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Fantasy sex story by extreme imagination
Andrew Kershin had it good. He was the son of the very powerful lord, destined to take that place one day. With a body hardened by battle, chocolate brown hair that just avoided his dark eyes, and a well-endowed tool he was pretty much everything a noble aspired to be. At this very moment he was naked in the room of Karen Couse, the daughter of the count his family was visiting for a party. Karen lay under him, her massive tits bounced with every thrust of his cock in her pussy. His hands ran through her long golden hair and her blue eyes were shut tight in pleasure as he sank his manhood deeper in her. She was a gorgeous woman who any man would kill to bed. He had nearly done just that, actually. Some lesser noble had made unwanted moves on her. Andrew had stepped in and, when the fool became violent, showed him his place. Karen had been very grateful to her handsome savior. The rise in volume in her voice snapped him out of it, she was almost done. Her pussy tightened around his cock and Andrew grunted as he continued to thrust. Karen hit her peak and with a loud cry climaxed. Andrew stabbed into her a few more times before he pulled out, spraying his seed all over her. With a sigh he settled down next to her and took the wineglass on the bedside table.

Karen purred scooted up to his level, "You didn't need to pull out, you know. It's much more enjoyable the other way."

Andrew grunted and sipped his wine. He made a point not to cum in women, unless it was the ass. That was a habit many of his peers needed work to go with so most ended up like Karen. After a dozen or so bastard children turned up at the king's court claiming they were his half siblings a law had been enforced for birth control. A potion to keep the women safe during sex. Most nobles had picked it up with no trouble after their own family issues. Even then Andrew refused to cum inside. Most didn't understand why and he was not about to tell them.

A knock at the door startled Karen. Andrew just swirled the wine and called out.

"Yes, Cassandra?"

"Forgive me, my lord." A soft voice answered, "But your father is looking for you. Lady Karen's mother is also growing concerned."

Andrew finished the drink and stood up to collect his clothes. Karen took a bit longer to clean herself off and avoid having the two of them seen together. She WAS engaged after all. Andrew quickly threw on his black pants, white shirt, and black vest trimmed in silver before putting on his long dark cloak. A gift from his aunt before she died. The two shared a kiss before Andrew left the room.

Money, power, looks, beautiful women ready to jump on his dick, Andrew Kershin had it all. Almost.

"This way, my lord." Cassandra said straight-faced as he exited the room reeking of sex. She had probably heard the noise as well.

Cassandra Milra had been his servant for as long as he could remember. Technically he thought her position was a maid, but she did so much he doubted the name was accurate. She was twenty four, a year younger than him. Her long black hair was held in a ponytail except to frame her equally dark eyes. Her skin had some color from all the travelling she followed him on. The outfit she wore, a grey shirt under a black travelling cloak and a black shirt that fell to her knees, was quite plain. She was soft spoken, intelligent, and completely loyal to Andrew personally. Andrew was not stupid, but he had no idea how he would operate without her. So he did not lack for good help.

What he lacked was her in his bed. Ever since he had been old enough to desire he had desired her. Practically growing up together, he had been there as she grew into a woman. Her breasts were average compared to Karen, she was considered attractive but not gorgeous. And she was below him in standing. Not one of those things reduced the agony he felt at night when he pictured her writhing against him. He fucked so many women mainly to relieve the tension of having the one he really wanted by his side. Not that he would be in trouble for the act itself. Servicing their master was something servants commonly did. But that was out of lust, and Andrew was not convinced he simply lusted for Cassandra.

"Master?" Cassandra said as they walked down the hallway.

"Hmmm?" He replied.

"You were silent."

Andrew shook his head, "Just thinking."

Cassandra nodded and fell silent again. Her capacity for simple silence was another endearing trait about her. The constant gossip of highborn women split his skull. As they walked he couldn't help but steal a glance at her. She was slightly ahead so he had a view of her ass. Even with the skirt he could admire her form when he wanted. By the gods did he just want to do it here. Grab her, hold her close, feel every inch of her body before pulling down her skirt, pushing her against the wall and taking her. The image of his hands on her ass as his manhood split her pussy around it made him hard again. Cassandra would try to cover her mouth out of embaressment, but he was just pull it away and fuck her harder until her moans filled the castle. He imagined the guards or Karen walking by to see him carving out his servant, ready to pump her with the seed he denied every other woman.

"Bah." He said quietly to himself

Cassandra had not shown any outward interest in him sexually. Perhaps he was only a master to her? Or she felt a sisterly bond to the one she had grown up with. She might be burying her feelings to avoid a scandal. Andrew had also wondered once or twice if she preferred women. At least then he could try moving on.

Andrew looked at her and smiled as he realized something, "Cassandra."

"Master?" She replied at once.

"Didn't I ask you to stop being so formal with the names? I hear Master and Lord enough times a day."

"As I recall, we settled on Master Andrew." She said matter of factly.

Andrew had learned how deeply she took her role to heart when he first tried to make her name him informally. Besides being tired of constantly called by his titles he had hopes to make her more comfortable with him as a person. She immediately flipped out, by her quiet standards, and refused entirely. He had finally convinced her to at least stop calling him by his last name all the time. His parents didn't understand the fuss. But who was he to blame for wanting the object of his desire to have his name roll off her tongue?

"Oh, very well." He relented with a sigh, "Where is my father?"

"Waiting by the carriage for us. Your mother is quite impatient to be gone."


A few days later Lord Kershin held a party of his own at the castle. Karen was not in attendance; rumor was her fiancée had caught her with his brother. That never ended well. There were still plenty of desirable women who Andrew had no interest in. As he sat next to his father he mentally counted the invitations to a night of pleasure he had been given. Ten, or just about.

His father noticed the boredom of his usually lively son, "Should I call a doctor for you, Andrew? I haven't seen you so still at a party in years."

The young noble shrugged and sipped some wine, "Perhaps I'm just tired. Sleep hasn't been kind to me lately."

Too many dreams of Cassandra to jolt him awake. They were getting worst, in the pleasurable way. Lord Kershin stroked his beard and grunted.

"Age catching up to you already my son? Well, feel free to retire to your room. The guests can mark it as a wonder of the night that you stepped out early."

Andrew thankfully stood and bowed to his father before slipping out of the hall. He was half tempted to take a woman with him but his heart ultimately wasn't up to it.

As Andrew neared his room he heard noises coming from it. Probably the maids preparing his bed. He was about to walk by and let them work when he heard muffled sounds from it. Another woman who wanted to surprise him? Just what he needed. Andrew cracked the door open and looked inside.

Cassandra lay on his bed. Her body was bare, everything open to his eyes. The moonlight seemed to be there simply so he could take her in better. Her smooth skin, the long black hair undone and spread on his sheets, and the way her lips curved. She was panting; he recognized the sounds of pleasure anywhere. One of her hands was rubbing her breasts while the other thrust two fingers into her wet pussy. Every now and then Cassandra arched her back from a particularly strong jolt of pleasure. Andrew had never seen a more wonderful sight.

"Master...." Cassandra panted out.

He felt a moment of panic at being discovered before seeing her eyes were shut. The girl fingered herself desperately and alternated between calling out for 'Master' and 'Andrew'. His dick hardened just from hearing her say his name so lustily. And so did his resolve. Almost everyone was down at the party, which was probably what Cassandra had been counting on as well. He quietly opened the door and stepped it. She didn't hear him in the heat of pleasuring herself. Andrew stood there for a moment to admire her before closing the door. The dark hair girl almost fell out of bed in shock at the noise and seeing him.

"M...My lord!" She cried out as her face tried to decide if it wanted to pale or blush.

Andrew was known for his clever remarks to women, part of his charm. But he honestly couldn't think of anything to say. So instead he practically leapt onto the bed and crushed his lips against her. Cassandra let out a surprised moan and tried to get them out of this position. Andrew refused to let her go and kissed her deeper. After a few minutes of struggling his servant gave up and embraced the kiss. The hand at her breast cupped his pants and felt his erection. A small shiver ran down her body from the feeling of his hard on for her. He held her other hand down and Cassandra's fingers moved with greater force than ever before. Andrew pulled away and pulled off his boots. Cassandra had whined when he let her go, but seeing his clothes come off made up for it. She had seen him naked plenty of times after his conquests. But this time it was for her.

"Master..." She said softly while fingering herself.

He ran his hand across her stomach, "Andrew."

Cassandra nodded. Andrew took her hand and removed it from her before bringing his face down to replace in. The servant felt his tongue enter her and nearly came right then. Andrew was good at prolonging the pleasure however, and had no plans to let this go so quick. Cassandra thrashed and moaned longer than she noticed as he worked her pussy with his tongue. He knew she was near when she started bucking her hips against him in building climax. This made him double his efforts and play with her clit with his fingers. He skillfully maninuplated her clit until the dark haired girl rode his tongue into a hard orgasm. Cassandra clamped her hand over her mouth to block the scream and didn't remove it until long after she was done. Andrew didn't raise his head until he had licked her clean.

Then he kissed her deeply and pushed his tongue in, "You taste wonderful."

She felt his manhood rub against her and gasped, "Wait, the door."

"Its closed." He replied while nibbling at her ear.

"Someone might come by..." She murmured, ever dutiful the maid.

Andrew was having no more waiting though, "I've dreamed of this for a long time, Cassandra. I'm having you now."

A warm shiver hit her. She had wanted this badly as well. But she didn't dare act beyond her role as his servant. And she hardly compared to women like Karen. But now his hands were feeling every inch of her body and his manhood was teasing her entrance.

"Take me, Andrew. Right now."

Her lord kissed her passionately and the tip of his tool finally parted her lips. He gently entered her, clearly fighting the urge to move faster. But he wanted to savor every minute, wanted to drive her wild. The slow and gentle path was certainly doing that if the small noises she was making were a sign. He left her lips to kiss down her neck and reach her breasts. His tongue rolled around her tips and sucked on them like a treat. It all came together to make her so wet he doubted he would have any trouble moving in her.

Cassandra felt the same, "Gods, Andrew. Please!"

"What?" Andrew said between sucking her tits, "Say it for me, Cassandra."

"Stick it in me. Take me! I need you!"

Andrew held her hips and sunk his cock in her. Cassandra clung to him and relished the feeling of being filled by her master. Andrew rock his hips against her, holding nothing back now that he was in her. She was wonderfully tight, wet for him, and panting his name in her ear.

"Andrew...Oh Andrew....Master!" Her voice was filled with pleasure that he stopped caring about her naming slips.

His cock slid so easily to the hilt in her that he had no issue bringing her to her peak again. Cassandra seemed ready to climax again when he suddenly flipped over and she was on top. She adjusted quickly and slid up and down his cock with more energy than he thought she ever had. His hands mauled her breasts, rubbing and squeezing and pinching like he had always pictured in his mind.

"Master! Harder Master!" She urged on while riding him.

She was getting tighter around him and her movement were growing wild. He was determined to make her have the best climax of her life. She felt him grab her hips again and ram his body up to meet her. His cock pistoned her pussy again and Cassandra began to see stars. Then she saw white and came for the third time today, her first one was a small event before Andrew arrived.

"Andrew!" She cried out.

Her pussy clamped around his cock and threatened to make him finish as well. But he wasn't going to stop yet. Andrew grabbed her legs and sat up, forcing her on her back with her legs bent over her. Cassandra was still climaxing when they changed positions and his cock impaled her again. The overload was too much and Cassandra babbled her way through another small orgasm as he continued carving her out. Finally it was too much and Andrew had to cum. He drew his cock out to the tip and rammed it back in before blowing his load.


The simple name, a pet name, excited her most of all. Her body spasmed against him and she ached to hear it again.


Andrew continued to thrust, pumping another round of seed into her every time. It was like he was making up for every miss chance with the other women with his servant. Cassandra was overflowing by the time he was done and collapsed on her. Cassandra still couldn't breathe enough to speak, but nudged him to say he was heavy. Andrew got the hint and regretfully pulled out of her warmth to set against the headpost.

Finally she sat up and looked at him like she was in a dream, "Master..."

Andrew was too tired to speak and just smiled. Cassandra returned it warmly before eyeing his semi hard cock. She laid down and gave it a long lick. It jumped at the contact and she giggled.

Andrew reddened, "Cass, you..."

"Shhhh." She said before licking him again, "It's a maid's job to service her master."

Andrew couldn't deny he had dreamed of this. Cassandra's eyes never left him while she worshipped his cock with her tongue, not stopping until he was clean. Then she wrapped her lips around his head and sucked lightly. Andrew moaned and his rod was rock hard again. Cass bobbed her head and took him in slowly but surely. As more of his meat vanished in her mouth the pleasure built up. Her tongue rubbed against his underside and soon he was gently moving his hips. The suction increased and Andrew couldn't hold it any more.

"Cass. Oh gods."

Cassandra clamped down and sucked harder. Andrew thrust wildly before cumming again. Cassandra looked him in the eye and dutifully swallowed his seed. He was very tired now and showed it.

Cassandra stroked his cock and spoke softly, "Rest now, Master. I'll take care of everything."

Andrew wanted to take her one more time, but his body didn't have it in him. Cassandra's soft voice lulled his eyes shut and soon he was asleep.


When he woke up Cassandra was right next to him, naked and pressed up against him. The feeling of her beasts at her slid was wonderful. From the windows he had been out for only a few hours. The sounds of the party were gone, it must be very late. Absently he stroked her hair. The woman of his dreams was finally in his bed and truly his. Next came the tricky part. He had no intention of parting with her, a fact his family would not take too easily. He could play the lusting man for only so long before someone wised up. A flash of jealousy when someone flirted with her, his refusal to marry was already grating nerves, and how much closer he was would draw attention. Someone might have already heard them or noticed Cassandra was missing.

Cassandra murmured in her sleep. None of it mattered. When his father passed he would be Lord Kershin. He would make the rules then, make love to her in front the court if he had to. Odder things had happened than a lord choosing a commoner.

Cassandra stirred and opened her eyes, "My lord?"

She realized where she was and sat up straight with a deep blush. The heat of passion had died down and the million problems he was mulling were probably running like lightning through her brain. Andrew just reached out and held her shoulders.

"I told you to call me Andrew. Or was I that good that you forgot?"

Cassandra managed to turn even more red, "N..No. I didn't forget."

"Good." He said and squeezed her shoulders, "Master and Lord can come elsewhere. In this bed I only want you to say my name."

"You...want to continue?" She asked carefully without looking at him.

He turned her head and kissed her deeply. She quickly fell into it and returned the kiss. When they parted he nibbled at her neck playfully. His hands fell down to cup her pussy and ass.

"I intend to continue every moment I can. Starting right now."

Cassandra's breathing turned heavy under his touch, "Your father will be upset if he finds out. This isn't something we can keep secret forever."

Andrew caressed her womanhood gently until she was squirming in his arms, "Let me deal with my family. The only thing you need to do is say my name."

Cassandra felt his finger enter her and moaned, "Yes, my lord."

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