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The All young boys had lost all their shyness by group maturbation
I looked out from our patio above the trees at the end of the garden and saw that the clouds were gathering fairly quickly. Thick purple towers were rapidly developing in the north and I predicted that a real good rain would be hitting the house soon. It would come as a relief since the morning had been uncomfortably hot and a good storm would always bring a welcome cool to our house.

My wife smiled at me as I poured wine for our two guests, Annie and Melanie who had come to stay on our small farm for a few days. I sat down, raised my glass and welcomed them since it was their first visit to the house. Both ladies smiled and raised their glasses in response.

Annie and Melanie were old friends of ours who had stayed behind when we decided to leave the rat race. They had kept in touch with Sam, my wife, and one or the other of them had often hosted us when we had spent a night in town after a late movie or dinner. Both their husbands had left them though, given their looks, I would never understand why.

To thank them for the occasional sleepovers that they had hosted, Sam had suggested that they spend a long weekend with us and they had both accepted quite happily. I was only too happy to play host to these two goddesses and had been quite glad that their visit coincided with very hot weather since they were sure to expose lots of flesh.

The two had not disappointed me -- after I packed their bags in the bedrooms that they would use, they had quickly excused themselves to 'freshen up'. Annie had emerged from her room wearing a lovely white sundress that showed off her olive skin and dark hair beautifully and Melanie had come out in a pair of khaki shorts and a white sleeveless blouse tied in a knot around her midriff. I casually examined them as they walked through the house to the patio and imagined that neither was wearing a bra.

Our lunch went smoothly -- Sam had lots of news to catch up on and the girls had lots to share. I was kept busy serving food and pouring rather a lot of the Shiraz that we had purchased for the occasion. By the end of the meal, I had already thrown away five empty bottles and the girls were steadily consuming the sixth. Behind me, the clouds had covered the sun and, as I cleared the last of the plates from the table, I heard the distinctive sounds of the beginning of a summer rain. I went into the house to wash the dishes quickly while the girls made themselves comfortable on a huge swinging chair that looked out over our large manicured lawn.


I thought that I was in the kitchen alone when my wife's voice interrupted a rather personal daydream that I was having as I finished the last few plates in the water. 'Hey naughty boy -- it's getting a little lonely out there you know.' My conservative wife always loosened up after some wine and on this occasion her arousal was emphasised by a hug from behind and a tantalizing kiss on the back of my neck. Her hands snaked around my stomach and then worked their way underneath the waistband of my shorts and into my underwear. She didn't seem to notice the semi-hardness that my fantasizing had created but rather seemed pleased to find me in an aroused state. Her hand slowly stroked me and I leaned back a little to enjoy the press of her breasts against me. Her voice was husky with desire as she whispered into my ear --'You've been such a good husband, how am I ever going to reward you?' This is an old game we have played many times during our marriage. Sometimes she took herself seriously and followed through on the drunken promises and I imagined, if she managed to stay awake with all that Shiraz in her, that later that day, we would be able to have some naughty fun.

She surprised me by tugging my shorts down and dropping to her knees as she turned my willing body around. My hiss of astonishment was strangled by the moan that came into my throat as she took the tip of my cock into her mouth. Blowjobs were very rare affairs in our marriage which made them even more special. Sam's tongue massaged the head of my cock gently, licking at it like an ice-cream cone. I worried about the other two girls in our house but the sensations that were coming from my dick overrode any rational thought. I placed my hands on Sam's shoulders and gently started rocking my hips forward as she took more of me into her mouth. She winked at me and then pushed my cock up against my belly and licked from its base right to the tip.

Sam then stood, turned around, lifted her skirt and dropped her panties to the floor. Then she climbed on all fours onto the kitchen table and hiked her legs so that I could get the perfect view of her pussy. She knows that this position has always been an irresistible temptation to me and that afternoon it was no different. I took a step backward to enjoy the view. Sam has beautiful pussy lips when she is aroused. They become swollen and pink and her clit is nestled right at the end of a long elongated slit that is often visibly moist when I look at it before sex. Before I could approach her she stopped me from doing anything by slowly starting to play with herself, dipping first one finger then a second into her cunt and then thrusting them in and out of herself. Before I could say anything more, she slid of the table and smoothed her skirt back into place. "There's some more of that tonight, honey!'

The little minx! I could have drilled holes into plate steel with my hardon but I know from experience that stretching out the teasing would only increase the pleasure. I stepped forward to kiss her but a girlish screech of delight from the other side of the house interrupted my move and Sam pecked me on the cheek and disappeared through the kitchen door after whispering into my ear that we would definitely play some more later. I quickly stuffed myself back into my shorts, grabbed another bottle of wine and went out to join my wife and her two friends.

As I walked onto the patio I saw that the drizzle was beginning to thicken into rain but was surprised to see only Sam and Melanie on the swing chair. Before I could ask, Sam pointed off to her right into the garden and I turned to see Annie walking around in the rain, her hands and arms out obviously enjoying the sensation of the raindrops on her skin.

The white sundress had plastered itself to her body and I sat down quickly to avoid having to explain any bulge in my shorts. Annie, like Melanie, was a beautiful girl -- dark to Melanie's blond, small breasted to Melanie's larger bust and smaller waisted to the generous curve of Melanie's hips. Both had beautiful faces, open and friendly though Annie's sultriness hinted at her Latino heritage.

There was none of that now. She was gorgeous and captivating in an innocently sensual way -- I glanced at my wife and Melanie and they too, sat entranced by her movements. I however was also enchanted by the sensuous curve of her breast and the darkened point of the nipple that peeked though the top of her wet clothing . I realized that I had been correct earlier on -- she was braless and, as she got more thoroughly soaked, her dress became almost transparent on her body. This also revealed her taught butt and the tiny thong that nestled between its cheeks. I was even more pleased when she turned to face us -- the thong barely made it past her lips. I was mesmerized. She smiled up at us and called to Melanie -- 'Come out here, its lovely -- the rain is almost warm,' she gestured, 'You'll love it.'

I couldn't get up for obvious reasons but Sam and Melanie were enchanted by this water fairy and they too walked down the steps out of the shelter of the house into the summer rain. The water began to soak through the fabric of their clothing almost immediately.

My wife is a small busted, dark haired beauty and her orange top quickly clung to her breasts and revealed the large nipples that have always fascinated me. Even through the fabric of her very plain bra I could see what the water and perhaps our earlier sex play had done to the tips of her breasts. As much as I enjoyed the view I paid little attention to her as I watched the ample bosom of Melanie slowly get soaked in the light rain. All three girls were prancing around revelling in the caress of the drops of water -- I can't imagine that they intended it to be sexual but I had never seen anything quite so spellbinding -- as they moved their breasts bounced, Annie's in small tight circles and Melanie's in large waves. I was fascinated by Melanie's roundness and loved the way her small nipples gradually took shape under her blouse as it became plastered to her body. Unfortunately the darkness of her shorts afforded little view of her pussy but I enjoyed the shape of her legs and thighs as she ran around.

As it occurred to me to capture this scene on my mobile phone, my wife called to me and requested that I bring the three terry cloth bathrobes from our bathroom for them. I stood quickly and moved into the house but the smile I caught from Sam certainly indicated that she had seen my arousal. I came back out with the robes and handed them to the three women who had by then come out of the rain. They were soaking wet and I realized that towels would also be in order.

I brought those out as well and quietly retreated without bringing attention to myself to sit on the swing couch occupied earlier by the ladies. My circumspection was rewarded -- all three began to undress. My wife was open about it and allowed me to leer at her as she slipped out of her skirt and revealed a flash of bald pussy. The other two were more demure - both faced away from me as they removed their clothing and dried themselves. I was pleased to see them remove their panties as well and then tie their robes closed -- I hoped that before they would change into fresh clothing, I might be able to see a little more of their secrets.

They came to the couch and I had to scoot out of the way and sit in a single recliner across the way from them. The three sat and then folded their legs under them as they continued exclaiming in lovely terms about their fabulous experience. Melanie and Annie seemed oblivious to the show they had put on for me and strangely, I found that even more arousing.

After glancing at me, Annie mentioned that it was a pity that they had not been able to enjoy the rain naked and this comment received murmurs of agreement from the other two. Sam caught my eye and asked if there was not some sport that I could go and watch on television. I got the hint and made myself scarce -- at least as far as the three women were concerned. I moved to my study above the patio and waited expectantly.

I saw their heads first -- the three sirens walked out into the garden hand in hand and completely naked. I could not avoid touching myself as they came into focus -- I could see the blond fuzz between Melanie's thighs and the dark vertical strip of hair below Annie's navel. It was pure perfection and I greedily drank in all the details that I could see. Melanie's lighter skin was slightly freckled and she had a wide floral tattoo above her arse. Her thighs were strong and muscular without being heavy and her breasts were images of feminine perfection. I could not help imagine cupping them in my hands and caressing them. Annie's body was equally attractive -- clearly both had kept in shape. I caught my wife glancing up at the study window so perhaps she saw me but she didn't seem to drag the other two into the house so I wasn't sure. They walked around for some time getting wetter and wetter and I could not help but drop my shorts and seriously start masturbate even though I could see very little detail from my vantage point.

Unfortunately they returned to the house relatively quickly and, after a short while, I heard my wife calling up for some sherry. I came out to see them on the patio and distributed the glasses happy to see that the girls seemed comfortable enough to lounge about in their robes.

We kept chatting but I had trouble maintaining focus on the small niknaks of conversation that passed the time. All the girls were sparkling and, as the sherry flowed, their awareness of their lack of clothing faded. At one point, talking about a local politician I glanced up to see up the robe of Melanie. She was sitting crosslegged happily chatting but her robe had slipped aside revealing her cunt. The lips were smaller than my wife's but I could see that there were lots of folds and I imagined my tongue exploring those folds as she wrapped her thighs around my head. Some moments later I got to see Annie's breasts from close up as she stretched to get her glass. I was in a state of perpetual arousal.

My wife eventually got up and came to sit with me, her head swimming with alcohol. She turned me around and said that she was going to take a little snooze -- I settled behind her as she lay on her back. I think the snooze was a ruse because her hand quickly found its way to my cock.

She found it hard since I had been ogling Annie and Melanie as they arranged themselves on the swing couch. By this time their robes were so loose that they exposed delicious bits of themselves with every movement. I caught a glimpse of the blond pussy hair of Melanie and almost jerked when she reached into her robe to scratch her groin. Once they lay down foot to foot things settled but I still got to enjoy an expanse of thigh from Annie. I was not sure which way things were going to turn out and given my previous experience I anticipated have a quick snuggle with Sam and then maybe a short nap.

Sam had other ideas. After a short while, she whispered to me, 'How was the show, hubby? Did you like it?' Her hand was busy stroking my erection so she had a good idea of the answer. I love it when the wine loosens her inhibitions but this was splendid. I glanced over at the other two who seemed to have decided that a good nap was in order. Their breathing had become regular and it seemed that they had fallen asleep. Sam got up slowly, trying not to make any noise and let the robe fall from her shoulders into a pile on the floor. She looked at me and with a whisper that could rouse the libido of a ninety year old geriatric, said "Dessert will be served in the bedroom". I'll admit that a small part of me wanted to see if I could get any peeks into the clothing of the other two women but as I stared at the butt of the sexy woman that was my wife and the way it swayed as she walked away from me was irresistible and I got up to follow her.

I got up quietly and followed her and caught up to her as we entered the living room. By this time I was crazy with desire and I grabbed her and swung her around to start a deep kiss. I think the combination of the wine and the situation made us forget the two ladies napping outside as Sam pushed me backwards onto one of the couches and pulled my shorts down to my knees. She swayed in front of me dancing to a silent tune. She raised her left arm above her head and then trailed down it with her other hand when she reached her breasts she moved her finger to her nipple gently tweaking it with her fingers. Her eyes were closed and I watched her move her hand slowly between her thighs to start to stroke her clit. She knelt down next to the sofa and gently kissed my mouth, her tongue darting in to just touch mine and then retreating again. I reached out to touch her nipple as she started a row of featherlight kisses leading to my groin.

Her eyes caught mine as she reached my cock which was straining for attention. She let the tip lightly touch her cheeks, teasing me. Then came a gentle kiss right at the top followed by a slight suction as she opened her mouth. I had to control myself from bucking into her mouth right there as she swirled her tongue around. Finally she took me deep into her mouth while her tongue worked vigourously. She stopped and looked at me, "Do you like?"

"I love it when you suck my cock," I replied needlessly, "but I want some of your pussy to taste."

She stood a moment while I got rid of all my clothing and then climbed over me lowering her sweet lips to my mouth. Her arousal was evident as a musky smell filled my nose. I spread her gently apart and licked slowly up her slit. I plunged my tongue deep into her, exploring her cunt and enjoyed the way that she squirmed her groin down onto me. She had been keeping some of the weight on her knees but as my tongue continued to lap at her pussy, she slid down pressing it downwards. She groaned and said with a slight quiver in her voice, "Yes, lick my pussy. Stick your tongue into me." Then she became quieter as she took my manhood back into her mouth and quiet sounds of wet tongues filled the room. She took me deep into her mouth -- she had never managed to take all of me but the movement of her tongue on the ridge under my cock was driving me crazy and I began thrusting upwards as I approached orgasm.

She stopped suddenly and I thought she was teasing me until she whispered to me to me quietly to listen. I stopped, my tongue still in her and then heard the light feminine giggle of our two guests from outside the house. We became aware of the fact we were very much exposed and decided to move to our bedroom before the two could come inside. Our route took us past the window looking out onto the patio and I quickly glanced outside to see what the girls were giggling about.

It was an image I won't ever forget and left me standing in wonder. Annie was sitting behind Melanie with Melanie resting between her legs and her head lying on Annie's shoulder. The pose was beautiful and as I watched I saw Annie's hand slowly run down her neck and chin. When her finger reached Melanie's lips, her mouth opened to gently kiss the finger. Annie then reached her hand to Melanie's cheek and turned her face towards her own. She leaned down and lightly planted her lips on Melanie's. The kiss seemed hesitant but I saw their mouths open and then the touch of their tongues.

The sound of the floorboards creaking on the other side of the room reminded me of my wife -- I turned to look at her enjoying the brazen pose that she had assumed -- hands on hips legs apart -- I could see her pussy lips glisten amongst the slight fuzz of her pubic hair. I gestured for her to come over and pointed down at the two women kissing each other on the other side of the window. Sam's eyes widened but her whispered response took me by surprise -- "They're so lucky -- I wondered if they were ever going to allow themselves to let go like that. There has always been an attraction there, you know.""

Below us, the kiss had gotten more intimate. Annie had pushed her hand into Melanie's robe and was playing with the nipple. Sam in the meanwhile was trying to pull me away from the scene and I reluctantly began to back away but I was too turned on to wait. I pulled her closer to me. My hand slipped between her legs and she moaned as I slipped a finger inside of her. I kept it still looking straight into her eyes and then very gently began to manoeuvre my finger inside of her. It was a subtle movement that had her breathing heavily. Every now and again I would slide my finger outwards right to the edge of her cunt and then I would slide it back in. Her pelvis rocked forward each time desperate for the continued contact.

Eventually, she leaned forward and whispered, "How many fingers do you have inside of me?" I held up my other hand showing one finger. "Put another one inside me, please?" The quiver in her voice almost had me throwing her down and taking her right then. She widened her legs and I withdrew the finger and then replaced it with two fingers that slipped into her extremely easily. She sighed and I started flexing my fingers inside of her. Her eyes closed and she leaned into me slowly humping my hand. "Another one," she breathed, completely lost to anything but my touch. She was so wet that I slid the third finger into her pussy with no resistance. I had visions of her asking for a fourth finger but she began to make slight whimpering noises that indicated an approaching orgasm. Her eyes caught mine and she whispered fiercely "Don't stop. Just don't stop. Please don't stop." Then it came and she leaned into my shoulder and came - her pelvic muscles gripping my fingers as her body shuddered. Her whisper was throaty with sex as she hissed a long "Yesssssssssss" into my ear.
She pushed herself away eventually and then her eyes widened as she looked at something behind me. I turned around to see Annie and Melanie looking at us through the window. I should have been embarrassed by I was sidetracked by their half open robes and the soft curves of their breasts. Sam was quiet and pulled me back toward the bedroom her face red and her breathing still irregular. There was silence - the two woman didn't look away and their eyes revealed nothing of their thinking. Their frank interest in our sexual play was disconcerting but I felt an inner response to it.

After entering the room and closing the door Sam turned to me and jumped onto me making me stumble backward onto the bed. I fell onto my back, surprised by her sexually charged response -- her cumming in front of her friends had not ruined the mood but seemed to have done the opposite. She attacked my body with her tongue, covering my neck and chest with kisses and the moving upwards to lick and nibble a path running the length of my jawline and then plunging her tongue into my mouth hungrily. I felt the wetness of her pussy on my stomach as she moved around grinding herself into me. Eventually I heard her demanding whisper in my ear. "Fuck me now. Put your cock into me now, please."

At this point she sat up and placed the tip of my cock between her cunt lips and then buried my manhood deep within her. I expected her to start thrusting immediately but she held still while she kissed me and then sat straighter as she began to bounce up and down. She took my hands and put them onto her breasts almost savagely and held them tight to her nipples which were hard points against my palms. Her fucking motions were driving me crazy. She raised her hips high enough so that I had to lift myself to stay inside of her. Over and over I felt the delicious moment of penetration followed by the velvet embrace of her pussy. As my orgasm approached she sensed something because she leaned down and breathed into my ear -- "Come inside of me -- fill me with your cum" I could stand it no more and erupted into her. I strained and pushed at her cunt as I felt her pelvic muscles milking me dry.

She stayed on top of me and I could feel the movement of her breasts as her heavy breathing slowly subsided. Eventually she rolled off me and cradled her head on her hand in the crook of my shoulder. Her other hand tracked a slow line down my chest stopping at my cock which twitched in response but otherwise did nothing. Her breathing deepened as she fell asleep, her naked body plastered up against mine. I took slightly longer as some of the images of the day slithered around my head but finally with a contented grunt, I allowed myself to drift off.

I woke a little later lying behind Sam, my arms around her and my after nap hardon nestled between her cheeks. A murmured sigh and a slight shift backwards showed that she was awake and I hopefully thrust my hips forward, grinding into her. She rolled onto her back and looked at me with a wicked glint in her eye that deepened as she took hold of my cock. She slowly started to wank it but her words were disappointing- 'We have guests. I'll take care of this a little later.' She slid down and took me briefly into her mouth and I thought I might convince her to change her mind but with an impish kiss on the tip of my cock she slid off the bed and went into the bathroom. She called quietly out to me to wear as little as possible. I told her to do the same not really expecting much but she told me to get her robe which, I remembered, was lying in a heap on the patio outside.

I pulled on my own robe and left the bedroom to get hers. Remembering some of the things I had seen earlier I moved very quietly to the patio and my careful movement was, in a sense, rewarded. Melanie and Annie had both fallen asleep in the seat in an intimate if casual embrace. Melanie was lying snuggled behind Annie with her arm draped over Annie's waist. Annie's robe had loosened and I took the chance to look at her more closely, my hormones overwhelming the more careful choices. Fortunately I decided that neither woman seemed to be likely to stir and I got to look at her quite carefully. Up close her skin was a gorgeous light brown that was not interrupted by any tan lines that I could see at least as far as her breasts were concerned. The shadowy pubic area was slightly lighter than the rest of her skin but I enjoyed the well groomed landing strip of hair above the parting of her lips which unfortunately I could not see in more detail.

Finally, discretion won out over blazing horniness and I left the beautiful scene to return to my wife. By the time I got back she had stepped out of her quick shower and was towelling herself off. Thoughtfully, she had left the shower on and I quickly jumped into it to freshen up. By the time I got out she had already left the room. I pulled on my robe again and ventured out into my house. I soon heard the murmur of feminine voices and swung though to the kitchen. Privately I was delighted to find that everyone was still in their robes and I sent a silent thanks to the weather gods for the rain earlier that afternoon.

As soon as Melanie saw me she smiled and held out a bottle of wine for me to open which I did quite enthusiastically thinking what the wine had achieved with my wife earlier. It seemed that we were all quietly ignoring some of the day's activities without being embarrassed about them since there were no uncomfortable silences and our conversations went on quite normally.

After Sam had put on supper we moved to the sitting room and sat. Sam sat next to me on the two seater and the girls sat on either side of the three seater. After some minutes of inconsequential conversation, Annie caught our attention.

"Melanie and I spoke about it and we would really like to apologise for intruding on you two this afternoon."

So much for ignoring the afternoon's activities! She had caught us by surprise. Sam, blushing a beautiful pink, nodded and replied, "We did get carried away." At this she glared at me, "We should have been in the bedroom and I'm sorry-"

"Please don't apologise -- it was beautiful and gorgeous. We are jealous." interrupted Melanie. "Anyway that's not the only thing we wanted to say." She took a deep breath and continued. "We would like to know if you guys would have a problem if Annie and I stayed in the same room this weekend." She said the last words in a hesitant rush as if expecting a major explosion from one or both of us.

I was imagining two hot naked women in bed so I certainly didn't have a problem but I left this one to Sam who asked, "How long have you two been together?"

Melanie smiled a shy smile at Annie and then giggled. "About three hours or so!" Sam screeched a happy little screech and jumped up to give the two a hug. "That's so wonderful. How? Why? I'm so happy for you!"

The two women visibly relaxed once they realized that there wouldn't be any disapproval from us. We had all sat down again and the two women had scooted up close to each other obviously enjoying the physical touch that they could enjoy.

The heat of the summer day had cooled slightly but it was still warm in the dusk of the afternoon and Sam suggested that we go for a swim. Melanie perked up and said 'Skinny Dip! Skinny Dip!" Annie agreed with an enthusiastic nod and the three got up to move to the pool behind the house. I stretched over to get the remote control anticipating needing to watch sport while they swam but Melanie had other ideas. "Sam, if its okay with you, we don't mind if he joins us. We've seen pretty much everything and maybe this could balance the scales a little?" Sam looked at me with a grin and nodded. "Just make sure you bring out another bottle of wine since these," she held up two wine glasses, "are empty."

I was astonished but kept my pose until I got to the kitchen and grabbed the wine. Unfortunately by the time I got to the pool I was rock hard and the scene that greeted me did not help. The ladies were sitting at the shallow end of the pool all naked with only their lower legs in the water. Sam looked up and smiled, "I think he likes this." She stood up and walked over to me and took the wine from my hand. "We had a little talk. We are all adults here and those two women are beautiful." While she was speaking she had untied my robe and pulled it loose. "I want you to look at them and enjoy their beauty rather than trying to sneak peeks at them the whole time. Then we can just get on with the evening." With her last words she slipped the robe off my shoulders and turned to the girls.

I was a little confused but Sam hooked her arm through mine and pulled me forward. Annie and Melanie looked very calm as Sam told them to examine me. They both let their eyes travel over my body and stopped approvingly at my erect cock. There was frank curiosity and some desire in their looks or so I told myself. Then Sam told me to examine them.

I let my eyes drink in all the beauty of these two women. I decided to take Sam's words at face value and looked without shame. Melanie was sitting with her legs slightly apart but as my eyes wandered down her body she parted them further, inviting my gaze. I took the hint and looked at her folds and realized that she was turned on from the glistening moisture that I could see. In a trance I motioned for her to stand and turn which she did without hesitating. The tattoo that I had seen earlier was a work of art. Tiny purple flowers had been placed within a spiderweb of interconnecting vines and the combination was delicate and beautiful. Her arse was taught and muscular and as she turned further I got a glimpse of her cunt lips again. She twirled around further and then sat with a satisfied smile on her lips, "Like what you see?" she asked. I nodded, enjoying the moment. I looked again at her breasts, noticing again that her nipples were much smaller than Sam's.

Annie's quiet "And me?" encouraged me to turn to her. Her smaller breasts held my attention for longer as I imagined caressing them with my fingers and tongue. She was sitting in a very relaxed manner with her legs wide apart and I looked down into her pussy as my erection threatened to explode. She too, seemed aroused and her cunt was dominated by the open labial folds of the entrance to her pussy.

"You will have to look at me, too." whispered my wife from off to my left. She was brazen and sat on one of the sun-chairs. I don't know if she was motivated by a sense of competition or sexuality but her hands briefly dipped to her crotch and spread her lips as I looked. It wasn't obvious and I was possibly the only one to catch the show. She winked at me as I turned to sit on the edge of the pool.

Despite the heavy sense of sex in the air, things remained in check and we quickly moved into the water encouraged by its relative warmth. Sam came over to me, put her arms around my chest and settled herself on my back as I moved slowly around the pool. I loved the feel of her naked body stuck to me and the slick friction of her breasts against my skin.

Melanie and Annie were more circumspect - clearly still feeling each other's preferences out though both orbited each other constantly. I think Sam took it upon herself to break these artificial boundaries because she climbed up onto my shoulders and challenged the two to a duel. There was some hesitation but then Melanie sunk underwater and hoisted Annie into the air. We moved forward and Sam grabbed Annie while she was still finding her balance and pushed her over. Both girls fell under the water but their shyness was forgotten in a blaze of competitiveness. Annie was on Melanie's shoulders in a second and the two moved forward more intently.

I did not want to mess up a situation which that morning I could not possibly have imagined so I was careful not to get too physically involved in the tussle at the bottom but Sam grabbed me on our fourth consecutive dunking and told me to get Melanie no matter what it took. I think the women had forgotten their nudity. On the next pass I stepped in close and grabbed at Melanie's leg trying to get her off balance. Her attempt at a similar move had her hand make contact with my cock as I twisted out of her attempted grab. Sam had grabbed Annie's torso and soon the whole pyramid toppled down on me in a glorious mash of bodies.

Sam conferred quickly with Annie and the next thing I saw was Annie on Sam's shoulders. Melanie didn't hesitate and quickly slithered up my back onto my shoulders. It was difficult for me to think of anything but her wet pussy against the back of my neck but I managed to stagger forward and then steady myself. Sam played completely unfair and grabbed my cock as soon as I came in range. This was enough for me to lose my balance and the two of us plunged down again. When I surfaced Sam shouted gleefully 'Winner gets to kiss the loser." I smiled and moved in for my kiss but Sam pointed upwards and asked, "What about the riders?" Melanie had to get back onto my shoulders and I then moved in closer again. It was difficult to get quite close enough but Sam managed to slide closer and, with the ice broken pulled me into a long wet kiss. Annie and Melanie, as had been Sam's plan all along, I suppose, were also kissing, though I could see nothing of it

Sam then slipped down under the water and dunked Annie who grabbed at me and ended up sliding her breasts down my face. I slowly descended and reluctantly let Melanie off my shoulders. My dismay was short lived as Sam came over to me and started playing with me under the water. Annie and Melanie had moved towards each other and had started a deep kiss that was the stuff of many adolescent fantasies.

Sam had become quite insistent and my attention was diverted as she sank under the water and took my cock into her mouth, sucking at and licking it as she moved her hand up and down my shaft. Obviously this didn't last very long but when she came up and asked "Did you like?" I could only grunt in pleasure. She pushed me to the steps of the pool and encouraged me to get out. Her next move was astonishing -- she knelt and began to play with my cock in full view of the other two women. She called to them, "Can we move inside? There is something I want to show you." We had suddenly moved into a very sexual situation that I could not predict at all. I had, all along, attributed Sam's behaviour to her interest in pushing Annie and Melanie together but now I wondered if there was a more personal reason at work. The two women looked at each other lustfully and moved to join us.

Sam took my hand I hers and walked with me to the house. At the door she grabbed a towel and dried herself off and then started on my body while Melanie and Annie dried themselves as well. We went in the house completely naked and moved through to the bedroom. Sam sat on the bed with her legs wide open and motioned for me to sit next to her -- she took my hand and placed it on her pussy. Involuntarily, I slid my thumb down the slit and felt the wetness of her juices. Her voice as she spoke was slightly husky "I want to come again like this afternoon and I want them to see it." She pointed at our guests who were standing at the end of the bed watching closely.

It was an irresistible temptation and so I gently started rubbing her clit with my thumb. She started lifting her hips almost immediately clearly loving the attention I was giving her. I suspect that she was enjoying giving the show though how we had gotten to this situation still confused me. I looked at Melanie and Annie who sat spellbound by Sam's wantonness. Both were breathing shallowly their eyes fixated on the small motions of my thumb on Sam's clit.

Sam motioned for them to come closer and asked me to put a finger inside of her. With her legs wide open, my finger slipped in easily and I began to frig her matching her pelvic thrusts with slow movements. Annie and Melanie had by this time crept closer and watched from within touching distance. Their eyes were locked on Sam's pussy. Sam spread her legs wider, enjoying displaying herself and I slipped more fingers into her. "Please," she whispered, "please touch yourselves. I want to see. Please."

Annie was the first to respond and flipped her body around and sat facing us. She started with her nipples, gently tweaking them and curling her fingers around her small breasts. Her hand moved slowly lower and touched her navel and then descended further to stop at the dark strip of her at her groin. Sam whispered an encouraging "Yes." that was drawn out into an encouraging hiss. Annie's legs parted and her finger dipped lightly to her slit making small circular motions. Melanie sat entranced by this two masturbating women moving her head from side to side watching first my finger moving slowly in and out of Sam and then Annie who had opened her legs as wide as Sam's and had spread her pussy out in front of us.

I hardly wanted to breathe in fear of breaking whatever spell and taken us all but kept my attention on Annie's pussy and the finger that entered it every so often. Sam, too, was looking at Annie's cunt but she wanted more. Touching Melanie on the shoulder, she said, "Touch us. Help us to cum."

I could see that Melanie was somewhat conflicted but only in the sense that she wasn't sure who to touch first. I think my presence decided the matter for her since she draped one arm over Sam's leg resting her hand on it and then let her right hand slide up Annie's leg until it touched Annie's fingers. Annie caught Melanie's hand and pulled it to cover her pussy mound with it and rested her own hand on top of it. Like mine, Melanie's thumb quickly slipped into her partner's cunt and started flexing and moving inside of her. Annie's groan was a thing of beauty as she lost herself to her lover's caress. Her hip movements became more pronounced as she lifted herself with every downward stroke of Melanie's thumb. I glanced at Sam who watching every movement carefully even as she rode my fingers. Her tone was more demanding this time. "Melanie. Touch me. Please."

Melanie turned her attention to my wife. Her movements were sure as she placed her hand below mine and gently sank her fingers up to the second knuckle into Sam's pussy. Sam pushed upwards at the invasion and smiled at Melanie. "Just stop for a moment," she commanded. "I don't want to come just yet." We haven't all had a chance. Swap with Annie." We were all under her spell by this time and as Melanie and Annie exchanged seats, she pushed me backwards and took hold of my cock. I leant back drinking in all the sights of that night. Annie had pushed Melanie's legs apart and had already penetrated her with her fingers.

Sam stopped with her face poised above my cock and then reached between her legs. Her fingers came out visibly wet and she smeared this over the top of me mixing my pre-cum with her fingers. Then she sank her face downwards and took me into her mouth. I barely controlled my desire to thrust upward and was rewarded by a tingling sensation that was deliciously painful. She stopped and looked at Melanie who was sitting slightly uncomfortably as Annie played with her pussy. Sam grabbed Melanie's leg and pulled her towards the headboard against which I was lying. Melanie took the hint and swung her body to sit next to me. Sam moved between my legs and Annie moved to take advantage of Melanie. Annie kissed her thighs and then dipped her lips towards Melanie's pussy. From my vantage point I saw her tongue snake out and lick at her before she pushed her face downward and entered her with her tongue.

Sam stopped sucking my cock but played with it while we watched Annie tongue fuck her girlfriend. At a point when Annie took a brief rest, Sam stopped her and asked Melanie, "Can I taste as well?" Melanie was too turned on to even contemplate arguing and nodded. Sam turned to Annie, took her hand and placed it on my cock. "Here, keep this warm."
Annie smoothly swapped places with Sam without breaking contact with me and I revelled in the touch of an unfamiliar hand on me. Her hands were smaller than Sam's and, as she held me, her thumb made little circles on the top of my manhood that sent tingles all the way to my toes.

Sam wasted no time and dropped her mouth to Melanie's cunt immediately stabbing at her with her tongue. I had slightly turned my body to see my wife licking another woman and realized that Melanie's gorgeous breasts were only inches from my mouth. I lowered my head to her nipple and gave it an exploratory swipe with my tongue. Her response was immediate and I felt a downward pressure on my head as she pushed my mouth to her breast.

Annie had started moving her hand slowly up and down the shaft of my cock and I stopped sucking to look at her. Her green eyes were wide with her arousal and I watched as she opened her mouth wide to lick the top of my dick. Then she took me into her mouth and I could only focus on her slow bobbing motions and the sensations that exploded through my body. Sam had stopped and was watching my blowjob carefully. She move across and then added her tongue to the swirling vortex of sensations that pounded through me though I could see that at least half the time she was licking Annie's tongue. Sam stopped and pulled Melanie to join them and I had the joy of experiencing another mouth and tongue. Sam took charge, offering my cock to the others in turns and kissing whoever wasn't busy.

I was approaching an orgasmic explosion and Sam must have sensed it because her touch stopped. She climbed up onto me and sank my cock into her pussy. Her commands were quick as she had the other two women turn on all fours their pussies in the air and their lips on mine. I could see her reach out with both hands and given the way Annie and Melanie squirmed I imagine that she had slipped her fingers into their open cunts as well.

Her movements were more controlled but her voice was pure sex as she started saying over and over, "I want you to cum. All of you. Cum! Cum!" Obviously we couldn't coordinate it but we did pretty well. Annie came first, cumming with small squeaks thrusting her hips violently on Sam's hand. Sam was next screaming a loud "Yessssss" as she came. Melanie and I came at the same time. Melanie became still -- her face a study of sensuous pleasure. Her breathing became heavier and then she let out a slight moan.

I bucked wildly into my wife pushing at her as she fell forward onto my chest and began kissing me and the beautiful faces of the two women that lay beside me. They too kissed me and then each other.

After that wild ride we were exhausted and despite my intention to taste the pussies of the both Annie and Melanie I too fell asleep in the tangle of legs and arms on the bed. Sam snuggled up behind me and I spooned behind Melanie with my hands cupping her bountiful breasts. Annie had draped her thigh over Melanie's and I could also feel the skin of her torso against my hand.

I slowly drifted off to sleep but my last thought was that I would never be able to match that day in my dreams.

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