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Her vagina seemed tighter than Jacob imagined it could ever be
"You're joking... Please tell me you're joking!"

"Jacob, I'm sorry," said a mildly sympathetic voice from the opposite end of the phone, the owner of the voice's attention firmly on the last minute touches of her up-do hairstyle.

"No, Courtney, you're not. You call me an hour before prom to tell me you're going with your ex instead? You know what? Fuck off!" As Jacob put up a strong front he was broken on the inside.

He threw his phone across his bedroom and ran downstairs. In his moment of rage, he began to realize the positive aspect of what had just happened. At least his parents were on that Mediterranean cruise, meaning he didn't have to live out this rejection in front of them.

Right now he felt like he needed to be alone. After canceling the limo, while still dressed in his tux, he jumped into his dad's SUV. He drove to what he considered to be his private getaway.

It was an isolated lake just outside of Shelby, the town where Jacob called home. He'd discovered the fairly large lake while hiking from his parent's cottage, two summers ago.

Jacob violently threw his tux to the ground, followed by kicking off his shoes. He stripped down to nothing as he reached the edge of the lake. He dived into the cold water, attempting to forget the night's betrayal.

Even with the shock of the frigid water, he couldn't shake his thoughts. 'What about me, is so repulsive?'

He thought himself to be average looking. He wasn't fat, probably a little baby fat, his brown hair was medium length, but not messy. His only deficit that he could think of was his asthma.

He was diligent for his age. He concerned himself with the affairs of the world where his peers simply wanted to live in the moment.

He popped his head up through the water for oxygen with the intention of shooting right back down.

He heard the object before his eyes made the discovery, the same object NASA satellites had detected minutes before as it neared earth.

Miles from Jacob's location two elite military units were now being dispatched.

The sound was a booming one. Its sudden thunderous blast was an indication of its speed and loudness.

Jacob took this as a warning, like if it was warning pistol. Because to him it looked like the object he now saw clearly, was headed his way, and fast, with no sign of slowing.

The fiery object barreled down as Jacob's arms and legs moved as quickly as they could. As it zipped closer you could see its jet black, metallic traits. With seconds to spare he escaped his sure death, as he went from swimming to running on land.

The object crashed, making a near cataclysmic splashdown in the lake. The blast wave was so large it shot Jacob into the air as he landed yards away.

The pulsing splashdown left a temporary ringing in his ears.

After regaining his wits he began to rise, gasping for air.

He ran to the SUV for his puffer. Between gasps for air he thought about the falling object. 'Could people be inside?' he asked himself.

Before Jacob could think further his legs were already moving. Not knowing how far he would have to go, he dived headfirst into the water with his puffer between his lips.

Jacob swam with purposeful speed toward the unknown. It was unclear to him if his eyes had deciphered the object before him correctly, as he thought, "Spacecraft, impossible."

It was a futuristic dynamic craft, although the water could have been distorting his perception. As he drifted closer it began to light up, almost intelligently. Now, less than three feet away, part of it opened. He no longer doubted that it had detected his presence.

He maintained his minimal distance momentarily as he attempted to make sense of this. However, his mind had little time to process before his body jerked toward the opening.

The opening led him into a small contained area as the exterior of the craft sealed itself behind him. The water was sucked out of the compartment. Then a door that led to the rest of the craft slid open.

His eyes widened as they scanned the cabin. There were lights everywhere along the rounded halls. He spotted an imposing crest that he'd never seen before; below the crest was a clearly english word, "Federation."

Jacob briefly rationalized that is wasn't a spacecraft, not even a foreign aircraft.

As he thought this, his attention turned to the center of the small craft where a young woman, probably a few years older than him, sat dressed in a black, leather, full-body uniform. She appeared motionless as she sat in the lone command seat.

Jacob's mind was set at ease upon seeing her and her normal, but exceptional traits. For the moment she appeared to be as human as he was.

Nearing the unconscious girl his eyes began to assess her beauty. As he ventured closer he realized she had a wound on the left side of her abdomen.

It clearly hadn't occurred during the crash. Suddenly her head popped up, startling the naked Jacob. She tried to speak but nothing came. She picked up a gun-like weapon, holding it at him. He backed away slowly, holding up his hands.

She stared at him like her body was fighting with itself. Her beautiful brown eyes seemed to be begging for help but still no words escaped her luscious pink lips.

Moments later she collapsed into an unconscious state. Without thinking he lifted the wounded girl from the seat and from her restraints, putting her over his shoulder.

He dropped his puffer in his haste to exit the craft.

Jacob was lucky he swam as often as he did because today proved its need. He pulled both his and the girl's body to land. Just then he heard buzzing sounds from up above. He soon realized it was the sound of helicopters, and they were quickly closing in.

'Who was this girl?' he thought as he looked at her.

She was strikingly beautiful; her straight shoulder length black hair flowed from the top of a soft, attractive face. Her ears seemed to have sharp points, which Jacob thought to either be unique, unusual, or both.

The uniform once thought to be black, now, under the dwindling light of the evening sun, was proven to be a dark blue.

It looked like something out of Star Trek, with the same crest from the ship below on the chest of the uniform. He was starting to get freaked out.

As the buzzing sound came closer her uniform began to change in front of Jacob's eyes. It began to adapt to her surroundings, which was the grassy shore. Jacob briefly stood affixed and mesmerized.

He quickly broke from this trance as he hustled the wounded beauty into the SUV. He didn't even have time to dress.

He threw everything into the SUV, except the girl, which he placed inside with care. When his hands touched the suit it made her appear completely invisible. This mechanism eventually faded away.

For a second he thought he was being paranoid, but he thought about everything that was happening, and decided paranoid could be good sometimes.

He sped away heading toward his parents' cottage. He took the SUV way off road as he heard increasing buzzing.

Twenty minutes later he made it to the cottage. As he rushed the girl indoors, to his joy, it began to rain, heavily. He hoped that it would rain enough to wash the SUV's tracks away.

He ran into the cottage, delicately placing the unconscious, foreign beauty on a bed. He then searched high and low like a madman, for the first aid kit. Upon finding it he ran back to the room.

With pure intentions he tried to disrobe the girl; he couldn't. There seemed to be no way to take off the one piece uniform. "How the hell am I supposed to take this off?" he asked out loud to himself.

As if the once again navy blue suit could hear him, a split appeared from the neck, running between and below her perky bust. As Jacob wiped away the blood, he could find no wound.

She seemed to have healed herself. "How?" he asked out loud. He searched for a pulse; it was low, as was her breathing.

As he touched her flesh he thought he heard something in his mind. It was a calm, soft feminine voice.

"Do you find me attractive?" Jacob thought he had gone mad.

Jacob said nothing as he tried to figure out what he could do, if anything, to help the girl.

"Why do you ignore me?"

Looking around, starting to become frightened, Jacob ran to the window.

As he returned to the bed the girl was standing up, devoid of her uniform.

For the first time Jacob stood naked in a room with a member of the opposite sex. Therefore, Jacob had nothing to compare this moment to except porn.

Her vagina was glisteningly bald. She stood at five foot eleven. Jacob was only two inches taller than her.

"Why don't you reply? I'm only asking a simple question. Do you not speak English, or would another language be better?" The words now came from her mouth where before they simply entered Jacob's mind like lightening.

"Yes, I... I do," he stammered on as he stumbled, falling onto the bed. She flowed slowly and seductively, pouring her naked body over his.

"You saved my life. I owe you, but I still need your help, Jacob."

"How do you know my name?" he asked in a panic, his mind unable to assess the situation.

"That's of little consequence. All that matters is this."

She lowered her head, kissing him seductively her saliva tasted sweet. Suddenly his mind was hazy. As this occurred the air around him thickened with an even sweeter perfume.

He now realized that he was unable to move. His cock was rock hard as the beauty pressed her soft flesh on top of him. Nothing frightened him like when he looked into her eyes and saw the once brown pupils beam with a yellowy gold shimmer.

"Relax, you're all tense," she said, kissing him. He was scared shitless, but all he could do was lay there and take in the allure and beauty of the foreign vixen.

As she kissed him, she positioned his cock toward her pussy lips.

Her vagina seemed tighter than Jacob imagined it could ever be. Her guarded entrance gave way when she lowered her weight down with force.

Her pussy held him tight like the glove that it was, like it was built for him alone.

His cock was coaxed as the muscles inside her pussy moved rhythmically along his length, like that of a hungry, sophisticated mouth.

Before her hips had even moved, her pussy was fucking him to the brink.

Unable to move or speak, with his mind in an intoxicated state from her saliva and the air, he was forced to enjoy the feeling as she moved her body up, down, and around his enlarged cock.

Jacob stared at her breasts and the longer he thought about them and stared at them the larger they seemed to become.

Originally, they were perky Bs, but they looked to be more than Bs and larger than Cs now.

His eyelids opened wider when he noticed her cat-like pupils and evil grin.

Being scared didn't change anything. He was harder than ever as he shot deep inside her. Her pussy changed as it milked him and her hips continued to move away.

He began to feel weaker and weaker as the foreign creature began to glow like the sun. Her toned stomach illuminated as he came again and again, her pussy muscles working like mechanized parts to milk him for everything.

This went on for what felt like hours as Jacob became weaker and weaker as her hips slammed faster and faster into his.

"Thank you, I feel stronger already," she said with an evil tone, without opening her mouth. He tried to speak but nothing came out.

"Save your energy," stated the voice, once more echoing through his mind.

His body felt the weakest it had ever been when a long tentacle-like rope slithered out of her belly button.

He panicked, but his attempts at movements were still useless.

It wrapped around his body. She bent her neck like she was considering something, her eyes shifting upwards, her mouth opening. Fangs appeared as she moved closer to his neck. Jacob thought in his mind a question meant for her.

"Am I going to die?"



As he heard his destiny, his neck was pierced. He looked into her eyes and for a moment they became one.

He now knew that what was attacking him was a foreign element to the body atop him. The body atop him was a prisoner just like him.


Before the life could be sucked from Jacob's body, a beam of light encompassed both beings.

"No!" screamed the creature before Jacob fell unconscious.

His eyes opened up and he was on a large, pure white platform surrounded by men and women in uniform like the creature had worn. The symbol or crest was present on all of them.

They swarmed the woman that attacked him as she rose to attack them. About eight of them pinned her down before she dispatched them all, throwing them across the room. She attempted to exit through a door to the hangar-like room they were in.

When the door swooshed open a team in similar uniforms, but more combat ready, shot the creature, although they did so in a reserved manner.

Jacob's mind began to overload as he collapsed once more.


He woke up in what looked like a hospital room. Visions quickly hit him. He looked down and his arms were tentacles. He shook his head and the vision went away.

His hope that all the day's incidents had been fictionally created by his mind was quickly squashed.

A female with lavender skin and an oddly shaped head began to approach him before she was ushered away, by a human man.

"We don't want to scare our patient; he's suffered a shock beyond normal proportions today." She scowled at him as he continued. "Go get the captain. He'll want to talk with the boy."

A human appearing man with a wild beard, wearing the same kind of uniform as the others, moved toward Jacob's body. "Welcome aboard the PFS Vesper. You were pretty weak when you arrived in sick bay..."

"Who are you, where am I, and what the fuck happened to me?"

"Boyo, watch your language. I said where you are; you are on the Planetary Federation Spacecraft Vesper. Ahh, but I gather I should have said the full name. Sorry, and my name is Dr. Shelton."

Jacob's eyes closed. When he opened them a man in an all-white uniform was standing next to the doctor.

"This is our captain. He wanted to debrief you himself."

Jacob looked up toward the doctor, and the man he assumed was the captain.

The captain looked at him and spoke. "Hello, my name is Captain Jacob Tassel; it's good to have you aboard. What's your name?"

Jacob froze at hearing the name as he took a clear look at the captain. Except for a few differences, one being age, they looked very similar.

The captain waited for a response from the boy as he looked into his eyes. The bandages over his hair prevented seeing beyond his forehead but lights and warnings began to go off in his head.

"Doctor, do the reports have the coordinates from where we beamed up the boy?"

Dr. Shelton, picked up a glass-like but paper thin device. "Ahh, no coordinates; we have the name of the town, Shelby, Missouri. Wait, isn't that where you're from, Cap—"

"Doctor, I'm going to the brig, and I'm sealing this wing with guards. No one talks to the boy, not even you."

With that they left.

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