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Andre noticed as her nipples hardened through her dress,realized that she wore no bra
Dahlia appeared in every way as an ancient mixture of Louisiana Creole. Her hair shinned caramel and copper with strands of gold. Her eyes shined a deep fluorescent emerald green, and her skin glistened the color of honey in candle light. Her body was complete perfection. Her face was mysterious and beautiful. Her breast were large, firm and sloped upwards. Her waist was slender and gave her hips the most feminine curve. Every man in Louisiana wanted her, not only for her money, but for her body and enchanting demeanor. Her mother had come from France in the late 1600's. Her father was a mix of Spanish and Kadohadacho. She was raised by her mother on a very large and prominent plantation only an hour outside New Orleans. Dahlia had lived a privileged life until 1738. Then in the midst of a slave uprising on the plantation Dahlia watched as her entire family was slaughtered.

As the slaves practiced various vodou ceremonies celebrating their freedom and thanking their god Bondye, a bokor approached Dahlia. As she laid on the floor of her plantation shaking with fear the bokor preformed a sacred ritual. He explained that he was to curse her, so that she would be enslaved for eternity and would always remember those who she had enslaved. He bokor motioned for a slave woman to come closer. The woman was a loogaroo, a vampyritic agent of the devil. The woman sauntered towards the bokor and Dahlia as an evil grin formed her mouth. The bokor announced that it was time. The slave woman horrifically began to tremor and vibrate, and she became scorched in a fiery light as Dahlia watched in horror. The woman drew up her arms and launched herself towards Dahlia, biting into her neck and sucking the blood as well as the life out of her. When the loogaroo had finished, her fire burned out and she slit her own chest and urged Dahlia to drink her blood. Dahlia screamed and tried to push away, but enough of the blood had already reached her system. Dahlia quaked with fear and choked with pain. The loogaroo had turned Dahlia into what some would call a vampire. This month of 1912, Dahlia had just celebrated her two hundredth birthday. To this day she resides on her families plantation, reinventing herself as heirs to the estate.

The sad prince

As the sun set over New Orleans Andre headed out of the city, fed up with traditions and expectations. At the age of twenty-nine he was expected to marry soon. Andre Jules came from a prominent French Creole family who had resided in New Orleans for hundreds of years. He drove for miles until he finally ran out of gas. Andre, still infuriated with his family's ultimatum, proceeded to get out and walk with no intention of getting help. Andre had a hint of Spanish mixed with his French heritage which showed as he pushed the long almost black hair out of his eyes as he march down the road. His eyes became an illuminated hazel hue in the dusk of night. He was pale, but his body rippled with muscles which were evident in no matter what he wore. Andre induced extreme amounts of sex appeal to all that saw him, yet he was modest and confident.

He walked until he came upon a long drive lined with large trees and lanterns. There he saw an enormous plantation situated just off of the river. Andre had decided it was now getting late and that he should try to look for gas or a ride back to New Orleans. As soon as Andre knocked, the massive door began to open revealing the most stunning woman he had ever laid eyes on. She wore a long black, silk gown with sheer flowing arms. It was very low cut and Andre watched as her breast rose and fell as she looked him over.

"May I help you?" the woman asked noticing that

Andre was searching her body, yet she did the same. Andre was startled by her voice and had forgotten why he was there.

"I. . .i ran out of gas a few miles back. I was wondering if you. . ." The woman had placed her hand on the door above her head, which made her breast lift in such a sexual manner that Andre forgot everything he was saying.

"I'm sorry but I have no car, I also don't have a telephone." The woman said as she ran a hand across her chest. Her words were seductive and enchanting.

"Pardon me?" Andre answered completely confused by her response. The woman just laughed ever so slightly.

"I'm assuming you were hoping for a car or some gas. Please do come in."

"I appreciate it, thank you. My name is Andre Jules, i was coming form the city when I lost track of time. . . I'm sorry I don't believe I caught your name." The woman had poured Andre bourbon, and was slightly leaning in to hand it to him.

"Dahlia St. Romes, It is a pleasure meeting you Andre," she said as she poured herself a glass and took a seat next to him. Andre watched as she slowly crossed her legs and a slit in her gown appeared parting all the way up to her upper thigh. He noticed her skin color was tanned all over her body. Her deep red lipstick made her eyes shine more yellow than Green.

The two talked for quite a while, the entire time Andre devoured every part of the woman across from him. Dahlia noticed his stares and said, "it is miles to the next town, you must stay the night. I insist. "

"I truly appreciate this you have no idea, I will be gone first thing tomorrow." Andre said slightly embarrassed that they had met while under such undesirable terms.

"Nonsense, I have somewhere to be in the morning and I won't be home until dusk. Do stay and have dinner with me tomorrow evening." Her voice was calm and low, as if there were erotic connotations behind every word. Andre agreed and promised he would stay until the next evening.

"Come I'll show you to your room." Dahlia said examining Andre's lower lip, and large strong hands. Dahlia led Andre to his room, moving slowly, almost gliding up the stairs, swaying her curved hips with every step. She led him to a room at the end of the hall, and when the door opened the room was illuminated with dozens of candles. Andre walked inwards surveying the room in awe. Chandeliers hung from the ceiling, gold plates, and boxes decorated the room, and the light hit everything creating a golden sphere within the room.

When Andre turned back to Dahlia she began walking towards him. As she faced him she reached her arms out. Her long red fingernails traced the collar of his shirt down his chest. Dahlia could feel the muscles underneath his clothes, and it sent currents through her body. Andre noticed as her nipples hardened through her dress, and he realized that she wore no bra or corset, that was just the natural shape of her body. She reached the first button of his shit slowly unfastening each one. As she reached the last she was nearly touching his member, which Andre tried to control with all his might. She unfastened the last button and lifted her eyes to meet his. Slowly she placed her hands on his stomach, his abs and glided her hands upwards. She caressed his bare muscular chest before working her way up his shoulders and under his shirt. There she slowly pulled his shirt down his arms, and grabbed it before it hit the ground. Andre's heart was pounding; the blood rushed to his head and then shot down to a lower part of his body.

"I will have this cleaned for you by tomorrow," she said biting her bottom lip as she looked lasciviously at his body. Although completely shocked, Andre grinned at her as he scratched his stomach in that manly way, knowing that she wanted him just as much as he lusted for her.

"Thank you, that is so very kind of you."

Dahlia gave a small grin and left the room.

As soon as the door closed Andre slid his hand down his body, slowly rubbed his hard cock thinking of the way Dahlia had touched him. He decided that he ought to sleep and see where tomorrow evening led.

As the clock struck three Andre heard the door open. He say Dahlia in a sheer cream gown, it was extremely low cut and tight making her gorgeous breast round and push forward through the material. Dahlia leaned against the bed pressing her tits around the post begging Andre to take her. As he sat up and wrapped his hands around her waist she kissed down his neck. Andre moved his hands lower and positioned her so that she was between his legs and he grabbed her ass and drew her in closer. She moaned in his ear as his cock crushed against her clit. Andre felt animalistic and just as he was ready to let go and take her he felt a painful pinch in his neck. Just then the clock struck seven, and Andre had realized he had dreamed her coming to his room.

As Dahlia turned a horse head on a large marble fire place mantel it slowly started to rotate, opening to a red velvet staircase. As she reached the last step into her secret chambers a dozen candles were set ablaze. The room was decorated in dark red and gold silk draped around the room, and rod iron candle holders. The corner of the room housed a elegant day bed filled with black satin pillows. In the middle of the room was a large white marble tomb filled with a red satin lining. Dahlia lied down trying to relive how Andre's body felt as she touched him. He was so muscular, masculine . . . sexual. She was beginning to worry that she wanted too much.

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