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He nuzzled it over her face. "Suck my dick, you wild cunt!"
Penelope Ruiz was doing a voice over job at a studio in Hollywood for Walt Disney's forthcoming movie animation when she got a call from Tom Fryes, her current squeeze.

"Honey can you come and see me at 137 Humphaven Mansion at Runyan canyon tonight after you've finished? I didn't bring my car. Micky brought me here," Tom said under the din of raucous banter of men in the background.

"1-3-7 Humphaven Mansion, Runyan Canyon? She repeated making sure she heard right.

"Yeah hon, that's it," he said. "You have a map, right?"

"Yeah, I have it," she replied.

"Easy to find just look into the map. That'll take you 30 to 45 minutes to get here," Tom said.

"I can go now. I've just finished my work here. But do you think I have to change up? I'm just wearing jeans and..."

"Ah, no not anymore, that's all right honey. This is just an informal party we're having here."

"Ok, I'll be there."

"See you then, honey. Bye. Love ya."

"Bye. I love you too." She sounded a kiss over the phone then clicked it off.

Penelope drove off on her maroon BMW. After 30 minutes she was driving on an unfamiliar path. It was already past 6:30 in the evening and she hasn't found the address yet.

I couldn't believe this. It was right here on the map. Why do I keep on getting somewhat lost. This is a mistake. There are no houses in sight. Strange. It's already dark and there's not even a lamp post along the street. She thought to herself.

Another 15 minutes had passed and she admitted to herself that she was absolutely lost. There wasn't even anyone to ask for direction. She was cruising on a deserted place. A flash of lightning streaked in the sky then a rumble of thunder. The first rain, big drops of it, splattered on the hood of her car. She was getting more uneasy.

Then her motor stopped. It wouldn't start. She tried again. And then again. She was pissed off. It was 7 in the evening. "Oh for crissakes, this is a brand new car!"

She groped for the cell phone to call Tom. It was nowhere. She checked on the floor. Where is it? I was talking to somebody awhile ago. This is kind of weird. She checked inside her bag, and everywhere inside the car. Nada. The map that was on the seat beside her was also gone. What's happening here? This is insane?"

She honked her horn hoping someone was around. Soon the din of the heavy downpour drowned her honking out. The trees looked terrifying. Their branches seemed to come near her like they were monster hands. The lightning was constant. She felt as though her car was being blow-torched. Loud claps of thunder were jolting her with fright.

Trembling, she found the road flooding. A loud thud quickly put up her hands to shield her face and she screamed. Something smacked at her windshield. For a moment she thought the windshield shattered but it didn't. It was just a wind blown tree branch that smashed against the windshield splattering a jumble of leaves and bits and pieces of wood. Her wiper stopped functioning.

The flood rose up and the water began seeping inside her car. Her car began to sway. God, please, help me. I don't want to die yet. Please give me the strength to survive... She was screaming in her mind as her heart raced to terror. Her car began drifting like a boat. My God, where is this leading me up to? She cried as the car surged forward. The current was moving it. She drew her feet up on the seat as the water continued to swell. She covered her face with her hands in resignation to whatever fate would befall her. Her car was moving fast forward, nearing what seems to be the edge of a waterfall. She screamed a deathly scream.

At 8 PM the rain stopped. She was alive. The flood also quickly receded. It was a good thing she still had the headlights on. These were her only lights. The road was clearing. Her hope had risen. Finally, she was no longer afraid. She managed to open the car door and the water poured out of the door. She stepped out and was surprised.

The road was wet but it didn't look like it had been flooded awhile ago. There was no mess around. It was freezing cold that her teeth began to chatter. She lifted the hooded red velour suit over her head. Her hands rubbed her arms to generate heat. Suddenly her eyes widened. There was a house atop a hill and she could see yellow lights in the windows. She felt gladdened. Immediately she began shuffling her way to the house. The house was gothic and spectacular. She remembered the scene from the movie Psycho only there was no motel nearby. It seemed this was the only house around. She assured herself that someone up there could tell her where she was or probably this was the mansion she was looking for.

Finally, she stood in front of a huge door, tapping the brass knocker. A tall man wearing an unusual outfit opened the door. Maybe this was the party where Tom was. She could hear people's noises behind the man that stared at her like he's just seen a woman for the first time. Then he spoke. "Penelope! Maisie's been looking for you. Where have you been? What kind of clothing are you wearing?" he said frowning and sounding a British accent.

Questions raced through her mind before she spoke. "Is this 137 Humphaven Mansion? And who is Maisie? I don't know anybody with that name? And how come you know my name? I've never met you till now."

"You work here, you slut. What's the matter with you?"

"Work here? I'm no slut you ripshit clown. Why are you calling me that? I just lost my way and was trying to get help because I got stranded here. My car won't start and I needed help."

"Aw come on in. Maisie's been bloody 'ell waiting for you." The man said with a dismissing tone.

They walked the hallway and then the man knocked on another door. Someone eyed through the peephole and then opened the door to let them inside. All of them were wearing clothes of a bygone era which was that of the 19th century. Fires blazed in two large grates, there were sofas, chairs and small tables everywhere, and the room was full of men and women having a good time. They were drinking, laughing from dirty talks, some were in intimate activities, one was singing drunkenly before a woman, some women were sitting on men's laps and he caught one man sucking a woman's breasts.

There was a fat woman with vast bosom sitting on a throne like she was some royalty wearing a purple dress. "Penelope!" she called out. She was surprised that she knew her. She walked up to her.

"Where have you been? Come here." Maisie leaned forward to her. "I have recommended you to a scion of a banker and he'd been waiting for hours. It's fortunate that he was enjoying his baccarat game."

"You're right. My name is Penelope. But I'm not working here. Perhaps there was some mistake."

"Your name is Penelope Ruiz. You've been dying to meet this man. Are you hallucinating or something? And where the hell did you get your dress? Are you trying to be a man?"

"What? I'm afraid I don't know you. I just got up here because I needed help. I was stranded in this place because of a storm and my car is right down the road and it wouldn't start."

"A car did you say? Since when did you have your own carriage?

"Carriage? You're funny. It's a BMW."

"What's BMW?" Her penciled eyebrows creased.

"Then let's go out and I'll show you."

So they went outside and it was a beautiful evening, breathing with the perfume of spring and there down the road was really a carriage, a hansom. The coachman was waving at her. "Hey, lady, I can't stay too long. Can you pay me now so I can leave." He called out quite impatient.

Penelope's hands flew over her mouth. "My car was parked right over there. I didn't ride that carriage. This is totally absurd!"

"Pay the cabbie Henry," Maisie ordered the doorman. "Young lady, why don't you come back in because the man I told you about had been waiting for so long I don't want to let him down."

Penelope had no choice. She was intrigued but at the same time curious at the place.

"Penelope, let me juggle your mind a little bit. You are working here in a brothel. I am Maisie the madam here. I don't know what hit you. Amnesia?"

"I am not sick of anything like that. I was driving here because my boyfriend called me to see him here."

"Who's your boyfriend?"

"He's an actor Tom Fryes and I'm an actress."

"Tom...he's a regular client of ours. In fact he is your favorite. He's a good tipper. But he is not here tonight."

"My God, what is happening?"

When they get back to the drawing room, male and female milled around her listening to their conversation and looking at her outfit. They were all wondering. Some were amused and liked what they saw.

"She's dressed like a nun in pants," someone said.

"No, I think it's a futuristic outfit," another murmured.

"Penelope," someone called. Penelope looked at a good-looking woman in a red corset.

"Who are you?" Penelope asked.

"Julia," she answered looking bewildered.

"Where have you been?"

Penelope rubbed her forehead.

"I really don't know what happened to me. I'm so tired and I haven't eaten dinner yet."

"Alright, freshen up and eat first before I introduce you to your new customer." Maisie said.

"How many men did I sleep with here?" she asked Julia.

"Maybe close to 50. You're one of the stars here!"

"I slept with 50 men?"

"Yeah and they keep coming back and looking for you."

"And I'm a whore?"

"Aren't we all are?" Julia said with an incredulous look.

"Julia do me a favor. Can I eat something? I'm really starving."

They went to the kitchen and Julia served her.

"I'm sorry I really don't know this place. I don't have any explanation as to why I am existing in this place, which was back in time. I live in year 2002 in America and not here in... what is this place?"


"Jesus, I ... I could go insane any moment. What is the year here today?

"September 3, 1853."

"And I was born in 1979."

"As far as I know you were born in December 12, 1832."

"Gosh!" she shook her head then she took a bite of the roast beef sandwich Julia made for her.

"This is delicious," Penelope said.

Julia poured red wine in a stem glass.

"Julia, thank you. You're very kind."

Julia clapped her on the shoulder. "We've been always friends. We both came here at the same time. It's just that you became much popular than me and sometimes I'm envious of you or even jealous."

"With what is happening to me right now, I'm glad that I have a friend like you. Julia I am not sick. I hope you believe what I'm saying."

"I always believe you Penelope. Never did I doubt you for a moment. You were much sincere than I am."

"Are you through?" Maisie peeked through the door.

"The man is here, Penelope. I told him you were just resting a bit because you've just gotten back."

"I'll be with you in a little while," Penelope said. Maisie nodded and turned back away from the door.

Penelope turned to Julia. "I came from America traveling through a storm and then here I am in London, circa 1853." Both of them smiled.

"How can I face the man, Julia? I am not a whore and have never experienced being one."

"Just go along with your instinct. That's what you told me before."

Penelope retouched her make up through the help of Julia but she didn't change her clothes. Maisie summoned for her and there she faced the man she was going to be introduced to.

"Penelope, this is Ivan Masterbatten." Ivan was a young man in his early twenties and his bearing showed that he came from a wealthy family.

"Room number 1" Maisie said. Ivan took her arm and started to the wide staircase that led to the rooms upstairs. Julia followed them. Up on the stair landing there was a statue of a centaur with a stiff member. Julia touched the member as was her habit and then led Penelope and Ivan to room number 1.

Inside the room, Ivan spoke. "I'm curious at what you're wearing. You're the only one who is not dressed in evening clothes."

"Look, Mr. Ivin Masturb...whatever. First of all I'm not what you think I am and I'm wearing clothes that are of the 21st century. I don't know what the hell happened to me that I was here existing now in the past.

"Maisie told me that you're special that's why she recommended you to me," he said scanning her from head down.

Fear struck her. Suddenly she felt tike this was going to be her first time. What about the 50 men? Her mind was running into different directions.

"Don't be afraid. I won't hurt you." Ivan grinned, sensing she's a neophyte but looked kind of classy and different. He reached for the zipper in front of her suit and pulled it down all the way, amazed at how it worked. The suit fell open showing a very enticing cleavage.

"Cor Blimey!" Ivan exclaimed.

He slipped his hands through her open suit and held her waist then moved up his hands to gather her supple breasts confined in a thin laced bra. He parted the suit to reveal more of her dishy perky chest. "Hmmm, I love these." he said biting the bottom of his lips as he fondled her breasts. Then he moved behind her back and held her shoulders. He smelled a faint perfume over her hair and his hand eased down her crotch and cupped it firmly feeling its heft. She quickly pushed his hand away.

"What's the matter?" Ivan frowned.

She turned around and faced him. "I told you I was just stranded here. I need someone to help me get back to the world I'm living in."

Ivan's opalescent eyes stared past behind her. Penelope could see in his eyes that someone was behind her back. So she turned back around.

A huge tall black guy stood across near the wall and looked like he just came in through the connecting door. His muscular physique reminded Penelope of the black male model in a man's clothes ad. He was bald, Olympian physique, and his face was characterized by extra-pouting lips. He was wearing only a cream buckskin loin cloth-- a good contrast to his smooth coffee brown skin. Obviously, he had a huge package, jutting through his loincloth.

Slowly he walked towards her. Penelope's heart gurgled with fear.

"Who is this guy?" she managed to speak.

"His name is Shag," Ivan said.

"What's he doing here?"

"He's going to fuck you first," Ivan said with a leering smile.

"I can't do that." She was getting panicky. He was too large for her. He's 6'7" perhaps and she was just 5'7." Shag drew closer to her. She could smell his body, strong manly scent. He was a very attractive man and yet he also struck fear in her heart.

She glanced side ways. "Why are you doing this Ivan? I thought you were my only customer."

"This is a regular thing for me. Shag does it first and then me," he replied.

"First, we'll have to turn on Shag," Ivan said and from behind her he gently pulled off her velour top from her shoulders baring her fulsome breasts crammed in a bra, her nipples pushing against the sheer material. Shag's bee-stung lips opened a fraction as he glanced over her bust. Obviously Shag was getting turned on as Ivan tipped up her bra and stroked her breasts. Then Ivan pinched her nipples, hard and then harder until she yelped in pain. "Ouch!" She tried to push his hands away but he carried on with his naughty deed.

Without warning Penelope kicked him back on his shin with the heel of her Prada boot and then elbowed his head with his right arm. Ivan instantly let go of her and winced in pain. Shag lifted her and threw her down on the bed.

"Goddamned you bitch, you almost hit my eye! Shag! Punish her!" He shouted.

Shag quickly moved and grasped the waist of her low riding jeans. He tore them apart sending metal buttons flying in the air and pulled them down along with her boots. What remained were her short quarter white socks and he was holding on to her feet and peeling them off. Her thong panties were hitched down a few notches as the result of his pulling off her pants, which showed the top of her pubic mound.

Penelope tried to kick him on the solar plexus but he held her strongly. His large hand brought her feet to his nose and sniffed them. Then he opened his thick lips and sucked her toes. His mouth was warm and firm and his thick tongue had an effect on taming her. It felt so good she couldn't describe the sensation. It was erotic and very intimate at the same time.

Shag finally lowered her legs. His erection was complete. Ivan wrenched off his loin-cloth revealing a huge circumcised penis, which looked like a gnarled branch of a tree. Her fear escalated and yet her desire raced competitively. It was the longest and biggest male sexual tool she'd ever seen. But she was not to submit herself to him. So she seized the opportunity of throwing him a powerful kick at his stomach. He bent a little and quickly she hopped out of bed and run to the door.

Ivan quickly grabbed her under her arms lifting and throttling her back to the bed. But she raised both her hands up in the air. And with a swift surprise of movement, she abruptly dropped her weight down, bent over forward and through her spread feet, she grabbed his ankles and pulled them up causing him to fall down on the floor with a thud and then she turned around and kicked him in the groin. Ivan howled in pain.

Suddenly, Shag laughed.

"What are you laughing at? Go get her you fool!" His voice suddenly changed into a shrill sound as he doubled up in pain on the floor.

Penelope couldn't open the door. So she grabbed a ceramic jar and threw it on Shag, which shattered when he parried it off with his arms. Shag looked menacingly mad and rushed toward her slapping her face so hard that she fell like an Acapulco diver. For awhile she blacked out and then felt the stinging pain on her face. She wanted to cry and shout for her help but she was disrupted.

"All right you bitch, you behave or I'll put you in a grave at the back yard," Ivan jabbed a pocket pistol into the cleft of her sex. It was a Hansom & Lombard pistol that he always carried in his vest pocket.

Shag quickly seized her. Now she was enclosed in his arms and she loved the comfort, the firm hold, and she couldn't moved. She was tiny against his body and she felt cocooned in his cozy arms. She looked down at her side, and saw his long stiffness that was pressed against her back and peeking out at the side of her waist.

"Punish her Shag. Tie her up and whack her arse."

"But we got no rope to tie her."

"Your loincloth. Tie her now," He said now recovering from his crotch pain. If she had her boots on that kick would have been lethal. Penelope tried to fight back but she was weakened by Shag's powerful hold on her. So she submitted to be tied up on the wrist. She was made to lay on her stomach on the bed with her hands stretched out forward and Ivan sat on them. Shag inserted a couple of pillows under her stomach so that her bottom was arched up in the air and her legs were off the edge of the bed and her feet on the floor. Shag crouched down and smoothed the back of her thighs with his lips and hands. Then his finger slipped inside her G-string panties curling his finger to lift the crotch part then letting it go to snap back at her pussy. He did this several times before pulling down her G-string panties off her feet. He saw the tag inside the underwear that read Victoria's Secret. He sniffed them and smiled at the faint aroma of her womanhood. He looked dreamily rubbing the sexy skivvies along the shaft of his freaky long member relishing the luxury feel of the fabric. Now her beautiful hour glass-shaped body was fully naked and bent over and her taco split was lewdly on display, vibrating with its nervous energy. He let the skivvies hang at the base of his penis and rubbed it's head lightly along the division of her flushed booty.

After getting teased by this method, she felt Shag's warm hand caressed her ass then squeezed them with tenderness. Her eyes closed and twitched above the lids anticipating of what was to come. Then the hand lifted off from her skin bottom and snapped back with a startling whack. Another whack came and several more and her skin was reddened by the mark of his hand. Ivan was enjoying as Penelope cried in pain that he unbuttoned his trousers and pulled out his pecker which was the size of his short pocket pistol.
He nuzzled it over her face. "Suck my dick, you wild cunt!"

"All right tell him to stop whacking me," she said almost in tears.

Ivan signaled him to stop by pushing his palm up.

Shag resumed to caress her red bottom. "Damn beautiful arse!" Shag said chuckling lightly. Still it was stinging with pain and yet the need to feel his sensual touch had become stronger. It was soothing her bottom like a healing balm. She loved his hand. It was a big man's hand and was also very comforting.

He gazed at her ass appreciatively once again then stuck out his thick tongue and licked the cheeks. She began to melt especially when his tongue touched the sensitive areas. After a few moments he spread her ass cheeks. She could feel his warm panting breath. Never in her life that she was tied up and vulnerably exposed for a man to do whatever he wished. A ripple of flame run through her body as his drooling tongue touched her there, searching, seeking and probing deeply into the smooth convolutions of her interior, seeking and tasting the pungency of her femaleness. Then she felt his finger toy the bud of her sensation rolling it slowly like a little ball bearing that sent electrical pleasure radiating throughout her loins. Penelope whimpered and she began aggressively sucking Ivan's pecker, which grew harder, inside her mouth. He groaned, "Oh, yeah, my kind of girl."

"Shag! Fuck her now before I burst out here!" Ivan ordered. Shag slipped his hand under her. Her femaleness pulsed against his fingers, her moisture slid down the fingers into the palm of his hand.

Next moment, Shag's cock was rapping on her bottom, grooving slowly along the dividing pass. She knew Shag was huge and wondered how she can take him. Finally Shag squeezed it in. She moaned in her throat as Ivan's entire pecker slide in her mouth, almost gagging her. Halfway through, Shag pulled out his cock making her vagina squelch. A strand of her sticky juice slicked to his cock. Then he shoved it back, deeper. It made her bite Ivan's pecker. He winced but didn't mind. The pleasure overwhelmed the pain.

Inch by inch Shag continued pressing inside her pushing her hanging thong against his pubic mound. It felt like all her insides were being pushed up to her lungs. She could feel the rock hardness of his penis and even its veins sliding inside her, and she was like stretched to the max. Shag began to pump her steadily and her silky panties hanging in his cock was thrashing her bud zone along with his bull testes doubling the thrill. Soon the pleasure was growing intense. She was screaming in his head and couldn't concentrate on sucking Ivan. She even brought her knees on the edge of the bed and spread them wider. Suddenly she was acting like a porno star. Ivan was amazed at how she was taking it and gazed dauntingly at Shag's python going in and out of her Venusian cockpit. Ivan slid his hands under her and gathered her breasts, which were a handful. He squeezed them and played with her taut nipples as Shag plundered her slick hole. Then he paused and reached over her enraged clitoris and rotated it with his middle finger. Penelope bucked her hips back and forth to feed the momentum. Penelope commenced deep orgasm as stuttering, spluttering pockets of trapped air exploding like tiny fireworks against Shag's power tool. Her pelvis surged and jerked. She gasped and shuddered, clutching a ball of cloth from the bed sheet with her fists.

At last, Shag grunted like a beast and squirted his spunk in torrents right up Penelope's juicy split of joy. Penelope felt his penis pulsated inside her every time he spurted his thick essence. It drove her crazy and she screeched into her climax. When he pulled out his cock his semen poured out of her sex and down her inner thighs. Ivan replaced Shag and lapped her peach melba with his tongue and drank Shag's come, licking them all and even those that flow to her thighs for all its worth.

Shag was turned on anew as Ivan drained Penelope's cunt of his plentiful come. He hopped on the bed on his knees and made Penelope lick his limping cock. Pressing her hands on the bed, she touched his cock with her hair before slowly jabbing it with her tongue and making swirling licks around the head. In no time at all his cock was hard again. First, Penelope could take only the head and gained a little further but never more. But she tried to go deeper challenging herself and turning her head sideways so that he could see how it made her cheek bulge out. Shag was in cloud nine. Penelope was a prized cocksucker.

Ivan did a semi squat behind her and stabbed his mini-version of Shag's cock into Penelope. He began an ape-shit motion of pumping her until his climax made him whine and shudder. He lingered for awhile inside her relishing her contracting muscles that seemed to suction his soul. "Ah, this is the greatest pleasure," he muttered.

At last, she sensed that Shag was about to come. His balls crunched up tightly under the base of his cock. After a tiny minute he grunted and squirted inside her mouth. He held her jaw and she couldn't believe how brazen she had become to swallow his every squirt. Shag moaned deeply.

Then there was an urgent rap on the door. The three looked at each other.

The door opened and Tom Fryes rushed in. "Honey, oh honey!"

Tom saw Penelope lying on a hospital bed in an intensive care unit. Her eyes were closed and her long dark brown hair fanning out around her wholesomely pretty face. Only her left face was marred by a badly bruise. A tube from a dripbag was connected to the back of her palm and another tube from a centralized oxygen resource tank was fitted into her nostrils. She was hooked up also to the lines leading to a monitor. Tom sat on a chair next to her bed and reached out for her other hand. He lifted it up gently to his lips, kissed it and pressed it on his face.

"She's been drifting in and out of consciousness," said the doctor standing over her along with a nurse beside her bed.

"Oh God, don't take her away from me," Tom pleaded eyes smarting with tears. "I love you, Pen, burrowing his face on her shoulders.

After a few minutes or so, her fingers moved in Tom's hands and when he eyed her, she fluttered her eyes. "Tom," she said in a whispered, groggy tone.

"I'm here honey. You'll be all right."

"Wh...what happened?" she murmured her eyes squinting at the light in the room.

"They told me you had an accident. Your car was a wreck and it's a miracle you survived," Tom said. She tried to collect her thoughts. She recalled that she was in London but she's too weak to talk. Nevertheless, she was glad to be back in her time.

"She had a head contusion," the doctor interrupted. "But this is a good sign. She had awakened fast." He added.

Then she coughed up and threw up slightly. A milky white liquid poured out of her mouth trickling over the side of her lips and chin.

Tom cringed. It smelled of a powerful male sperm scent. The nurse gently dabbed a tissue on her lips wiping off the vomit.

"That's natural Tom. I believe she'll be all right. She's out of danger. We'll keep a watch of her from time to time. I'll leave you now Tom and don't you worry. There's not even a broken bone that showed in her x-ray. She's a strong woman and she'll live. She's very beautiful too."

"Thanks doctor. I'm grateful," he said then his smile faded. "Why was I thinking that maybe someone was with her in the car?" His mind was perplexed.

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