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Make love to me...fill me with your seed, as much as you can
Frankly, I'm not surprised that none of my friends believed me after I'd returned from my weeklong stay in the mountains. Hell, I'm not sure I believed it myself, but it happened.

At least...I think it did.

Every year I made what was for me a personal pilgrimage to a particular hard to get to place high up in the Uinta Mountains nearby where I live. It's a time for me to get away from it all, alone. Time to gather myself, think, and simply enjoy the peace and quiet of nature as well as the beauty of the surrounding forest and wildlife that is so very much in abundance around the place where I camp. It is a time for reflection and memory of better days, better times.

I had a small easy to put up tent that would provide more than adequate shelter against any unforeseen inclement weather, though the reports had assured me I was to expect warm sunny days without any rain whatsoever. Certainly warm during the day, the nights would still be on the cool side, perfect for sleeping. I'd been looking forward to this one man excursion for weeks, the stress of work and a recently failed relationship weighing heavily on my mind.

The sun had just set on my first nights stay here. I'd gotten a nice warm little fire going and broke out the cooking gear for my light easy to make dinner. The smell of fresh coffee brewing, blending in with the freshness of the mountain air always tended to relax me, and I was looking forward to just sitting there sipping a cup and staring at the stars in the sky.

Aside from the crackling fire, there was little else that could be heard in the stillness of the night, so the sound of twigs being stepped on somewhere beyond my range of vision in the darkness, alerted me to the fact that I wasn't alone. There was an abundance of wildlife about of course, and I had seen herds of Elk, several pairs of deer and even a bear or two in the past. But usually the fire kept most animals at bay during the evening, so it was a little strange to assume that something was lurking about nearby, even though I couldn't as yet see it or determine what it might be I was hearing.

I did have a powerful handgun with me in the event I might run into something, though the intent would be to preferably scare away anything that might get too curious, particularly a bear. I continued to hear the noises of something wandering about just outside of camp, still hidden and cloaked within the darkness, but there was no doubt that whatever it was, was drawing closer and closer towards me. I put my hand on the pommel of my gun, prepared to draw it out of the holster strapped to my side if I needed to, my heart suddenly beating a thousand miles an hour. It was then that I saw a shape suddenly appear, and knew instantly it wasn't a bear, or anything even remotely like that. It was a woman!

"What the fuck?" I said aloud, though actually speaking to myself.

"You in the camp...can I come in?" The soft sounding female voice asked as she drew closer towards the edge of the fire, finally revealing herself along with her features as she did so. She had long blonde hair, pale skinned with bright sparkling eyes though I couldn't as yet determine their color. Her lips were full, almost too red in appearance as she approached, smiling at me as she did, totally unafraid.

"Come ahead," I called out watching her step closer, and then adding. "What the hell are you doing out here all alone?" I now asked. "Are you lost? Hurt?"

"Sorry...I didn't mean to scare you, if I did," she told me stepping in even further into the light. She was beautiful as I stood there staring at her, my mouth agape, still in a state of shock upon seeing her. She was tall, certainly well built and wore what appeared to be a simple white shift, barely covering her body, form fitting as hell, and damn near see through as flimsy as the garment was. I could easily see the prominent outline of her breasts, dark areola showing clearly through, and even more oddly, she was barefoot.

"You didn't exactly scare me," I explained though to be honest, in a way she had, though she still hadn't answered my question as to how the hell she had found me, or what she was doing here dressed like that in the first place. "Are you lost? Hurt?" I asked once again.

She smiled softly, telling me in an instant that she wasn't hurt at least. "No...not lost, I'm with some friends, we're just a short ways away from here," she told me. "Went out for an evening walk, saw your fire and became curious."

"You went for a walk? Alone? Dressed like that?" I asked incredulously. "And without any light to get back to your camp with in order to see by? That's pretty fool hardy you know, especially up here. Not to mention there are bears up here that I've seen wandering about."


"Yeah Bears, you know...big brown or black furry things that have big teeth and claws that can eat you?"

She laughed. I wondered briefly if she was simple minded and had wandered away from camp. Her friends, parents or whatever were no doubt worried sick about her and wandering about even now looking for her.

"Maybe I'd better help you find your way back." She ignored my statement however wandering closer towards the fire, her nose sniffing the air as she caught the aroma of the beans and franks I was cooking, along with the coffee.

"What's that?" She asked.

"Dinner...you hungry? Thirsty? Do you need something to drink? Water?" I was blabbering and I knew it, but this vision of loveliness, though now worrying me she wasn't playing with a full deck here, especially wandering about in the middle of the night dressed the way she was, nevertheless had caused me to become aroused. I even chastised myself for thinking those sort of thoughts. She was obviously helpless, and I could just see the headlines now...

She reached out her hand to touch the hot coffee pot and I immediately jumped into action, slapping her hand away before she burned herself.

"No! Don't touch that! It's hot!" For the first time I saw fear and worry in her eyes as she stepped back. "I'm sorry," I apologized. "I didn't mean to hurt you, to frighten you, it's just that the coffee's hot, and I didn't want you to burn your hand."

She stepped forward again, her hand coming up to rest against the side of my face. I flinched not expecting the movement. "Don't be afraid," she said smiling at me. "I won't hurt you either."

I actually laughed, though her touch had felt like a thousand pinpricks of delight, goose bumps suddenly covering my entire body. "Yes...I am thirsty," she now stated once again looking at the coffee pot. I decided to pour her a cup and freshen mine, still wondering what it was I was going to do about her, but deciding that some hot coffee was just the thing to help warm her up some until I had a chance to think things through. Though to be honest, she certainly didn't appear cold. And then punctuated that thought a second later as she sat down on the log I'd dragged over by the fire, though not before taking the simple shift she'd been wearing up over her head.

Now she was naked. I was more confused than ever. "Ah, I'm not sure that was a very good idea," I told her. "Maybe we'd better..."

"Don't you...like me?" she asked, once again lifting her hand to rest it softly against the side of my face. And like before, I felt the same refreshed wave of goose bumps tattooing my flesh.

"It's not that...but, I'm a stranger to you, and well...your friends, family, they'll no doubt be out looking for you, and I'm not sure it will be a very good idea for them to find you sitting here with me, looking like that."

She leaned over kissing me, taking me by surprise. Normally I'd have jumped up...well maybe, at the very least I'd have done something. But I didn't. Not because I didn't want to...I simply couldn't. It was as though my entire body had suddenly gone numb from head to toe. I just sat there unable to move, yet kissing her back.

"What the hell?" I thought, unable to speak, even my lips felt tingly numb as she broke the kiss, speaking again.

Once again she smiled. "I won't hurt you," she announced, and then began running her hands all over my body, fingers nimbly undoing the buttons on my shirt, moments later unbuckling my belt, unzipping my pants, and all I could do was sit there and stare at her, unable to respond, speak let alone do anything else but mentally ask myself.

"What the fuck is going on?"

I don't know how she managed it, but she'd eventually removed my shoes, socks, and finally my pants, lifting me up off the log just enough to accomplish all that until I was sitting there just as naked now as she was. She stepped back as though admiring her handy work, and then grinned as she looked down at my crotch. At least my eyes could move, even if my head couldn't. I could just see that my cock was about as hard as it had ever been in my entire life, though I hadn't even felt it when it had done that!

She looked down at herself, and then at me again. Repeating this several times. Once again she walked over, placing her hands on either side of my head and simply stood there for several long moments, her magnificent breasts just inches away from my face as she did so, her nipples suddenly hardening. A weird moment for me perhaps, as cool as the night air had been, that only now they seemed to stiffen as opposed to doing so earlier because of the coldness. She seemed to take delight and notice of that, reaching down with her hands, fingering each of them briefly, taking obvious delight in doing so as she did. I then watched as her hand traveled down between her legs, the look of surprise on her own face as she touched herself. If I didn't know better, I'd have thought she'd just discovered her own sex for the very first time. Once again telling myself that she wasn't playing with all her marbles, or if she was...she was missing quite a few as she unabashedly stood there masturbating herself in front of me.

"You are aroused and excited the most...here," she said suddenly reaching down, wrapping her small delicate hand around my enormously stiff cock. She stroked it for a moment, once again sending wave after pleasurable wave up and down my entire body. She straddled me then, and I felt her silk pussy try to force its way over the head of my shaft.

"Holy shit! She's a fucking...VIRGIN!" I mentally screamed, unable to do so otherwise as she impaled herself, the head of my prick suddenly tearing through the barrier of her hymen. Even she screamed upon doing that, looking into my face with surprise, a little fear, and curious wonder. And then she began working herself upon me, and her look turned from all of those into one of pure pleasure, again surprise and delight as she continued to sit there in my lap slowly fucking me.

It seemed like an eternity that she did that. The pleasure greater than any I had ever known before, my cock eventually spewing its seed deep inside her warm wet pussy, though alarming me and worrying me as it did. That however...was the last waking thought that I had.


When I woke, I was inside my tent, still naked, but at least I could move. I lay there trying to shake off the cobwebs, wondering for a moment if I hadn't dreamed all that, finally crawling out of my tent and towards my now very cold fire pit. My beans and franks were burnt to a crisp, the pan ruined. At least I knew now it hadn't been a dream. I actually poured myself a cold cup of coffee, needing the caffeine more than anything, and then spotted my clothing lying on the ground where she'd taken them off and dumping them the night before. Needless to say, she was gone and there was no sign of her anywhere.

I quickly dressed, but then noticed as I did so that my handgun was missing. Though the holster on my belt remained, the weapon itself was nowhere about. Once again I was worried, alarmed that she had obviously taken it, and again my thoughts ran to those she was with, who no doubt would be out looking for me as well, if they hadn't as yet found her. In a panic I began searching the area, gradually widening my sweeps in a long drawn out circle but came across nothing, no one, and not so much as a single solitary camp that might have suggested that someone else had been there, or anywhere's close for that matter.

I finally gave up making my way back to my own camp, and collapsed in a fit of exhaustion and promptly fell asleep.

It was just starting to get dark once again when I woke. I quickly got another small fire going, dug into my back pack for some quick fix rations, scooped out what I could of the mess from last night's ruined dinner, and got the coffee going again. No one had come after me, so that was something at least. But once again I couldn't for the life of me figure out what had actually happened last night, or what had become of the young woman whose name I didn't even know.

I had just finished eating, was working on my second cup of coffee when I again heard movement behind me, coming from an entirely different direction than it had the night before. I stood up, my hand automatically reaching for the nonexistent gun on my side as I saw movement just out of the shadows of the flickering firelight before me.

"Who's there?" I called out this time, actually expecting an answer. It came in the form of a woman...but this time, she had dark brown hair instead of blonde. I wondered briefly if this was someone else from the young woman's party who had finally found me, no doubt using the fire as a beacon in doing so. That is...until she stepped more fully into the light, her facial features the exact same, the garment she wore identical as well, just as transparent as before, the only difference being her darker colored hair.

"It's you!" I said in abject surprise, once again feeling the hairs on the back of my neck stand upon seeing her. She smiled, though her friendly smile didn't exactly make me feel at ease as she did that.

"It's me...do you like?"

"What?" I responded a bit irritably. She seemed to immediately sense my discomfort and fear.

"You prefer brunettes," she stated simply, stating a fact and not a question. I did, but how could she have possibly known that? She continued walking towards me, once again her hands coming down grabbing the simple shift she was wearing, pulling it up and over her head. She was again naked, and I noticed something else upon her doing that, her breasts appeared to be slightly larger than I remembered them being.

"You colored your hair?"

She crossed the distance between us before I could actually respond to her movement, once again her hand just grazing the side of my face, I felt the tingly sensation once again spread throughout my entire body, though this time the numbness I felt didn't seem to affect my ability to move. The difference was, I didn't seem to have much control over it even when I did.

"Follow me," she said, and then stepped inside my tent. Obediently, I did so. I watched her lay down on my sleeping bag. The one other luxury item I had brought along with me, the nice comfortable air mattress, which she seemed to enjoy laying on. "Lay down...touch me," she now asked, and I simply found myself doing what she'd asked me to do.

The weird part was, my hands and fingers touched and caressed her as though having a mind of their own. I didn't need to tell myself to cup her breast, explore it, or tweak her hard stiff, very aroused nipples. They simply did so all by themselves. It was as though I was just there watching myself doing this, without being aware I was about to do this...or do that. I fingered her, something she obviously enjoyed, strumming her hard little clit with my fingers, toying with her, teasing her. It seemed like hours went by, and no doubt did, but then she again placed her hands on either side of my head, holding them there for a moment. And during this brief time, I was again paralyzed, unable to move, to speak...all I could do was sit there looking at her and wondering once again, "Who the fuck is she?"

When she finally took her hands away from my head, I could move again, this time however she moved down upon me, her eyes curious with wonder. I watched as her mouth opened, the gentle touch of her lips suddenly surrounding the length of my shaft, drawing it deeply inside her mouth, gagging her briefly as she sucked it, tasting it, and finally determined by my responses, what it was that I liked.

"This pleases you?" she asked after a time. I was delirious with pleasure, and told her so.

"Yes, it does, and it's something that I think you'd enjoy feeling me do to you as well," I now told her, seeing the curious, yet excited look in her eyes.

"But I do not have this," she said grasping my cock in her hand once again, waggling it as though needing to do so in order to show me what it was I had, that she didn't. I actually laughed, her child-like curiosity and wonder infectious, though I also once again thought of the people who'd no doubt string me up now for taking advantage of a young innocent woman.

"Who was I kidding?" I then thought. I still didn't know for sure what was going on, who she was, or for that matter...what she was. But her innocence wasn't borne out of some mindless insensibility on her part. She was intelligent, that much was obvious. And I had the feeling she could have handled me as easily as a bear might have, if she'd had the mind to do so.

"How?" She asked.

"Let me...let me, show you," I asked, letting her know upon doing so that I wanted my own free will to be given back to me here, and not some automated, autotron or something being the one to do it. Amazingly, she seemed to understand that, and I sat there flexing my fingers, pleased to see I actually had control over them once again. I coaxed her into lying back comfortably, and then placed my hands between her legs, spreading them. I moved down, though she tried sitting up, curious I am sure. "Relax, I'm not going to hurt you," I told her grinning, bearing my teeth as though I might actually eat her instead.

She actually laughed. "I already know that," she stated, and then did as I asked her to do. My fingers were already toying with her hard little nip tips, her eyes closed, though I heard her pleasured sigh of contentment as I did that, likewise planting soft sweet little kisses between her thighs, over her neither lips before finally running my tongue up through the valley of her split, easily locating her blood engorged little clit. Her eyes suddenly popping open, a deep intake of breath followed by an involuntary shudder.

"Oh my!" she exclaimed actually sitting up, propping her elbows behind her looking down at me. "Do that again!" she exclaimed, watching me. So I did. And again she shuddered, convulsed, held her breath and expelled it in a rush of pleasured joy. "Again! Again! Again!"

I now lapped away at her furiously, my tongue a blur on her clit as she collapsed back upon herself, her legs spreading even wider than they had been, her hands coming up to replace mine as she fondled her breasts, pulling on her nipples almost violently. I slid one, then two...and finally three fingers inside her pussy, finger-fucking her, devouring her clit, sucking it fiercely.

I'd been with enough women in my lifetime to enjoy the individual differences of each one's unique little climax. But never before in my entire life had I ever experienced anything like the one she had. In addition to the sudden flood of nectar that poured from her pussy like a faucet turned on, the shrill sound of her pleasured scream came from the lowest decibels of sound, escalating in intensity and volume until they reached a crescendo of pitch that went far beyond my ability to hear her. And yet...the vibrations I still sensed, felt, informed me she was crying out her ecstasy on a level that went far beyond my comprehension.
I lay there for the longest time still between her legs, my tongue barely even touching her, though she continued to shiver, convulse and seemingly drift in a never-ending sea of pleasure. Her taste was unlike any I had ever known before, her aroma intoxicating, pleasured, and I found I couldn't get enough of it.

"Make love to me...fill me with your seed, as much as you can. All of it...I want...no, I need all of it!" she told me drawing me up effortlessly towards her. In seconds I was buried to the hilt inside her, thrusting deeply, forcefully, feeling her again spasm long before I did, again...the low to high pitched sound coming from deep somewhere inside, and then hovering out of range of my ears as she came, as she sucked out my sperm, swallowing it deeply inside the depths of her womb.

I fell asleep after that. At least it felt like sleep, though I heard her words inside my headlong before I woke again.

"I must go now...but I'll be back...tomorrow, look for me."


I slept all day. There was no point in going out in search of her. I knew now I would never find her, no matter where I looked or for how long. Wherever it was that she went, it was a place I knew then I could never go, so I waited, waited for the night to arrive again, and with it...her.

I didn't even bother getting dressed, there was no point in it. And though I again started a fire, thinking as I did that, she'd still find me with or without it, I returned to my tent laying down, waiting for her. Not long after the sun had set, I heard the flaps on my tent open, she again stepping in, the same simple shift she'd worn when I first saw her coming up and over her head. Once again she had changed, there was a familiarity in her face I hadn't seen before, hovering on the edge of thought, her hair a bit shorter now than it had been, still dark. And her breasts...once again just a little larger than they had been, her nipples slightly larger as well, a bit more pronounced, even darker.

She immediately placed herself down beside me. "Kiss me again," she asked softly. I rolled over in order to do so. She giggled. "Well that too," she sighed after we had kissed. "But kiss me...down there, the way you did it last time." Now it was my turn to grin as I slithered down between her legs, and we repeated in kind the pleasures we had experienced the night before.

After she had climaxed, though I'm not sure there was a word adequate enough to describe what she did as being a simple climax, she immediately proceeded to lick and suck me once again as well. As I neared my own release, she looked up towards me apologetically, "I'm sorry...I know that you would prefer to empty your seed inside my mouth, and as much as I would like to experience what that's like...I cannot," she said simply without any further explanation. In the next instant, she had straddled me, and my sperm, my seed...was once again filling the recess of that warm and inviting cunt of hers.


Night came, and with it her expected arrival, but she never appeared. Eventually I came out of the tent, stoked the fire and wandered about aimlessly around camp. By midnight I had given up and returned to the tent swiftly falling asleep. Shortly before morning, I felt her presence when she entered, waking me with a kiss. I woke up surprised to find her there, happily delighted however and immediately rolled her over intending to "kiss her" the way she had so obviously taken to.

"No...there isn't enough time," she told me. "Just lay back...let me, pleasure you," she stated. It was darker than normal, the fire having gone out, the morning rays not yet brightening the night sky. I could barely make out her features, and yet there was something different about her, something I couldn't quite put my finger on. But it didn't matter, especially when I felt her mouth surrounding my shaft, sucking, licking, teasing me in ways I had never felt before.

"I'm going to cum soon," I told her giving her fair warning, knowing that she would then no doubt mount me again, taking my essence inside. She continued mouthing me however, her eyes the one feature I could see clearly enough in the comfort of my small little tent, telling me as she looked at me that this moment, this time between us was indeed different. I came. I came harder than I ever have before in my entire life, I felt my eruption filling her mouth as she swallowed it greedily, actually laughing in glee as she did so, sucking out every last drop before finally releasing me sitting up. The sun was just then beginning to poke the first tendrils of sunlight over the mountain top, down through the trees where we were. As it did, my eyes registered on the new change, a change that was hard to look at, to see...to understand.

My wife had died of cancer five years earlier. This had been our place, our retreat, our little spot of paradise in this world. I had been coming here ever since. Spending this time with her, in spirit at least. This was the first time that I really hadn't, and had even felt more than a bit guilty about it after all this had begun.

What I now saw was my long dead wife.


Mary smiled at me, kissing me. If indeed she was Mary...though I once again had to ask myself if I were dreaming, hallucinating, or finally had plain and simply gone mad.

"I like the sound of that...so yes, you may call me by that name if you wish to," she replied, and then stood, her face looking sad as she did so.

"Where are you going? What are you doing?" I asked worriedly.

"I must go..." she said forlornly seeing the look in my face. I sat up, looking at her, looking at Mary, my wife, my lost love in life.

"Please don't go...stay, I need you."

I saw tears forming in her eyes as she looked at me, holding out her hand towards me. I took it standing, following her out of the tent. She came into my arms kissing me, kissing me the exact same way I remembered when Mary kissed me.

"I'm sorry...but I must go now. But..." she then said smiling at me with a look that was all too familiar. "I will be back."

"I'll be here," I replied knowing that I would be. I stood there watching her go, watched her as she walked down the hill into the trees, but I never saw her come out of them again.


I don't know if Mary as I now thought of her, was Angel, Alien from some other planet, or a simple figment of my own imagination. Maybe I'll never know. And certainly no one else ever believed what I saw, or what we did. But whatever she was, and for whatever reason she came to me, I'll continue to make that pilgrimage to our spot, our place for however long that it takes, until I see her again.

And I know...somehow I know and believe. I will.

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