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Group masturbation in college final graduation day
"So go on Andy, what's your type?"

I wasn't sure why Mike, my boss at the company I'd been working at for a year or so, was quizzing me on my love life. I assumed it was just workplace banter, but he was becoming quite insistent. I blushed brightly, always having been the shy boy, never the type to have much in the way of success with girls apart from a couple of medium-term relationships in the past.

"Well, I..." I was unsure what to say.

"Go on, it's just between you and me, what's your ultimate fantasy?"

Was he coming on to me or something? Since it was the slowest of slow Friday afternoons, I thought I'd go along with him.

"Just between you and me?"


"Well, OK then. I tend to fantasise about younger girls." I stopped myself. "NOT anything illegal, just teenagers, eighteen or so. Sometimes when I finish early on a Friday, my commute takes me past the girls' private school. When I look at them in their pretty little skirts and socks, I just have to go home and... and get off." I blushed.

"Wow, you dirty boy!" Mike exclaimed. That was the last I heard of it, at least until my birthday...


"The Grand Hotel? This is a bit of a staid place for a birthday party, isn't it?"

Mike was leading me up the stairs, to the suites of the opulent hotel on the edge of town. I suspected something was up when he said where we were having the party - the place was never known for its lively atmosphere. I was led into one of the rooms, and asked to sit in a large, plush, leather armchair at one end. Already seated in the room were two of my best friends: Richard, my thirty year old colleague in my department at work, and Ryan, twenty-one and still at college, my former room-mate.

"Happy birthday, mate!" said Ryan. "You'll enjoy this, I'm sure..."

Then she stepped out of the bathroom. My eyes widened as a vision of young, teenage beauty stood before me. Her blonde hair was pulled up in two loose pigtails, a pretty pink streak in each. Her makeup was cute and sparkly - shimmering baby pink eyeshadow gave way to a dark brown eyeliner and long, pretty black false lashes. Her cheeks were covered in a thin foundation and a subtle blush, and the whole ensemble was finished with a thick, shiny coating of sparkling, glittering baby-pink lipgloss.

She wore the prettiest, naughtiest school styled clothes. A tight, too-small white blouse covered her chest, where it was quite obvious there was no bra. Her pretty, baby-pink plaid skirt was barely long enough to cover her small, pert, perky bum. White knee-high socks, each with a cute pink bow at the top, covered her legs. And finishing off the whole outfit were two large, pretty, pink, star-shaped plastic ear-rings dangling down her cheeks.

Stepping over to me with a cute, shy giggle, she simpered "My name's Summer, I'm eighteen years old and I'm your surprise present. Happy birthday, mister Andy."

Then, the pretty girl straddled my knee, pushed out her chest in that adorable schoolgirl blouse, and started to lapdance on my already hardening cock, grinding her perky little bum against me, whispering to me in her cute young voice as I let out little gasps. "Do you like that, mister? I don't know if I should be doing this... I'm only eighteen... ohh, you're so hard under me, Andy!"

Just as I felt like I was about to burst, Mike stood up. "I'm glad you two have got acquainted - now it's time for the main event, I think! Summer, it's time for you to kneel down." The teenager knelt, obediently, beckoning for me to get up from my chair and walk over to her. Within moments, she had my hard, throbbing, bursting cock in her hands, her pretty false rainbow-coloured nails juxtaposed with my angry, deep-coloured flesh.

"Do you like your present, mister birthday boy?" she simpered up at me in her wonderful sing-song voice. Her hands started to stroke up and down the shaft of my dick as she fluttered her long black mascara-caked lashes up at me. After the building up, the lap dance, the teasing, I knew I wouldn't be able to last long. She leaned in, and gave the length of my dick an adorable, playful pecking kiss, before taking it into her young mouth with a giggle.

The young girl suckled on the head of my dick, those long, mascara-caked lashes fluttering up at me as she giggled, her glossy lips wrapped around my cock, the strawberry-scented sparkles rubbing off on the throbbing, oozing shaft as she bobbed her head up and down. I watched hungrily, intently, gasping as her pigtails bounced, tickling my thighs as they did. Then, just as I thought I was about to burst forth, she withdrew me from her mouth, and just smiled up at me, batting those lashes. "You know what you want to do, mister Andy!" she giggled. With a lustful moan, I took my pulsating cock in my hand and started to rub the skin up and down.

Summer knelt before me in the centre of the hotel room, her big blue makeup-caked eyes looking up at me, her schoolgirl outfit pristine and adorable. I couldn't quite believe I was doing this, grasping my rock hard dick in my hand in front of a teenage fantasy personified, two work colleagues and my best friend from college. From somewhere in the distance, through my cloud of lust, I could hear them imploring me to let myself go all over her.

"Go on, do your worst to her!" shouted my boss, Mike.

"Paint her fucking face, she deserves it, the slut!" I heard Richard call out.

"Look at the bitch, she's gagging for it!" Was that really Ryan, my shy, geeky best friend?

Large droplets of pre-cum started to ooze from the head of my dick, glistening and dripping on the floor in front of me. One glob actually throbbed out, leaving a slimy slug trail-like mark in Summer's blonde hair. I heard someone whoop as it hit her. Primal lust was taking over from my natural shyness now; I didn't care whether this little schoolgirl slut liked it or not, I had to get off and I had to mess her up. She knew what she had coming to her, but still she gazed up into my eyes, fluttering her long, glittery lashes, egging me on as I pumped my hand back and forth along my thick, angry cock.

"Please mister Andy, I've been a very bad girl. Are you going to show me what happens to naughty young girls who tease birthday boys with big dicks?" she giggled, in her adorably put-on little girl voice.

I couldn't take much more as my balls were in danger of boiling over and I played up to her character. "Yes sweetie, this is what you get for being such a silly little prick-tease. I'm going to empty these balls all over you and you're going to thank me, little miss Summer."

"No mister, please don't do that to me! Please? Pretty, pretty please?" She knew exactly what to say to make my orgasm harder and messier than ever before. "I took so long on my makeup, and my hair, and this uniform is my only one!" She looked up at me with big, wide, pleading eyes and I knew this was the point of no return.

Suddenly, letting out a long, low groan and an uncharacteristically nasty "Fuck you," I let myself go. Summer flinched and let out a cute, sharp little squeal as the first blast of hot, sticky sperm splattered against her left cheek, coating her glittery makeup. I could hear my friends cheering as it happened, whooping and shouting "Nice one!". The second burst out across those sweetly glossed lips, a little finding its way between them into her slightly open mouth.

It kept coming, the sight of her sweet young face being defiled so nastily making me keep emptying my fat, bulging balls. I watched her blush in shame and embarrassment as I cruelly aimed my spurting dick up into her hair, streaking her soft blonde locks with messy male pleasure. The final two or three blasts, I let burst out against her pretty, tight white schoolgirl blouse, making it see-through against her tits. She looked up at me, those adorable eyes now framed with a mixture of glittery makeup and my own sticky orgasm, and giggled "Thank you, mister birthday boy!"

As I slowly rejoined the real world, I became aware that my friends had disrobed and were as hard as steel, wanking their dicks as they stepped towards poor Summer. "You might as well get that top off," grunted Mike lustfully, "we can fucking see through it anyway." Richard, taking the cue from our boss, smiled cruelly and tore it off, throwing the sticky garment on the floor in front of Summer and revealing her sweet breasts as she yelped and blushed.

They encircled her like a pack of wild animals capturing their prey, her sticky, dripping face looking up at three dicks throbbing over her. "Man, you really fucked her up Andy," groaned Ryan as he jerked his cock over Summer's upturned face. "Yeah, how long were you building THAT fucking load up, you dirty boy?" asked Mike. "Come closer, you wanna see her get what's coming to her?"

I could tell the young, virile Ryan wasn't going to last much longer. His breath was short, his long, thick cock was throbbing in his hand and his balls looked almost blue, like they were full to bursting. I'd never paid much attention to other men's dicks before and I found the sight of them all, highly aroused, jerking off over this girl, strangely appealing.

As she was looking up at Mike, teasing his dick with her pretty hand, Ryan came, suddenly and unexpectedly with a shout of "get in!". The poor, unsuspecting Summer squealed and jumped back as Ryan's first blast of steaming hot young cum burst against her messy cheek with an audible splat, streaking up across her ear and coating her pretty pink plastic ear-ring. Almost instinctively, she quickly turned to look towards the force of the blow and was rewarded with a sticky volley of his thick, fertile goo directly between her eyes, dripping down her nose and lips. The three men laughed cruelly at her predicament as another shot messily onto her hair, then her chin, painting her white. "Surprise!" mocked Richard, still furiously stroking his thick cock over her even as Ryan splattered her. "Fuck, you're dumb. No wonder you have to do this."

As Ryan's final two blasts splattered down against Summer's young tits, Ryan stepped back to admire his handiwork, his thick, sticky goo mingling with mine and dripping down her pretty face. He picked up his camera-phone and started to snap away at the damage we'd both wreaked on the poor thing as she blushed and fluttered her cum-caked lashes, the thick mascara starting to run down her cheeks mixed with the semen.

Recovering from the shock of the unexpected blasts, our whore started to play up to the act. Holding both Mike's and Richard's cocks in her pretty young hands, she started to speak: "Oh, please.. I hope there's no more cum for me.. I'm so messy already! Look at me, I'm all sticky and gooey!"

"Oh, shut the fuck up," growled Richard, obviously close to his own orgasm, the third of the evening, as he shoved his dick right between Summer's pretty lips. "We're both going to get you, whether you like it or not." The poor girl bobbed her dripping face up and down on the throbbing cock, her pretty pigtails bouncing up and down, the soft blonde locks caked in the drying cum of two men.

Laughing, Mike decided to help out his friend, taking Summer's two sweet pigtails, each with a pretty pink streak, in his hands, grimacing slightly at the feel of the oozing cum. He pulled at them, forcing the young prostitute harder onto Richard's pulsing dick. This sent Richard right over the edge, and with a hard, loud grunt, his balls began to empty, deep into Summer's throat. The girl flinched at the strong, pungent, salty taste of the jizz, and gagged softly, much to the amusement of the men in the room. As he finished, he pulled out, shaking out the last wads of cum, adding it to the caked-up mix on her plastered face.

Summer cutely planted a sweet little kiss on the oozing tip of Richard's deflating dick, and turned her attention to Mike, who had been watching the scene, stroking himself closer and closer to orgasm. His balls bulged and wobbled, as if full of fluid and about to boil over. Looking directly up into his eyes, Summer smiled, batting her cum-caked lashes. "You poor thing," she giggled through the slimy film coating her young face, "you're the only one who hasn't done it to me yet!" Cupping his balls in her pretty hand, she giggled again. "And it looks like you need to!"

With that, she took the situation into her own hands. With her left, she cupped and kneaded at those boiling-over balls, and with her right, she stroked, coaxing the rich, powerful older man to orgasm, her hands rubbing and pulling and twisting at the meaty shaft. Mike growled and grunted, a primal lust overtaking him as he looked down at the giggling young cum target on her knees.

I stepped forward, stroking my own dick back to full hardness, and smiled down at the young whore. "Ooh, hello, birthday boy!" she giggled up at me, still coaxing Mike towards orgasm.

"Before you let him cum, I want you to do something for me, Summer." I was overcome with lust, now stroking myself over her pretty face while she rubbed Mike. "I want you to tell us all some things about yourself that'll turn us on again."

The blonde pigtailed girl smiled, blushing brightly. "Umm..." she hesitated. "Okay! My name's Summer Adams!" Her voice was bright, and sing-song, the affectations of a little girl sending Mike and I closer to the edge. "I'm eighteen years old, and I go to Western High School! I love shopping and movies and going out with my friends! And I'm covered in the gooey, messy cum of mister birthday boy and his frien-"

Suddenly, she was silenced. Grunting in unison, Mike's cock in Summer's little hand, my cock in my own hand, we started to erupt simultaneously. Mike's blast was the first to hit the poor, stunned girl, spewing out, coating her right cheek in fresh, steaming ball-batter. I was next, giving her left cheek the same treatment, my second orgasm of the night as thick and creamy as my first. Poor Summer squealed out in shock at the force of the twin blows, her eyes wide and frightened, like a deer trapped in headlights, her poor face given nowhere to escape the spewing, spurting, degrading cocks.

"Get her fucking hair!" Ryan shouted across at us, stroking his own hardening cock as he watched yet more baby-sauce rain down on young Summer. Laughing at his nasty suggestion, I aimed directly above her horrified face, straight into her soft, baby-blonde hair, its pink streaks glimmering under the sharp lights of the hotel suite. She looked so disgusted as I unloaded another few thick wads of sticky mess right into her hair, matting it, coating it in glistening semen. Meanwhile, Mike was gasping and grunting as his heavy load unleashed itself over her nose, in her pretty eyes, her glossed lips coated in thick, heavy spunk.

"Fucking hell, you two got her good!" I heard Richard and Ryan cheer in unison. Summer was a picture as we stepped away from her. Her sweet hair was matted with cum, her adorable blonde bangs stuck fast to her forehead with a concoction of thick, gloopy semen. Her thick eye makeup ran down her cheeks with the spunk, and her false lashes were starting to come away from her eyelids. Ruined and degraded by the combined cum of four men, she opened her mouth to speak, jizz stringing between her lips as she did so.

She looked directly into my eyes, blinking through her eyefuls of spunk, smiling her sweetest smile, and putting on her girliest high-pitched voice. "Pwetty pwease, mister birthday boy, pwease may I go shower? You messed me up with your icky, ewwie gooey stuff! Look what you did! If you let me go shower, I'll let you do stuff to me afterwards..."

As we all felt our cocks rise at her little cum-covered show, we ushered her off to the shower, to change, and re-do her makeup. That night, each of us took her twice, her tight cunt milking load after load out of us... but that's a story for another time.

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