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Tantrys looked down at the sleeping Drow girl lying in the bed in front of him. Behind him, just outside the door, he could hear the heavy tread of the troll guard making his midnight round.

Tantrys sighed and put a hand on the girl's cheek, pushing her unusually black hair off of her ebon blue skin.

Her name was Chianni, and Tantrys had dedicated his honor to her, for however long it was convenient for his personal cause. He had a blood debt to fulfill, and right now part of that debt involved being a serving slave to a House of Drow. He lived in their city, worshipped their gods, obeyed their commands.

And he protected their only daughter from outsiders.

Carefully, Tantrys climbed into Chianni's bed, slipping himself in between her warm, curled up body and the stone wall. From this vantage point, he could easily reach the sword stuck to the wall above the headboard. He could reach the dagger beneath the pillows; and he could watch the doorway, never sleeping.

Tantrys was not a Drow. He had tanned skin, brown hair, and eyes as green as the leaves of the woods on the surface world. He stared at his hand where he had left it resting on Chianni's shoulder, his suntanned skin obvious over her blue flesh.

Then, Tantrys began to rub. Chianni had beautiful smooth skin. She was an elf, even if she was a dreaded Drow, so though she looked very young, and was young in the eyes of her people, she was more than just mature compared to the human scum of the surface world.

Tantrys eyed the closed but unlocked door to Chianni's chambers, then moved himself closer against the curve of her spine. His member was rigid in his leggings, and only getting worse. The scent of Chianni, the sound of her soft and gentle slumber, was driving him crazy, as it always did.

He sighed, rubbing a hand over the girl's hair and pushing the dark locks aside to expose a point and slender earlobe. Chianni knew Tantrys liked to take liberties with her person. She had long ago struck a deal with him that if he remained true to her, kept her safe and protected her, she would help him further himself in the eyes of her people, and help him gather what he would need to seek out his revenge.

This deal included allowing Tantrys to touch her, very intimately. As he scooted himself closer to Chianni, closer and closer, he remembered what it had been like the first time he had put his mouth over her sweet virginal sex. She had shivered and trembled and climaxed almost immediately. And he had drunk every last drop of her sex nectar eagerly, until at last she pushed his head away.

He dropped his mouth to her ear now, nuzzling her neck. Chianni was waking up slowly, responding physically more than mentally. She tilted her head into the pillow, and Tantrys's tongue came down against her flesh as his hand rolled her body slightly towards him.

Her sleeping shift was buttoned in the front, but the buttons posed an easy task for Tantrys. He fingered them carefully, undoing them with one hand and slipping his fingers into Chianni's bedclothes. Her breasts were small, and he cupped and squeezed them, teasing the dark nipples to a full erectness.

Chianni moaned and rolled more towards Tantrys. He looked down her body now, to where his hand was massaging her chest. And he pinched lightly at one of her nipples.

She groaned and her eyes fluttered. She was used to him touching her intimately like this. And it pleased her very much. She could never admit enjoying his touching, not verbally. But there were things the body could not deny.

Tantrys's hand smoothed down across Chianni's flat stomach, moving towards her navel. Then, he lifted one of her legs back over his, parting her thighs as she remained on her side. Her sex was slightly parted, and he touched over it, teasing the folds with the tips of his fingers.

The Drow girl moved her groin against his fingers, and Tantrys smiled, feeling his natural response as his member grew larger, more uncomfortable, in his leggings. He wanted Chianni. He wanted her very badly. He had had few encounters with women before, very brief and high strung encounters. But Chianni was something else, altogether.

He knew she was un-plucked, untouched, as virginal as a young Drow enchantress could be, which wasn't saying much. Tantrys didn't have any idea what the Priestesses did with young girls. He only knew that sex was a strong part of the Drow culture, and that Chianni, for all her physical innocence, showed many signs of not being uneducated altogether.

He ground himself lightly against her buttocks, his mouth licking at her neck again. Then, on a whim, he reached down between Chianni's legs. He could feel himself, the bulge of his cock through his pants, and he teased at the hard flesh through the leather leggings.

Chianni felt his movements, and she shuddered, rubbing herself against his arm then pushing herself back, purposely grinding against his hardness.

Without realizing her need, the girl was showing him she wanted him too.

Tantrys reached behind Chianni, and into his leggings. Then he tugged at the ties holding him within, and released himself. His fingers pulled her shift up over her waist, and he began to caress her soft bottom.

He told himself he was only going further tonight than he had in the past. He convinced himself that he was just going to tease her as ruthlessly as she teased him every day, all day long, making him bathe her, please her, dress and care for her.

But Tantrys knew it was all a lie.

Slowly, he lifted Chianni's leg until it was resting back over his own hip. She was spread now, while remaining on her side. One of her hands slid back behind her, and she cupped his cheek tenderly, keeping her eyes closed but biting her bottom lip.

Tantrys ran his hand down her bosoms, down her stomach, and cupped her dark furred sex. It was Chianni's father who had blessed her with hair as black and as thick as a barbarian, instead of the silky white tresses of a true pure-blood Drow. But that heritage also gave her a slight plumpness and curvature not common in full elves. Tantrys licked at her neck and kissed one smooth rounded shoulder, cupping her plump, swollen sex in his hand and rubbing it in circles.

Chianni was hot against his palm. And she was wet.

Between her thighs, his own sex was throbbing, aching to be touched. He reached down and began to stroke himself. Then, slipping his hand behind her again, he gripped himself firmly and began to tease over her folds. Chianni gasped at the heat of him as he touched her. His swollen cockhead slipped easily in between the puffy lips of her cunt, and he ground it teasingly against her inner labia.

He was swelling even more now, and he grunted in her ear as he felt his cockhead bounce against her slit. One slip, and she would be his. One thrust, and there would be no going back. His tongue licked at her ear, and he whispered in Drow to her.

"Do you want me..."

She didn't answer, didn't dare say a word. Tantrys knew she did, could feel her grinding back against him. She was hungry for him, her cunt throbbing around his flesh. He moved his hand up over her breasts, mashing them almost brutally before reaching down to touch her sex again.

"Do you want me?" he repeated.

Chianni didn't nod. She didn't acquiesce and give him the permission he was asking for.

Instead, the Drow girl pushed herself down and back. Tantrys's cock was forced into her slit, into her sheath. With quick reflexes he responded and forced himself forward and up, and felt himself pop past her virginal hymen.

Her maidenhead was his now. No one else would ever take it from him, and no one else would ever have her as he had her, right this moment.

The feel of her wrapped tightly around him stilled him, and he did not move, reveling in the glory of being inside her. Chianni was trembling in his arms, and he gently nipped at her neck, her ear, her shoulder, making her think of something else besides the expected discomfort and pain.

But he could only handle that for so much. Soon, he was pushing into her, deeper, forcing her tightness to stretch as his thick shaft penetrated her. He put his hand on her hip, pulling her firmly back against him, and she gasped in pain. That only excited him more.

Tantrys began to drive himself in and out of Chianni's tightness, forcing her pussy to take him completely. He looked down, trying to gaze upon her stretched cunt lips as he thrust himself into her.

With a quick movement, he pushed Chianni onto her stomach. She turned her face to the side, moaning as he came over her, behind her, and buried himself inside her to the hilt.

"You're mine," he groaned in her ear, his breath hot against her pointed lobe.

Then he thrust into her again, nipping at her ear like a beast while he pumped into her tight cunt.

No one would ever have Chianni's virginity, only he had that honor. She could have stopped him, but didn't, because she wanted this too.

And that made Tantrys all the more desperate. He wanted to cum inside her, fill her with his foreign seed. Chianni lifted her hips up to greet his every thrust, and soon Tantrys was bouncing off of her buttocks as he pistoned in and out and in and out.

Chianni began to climax, her fingers digging into the soft pillow beneath her cheek. Tantrys put his hands over hers, entwining her dark fingers with his pale ones, gripping her hands tightly in his fists.

"You...are...mine!" he gasped, exploding at last inside Chianni.

His orgasm pushed the girl over the edge, and she cried out, eyes squeezed shut as her pussy started to milk Tantrys's spurting cock. He pushed himself inside her, as deep as he could, and left himself buried there for what seemed like an eternity.

Once he was sure he was spent, he carefully rolled back onto his side, pulling Chianni with him, keeping his still-throbbing cock inside her wet and soaked tightness.

Chianni whimpered as he rolled her back onto her side and pulled the covers over both their bodies. But he stroked her body, her hip, her ribs. He petted her hair, and kissed her ear gently. And soon, she was falling back asleep, his cock half-hard and still inside her sheath.

Tantrys sighed and rested his cheek against Chianni's, watching the door.

He had dedicated his honor to her. And now, he had taken hers away.

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English Sex Stories

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