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She wanted all of the ten cocks to fill her, to satisfy her completely
It had been almost two months since the weekend when I lost my virginity and things had never been better. Gena and I were getting along great. Every chance we got we snuck away to some secluded place and attacked each other. After years of wondering why my friends were so fascinated and daring about sex, my raven-haired beauty was showing me what I had been missing. Every day I got to know her body’s mixture of hard muscle and soft curves a little better. Every time we made love I was better at it, and I was getting lots of practice.

Even though Gena was by far the best thing to ever happen to me, it was not just my relationship with her that was going well. The band in which I played, a heavy metal outfit called Assassination, had gotten a gig almost every weekend. Rehearsals are great, but nothing pulls you together as a unit faster than playing in front of a crowd. Ok, “crowd” may be a little strong, but even playing keggers seemed like a crowd instead of the normal audience of just our girlfriends. We were making more money than we were spending for the first time in the year we had been playing together, and Sean and Jimmy were writing some great songs.

As a matter of fact, the only really bad thing in my life was my stupid car. I was tired of sinking money into it and was saving up to buy a new one. A friend of my Dad’s had an old VW bus he was willing to sell me, and as soon as I could save a thousand dollars, it was mine. Not only would the VW make for an easier way to haul my guitars and amps but it had a bed in the back. Gena and I could not wait.

So even though the band was doing so well, I was still working thirty plus hours at “the Box”. Flipping burgers wasn’t glamorous, but it paid steady and I had been there long enough that I was making almost a dollar more than minimum wage. At $4.80 an hour, that thousand bucks was not that far off. Besides, it gave me a chance to get paid for being with my best friend.

If Gena was my muse, Sandy was my mentor. Sandy was a few years older than me on the calendar but she was light years ahead in experience. At 26 she had already been dealt a rough hand by life but she just kept going. Being a single mother was hard, even in the modern world of the eighties. Yet she never complained much. A couple of times she had confessed to me how lonely it could get, but with her mom and dad helping with her daughter and the life insurance money socked away, she was better off than most people in her situation. Becoming a widow at 22 could have killed her spirit, but instead she was the strongest lady I had ever met.

I told Sandy everything of course. After all, she had been my confidant long before Gena came along and I still trusted her opinion and loved how she did not treat me like a child despite our age difference. She was very excited for me. She never made it to gigs because of the kid, but she had started taking Tae Kwan Do lessons at the same dojo where Gena studied. Gena and Sandy hung out together quite a bit lately, and I think Gena knew how much I told Sandy, but she never seemed to mind. Gena told me she was glad I had a friend like Sandy.

One September Thursday, Sandy gave me a surprise.

“Lance, all these months I’ve heard how great you are on that guitar,” Sandy said to me as we were getting ready for the lunch rush, “I think it’s time I heard it for myself.”

“What do you mean?” I replied.

“Well, Gena told me you have a real show this Saturday night, not just a party. She said you’re opening for a band from Hollywood at a little spot in North Park.”

“Yeah,” I said with pride, “Our first time on a real bill. I’ve got a flier in my locker. But how can you come? What about Missy?”

“Greg’s parents are picking her up from school on Friday and are going to take her to Disneyland all weekend. I think they’re crazy to take a five year old to D-land two straight days, but I can use the adult time. Besides,” said Sandy, “This means I can sit stage right with Gena and play groupie.”

“Yeah right,” I replied with my best wicked little grin, “You have no idea how much I’d like you to play groupie.”

“Why Lance,” said Sandy in a false southern drawl, “Whateva must y’all mean?” So saying she brushed past me to go back to the cooler. As she moved past me I could have sworn I felt her fingertips run across my ass! But no, I must have been imagining things. Sandy was a sweetheart and a great gal, but she had already proven that she had no interest in me that way.

Back when I first started working at JB’s, I was paired up with Sandy on my very first day. By the time I went to lunch I was in love. OK, maybe that is a little bit strong. I was in lust. Sandy had the blond-haired blue-eyed surfer girl look down perfectly. Her body was trim and hard. She was not super thick in any place, but she was very muscular. I imagined her build must be similar to that of a ballerina or jazz dancer, although I had never met one to test the theory. Her skin was very tan, since she still spent a lot of time out in the sun when she was not trapped in the grease pit we worked in. She looked like the kind of girl the quarterback would have dated in high school. In other words, way out of my league.

It actually kind of calmed me down to think of her that way. Knowing I did not have a chance, I never tried to impress her. I think that is what paved the way for us to become friends.

Despite the age difference and the fact that she was technically my boss, Sandy and I talked a lot at work. We also flirted outrageously. It was all in fun, but it still felt good when she would make teasing little comments to me or when she would deliberately make them to someone else in a way that assured me it was really for my ears. In a way, Sandy was the best thing to happen to my self-esteem in my whole life until Gena came along. She helped me overcome enough of my shyness that when I did finally get the chance to get to know a girl like Gena, I managed not to blow it. I would be paying that one back forever, even if Sandy was not really aware of it.

Like I said though, I knew pretty much right away that Sandy was out of my league, and as I learned more about her this was reinforced.

Sandy had a thing for pilots. Not airline pilots, or guys that flew piper cubs. No, Sandy had a thing for the best in the world. I knew for a fact that she often would go hang out at the officers club up in Miramar. Seen Top Gun? That is what I am talking about. Sandy had a thing for guys who faced danger as a daily business. That was how she had met Missy’s father.

Greg had been one of them, the best of the best. I knew Sandy would never forget him, because our friendship went both ways and I had held her a few times while she cried over what had happened. I told her Greg was a hero. He could have bailed out when the F-14 was still over houses and saved himself, but instead he and his navigator rode the jet right into the side of a vacant hillside. Greg and I had never met, but I knew he had given his life to save others. I respected him for it. I also thought he had been crazy.

Once he knew the plane was pointed into the hills he could have got out. How could you give up a gal like Sandy? I wonder if it would have changed things if he had known about Missy.

Before I met Gena my number one goal had been to try and get Sandy in bed. Like I said, I knew it was a long shot at best, so I stayed playful and unassuming about it, never arrogant or pushy. She would play along and flirt with me, but whenever we were alone it toned down instead of heating up. For a while I kidded myself. Told myself that I could tell Sandy was holding back. I even thought I had figured out her reason. She did not want to get involved with me because she thought she would be taking advantage of an innocent boy.

After I turned eighteen it was a little harder to convince myself of that. Eventually, I realized that flirting was all that was ever going to happen between us. Mind you, I still tried to change her mind.

Then I met Gena, and everything changed. Sandy and I still flirted but now I had a reason to end it there. I did not want to do anything to cause a rift between Gena and I. I was head over heels for Gena. Still, every time I looked at Sandy I remembered why I had wanted her in the first place.

So even though Gena and Sandy becoming friends was the best thing that could happen, sometimes it was a little bittersweet. There they were, my lover and my wildest fantasy, walking side by side. What would Gena think of me if she ever knew that?

Sandy knew of course. How could she not? I just hoped she would keep it to herself and never tell Gena.

I got out of work around seven and headed to the parking lot, praying that the car would actually start. It did, so I figured I was already ahead of the game for the night and headed over to Gena’s dojo to pick her up after her lesson. Not one she was taking, but one she was giving. Even after three months to get used to it, it was still weird to think that my girlfriend could kick my ass. Of course, she could probably do the same thing to every guy I knew. Once I tried to play macho when a guy was bugging her at a party. Gena told me in no uncertain terms that she could take care of herself.

So the asshole thought that meant he was in like Flynn. Big mistake. Gena had him on his knees and begging her forgiveness within thirty seconds. Idiot should never have tried putting the arm around her shoulders. What could I do? I just walked back to my bandmates with a shrug as they all busted up laughing.

Gena was waiting for me outside the dojo, talking to Sandy. I forgot she had a lesson tonight. That explained the early departure from work. As I pulled up in a cloud of burning oil, Sandy and Gena hugged each other and Sandy headed for her truck with a quick wave and a wink for me. Gena slid in as I left the motor running. I dared not turn it off.

“Hiya Tiger,” said Gena, leaning over to kiss my cheek. Her face was flushed and warm. She put her left hand on my knee and kept it there. I glanced over as we headed east towards her house. She must have got a good workout tonight, because the ruddiness in her cheeks did not seem to be abating. The warm glow it leant her face made her even more beautiful to me.

“Hey baby,” I growled back, “Did you have a good lesson?”

“You could say that. Sometimes I think I learn as much from giving the lessons as they do from me. Oh, and by the way, you do know that I like Sandy and I am not jealous of how you used to try to fuck her, right?”

I recovered in time to keep the car on the road.

“Um, yeah, well, what do ya mean? I mean, she is just a friend ya know? There is nothing going on, I mean, I never tried anything, I …”

Gena’s laughter brought me out of my stumbling denials. “Lance, relax. I meant what I said. I like Sandy. I’m not jealous. But I’m not blind either. And if you and I are both going to be friends with Sandy this needs to be dealt with sooner rather than later. You wanted her bad. Sometimes you still do. It’s okay.”

“Umm, you’re not jealous? Even though we work together?”

“Lance, I know you better than you know yourself. I trust you. One thing I can be sure of is that you will never cheat on me. Oh, you might break up with me so you could sleep with someone else. But you’ll never cheat. Your honor would not allow it. Plus, and baby, I am not saying this to hurt you; it would be too much like your mom. You would never do to someone what she did to your Dad.”

Gena was right about that. I would never put anyone through the hell I had seen my dad go through. It just wasn’t in me.

“So what time should I pick you up on Saturday Gena?” I asked hoping she would say very early. Despite all the hard work in the garage and at parties I was really nervous about Saturday night and I wanted to have the chance to let loose a little before the gig. One thing Gena and I had discovered in the past couple of months was that I played better right after getting laid. It relaxed me enough that I found it easier to not tighten up my hands and I slipped into what Sean and Jimmy called “the zone”. What they meant was that I became oblivious to the external world and just lived in the music for a while. The guys said when I did that the band went from good to great, and all humility aside, I knew they were right.

“Oh Lance, I’m sorry,” replied Gena, “I agreed to do a private lesson. I won’t be able to ride down in the van with you guys. But I promise I will get there as soon as I can and before the show starts. Sandy is going to pick me up. Don’t be mad, ok? Please?”

“I’m not mad. It’s just that we are already missing out on Friday night because of your parent’s thing and I had hoped that Saturday afternoon…”

Gena laid her finger across my lips to shush me. “I know what you hoped, you slut of a man. But if I promise to make it up to you, starting now, while you forgive me?”

“What do you mean?” I asked as her hand slid up my thigh towards my crotch.

As if to answer, her other hand came across to join the left and she began to unbutton my 501’s. I flipped on the headlights as she moved my boxers aside, thankful that the light was fading and hopeful no one would see her. As her lips touched my cock I prayed I would be able to concentrate enough to get us to her place alive. I barely succeeded.

Friday I did not get to see Gena at all. I told Sandy all about my little adventure in a moving car. Big mistake. For the rest of the day, every time Sandy caught me looking at her, even for an instant, she licked her lips. It was exquisite torture.

Saturday morning came and Sandy and I opened the store. I had deliberately asked for the early shift knowing I needed time to get ready for tonight and would have plenty of rest from not having seen Gena the night before.

Sandy and I left JB’s at 3 p.m. sharp. I was really starting to get nervous now, and I knew Sandy could tell. She stopped me as I was about to get into my car.

“Lance, relax a little. You guys are going to be great. I am so looking forward to this.”

“C’mon Sandy, knock it off,” I replied, “Listen, I am really happy that you are going tonight. But don’t pretend it’s your kind of music. All you listen to is that Urban Cowboy shit.” I said it with a grin. It was a tease, not mean. “Seriously, this is a part of me I’ve wanted to show you for a long time.”

“But not the only part, eh Lance?” Despite all the things I had experienced over the course of the last two months, Sandy could still make me blush red enough to stop traffic. I swear, Gena couldn’t make me blush like that! I tried to fight it off and make a suave comment to follow, but I could not quite get my tongue to work.

I met up with the guys over at Sean’s about an hour and a half later. I had rushed home and hurried my way through a shower. I decided against shaving because I was short on time and I didn’t have to worry about makeup or anything. We had talked about going glam like some of the bands in L.A. were starting to do but had decided against it. Even though we had that “Hollywood” sound like Steeler or Crue, most of us were more influenced by old gods like Sabbath or Zeppelin and current bands like Maiden. So we nixed the makeup and stuck mostly with denim and leather as opposed to the spandex and bright colors.

Besides, Gena had often said she liked a little roughness to me. Not like a beard, just a five o’ clock shadow. I slipped on a pair of 501’s that were starting to show their age in the right places, slipped on my black motorcycle boots and an old concert tee, and grabbed my fav black leather on the way out the door. My gear was already at Sean’s from Friday’s rehearsal.

We got to the hall just in time to check things out and hear a little from the band that was headlining tonight. They had a guitar player named Jake that could absolutely shred.

Suddenly I was glad that we would be off the stage a couple of hours by the time he took his first solo. There were four bands playing tonight and we were the first. Jake wouldn’t get on stage until midnight and our set would start about 8:30. I knew I was good but I would be remembered better for the time lag then if I had played right before him.

“Dude, he’s almost as good as you,” said Jimmy from behind me.

“Bite your fuckin’ tongue J!” I replied, “He totally outclasses me. He is way cleaner and he doesn’t have to pause between phrases as much as I do. His notes ring out as individuals, mine tend to run together. He’s a pro, I’m an amateur.”

“Yeah,” said Jimmy, a little surprised at my reaction, “Maybe. But you’re faster, man.”

“OK, granted, I might be a little faster. But speed isn’t everything,” I said, enjoying the praise but not willing to let Jimmy win the exchange, “Some things are better when they are done a little slower and cleaner, ya know, more drawn out, longer lasting. At least that’s what your girl Terri told me last night.”

Sean and Rob cracked up as Jimmy tried to make up his mind about whether to be pissed or not. A smile spread over his face as he made his decision.

“Hear that boys, Lance has got his arrogance on! We’re gonna fuckin’ rock tonight!”

Jimmy had been right. It was the best show I ever played and I wasn’t alone. All of us had been at our best. Yet I barely remembered any of it. All through our set I had been focused out and to my right. Gena and Sandy had shown up just a few minutes before we went on and they both looked so fucking hot I couldn’t believe it. Every song I played was for them. Part of me felt a little guilty, like I should be playing just for Gena. But I pushed that part way down.

The two of them standing there, bouncing up and down to the beat. The contrast between the two women, both looking very sexy, was dramatic and alluring.

Gena’s body had muscle, but it also had so much lushness. Her dark hair draped down across her bare shoulders above a leather vest that was filled to bursting. She wore a short black leather skirt that showed off her strong legs. Her red lips drew the eye with the burst of color in the midst of her erotic darkness.

Sandy was the light to Gena’s shadow. Her blond hair was cut just below the shoulders and she wore a tight pale blue tank top tucked into black jeans that must have been painted on. Sandy’s body was hard and muscular, with less body fat but a deep tan that accentuated every curve. Sandy was the athletic farmer’s daughter next to Gena’s smoldering temptress.

After we snagged all our gear off stage we started packing up. I had just stashed my pedals in Sean’s van and was starting to help Rob with the drums when Jimmy walked up behind me and put his hand on my arm.

“Dude, what the fuck are you doing? Get the fuck out of here!” Jimmy pointed out towards the theatre seating area where the girls would be waiting for us. “Jesus, Lance, do you think the rest of us are fucking blind? We’ll take care of it. You need to go get those two out of here before they change their mind.”

“Jimmy, what the hell are you talking about?”

“You really don’t know? So much for me having to worry about you and Terri. Lance, just take my fucking word for it and go! You always do more than your fair share, I gotcha on this one. Go!”

So saying, Jimmy, Sean and Rob basically kicked me out of the backstage area. I made my way forward and out to the “bar” where Gena and Sandy were waiting on me along with Jimmy’s girlfriend Terri and Sean’s fiancé Janet. As I approached the table the girls embarrassed me by standing up and applauding. Janet stood up and kissed me on the cheek.
“You guys were all awesome tonight Lance. I’m so proud.” Janet and Terri were both always a little protective of me, because of what had gone down with mom and because I was the “shy” one. They had both embraced Gena from day one and the three had become fast friends. I hoped Sandy hadn’t felt isolated.

Terri stood up next to Janet and said, “C’mon, Jan. Let’s go corral our men. Very nice to finally meet you Sandy. Bye!” Terri took Janet by the elbow and led her towards the backstage door. I turned to wave goodnight and then put my attention back where it belonged.

“So, you want to stay for the other bands?” I asked Gena and Sandy. I suspected and hoped I knew what the answer would be since I knew that this was not Sandy’s favorite kind of music.

Gena glanced over at Sandy, who smiled and gave a slight nod. “Uh, no Lance, actually we were thinking of having a little private celebration.” As Gena said this she stood up and took my hand. She drew me in and kissed me hard and long. “I want a drink and some action and I’m not going to get either one of them here. Sandy and I thought the three of us could go back to her place and have a beer, or something…”

“Yeah, that’s cool with me. Let’s just swing by Sean’s and pick up my car on the way. You know, for later…” Now what was funny about that? Both girls moved off laughing quietly. Gena pulled me along behind her and we headed out into the evening air.

As we walked to Sandy’s pickup truck, I felt like I owned the world. I had played a great show, the crowd had gone wild and we were sure to get more stage gigs after that performance. That meant that much less time until my new van and more privacy with Gena. On top of that I was walking out in style with a gorgeous babe under each arm, both of them grabbing my…Hey! “Uh, Sandy?”

“Well Lance, I just couldn’t help noticing this little rip ya got in these jeans,” Sandy’s fingertips brushed against the skin of my ass where she had slipped a couple of fingers into the hole to which she was referring. “I’ve been watching you dance around on stage for an hour giving out free looks and I thought that since I was such a special friend I deserved more than what the other girls in the audience got.”

“Just relax baby, I’m right here and this is my idea,” whispered Gena into my ear, “You know how I am about trying new things.”

“Gena,” said Sandy, “Did you know he’s not wearing anything under these jeans? At least, not that I can feel.”

“Yes,” replied my love with a giggle, “He seems to have a sixth sense about that. Always going around commando at the right times, if not always. You’ll notice he doesn’t own a single pair of jeans with a zipper.”

“He wears underwear at work. I know, I’ve checked.”

Ok, this was getting embarrassing. Not only are they talking about me like I’m not even here, but the subject matter…like I said, Sandy can always make me blush.

“OK,” I started hesitantly as we arrived at the truck, “Just what are you two up to? Not that I’m not enjoying the attention, but…”

Gena spun me around and stoppered my mouth with a kiss. I felt her legs relax and I was suddenly leaning into her on the passenger door of Sandy’s F150. She kept my tongue busy while Sandy walked around the back, unlocked the drivers’ door and leaned over to unlock our side. Then she released the grip of her hand in my long red hair and gave me that you-better-listen-if-you-want-to-live look of hers.

“Lance, I’m only saying this once. You want this, Sandy wants this and you better god-damned believe I want this,” Gena whispered fiercely to me, “Neither of you has the guts to risk the friendship but you want each other bad. As for me, if you have had your eyes closed all this time to the way Janet, Terri and I treat each other, well; we’ll deal with that later. Tonight, for once in your fucking life, don’t analyze. Just have fun. Now slide into that truck and put your god-damned hand on her thigh where it belongs.”

I’d like to say that I was smart enough to do as I was told but I think I was just too shocked and confused to do anything else.

Sandy trembled when I placed my left hand on her thigh as Gena had suggested. I squeezed slightly and she turned her head to look into my eyes. If the eyes are pools then I could see the question floating on their surface. But as I continued to leave my hand where it was I saw something deeper, a hunger that I had been in denial about and perhaps she had too. I had gotten so used to thinking of Sandy as my unreachable mentor that I had made certain assumptions about her side of things.

Now, as Gena slammed the door and snuggled into me, I saw a confirmation in Sandy’s eyes. It was not so much a decision-making moment as it was a relaxation about a decision already made. Sandy backed the truck out of the spot, switched into drive and headed for her house. But before she drove off, she moved my hand further up and in on her leg.

The fifteen minute drive seemed to both go too quickly and to last forever. As we pulled into the driveway I made an effort to button back up what Gena had unbuttoned on the way over. Sandy and Gena didn’t wait for me, but just headed for the front door, giggling all the way. In moments I was following them.

As I shut and locked the front door I heard Gena call me from the living room. Walking in I saw that she was lighting the gas in the fireplace and had several candles laid out before her.

“Baby, could you light these candles and set them around the room? I’m going to go join Sandy in her bedroom and change, ok?” Gena kissed me lightly before moving towards the back of the house.

I noticed that this had been prepared earlier and wondered about the duration or existence of Gena’s “private lesson”. There were a couple of quilts laid out on the floor and the coffee table had been moved out of the way. Three wine glasses were set beside the comforters next to a bucket filled with half melted ice and a bottle of champagne. I set the candles around the edges of the room and lit them with the long matches Gena had used for the fireplace. Because it was a gas fireplace it did not let off the heat of a wood one, but it would be enough to keep away any night chills. When I was finished the room was still pretty dark. If I remembered correctly…yes, the dining room light is on a dimmer switch. Just a little bit and then we should have a gentle light but still enough to see what we are doing.

By the time I started to unwrap the foil from the neck of the champagne bottle I had regained some of my calm. Despite all the prep, I truly did not think anything was really going to happen. This was real life, not Xaviera’s column in Penthouse. We would drink the wine and play around and that was all.

My illusions and my calm demeanor were shattered in the same instant when I heard Sandy say my name in a whisper from the hallway. As I looked over at her and Gena, I knew I had indeed entered into new ground.

Gena was wearing a blue and black silk kimono style robe that reached mid thigh. Under it she wore a black lace garter belt and stockings. That was all. No bra and no panties. The robe was draped in such a way as to cover her nipples but I could see no straps or cups. There was even less ambiguity about the panties as I could clearly see the gentle curls and even from here could tell that she had trimmed the hair immediately around her pussy lips to so short a length she was almost bare.

Sandy wore a white lace sleeveless robe over a baby blue camisole and tap pants. Her erect nipples were poking hard into the thin material of the halter style top. Despite the daring of her dress and situation, the look on her face was shy and demure. Confidant she may be, but it seemed she was also a bit nervous about this.

That made two of us. I had just managed to stop the little micro-shakes I had been feeling by concentrating on mundane details like the lighting and champagne, but now they were back and much stronger than before. It wasn’t that I didn’t want this to be happening. Oh God did I want it! No, it was more that I did not believe it could be happening, and I was afraid I was going to say or do something to prevent it.

As she had been two months before, Gena was my savior. I had learned that Gena reacts differently to these situations then I do. She relishes and savors them. Just as she had put me at ease by taking control the night I lost my virginity to her, now I could see her gathering herself to accomplish the same with both me and Sandy. Gena took Sandy’s hand and led her over to where I was kneeling by the edge of the coffee table with the champagne bottle in hand. She kneeled down on the quilt next to me and pulled Sandy down as well.

“Open it Lance,” ordered my girlfriend, “I think we all could do with a drink. Sandy, weren’t there strawberries too?”

“I put them in the fridge. Should I get them?”

“No, but if you could hand me my wine glass while our big, strong man opens this bottle…”

I took the hint and finished pulling the cork with a satisfying “pop”. As though the sound had broken the tension I sensed Sandy relaxing and felt myself do so in response to her. I have always responded to the emotions of those around me. I took the glass that Gena lifted before me and filled it halfway and then turned and did the same for Sandy. I glanced into her eyes as I returned the glass to her and saw that the calm from the truck had re-entered their blue gleam. Acting on instinct, I brought her hand to my mouth and kissed her fingers before releasing the glass. I turned to pour myself a glass and set the bottle down. Before I could turn back to the girls I felt two sets of hands settle on the shoulders of my jacket.

“Lance,” said Gena, “take a drink and then set down your glass and stand up please. You’re a little overdressed for this party. Here, Sandy, would you set this down for me?” Gena handed her already empty glass to Sandy as I turned and got to my feet. Gena rose with me, while Sandy took a quick slug out of her own glass and then set both aside. Each of the girls took a sleeve of my leather and pulled it out and then gently down my back. Gena tossed it out of the way in the direction of the dining room. She cast a meaningful glance at Sandy.

“Arms up sweetie,” said the blonde I had been lusting over for more than a year, “Shirt’s next.” Sandy drew the old tee shirt over my head and handed it to Gena. “Damn, Lance, I know you eat. Where does it all go?” Sandy ran her hands down from my head and trailed out along my arms to my wrists. “Come over here to the couch, honey. We need to get those boots off.”

I silently did as I was told and sat on the couch while Gena unbuckled one boot and Sandy the other. Gena smiled over at Sandy and the conversation started up again like it had in the truck, like I was not even there.

“I told you, Sandy, my baby is all lean muscle. Skinny, yes, but a hard body. I think it is all the practice and the sweating under those hot lights. Do you like?” My right boot came free into Gena’s hands and was summarily dismissed to join the jacket in the dining room, sock and all.

“God, yes. Strong but not showy. Not that I mind a little beefcake, Gena, but this is fine too.” My left boot and sock soon joined its mate and I was left with only my faded and ripped jeans to separate me from a dream that I still could not believe was real. Now that the boots were gone, the girls each took an arm and pulled me back up on my feet.

As I came to a standing position, I realized that they had moved in and were cheek to cheek in front of me. Not knowing what else to do, and too excited to be very scared anymore, I leaned in and kissed Gena. She responded to me with ardor, and I could tell she was very turned on. I dove my tongue into her mouth and explored every nook and cranny, running it over her teeth and twisting around her tongue in a corkscrew motion that was almost painful but exquisitely intimate. I tasted the champagne she had pounded and a lingering hint of tobacco. She must have shared a cigarette with Terri. It was as hard and passionate as any kiss we had ever shared but the whole time I was aware of Sandy’s breath against my cheek and her lithe body nestled within the crook of my left elbow.

Without thinking about what I was doing I left Gena’s lips and turned to capture Sandy’s. There was a momentary hesitation and then Sandy opened her lips to me and I felt the tip of her tongue snake into my mouth. I was only slightly surprised that she was taking the initiative away from me and then I gave myself to it and began to kiss her as though I had been doing so forever. But I could not forget that Gena was right here, especially as she tilted her head up and began to suckle at my earlobe. Sandy’s hand that was behind my back began to migrate down until I felt the fingertips dive into the back waistband and her fingertips began to tickle the top of my ass. Instinctively I moved my hips forward and a hand was there as well. As that hand undid my top button and slipped in to grasp the rock hard shaft within, I recognized it as Gena’s by the length of the nails.

Sandy finally moved to end our kiss and I felt Gena sense it. Gena took a playful nibble at my ear and then moved her head back towards its original position. As the three of us faced each other again I saw a look pass between Gena and Sandy and they began to kiss each other.

It only took a moment for me to realize that this was not the first time they had kissed each other. There was no hesitation and they were both completely comfortable with the experience. As for me, I thought it was just about the greatest thing I had ever seen.

I began to lick lightly at Sandy’s ear, running my tongue around the edge up and the back to her earlobe, which I sucked into my mouth and ran lightly through my teeth, not a bite but just a hint of a rough edge. Sandy began to tremble as I did this, overwhelmed at the reality of both Gena and I attacking her at the same time. I took a half step back and wiggled my hips. Gena took the hint and released the grasp she had kept on me throughout the kiss with Sandy. While Gena continued to kiss her, I ran my hands lightly down Sandy’s arms and to her fingertips and then reversed and traveled back to her shoulders with a light trail of nail and fingertip caressing her. I stepped out of the embrace of her arm and Sandy turned slightly to face Gena. For a few moments I simply ran my hands over the backs, asses and legs of the two wonderful women in front of me, enjoying the feel of them moving slightly beneath my touch and the sight and sound of their tongues and lips dancing together.

Then I moved to stand behind Sandy and brought my hands to her shoulders and under the edge of the lace robe. Gena felt what I was doing and opened her eyes to confirm my intentions. In that brief moment of eye contact, I realized that the situation had changed again, and that Gena and I were now the aggressors and Sandy was our shared victim.

I lifted Sandy’s hair off the back of her neck and began to nibble as I used my other hand to slide the edges of the robe off her shoulders. I bit harder and sucked in, remembering a comment awhile back about a hickey that Gena had given me. Two can play at that game Sandy.

As the robe crumpled to the ground in a white lace puddle about her ankles, I continued to nibble my way around Sandy’s neck and shoulders. Gena began to lift the blue camisole up and I assisted by lifting Sandy’s arms straight over her head. I watched as the fabric drew upward and rippled across her back. I love the way a woman’s bare back looks. The lines and curves, and the promise of what is uncovered in front. I decided it was time to see the front in this case and I pulled her back like I was dipping her in a dance. Gena let her go and I lowered Sandy onto the comforter.

I lay her down on her back and she surprised me with a bit of shyness, covering her breasts with her hands. I moved my one finger into the air over her and made the “naughty, naughty, don’t you do that” gesture before twining my fingers into hers and lifting away so that I could see her breasts.

I could tell Sandy was a little nervous still, and I kissed her lightly on the forehead and lingered at her lips before beginning my downward journey. As I began to kiss my way down her neck and chest I felt Gena’s fingernails tracing on my back, and then her hard nipples against my bare flesh as her hands snaked around to unsnap my 501’s. I tried to ignore her and concentrated on taking Sandy’s teat into my mouth. I sucked it in hard and then released it to flick at it with my tongue, exhaling so the warmth of my breath would tease against the wetness from my attack. The small gasp and sharp intake of breath that followed would have been indication enough that she was enjoying it, but instead she grabbed a handful of my long hair and forced me down to meet the arch of her back as nipple and a large bit of breast filled my open mouth.

Gena finished unbuttoning me and I rolled onto my side as the jeans were pulled off my hips, never relinquishing the hold my mouth had achieved on Sandy’s right tit. Gena pulled them down and off and I heard more than saw as they left by aerial route to join my jacket, shirt and boots. Then Gena’s mouth was next to mine and I turned my head long enough to kiss her. She obliged me and then flicked her tongue hard across the nipple I had been savaging. She made eye contact with me and we both smiled.

Sandy’s back arched hard off the floor as she felt a mouth on both sides of her chest at the same time and her breathing sharpened as my love and I refused to show her mercy. Somewhere inside of me a kernel of disbelief still resisted as I glanced over at the girl I loved more that any other helping me pleasure a friend I had daydreamed about for months.

Gena gave me another quick peck and then moved over to Sandy’s other tit in a series of small wet kisses. Sandy thrashed back and forth beneath us as we began a small competition, both of us trying to outdo the other and make Sandy react more to what we were doing instead of what the other was up to at that moment.

I let my hand trail down the center of her stomach to the top of the tap pants, only to find that Gena’s hand was already there, thrust beneath the silk and moving rapidly. An element of competition started to enter my demeanor and I decided that I had to one up Gena. I sucked Sandy’s nipple hard into the back of my throat and did all I could to swallow it whole for a couple of moments. Then I released her breast and began to kiss my way down to where Gena’s hand was making such an impact.

I rocked back on my knees so that I was sitting up with my heels beneath me. The scene beneath me was something I could not have painted if you had given me all the brushes and paints I wanted and left me with a thousand years in which to learn. Perhaps Da Vinci had seen something like it and come up with the Mona Lisa’s smile.

Sandy was laying on her back in the middle of the quilts and Gena was continuing to ravish her breast while her left hand was beneath the blue of the pants Sandy still wore. I knelt beside them with my left hand holding Sandy’s right and the tips of my right hand’s fingers making slight gentle circles on Sandy’s thigh. I squeezed Sandy’s hand and released it. She briefly made eye contact with me before moving her now free hand to the back of Gena’s head.

I moved my hand to the sides of the tap pants and pulled them down. Sandy lifted her hips briefly to allow the motion and I got my first glimpse of her pussy. Her blond hair had been trimmed shorter around her lips, but not to the extreme of Gena’s. Her hair was darker here than that on her head, but only so much so that the difference could easily be attributed to the sun. Her tan lines here were much more pronounced than her breasts and it was obvious that Sandy spent at least some of her sunbathing time topless.
Gena’s fingers were making small circles around Sandy’s clit while occasionally dipping down to run along the length of her cunt. When she did this I could see the glisten of Sandy’s arousal on her fingers. I settled on an idea, and lifted Sandy’s leg so that her toes were presented to my lips. I nibbled gently on her toes and then started to work my way home.

As I worked my way up Sandy’s leg with a lick, bite and kiss pattern I could feel and hear her breathing enter a rhythm and I thought I knew what it meant. I ducked under Sandy’s leg and watched as Gena’s fingers flicked across the button at the top of Sandy’s pussy. I moved my face in close and exhaled the breath I had been holding so that Sandy felt the warmth of it a moment before I tasted her. I ran my tongue from bottom to top, where I paused to suck my girlfriend’s finger for just a moment before returning to my main target. I ran the tip of my tongue completely around her, trying to feel every little nook and cranny. Meanwhile, Gena continued to suck on her nipples and play with her clitoris. Sandy’s breathing was getting faster and I recognized the approaching storm.

I thrust my tongue as deep into Sandy’s pussy as I could get it. I ran my hands up the back of her legs to grab her cheeks and lifted her hips off the ground to grind her into my face. All the time I kept lapping with the tip of my tongue to try and reach new places inside of her. I felt more than saw or heard as Gena’s hand went to cup Sandy’s other breast.

Sandy’s hands were now tangled in my hair and pushing me down. Her silence was broken by a deep moaning sigh and then a series of staccato gasps, increasing in pitch as they did in volume. All illusion of my being in control was gone as her hips bucked across my face and it was all I could do to continue to breathe. Her orgasm culminated with a hard upward thrust and she lifted both me and her hips clean off the floor as she gave a ragged gasping moan and her thighs clamped down over my ears so tightly as to even hurt a little. The strong whip was followed by a few aftershocks that slowly subsided in length and intensity.

As my vision cleared and the blood rushed back into my head, I looked up at two smiling faces. Sandy had the bemused look of someone who was just happy with the world and wanted to enjoy it, but Gena had a different look. Some of it was the look I had come to associate with Gena and sex, a look that made me think of the smile someone has a few minutes after they get off a roller coaster, when they can still remember how it felt but they are just beginning to look forward to the next ride. The other part could only be described as pride. A teacher’s pride in her student. She wasn’t jealous or upset that I had just had my face buried in another girl’s pussy, just proud that I had done well at it.

Sandy spoke first. “Oh my fucking God! I swear I haven’t felt like that in years, if ever. That was the wildest thing!” She broke off and pulled Gena down for a kiss while I pulled myself up next to her. I just watched as the two of them kissed each other and it was at that point that I realized something. Just as Gena had shown no jealousy of me going down on Sandy, I was feeling no anxiety as they kissed each other. Which reminded me of something I had thought a few minutes before.

“Um, so how long? I mean, you know, I had no idea, I just…”

Gena saved me from my nervous talking syndrome. “You mean when did your girlfriend seduce your best friend? About two weeks ago. That night you had to close and Sandy gave me a ride home. We talked forever, and Missy fell asleep, and you were working…”

“Are you mad Lance?” Sandy asked me. I think she knew better and I know Gena did, but she still asked. She seemed a little uncertain, and with a moment’s thought I realized that it was only half about me. Gena really had “seduced” my best friend. A story I would get out of Gena later. “It just kinda happened. I was going to tell you, but Gena wanted to make it a surprise and…”

“Do I look mad?” I leaned in and kissed first her and then Gena. “I’m thrilled. Don’t you know how long I’ve wanted to get between your legs?”

“She knows. She has known the whole time.” Gena pulled me down and laid down next to me so that I was lying in between the two girls. “And she’s wanted you too. For just about as long. But she didn’t want to be your first. Something about a sense of responsibility and decorum. Something I obviously am not troubled by.”

“Thank God,” I said, turning first left and then right to kiss them both. “What’s that line at the very end of Casablanca? The one about friendships?”

“Oh no,” groaned Gena with a false dismay, “Don’t start that. Not hear and not now. Put that mouth back to work doing better things.” Gena pulled my head down into her chest.

Of course, I knew the line. I also knew what Gena would most likely do. I could rest later. I sucked her familiar tit into my mouth and nibbled lightly. Sandy began to run her hands up and down my body from behind me. The erection that had gone somewhat half-mast as I concentrated on eating Sandy’s pussy and then recovering began to stiffen and grow again with the stroking motion of her hands as they approached my waist.

As Sandy began to run her hands over the cheeks of my ass I heard her kiss Gena above me and then her lips and teeth were at my neck. She nibbled back and forth while I continued to attack Gena’s breasts with my mouth. I also knew that Gena loved the way it felt on her breasts and thighs when I had left a shadow of beard on my face the way I had this afternoon. Just rough enough to heighten the pleasure without being abrasive is what she would say.

Sandy’s oral attentions had begun to migrate down my back, and one of her hands was cupping the left cheek of my ass and squeezing. I hated it when she stopped and let go but my dismay quickly left me as the girls pushed me flat on my back and kissed each other over my chest.

Gena cocked an eyebrow at Sandy and she smiled back and gave a slight nod. Gena looked me in the eyes, smile and ran her tongue left to right across her teeth. “Baby,” she said, “I know you are going to like this.”

As she said it I felt the first light touch of Sandy’s tongue on my cock. As Gena moved down to be face to face with Sandy and my harder than ever before dick resting between them I realized I was about to experience the secret wish of every guy watching best girlfriends saunter through the mall with that “we share everything” attitude.

Gena and Sandy moved together and began to kiss on either side of my hard shaft. It was almost as though they were kissing each other and my cock just happened to be in the way.

Their two tongues twirled about me, covering every side and little spot as the saliva from their open mouths began to slicken my cock and create a feeling that I don’t think I had ever even been able to dream about, it was so inconceivable. Their mouths moved up and down the sides, wet and warm, stroking me with the lips from their half open mouths. Neither made any move to relieve my tension by taking me fully into her mouth, a method that simply made greater my desire to see and feel it. Every few moments they would pause to kiss each other and then return to driving me mad.

Gena was running her hands all about me and my thighs while Sandy had kept her left hand grasping the base of my cock and guiding it in the direction she chose this entire time. Although it seemed an overwhelming eternity, I knew that it had only been a few minutes since I felt that first light touch of Sandy’s tongue.

Both girls slowed their motions down and came to a stop to indulge in a long French kiss in the air above me before I finally got what I had been hoping for when it became obvious what was about to happen. Sandy took her grip on the base of my hard dick and directed the head of my cock into Gena’s open mouth. Gena sucked me hard into her mouth and slipped the head about halfway into her throat. She then pulled up in a long slow motion while still sucking hard. The head of my hard cock slipped out of her mouth with an audible “pop”. She circled the ridge with her tongue and then pulled away. Sandy leaned forward.

I watched in awe as a scene I had imagined in a thousand idle fantasies came true. Sandy slipped her lips lightly over my head and slid the length of my shaft into her warm mouth.

She did it with a lighter and looser feel than Gena did. Whereas Gena felt as though she was devouring me with every motion, Sandy was more leisurely, taking time to savor the feelings and run her tongue across the side and bottom while gently sliding up and down. It was a more passive approach but equally pleasurable. I moaned softly with the slow tremor that traveled up my body as Sandy used her mouth to make love to my cock. After a couple of minutes of this exquisite torture she once again presented me as a target to Gena.

Gena attacked my cock as though it had become the prize in a competition. She began to pump me hard in and out for a moment before she gave me an appraising look and then sought out eye contact with Sandy. I felt certain I knew what was about to happen and I braced myself against the pleasure so that I could watch Sandy. Gena took a couple of light strokes to prepare herself and then slammed me hard into her throat until her lips came to rest against the fingers that Sandy still had wrapped around the base of my cock.

I saw Sandy’s eyes go wide as she realized what this meant and how much of me was in Gena’s mouth. I knew how she felt, for even now I was always surprised when Gena did this. By Sandy’s reaction, I could tell that Gena had not revealed all of her secrets.

Gena began to thrust me deep into her throat with the long, powerful strokes that I could never resist, and I knew my time was short before I would explode. Each time her lips traveled all the way down to Sandy’s fingers and each time I watched this I felt myself closer to the edge. I wondered if I should say something, though I felt certain that Gena knew exactly how I was feeling and probably had as good an idea of how much I could stand as I myself did.

Sure enough, just as I was sure I was hitting that point of no return, Gena slowed and began to ease off. She pulled me out of her mouth with a grin for me, and a wink for Sandy.

“Shall we make him work for it Sandy?”

“All I know is that I need that fucking cock in my pussy, NOW!” Sandy put her hands on my chest and pushed me back towards the floor. She swung one leg over me while Gena scrambled out of the way, and reached behind her to guide my swollen cock into her. She was so warm it was almost a burning sensation to enter her. I watched with fascination as my sweet older friend began to rock back and forth on my hard prick that was buried in her cunt.

“Oh my God, yes, oh Lance, you have no idea how bad I wanted this.” Sandy had her eyes closed and was looking up at the ceiling with her head thrown back and her blond hair sweeping over her shoulders. I lifted my hands to pinch her nipples and the resulting spasm and sharp intake of breath was most rewarding. I was really getting into watching Sandy ride me when my view was suddenly blocked.

Gena must have gotten tired of the lack of attention being paid to her most intimate part. I had been watching Sandy intensely enough that I had not noticed Gena until she straddled me. I knew what was expected of me now and I was happy to oblige. I reached upward with my tongue to taste the familiar folds of her pussy.

Gena let out along low moan and began to wiggle over me, directing my tongue to where she wanted it most. I let her go for a minute and enjoyed the idea of what we were doing. Sandy had leaned slightly forward and place one hand on my stomach as she continued to move up and down in a steady rhythm. The lean strength of her body was apparent in both the feel of her taut thighs on my hips and the pace that she was keeping as she rode my cock. I moved my mind away from how that felt because I knew that otherwise I would be cumming in moments. Her breathing was deep and drawn out, as though she was also concentrating on making things last. There were slight pauses in her movement and breathing that I think were caused by Gena and her kissing.

I moved my hands to the top of my girlfriend’s thighs and pulled her down onto my mouth. I buried my face in her and took the folds of her pussy into my mouth to be sucked and licked, moving back and forth between them and occasionally pausing for breath. After what seemed a very short time I started to feel the tightening of Gena’s strong legs and staccato breathing that experience had taught me was a precursor to Gena’s orgasm. I lifted my head to lean in toward the top of her cunt and sucked her clit into my mouth and flicked it with my tongue. I felt her muscles spasm and heard the loud half-gasp half-sigh that I associated with Gena’s release. Her legs went stiff and she lifted herself slightly but I pulled her back down hard against my face and continued to attack her.

I knew that Gena sometimes became so sensitive right after cumming that it could actually be painful if I was too aggressive. I quit concentrating directly on the knob under her little hood but continued to lick hard around it and to noisily slurp her lips into my mouth to be sucked and gently nibbled. I was rewarded as her movements continued and thought that maybe…yes! I could feel it. I kept my face buried as her thighs squeezed hard on the sides of my chin and I felt more than heard her give out three or four sounds that were almost small high-pitched screams. Her legs squeezed me tighter now and suddenly she bucked her hips against me and I was no longer in control. She ground her pussy hard into my mouth and fucked my face wildly for a few moments. It was all I could do to grab a few hard won breaths.

The sights and sounds in front of her must have inspired Sandy, for I felt her back arch to drive her hips down hard against me and I heard again the series of high pitched air gulping gasps. It was more drawn out this time and as they began to subside I felt Sandy settle her hip rocking into a quick steady motion. I suspected her intent, and as Gena lifted away from me and allowed herself to collapse on the quilt beside us my suspicions were confirmed.

Sandy was staring into my eyes and as Gena slipped aside she leaned down to kiss me, thrusting her tongue hard into my mouth. I returned the French kiss with enthusiasm, although my jaws and mouth were beginning to feel a bit sore. I had a little spot on the bottom of my tongue where it felt like I might have cut myself against my own teeth.

My hands slipped down to grasp the twin globes of Sandy’s ass and I added my own urgency to the rhythm she was building. I began to lift my hips to meet hers and the urgency began to build as I focused on my own pleasure for the moment. Sandy lay forward onto my chest and let me pound into her. After a few moments she began to kiss my chest and neck and her breathing began to quicken once again. Despite the signs that I might be able to push her over the edge again, I knew that this time there was no way I could deny the explosion I felt building.

Sandy smiled and propped herself up on her arms over me and then did something inside. It felt like she had grabbed me harder, and the extra tightness was more than I could stand. The muscles in my legs shot straight out and locked and the first spurt of my cum pulsed into her. Sandy gave a slight gasp and moved forward and then cum was arching into the air above her and landing on her back. Gena began to laugh; it seemed to me I had shot half my body weight onto Sandy’s ass and back.

My eyes closed as a series of small shivers ran down my body. Sandy kissed me gently around my lips and cheeks and I opened my eyes to look deep into the blue eyes of the girl I had dreamed about doing this to for months. Sandy had no words, she just smiled, and I knew she was thinking pretty much the same thing.

Meanwhile, Gena had a fit of the giggles next to us. “Oh, Lance, it’s even in her hair! We may have to clean the ceiling! That was awesome! But I think a shower is in order. Why did you pull out? Sandy has her diaphragm in, I watched her do it.”

“I didn’t,” I answered, a little confused, “I wasn’t capable of even thinking about it right then.”

“No,” said Sandy, “I did it. I wanted to feel it. I always like to feel it on my skin. I don’t know why, it just feels exciting, kind of slutty. I especially like it on my face and tits, but there was no time for that.” I’m not sure how it was possible for someone who had just done the things she had to feel that embarrassed about a little thing, but Sandy, who I had never been able to make blush, was bright red.

“Oh baby,” said Gena, leaning over to give Sandy a peck on the lips and then adding a quick one for me, “Don’t be like that. It was incredibly hot to watch. Maybe later you can show me the pearl necklace bit. If Lance hasn’t recovered, I’m sure we can find a willing guy at the club.”

“That’s it, you’re getting spanked!” I squirmed out from under a surprised Sandy and made a grab for my mischievous partner in crime. Gena had the advantage of being halfway to her feet and easily avoided my lunge while sticking her tongue out at me.

“Alright, you two!” Sandy climbed to her feet and took each of us by the hand to lead us towards the hallway. “First, let’s share a shower. Then, strawberries and champagne. Then, I want to see Gena get fucked. We have all night and this is only a beginning.”

Arm in arm we started towards the bathroom in the hallway.

“Lance, Sandy,” said Gena in a faux deep voice, “I think this is the beginning of a beautiful friendship.”

“Bitch!” I screamed and leapt after her already running and laughing figure, “You stole my line!”

Behind us, Sandy just smiled and wondered what she had gotten herself into.

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