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She realized she was naked, her nipples hardened as the cold sank into her
It shined brightly over the bare, empty room, casting a warm glow in an otherwise frigid place. She let her eyes move from the bulb, noticing the strange iridescent shapes that drifted with her gaze. Looking at the wall she noticed odd umber stains in the otherwise light gray paint – blood? A chill ran through her as she wondered where she was.

She turned her head toward the door; it was large and solid, with a small, barred opening. Sitting up and moving the sheet aside she realized she was naked, her nipples hardened as the cold sank into her. Dropping her feet to the floor, she felt the cold, damp cement and she shivered suddenly as something tickled her foot and then scurried away.

Trying to stand, she suddenly felt dizzy and quickly sat back down on the bed... she'd been drugged, she was sure of it. Her hands clamped to the edge of the bed and she tried to recall how she got here.

The evening had gone normally, still on the outs with her boyfriend, she had dinner with a couple of friends and later they went out drinking. Her friends all supported her, surprised at the way her boyfriend reacted.

"It's not like you're married, and who is he to tell you what to do?" Miogi had said.

"Yes, and I'm sure he has done it too," Norie added.

"You think so?" she asked.

"He's stupid enough, I mean who would think of cheating on you? They'd have to be stupid."

"But I don't know that he did, I mean I don't know when he'd have a chance to," she'd replied.

"It doesn't matter, so you slept with his friend, it's your body... if he was so determined you were a couple, why hasn't he proposed? It's been nearly six months," Miogi argued.

"You're right, I'm not going to let his hang-ups bother me."

"If that's the case, I think someone wants to buy you a drink," Miogi said, nodding toward a man in a long black jacket. "He's been staring at you all night."

"No he hasn't."

"I noticed him too," Norie said. "Why don't you go talk to him?"

"No I shouldn't."

"Yes you should. If that good for nothing boyfriend of yours had any interest, he'd be with you tonight instead of staying at home sulking. He thinks he's punishing you," Miogi said, "now go on."

The man... now she remembered. He'd offered her a drink and then another, it all seemed fine until she suddenly felt very strange, she seemed to tingle. She remembered her friends waving to her, giving her the "thumbs up" as the odd man held her arm and led her out. That was the last thing she recalled until the light bulb... no, there was something else, before she could open her eyes... a woman, she'd heard a woman screaming.

Trying to focus, she listened, attempting to discern individual sounds beyond the dull, metallic drone that pervaded the room. Strange how she just now noticed it, she'd have sworn she sat in silence, but concentrating now she realized this ambient noise had been there all along. There was more, yes she could hear it now, an intermittent sound, like a high pitched moaning.

"Hello," she tried to shout, but nothing came out. Her throat burned as she whispered, forcing the sound from her, "Is anyone there?"

It was no use, no one would hear that. Her mouth tasted strange, something metallic seemed to coat her mouth and wiping her lips she felt something dry and crusty on her cheek.

She heard something... footsteps, yes footsteps. Trying to stand again, she fell onto her side on the bed and the room seemed to spin about her. Rolling onto her back, she looked to the door and noticed it opening. Someone stepped into the room, the man from the bar, yes it was him... the long black jacket.

He tossed the jacket to the floor, it seemed to fall in slow motion and when her gaze returned to him all she saw was his huge, curving erection. It seemed to twitch from side to side as he slowly walked toward her.

Toward her...

Toward her... No! He was coming toward her. Gripping the bed she tried to sit up, tried to move her legs to crawl away. Suddenly he was upon her, his weight pressing her down, his rough hands bruising her breasts, his stinking breath hot on her face.

Her arms swung spastically in the air, lightly brushing against his arms as she felt her legs forced apart, she felt his massive member thump against her thighs. He spoke, she heard his voice.

"Do you hear me?"

She stared up at his face.

"Ah, you do."

Looking up at him, she remembered now, at the bar he'd worn sunglasses, which he removed only after her second drink, only after she'd felt the strange tingling. He had taken off his sunglasses and stared at her with one eye, the other was a black, empty socket.

His cock now pressed against her and she tried to pull away, but she couldn't, his weight upon her was simply too much.

"Oh this is better, you were too far gone earlier."


"Don't you just love it? You're not quite the slut now are you? Not as much fun as with your boyfriend's buddy is it?"

She tried to say, "What do you know..."

The man suddenly pulled his cock away from her and stood up. "Yes, your boyfriend. You see, I provide a service, for a few dollars I provide rev... no not revenge, justice, I provide justice."

He stood above her, one hand stroking his ugly cock, the other gently massaging his balls. She stared as white flakes were loosened from the veiny shaft and slowly floated onto her face. His stench enveloped her, a mixture of stale sex, acrid sweat and rot, a putrid rot.

"You are lucky... your boyfriend must love you. Surprised? You see, for my fee, I normally complete the job... I complete the... rape? No that's such a bad word for it, and it's surely not appropriate," he said, between rapid breaths. His hand moved faster over himself. "I complete the lovemaking... yes, lovemaking, because we both know you love it, that's why you cheated, you wanted it so much you went out and fucked.

"Well, I simply made it that much easier for you. Except, for whatever reason your boyfriend didn't want me to... ah, there's that word again... rape? No, it wouldn't have been rape you slut, you whore..."

She watched as his cock twitched and suddenly she felt his hot cum oozed onto her face, tumbling from his cock in long, stringy drops. The odd smell made her think of comet, and she felt herself gag as he lowered his cock and used it to smear his rancid jism over her face.

"Yes he loves you, so this is all I do," he said, pulling his cock away. Suddenly he grabbed her throat and squeezed, moving his face down to hers. "He loves you, but you deserve more you fucking whore." She felt the sharp jab of a needle in her arm.

He released her, slid something over the needle, then turned, grabbed his jacket and opened the door. "You'll wake up somewhere else, in some alley with the rest of the trash."

She watched the door close and then looked up at the light bulb. Its radiant glow seemed to soften, then slowly fade, slowly, slowly... to black.

English Sex Stories

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