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Elisha could feel her strength and mind get sapped away with each tantalizing kiss.
Brelyna looked at the spell then she looked at her subject, the current Arch-Mage and Heroine of Winterhold, The Dragonborn known as Elisha. Elisha was a Nord with powerful magical aptitude and after her heroic deeds at the college was awarded the title of Arch-Mage. However she also was an excellent warrior and archer and had a knack for picking locks. Currently suited in the evil looking Daedric armor she looked at Brelyna. "Does it have to be me to do this test? I don't want to end up being green again or invisible... or whatever that could happen." Elisha said from under her helmet.

"Well, being green wore off eventually and I was able to reverse the spell for being invisible!" Brelyna said sheepishly, "Besides this spell shouldn't have any weird effects! I think..." Brelyna said looking at the book carefully Elisha gulped. "All right here we go!" Brelyna said and closing the book she held up a glowing white hand and focused a ball of light forming and she threw it at Elisha. The ball hit Elisha then sunk into her armor Elisha stood there for a second then she shrugged.

"What magic is this?" Elisha asked.

"It's an alteration the spell is supposed to increase your muscle mass making you stronger than before. Though the book does have some parts of it ripped out." Brelyna said holding up the page she had been reading from. Elisha looked at the page then she grabbed the book.

"Um... are you sure you're on the right page?" Elisha asked.

"Yes why?" Brelyna said confused.

"Well I'm not an expert on alteration magic but the rest of this spell looks like it was written by someone else!" Elisha said holding the book and pointing to words halfway through the page Brelyna took the book and looked at it then she lifted her head which turned pale white.

"I-I didn't know! Oh no!" Brelyna looked through the book for a way to reverse the spell but then she heard Elisha groan and she looked up to see the Daedric armor was glowing. Elisha grabbed her helmet and pulled it off allowing Brelyna to see the Nord woman's face for the first time. Elisha had long silver hair and green eyes that were glowing now, "A-Are you all right?" Brelyna asked concerned for her friend.

"Hot... So hot... need... armor... remove..." Elisha said, Brelyna nodded and grabbing the Daedric Armor she began to remove it piece by piece. Brelyna blushed as she saw Elisha's body without the armor, Elisha had a slightly larger than normal bust compared to most women so large was it that the cloth could barely cover her breast. Brelyna was tempted to grab the helmet to see if it was as big as the helmet but quelled that as she touched Elisha's skin. Indeed it was hot almost feverish hot.

"Oh dear! We should get you to bed! I know of a recipe to cure this!" Brelyna said and grabbing Elisha she led her to the bed. She lowered Elisha onto the bed Elisha moaned and she shifted slightly "What have I done?" Brelyna murmured. She headed to the alchemy table to begin making the potion to help her friend, while she did that Elisha groaned her head turning sweat pouring off her body. Elisha felt like her body was on fire and melting as she twisted and turned she didn't see her arms starting to bulge growing thicker and larger with muscle. However the greatest change was occurring below something was growing bigger and bigger. It was making her something else, something more, something better. It continued to grow then it stopped now a lump against her lower clothing when that stopped so did the fire. Brelyna ran back the potion in hand. She didn't pay attention to below just above as she grabbed Elisha's head and raised it. As she did she felt Elisha's skin was cool, she stopped and looked at Elisha's face it was no longer hot or bothered.

In fact it was relaxed but tired. Brelyna sighed and she lowered Elisha and she looked at Elisha's body she was surprised to see the slight definition of muscle in Elsiha's body. She pressed it and found it resist her touch. She smiled and felt the muscular body however when her eyes fell to Elisha's legs she stopped seeing the bulge on the undergarments. She froze her heart beating loudly she then grabbed the loincloth and lifted it up she dropped it too stunned by what she saw. She stood up and was about to walk away when Elisha groaned. Elisha sat up grasping her head and she turned to see Brelyna. "What is wrong did I turn blue or something?" Elisha asked.

"No... um... I think... you should look down." Brelyna said turning back to the Arch-mage. Elisha looked down confused he saw the new strong looking muscles then her eyes fell on the bulge. She gazed at it cooly then she grabbed the loincloth and lifted it up. Before her was a males privates, a penis and balls. Elisha lowered it slapped herself then raised it again. Brelyna was nearly at the door when Elisha moved so fast that she was a blur tackling Brelyna, she stood her hand grasped at Brelyna's throat, and hoisted her up.

"What did you do to me!?" Elisha snarled.

"I-I-I don't know! Please I'm sorry! I didn't want this to happen!" Brelyna said with a choked voice Elisha released Brelyna who coughed clutching her throat. Elisha looked down at herself she flexed her fingers and looked at her arms and legs she felt strong... stronger than she had ever felt. She glanced at the male organ again judging by its size she was at least 7 maybe 8 inches long meaning she was larger than average for a human that is. She looked at Brelyna and sighed she then held up her hands healing light flowing towards Brelyna.

"I'm sorry I hope this spell wears off." Elisha said.

"It should... though I'm not sure how long it'll take." Brelyna said Elisha looked at crotch again and she grabbed the loincloth and ripped it off letting her new organ free in the slightly humid air of her quarters. Brelyna looked at it blushed and looked away. "C-Could you please put on some clothes?" Brelyna said Elisha looked at Brelyna and a devilish grin appeared on her face. She walked forward giving a thrust of her hips she stood there displaying her organ in front of Brelyna's face. Brelyna smelt the musky scent and tried to turn away but couldn't. Elves had better senses than humans this included scent as well. She could smell the cock and as she inhaled she also inhaled the pheromones.

"So Brelyna is a virgin what's the matter never seen a penis before?" Elisha said Brelyna gazed at the cock transfixed. "Well since this will wear off I think we should see if it works in the first place don't you?" Elisha said Brelyna was still gazing at the cock. "I'll take that as a yes." Elisha said and she pulled the elf to her feet and began to remove the robes. Elisha observed the near bare body of Brelyna. Brelyna had a rather larger than normal bust for a elf and had a thin body it was quite clear she didn't work out but that she wasn't a complete slouch. She had very smooth curves that weren't exaggerated or flat. She was beautiful in her own subtle way Elisha was then aware of a slight pain in her crotch and she looked to see her cock was erect. Elisha looked up just in time to see Brelyna lunge at her tackling her. Elisha and Brelyna fell back into the small garden that Elisha had. The sound of squished and broken plants and fungi was heard. Brelyna was panting and she pulled up looking at Elisha with a slightly crazed look.

"Whoa take it easy!" Elisha said.

"No... I must... I need that... that... phallus!" Brelyna said and she pushed down and slid down Elisha coming to her cock. Brelyna grabbed the hard cock and looked at the slightly ruddy-red length. Elisha gave a gasp as Brelyna's fingers began to probe and rub the length. Elisha tried to move but her body was twitching and spasming slightly as Brelyna began to rub under the head. She could feel something as her body tightened.

"It's... something is... CUMMING!!!" Elisha shouted and her cock jerked and began to spew cum directly into Brelyna's face catching her by surprise as large white globs stuck to her face. Elisha's cock spewed out cum for a few seconds before weak white spurts came out landing on the ground. Elisha panted and fell back her body feeling slightly sore. She pushed herself up again to see Brelyna looking at the cum wiping it from her face into her hands she played with the sticky substance she then opened her mouth and stuffed it inside. Elisha watched as Brelyna swirled it in her mouth before closing it and giving a gulp. Elisha watched as Brelyna hummed and she opened her eye's gazing at Elisha.

"Morrrrreeeee..." Brelyna purred she held up a hand a ball of light forming. Elisha watched in shock as Brelyna threw it at her. Elisha tried to get a ward up but it was too late the ball hit her in the groin. Elisha gave a gasp as her cock and balls grew hot. She looked through squinting eyes she gaped slightly. Her cock and balls were swelling becoming larger and larger her cock which had been around 10 inches hard was now looking somewhere close to 18 inches. Her balls had swollen up quite a bit now 11 inches in diameter straining against their sac making it shine in the light. Breylna made another ball and this time inserted it to her chest. She gave purring moan as her breast suddenly began to expand quickly growing till they were bigger than watermelons! Brelyna then made one more and shoved it into her pussy. "Rrrrrrready... I'm gonna have some fun... I've been cooped up for so long... I can use some relief." Breylna said.

"Ugh, what's... what's going on? Why are you... so different?" Elisha said she tried to stand but was unaccustomed to the weight below even with her newfound strength. Breylna purred and she grabbed the monster cock she had made and kissed it lovingly. Elisha could feel her strength and mind get sapped away with each tantalizing kiss. She tried to move but couldn't her mind was muggy and the only thing that made sense was the need to fuck, to bury, and to sow. Then her strength returned... no this was not her normal strength. It was a newer more dominating strength.

She sat up and using her strength she flipped her and Brelyna so that Brelyna's back was to the garden. Brelyna looked surprised but was quickly shown the large 18 inch cock and her surprise faded to a lustful grin as she opened her mouth and began to engulf the cock. Her tongue rubbing and licking the huge head Elisha grunted as Brelyna worked her cock.

Elisha then gave a snarl and she jabbed her cock into Brelyna's mouth Brelyna was caught off guard and she gagged as the cock sank into her mouth down her throat and partially into her esophagus. Elisha then began to fuck Brelyna raping her mouth and throat her hips moving powerfully Brelyna unused to this tried to push Elisha off but the woman was powered by her muscles which were shifting slightly and growing becoming stronger. Elisha then gave a roar and her cock began dumping her balls great load into Brelyna's stomach. Brelyna had forced tears in her eyes and was trying her best to breathe through her nose. She then felt her stomach begin to bulge and her eyes traveled seeing her belly swelling bigger and bigger as it filled with cum. Elisha gripped the ground her fingers gouging the earth in the center then she gave a satisfied grunt after a whole minute of cumming and her cock slid out.

Brelyna coughed and gagged she put a hand to her mouth to prevent herself from throwing up. Elisha held up her hand and yellow light engulfed Brelyna the urge to vomit fading she looked at Elisha and her cock which was still erect. Elisha then gestured to her balls. "Bigger..." She breathed Brelyna looked and she gave a smirk she held up both of her hands focusing the spell with both hands making it more powerful than ever. She then got to her knees Elisha walked forward and Brelyna pushed the now multiplied magic into Elisha's balls.

Elisha felt the burning sensation again however more intense and stronger than ever. Her body turned the sensation into power and lust as her balls began to bloat immensely filling and growing stretching even bigger than before. Brelyna watched as the balls began to push the flora down as they continued to grow Elisha stepped forward so that her balls grew behind her. They continued to swell then they stopped Elisha looked to see that she was practically sitting on the now large nuts. Her balls looked to be the size of a black bear. She turned to Brelyna who had stuffed a concentrated ball into her cunt.

"Let's do this... I've never seen one so willing to go so large... satisfy my lust and return the stuttering child." Brelyna said.

"Wait before I do tell me... what are you?" Elisha asked.

"I am the result of a potion gone wrong. Brelyna wanted to become more confident and be accepted by the people. However instead she became even meeker and more hesitant she didn't know that I would come out when she became sexually aroused. She had long lusted after a man in our village but during her masturbation I came out and took over. I had knowledge greater than she ever had for I had taken everything she had deemed useless and used it for my own. There are many spells the spells I know are said to be the spells of a dirty mad man. He had unlocked many secrets of the body including growth, arousal, subjugation, and even manipulation of a person gender. That spell was a spell to turn a man to a woman and a woman to a man but the spell had been rendered incomplete. The result of that is you and you are possibly the best thing I have ever met." 'Brelyna' explained.

"So you're saying that the missing parts would of turned me into a man? I think I like this... I hope you can reverse this I'd like to move when we're done. Though before that what should I call you my little minx?" Elisha said 'Brelyna' had a hand on her chin then she gave a seductive smile.

"Call me Viagra..." She said, "I'll do one more thing... this girl is desperately seeking love and for one to understand her. I think you can do that and to make sure of that you must mark her as yours." Viagra said and she formed another ball of magic and this time she ate it. "This spell will instantly make her fertile and no matter what you do she will be impregnated by you. Also the first spell will allow her to take as much semen as possible without her suffering or even dying... once she is impregnated it will void the rest into another realm. Now let's go..." Viagra purred. With that she went to the monstrous cock and she looked at Elisha. With the massive cock, the new powerfully built muscles, and the enormous ball sac she was sitting on she looked like a freak.

Viagra smiled though, she was now going to be Brelyna's loving freak and mate. Viagra grabbed the cock then she eased herself onto the cock she looked at Elisha who nodded and she reached for Viagra grabbing her hands. She then pulled Viagra forcing more of her cock into Viagra getting in a good foot Viagra moaned and she shuddered at the feeling of such hot, and iron-like cock. Viagra then go to the base of Elisha and the two were pressing their enlarged breasts against each other. Then Elisha grabbed Viagra's butt and began to lift and lower the dark elf Viagra clung to Elisha moaning as the cock pushed in and out of her body. The hot and stiff pole lifting her up slightly as Elisha began to mix thrusts with her raising and lowering. Viagra pressed her body to Elisha her legs wrapping around Elisha's buttocks. The two were moaning and panting now Elisha kissing and biting Viagra's body while Viagra nibbled on Elisha's ear.

Elisha grunted as her muscles began to seize up. Her grip tightening as her fingers dug into Viagra's buttocks. "C-CUMMING!" Elisha shouted and Viagra pulled her arms away and leaned back as Elisha's balls emptied themselves of their prodigious load capable of filling even a mammoth to beyond full. With each throb a large glob of cum spat out followed by another and another Viagra's belly was bulging now her womb filling with cum.

Elisha managed to snap out of her stiffness and began to pump her cock in and out even as it pumped cum into Viagra with each pull out cum was splatter onto the ground. Viagra moaned as the cock stimulated her even harder than before Viagra bit her lip as she orgasmed herself. Viagra could still feel cum flooding her womb bloating her even more as Elisha fucked her still. Viagra's mind was a haze of pleasure, satisfaction, and happiness. She then heard Elisha give a rumbling groan and Viagra felt herself get pushed off and she was lowered to the ground and Elisha freed her cock which was covered in cum and pussy juice. Viagra looked to see her huge belly eclipsing her view however she prepared the counter spell and she held it up.

"Do it," Elisha said and Viagra threw the enhanced counter spell it hit Elisha's titanic balls Elisha shuddered as a cool feeling flooded her body and her cock began to shrink back to its previous size. Viagra prepared the second counter spell. "Wait I like it like this... I'll keep it for now..."

"Very well... treat Brelyna well she is... delicate..." Viagra said and she closed her eyes. Her eye's opened again and they were panicked and fearful Elisha stepped forward to look at Brelyna.

"Welcome back," Elisha said.

"Welcome-? Oh, oh no! Did I... Did I..." Brelyna had tears forming in her eyes.

"Let's just say I am very grateful to what she did. And you have my hand and heart." Elisha said kneeling down and brushing the tears from Brelyna's eyes. She kissed Brelyna's lips and Brelyna opened her eyes in surprise looking at Elisha kissing her passionately. Elisha broke the kiss and she looked into Brelyna's eyes. "Do I have your hand and heart?" Elisha asked stroking Brelyna's cheek Brelyna had tears again but tears of joy.

"Oh, oh... Archmage you have my entire being!" Brelyna said smiling.

"I am glad and please... call me Elisha."

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