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She went wild with her threesome sex, bucking and humping like a wild animal
Maria and I had been married about 4 years when we became SUPER hot watching an adult flick at home. A hot young honey was taking in 3 large cocks at one time; one in her shaved pussy, one in her gorgeous asshole and a third deep down her throat. This had us so turned on that we were both screaming and cumming within minutes.

Maria had always loved fucking in every way. She enjoyed my hard cock in her clean and wet, shaved pussy, deep inside her gorgeous ass and deep down her throat, and loved my cum seeping deep inside that ass, pussy and throat. She could make any man explode. The thought of having all three at the same time was obviously enough to send her into orgasm after orgasm after orgasm.

I told her then that I'd love to watch her doing all of that and more. I could tell that my confession got her super hot again.

We discussed it more that evening, and she admitted that there was one particular man at her job who was coming on pretty strong to her, and that she was flattered by it. I suggested that she allow him to come on stronger still and see what happened.

Maria was 24 at the time: 5'5" tall, 120 lbs, with long brown hair, a slim waist, nice size C tits, that looked even larger with her slim waist, beautiful rounded hips, a gorgeous ass and lips that were just made to suck cock. Coupled with her beautiful face, that was a combination that no man could resist.

By that Thursday, she told me that Bart really was getting into their common flirting, and that REALLY had me turned on. We made some plans.

I was off work on Friday and she asked Bart, an IT Tech at her job, if he would like to come over after work and take a look at our computer, which was having some problems. He immediately jumped at the chance to have her alone Friday afternoon; he didn't know that I would be there also. They both took off of work early that day.

When they came in the door Friday early afternoon, I greeted them with a smile and offered them a drink. I could see the look of disappointment on his face. As he and I walked into the downstairs office to look at the computer, Maria excused herself to change from her work outfit.

While the two of us were starting up the computer, Maria came back. She was wearing the hottest, shortest and most see-through outfit anyone could imagine, with nothing at all underneath it! Just looking at her got me so hot I could hardly stand it, and Bart's mouth fell completely open, while he checked out her gorgeous tits, showing so clearly with her nipples standing totally erect, her long, gorgeous legs, which you could see clearly through her short and thin skirt, which was so thin that he and I could clearly see her clean shaven pussy, and the sweet juices flowing down her legs. She was so hot, so beautiful, so obviously turned on!

I walked over to her and picked her up, kissing her deeply. As I set her back down on the floor, I reached behind her and unsnapped both her blouse and skirt, letting them slip to the floor, leaving her totally nude in front of both Bart and I.

Then I pulled off my pants and shirt, picked her up again, and slid her down onto my rock hard cock. As she started moaning in orgasm, I reached down to her ass and spread those beautiful cheeks, telling Bart that he should slide his own cock deep inside. Within minutes, all three of us were bucking and moaning in total ecstasy as we came together. Just the first of many, many times that hot first DP Friday.

During that Friday evening, we fucked my beautiful wife time after time after time. Both Bart and I came deep inside that hot, tight ass, in her constantly hot and wet pussy, and deep down her gorgeous throat.

I know that I came 5 different times, each time just as intensely as the first, and Bart said that he came 5 or 6 times himself. And Maria? She told us that she stopped counting after 20 ecstasy filled and super intense orgasms.

We saw Bart several times after that, and then branched out to invite several other hot cocks to have my wife together with and without him. In fact, Maria's first and largest gangbang was as the "entertainment" at one of their co-workers batchelor party with 7 other cocks, plus myself of course, mounting my hot sweet lady.

No one can believe the super hot, super intense feeling of fucking your own super hot and gorgeous wife with so many other hot and horny cocks!


"Oh yes, baby! Lick your hot slut's pussy!!! Oh yes, yes, YES!!! Fuck that slut ass, fuck your slut's pussy, lick that sweet slut pussy!!!! Oh yes, yes, YYYEEEESSSSS!!!!!" Maria screamed loudly.

With that, She went wild with her third hot orgasm, bucking and humping like a wild animal!

Maria was lying on her back, completely nude, with her long, gorgeous legs spread wide for me while I teased her clit with my tongue, one finger gently massaging the g-spot inside her clean-shaved and super wet pussy, and the other hand rubbing, teasing and entering her hot, tight asshole, all while 7 other hot men watched closely, waiting for their own turns with my beautiful wife. The look on her gorgeous face was fantastic! She had been stripped naked by the 8 of us, then laid down on the bed by me alone while the others all stripped down and watched me eating my fantastically hot wife. The look in her eyes showed a very small amount of fear.... of the unknown.... but was 99% lust, knowing that she was about to fuck 8 very hard and super horny cocks.

Maria was 5'5", and perfectly proportioned. She had long brown hair and a gorgeous face with the full lips that were just made to suck a hard, hot dick..... and she did that fantastically, sucking a hard dick all the way down until it came deep inside her throat. She had long, shapely legs and an ass that no man could ever get out of his mind..... an ass that just loved to be filled deeply with cock. Maria also had a very slim waist, with a flat stomach and fantastic sized C tits. Tits that stood erect without any bra, which she rarely wore.

Being a man in an office of several hot men who so obviously wanted my beautiful wife, Bart couldn't keep himself from telling the others about his hot weekends with Maria and I. Maria constantly received invitations from them all..... all of which she continually turned down. I think that they didn' quite believe Bart's stories, but they certainly often fantasized about them.... and her. Several months later, one of the other men, Tom, announced to the office that he was engaged to be married. He was one of the only two other men besides Bart that was single. He asked all of the men in the office to attend his batchelor party, and as the husband of the only married women, he included me. I immediately offered to bring a hot lady to "entertain" us at the party.

Maria and I knew all of the men at the office, as well as all of their wives or girlfriends. We felt them all to be clean and careful..... so OF COURSE I asked her if she would be interested in being that "entertainer". She was VERY nervous about the idea, but after much talking, she said yes. The evening she made that decision, we had the hottest, most intense night in bed in our entire marriage!

We never told the others who the entertainer would be, although I suspect some hoped that just maybe......

When Maria and I showed up at the motel room, a two-bedroom suite at the Marriot Hotel, they were all super excited. Maria was wearing a long leather coat with a totally see-through mini dress under it. That and a pair of high heels were it!!!! How hot my beautiful slut wife was! And how surprised all of the other men were! The eight of us stripped her down and laid her on one of the beds, where I started licking that sweet pussy as she watched the other men strip, and had orgasm after wild orgasm.

As I kissed and licked my way back up to her gorgeous face, eight pairs of hands carressed, rubbed and played with her. I laid down on my back and pulled her over on top of me on her hands and knees, sliding my cock deep into her still dripping wet pussy. Maria immediately went wild in another orgasm. I reached behind her and rubbed and squeezed her beautiful ass, opening it wide for the others.

"I think Tom should be first to fuck this beautiful ass, don't you guys?" I asked.

"HELL yes!" said Tom. "After all, the party is for me isn't it?" With that, he knelt down behond my gorgeous slut wife and slid his cock deep inside her beautiful hot ass.

Maria kept turning her head back and forth to see all the hot naked men watching her get fucked, and the sight was driving her wild! "Bring me some cock to suck, too." she said. "I want to gulp down all that hot cum!"

Another of her co-workers knelt down next to her face and she sucked his cock deep inside her fantastically full "made for sucking cock" lips. She and the three of us all came almost immediately!!! There is nothing so exciting as seeing and feeling your fantastically sexy and hot wife being fucked!!!

As we moved away, another of the men laid down on his back next to her. I helped Maria turn and sit on his throbbing cock, burying it deep inside her tight ass. As she slid back and forth, another man crawled on his knees to her, slipping his cock into her still hot and wet pussy. Maria had an unbelievable capacity for cock, and wanted it all.... time after time after time. A third stood on the floor and placed his cock close to her lips so she could suck it down. By that time, all eight of us.... the first three hard again just from watching... were rubbing her all over and sliding our cocks back and forth accross her tits, her flat stomach and what little of her face that was available while she fucked and sucked those three. FANTASTIC!!!

All eight of us came at least three times that first night.... the first sessions of many.... before Maria felt she had to get up and clean up a little. Cum was dripping out of her pussy, her ass and all over her face, tits, and all over the rest of her much used but hot and still wet and ready gorgeous body.

She showered while several men watched and even jumped in the shower with her, fucking some more, and then she put on a little make-up. Maria didn't need much make-up, then slipped into her super short, super see-through mini dress again, so we could go and get something to eat. Maria was going to need a lot of energy to handle all of us for the three day weekend.

After dinner... highlighted with all the other men at the club drooling over my super sexy slut wife.... we went back to the room and fucked some more. By the time we were ready to get a little sleep, she was again soaked in hot cum. She fell asleep with her legs spread wide and a huge smile on her lips.

I was awakened several times during the night, as my super hot wife was also woken up time after time to fuck and fuck and fuck! What a FANTASTIC night!!!

The next day started with Maria kneeling nude in the center of a circle of hot men, sucking down one load of cum after another. Then she showered and dressed for a late breakfast. We had brought a few changes of clothes, so she put on a more "appropriate" outfit for a restaurant. Maria now wore a short skirt and a button down blouse, still showing her beautiful legs and a lot of cleavage, but was at least able to go out in public. Even so, it was amazing to see every man who glanced at her, surrounded by eight hot men, keep oogling and staring her up and down, no doubt having their own sexual fantasies.... just as the eight of us were! The difference was that we were living those fantasies with a beautiful slut! My beautiful slut wife!!

Back to the rooms for some more hot fucking! Maria kept humping and pumping her hot body with two and three men at a time until all eight of us came deep inside her two to three times again.

Dinner found us at an adult club, Maria wearing another hot see-through outfit and turning on every man who saw her.... as well as several hot women who seemed to want her as well. At least twice during the evening, she disappeared for a few minutes to take on some more hot cock, returning to the table with a smile..... her mouth and pussy again filled with hot loads of cum.

The rest of the evening was more constant fucking and sucking by that unbelievably hot and needy slut.

The guys had rented two two-room suites and a few had already left to try to sleep in the other suite.... I said tried because a while later, the phone rang. Four of the guys in the other room, two doors down the hall from us, asked her to come over to the other room for some more fucking before the night was over. The thought of the rest of us still fucking this slut was too much for them.

It was late and we didn't expect anyone else to be up, and Maria had been drinking quite a bit both during and after dinner, so as a joke, she walked out of the room and down the hall..... totally nude! She knocked on the door to the other room and it was answered immediately. The sight of this nude honey at the door had Bob, another of Maria's co-workers, of course, so hot that he picked her up and slid his hard cock deep into her pussy while they were still in the hallway, just outside the door. I watched from the other room down the hall and was so turned on that I, too walked down the hall naked, stepping up behind her and slipping my cock deep into her still tight ass. Maria was always a loud slut, and the sounds of her moaning and telling us to "Fuck that hot pussy and tight ass harder and deeper." brought the other two in that room to the door, and then out into the hallway as they all carressed and rubbed this beautiful hot lady all over. The same sounds also brought another couple.... a mid thirties, good looking couple.... to the door of their room next door. They watched with eyes wide in surprise as my wife moaned and groaned in full orgasm, one hard cock in her pussy, one in her ass, while three other pairs of hands rubbed her all over that super hot body!!! We had stopped, with our cocks still deep inside her, while we exchanged stares with the other couple, but the sensations were too much for Maria. I felt her tighten and loosen her hot ass on my cock and moan louder again as she went into another hot orgasm, leaning back onto me so she could pinch and play with those super hard nipples. The other couple looked at each other with total lust, and she dragged him back into their own room, which wasn't too easy since he obviously wanted to watch some more!!

As we all finished cumming, stepped back inside the room and Maria... my hot and gorgeous wife.... started giggling loudly. My super sexy, super nasty, super gorgeous slut wife actually started giggling like a teen-aged school girl.

"WOW" she said. "That was something different, wasn't it?"

That started another hot fuck session, with me on my back inside her super wet pussy while Richard kneeled behind her and slid his hard cock deep into her pussy also!! The sensations of fucking my hot wife while a second cock rubbed against mine in her pussy also was just unbelievable!!! She was almost screaming with passion "Oh yes!!! Open that hot slut pussy wider and wider!!! Tlwo cocks deep in my pussy is FANTASTIC!!! I want more and more hard cock!!!!"

Obviously, the same couple next door could hear, because we soon could hear them screaming and fucking in their own bed next to our wall.

All too early the next morning, after Maria fucked all eight of us twice again, it was time to go. The seven overworked hot cocks of her coworkers stood by the door as she approached each one and stood on her tiptoes, giving each of them a long, hard and wet kiss goodbye. Watching that alone was enough to make me want to take her back into the bed for more, but it was time to check out, so I had to leave with a throbbing cock.... but at least I was leaving with the hot lady who would take care of that throbbing cock anytime I needed her to.

As we left, the couple next door was leaving also. "Have a great day." I said. They couldn't speak, but they sure knew how to smile.

As we walked into our home less than an hour later, she was wondering aloud how she would be treated at work the next morning, Monday. I told her not to worry, that they'd all be fine, even though they would all constantly check her out and remember this hot, hot weekend when the lady they had so fantasized about for so long had fullfilled all of their fantasies.

When I got home after work that Monday, Maria met me at the door with a huge smile..... and wearing nothing else.

"How was your Monday?:" I asked.

"Very interesting." she answered. "The guys all couldn't stop talking about the weekend. Bart (one of the two who didn't make it to the party) was very upset. I think he thought that he had some special hold on me from the times you and I spent with him the last few months, but he got over it. Oh.... and Shandy (Killashandra, the other girl in the office) knows about it now. Bart talked so loud about me fucking them all at the party that she couldn't help but overhear."

"How did she take it?" I asked.

"Well, she treated me very strange for awhile, but later she asked me if we could go to lunch together sometime this week to talk about it."

I asked her if that bothered her and she said no, not really.

"After all," she said, "I am truly a slut so I should know that eventually everyone will know about it. In fact, it kind of turns me on that whenever someone looks at me, they'll be looking at someone they know fucks easy and often."

I thought about that for a minute, because after all, when a lady is as hot, beautiful and sexy as Maria, EVERYONE is constantly looking her over. I liked the idea too!!

We had several other parties over the next couple of years, and it always amazed me how my hot wife could always be ready for lots of hard cock, could always stay so wet, and could always stay so tight. You'd think that taking in so much cock.... often including two cocks at a time in her pussy and later also learning to enjoy two cocks at once in her beautiful ass.... would cause her pussy and ass to become loose. But apparently, the exercises that she did with her pussy and ass muscles paid off well!!!!! And how!!!!

When I get a chance, I'll continue to write about my hot wife, Maria. I lost her to a drunk driver a few years ago, on the way to her first adult film shoot, no less, but I'll always love that super hot, super gorgeous and super sexy slut wife.

I've re-married since then, and Elizabeth, is almost as gorgeous, almost as sexy and just as hot as Maria was. She also used to love putting on hot shows for me with other men, but ever since we married, she refuses to get in bed with more than just one cock, and oh how I miss those super hot times.

There is nothing hotter and more exciting than watching your hot wife have one hot orgasm after another with several hard cocks at once.... except perhaps for watching how much unbelievable pleasure she can give to all of those hot men!!!

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