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This surprised me, because we weren't swingers.
My birthday was today. So my wife, Alison, kept bugging me.

"What do you want this year, you know, in the bedroom?"

You see every year, since we got married, I get a special treat from her. In addition to the regular stuff, I can request something a little kinky.

So this year, I decided I'd finally ask her for something I've wanted for a long time.

I told her that I wanted to eat her creampie.

"I'm making you a cake. Don't you want something special from me in the bedroom, too?"

I told her it was something special. Now she looked confused.

I always have wanted to go down on her after we had made love. But every time I tried, I lost my will after cumming.

She said, "Okay, stud. I'm curious now. What exactly is a creampie and what do I have to do? This sounds interesting."

I explained to her that it's called a creampie when I shoot my cum inside of her. "You know, my cream in your pie."

"What's so special about that?"

But then, I want to eat your creampie. I waited for her reaction.

"Why would you want to eat me then? I'll be all messy."

I replied, "It sounds delicious."

She looked dumbfounded. "How would you know? Have you ever tasted cum before?"

I replied that I hadn't, but always wanted too.

She said, "Why would you want too? It's hot, thick, and salty and it smells like bleach. I swallow yours but would still prefer a nice glass of wine instead."

"It's my birthday wish," I replied.

"If you're sure, then it's fine with me. I love oral and it might be good for you to see what us girls have been swallowing. You sure are an interesting man."

She walked over to me. As she crossed the room, she dropped her top and bra. Her breasts swung free. Her flat stomach and tits had me ready to go.

I kissed her and grabbed her tits. While I felt up her body she worked on her jeans and panties.

She broke the kiss and slid to her knees in front of me. My cock was already throbbing. She pulled down my pants and briefs and engulfed my manhood.

Her mouth was so wet and hot. Her tongue felt like velvet. She would suck me deep and then began massaging my balls.

I was in ecstasy. It had been a long week and I knew I would never last if she kept this up. I pulled my cock reluctantly from her mouth.

She looked up at me and said, "Please, let me taste you before I let you taste yourself. Fuck my mouth."

She was definitely getting used to the idea of a creampie now.

She slid her lips back over my cock again. I was as hard as steel. She grabbed the back of my legs and pulled me deep into her mouth.

I began a nice, slow pace. I was thrusting but she controlled the depth with her hands. I reached down and grabbed her head with both hands.

It felt so good to fuck her mouth this way. I began to thrust fast and hard. She took it all, too.

Soon she felt my orgasm building again. I felt myself giving her tiny spurts of my cum into her mouth.

My balls began to tighten and my cock was on fire. I knew I would blast in her mouth any second. I told her I was gonna cum.

I felt my sperm build up in my cock. It was like a dam was about to burst and then she pulled her mouth free. I was desperate.

I pleaded, "No, what are you doing?"

"Did you change your mind? You told me you wanted a creampie." She was obviously enjoying this.

But she was right, I did want a creampie.

She continued her torment, as my hard cock bobbed in the air.

"I was making sure that your balls were nice and full for you. Now there's plenty of cream for your pie."

I helped her up and she grabbed my leaking cock and stroked it. As she leaned forward to kiss me I smelled a bleachy smell on her breath.

When she kissed me, I tasted a little semen on her tongue. It wasn't so bad.

I needed to do something to let my cock recover, so I pulled back from the kiss and grabbed her tits and began kissing her neck.

She let go of my cock and pushed her fingers into my mouth. I thought that was pretty kinky.

They tasted salty. I realized that they were covered with pre-cum from my leaky cock. I sucked it off them with enthusiasm.

"Wow! That was so hot. You really look like you liked that taste?"

"I did", I replied.

"You know, you swallowed that down better than most chicks I know."

The chick reference was a good shot, but who cared. I had her all hot and ready now.

"Come over here and fuck me. Maybe I'll let you suck me out for your present."

She got on the bed. As soon as I got on the bed with her, I moved between her legs.

"Fuck me birthday boy."

Who could resist? So I sunk my cock deep into her warm wet pussy.

"That feels so good, now fuck me hard!"

I began fucking her as hard as I could and as long as I could.

Soon, we were both covered in sweat. Her pussy was dripping with juice.

She said, "I can't wait for you to eat your cum. It sounds so kinky."

I felt my balls beginning to tingle when she said that. I tried to slow down but there would be no denying me this time.

I told her that I was about to cum.

"Go ahead and fill me up. Let's make that creampie!"

Upon hearing that, I came with at least six long blasts of semen. My balls emptied deep inside her. I poured my seed into her until I was dry.

I was completely exhausted. I lied still on top of her, enjoying the moment.

"You're too heavy for me; roll over," she said.

I rolled on my back and she smiled. "Are you ready for your creampie?"

I told her to give me a few minutes. I was beginning to change my mind.

"But your creampie will get cold?"

I told her to let me rest for a second and I'd be ready. I really wasn't sure if I could still do it.

She sat up and very quickly and began to straddle my face. So I had to act fast. You should have seen her pussy.

She had sweat running down the inside of her thighs and my semen was beginning to drip out of her.

"Hey birthday boy, it's time for that creampie I promised you."

I said, "Wait, I'm not sure...mmmff..."

She lowered her dripping snatch on my mouth in mid sentence.

"They say that semen is nutritious. It's full of vitamins and minerals."

I tried to turn away.

"No you don't," she was laughing.

She clamped my head between her two beautiful thighs and grabbed my head by the hair. Her gooey pussy was attached to my mouth.

"Careful what you wish for, you never know when it will come true!"

I reached out with my tongue and was immediately greeted with the taste of my own semen.

"That's it, now eat me and all of that cum, too. This is so nasty. I want you to suck every drop out of me."

I continued to suck her and noticed that my semen tasted pretty good. I was wondering what chicks complained about.

"I've never in my life, had a guy eat me after he came in me; let alone want to!!"

She was having fun with this and so was I. MY fantasy was finally being fulfilled.

I decided to suck her pussy hole as hard as I could, so I could taste a little more.

She snapped her head up quickly and said, "You shouldn't have done that!"

That's when a thick flow of semen began spilling out of her. It was really hot and thick. I waited for it to stop, but it didn't.

Soon my mouth was completely full. I looked up and saw that Alison was watching me.

"Now swallow it bitch! You asked for it."

So I did. It was tasty, but also as thick as glue.

"Well? How did you like your dessert? Isn't it sweet?"

I couldn't answer her so I went, "mmmm".

"No way. You know, most of my girlfriends absolutely hate the taste of semen. They would have gagged. But my man loves it.

Hey, maybe you'd like to try someone else's to compare?" She grinned at me.

I always wondered if semen all tasted the same, but I wasn't about to find out.

"Now keep sucking my pussy. You are driving me crazy; it feels like you are sucking my insides out."

More cum drained out of her hole.

I swiped her clit with my tongue and I knew she was getting ready to cum.

"Oh, suck it, suck my pussy. Oooh yeah, suck it. I'm almost there. Suck me! Make me cum!"

She was humping my face now. As I looked up from beneath her crotch, I was able to see her beginning to cum.

Her mouth open and her head was thrown back. Then she arched her back and I knew she was cumming.

"Ohhh, that's it, suck me!!!"

Her pussy clenched my tongue. As she rode my mouth, her pussy began to explode with cum. When she was satisfied, she fell beside me in orgasmic bliss.

Eventually she spoke. "I have a question for you."

I told her to, "Ask away". I was still trying to catch my breath.

"What was this all about tonight? I loved it, but why did you?"

"It's something I always wanted to try but was afraid to ask for. I thought you might think I was weird because I wanted to swallow cum," I told her.

She smiled and said, "You are weird. Knowing you were swallowing your own sticky cum was exciting. What did you think about the taste?"

I said, "It was better than what I expected."

Then I had a question of my own.

"Does all cum tastes like mine?"

She said, "No, it all tastes different."

Suddenly she grew a mischievous grin on her face.

"I have an idea, so just hear me out."

I was interested.

"I talked to Jodi the other day. She said that Mike and her haven't had sex together in months because of her pregnancy.

She said that even blowing him was really difficult now. So she even had to stop doing that, almost two months ago."

Jodi was Alison's sister and Mike was my brother-in -law. I always had the "hots" for Jodi and both girls knew it. She was still beautiful, but was well advanced in her pregnancy now and quite large.

"Well, Jodi said to me that Mike is desperate and has even promised to take her on a cruise before the baby came, if she would only swallow his cum one time. The problem is, she says, that she never has swallowed and never will. She thinks it's gross."

I wondered why some women find it gross and also what this had to do with us.

"So, Jodi asked me for a special favor. But only on the condition that you said that it was okay."

"Well? What is it?" I asked.

"She wants me to suck him off and swallow his cum, instead of her. This way, they could go on their cruise together. Our help would be like a baby shower gift."

This surprised me, because we weren't swingers.

My wife and sister were collaborating together, to fool one husband and have the other go along with their plan.

So I asked her, "Is this something you wanted to do for her?"

It was exciting to me. She was asking my permission to suck another cock.

She replied, "Not at first, I really didn't want to suck his cock or swallow his cum. But then, you got me thinking.

If you wanted, I could blow him. Then, when he cums in my mouth, I wouldn't swallow it. Instead, I would kiss you with it still in my mouth, so that you could taste it."

"Huh? Why would I want to do that?" I was floored by this last question.

"That way, you could compare yours to his. Then again, maybe you might just want to blow him, instead of me? You know and cut out the middle man."

I was stunned. "Now you want me to blow him too? This is getting way out of control."

Well, you did ask me about how other men's cum tasted. This would definitely answer that question for you. Besides, don't tell me that you never wondered what it would be like? No one would ever know."

"I don't think so," I told her.

"It's okay to be curious. Come on, this is your big chance to find out. Do it for me? Please, I want to see it."

"I bet you would. No way to sucking it, but I'll taste it with you."

She squealed and said, "Good, she'll be so excited. I know I already am. I'll call her up right now."

I heard her on the phone. She told her sister, I had to be present and Mike couldn't ever know what was going on."

Then I couldn't hear the rest, but she kept giggling.

What did I just agree too?

When Alison returned to me, she said, "Let's go now. Mike's in bed and she is going to tell him that she'll blow him and then swallow his cum, on one condition.

The condition was that he would be tied to the bed and blindfolded. She told him that was the only way."

"That's a great plan, that way he can't feel you with his hands or see you." I said. "What did he say?" "What'd you think he said? He didn't care a bit. He hasn't cum for months. I'll bet he's got a gallon of semen built up inside of his nuts after all this time."

My mouth watered unconsciously when she said that. What was happening to me?

We drove over there and unlocked the front door with our key. The house was dark. I was nervous and Alison held my hand as we went up the stairs.

I saw Jodi lying on the bed next to Mike. She looked beautiful.

He was tied up to the bed posts and blindfolded. The stereo was on and candles were lit.

When Jodi saw us, she said to him, "Okay, I'm ready to start. Remember what you promised, if I swallow all of your cum tonight, then we go on that cruise."

Mike was as hard as a rock and agreed. "For a girl who doesn't ever want to swallow, you're picking a bad time to start. Your gonna get quite a mouthful. I promise you that. That cruise must be real important."

Jodi looked uncomfortable lying on the bed, so she got up and beckoned to her sister to come over and replace her.

Then she looked at me and mouthed, "thank you" and to "be quiet."

Mike asked, "Where are you going?"

"Relax, I'm just getting myself more comfortable," she replied.

Alison then got on the bed and began licking his pole.

Mike began moaning. "Oh, it's been so long."

I crawled over to the bed to watch more closely.

She was sucking him nice and slow. I knew how good she sucks cock and was envious.

Jodi then quietly walked over to me and whispered in my ear.

"My sister told me that you swallowed your own cum tonight for your birthday."

I was embarrassed.

"Well, we both decided that we had one more gift for you tonight. Alison is gonna get up and let you finish the job. We both want to see you do this, please? We've never seen another person suck cock."

Alison stopped as if on cue and got up.

Steve begged her, "Please don't stop, it's been months. Why are you teasing me like this?"

Alison kissed me passionately and pushed me to the bed. I already tasted his cum in her mouth.

I looked at Alison and she silently mouthed the words, "Please."

I decided that, why not. Everybody wanted this, even me. Besides, nobody would ever know. So I crawled on the bed.

Steve voice had a sense of relief in it when he said, "Thank you, I thought you had changed your mind. Please don't stop again; I need to cum so bad. Please babe, make me cum."

His begging was almost too much. Even I felt bad for him.

Jodi said, "Sorry, I was just a little uncomfortable but I'm good now. I won't stop this time until you cum in my mouth. Remember that if I swallow all your cum, then we go cruising. So give me as big a mouthful as you can."

"Don't you worry about that," Mike replied.

She was actually encouraging him to cum as much as he could into my mouth. She was obviously, into this too.

I looked down at his cock. It was about the same size as mine but thicker. There was clear fluid leaking down its sides. His balls were swollen.

I felt her hand on the back of my head as she pushed it down to his raging erection.

As I got close, I could smell the musky smell of his pre-cum and saw the veins bulging out. It was a deep red.

Jodi said, "Don't worry, momma's gonna make it all better."

She knew how bad he needed relief.

There was no turning back now. So, I opened my mouth and slipped my lips over the head of his swollen cock.

The first thing I noticed was its texture. It was rubbery and really hot.

The veins were bulging out against my tongue. A cock feels so different in your mouth as opposed to your hand.

The head felt really large and bulbous. I could feel it pulsating in my mouth.

He let out a loud moan and then said, "That feels so good. It's been so long. That's it, now suck it babe."

If only he knew who was sucking his cock.

I sucked him the way I like it done. I went slowly on the down stroke. Then I paused at the bottom and held it deep in my mouth.

"That feels incredible."

I felt powerful and in control. This is what Alison must feel like.

He began to thrust his hips as I must have lingered to long. He was wanting to fuck my mouth.

"I feel it. It's gonna be coming soon," he said.

His cock was releasing little spurts of cum now. I began to taste him and he tasted sweet, just like mine.

He tried to say lovingly to his wife, "You suck the best cock, honey."

The girls almost ruined it, because I heard them muffling their laughter after he said that.

I'm glad he didn't hear them.

I was enjoying this and didn't want it to end like that.

His thrusting picked up speed and became urgent.

He said, "Suck it harder. I'm gonna cum in your fucking mouth any second!"

She grabbed my hair and began forcing my head up and down on his wet shaft. She knew he was almost at his peak and couldn't take much more.

He grew even more in my mouth.

I looked over at the girls. They both had their mouths open in awe.

"Ahh...here I cum... now don't stop... it's been so long... swallow it, please... oh fuck....AHHHH!!"

Then I felt his semen blasting out. I couldn't believe how much he was cumming. It was hot and really thick. It almost burned my mouth.

"Oh yeah, keep sucking it!"

I didn't have a choice.

Jodi still had her hand on the back of my head, as he emptied his nuts into my mouth.

His cock kept jerking, but his semen began flow out in a slow steady pulse.

My mouth was full, so I swallowed.

He tasted different to me than the creampie did. Maybe it was because, his load was straight out of his balls and mine was mixed with pussy juice.

It tasted really strong and salty.

"Don't stop, there's more. Oh yeah, I just felt you swallow it, now keep going."

I felt Alison rubbing my back now, as if to congratulate me and welcome me to a special kind of club.

There was still more coming out and his cock kept throbbing.

"Mmm yeah, let me feel you swallow it again."

I swallowed for a second time.

He finally stopped and sunk into the mattress.

I released his spent cock from my mouth and got up off the bed.

"Are you okay?"

Jodi said, "I'm okay. I'm just want to go get something to drink and wash down all of your cum.

Then I'll be back, so we can talk about our cruise."

She motioned us to the door. We walked downstairs with Mike still tied up.

When we got in the kitchen Jodi and Alison were staring at me.

Alison was first to speak. "Well, what did you think?"

"Well," I said. "It was different. Do you think differently of me now?"

"I do. You excite me even more. I love you so much. I can't wait for you to take me home."

Then Jodi said, "I need to get back upstairs.

I was shocked when my sister told me what she had planned for you tonight. I wasn't sure you'd do it, but she said that you would.

I just needed her to help me out, but I owe you all the thanks."

Alison said, "I knew you'd go for it. You were too curious and nobody's ever gonna find out.

Congratulations, you're now an honorary cock sucker."

"That was really mean Sis. Don't make fun of him," Jodi told her.

I was embarrassed now.

Then Jodi said, "I'm all wet now, I think I'll go make Mike eat my pregnant pussy, while he's still tied up.

He hates eating me and ever since I got this big, he stopped touching me."

I told her I was glad to be of help and Jodi handed me some water.
She smiled and said, "You need this more than me. He must have put a gallon in your belly. I'm serious. We haven't done anything in months."

I told her that I could defiantly tell.

"Did he taste good to you? I don't swallow his semen, but he'll never know. Unfortunately, after what you just did, he probably won't leave me alone."

I told them both, "He was delicious. His semen was hot and sweet. I was just surprised how much he came."

Jodi made a face like she was getting grossed out, "Eeww, enough, I'm sorry I asked."

Alison laughed, "I told you he'd like it."

Jodi said, "Well I'm glad Mike and I finally got you something for your birthday that you love.

And because we love you so much and you find it so sweet, feel free to enjoy seconds or thirds anytime.

Mike won't mind and neither will I."

Alison said, "We'll call it Mike on tap!"

"Yeah, and you just swallowed the whole keg!" Jodi added. While the girls enjoyed their little laugh, we heard Mike call out to Jodi.

"Sweetie, where are you? Do it one more time for me. You promised to swallow all my cum and I have some more."

Alison said, "He's insatiable, how can he go again so soon? He was really horny. Guess what? It sounds like the keg wasn't empty after all.

Another Mike on tap coming up."

They both looked at me, and Alison said, "Please?"

"Yeah, please? He's not my flavor," Jodi added with a grin.

I said, "Okay, but this is the last time. My curiosity has been satisfied. I'm not bi-sexual or anything like that."

Alison chuckled, "Yeah, yeah, we know. Now go suck his cock for us, okay? Now you know what we girls put up with."

Jodi gave her sister a "high-five".

We went up the stairs and the girls sat on the chairs in the room. Of course, Mike was still where we left him.

I got on the bed gently.

"Thanks, sweetie. That was so good what you did before. You promised to swallow all the cum I had and I have some more."

Jodi said, "Now, this is it. So empty yourself out completely. One more thing, this time, I want you to fuck my mouth. Do it as hard as you want. I want to see what that feels like."

I looked over at the girls and they were barely able to control themselves.

"No problem. Your wish is my command," he said.

I grabbed his soft cock and began to suck it again. It felt familiar in my mouth and it began to harden almost immediately.

"AHH fuck, that feels good."

I sucked him fast and deep, trying to make him cum quick.

"You do that so well."

He began to thrust his hips.

"Let me fuck your face for you now."

His hips pushed his cock deep in my mouth and began to go very quickly.

I didn't think he could keep this up very long. But because he had just cum, it seemed he had plenty of stamina.

"You're doing great honey. Your mouth is feels so good. I hope you like this because I love it.

Now here's some more."

He began to thrust even harder now and was slamming his hips up and down now.

"I'm gonna cum soon..."

I felt his cock swell up again.

"Here I go again, oh, ungh.. FUCK!!"

I readied myself for his explosion. I was ashamed to say it, but I couldn't wait to taste him again.

He buried himself into my mouth and began to drain his nuts again.

His first shot was huge, but the rest felt smaller. My mouth was filled again. His hot, creamy nut juice burned my mouth.

I swallowed it all. it tasted so good.

He tasted sweeter this time and it wasn't as thick. His nuts had taken months to get that full. But now I was sure, he was completely drained.

I kept his cock in my mouth and held perfectly still as it continued to throb. He was silent and very content.

I gently nursed on his cock until he was soft. Then I pulled off and got up.

"Can you take off the blindfold and ropes now?"

Jodi walked to the bed and said, "Not the ropes, quite yet."

She had pulled off her bottoms and was naked from the waist down. As she climbed on the bed, she motioned for us too leave.

So, Alison and I let ourselves out.

I heard Mike ask Jodi, "What are you up to now?

She replied, "Now it's my turn to get eaten. You're not getting up until I cum twice, too."

I smiled when I heard him plead with her.

"Not now, you're too big. What about the baby? Come on, mmmph..."

"Remember, if Momma's not happy, then nobody's happy! Get that tongue busy!" she said.

When we got in the car, Alison turned to me and said, "It was so hot when he shot himself into your mouth. I could see his nuts contract as he unloaded. You really suck cock well. He really needed it, that poor baby."

I was getting nervous about what else she thought of me.

"You did a good thing tonight and you got to satisfy your curiosity, too. Did you enjoy your birthday?"

I smiled and said, "You bet."

"Remember, Jodi still has three months to go. Maybe we can help them out again? You heard her; he isn't going to leave her alone now."

"Sorry babe, this was a one time deal."

She frowned and said,"Oh well, a girl can try for her sister, can't she?"

I guess so. I never knew how much she cared.

"Did he taste better than you?"

"Not better, just different," I answered.

"Well, you sure swallowed a lot of different then," she said quietly.

She snuggled next to me in the car and we made love when we got home.

Later, as I lied in bed relaxing, I replayed the night in my head over and over.

Since then, my sex life with Alison is the best. I even get to enjoy her creampies all of the time now.

Jodi and Mike finally had their baby.

Alison is very excited to be an Aunt as I am to be an Uncle.

The baby is beautiful, but also very demanding on her time.

Lucky for Mike, Jodi got her beautiful figure back almost immediately. Her ass is finer than Alison's but I'd never admit to that.

But unlucky for him she says that now she's often too tired to have sex with him.

According to Alison, they only do it about once a week. So when she's too tired for sex, she just blows him.

He can't understand why she refuses to swallow his cum.

"After all, you swallowed a gallon of it in one night?"

He's trying to bribe her again with another trip, I heard.

I told Alison, that if I can eat her sister's creampie, then I'll do it.

She countered with, "Nobody's asking you too; unless you want too? I can do it for her."

So I told her, "Okay, here's the deal. If you eat him then I eat her."

I reminded her about what Jodi had said. She had told us that he hated to eat her pussy.

"What girl doesn't deserve to have her box eaten? She is your sister; don't you think she deserves some tongue?"

The guilt trip worked.

She said, "You're right. I'll ask her."

Jodi agreed, whole heartedly. For a girl who was always too tired for sex with her husband, she sure found some energy for cunnilingus!

She comes by to sit on my face at least twice a week. We don't have to go to Jodi and Mike's anymore, either.

She now fucks Mike every morning before he goes to work. He doesn't complain about the swallowing anymore; he's getting pussy almost every day.

So Jodi doesn't even have to blow him.

As soon as he leaves for work, she comes over to our house with the baby.

He thinks it's great how close she is with her sister.

While Alison plays with her little niece, I play with Jodi and eat her creampie until she enjoys several orgasms of her own.

I'm hoping to have Alison join us. To have both of them at the same time would be unbelievable.

Maybe that's what I'll ask for on my next birthday!!! A guy can dream can't he?

Until then,I'll just keep eating their delicious creampies.

They both still think I'm wierd, but neither of them are complaining.

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