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Best role playing christmas santa sex story
It was a cold night. The weather man was predicted that this winter would be the harshest the country had seen in years. Tiffany wrapped the blanket tighter around her as she snuggled down on the couch and watched the fire slowly burning in the fireplace. She wished Tom was here but his flight had been cancelled due to the weather. He wouldn't be home until at least tomorrow.

The 21 year old brunette whimpered as she thought about her new husband's big cock. Tiffany had been a virgin on her wedding night, now almost a year later, she craved her husband's 9 and a half inch cock at least twice a day or she went crazy. Lying back on the couch, she rested one of her long, slim legs along the back of the couch as she thought about her wedding night.

Tiffany had always been surprised that Tom Wilson married her. They had been sweethearts in high school but she had never understood why. She thought she was rather plain compared to many of the other girls in their small town school. Standing at 5' 6" and maybe 130 lbs, she always considered herself to small for a man to enjoy. The best feature she had as far as she was concerned was her 40D breasts. Her long brown hair covered her nipples when she pulled it down over her shoulders.

She ran her fingers over her hardened nipples as she thought about her wedding night and how hard and deep her husband had rode her hot pussy. He had been gentle at first, but before long, she had been begging him to pound her like the slut she felt she was. Just thinking about that big cock made her pussy start leaking like a faucet and she whimpered even more wishing he was home. "I need to be fucked so badly." She cried in frustration as her fingers dug at her hot slit. Her pussy was coated in her juices and when she brushed her finger lightly against her clit, she moaned with need. "I need a hard cock." She whimpered raising her hips against her hand as her finger brushed lightly over her clit once more. "Oh god, yes," Opening her eyes wide, she looked up at the bare ceiling, frustrated and horny as hell. "Oh fuck this." She growled pulling the blanket tighter around her naked body as she ran into the kitchen. She pulled the refrigerator open and dug into the crisper looking for anything she could fuck herself with. She moved stuff around and moaned loudly as she saw a 12 inch long cucumber that had to be at least 3 inches in diameter. "Oh fuck yea." She moaned pulling it out.

Keeping the blanket wrapped tightly around her, she slammed the fridge closed and ran back into the living room. She knew she should go into the bedroom where it would be warmer and she would have more room but she was so horny that she didn't want to wait until she could get to the back of the house.

Throwing off the blanket and shivering a bit at the sudden chill in the air, she knelt on the couch with her legs spread wide open and so she was resting her face against the back of the couch. Grabbing the cucumber around the center, she moved it between her spread legs, rubbing the cold vegetable lightly against her clit. "Oh god, yes," she moaned closing her eyes as pleasure coursed through her. She felt her pussy lips swell with need as she rubbed the cucumber back and forth over her swollen pussy. "Mmmmmmmmmmm, oh god, that feels so good." She moaned keeping her eyes closed as she rubbed her body back and forth against it.

"Oh yes, need more." She cried moving the cucumber down so she could rub it against her slit. Her pussy was so coated in her juices that the tip of the cucumber just slid right in. "Oh my fucking god." She whimpered pressing back against it as it slid deep into her hot snatch. "Yes, it feel so good." She pushed it in as far as she could and just held it inside her for a minute as she worked her pussy muscles tightening and loosening them. She did that for a few minutes until she couldn't take anymore, then holding tight to the cucumber, started working it furiously in and out of her hot hole. "Oh, ugh, oh god, yes," she moaned loudly as she pushed back hard against it as she worked it in and out of her sopping cunt. "Oh fuck, I'm going to cum." She screamed as she worked the vegetable even faster and harder into her spasming hole. "Oh, oh yes."

She continued forcing the cucumber in and out of her hot pussy even as it continued to spasm and tightens as she came. Even as she started to cum down, she continued to fuck herself hard and fast, whimpering and moaning as her body tightened around it working its way to yet another orgasm.

Tiffany fucked herself with the cucumber until she came 4 more times and finally collapsed against the couch completely exhausted. She fell into a dreamless sleep, the cucumber still buried deep inside her.

It had been a long night, delivering presents to all the kids around the world. The slay was practically empty but Santa knew he had a few more stops to make before he could head back to the North pole and shove his long dick deep into Mrs. Claus's hot pussy. He had been in a bit of a hurry tonight heading out, so all he gave her was a quick tongue-fuck before heading off to deliver the presents.

As he thought about how much Mrs. Clause had squirmed and whimpered as he drove his tongue deep into her hot slit, he didn't notice that the reindeer were slowing down until he felt the slay come to a stop. "Oh, here already," He grumbled as he grabbed the sack and climbed out of the empty slay. He reached down, fixing his cock so it rested against his leg. "Oh, much better, ho ho ho..." He patted the reindeer on the head then put his finger against his nose like he always did and magically slipped down the chimney.

The first thing he noticed when he stepped into the house was the slight chill in the air. He was used to being able to be in the fireplace without getting burned, but this fireplace was empty except for some burned ashes. Not wanting the owner of the residence to freeze, he used a bit of his magic and within a minute or two had a roaring fire burning once more. He also noticed that the Christmas tree wasn't lit up although it was decorated. He plugged in the tree, then dug into the bag of goodies and started placing presents under the tree.

Santa was so involved in his work at first, that he didn't notice the woman lying on her back on the couch. Her legs were spread wide open and she still had the cucumber sticking out of her hot hole. He finished emptying out the bag and was just heading back to the fireplace when he heard her suddenly moan.

Turning around, he suddenly gasped as he watched her legs open even more and the cucumber slip out a bit. "Oh my lord," he moaned watching the woman humping against the vegetable stuck inside her. As he watched, he felt his cock hardening even more and stifled a moan.

Santa knew he should just shoot back up the chimney and leave the woman to her fantasies, but watching her humping her body against the vegetable was driving him crazy. He needed to get inside a nice, hot pussy and soon or he was going to explode inside his red suit.

"Oh god, I need to be fucked so badly." Tiffany cried in her sleep as she felt the cucumber sliding in and out of her slippery hole.

Santa knew right then that couldn't just leave. Everybody said that Santa delivered; well he didn't want to disappoint any of the children of the world, even adult ones. Dropping the empty sack on the floor by the fireplace, he moved silently towards the horny woman.

Kneeling before her, he watched as she spread her legs even further apart, digging her ankles into the material of the couch. Carefully watching her eyes to make sure she was still asleep – he didn't want her waking up to soon after all – he reached out and grabbed the cucumber slowly pulling it out of the woman's sucking slit.

"Ohhhhh, oh god, that feels so good." She moaned rocking her head back and forth on it as it was pulled slowly from her body.

Santa lifted his eyes to hers as he felt his cock lengthening even more in his suit. She had her eyes still closed, but she was squirming over the couch so he wasn't sure if the woman was asleep or not. By this point, he was so horny, he didn't care one way or the other, he had to have her.

He finished pulling the cucumber out and stifled a moan as he heard it pull out with a plop. He heard the woman start to whimper as she was suddenly empty and immediately replaced the vegetable with his mouth. His tongue flicked over her clit as he slid two fingers easily into her sopping slit.

Tiffany was having a hot dream of her husband fucking her with his huge cock when suddenly the cock was gone only to be replaced by a wet tongue and something else sliding up inside her. "Oh, ugh, oh my fucking god," She screamed as her eyes flew open and her hips shot upward against the mouth suddenly sucking so nicely on her pussy. "Oh yes, please don't stop." She begged reaching down and pulling the head closer against her burning pussy as she felt her orgasm rising hurriedly over her.

Santa moaned against the hot snatch as he flicked his tongue even harder and then took her clit between his lips sucking greedily on it as he forced yet a third finger deep inside her sawing them forcefully in and out. The woman screamed suddenly and he froze for a moment afraid he had hurt her when suddenly his hand and mouth were coated in the woman's juices and he felt her pussy tighten against his thrusting fingers. "Oh yes." He moaned against her as he moved his mouth down, driving his tongue deep inside her as he reached for all the delicious juices.

Tiffany didn't know if she was dreaming or if this was really happening. She knew that her husband couldn't have gotten a flight home early because he would have called her. Plus according to the news, all the airports were shut down for the night. She knew she should be freaking out, because if she wasn't dreaming then some strange man had broken into her house and was eating out her pussy which was still on fire and she was quickly building up to another orgasm.

At the same time, she was so hot, she didn't really care if it was dream or not, she needed to be fucked and had a feeling before the night was over, that was exactly what would happen. She spread her legs even further apart, giving the mysterious stranger easier access to her burning pussy as she continued running her fingers through the hair. "Oh god, ugh, oh so good, Please don't stop." She whimpered pressing her pussy up tighter against the mouth. She felt his tongue slide deep into her slit and cried out as she came once more. "Oh fuck, oh god, I'm cummminng."

Santa drank up her juices greedily for the second time, and then knew he couldn't wait any longer. Making sure to keep his tongue whipping deep inside her, he used his hands to push his pants down around his ankles and moaned against her as his 9 ½ inch cock sprang free. Moving his hand up, he slammed four fingers deep inside her hot hole as he slowly moved up over her.

"Oh my god, so good," Tiffany moaned throwing her head back and forth as she felt his mouth work over her hot hole. When she felt his mouth leave her, she whimpered for a moment, and then moaned louder as she felt his fingers fill her once more. "Oh yes, finger fuck me."

"Ho ho ho... I have something better to fill this hot little hole with my dear." Santa growled as he moved up over her so his face was even with hers.

Tiffany heard the strange voice and her eyes widened even more. She opened her mouth to scream when suddenly she felt a warm mouth lock on hers and a huge, long cock slide easily up her wet hole. "OOOOooooooooohhhhhhhhhhh..." She cried against his mouth as she felt her legs lifted and suddenly press against her chest.

"Oh god, you feel so good." He moaned against her face as he slowly started working his cock in and out of her, taking long, slow strokes.

"W-who are you... oh god, feels so good." Tiffany whimpered trying to keep her hips from moving in time with the strange man's strokes. It was hard though, considering how horny she was and the fact that the huge cock felt so good.

Santa chuckled as he grabbed her shoulders from behind while making sure to keep her legs locked by his arms. He held tightly to her shoulders, pulling her against him as he rammed his cock hard and fast deep inside her. "Don't you know little one? I'm Santa Claus."

Tiffany looked up in surprise even her pussy spasmed once more as she came. "Ugh, no, you can't be Santa clause. Santa wouldn't do this... Oh my fucking god." She clung to his shoulders as he sped up his thrusts, forcing his cock deep and hard into her willing body. "Fuck me."

"Ho ho ho... You're pussy feels so good. I love fucking it." He growled against her ear as he felt his own orgasm rising fast. "I am Santa; I just decided to deliver more than toys this year to you my dear." He pressed her legs even closer to her chest as he hammered harder and faster into her body making her whimper and moan at every hard thrust.

Tiffany threw her head back as he nibbled at her neck as his thrusts became more ragged. "I don't care who you are, just don't stop fucking me, I need this so bad." She forced her hips up against him meeting each of his powerful strokes with ones of her own. When he suddenly stiffened and she felt his cum shoot deep into her body, she screamed in ecstasy as she followed him over the edge once more. "Yessssssssssssssss, fuck meeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee..."

"Oh, oh oh Tiffany, you have been such a good girl this year, Santa is going to give you a very nice present." He forced his cock all the way into her tight pussy and let go, shooting his hot cum deep inside her.

"Oh yes..." She purred as she felt his shrinking cock slowly leave her body. "Mmmmm... I have been a very good girl this year."

Santa chuckled as he stood up and fixed his red suit. "Well, you be a good girl this year as well, as Santa will give you a nice present next year as well."

Tiffany grinned up at him as she rubbed her swollen pussy. "Oh don't worry Santa, I promise to be a very good girl."

Santa grinned as he leaned down and kissed her softly. "I am sure you will my dear." Then with a touch to his nose, he was up the chimney and gone.

As Tiffany laid there enjoying the sensation of being very well fucked, she smiled as she heard before he disappeared from sight. Merry Christmas to all, and what a fucking good night!!!!!

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English Sex Stories

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