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I imagined her thick, long finger plunge deep into my virgin ass
The silvery moonlight cast changing patterns upon my gleaming naked torso as it filtered through the tree canopy above. On any other night, I may have marvelled at moon's whimsical designs on my rippling body, but not tonight. Tonight I wished for no moon at all, but alas, her bright, full face showered me in her unwelcome soft light.

I had been quietly bathing in a stream far from where our temporary camp had been set up for the night. I was quietly washing when "The Giants" had suddenly fallen upon me en masse and now I was running, running for my very freedom. I did not even have time to gather my clothing that hung in a tree to air while I cleaned. I should have been more careful though, particularly in these times, but I was not and now I would pay the price.

Another branch swatted at my face, the slashing thorns and rough bark of the limb adding to my many light wounds that covered my entire body. I hardly noticed the pain any longer... Was that a rustling noise to my left? I dodged to the right, putting a gargantuan tree trunk between my phantom pursuers and me. My heart pounded in my chest from my exertions, but my blind fear probably added to that fact. If they caught up with me...

While I ran I thought of how our sheltering Forest had changed much over recent times and not for the better. Or rather our race had since "The Giants" had arrived from the heavens in their colossal, gleaming vessels. I had always believed that only good things descended from heaven. Warming sunshine, the nurturing rain...but not these barbaric savages, surely?

How could pure viciousness dwell within the hearts of such a regal looking race of women? And why was it that their tribe consisted of only women? That could never be natural, surely! How too could they, as a people, like you and I, though far larger, be so ruthless in their selfish pursuits. What were their plans? Nothing made sense to me any longer, I thought to myself as I fled.

How could they have brutally killed all our women and daughters of all ages without any sign of pity? Pure evil would explain it. But that meant that there had to be pure good to balance everything out, and I knew that pure good was a fallacy, a dream. Most complicated situations could never be so easily explained away, so I gave up trying. How could you even start to rationalise these beasts' actions anyway?

I thought of my loving mate and our two daughters and how they were brutally massacred like unwanted vermin. I almost sobbed aloud when I thought of my girls and my son. Oh Soasa, I choked at the mere thought of him, my unashamed favourite. My wonderful boy, on the verge of manhood. He was taken from me and frog-marched away with the rest of the boys from our village. That day, my world had come to an end while I had been cowering in the undergrowth that surrounded the village. I witnessed my son and his friends being led away into who knew what kind of living hell along with the captured men. Coward, that's what I was, but what could I do against those vicious beasts, I tried to reason with myself feebly.

Why would "The Giants" not just leave us few remaining, poorly nomadic freemen alone? Slipping, I fell into the dirt. I took this moment and listened for my pursuers. Nothing, not even a hint of my pursuers. But I knew how silent these huntresses could move when they chose to. Like my thoughts, I got wearily to my feet and I ran on. Have they not enslaved enough of us yet? What more could they possibly take? Unfortunately, that was a question I was about to have answered. They wanted my freedom and so much more.

Suddenly something crashed violently into my back and sent me sprawling into the leaf litter again. The wildly delighted whoop behind me was echoed in turn from many directions as the hunting pack closed in, shattering the hushed, humid evening air. I rolled onto my back, my scrabbling hands desperately seeking a weapon of any kind, a rock or branch, or anything, to aid my fight for freedom and then I froze.

"Move and I'll take it all right now!" Hissed the blonde goddess that stooped over me, but still seemed to tower over me. Her beautiful features held me captive, but it was the sudden stab of pain at the base of my scrotum that froze all my movement. Her large hand had stretched my cock and balls tightly away from my body and she gave them another squeeze to enforce her intentions My blood turned to ice as I glanced down and saw a steel dagger flash in the silver light as it effortlessly nicked my most tender of flesh. "That's it my darling, it'll be so much easier if you don't fight." She smiled radiantly, a hint of wild fresh herbs on her breath. Gasping, I lay back and awaited my fate.

Slight rustling dry leaves, much like the whisper of a sighing summer breeze wafting through the tree tops, heralded the arrival of the rest of "The Giants". Twelve majestic beauties, all oversized, made up this hunting pack and I knew that I stood no chance of escape now.

"Tie him!" Barked the tallest and easily the most exquisitely gorgeous creature I had ever seen. Like all of her kind, she wore a form hugging white one-piece suit that flaunted all of her kind's seductive bumps, swells, curves and valleys. Amazingly, the tight fabric seemed to shrug off any dirt and almost glimmered in its cleanliness.

"Yes, my Princess," responded my crotch-captor while many hands wrestled me onto my stomach. I squealed as my balls were twisted unnaturally around in the sudden move. My hands were bound roughly behind my back with the softest cord. "Don't worry my sweet, we'll take very good care of your grapes and vine from now on." Breathed the blonde in my ear and gave my sac another searing tweak.

"Enough of your games Reza, there will be time aplenty for that in a moment! Lift him up so that we may see what toy we have managed to catch," the invader princess snapped impatiently. Hauled upright into the air, I struggled defiantly, acutely aware that I had no means to shield my nakedness.

Two tall, slender, but powerful girls in white gripped my bound arms, while another two clamped onto my ankles. The one named Reza dropped to her knees, as if she were about to worship me, her eyes level with mine. With a greedy little smirk she bowed even lower and took my soft cock head into her warm, wet mouth and my groin tormentor bit down, hard. The others knew what was about to happen and gripped me all the more tightly, in what was obviously a well-choreographed move of intimidation.

"Aaah, stop, please stop. No, don't, it hurts!" I begged, my eyes rolling back into my head.

Through my agony I heard them taunt, "Reza just loves eating cock, eh Talia?" My one captor enquired of her partner, snapping me back to my grim reality. Her friend agreed with a knowing, vicious smile, "She can't get enough, that's for sure." I looked up at her with a sick feeling. They stood over twice my height, and I was a large man!

"Now stand still and stop fighting, or Reza will be taking a bite of one your big juicy peaches next," she said as my restrained feet touched earth again. As if to reinforce the point of Talia's friend, Reza spat my stiffening, drooling penis out of her mouth. Dropping a little lower, she tilted her beautiful face further back. The moonlight made her look even more beautiful as her exquisitely striking eyes fastened onto my ball sac. I could feel her warm breath.

She then delicately slurped one of my big, fuzzy nuts into her mouth as if it was the tastiest of morsels and started sucking and tugging. Every once in a while she would use her teeth and bite agonizingly into my over large fruit. Just as well, she had changed to one of my orbs because by now, my dick was swelling substantially. She now had my full attention. How I loathed the betrayal of my body. It was all too much for my mind to take in.

"That's it Reza, my darling, make him nice and hard for me. Let's see how much of a man we have here." The dazzling Princess said as she stepped over to where I was held captive by hand and mouth. She then took my thickening member in her delicately slender, but powerful, outsized hand and started stroking me further to life.

Even through the humiliation, I was ashamed to find myself swelling even bigger with arousal.

"This looks quite promising, a nice size. It's about time we found a man sized prick amongst these tiny folk," the Princess stated with a gleam in her ice-blue eyes. "Oh yes, very promising indeed!" And with this, she really started flogging my engorged, proud member. I couldn't help myself as a groan of pleasure escaped my trembling lips.

That cursed log of mine had always separated me from the rest of my village. Truthful village rumours had led to the ignorant men giving me envious looks, while the shy glances of the young and not so young maidens were barely concealed, raw lust. I alone knew the truth of having a penis the size of a young boy's forearm. It is woe unto any women foolish enough to try to ride me, while intensely frustrating for me. I have never managed to dip a little more than the extremely thick head of my manhood into even the bravest, most cavernous and accommodating of any women's folds.

"That's it, slave! That's it. Let us see the amount of sticky milk those coconuts hold..." Purred the princess, her hand now blurred up and down my throbbing shaft. "He's almost ready Reza, help him ease his load...yes my lovely, yesss...oh, yes. You're almost there!" The princess's lilting voice choked with yearning. Reza's slurping noises increased from between my legs as she started sucking, tugging and chewing all the more earnestly. She just about crushed my other jewel in her hand as she maliciously tried to milk me.

"Get ready now Quillow, he's about to blow! When I give the word, diddle his secret almond. Oh Holy Mother of All! This is a true gift to end all gifts. Cum for me, sweetest of things. Cum for me my plaything, so that I may taste you syrup," groaned the princess slowing her hand. She bent down over Reza's prone form to clamp her luscious lips onto my fruit-sized cock head, her tongue trying it's best to squirm its way into my slit. I was so close but I fought it, clamping down hard. I would do everything in my power to deny them my release, I would fight with every thi...

"Now Quillow!" Mumbled the whorish princess, her mouth full. I then felt it, a cool, wet finger-pad finding the opening to my back channel. It must have been Quillow crouching behind me, my mind flashed uncomfortably, but that is all my brain had time to process. I felt her thick, long finger plunge deep into my virgin ass. With a yelp, my shaft shot forward, my engorged head grazed the Princess's gleaming teeth as I tried to get away from this painful rear attack.

However, these women had obviously raped men before and were well trained in the dark art. Quillow's free, long arm had folded around my torso from behind holding me in place, while her second finger had weaselled its way home stretching my anus beyond belief. Screeching my agony it seemed as if the pair of large fingers were wild animals fucking each other wildly in my tight, warm cave. These unseen artful fingers seemed to touch every hidden part of me at once, but obviously favoured one specific spot. I lost control of my own body and spurted, as I had never known was possible.

Thick, gooey ropes of cum jetted strait into the Princesses eagerly awaiting mouth, some goo spilled from her sucking lips. I squirted some more and then even more again, groaning and hips bucking each time in blissful agony as Quillow's nimble fingers continued their attack on that secret, magical spot. The Princesses throat convulsed as she tried to swallow my every drop. But finally, she had her fill and pulled away. Then another fell hungrily at my gushing fountain, and still I was cumming, and if possible even harder than before.

And so it went for at least six hundred of my racing heartbeats. My empty, tortured balls protested in agony, but still my bruised and mauled lizard was spewing up my essence. All the women manage to drink from my well. I squealed again as those wonderfully talented fingers were ripped from my gaping, abused ring. Eventually, I was released. My weakened body could not support me any longer and I collapsed into a spent, quivering heap while the dew glazed faces of these inhuman beauties looked on in mutual satisfaction.

"Very promising..." I heard the depraved princess chime. "He'll make a welcome addition to the Royal Breeders, and probably the best we've managed to find so far. He'll work hard for his keep with all of my sisters to keep him company. Now gather your equipment, and this," kicking me with her boot, "we leave in moments!" She ordered and I felt not too gentle hands lift me from the forest floor. Occasionally I felt a not too tender hand grope my abused groin, as if to check for themselves that the monstrous tool was indeed real.

And so, along with all the men and boys within my village and surrounding villages, I was carried away to an unknown hell. The last thing I remembered before the blissful oblivion of unconscious claimed me from the agony of my molested body, was the lone, mournful hoot from an owl in the canopy...

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English Sex Stories

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