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The 5 friends collapsed in sweaty heap on floor, kissing and caressing each other
Ken swore softly as he looked at the clock. It was only 1 pm, and he was in a rotten mood. It was bad enough that he had to work on his birthday, but his lover Wayde had left for work that morning with a quick "Happy Birthday" and nothing else. Not a kiss or hug, or even a hint of plans for later on. To make it worse, Ken was so horny he could scream. Wayde hadn't been feeling well, and they had not had any fun for days.

The only bright spot in his day was an email he had received from Dee, a friend and co-author from New York. It had popped up in his inbox that morning. She had sent a very sexy electronic card, with a hunky guy and a beautiful girl making love as " Happy Birthday to you" played softly in the background. She had included a personal message, which got his heart racing and his cock stiffening. Just thinking of it now made him hard again. Dee was so sexy!

Although they had never met, Ken had seen nude pictures of her, and had always dreamed of fucking her senseless as she screamed in pleasure. He rubbed the bulge in his pants, wishing he could jack off right there, but there were others around. He stood, intending to go to the men's room to take care of his arousal, when the office intercom crackled to life. "Ken James, please report to the Vice President's office to fix a programming problem. Ken James, report immediately."

Cursing under his breath, Ken walked over to the executive area and pushed the door open slowly, willing his erection to go down. By the time he walked over to the desk, things were back to normal. The Vice President, a really hot older man named Brad, thanked him for coming (oh, how he wished he could come with Brad), and showed him the problem. It only took a few minutes to fix. One of Brad's personal files had caused a virus throughout the system. After fixing it, Ken told Brad what to do to avoid viruses in the future and began to leave. Just as he was going out the door, Brad said " By the way Ken...Happy Birthday!"

Ken was stunned. He had no idea Brad knew anything about him. He smiled at Brad and thanked him, and got the sexiest smile in return. Brad told him that since it was his birthday, he could leave early. Ken wasn't going to lose that chance, but he had to take care of something first. Being so close to Brad had made his cock hard again.

He went into the men's room and locked the door. Dropping his pants, he stroked his erect prick. He was so turned on that it only took a few strokes before he was moaning and shooting his cum into the toilet. After finishing himself off, he collected his things and went home.

Ken pulled into the driveway of the house he and Wayde shared. Wayde had told him the night before that he would be home early so they could have a quiet birthday celebration. Ken really hadn't felt up to a big party, but he wanted to start the next year of his life off with a bang. As he turned off the engine of his car, he looked at the house, and his heart fell to his shoes. Wayde's truck was nowhere in sight, and the house was dark and cold. This was really turning into a wonderful day, Ken thought dismally. He gathered his things and walked inside, turning on some lights as he went into the kitchen. There was a note on the table.

"Hi Ken, Had to go pick something up. I don't know how long it will take. Maybe we can celebrate another time. See you later. Love, Wayde."

Ken couldn't believe his eyes. He really needed Wayde to understand that this was a day they should be sharing. What could be so important that it couldn't wait until the next day? He sat down at the table with a beer, his heart in his shoes. For Wayde's birthday, he had arranged a surprise party complete with male strippers, and had topped that off by letting Wayde fuck him outside, with all their buddies watching and jerking off on top of them. Now Wayde couldn't even be bothered to stay home on his birthday.

After drinking a couple of beers, Ken began to wish he was anywhere else. He thought about it, and decided that since Wayde wasn't going to help him celebrate, he would just give himself a birthday gift. Turning on the lights in the living room, Ken put one of the new DVD's he had picked up into the machine. It was a really hot movie, starring some of his favorite porn actors and actresses. Ken always got off on these types of movies, because although he really loved Wayde and their basically gay lifestyle, he found women very arousing, especially if they had big tits like his sweet Dee. Opening his pants and taking his cock out, he began to idly play with the head and rub the precum around the tip.

Just then he heard a noise. He froze with his cock in his hand. There it was again! It was coming from the basement. Ken pushed his cock back into his pants and got up, taking a flashlight from the shelf. They had been having some trouble with mice, but this sounded too big to be a mouse. Ken pushed open the door to the basement, and began to walk down the steps to the den they had made when Ken began to write erotic fiction. He stopped as he heard what sounded like someone giggling. As he started down the steps again, he heard a distinct moan. Now he was really upset. There were some very horny teenagers living next door, and if they thought they could use his basement as some kind of lover's lane...they were sadly mistaken.

Ken shone his flashlight on the sofa in the den, and gasped in shock. At that moment, the lights were flicked on, and Wayde, Dee, her boyfriend Gary and Brad shouted " Surprise! Happy Birthday!" They were all completely naked, except for large red ribbons and bows tied around the men's erect cocks and Dee's chest. Ken stood there with his mouth open, until Dee smiled and said " well, baby, don't just stand there. Come here and use that open mouth for what it was made for." Walking over to him, she pulled him close for a deep, passionate kiss. The others were lined up to share birthday kisses and much more with the now grinning birthday boy.

Wayde pulled Ken into his arms as Dee knelt to suck Gary's cock, which had wilted a bit but was stiff again. Wayde pushed Ken onto the sofa and knelt next to Dee. The two of them took turns sucking the two men on the couch, switching back and forth until both Ken and Gary were moaning loudly. Brad just watched, fondling his 9 inch cock, until Ken reached over and pulled him down next to him. They kissed as Ken stroked Brad to full hardness. Wayde took his mouth off Ken's dick long enough to say "Are we all ready for the birthday cake?"

Ken moaned in pleasure as Wayde went back to sucking him, and a couple of minutes later he and Gary shot their loads in unison, into Dee and Wayde's waiting mouths. Brad groaned and came all over Ken's hand, excited beyond reason at the scene he had just participated in.

Wayde stood up and went to get the cake. The guests all sang " Happy Birthday" to Ken once again, but when he blew out the candles, Gary smiled. Stopping Dee before she could cut the cake, he said "Honey, I think we could find a better use for all this whipped cream. Remember our gift idea for Ken?" Dee nodded, a large grin on her face, and leaned over to whisper something to Wayde and Brad. They both nodded.

Ken was perplexed, until Brad took a handful of the icing from the cake, smearing it on his cock. He pushed Ken onto his hands and knees on the carpet. Kneeling behind him, Brad thrust his stiff cock into Ken's ass. Both of them groaned with ecstasy as Brad fucked Ken while using more of the whipped cream to jerk Ken off in unison with his thrusts. Dee knelt in front of Ken and pushed Brad's hands away, taking Ken's cock deep into her mouth with a mouthful of cake. She smeared icing all over Ken's dick as she deepthroated him.

Gary dropped to his knees and pushed his dick into Dee's ass, shoving her deeper onto Ken's prick. Ken was in heaven, getting it from both ends. Wayde knelt behind Gary and said softly " Gary, I know you're straight, but do you think you could make an exception tonight? Your ass is driving me nuts. I just have to have you. I promise I won't cum in your butt if you don't want me to. "Gary was lost in the feel of Dee's tight ass milking the cum from his dick, but he glanced up at Wayde and just nodded.

Wayde dropped to the floor with a moan of pleasure, and started fingering Gary's ass with the whipped cream, opening him up for what was to come. Gary moaned, first in pain, then in pleasure, as Wayde thrust one and then two fingers into his tight asshole. Wayde rubbed the head of his cock over Gary's rosebud, then pushed his cock into the tight hole. Gary groaned as Wayde filled him. For the next few minutes, all that was heard was the sound of balls slapping against butt cheeks. Suddenly, Ken screamed in ecstasy as Brad pounded his ass and Dee lashed his cock and balls with her moist tongue. More screams were heard as the lovers reached their peaks one after another.

Wayde kept his promise and pulled out in time to shoot his load on Gary's ass. Dee cried out in ecstasy as Gary emptied himself into her. Hearing her moans brought Ken over the edge, and he shot load after load into her waiting mouth as Brad groaned and filled Ken's butt with his cream.

The 5 friends collapsed in a sweaty heap on the floor, kissing and caressing each other as their heart rates slowed. Ken and the people who loved him best all agreed that this had been a birthday to remember.

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