slapping sounds as he hammered my almost-prostrate girlfriend. Eleanor, her legs trembling, seemd to be trying to push herself into the ground more, her ass up high, as if presented to Roy. She let out a series of deep, piteous gasps and a high, almost pained moan. She was cumming again. My girlfriend was cumming from another man's cock.

"Faster...Faster" I heard Eleanor moan. Her eyes were closed, her hands scrunching up the blanket in front of her. If she hadn't set out to enjoy it, she was now.

Perhaps this was the 'petit-mort' the French talk about. I felt curiously detached, almost uncaring as Roy gave way to his desires and leant forward to grab Eleanor's pert little tits, pushing her back upagainst his chest and grunting. His face reddened and his cock went in and out of Eleanor like a blur -- unlike myself I don't think he'd even thought for one second about where he should cum. With Eleanor in her submissive pose, ass cheeks spread, I think he was too lost in his dominance of her, in the fantastic, deviant magic of it all, and so with one last powerful thrust he came right into her willing pussy, and the two of them let out a joint cry of pleasure.

They held each other, bodies heaving in time, for what seemed like a long time, Roy with one arm under Eleanor's waist and the other steadying the two of them. Sweat ran down his brow, and finally she moved gently to unhook him. Pulling out halfway from his sated cock she looked over at me pointedly, and then pushed back again to the base, pushing all of his cum into her, and making Roy shudder, before withdrawing fully. Point made.

I looked down at Nina, wondering what she'd made of it all, but she was already getting up and walking slowly over to Roy, who just sat on his haunches looking totally lost. Eleanor picked up a towel and smiled sweetly, perhaps a touch nervously at me before coming over.

"You're still dripping" I observed matter-of-factly, and she hurriedly wiped herself with the end of the towel.

"Is everything ok?" she said. I could tell from her body language she was feeling a little guilty, perhaps from that litle stunt after Roy had finished with her.

"I'm fine" I said, trying to sound bright and happy, "you?"

"Yeah," she said, rolling her eyes. She didn't want to sit down next to me, I could tell. Not because she didn't want me anymore, but because she still felt I was somehow annoyed with her. If you've ever wondered why a girlfriend is suddenly apologetic like this, it's because she doesn't want to see you upset. Eleanor didn't want to see me get upset and ruin everything.

She needn't have worried. I was on the beach from my dream.

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