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Too afraid to have a horror and nasty sex with him
The door swung open, and Isabelle tried to stay as still as she possibly could. Two of the gremlins began to enter the closet, looking to see what they could find. Isabelle's heart was practically pounding through her powder blue button down, when she could feel the gremlins standing over her, they hadn't seen her but they were less than a step away from her. It took everything Isabelle had to not scream in fright.

The two gremlins looked at the rumpled trench coat on the floor of the closet. It looked somewhat odd seeing as the rest of the closet was relatively organized. They were just about to pull the coat toward them and expose Isabelle when two women walked into the stock office.

"Hello? Is anybody here?" The woman in the white suit asked nervously. "I don't like this, can we please just go?" the woman in the black blouse asked forcefully. "Maybe those things aren't here" said the woman in white. All the gremlins in Isabelle's office, including the two in the closet perked up when they heard the two women. All of the gremlins charged out of the office, causing the two women to scream and run into the hall. Isabelle poked her head out and watched as the last gremlin ran out after the two screaming women. A wave of relief began to wash over Isabelle. The two gremlins had been less than a foot away, but they had not detected her. Isabelle sat up and was thinking of what she was going to do next. As Isabelle tried to come up with a plan to escape the office and ultimately the building, she felt something. It was wet and warm and it started as a slight drip on the top of her head.

Isabelle put her hand to her head and let her fingers feel the warm sticky substance that was no stuck in her hair, slowly and with a feeling of dread building inside of her, she pulled her hand down to look at the substance. It was a green goo, she slowly looked up and screamed at what she saw. It was one of the gremlins; only this one had a large green, fully erect penis between its legs, which it was stroking while it leered at Isabelle.

The gremlin jumped down to the floor in front of a still screaming Isabelle. The gremlin stroked its member while moving slowly towards her. Isabelle moved back into the corner of the closet, edging herself in as far as she could go. The gremlin walked slowly, devouring Isabelle with its eyes. Isabelle squealed when the gremlin took its free hand and began running it up her leg.

The gremlin stopped as it caressed Isabelle's leg, it loved the feel of her legs. In a quick movement, it grabbed both of Isabelle's ankles and straightened her legs on the floor, giving it full access. The gremlin took great delight in running its engorged member up and down Isabelle's pantyhose clad legs. It began to rub its member on her legs faster and faster, getting into an almost rhythmic trance. Isabelle was too stunned to react, and feeling the rock hard penis of the gremlin on her legs was making her a little wet.

The gremlin unloaded onto Isabelle's legs, absolutely covering them in the same green goo as her hair. Isabelle let out a moan of disgust but was hoping that maybe the creature was finished with her. The green goo began to sink in, completely saturating Isabelle's pantyhose, and staining the skin on her legs as well. As Isabelle tried to move away from the gremlin, its head shot up, looking directly in Isabelle's eyes. Isabelle could see that it wanted more; she looked down the creature to see that it was fully erect again.

The gremlin charged Isabelle; it began to frantically tear the crotch of her pantyhose, quickly the fabric tore away exposing her. The gremlin wasted no time and plunged its engorged member deep inside Isabelle. She screamed as the creature began to thrust. Her screams began to subside into moans as she felt her body begin to ride with the creature. The gremlin thrust fast, faster than Isabelle had ever experienced, it also hit spots of Isabelle that no one had ever touched before, causing her to squirm and moan in delight.

Isabelle grabbed onto the coat on the floor, pulling and ripping at it. The feeling growing inside her was so intense that all of her senses became flooded. She could feel everything at once as the creature frantically thrust inside of her. Her pussy began to tighten around the gremlins member, she was so close. Her eyes began to roll in the back of her head and her knees began to buckle, Isabelle came with tremendous force and actually screamed when the orgasm hit.

The gremlin pulled out and Isabelle rolled over onto her side exhausted. The gremlin kept stroking its penis, admiring its latest conquest. It too had no reached orgasm and sprayed Isabelle's face and hair with green goo. The gremlin was about to go for more when an announcement came over the public address system. It was time for the gremlins to gather in the lobby, and prepare for the assault of New York.

The gremlin quickly left to head to the lobby, leaving Isabelle sticky and exhausted. She laid in the closet for hours, not leaving until the rescue teams came. Chapter #13 Robin and Rachel's Sticky Entanglement

Like everyone else in the Clamp Center, Robin and Rachel had both come into work not knowing what was going to happen on the day of the gremlin invasion. In fact Robin and Rachel didn't even work in the Clamp Center, they happened to be in New York for a meeting with some investors for their own business. Their meeting just happened to fall on a particularly bad day.

Robin and Rachel were two young executives from a company in Chicago. While both were young, they were shrewd negotiators and made a good team. Rachel, the more outgoing and talkative of the two wore a white skirt suit with a pair of black heels. Robin was quieter and invested in more the finer details of the deals. She wore a black blouse, a short light grey skirt and also wore a pair of black heels.

Both women were in an office on the forty second floor when they started noticing the lights flickering and various other malfunctions in the building. "That's odd, isn't Maria Clamp supposed to have the most fool proof technology in the world?" Asked Rachel. "Every system has bugs, look let's just get our funding and get out of here" Robin said. Both women didn't think too much more about the technical problems the building seemed to be experiencing, and both were completely unaware of the chaos occurring on the lower floors of the building.

The gremlins were working their way up the building, having not yet reached where Robin and Rachel were. Both women were escorted into an empty conference room and told to sit at the table. The investors would meet with them shortly. Robin and Rachel chatted idly while they waited for the investors to enter and the meeting to begin, when suddenly the lights began to flicker and they could hear the distinct sound of screaming coming from the hallway, and a commotion outside of the conference room as the office staff quickly fled.

"What's going on?" Robin asked nervously. "I'm not sure, let me go see" Rachel said, slowly standing up and peeking out of the door of the conference. Robin squealed when she heard something pounding on the ceiling above her head. She watched as the tiles began to shake and break apart. Suddenly ten gremlins fell onto the conference room table. Robin screamed as she looked into their yellow eyes. Rachel quickly spun around to see the creatures staring at her.

Rachel stood frozen, too scared to move, she began to whimper and tremble as the gremlins leered at her, running their eyes all over her body. They were ready to lunge when Robin jumped up from the table and grabbed Robin's wrist, pulling her out the door and into the office. Both women broke into a run as they headed for the stairs.

The gremlins gave chase, hooting and hollering as Robin and Rachel tried to get away. They reached the stairwell and slammed the door, just barely locking the gremlins out. Robin and Rachel quickly descended the stairs to the next floor. The two women peeked into the hallway and were shocked at what they saw, the hallway was in ruins. "Rach, I don't like this, let's keep going" Robin pleaded. "Maybe there are people hiding here somewhere, we don't know this building at all" Rachel said as she stepped into the hall. Both women nervously looked around and found an abandoned stock office.

Robin and Rachel took cautious steps into the office. The office was in ruin, wiring had been ripped out and the floor was covered in paper and other debris. "Hello? Is anybody here?" Rachel asked nervously. "I don't like this, can we please just go?" Robin asked forcefully. "Maybe those things aren't here" said Rachel. All the gremlins in a back office, when they heard the two women. All of the gremlins charged out of the office, causing the two women to scream and run into the hall. They both ran back to the stairwell but were unable to shut the door this time. They ran down two more flights of stairs, losing the gremlins behind them.

Robin and Rachel reached the landing between the thirty-ninth and thirty-eighth floors when they saw another group of gremlins below them. The two frightened women quickly turned around and ran back up the stairs only making a few steps before running into the first pack of gremlins. Robin and Rachel ran into the thirty-ninth floor, running as fast as they could in heels. They were looking behind them watching for the gremlins when they both ran straight into a giant spider web.

The fibers of the web were incredibly strong, stopping both women and immobilizing them. Robin and Rachel had built up some distance, but the gremlins were quickly making up ground. Both women trembled and whimpered as they could see the shadows of the gremlins on the wall, about to turn the corner.

The gremlins stopped dead in their tracks when they saw Robin and Rachel, their eyes growing wide as they saw the two prone young women trapped in the giant web. The gremlins quickly charged, covering the distance between them and the two terrified women.

The gremlins began to touch and caress both Robin and Rachel's legs. Both women shuddered and screamed as they felt the hard claws and rough skin of the gremlins through their pantyhose. The gremlins jumped up and were pulling themselves up to get closer to both women. The gremlins reached and began to pull up both Robin and Rachel's skirts; the gremlins tore open Robin and Rachel's pantyhose exposing both of them. The gremlins were about to take delight in their hunt when the public address system came on.

"Brothers, it is time for us to leave our newly found home of the Clamp Center and take our rightful prize of New York. The sun has set and we shall take what is ours. Let us all congregate in the lobby and make our exit!" The brain gremlin announced. The gremlins playing with Robin and Rachel huffed and began walking away from the two exposed women. A momentary relief washed over Robin and Rachel, but it would prove to be short lived.

As Robin and Rachel struggled to break free from the web, Robin looked over toward the wall, she screamed when she saw it approaching. Rachel quickly looked up and screamed as the spider gremlin approached, salivating at its next victims. The spider gremlin walked up to the screaming women, it noticed that they were exposed and it decided to have some fun.

The spider gremlins ran its arms up and down both Robin and Rachel. And let each of its hands settle on their exposed clits. The spider gremlin began to play and tease both women, eliciting low moans from each of them. It slid its fingers inside both of them causing both Robin and Rachel to loudly gasp. The spider gremlin took delight as it felt both of their pussies get wet and open in response to its fingers. It began to stroke faster and more aggressive. Robin came first, her shoes slipped off of her feet as her legs kicked and twitched, the orgasm washing over her leaving her exhausted.

With Robin catching her breath, the spider gremlin focused all of its energy on Rachel. The young blonde bounced and rode the spider gremlins fingers, moaning and shaking as it aggressively stroked her G spot. Rachel screamed as the orgasm hit her body. The spider gremlin pulled its fingers from both of the panting, sweaty women. Both Robin and Rachel looked in horror as the spider gremlin began to bare its teeth. It hissed and snarled, causing Robin and Rachel to scream and try to break free once again. The spider gremlin was about to go in for the kill when a wave of green blood sprayed over Robin and Rachel, covering them in the warm sticky goo. The spider gremlin screamed as it was hit again, it tried to back up, but one more hit mortally wounded the creature, the spider gremlin collapsed to the floor, dead.

Robin and Rachel looked up to see a very disheveled and tattered Dr. Beringer standing in front of them holding a fire ax. "Jessica, come quick, I found two women trapped in a web, I got the spider, its dead." Mary yelled down the hall. Robin and Rachel watched as Jessica rounded the corner with a pair of shears, Robin and Rachel fell to the floor when they were cut down from the webbing, both looked up at Mary and Jessica pleadingly. "Come with us, we know a way out" Jessica said as she helped both Robin and Rachel up. The four women then ran down the stairs, which were devoid of gremlins, all of which were in the lobby preparing for their escape into New York.

Chapter #14 Rebecca's Messy Ending

The gremlins began to pour into the main lobby of the Clamp Center, there had to be at least ten thousand of the slimy, horny little creatures. A large stage background depicting a starry night covered the windows of the Clamp Center. This was all part of a plan devised by Maria Clamp and her head of security, Rebecca Forester.

Rebecca Forester was Maria Clamp's closest advisor and the number two in the Clamp organization. Maria had angry charged Rebecca with getting rid of the gremlins somehow, after Maria was told that sunlight would kill the monsters, she and Rebecca quickly devised the plan to trick them into gathering the lobby and frying them with sunlight. Rebecca was directing the operation to a group outside, controlling the crane and the backdrop. When she felt all the gremlins were in the lobby they she would order them to drop the backdrop.

Rebecca hid about fifteen feet away from the area where the gremlins had all gathered. She could see them and conduct the operation with a two way walkie-talkie to the outside. She crouched down behind one of the large potted plants that greeted visitors to the Clamp Center. Rebecca was wishing she had worn a slightly different outfit. She wore a black business suit, with a very short skirt. The suit jacket as buttoned over a light purple camisole. Rebecca wore a pair of black stilettos and wore her long blonde hair in a messy bun.

"I think they are all there" Rebecca whispered to herself. She wasn't so sure if this plan would work, Maria seemed convinced of its success, but Rebecca wasn't taking any chances. On the other side of the main entrance to the Clamp Center, Rebecca had ordered a heavily armed SWAT team to be on standby in case this plan failed, even if the sunlight didn't kill the gremlins, they would at least be in one place.

Rebecca picked up her walkie-talkie and proceeded to speak, "attention we go in five, I repeat, we go in five" Rebecca said forcefully into the walkie-talkie. "Affirmative" A voice called back. "All we can do is wait, I hope this works" Rebecca thought, almost pleadingly to herself.

Rebecca was very much a no nonsense woman. She was very dedicated to her job, and she did it exceptionally well; but the events in the Clamp Center with the gremlins had her terrified deep down. She had seen the various video feeds from throughout the building, especially Julia's report with the brain gremlin, which had been broadcast live to the city, probably causing a citywide panic to be sure. Rebecca was going to do her best to lead the operation without the gremlins seeing her.

Rebecca stood up cautiously to get a better view of the main entrance area. While she peered over, she felt something hard rub against the back of her leg, she looked down to see a gremlin with a rock hard penis grinding and rubbing against her leg. Rebecca gasped in shock and disgust as she felt the green goo from the gremlins penis rub on to her nude pantyhose and sink through to her skin. Rebecca jumped forward and moved to the side of her hiding place. The gremlin jumped in front of her, leering at her stroking its rock hard member. Disgust began to fill inside of Rebecca, she, and all of the other women in the building had been at the mercy of these things all day, she had had enough! Rebecca pulled back and kicked the creature as hard as she could; it went flying into the throng of gremlins roughly fifteen feet away. Rebecca stood and watched it land with a satisfied look on her face.

As she turned to crouch under the plant again, Rebecca felt something warm and sticky wrap around her waist. She looked down to find that it was a large slimy tentacle, before she could even react, the tentacle pulled her right out of her shoes and flying into the air. Rebecca landed in the sea of gremlins. They descended on her in a frenzy. Thousands of hands and fingers, caressing every inch of her body, they tore her jacket away almost instantly. All of the gremlins fought for a spot to touch the frightened young woman.

The sound was deafening, all Rebecca could hear was the laughing and grunting of the gremlins and the sound of fabric ripping as the gremlins quickly ripped her jacket off. Rebecca could feel their claws digging in as they pulled her legs open and grabbed at her chest. The gremlins pulled and scratched at her hair, causing her messy bun to come apart and send her blonde hair cascading down to the floor. Rebecca screamed again as the gremlins ripped open her light purple camisole, exposing her large breasts. The tentacle that had grabbed and pulled Rebecca into the throng of gremlins began to run over Rebecca's breasts, letting the suckers work on her nipples.

The gremlins grabbed hold of Rebecca's legs; she could feel their hearts pounding as they pulled her legs apart. She looked and screamed when she saw the well-endowed gremlin standing in front of her. Rebecca could barely move, there had to be hundreds of hands holding her down. The well-endowed gremlin ripped open her pantyhose in one swift movement. Rebecca screamed as the gremlin plunged it's penis into Rebecca's trembling pussy.

She moaned and cried as the gremlin thrust in and out of her, pounding her pussy harder than it had ever been pounded before. Just when she thought her body couldn't take any more sensations, the octo-gremlin ran another tentacle up her thigh, resting its sucker on her clit. The combination of the thrusting and sucking was proving too much for Rebecca to take. She arched her back and her eyes rolled into the back of her head as the most powerful orgasm washed over her.

Just as she started to cum, the stage backdrop was released, flooding the main lobby with sunlight. The gremlins looked up and screamed as the sunlight hit them, their skin bubbling and melting onto the floor. Rebecca screamed as she saw all of the creatures melt in front of her, their bodies melting into green and brown puddles of god knows what. The gremlins hanging onto Rebecca didn't even have time to let go of her, they just melted and covered the shaking and dazed woman in their remains. The gremlin that had fucked Rebecca pulled out quickly; it pulled itself up onto her chest and stood, but quickly collapsed on top of her, becoming a lifeless pile of muck.

Rebecca slowly began to look up in a total state of shock, her mind still not quite able to fully comprehend what had happened. As she looked around, Rebecca heard the door being pounded on. The SWAT team charged into the building, ready to execute plan B. They stopped dead in their tracks when saw the lobby. The lobby was a sea of green and brown muck, and in the middle was a half-naked and very messy Rebecca laying on her back, trembling.
One of the SWAT officers quickly ran over and helped Rebecca up, she could barely stand, and her body was exhausted. "Ma'am are you all right? What happened in here?" The officer asked "Uh....uh" was all Rebecca could respond with. The officer threw a blanket over her shoulders and escorted Rebecca outside.

The officer sat Rebecca on a bench just outside the Clamp Center. She could feel her head begin to clear and she looked around for the first time. The entrance was teaming with activity. Rebecca smiled when she saw some of the women who had been attacked by the gremlins that she recognized from the security cameras. She saw Sarah and Jennifer, the two strangers who had been trapped in the elevator discussing fashion tips. This made Rebecca chuckle as both Sarah and Jennifer were covered in green blood.

Rebecca looked over in another direction and saw the two "Morning Surprise" anchors talking with Julia, the television news intern. The three women debated the direction television news would go and how the events of the gremlin attack on the Clamp Center would be reported. Rebecca looked a little to the trios right and saw Brooke and Kristen on either side of an exhausted Lindsey, Lindsey was quickly checked out, she would be fine, but suffered extreme exhaustion. Rebecca watched as Jenna came out of the building, quickly getting covered with a blanket much like Rebecca's. Next came Mary, Jessica, Robin and Rachel, all safe. The last person to come out was Anna, who Brooke ran over toward, the two women embraced, relived after having thought the other might not have made it.

Rebecca felt her mind begin to come out of the fog, she was immensely relieved. They had stopped the gremlins, it was time to call Maria and tell her the good news, who had secured herself in her office at the top of the building. Chapter #15 Maria's Unexpected Meeting

While the sunlight plan had killed the vast majority of the gremlins, there were still some throughout the building. The SWAT team that Rebecca had ordered was going floor to floor, killing any remaining gremlins and rescuing people still trapped. They started from the basement level, freeing Natalie and finally allowing her to shut of the cell phone the spiked gremlin had put in her pantyhose on her throbbing clit that morning. The officers of the SWAT team helped Natalie up she tried to stand and quickly collapsed into their arms.

The team conducted a floor by floor search, they found Kate and Erin next, and the two young tour guides were completely drenched in slime. As soon as the rescue team opened the door both Kate and Erin bolted out of the small room and were escorted out of the building. The team then found Emily hiding in a destroyed office. The team finally found Isabelle, still hiding in the closet in her office. The SWAT team had now completed its sweep; the only person left in the building was its owner, Maria Clamp.

The SWAT team radioed Rebecca (who had quickly collected herself and had taken charge) that the building was clean; they were bringing two women down. Rebecca allowed herself to relax for the first time since this whole episode had been brought to her attention. She picked up the satellite phone and called her boss.

Maria sat in her office at the top of the Clamp Center waiting for any kind of update. She almost jumped out of her shoes when the phone rang. "Rebecca? Is there progress, or tell me there is progress?" Maria begged. Rebecca lightly chuckled as she responded. "It's over Maria, the sunlight worked, what the sunlight didn't get the SWAT team did" Rebecca told her boss. "And what about those women we saw being attacked in the various videos?" Maria asked pensively. "I'm looking at them all now Maria, they're safe." Rebecca said, the slightest hint of a smile creeping into her face. "Excellent! How did the operation go Rebecca?" Maria inquired. "Don't ask" responded Rebecca as she looked down her chest and legs, still covered in the melted remains of the gremlins. "OK, but when can you get me out of here?" Maria asked impatiently. "I'm sorry ma'am all of the elevators are out and the automatic doors are locked. The teams have to go floor by floor, it will take some time." "Alright, I guess I will just hold up here" Maria huffed. "Have a drink ma'am, we pulled this one out today" Rebecca said in a congratulatory voice. The two women exchanged farewells and hung up.

Maria let out a loud exhale and allowed her whole body to untense. Maybe a drink wouldn't be a bad idea; it had be an incredibly stressful day after all. Maria walked over to her private bar and poured out a bit of scotch. She walked over to the large window of her office, looking out over the Manhattan skyline. She looked at the rescue crews way down on the street. Maria took a sip from her scotch and pushed the button to close the large shutters. Maria liked to sit in low light when she wanted to think. Maria fell into her office chair and let out another sigh of relief.

Maria was incredibly young looking, she was only twenty-eight, but she looked like she could still be an undergrad somewhere. Her long, wavy blonde hair cascaded down to her slender shoulders. Maria always tried to dress like the business woman that she was, on this day she wore a grey business suit skirt, and a powder blue button down. She finished off the look with a pair of black heels that might very well have cost more than her first car.

Maria in her chair, a glass of scotch in one hand and absent mindedly tracing patterns on her leg with the other hand. She took small sips from her glass and let her mind get lost, enjoying the feeling of her nude pantyhose on her fingertips. Maria had never liked being an executive, he true calling, and what had made her a billion dollar fortune, had always been electronics. She always hated the glad handing and trying to keep up with a certain lifestyle that was expected of her. She wanted to go back to the lab and roll up her sleeves. She hadn't told them yet, but Kristen and Lindsey, her loyal and very capable assistants, were being groomed for the managing of the Clamp Empire, allowing Maria to go back to her true love.

Maria sat and thought about the future and just how lucky she and the whole organization had been. As Maria sat and thought, less than three feet away in her private bathroom, something strange was happening in the sink. The water had been shut off as soon as it was understood that the gremlins multiply by getting wet, so the odd dripping in the sink should have tipped off Maria, but she was still too lost in her own thoughts.

Green goo began to slowly drip out of the faucet, turning into a slow trickle, and then turning into a steady flow. The sink soon reached capacity and began to overflow, the green goo spilling onto the bathroom floor. The goo had finished draining from the faucet, and began to crawl across the bathroom floor and into Maria's office.

Maria finished her Scotch, figuring she was going to be stuck in her office for a while; she decided to have another drink. She slipped out of her high heels and padded over to the bar set up in her office. As she got up, she narrowly missed stepping in the green goo crawling across the floor. She reached the bar and poured herself another glass of scotch. Maria took another sip of her drink and stepped backward, she felt a wet, warm feeling on the sole of her feet through her pantyhose. She looked down to see that she was standing right in the middle of the green puddle. "Eww, what the hell is that?" She said forcefully. She stared in fright as the goo began to move, it began to crawl up her legs. Maria screamed, dropping her glass of scotch to the floor. The green goo was climbing up her legs.

Maria could feel the warmth of the goo on her legs, it felt disgusting and she could not figure out what was happening. Maria froze in horror as the goo began to harden and tighten around her legs. She screamed as she saw a gremlin wrapped around her body, between her struggling, and the gremlin, now wrapped completely around her legs, Maria crashed to the floor. The gremlin laughed wickedly and begin to inch itself up Maria's legs. She screamed and tried to hit it and push it away with her hands but it was of no use.

The gremlins head reached Maria's pelvis, Maria screamed and struggled when she realized what the creature was going to do. It ripped her pantyhose open with its teeth in one fluid movement. Maria screamed as she felt its tongue start to explore her nether regions, its tongue pushing and pulling, leaving a slimy trail from her thighs to her pussy lips and clit. Maria could feel the first pangs of excitement as the gremlins tongue hit her clit. It licked ever so gently, enough so Maria could barely feel it, and then proceeded to lick harder and harder.

A low moan escaped Maria's painted red lips, her back began to arch as the gremlin began to work her over. The gremlin licked her clit until it was so swollen, Maria thought she would explode. The gremlin pulled its tongue back and Maria watched as the creatures tongue began to grow, the tongue took on a phallic shape, Maria screamed as the gremlin pounded its tongue into Maria's quivering pussy. The gremlin was able to move its tongue inside Maria in all directions; Maria screamed and cried as the feeling of intensity grew inside of her. Hey body rolled and convulsed on the floor of her office as the gremlin's tongue continued to pound Maria's pussy. Maria and the gremlin had rolled over to the shuttered window.

Maria reached up and grabbed onto the railing, she felt she had to hang on as the gremlin ravished her, her pussy was so eager, the muscles tightened and pushed and pulled with the creature's thick tongue. Maria screamed and grunted as her body convulsed in orgasm, every muscle in her lean body tightened and immediately went limp as the orgasm hit her. While she was rolling on the floor in ecstasy, Maria's hands flailed above her head, inadvertently hitting the button for the shudders.

The gremlin screamed in agony as the sunlight hit its body. The creature writhed and struggled while still wrapped around Maria's legs. She screamed as she watched, and felt, the gremlin melt into a pile of green sludge, much like the sludge in the lobby. Maria's legs and skirt were completely covered in the remains of the gremlin. Maria was still locked in her office, but she realized that safest place to be was in front of the window. She sat there in the fetal position until rescue finally came.

The gremlin that attacked Maria was the last living gremlin in the Clamp Center. When the damage was tallied, the building had sustained millions in needed repairs; but life went on, everyone returned to the Clamp Center six months to the day of the gremlin attack for the grand reopening. Everyone was there, Natalie, Liz, Valerie, Brooke, Anna, Sarah, Jennifer, Kristen, Lindsey, Jessica, Mary, Emily, Julia, Jenna, Isabelle, Robin, Rachel, Rebecca, and Maria. All of the women would forever be connected, by a truly, bad day at the office.

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