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Secorra was shocked after fucking someone's dick
Secorra Ray looked around. The party was packed. People were intermingling, drinking, dancing- just having fun. The Black Student Association's Halloween was a success again this year. Secorra just knew that the B.S.A had made some money and that was what made her immensely happy.

Dressed as an Egyptian queen, Secorra had received many compliments, during the night. The costume did little to hide Secorra's luscious curves and beauty. Her long, flowing raven black hair and caramel complexion made, Secorra look the part. At almost 6ft tall, and modelesque, Secorra cut and imposing figure. "Elizabeth Taylor has nothing on me," she told herself.

Several young men and a few older ones had hit on her since she had been here. However, Secorra had turned them down. She had recently broken-up with her boyfriend- Lashawn and she was still reeling a little bit. The two had been together for less than a year. Their relationship was often stormy, but they were in love with each other. This time though, Secorra thought that it was really over. This fight had been quite big- very vocal. Lashawn hadn't called her nor hit up her MySpace page, as was his normal custom.

The crowd at the party moved with the music. Young men and women, some in elaborate costumes, danced with each other. Some grinded on each other, appearing as though they were fucking on the dancefloor. Others were a little more reserved. The DJ fed the atmosphere playing songs that he knew would frenzy the crowd, Fat Joe's Lean Back thumped.

Secorra felt the music. She wanted to go out to the dancefloor, but the thought of some unknown "boy," as Secorra termed them, grinding on her ass was not appealing to her. Tonight I just wanna be left alone she thought to herself. She moved her hips in the chair.

Her cellphone lit up and vibrated. Secorra looked at it. Lashawn's number appeared on the screen. Secorra closed her eyes and shook her head.

"Damn boy," Secorra vented. She looked around, trying to see if he was somewhere here at the party. "Leave me alone!"

Secorra jabbed the Ignore Call button. The phone flashed several more times, before it went out. Secorra smiled. He asked for this Secorra thought to herself. The boy is too damned jealous.

"Deal with it," Secorra whispered. She looked around checking to see if anyone had heard her. Absently Secorra fanned herself. The heat in the building was uncomfortable, it wasn't stifling yet, but it was getting there.

Secorra reached out and touched the cashbox. The cold metal was reassuring. It felt heavy on the table.

"Girl you watching that box like its platinum," said Alanna, secretary of the B.S.A, who was sitting with Secorra.

Secorra laughed. She looked sheepishly at Alanna.

"I don't think its going anywhere," Alanna mocked. She giggled at Secorra.

Alanna and Secorra were a contrast in appearances. Alanna was much shorter than Secorra. Her dark chocolate skin glistened with beads of sweat. While she wasn't fat, Alanna was thick and proud of it. Alanna often told Secorra, "fellas love these hips and phat ass!"

Alanna was dressed like a fairy princess. She was wearing a pouffy, lavender dress and a pair of gossamer strap-on wings. Her breasts were propped up by the dress, giving the illusion of a bigger bust. Traces of a shimmery powder, that Alana had sprinkled on her breasts made them all the more eye-catching.

"So is Lashawn coming," Alanna asked.

"Don't know," Secorra said over her shoulder. She was slightly annoyed that Alanna had asked her about Lashawn. She didn't want to talk about him. Secorra took the money of another party-goer, as he came to the table. She glad for the interruption, as she was trying to think of someway to avoid answering Alanna's question.

Alanna lightly tapped Secorra on the arm. "Hey is Lashawn coming?" She asked again. "Is he gon be your Julius Ceasar or maybe Ramses?"

"I don't know girl. We had a fight. He might not come." Secorra buried her face in her hands.

"Oh girl, I'm sorry," Alanna whispered. She put her arms around Secorra. Alanna gave her a reassuring hug.

"Girl, get your titties off my head," Secorra laughed, waving Alanna away. "Thanks girl."

"You know you like 'em there!" Alanna grabbed her breasts with both of her hands.

"I've got my own," Secorra said, caressing her breasts.

Alanna gave her a quirky look. Then she waved a hand at her friend dismissively.

"Girl, I'm gon go and redo my make-up," Secorra said. She wiped away tear that rolled down her cheek. Secorra moved from around the table and headed for the stairwell, that led to the basement.

The stairwell was festooned with balloons and streamers. Secorra noticed a smell as she descended the stairs. She couldn't identify the smell. Several other women in various costumes passed Secorra on the stairwell and the hallway.

Only a few women were in the bathroom, when Secorra pushed open the door. A tart smell hung in the air, causing Secorra to wave her hand in front of her nose. One of the girls, standing at the mirror gave her a funny look and rolled her eyes.

Secorra dismissed her and disappeared into the stall. She heard the girls leave the bathroom. Then Secorra began pulling off her costume.

"Another hating-ass bitch," Secorra whispered. She carefully removed her crown and hung it from the hook on the inside of the stall door.

Suddenly the lights in the bathroom went out, plunging Secorra into a world of darkness. Secorra screamed. She hurried and put her costume back on. Secorra opened the door. Darkness and silence greeted her.

"Stop playing games," Secorra yelled into the darkness. She stood inside the entrance of the stall. The darkness was nearly complete and enveloping. Somewhere along the far wall, water was dripping from a faucet and the muffled beat of the music, reverberating through the wall, were the only sounds Secorra could hear. "Stupid ass bitches."

Secorra peered into the darkness, she could feel there was someone else in the bathroom with her. She wanted to scream for help, but she didn't want to appear to look stupid in case there was someone just playing around. Hesitantly, Secorra stepped out of the stall. There were two missions for her, one to cut the lights on and second to get out of the bathroom. Secorra had taken no more than 3 steps when she was grabbed from behind and lifted up into the air. Secorra screamed. Terror gripped her.

Before she could even fight back or scream again, Secorra was thrust over the countertop, the air driven from her lungs. Secorra struggled to regain her breath. She remained bent over the counter-top, a hand clasped over her mouth.

"Sssshhhhh," her attacker whispered seductively in her ear. "There's no need to scream. Besides there's no one to disturb us anyway."

Secorra's eyes widen, at the realization of the last statement. She was determined not to be raped, at her own party. Secorra twisted and turned, trying to break her attacker's grip. She felt the hand over her mouth slip and she left out a muffled scream.

"There's no need to resist," her attacker whispered again. His voice remained even and steady. His grip was unbreakable.

It seemed to Secorra that her struggles barely affected him. Secorra could tell it was a male, his cologne was unique and alluring. She could feel him press his weight down upon her. Tears started to stream from her eyes.

"No please," Secorra pleaded. Her voice choked off the words. "Not like this."

"Aren't you the one, who said she'd like to be tied up, handcuffed and ravished," her attacker whispered.

Secorra was shocked. That was something that she had written in her diary. Secorra had joked with Lashawn about, but he had laughed her off. She could feel her attacker's hand lightly, seductively rubbing her side. Her mined ballooned with the possibilities of who would have known about what she written and only told Lashawn.

"I didn't bring any rope or handcuffs," he whispered. Her attacker began slow grinding against Secorra's ass. "I just wanted to fulfill at least one of your fantasies. I know Lashawn won't do it."

Something in Secorra washed over her. Secorra tried to concentrate. She knew she needed her senses. This wasn't the place to be raped, Secorra thought to herself. Although, she had always thought about having sex in a public bathroom, the thrill of getting caught intrigued her. If this wasn't Lashawn, Secorra thought to herself, then who in hell was it! Secorra didn't recognize the voice or the cologne, which smelled particularly good. His voice also had an enthralling quality to it. A light prick on her shoulder brought her out of her thoughts.

"I could stop now if you wanted me to?" her attacker asked. He continued to rub her side. His lips and teeth pressed into her shoulder. "Or I could just show you ecstasy unlike anything you've ever had."

There was silence, as the question hung in the air. Secorra felt her attacker's hand move up and begin to massage her breast. The hand expertly massaged her breast and nipple. A little voice in her screamed for her to continue to fight, however everything told Secorra not to resist.

"No. I have a boyfriend."

"You have an ex," he whispered. He started to kiss and lick the spot right behind her ear.

As much as she hated to admit it, Secorra could feel her temperature rising. She knew her nipples were already hard and she could feel her pussy doing flips. This wasn't supposed to happen, not to her, she was good girl. Only stupid, white girls got raped, Secorra thought to herself. A small part of her, however found her situation excited. Before, Secorra could react, she felt her attacker pulling up her dress.

"You know you want this," came her attacker's seductive voice again. For an instance, the two were illuminated by an orange glow, as her attacker held a lit lighter in his hand. "You want this to happen. A rape is about power. This is about seduction."

Peering over shoulder, Secorra could see that he was dressed up like Dracula, all the way down to the teeth that shown in his mouth, as he smiled. Secorra couldn't recognize him. She watched his tongue run seductively across his teeth. She closed her eyes and breathed, something told her that he was right.

The lighter went out, plunging the restroom back into darkness. A darkness that no longer scared Secorra so much.

"Aah you wore a thong, or what passes as one," her attacker laughed, as he pulled it down, around her thighs. He took his hand from her mouth.

Secorra's face flashed hot, at the thought that someone; some stranger had seen the g-string she had worn. Then she felt his fingers playing with her pussy lips. She moaned. His breath on her ear, felt erotic.

"Ooh nice and wet," he whispered.

Secorra was surprised at herself. She was wet. A part of her wanted to scream. However another part of her wanted this to happen. Secorra forced herself to relax. Sex like this wasn't the norm for her, but Secorra found herself wanting it more and more. Secorra could feel him insert two fingers into her pussy, pumping them in and out with practiced ease. When he removed his fingers, Secorra yearned for him to replace them.

"You taste good!"

He then eased his dick into her pussy. He fed it slow at first, allowing Secorra to get used to its length. A smile spread across her attacker's face in the darkness.

Secorra was shocked. After fucking someone for awhile you know them and this definitely wasn't Lashawn, she thought to herself. Secorra tried to get herself adjusted to his slow, easy thrusts.

"You like that," he laughed. He began to pick up speed, thrusting into Secorra's pussy with more force. His hand on her breast, continued to gently pinch and twirl her nipple.

Secorra tried to move forward on the countertop. He attacker's dick had filled her up. She couldn't believe it. He seems to be able to direct it to hit different spots. If he kept on, Secorra knew that she would orgasm. She moaned and cried. "Please," Secorra moaned.

As if on cue, her attacker began thrusting harder, into her pussy drilling hidden spots of ecstasy. He laughed. He knew he had her.

Secorra could barely throw it back on him. He was moving in and out of her expertly. Then she shuddered, as the first waves of her orgasm rolled through her.

"I knew you'd like it," he said into her ear. He bit her again, in the same spot on her shoulder as before. "I knew you would like it!"

Secorra screamed. The pain in her shoulder was a mix of pleasure and pain. She could hear her heart thudding in her ears. The pain, though was an intoxication that Secorra had never experienced.

He continued to thrust, as Secorra shivered.

Secorra tried to think as her orgasm rolled over her. His energy seemed boundless, she thought to herself. It also felt like his dick was getting larger, as he continued to fuck her. He was tearing her up and they both knew it. "Damn," was all that Secorra could muster, as this stranger fucked her like she had never been fucked before.

Her attacker held onto her as Secorra shook in the throws of her orgasm. Her pussy flooded with juices, that coated his dick. Secorra could barely believe herself, she had never had an orgasm so big.

As if on cue, Secorra felt her attacker tremble slightly.

He grabbed a handful of her hair and pulled back. "I know you like it," he laughed, as he continued to punish her pussy. Then he came, pushing his dick all the way up into her pussy. He lay on top of her for a minute. Both were spent.

"Extasy," he whispered into her ear. He pulled his dick from her pussy with an audible "pop". He smacked Secorra on the ass.

Secorra could barely move. Her body wanted more dick. She wanted him to continue to pound her pussy. Secorra could feel her honey running down her thighs. A tremor ran through her thighs. Secorra smiled absently.

"I'll see you again," he whispered. He kissed her on the cheek.

Then the bathroom was silent, except Secorra's labored breathing. It seemed like a few minutes passed by.


Alanna's shrill yell came from down the hallway. She screamed out Secorra's name again.

Secorra eased herself from off of countertop. She felt around for her costume. Don't want anyone to come into here, with me like this, Secorra thought to herself. She pulled her costume back up.

Just then the lights came on. Alanna was standing in the doorway. She looked at Secorra's disheveled appearance.

"SECORRA," Alanna rushed over and helped Secorra to her feet. She tried to steady her friend.

Secorra smiled weakly at her.

"What happened baby," Alanna asked, fear creeping into her voice. She was worried about her friend.

"I don't know," Secorra lied. "I think I fainted. Someone cut the lights out."

""Why were the lights out? Why are your clothes all messed up?"

"Somebody cut them out. I was trying to find the light switch."

Alanna looked at her friend. Something wasn't right. A familiar scent, which she could not identify hung in the air.

"Did you see anyone leave the bathroom?" Secorra asked, as she leaned on Alanna.


"No one?"

"No," Alanna answered inquisitively. "Are you sure you are alright?"

"Yes," Secorra breathed. Her mind raced with excitement and pleasure, a high she didn't want to come down from.

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