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They all had a steamy sexual encounter in a bathroom for group sex
The week after we first met and had sex Chrysler (my online lover, now real) took me to one of his favourite clubs... a place that has a bi' night... girls looking for girls, guys for guys, couples for thirds, and crossdressers and beyond invited. We planned to find a girl to put on a show for, and screw like she'd never been screwed before. The guy/guy/girl threesome where everything goes was one of my biggest and most important fantasies, and as neither his girl or mine would go for that, or even understand our different bisexualities, that meant going on a slut-hunt! There was also the possibility of being introduced into his 'circle' this weekend... his swingers' club, something which was potentially exciting in the group sex possibilities it would offer with broad minded, loose moralled and sexually experienced girls & guys.

I met him at his flat about 6 as planned on the Saturday, he pulled me inside and kissed me deeply. I kissed him back instinctively and grabbed his crotch, but was surprised... after all... our meetings were based purely on bisexual lust, kissing a guy still seemed weird to me. I'm glad I'd met him, because if I hadn't I'd still be wondering what it would be like to get fucked in the ass, rather than knowing it was something I liked and could base further escapades on. What the hell, the relationship I had with my girl was on the rocks anyway, and through him I might meet someone adventurous at his swingers' club.

It was at this nightclub we were going to that he found his way into the swingers scene in Southampton that I wanted to get into. But we weren't going clubbing yet...

He plainly wasn't dressed up to go out, and my trousers were soon liberated from my body, I just had time to get them over a chair so they wouldn't crease. I lost my shirt as Chrysler went down on me, his black lips engulfing my quickly stiffening cock. It was great, I love off-the-cuff sex so much more than planned sex you have time to think about and decide how its going to play out... I just dropped to the sofa and let my head roll back, open mouthed and sighing. I was stiff as a board within 30 seconds and he was pulling that fantastic deep throat trick again. I was amazed, looking down and seeing his dark head right up to my pubes... and FUCK... the incredible sensation. I grit my teeth and tried not to cum... but it became a futile effort as I felt him lubing up my sphincter and moving his whole head back and forth on my prick... taking me all in and down his throat and then pulling back to nibbling on my head. Fucking hell, he was incredible.

The amazing difference in pressure I felt with the end of my cock forced at an angle down his throat... almost painful, and his tongue providing a nest for the base of my shaft, my nuts hanging on his chin as he sucked wetly on me. He released my prick from his throat and began sucking on my head again and frigging my ass slowly but firmly with a straight finger.

I climaxed as he was licking my hole and finger-fucking me with his well greased finger, firing off my cum into his just-open mouth, coating his big lips. He responded by opening his mouth and taking my head between his lips to catch my second, bigger blast of pleasure, and jamming a second finger into me; making me jump, squeal, and blast another string of hot white fury into his mouth. I'd lasted about 2 minutes before cumming, and started to collapse on the sofa, shaking, sweating, satisfied and ready to return the favour. I could tell by the way he roughly grabbed me that feeding me that big black cock of his wasn't what he had in mind right now.

Chrysler wasted no time before losing his jogging suit and spinning me over onto my hands and knees, beating himself off as he positioned behind me, and without even a word placed his lubed cockhead in between my ass cheeks and pushed. I yelled in pain as he let himself in, and once again, as the weekend before, that big black dick penetrated my tight but willing ass. He was a lot more forceful than he was the week before, when he took me for the first time, when he pushed his 8 1/2" black meat into me and liberated my anal virginity... this time there was no slow breaking in. He pushed gently until he felt that I had adjusted to his size with a preliminary couple of thrusts, then started to really fuck me HARD; as I would a girl if I was seeking merely my own satisfaction toward the end of a sexual encounter and she had already achieved a level of ecstasy.

"CHRIST!" I yelled as he pushed in deep. "FUCK!... AhhHHhhH!... AHH! AGH! AH!"

He was pumping my ass selfishly, purely to bring himself off, hard, fast, and deep. It hurt me inside, but was nonetheless exciting, and I was still glowing from his blow job.

"Ah... God... Yea... YEAH... you want it... you love it in the ass" more to himself than me.

He held my hips tight and pumped in and out of me hard, being turned on by my grunts of pain-cum-enjoyment while letting out loud sighs of his own. My eyes opened and closed as did my mouth with the sensation... here I was again, just getting fucked... fucked right up the ass, Christ it hurt but felt so good, I really was getting a good seeing to. Chrysler really did have a big cock and he was giving me all 8 1/2" with little mercy, slapping right into me hard and fast.

My eyes watered with the pain and I did and didn't want to tell him to stop at the same time. It didn't take long before he climaxed himself, maybe 7 or 8 minutes, and he fired off inside me with a grunt, forcing himself really deep in, pubes tickling my buttocks as he pushed all the way in to me... fuck... all in to the hilt, my God it hurt but felt so exhilarating, and then he was filling me up with a wave of heat, and I felt a lovely warmth deep inside me an instant after his cockhead swelled minutely but umistakably as it released its stuff.

He stayed deep, deep inside me as his cock burst 3 or 4 times at full penetration, yelling triumphantly with each escaping stream of cum, and then he withdrew, and collapsed on top of me, sweating and exhausted, leaving my ass hot and throbbing.

"Whoah" I said, breathless and sticky.


"I didn't know you just wanted to fuck me again! Ow! You're too big! Are we going out?"

"Oh, yeeah! I was really horny without Rena last night and all day I had to fuck before we did anything!" He said with abig smirk. Rena was the Swiss girlfriend he didn't want to bring into his swinging. "Sorry, I shouldn't have fucked you so hard."

"Fuck, NO. It was good. Felt fucking fantastic, just didn't expect it! And you ARE big!"

We spoke a bit about him fucking me like that on the spur of the moment, it was a difficult and pretty weird conversation because I did really like it; but I felt a bit odd about being taken for granted and having him ejaculate inside of me. It was strange, I think I tried to tell him I wasn't going to be his bitch or something along those lines, but I'm not sure whether I got my point across. He basically said not to worry about it and that if tonight's club didn't open my eyes, the swingers' club would for sure.

Anyway we showered off and headed off to the club. Chysler explained that we might meet someone from the swingers club, so if I was propositioned after being introduced not to take it the wrong way, but to offer my services so I got into the 'circle'.

I hoped I might be getting any proposition like that from a girl... I didn't really want to be put in a position where I'd have to drop my trousers in the toilets and get screwed like a bitch! Yes, being asked to show off my cunnilingal skills would be a very nice way indeed to prove my worth to the Southampton Orgy Crowd.

The club was really impressive, a fantastic atmosphere and loads of people dancing really dirty down on the floor. Chrysler took me down to the floor an told me not to stray, he was going to look for anyone familiar. I knocked back a couple of JD's, and emboldened, started dancing with a gothic looking girl who looked up for something. Nice figure with an obvious push up bra, very short black hair and pale skin. Not my usual type, but she looked out of it and up for it.

Anne and I danced pretty close and touchy, and we exchanged tongues as soon as I had the guts to kiss her... I do love holding onto a sweaty back or ribcage while dancing and kissing. It was also the first time I'd ever kissed anyone with a pierced tongue and it was a real and very pleasant surprise, and I couldn't get enough of the foreign body in her mouth. It was great! I was both amazed and startlingly happy when she led me off to a sofa by the side of the dance floor. On the way I made eye contact with Chrysler who was talking to 2 girls and he waved back, smiling knowingly. This was one of those great clubs where the sofas are partially hidden from view... a doorway exposes the middle and you have to peak around a corner to see the edges of the sofa. This allows you to be naughty if you get frisky...

I was amazed when Anne had her hands on my crotch without wasting a single minute, and wrestling with my button fly. She took my hard-on straight into her mouth and I couldn't believe what was happening... fuck... I was getting head in a public place! This was just not the sort of thing that happened to me! I flew onto an emormous sexual high.

Anne took me into her mouth and I flung my head back in pleasure, my sigh was lost in the thrum of the music in the club. I reached over to her thigh and started to stroke her, working my way up to her sex, which I fully expected to be red hot and soaking wet by her manner. The tongue piercing exploring around my cock-head both hurt a little and aroused me no end, amazing what a tiny bar of metal can do... Jeez... a couple of times she tried to push the thing into my hole... God it was exciting... it hurt but it was so damn good. As I made my way to her panties with my wandering hand I was amazed and first shocked cold, and then my face opened into a dirty smile as my fingers discovered about 4" of soft but sweaty cock beneath her white nylon panties.

Anne was a transvestite!!!

I started to play with her cock. 'Her cock'! It was a guy! Fuck... anyway so I started to play with his cock as he moved his attention to my nuts... Christ... I love having my nuts sucked, and I bucked my whole body as the guy took my entire scrote into my mouth and started sucking on me HARD... and once again that little bar in 'her' tongue was working wonders as 'she' flapped her tongue back and forth at high speed, like I would when torturing a clitoris, but 'she' was impacting the base of my scrote with it... and it was agonisingly enjoyable.

I beat my own prick off and within about a minute of my fragile balls being bitten and tongued felt myself cumming... I pulled the dirty sonovagun off my balls and put my cock into his mouth about 2 seconds before I squirted. 'Anne' beat me off into 'her' mouth as I fed 'her' my sauce, and 'she' swallowed the lot. Man, I love cumming in someone's mouth, and the only thing better than cumming in someone's mouth when they don't want it is cumming in their mouth when they do! 'Anne' literally sucked me dry as I gave 'her' 4 or 5 jets of raw sexual passion in liquid form... my God, it felt wonderful. It was even more enjoyable trying to hide what was going on unsuccessfully from people wandering past our semi-hidden sofa, returning knowing looks, nods or salutes of respect, or pouts of jealousy or grouchy looks of disgust.

My body finally relaxed and I lay back and smiled as 'she' sat up and released my drooping, wet and sticky member from 'her' black lips. I never saw the attraction goths had with black face paint, lipstick, fake tattoos etc. But 'her' onyx lips looked pretty cool around my white cock.

Still smiling, I looked at 'Anne' and enjoyed 'her' look of contentment... I picked up an escaped droplet of sperm from 'her' lip with my finger and licked it off. Still smiling, I put my hand back up 'her' skirt and fondled that cock... it was hard now, maybe 7"... real nice. I'd never blown a guy wearing nylon panties before... and there was a little see-thru wet spot on 'her' panties where 'she' was showing her arousal. They were of course being stretched preposterously phallicly with 'her' hard-on. And what a nice one it was, too.

I did myself up and then lowered my head, parting 'her' legs with my hand and released 'her' dick from the panties that were stretching out of shape as 'she' now had a full length erection.

I beat 'her' 7" with a loose grip smiling at 'her' with a devilish grin and no doubt lust in my eyes a couple of times before licking the seeping head and then sucking on it, first through open lips, and then properly with the thing in my mouth. 'She' ran fingers through my hair and gave me better access by moving 'her' hips forward, pushing into my mouth. I bobbed my head up and down and tenderly fondled the hairless scrote. This cock was just about perfect, slightly above average in size, really clean, nice and thick, and tasted nice... not sweaty or fleshy, the sort you can just suck and wank and toy with and pleasure for ages.


'Anne' must've been as horny as I was a few minutes before because 'she' came even more quickly than I did, and it was as my mouth was admiring the shape, size, texture and taste of the head of that lovely 7"; teasing the hole with my tongue and enjoying just sucking on it when without warning it spat all over my tongue and into the back of my throat. I gagged and without thinking swallowed the lovely warm cum, beating the length harder, sucking on it as hard as I could as 'she' spurt again, moving around on 'her' ass uncomfortably as orgasm took over 'her' body and I found my tongue and mouth coated with transvestite spunk. I instantly felt really dirty... I'd just blown a complete stranger and let them ejaculate into my mouth... readily I'd brought it on, let him do it, and then I'd swallowed it like a right little slut!

And I'd liked it! I didn't feel quite entirely right about the smile I couldn't wipe off my face.

I made my excuses and got up and left, heading for the toilets to wash my mouth out, take a piss I was dying for and try not to look myself in the eye in the mirror. A couple of complete strangers slapped my shoulders as I went, apparently we had had an audience of sorts! Oh God, people had seen me sucking cock in public! I hoped that no one I knew went clubbing to these nights in Southampton... even if they too were of the 'anything goes' persuasion it would still be really weird for anyone to know the extent of my sexual deviations! I decided the next person I had a sexual encounter with had better be female to convince myself I was at least semi-normal!!!

Once in the gents I took a piss, gargled some water and washed my hands thoroughly before deciding the next drink would definitely be a neat spirit, whatever was the strongest they had. It was out of the corner of my eye that I saw Chrysler in a cubicle... I pushed open the door and found a dreadlocked blonde girl with an obvious attitude and a couple of piercings (two in one eyebrow, one through her lip, one through her left nipple and I hope nowhere else) on her knees sucking on his big black cock while dutifully pumping up and down its length with a well manicured hand on the end of a tight wrist and muscular arm. I smiled at the thought of one day fucking an aerobics instructor on looking at the shape she was in, washboard stomach and all. I returned his smile and winked, before leaning toward his ear and whispering

"She was a he!"

His eyes opened wide and he laughed out loud.

"You FILTHY slut!!!"

The bitch on her knees punched him in the stomach and took a hold of the edge of the door.

"FUCK OFF!" she said in a serious voice, then slammed the door in my face and presumably carried on enjoying that most enjoyable member.

On the way out I turned down an offer of the best fuck I'd get all week from a drunk guy who was waving his cock about over the pisser and then in my general direction but was obviously finding it hard to stand without swaying. I headed back into the pulsing music and low lighting of the club in the direction of the bar, and wondered if I'd get to fuck that very hard bodied shapely dreadlocked, metal faced bitch. WOW, she certainly did make me horny. Just what I'd need to shelter my ego from the memory of what I'd just done with 'Anne'.

Shoving aside a couple of randoms at the bar I ordered a double JD with no ice, knocked it right back and ordered another... although the taste of 'Anne's' cum went away, it didn't take my dirty little thoughts of the matter with it. I took a seat on a sofa next to a drunk and very pretty Indian girl and asked if I could join her, plonking myself down and putting my drink on the silver-topped table without waiting for her answer.

"Of course you can buy me a drink." she said and knocked back my not inexpensive double Tennessee sour mash in one gulp, belched and put the glass back on the table.

"You cheeky little..." I started and then stopped myself.

She was smiling at me, and I decided I liked her style. She could have knocked back the drink, told me to fuck off and then walked away, but instead she brushed her lips with an elegant hand and then belched again. And smiled at me. She was all woman, not like 'Anne'... I could tell from the body language, the tight top exposing a lot of belly, which was pierced with a small ruby, the nice and natural dark skinned cleavage, the womanly hips and butt. Her trousers were tight and I could tell they were a great pair of thighs. Her big, bright eyes were a deep, dark brown colour that a man could easily drown in.

"Sorry, I'm being an asshole. Duke." I held out my hand

"Yannah. And I prefer vodka / lemonade, thanks." she shook. Her hand was warm.

"OK. I'll be right back."

She was, to my pleasure, waiting when I got back with a triple vodka and lemonade for her and a single JD and coke for me. I didn't want to get smashed quite as quickly now. Hee Hee. After initial pleasantries and bullshit, I found out her girlfriend had gone off with some big lary black guy about 10 minutes ago...

"... probably to blow him in the toilets the dirty slut." she smiled, but I could tell she was upset.

"Blonde dreads, pierced here and there and everywhere, attitude, great bod'?" I asked slyly. She looked at me perplexed. I assumed I had the right bitch! "She looks good on her knees, I'll give you that!" I laughed and started to explain I was with the 'big lary black guy'.

Amazingly, this common ground led the way to a reasonably pleasant conversation, and I found that flirting came naturally, which is unusual for me in nightclubs, and soon I had my arm around her, talking closely to her face, and her hand was very comfortably on my thigh. I think it was a case of 'what could possibly go wrong' considering what I'd already been through that night, and well, I think she wanted some attention. After 20 minutes or so we were kissing, I had a hand softly holding one of her perfectly formed breasts through her tight white top (no bra!), she was shamelessly stroking my thigh higher and higher and I felt really good about myself, not only was she pretty and exotic, conversation had flowed easily and it turned out she was a really nice person... heavens' forbid, I think I 'liked' her.

I knew I was on to something good with Yannah when she said I could have her phone # in the morning... oh YEAH! It would be a shame to have to share her with Chysler, but hey, maybe a threesome would be a good, no-BS way to start a relationship. It was as these thoughts and various scenarios were running through my head when she bit my lobe and whispered in my ear...

"I've never done it in a nightclub. There's Fin with your friend... lets march past them to the mens' room!!!" she smiled a really naughty smile at me. "I can be filthy like her!"
"Cooooooooll." I grinned stupidly. I could shamelessly be used as a tool of her pouting battle...

Chrysler and Fin were looking altogether too pleased with themselves over by the bar. And, just like Yannah said, we marched right past them smiling and looking as horny as I felt and made our way over to the gents, where I hoped I wasn't going to get another offer on my ass, and altogether couldn't believe my luck. Getting my tongue busy was often the most I'd get on a good night out clubbing, but 3 offers of sex already? It was only 1am. Fucking 'A'! I love this city! Screw London.

In the toilets I found a cubicle, hoped 'Anne' didn't notice when we strolled right past 'her' as 'she' was taking a piss and closed the door, locking it. I didn't want someone like me to disturb me like I'd done my black friend earlier. We kissed deeply and passionately as her hands reached down for my crotch and I took her lovely round buttocks in my hands, pushing her against the wall. I started to harden before she managed to undo the top button of my fly and I had to help her get it out, and she played with it tentatively as we kissed. It was her turn to push me back against the wall as she started jerking my length and then broke our kiss and shrank to her knees.

"Oh, God... yesssss..." I muttered with impatience for what had to come next.

"Yum" she looked up and stuck her tongue out at me, then smiled, still pulling on my cock.

Yannah made a little noise of pleasure as she took me into her mouth and I laced my fingers through her luxuriously long blue-black hair. It occurred to me before that I'd only got as far as the tongue with my only other encounter with an Indian girl. I sighed as her lovely hot mouth engulfed my end and she sucked on my end tenderly and expertly... mmmm... oh wow, it felt fine.

"Oh yeeeaaaahhhh..." I sighed. hoping that someone outside the cubicle would hear. "Oh, God, yea, do it... do it... ah FUCK... you're SO good... do it... ah, fuck YES... suck me..."

The girl knew what she was doing, but didn't make me cum. Instead she stood up and kissed me hard after about 5 minutes of sucking and licking and biting my head and shaft and said...

"Fuck me."

And released the drawstring of her black cotton trousers. I was right, they were magnificent thighs, and she was wearing a white lacy G-String, which looked lovely against her dark asian skin. I picked her up, kicked down the toilet lid and stood her on top of the of it,and dropped slowly to my knees myself, and pulled her skimpy knickers to one side, and inserted my tongue, which hadn't tasted pussy in a good 3 or 4 weeks, and I drank deeply of her musky ambrosial tunnel.

"Oh, GOD, YEEEEAAAAHHH..." she moaned as my experienced tongue explored her clitoral area.

She was soaking wet and dripping into my mouth as I pleasured her, and knew I was really giving her enjoyment as she got noticeably hotter and wetter. A pushed a finger into her dark bottom, which was a little sweaty and gave easily... this made her jilt a little, and she shivered... maybe she didn't take it up the arse ('yet'... Hee Hee), but didn't complain as I slowly pushed in to the 1st knuckle and kept up the attack on her snatch with my tongue. She tasted absolutely heavenly, and to my extreme pleasure had shaved down to a very neat and short 'V', making the oral experience most enjoyable on my part. I licked and kissed the top of her inner thighs, teased her tiny vulva, and fucked her with my tongue... on occasion taking her clit in my teeth and sucking on its sweetness.

Yannah did one of my favourite things as I brought her to orgasm suckling on her tiny pink clitty and frigging her sphincter slowly with a gentle finger, she swelled and sprayed. WOW! I was coated in the juices of her climax, and my tongue and lips were soaked in 'eau de pussee'.

Very few women physically ejaculate when they cum... and when you find one, don't let her go!!! I lapped up the foamy white excitement and then stood to face her chest before pulling her head down to meet me mouth to mouth and I thrust my tongue into her mouth and let her taste herself.

"You're fucking brilliant, baby" she whispered between breathless gasps.

"MmmmMmmMppPpppHHHhhHlllmmMMmmmpph" my answer was lost as she kissed me again.

She held on to the back of my neck and swung her legs around my body and whispered.

"Fuck me."

"Oh yea..." I answered in an equally low voice maneuvering her body and leaning her back to the wall.

"Fuck me now... hard..." (wow, women don't usually beg for it, when they do isn't it great?)

I effortlessly entered her soaking wet love, making her gasp and squeal, and I suppressed a cry when she almost drew blood in my neck with her fingernails. I held her bottom and started to push in and out of her as she started to sigh and moan and tell me

"Oh yes... fuck... ah yes... fuck... Duke... ahhhhh Gooooooodddd"

"Oh man, you are so hot baby... God Yannah you're so fucking good... yes... yes..."

I nearly said 'I love you' as can sometimes happen but I held it back as we both continued with our umms and aaaaahhhhs and sighs and complements for the other. What was really turning me on more than anything was Yannah contracting her pussy as I pushed in, making it slightly harder and rougher for me to penetrate deep... but penetrate deep I did, and the feelings her beautiful wet hole was torturing my hard cock with were incredible. This was a woman alright, 1 in a million. I felt her achieve orgasm again as she bit her bottom lip in a bid not to scream and her warm juices lubricated my cock to an incredibly slippery level and started to drip down my inner thighs, my God, what a turn on she was!

My hands stayed tight on her beautiful brown buttocks as I pushed in and out of her harder and faster... anyone else in the toilets would definitely hear what was going on in here as she wailed and squealed and I grunted and sighed as I pushed ever in and out of her perfect pussy. She pulled herself off the wall toward me so I was holding all her weight, her arms wrapped tightly around my neck and my hands gripping her warm and sweaty butt as she kissed me deep, hard and long.

As she came a third time, I too passed the point of no return, and her frothing juices became mixed with my tidal wave orgasm as I shot my bolt deep inside her with a yell. My eyes opened wide with the sensation as my cream flew against gravity and deep into my beautiful Indian lover.

I pushed my tongue deep into her mouth, kissing her hungrily, clawing her round buttocks, holding her tight with every mm of my rod in as deep as I could get it, pulling her body into mine as we melded into one incredible moment of paradise; filling her with jet after jet of white-hot semen. I didn't want to let her go and have the moment escape, I was in heaven and my cock was electrified with pleasure even as it seemed my nuts emptied of every last drop of spunk.

I bit her lower lip and screwed my eyes up tight as I shot one final white blast deep into her dusky heat, my cock almost hurting with the effort; then my knees started to weaken as the incredible minute-long orgasmic glow started to fade and I at last broke the kiss and Yannah dropped her legs to the floor, dismounted my cock, and shrank away from my embrace, shaking and sweating.

"Oh my God." was all she said in a hoarse whisper.

"God you were absolutely fantastic, love." I managed back, barely more than a gasp.

"That was... absolutely..." but she trailed off.

"You were fucking incredible, Yannah."

Her thighs were absolutely coated in a gorgeous creamy mix of my seed dripping with her own thick and slippery love, and my own prick, softening now, too was sticky and coated in the beautiful liason of our sex. I dropped down and licked her thighs clean, mmmmm... God it was the most luscious taste... and then didn't need to offer for her to take her turn cleaning my dripping thighs, balls and shaft. We used paper to dry off and pulled our trousers back on again, very glad the management had installed hooks inside the doors so they remained crease-free enough to look acceptable. Her mascara had run all over her face and we were both covered in her deep red lipstick, so we wouldn't be skulking out of the booth quickly.

We opened the door to cheers from about 7 guys and 2 girls, and claps on the back and ass and offers to shake hands continued as we washed our faces and laughed along with the audience who had stopped to listen. I was relieved to see that 'Anne' wasn't among them, that would be one less thing to explain later if we got to talking seriously. Yannah and I went back into the club to find it was end of the night music playing already... 'New York, New York' and so on. I quickly spotted Chrysler who had his arm around Fin and was talking to another guy.

Chrysler and I smiled broadly at each other and shook hands, and Yannah planted a huge open mouthed kiss on Fin, to yells and whoops from us 3 guys. I was introduced to the other guy, his name was Zar, a tall, blonde and handsome Croat. Chrysler pulled me towards him and said this was the guy who would get me into the swingers' club if I played my cards right (What, letting him fuck me?), and I shook hands with him. He asked me to buy him a drink and join him at a table while the other 3 collected all are coats in the queue that was bound to take 20 minutes.

"So I heard you had a good night tonight!" Zar smiled. "Pretty varied stuff." He'd obviously heard the whole story (although how accurate I might never find out) about my encounter with 'Anne'

"Yeah!" I laughed, and smiled up at him sheepishly. "Finding that 'she' was a 'he' was a real shock, but I was so turned on I didn't care. Besides, I'm bi'... it was a surprise, but I like cock anyway. And when I met Yannah later, whoah, she's just the best."

"Oh, she's pretty alright. A 'go-er' too I bet! But it didn't bother you getting it on with 'Anne'?"

"Well he was 'sort of' a girl..." and I laughed again. "But no, not really. Besides, 'she' had a nice cock."

"Chrysler told me you're quite an experienced bi'... tell me about it."

I told him the whole story about how with my high sex drive, I get doubly sexually frustrated when I'm not in a relationship and out of options with crap nightclubs where its hard to pick up if you aren't in the 'in crowd' and that I turn to porn. This in turn led me to get bored with even the most hardcore stuff and I wanted to see different types of sex and group sex... like for example why in porn that you can take for granted girls always get it on together... but guys never do. I wondered why, (we all have gay fantasies in dreams at least once) then I on a whim, to see what that side of things might be like, I saw a gay video and found that it really turned me on for reasons unknown.

He wasn't surprised and in fact thoroughly approved that I found myself feeling more comfortable with transexual pornos ('and transvestites, too' he added! - cheeky bastard).

He was very interested in and demanded all the filthy details of how after experimenting and about how curiosity had got the better of me and I found my favourite porn for a quick climax was bisexual group stuff, where the guys get it on with each other as well as the girls, who as usual perform the more outrageous lesbian possibilities with toys and devices (sometimes on the guys too). He was very pleased to hear when I told him about how I took my newfound cock-fixation to the next level and experimented by orally pleasuring other men on my knees through the 'glory holes' I found a porno store had in the walls between the wank-booths. After a few minutes (I'd told the story many times now) I pretended I didn't notice his hand on my thigh I told him about how I met Chrysler, and again that I felt that being anally entertained was something I had to try and took the plunge after discovering how satisfying sex could become with an anal angle thanks to the fingers of a particularly naughty couple of ex-girlfriends and my eventual experimentation with toys myself.

"I think you'd fit in to our little 'circle'. I'd like you to come with Chrysler and 'Anne' tomorrow. Our boys and girls would definitely get on with you, and you should get to experiment with your group fantasies as well as exploring new oral and anal heights. You'll learn to do things you never thought were possible with vagina, prick, or ass. Plus, we have some amazing toys I'm sure you'd benefit from playing with. We have a lot of experience among us, and we want to share our pleasures with others like yourself."

"'Anne's' one of your group?"

"Yeap. Girls, boys, girls who want to be boys and boys who want to be girls. Anyone who's clean and open minded, including you too if you get on OK. There's just one problem."

I looked at the handsome Croatian perplexed and he smiled at me and put my hand on his crotch.

"I got here half an hour ago and haven't had any..."

"... so you want a blow job." I amazed myself finishing for him. This seemed crazy. But we had 10 minutes at least until the others got to the front of the coat queue. I looked around and anyone who was still around was either drunk-cum-unconscious or heading out. Zar moved into the partially obscured corner of the sofa, and I thought, 'here we go again'... I wanted in the club, and what the fuck, I'd be with Yannah again soon, maybe Fin too. And since Chrysler's black prick would come into the equation for sure anyway. (Besides, Whats one more mouthful of spunk at this stage?)

I undid his zipper fly and retrieved about 3" of soft, thick meat, looked up at the guy, and then took it into my mouth, using thumb and forefinger slowly up and down the shaft as blood flowed into it. Here I was, just met and fucked the most amazing woman, who was not 100 feet away and taking a complete strangers' cock into my mouth... in public. What would Yannah do if she saw? Soon I had less time for the worry as Zar started to moan and I felt one of my favourite things of all time, a soft cock slowly hardening and growing in my mouth. One moment I had the full flaccid length in my mouth and my nose in his golden blonde pubes; the next his end was pushing against my throat, the shaft seemingly escaping my lips an inch at a time. The thing grew to just under 7", about the same size as mine, maybe a little shorter but a little thicker. It was, like 'Anne's', a very nice specimen, clean and trim, but Zar was circumsized, not something I have experienced more than once or twice.

Pursing my lips, I ate at him hungrily, working my mouth down on the shaft, grinding, giving teeth to the head as I sucked on it hard, lapping the sweet precum with my tongue. I could feel him ruffling his hands in my hair and letting slip the odd 'Ah yeah' and some equivalent that I couldn't understand, presumably in Croatian. I released his prick and licked up and down the shaft, kissing and prodding his sac with my tongue while I beat him off, harder and faster... I wanted him to finish quickly and be satisfied so I could get away and back with Yannah before Chrysler talked her into coming with him and Fin and that we'd 'meet them later'... oh no... if he was going to fuck her I'd make sure I fuck him or Fin first! I thought of Fin's hard fitness instructor body and wondered what other piercings she had as I took Zar's head into my mouth again and used every trick I'd learned with my tongue and mouth on and around his head and hole as I fondled his nutsac and beat him off. I thought of Yannah's gorgeous dark pussy and how I had to have her again.

Zar grabbed the sides of my head and held me down as he bucked his hips and exploded into my mouth. I shut my eyes tight and saw little spots of light as I got dizzy with the sudden sweet burst of expected fluid blowing my taste buds away. My own tired cock started to stiffen in my pants as I swallowed his thick creamy spunk even as he threatened to overflow my mouth with a second, larger stream. This time I could hear him yell incomprehensibly before he collapsed back onto the sofa as I coaxed a third and final splash of cum onto my tongue before backing off, wiping my mouth with my hand and sitting up. He was smiling. Good to know I'd done a good job!

As I turned around and prepared to get up and leave, ready to offer him my hand, I saw in horror that Chysler, Yannah, Fin and 'Anne' were there! My God, how much had they seen? I couldn't make eye contact with Yannah as Chrysler started to clap and Zar put his arm around me in a masculine, brotherly gesture. Oh my God, it had all gone horribly wrong. Fine way to treat a girl you've just had a hyper-intimate encounter with, let her see you sucking a guy's cock and doing a good job of it before bringing him off and graciously eating his sperm! And what the fuck was that transvestite doing with them anyway?!?


Seriously... FUCK.

I had a look on my face that made it look like I was about to blabber something incomprehensible to try to explain away the situation, but Fin just burst out laughing at me (bitch) and 'Anne' was partially buckled and suppressed a giggle.

"You ARE good at that, handsome!" 'she' smirked.

"Oh, fuck, that was good, Duke" the Croat said, clapping me hard on the back.

"Yannah... I..."

Yannah came forward and I prepared for a slap at the least, more likely a punch in the face or a really hard stilettoed heel in the nuts. God knows I deserved it. Cocksucker. Instead, she took my face in her soft warm hands and kissed me full on the mouth, her lips pressing hard against mine. The surprise at that reaction from her more than anything left me frozen and I didn't respond.

"I... errrrr..."

"Ssshh. Chrysler told me. I can't believe you did that for me. You're... lovely." she said uncertainly.

(I'd done her a favour?!? WHAT favour!?! She'd just caught be blowing a guy!... confused...)

"Eh, well, you know." I pretended that I wasn't completely ignorant to whatever she was talking about.

We kissed again and eventually headed out of the club. Zar and Chysler hugged good night, and the handsome Croat slapped me on the ass and went off in the other direction. I don't know who invited 'Anne' but 'she' trailed the 4 of us, Chrysler and Fin strutting confidently and Yannah and I walking hand in hand toward the taxi rank. Yannah explained how she was so grateful I'd blown Zar 'for her'... apparently lesbian couples had to bring a swinging male into the group with them to keep numbers right, and Chrysler had told me I had to suck Zar's cock for her and Fin to get in.

Whether it was the truth or a tall story Chysler had told for my benefit, or just to get his buddy a blow job I didn't think I'd find out. I didn't even know the two girls were trying to get into the group! However, knowing more people there would certainly make entering the fray all the more enjoyable.

Besides I was pretty crazy about Yannah and knowing she was as interested as me to expand her sexuality was great. I'd also get much more of an opportunity to screw the hard-bodied Fin, she definitely struck me as the 'great shag' type, not to mention seeing more of Zar, who I smiled to myself might be very nice to have pumping away hard into me from behind while I buried my face in some sweet tasting pussy.

Yannah and I kissed all the way back in the taxi while Chrysler bullshitted with the taxi driver and Fin and 'Anne' compared bodily piercings. We stopped for a pizza for an hour or so, and eventually made it back to Chysler's flat and tumbled over each other to get to the toilet before going into the bedroom.

What would Rena the unsuspecting Swiss girlfriend do if she came back to find Chrysler in bed with 2 girls, a guy, and a transvestite?

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