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I'm guessing extra rough tonight
Elisha stood dressed in a red and black gown, next to her was Brelyna dressed in a white wedding gown looking nervous but proud. The priest of the temple looked at the two, "Do you now agree to be bound together in love through poverty, and sickness, now and forever?" He asked looking at Brelyna.

"I do now and forever," Brelyna said she smiled at Elisha.

"Do you agree to be bound in love together now and forever?" The priest asked turning to Elisha.

"I do," Elisha said turning to Brelyna.

"Under the authority of Mara, the divine love I now declare this couple to be wed. I present the two of you with these matching rings. Blessed by Mara's divine grace," The priest said he held out his hand which had two rings Elisha and Brelyna grabbed the rings and placed them on each other's fingers. The two kissed and the attendee's applauded then Elisha and Brelyna turned and walked away. People stood some congratulating, other's encouraging. As they walked away Elisha's eyes turned to a corner where Mjoll the Lioness stood looking sad. Elisha stopped for a second then when Brelyna turned to her she looked at Brelyna and walked forward.

"Is something the matter?" Brelyna said.

"Not really do you still have that alteration spell?" Elisha asked.

"Y-You mean..." Brelyna blushed and put a hand on her stomach, it had been 3 months since the incident and Brelyna was already getting a bulge. It had been masked by a powerful Illusion spell that Elisha had placed on Brelyna so that none would see the belly indicating the young life that was growing in her beloved.

"Yes... I have a rather... close friend I saw her and needless to say we were... close at a certain point..." Elisha said hesitantly.

"You loved each other?" Brelyna asked.

"At one point yes, but it didn't last... at least for me it didn't I had other things to do with the dragon's reappearing." Elisha said Brelyna understood as the Dragonborn Elisha was the only one who could permanently put an end to the magnificent but deadly creatures. In Elisha's final battle she had been severely wounded she had appeared at the college near death and it took all the masters combined powers to nurse her back to health. Brelyna having heard of it secretly visited Elisha while the masters continued their lessons. "I got over my love for her but... I don't think she's gotten over her love of me." Elisha said.

"I understand, I'll do anything to make you happy and at ease my love. " Brelyna said.

"As will I," Elisha said the two exited the temple to make plans.

-Later that night-

Mjoll sat in the pub several tankards in front of her, she sighed and looked at the half-full tankard in her hand. Mjoll was both happy and sad she was happy that Elisha was married but she was sad that she married. Mjoll and the Dragonborn had gone through several scrapes when the Dragonborn needed a companion for certain quests. Mjoll remembered when she and Elisha went to hunt down some bandits and while they had done so a Blood Dragon appeared. Elisha and Mjoll fought the deadly beast in mortal combat Elisha giving the finishing blow to the beast. Mjoll saw Elisha absorb the dragon's soul. However both had to retreat and rest for a few days to heal. They had gotten to a small shack by a river and stayed there. As they stayed they treated each other's wounds and had gotten very close and it wasn't long before they were having sex. Mjoll remembered telling Elisha that she was a virgin and that if Elisha had been born a man she would of gladly of lived as Elisha's wife to the end of her days and beyond.

However Elisha couldn't stay with Mjoll she was the Dragonborn she had a duty to kill Alduin the God of Death. Before Elisha left Mjoll wished to go with her but Elisha had shut that thought down quickly. So Mjoll watched as her brief lover vanished from her sight. But Mjoll was not one to eat and drink her depression away. No, she waited for Elisha exercising and working on making herself stronger to better serve Elisha. Then Elisha did come back after a year and with her was that dark elf Brelyna. Mjoll was heartbroken the one person she loved and trusted was with someone else and to top it off she was marrying with said person. Mjoll attended only to confirm her fears. Now she was just trying to drink the memory out of her head but was having a hard time doing so it was impressed so firmly in her head.

The door creaked open and the sound of armor clanking was heard Mjoll didn't even bother to look up. The sound of wood rubbing against wood was heard as someone sat down at her table, Mjoll look to see Elisha sitting there wearing her black daedra armor save the helmet. Mjoll groaned and she turned her head away. "Hello Mjoll," Elisha said Mjoll was silent, "I understand you are angry, but... there's something I want to do for you, will you come with me?" Elisha asked. Mjoll didn't answer, she just sat there, "Mjoll!" Elisha said in a commanding tone. People had started to leave the pub, all the people of Skyrim knew of the Dragonborns ability to use the Dragon's shout ability. Even the bartender left, "What must I do to make you come with me?" Elisha demanded. Her reply was a fist to her cheek Elisha fell off her seat and looked at Mjoll surprised. Mjoll was standing now her face red and tears were streaming down her face.

"There is nothing you can do! You betrayed me and my love! You leave me here, when you knew how I felt and I worked myself to become strong enough to help you through anything! Then you come back and you... you... you marry that damn elf! What did I do to deserve such betrayal and mockery!?" Mjoll shouted she stood there breathing hard sniffing every now and then the tears falling from her face to the floor. "I loved... no, I still love you with all my being, I would go to the afterlife to bring you back my love is so great. But now... my heart is ruins... empty and destroyed, I cannot continue without you." Mjoll said and she knelt down to her boot and grabbing a handle she pulled out a dagger and put it to her chest. She was about to thrust it down when a ball of light knocked into her making her stagger back. She looked to see Elisha had her hand outstretched.

"ZUN HAAL VEEK!" Elisha shouted a wave of force slammed into Mjoll and her fingers dropped the dagger instinctively she staggered at the force of the Shout. She tried to grab the dagger again but Elisha got up and tackled Mjoll. Mjoll struggled but Elisha held her as still as she could, "Mjoll! Listen to me! I am sorry for betraying your love I would've thought that within so much time you would have stopped loving me. Mjoll had I known you still felt this way..." Mjoll stopped struggling staring at Elisha the eyes were sad and filled with regret and pity. "I would have come back to you... truly I would have, but I assumed that you would forget our brief love I underestimated your love. Please come with me and I will give you something to make up for it." Elisha said. Mjoll stared at Elisha then she relaxed her muscles Elisha stood up and pulled Mjoll up. With that the two headed out the pub and to Elisha's house in Riften.

-Elisha's home-

Elisha walked in and she looked at her thane, who nodded and walked out the door passing Mjoll. Mjoll looked the thane leave then close the door. Elisha locked the door, and she went to the back door and locked that as well. "For personal reasons." Elisha said then she went to the stairs that lead down into the basement Mjoll noticed that the bed in the bedroom was missing. She followed Elisha down and when Mjoll turned her mouth fell open. The bed was downstairs and laying on it was Brelyna who had a hand on a bulging belly she had a rather seductive smile on her face.

"Ah you're here." Brelyna said but... there was something different about her voice more confident, husky, alluring, and sweet. "So she's the one? I see why you loved her she has an excellent body," Brelyna said.

"It's more than that Viagra." Elisha said, Mjoll looked at Elisha angry and confused.

"What game is this?" She demanded.

"Be patient, you must first promise me that no matter what you will not speak of the events here to anyone!" Elisha said Mjoll looked at Elisha trying to find the jape but she found none she sighed and nodded. Elisha grabbed her armor and began to take it off the arms went first and Mjoll was surprised to find rather large muscles underneath. She knew that Elisha was strong but she never had much of a muscle definition. Elisha then pulled off her chest plate and Mjoll's mouth fell open again as she saw the tightly wrapped bandages that held her bust back which Elisha tore off and her bountiful bosom was released defying gravity save a slight sag.

"W-what devilry is this?" Mjoll gasped, Elisha answered by grabbing her lower armor and pulling that off to reveal a strap of cloth that was bulging slightly. Eloisha grabbed the cloth and pulled that off. Mjoll's vision went dark as she fainted.

"Well that went well, hm hm hm." Viagra chuckled.

"Laugh it up prepare the spell." Elisha said and grabbing Mjoll's limp body she lifted her, since she got her muscles from that spell Elisha had been able to carry more than she ever could. She carried Mjoll to the bed and laid her gently down. Viagra was moving her hands as she conjured the words in her mind. The magick energy gathering at her hand when the spell fully formed she held it there, Elisha grabbed some smelling salt that lay on the enchanting table and putting it under Mjoll's nose she waited as Mjoll's face wrinkled then her eyes opened. Mjoll looked around and saw Elisha.

"Elisha I had a most terrible dream, I..." Mjoll trailed off as she saw the large penis and balls that hung in Elisha's crotch. "By the... how is...?" Mjoll blundered.

"Mjoll, I am still a woman I just have... something extra due to a spell." Elisha said, to prove this she grabbed her organ and lifted revealing her vagina. Mjoll now intrigued probed the additions she had felt a man s privates once before sometimes when she took the items from the corpses. She felt it and she confirmed that it was not a fake or plastic it was real. "Mjoll, she is pregnant with my child." Elisha said pointing to Viagra. "If you wish you may impregnate me with the same spell used to give me this form. As atonement for what I did." Elisha said Mjoll looked at Viagra who held the spell in her hand. She then looked at Elisha and she grabbed Elisha's hand.

"No... I do not want you to bear my children..." Mjoll said Elisha opened her mouth to speak but Mjoll silenced her by raising her hand. "But I do want to bear your children... I want to give birth to a child that will make you smile and will bring you joy." Mjoll said Elisha smiled and she hugged Mjoll.

"You already do so by humbling me... If you are sure then please let us begin..." Elisha said breaking the hug and looking lovingly at Mjoll. Mjoll smiled and grabbing her armor she stripped, Elisha looked at Mjoll's breasts which were smaller than her own but still considerable. When Mjoll was completely nude she sat there looking slightly nervous. "Viagra if you would?" Elisha asked Viagra smiled and dispelling the first spell she readied two more one in each hand.

"Mind if you expose yourself? You will need this spell so you don't get hurt." Viagra said Mjoll blushed then she moved and exposed her vagina to them Viagra took the spell and sent it inside so that Mjoll would be able to withstand Elisha's monster in its current and later sizes. She then shot the second spell at Mjoll's chest. Mjoll squeaked as it entered her breasts she opened her mouth to give a rebuke but a moan came out as a heat started to build up in her. Mjoll closed her eyes as her body was electrified her nerves tingling unknown to her, her breasts were swelling bigger and bigger. Mjoll moaned and she arched her back as the feeling intensified. Mjoll's breasts then stopped swelling Elisha was both surprised and miffed to find that Mjoll's breasts was bigger than hers by quite a considerable amount.

"What jape is this?" Elisha asked.

"Hmmm she seems to have a lowered resistance to magic, the lower the resistance to magic the more powerful a spell is on a person." Viagra said, "This body contains pretty strong magic already but if she has a low resistance to magic any spell I put on her will be far stronger than the average person." Viagra said.

"Is that so? Hmm I wonder what she would look if she had this spell on her... no matter I think she's ready... think you can give me a boost oh... about half-way?" Elisha asked.

"Hmm double dose or normal?" Viagra asked playfully.

"Normal... for now." Elisha said Viagra nodded and with that Elisha grabbed Mjoll's legs and pulled her so that her now erect cock was at the entrance to Mjoll's secret place. Elisha leaned forward and kissed Mjoll gently Mjoll grunted and she opened her eyes to see Elisha kissing her.

"Elisha?" Mjoll asked.

"Good now this will hurt..." Elisha said and before Mjoll could asked Elisha hugged her and gave a thrust. Mjoll screamed into Elisha's chest as Elisha's cock penetrated into her nethers. Mjoll could feel it entering her body like the hilt of a blade. Mjoll was so focused on the feeling she didn't see Elisha's cock bulging against her smooth but muscular abdomen. Elisha kissed Mjoll gently as Mjoll brought herself back to reality. Mjoll turned her head and kissed Elisha gently, lovingly. Elisha then began to move thrusting into Mjoll while still kissing her. Viagra watched coolly her fingers playing with her nethers. Elisha had switched positions now laying underneath Mjoll her cock thrusting and arcing up into her. Mjoll moaned and grunted as she felt the hips slap her butt cheeks.

Viagra's eyes on the cock knowing that she would soon get it herself Mjoll was moaning louder now rubbing her breasts with her hands. Grabbing and pulling her nipples she moaned as both her and Elisha neared orgasm. Elisha grunted "Here it comes Mjoll,I sow my seed in your fields!" Elisha grunted and she grunted one final thrust her cock spewing cum into Mjoll's womb which set her off feeling the hot gooey sperm inside her from her former lover utterly satisfying. She groaned as she orgasmed her juices coming out from the side of Elisha's cock. She panted as more cum filled her then she closed her eyes feeling more tired than she ever felt in her entire life. Elisha slid out from Mjoll and gently lifted and placed the woman down into a more comfortable spot.

"Now that you are done with her can we go?" Viagra teased.

"Sure, by the way you want the baby here or somewhere else?" Elisha asked.

"Hmmm don't really matter but I do want to go somewhere if that is fine with you." Viagra asked, Elisha crawled forward and kissed Viagra and began to stroke her cheek.

"And where would that be?" Elisha asked.

"I wish to see Whiterun where it all began for you," Viagra asked.

"And what prompts such a quest?" Elisha asked.

"Just curiosity my other self has never really been to other places I think where your adventure started is where she should start." Viagra said.

"Anything for you love," Elisha said and she kissed Viagra, the two moving their antics upstairs. Viagra looked at Elisha and a magical ball of light appeared she threw it at her. Elisha let it hit her and she felt her muscles begin to expand her arms and legs bulging with raw power. Elisha flexed her arms feeling the power in them "I'm guessing extra rough tonight?" She said with a smirk then she grunted as her cock bulged and began to grow and her balls also throbbed, swelling larger and larger Elisha grunted as the swelling stopped she looked at her balls They weren't as large as their first time but large enough that she either had to put them behind or in front in order to walk.

Elisha went to Viagra who went to the dresser and leaned against it her ass sticking out for all to see. Elisha licked her lips and walking forward she grabbed Viagra's butt giving it a light slap making the dark-elf hiss with pleasure. Then she inserted the large head into Viagra's ass. Viagra moaned as Elisha soon began to move her hips slapping Viagra's butt which Elisha was sure felt bigger than normal. "Ungh... huff... Viagra did you... UGH! Do something t-tOOOH!!! Yourself?" Elisha moaned as Viagra rotated her hips making Elisha wince in pleasure.

"Mmm yesssss... oh god yes! I hope you like it! II thought it might be a nice change of pace for us! Oooh I have another, ooohhh spell in the works one that should make things veeerrrrrrr-yyyyYYY!!! Huff, huff interesting." Viagra moaned.

"I'll hold you to it! Damn you lynx I'm... I'm...!" Elisha thrust in with all her might cum exiting her balls into her cock and into Viagra's ass and intestines Viagra moaned as it filled them and worked it's way up her asshole and into her stomach she purred and looked at Elisha. Elisha sighed and laying on Viagra slightly she kissed her cheek. Viagra moaned in pleasure then looked at Elisha as best she could.

"One more?" She asked, Elisha's grin was her answer, with that the two lovers made love again and again very loud and raucous love. This lovemaking had an unpleasant effect of angering the townsfolk from the raucous love-making. It should be said that neither really cared too much for the townsfolk for later on that day the two left their home with a song and a jig. Mjoll woke up with her still bloated belly and rubbing it pensively she closed her eyes and smiled.

"I will bear your children Dragonborn... and they will know of your deeds and your kindness and one day they may save the world." She said smiling to herself. After that day Mjoll retired from her duty and moved to Whiterun where she had her daughter who was the spitting image of her mother all the way down to the small penis and scrotum she had...

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