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He was anxious to feel her tongue against his
Sir Daniel rode his thundering steed hard through the meadow, skirting the thick line of trees of the forest. After a half hour of a full gallop he slowed the mighty horse down to a slow walk. He wanted to conserve its energy for the remaining two hours of the trip back to the Castle.

It was his last crusade, and he wanted to take his time to revel in the victory that he and his men had scored. Every thought of the battle flashed through his mind as the slow gait of the horse became regular and steady.

His mind was still that of a young Knight, but his body bore the scars of a seasoned veteran after too many battles to remember. He had promised the King a victory and was pleased to be returning as the victor.

King William was a fair King. He provided protection for his people in return for their work in the fields and the encampment known as Thunder Castle.

The commoners were very successful with the crops and the raising of cattle for food among other services such as a renowned livery, producing a high grade line of steeds for war.

King William took from the common people that which they offered, which was always the very best of what they had grown. This was their decision because he was fair in not over taxing them as many other Kings did. In return, they never feared being overtaken and captured into poverty by the rival clans.

Sir Daniel was the senior Knight of King William. He was taken into the King's heart as closely as a son was. He was revered as a warrior and a competitor and was loved by all that knew him in Thunder Castle, including the others who were equal in rank, as well as his subordinates.

He was a towering man. He was six feet six inches tall and carried a burly, but well toned weight. His hair was a dark auburn and his eyes were hazel in color that turned steel gray when angered or in battle and deep blue when impassioned.

Sir Daniel was responsible for the training of the soldiers and the Knights. His swordsmanship was high caliber and his hand to hand combat was unrivaled. He had competed at many jousting tournaments over the years and had always prevailed as a blue ribbon competitor.

He held a passion for those who had been dealt with unfairly and abused. He carried his own personal campaign to right the wrongs or at least rid the area of wrong doers. This was above and beyond the duties imposed on him by King William.

His thoughts of the victorious battle the day before, with King Bard's army, a raunchy lot of hoodlums hell bent on taking what they wanted at the cost of others lives, was quickly squelched by the cries of a female just inside the thick canopy of the forest.

He stopped the horse momentarily to listen. He could hear a woman scream in distress and panic. Then he heard what sounded like several voices of men, laughing and taunting her.

He turned the horse into an opened area of the thick tree line and entered, moving slowly enough not to lose the direction of the sounds of the woman in trouble.

His mount was as adept at being a warrior as was Daniel. Quietly, as if the horse knew to walk softly, they drew closer to the woman, as her cries of dislike grew louder and clearer. Daniel stopped at the tree line at the edge of the large clearing, his form still protected somewhat by the darker cover of the tree canopy.

In the clearing he saw six men, formed into a small circle. Inside of that circle was a younger woman wearing what was left of her clothing.

She clung desperately to the tattered material that barely covered her bosom and her hips. He watched as one thug would grab at her then push her to the next thug, trying to grasp at the remaining cloth.

Each time she was pushed into the arms of the next man, she would scream her unsuccessful attempts to make them stop.

Daniel was mused and impressed that this woman held a scolding sternness in her voice where others would be pleading by now in her state of helplessness.

Just as the last strip of cloth covering her breasts was ripped away, he kicked his steed in his withers and made the horse grunt as it moved into the opened area and in full light of the circle.

The noise of the grunt combined with the size of Daniel atop the big horse as they moved into full view, made the men, what Daniel referred to as "forest rats", stop dead in their tracks.

Daniel needed no introduction to the man rats. They knew him from many tales that they had heard over their entire lifetime.

As the woman tried to quell her fear and ire, she began to weep as softly as she could while still trying to cover her almost nude body. She refused to cry aloud. She would not give any of the thugs that pleasure, and simply squatted to the ground in the now silent and still circle.

The finely honed and balanced sword rang through the trees as Sir Daniel quickly flared it from the steel sheath, holding it like an extension of his arm.

"Which one of you bastard rats wants to die first?," he bolstered in a booming voice.

The warrior spirit rang heavy and loudly in his voice without effort.

As Daniel dismounted, the smallest man pleaded, "Sire. We beg your mercy!"

"Should I show mercy upon you as you have demonstrated to this damsel?"

Then, the largest of the men spoke. "Sire, we were just enjoying some frivolity."

Daniel walked immediately to the large man, stopping a mere inch from his dirty weathered face. He grabbed the man's throat into his large left hand and squeezed enough for the mans deep voice to be reduced to a tiny, high pitched squeak.

"Perhaps you rat bastards would be curious to see how I like to be frivolous!"

Daniel noticed out of the corner of his right eye, a movement. He knew that one of them was moving in on his flank as he watched the one he held by the throat as his eyes widened in dismay of the foolish attempt by his rat mate.

He kicked his right leg back and to the side, connecting with the assailant's groin. He actually felt the wind from the rat as it left his body against his neck from the stern kick he had just delivered.

"I shall kill each one of you at my count of four!," Daniel said loudly.

The other five men ran like gazelles as the one being held by the throat struggled at Daniel's grip to get away.

Before releasing him, Daniel said, "If I should ever encounter you or your rat brethren again, it will be your last day!"

The large man was released from the vice like grip and he stumbled back and squeaked that he understood, then he too, ran into the thick forest.

Daniel walked to the still stooping woman and squatted next to her. "It is okay now,they have gone. You are safe now, are you okay?"

She looked through her tear filled eyes and nodded that she was alright.

Daniel removed his toga and wrapped it around her soft shoulders. She gathered the plush toga securely around her exposed flesh. Because Daniel was such a large man, the toga was more than enough to cover her.

He helped her to stand. He could tell that she was from good stock as he looked her frame over. She was well nourished and her flesh was soft and clean and well cared for, other than the paw marks and a few scratches from the filthy hands of the rat men that had ravished her.

"What is your name, My lady?"

"I am Tessa, from the Highlands. I am a maiden and was in route to Thunder Castle. Those men ambushed me and my guide. They ran off our horses and my guide ran like a coward. I am so distraught, Sir."

"Tessa, I am Sir Daniel of King William of Thunder Castle. I am traveling to the Castle for retreat. I will be your escort Maiden Tessa. You will not have any further worries, I give you my word."

As Daniel mounted his steed, then reached his arm down to lift Tessa onto the horse behind him, he felt an urge race through his core as he touched her smooth flesh.

He guessed that she was about five to eight years his youth, and with her holding the title of maiden, she was obviously not attached nor betrothed.

He breathed in her soft scent of flower water that filled her long brown hair. He relished her touch as she firmly wrapped her arms around his waist. It was more than a holding grip, but more like a warm hug.

They arrived at the Castle at dusk. The setting sun behind the towering walls of the Castle gave a warming sight to Daniel. He was finally home.

As they entered the gates, several stable hands greeted him as well as many of the soldiers in the King's army.

Word spread throughout the castle grounds quickly, that Sir Daniel was home.

By the time that Daniel had gotten to the courtyard, there were many people, soldiers, fellow Knights as well as common people cheering his triumphant return.

When the horse stopped, Daniel dismounted first, then gingerly gathered Tessa from the mount as well. Other maidens rushed to Tessa's side to welcome her and comfort her into the castle grounds.

King William then appeared on the steps of the court house. Daniel walked up the dozen steps and stopped in front of King William and bowed onto one knee. "We were victorious, My King!"

The large crowd cheered loudly at his words.

King William waited for Daniel to rise and spoke for all to hear, "Sir Daniel, senior Knight of my army, has returned with pride and honor from his final Crusade. Tonight he will rest. Tomorrow we shall all celebrate!"

Again, the crowd cheered exuberantly. Aides to the King began to run in different directions, each knowing their roles to prepare for the feast and the festivities for the next day.

King William draped his right arm around Daniel's shoulders and they turned to enter the Kings residence.

"You have done a fine job, Daniel. I feel for you as a father would a son. Come, tell me all about the battle and how you are doing."

Then the King lowered his voice almost to a whisper, "And you must tell me how you came upon such a lovely creature that came with you".

The servants poured the finest wine into the goblets for the King and Sir Daniel, as they sat and talked.

Daniel revealed to the King all of the details of the crusade and how he met upon Maiden Tessa. The king assured Daniel that the other maidens would take great care of Tessa's fragile state.

Daniel asked a favor of the King, which he quickly granted. Daniel wanted Tessa to stay in his quarters. He wanted more information from her about her reasoning for coming to Thunder Castle.

The maidens brought Tessa to his quarters after Daniel had taken a good long fragrant bath. He was in his night toga and looking into the darkness of the night from his opened window when she arrived.

She was still wearing his cape from earlier in the day. He welcomed her into his room and dismissed the other maidens.

"Have you eaten?", he asked.

"Yes, Sire. The ladies have been very generous to me."

He walked her to the bathing room where the tub water had been changed for her. Steam rose from the hot water as the chill from the night air basked over it. Daniel had placed several roses into the hot water just for her bath.

"Take your time and relax, My Lady", he said as he pointed to the fresh, fragrant water.

Tessa curtsied and replied, "Thank you Sire, I shall."

Thirty minutes later as Daniel relaxed in his chair, Tessa came out from the bathing room wearing a sheer body veil. Her dark pink areolas shown through the sheer fabric as her nipples jutted against the material from the chilly night air.

He could see a perfectly shaped triangle of hair at her crotch as well. His fire began to burn within him. It had been a solid two months since his last coupling, and that was with a local whore.

Here was a beautiful maiden standing before him, luscious in every since of the word, wearing nothing between him and her but a see through veil.

"Sir, I wish to repay you for your bravery and gallantry from earlier today."

Daniel stood up, his toga being stretched from his growing man-root swelling to its full length and girth from the sight of this delectable woman.

As if he had almost been insulted, but responding with a calm, soft voice, he said, "Lady Tessa, I do not expect repayment for your virtue. In fact I find it a bit ironic that you would be willing to give up your virtue as payment for protection of it."

Tessa was embarrassed from his reply and quickly tried to cover her tender areas that were exposed through the sheer fabric. "I apologize Sir Daniel. It is all that I have to show for my gratitude. Do you not find me to be attractive?"

"On the contrary My Lady! You are delicious in every way imaginable to my tired sore eyes and my randy mind. However, in my house, one does not have to owe for something that they had no control over. It is how I have lived since birth and my up bringing, and it is how King William has ruled this castle. So, please, get dressed before my desires overtake my rational thoughts," he said smiling brightly at her.

Tessa smiled back at him and dropped her arm and hand that covered her vulnerable areas, taunting his eyes and mind as well. She walked towards him and stopped when she was a breasts length away from him.

He felt her heat and smelled her fragrance of rose water and honeysuckle.

"I am offering myself to you willing, Daniel. I am betrothed to no one and care for no one else. With your actions and your honor, you have won my heart and my mind. I remiss my offer of payment. I want to give to you of myself for more a selfish desire than strictly for your pleasure. I fear that I am growing beyond the age of being desirable."

Daniel felt his cock surge with lust and passion with her words and her appearance. It was throbbing and his balls ached, yearning for release.

He grabbed Tessa in his right arm around the small of her back and tugged her firmly into him. Her arms wrapped around his neck as she pressed into his tall firm body.

She could feel his large member making an impression into her lower tummy. He was so big. She felt herself grow weak in her knees and a bit faint with the thought of being filled with his cock. The largest thing that had ever been "inside" of her was one of her own fingers when she would bathe in the brook outside of her former castle.

He leaned down and kissed the nape of her neck after a long, hot lick. Then he pressed his lips against hers. Her supple full lips parted, and her tongue sneaked into his mouth. The feel of her tongue gliding over his sent his mind into a whirl.

All he had ever had before was a common whore and he never kissed them much less touching their tongues!

This new erotic sensation had his cock swollen to a higher rigidity. He had imagined doing all sorts of sordid taunts to the whores he had taken, but for health reasons, never applied them.

Now, in his arms was a fresh pristine blooming flower, never having been taken before. His mind was reeling with all the thoughts he had suppressed for his thirty five years of existence.

Suddenly, he recalled that Tessa was a maiden. A virgin. Never having been in contact with a male before. He would have to keep his lustful thoughts at bay for now.

This was unlike any challenge before him, ever! He was trained and groomed to be forceful and aggressive as well as tactful. This required finesse. As willing as he was to reign death and destruction to his enemies, he now felt to give his all, in being gentle in the deflowering of this virgin.

He picked Tessa up into his arms, her sheer veil flowing freely beneath her as he carried her to his bed. He placed her on the bed gingerly, like a fine piece of China.

He kept the sheer veil covering her for now. He lay down next to her. Daniel leaned on his side, facing her flat reclining position. He rolled his chest onto hers, leaving her legs and punani uncovered.

Again he began to kiss her deeply. He was anxious to feel her tongue against his. He wanted to taste her fresh clean mouth with his.

While he kissed her, his right meaty hand roamed from her belly up to the bottom of her left breast. Slowly he slid his hand up onto her pliable mound until it covered it completely.

He began to knead the soft flesh while they kissed. Their kisses became more intent the longer they were coupled, until they both were beginning to pant feverishly.

Daniel moved his hand from her breast downward toward her tummy and stopped when he felt the soft fluff of her pubic hair.

Tessa began to moan with pleasure as they kissed and Daniel began to wedge his hand between her thighs, grazing her puffy lips.

She had never felt these feelings that wracked her body before. Her ample breasts tingled with excitement and her womb began to weep from deep inside her lower tummy. Even her toes were tingling as he set all of her carnal senses on fire with his touches.

Suddenly, Daniel's man servant interrupted them by knocking loudly on the heavy wooden door of the bedroom entry way. "Sire, please forgive me for the interruption, but the King has called for you!"

"Dammit, Thaddeus! I gave you instructions not to bother me. What is so important that it can't wait until the morning?"

"Sir, I do not know what the King wants, but he instructed me to summon you. Please forgive me!," Thaddeus pleaded.

"It is alright, Thaddeus. It isn't your fault. Tell King William I will be to his court momentarily."

Tessa was beginning to breath heavily and very near her summit when the interruption happened, almost near the point of whimpering.

"I am sorry dear Lady. I shall return with haste. Relax, if you can." He smiled saying that last comment, knowing that he was at a fever pitch and that she was near or had surpassed his passion level.

Sir Daniel got up, tossed his dark blue heavy robe around him and headed for the King's quarters.

As he knocked at the entryway to the Kings quarters, he could hear the voice of a man, frantic in his speech.

King William acknowledged Daniel and invited him to enter his room. Kneeling before where the King sat at a large table, was a man clothed in tattered garb. When Daniel stood before the King, the man looked up at him as he sobbed.

"My Lord, You summoned me?"

King William said, " I apologize for interrupting you, Daniel. I know you must be tired and that you need rest, but this man claims to be the escort for a Lady Tessa, from the Highlands. He says that they were ambushed in the forest on their way here by the forest rats. He tells me that he attempted to ward them off but was out numbered and they captured the Lady, then beat him and left him for dead. Do you remember seeing anything on your way home, that we may help him with?"

"My Lord, we should throw this coward into the dungeon to be tried by his people for being unfit to serve as anything more than typical farmer. The Lady that I arrived with IS the Lady Tessa from the Highlands. She told me that her escort ran with fear from the thugs and left her to fend for herself!"

As Daniels scowl formed when he looked down at the whimpering man he said, "If you are lucky enough for our King not to have you thrown into the bowels of this castle for being a coward, and are allowed to return to your people, you should tell them that Lady Tessa is safe and sound, here. If your King would like, we will send a competent escort to return with her."

The escort informed the King and Daniel, that their King had died several months ago and that Tessa was his daughter. She was coming here to ask for asylum here for her aged mother, while the new King, a ruthless tyrant, was given the throne.

King William made several unsavory faces at the cowardly escort as he spoke, after having heard what Daniel had told him.

Then he remarked, "I will not imprison you, ONLY because I insist that you return to the Highlands with my regards to the Queens servants with news that Lady Tessa is here and in safe keeping. Also, her mother, the Queen of the Highlands is more than welcome to be escorted here by our military for a safe haven for her remaining years."
The escort, knowing that he had been given a break, quickly acknowledged the Kings message, then got up and left to return to the Highlands.

Then the King turned to Daniel and said, "Return to your quarters my son and finish relaxing. Tomorrow we will discuss what has happened with the Lady Tessa."

Daniel bowed, then turned and headed back to his quarters. He had one thing on his mind, and it wasn't the Queen.

When he came into his room, he saw Tessa lying on her tummy looking out into the dark sky through the opened window near the bed. She still had the sheer body veil covering her. She was as enticing to him from the rear as she was from the front.

As he tossed the heavy robe to the chair, Tessa rolled over. This time he removed his toga as well, leaving him totally nude at the end of the bed. Her eyes roamed over every inch of his nude frame.

They paused for several seconds at his crotch as her curious eyes devoured his maleness. She had only seen a cock and balls from a distance as she would peek at the soldiers when they bathed in the pool of the lagoon. But now, there was Daniel, willing to offer her a close up view.

"Where were we, My Dear?"

Tessa was curious as to why the King had summoned him, but knew better than to ask. That was just a fleeting thought anyway. Her mind and body were filled with passion and the dire need for release.

She, again lying on her back, reached her arms out, beckoning Daniel into her arms. He did not hesitate and climbed back on top of her, as before.

Immediately they began kissing again. This time their fever pitch needed no build up. They were both burning with desire as though they had not had any interruption.

When Daniel slid his hand back down between her legs this time, he moved the sheer veil from her body. Now, it was his hot hand against her burning flesh.

Her legs spread apart as he slid his thick hand between them. His finger pawed at her soft, wet lips. He managed to wrangle his fore finger into her seeping opening. He removed it with her honey, coating the finger, and began rubbing between her lips until he found her stiffened nodule.

He gently rubbed her clit back and forth while they explored each others mouths. After a few seconds of gentle rubbing, he increased the pressure. He swabbed her clit side to side feeling how the sensitive nub would spring back as he taunted it with his finger.

Soon, Tessa began to cry out with her moans and he knew she was going to cum. When her legs clamped his hand between her legs, he knew she was at her peak and slid his middle finger into her, up to his second knuckle while he continued to rub her tingling trigger.

He felt her tight velvet walls cinch around his finger as each wave of passion rode through her pussy and seeped her nectar onto his finger.

While she lay still now, regaining her composure, Daniel held her closely to him. When she finally opened her eyes, he smiled and asked her, "Are you sure that you want me to take you as a man takes a woman?"

"More than anything that I have ever wanted, Sire".

He was convinced with her earnest answer and her words excited him more than he had ever been. By now, his cock was drooling with pre-cum. The dark pink head was completely shiny with it, and another clear pearl had already formed at the slit.

Tessa saw the droplet at his tip and touched it with her fore finger. She smeared it with her thumb, feeling the slippery dew glide between her fingers. Then she tasted it as she touched her finger to her tongue.

Daniel's passion grew to a higher intensity when he watched her taste of his essence. She closed her eyes and moaned with delight at his taste.

Tessa asked if she may hold his man root in her hand. Daniel smiled and nodded. She grabbed his seven inch swollen cock with her soft delicate hand and clamped it around its girth. She felt the pulse as it throbbed.

She slid her hand up from the base to the tip and back down again. She wasn't trying to jack him off, rather to enjoy the texture and the feel of his manliness.

The more she explored, the firmer her grip became. She noticed that if she applied more pressure as she moved from the base upwards, more of the sticky dew seeped from the tip.

She was so curious now, she put her tongue at the tip to taste more of his sweet fluid. Again, she slid her hand down the shaft and back up, never removing her tongue from the slit where the honey came from.

Daniel began to pant and moan. Tessa didn't have to ask, rather, instinctively knew that this act was giving him great pleasure. What she didn't know, was what would soon follow the clear pre-cum.

After several more up and down gripping motions, her tongue still in place at the head of his cock, Daniel felt his thighs tense and his belly tighten as the first splash of his cum plastered against Tessa's tongue.

She was surprised at what happened and removed her tongue, but kept pumping up and down slowly and firmly. She was amazed as the white sticky fluid leapt into the air from the tip of his purple cock head, then drool down the shaft onto her hand. The contrast of dark purple head, laced with strings of thick white cum coated his cock and her hand as well.

She was excited by the swelling of his cock as it expelled the creamy substance. Curious to a different level, Tessa placed her tongue back to the tip as his cock drooled out the remaining sperm. She noticed the taste was much different than the clear liquid from before. Enticing, in a different kind of flavor.

Daniel finally regained his composure and was already plotting his next move. While his spent cock fell half flaccid, he got up from the bed and helped Tessa to stand with him.

He walked her next to the opened window and stood her with her back against the stone. He then kneeled and told her to place her right leg up onto the arm of the chair next to them. She did as he asked.

Daniel took his hands and spread her fluff away from her lips, parting it with his fingers. Through the pubic hair, he could see that her clit was still swollen and her lips still puffy. Her excitement glistened on her pubic hair as the bright moonlight shone down on them through the window.

He shoved his face into the mire of her hair until he felt his lips touching the soft folds of flesh at her pussy. This was what he had always wanted to do when he had sex with the women in the brothels, but never dared.

He was eager to taste her, as she had been to taste him. His tongue slid out and fell to her opening. He flicked his tongue in and out, gathering the nectar from her inner sanctum. He then licked straight up from her opening and knew that he done the right thing, when her hips bucked as his tongue slid over her clit.

Again he performed the same maneuver several times, each time creating a stronger reaction from her.

Finally, he deduced to stay at her clit, where he received the best reaction from her.Tessa moaned loudly as she felt another gnawing wave of pleasure race through her loins from her depths.

Her thighs trembled against the cheeks of Daniels face as his tongue reigned a flurry of firm fast licks against her twitching clit.

Tessa grabbed a handful of his auburn mane, as she felt her second climax flow from her womb onto her lovers wagging tongue. Daniel stopped licking when she stopped moaning and twitching to his touch.

By now, Daniel was engulfed with burning passion once again. His cock was fully engorged and standing tall. He stood up and grabbed Tessa and pulled her to him. He placed his arms around her firm butt and lifted her up.

Tessa wrapped her arms around his neck and her legs around his waist. Daniel buried his face into her breasts sucking and tugging at her erect nipples while he held her. He lowered her down until his standing cock was wedged between his belly and her splayed pussy lips.

He began to lift her up, then down causing her pussy to glide up and down against his cock. Her clit would ride, pressed firmly against the underside of his hot cock for the full seven inches.

She had not fully ebbed from her last orgasm before she felt another building quickly, as she rode his shaft. Soon, Tessa used her thighs and arms to lift her hips up and down against his shaft until she yelled out another shuddering climax.

By now she was panting from two back to back climaxes and Daniel was panting for release, this time inside of this beautiful virgins womb.

Tessa kissed him passionately and longingly as she ebbed from such an intense feeling she had just experienced. Daniel lifted her hips above his cock head and lowered her slowly until he could feel the heat of her sopping wet pussy opening resting firmly against the tip.

He removed his hands from her butt cheeks. "Impale yourself upon my aching cock, Dear Tessa".

She used her thigh muscles to lower herself. She eased down inch by agonizing inch feeling a fullness like she had never before felt. She had been told by the matrons as she grew older that her first time would be painful from the tearing of her virgin flesh.

She knew that she had injured herself as a child while climbing a tree that tore her down there, and surmised that must be what they had warned her about.

All she knew now, at this moment, there was no pain. Just a fullness and pressure inside of her womanhood.

After what seemed like three full minutes, Tessa's hips were resting against the meaty thighs of Daniel. Then she began to lift back up on his cock.

Soon she had a good steady rhythm going and Daniel was beginning to feel the tingling in his scrotum. He was convinced that Tessa was comfortable with his size inside of her and grabbed her butt in his hands again.

Now he took command of their motions and pressed Tessa against the wall again. He began to thrust in and out of her fully. Each time her hips bottomed down on his cock, he would give a short hard jab forward, making sure to bump his cock base into her tender clit.

From a distance, it looked like two wildcats entwined in a frantic display of heated sex. In fact, that's what it was.

He pummeled in and out of her, hard, fast and fully so that with each thrust her breasts bounced and slapped at his face at their perfect level.

When Daniel sucked a nipple into his mouth and began to suck hard, Tessa felt for the first time her body preparing to render a satisfying wave of lust and passion from her depths, through her pussy.

She cried aloud as her waves of passion fled from her body with spasm after spasm on his swelling cock. Tessa envisioned how his cock looked and the sight of his white seed spurting from the purple tip from when she earlier used her hand to pleasure him, while she felt him filling her.

Daniel felt the heat of his sticky white seed race through his cock and he began spurting his cum into her with each spasm from her twitching twat. They seemed to have orchestrated their climaxes with alternating spasms from her and splashes of hot cum from him.

As they both receded from their tumultuous climaxes, Daniel carried his lover, still speared onto his cock, to the bed.

He laid her gently down, as his cock slid easily from her slippery pussy. He crawled on the bed next to her as she rolled onto her side. He wrapped her into his arms and they began to fall off from consciousness to nocturnal.

Before they did, Daniel whispered into Tessa's ear, "Welcome to Thunder Castle, My Dear. You are welcome to stay for as long as you like, along with your Mother."

Tessa began to cry with joy at her new found home and all the new feelings she was encountering.

"Thank you, Sir Daniel. I am sure we will be most happy here."

Sleep fell on them quickly, as they stayed coupled in each others arms.

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