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Giggling furiously, and very 'turned on', by my image
Ohkay, things happen, he pulled off his shoes in the bedroom, a normal thing, but he may have been overly tired... one shoe went flying into the mirror ... 'Crackle. . Pop', it broke into a thousand pieces.

"Sorry, Hon, go and get another one", he said.

The Mirror wasn't such a big deal...standing alone from the rest of the bedroom suite. Was about 5'6" tall, a Cheval Type, adjustable for angles soas could get an 'overall view' of oneself before meeting the onslaught of daily workin' stares.

Friday afternoon . . . the local Auction Room, 'The Shed' as it was known...looking for a replacement...spent all week at the local Shops and Mirror suppliers...jeeze!!!, . . . The cost of replacement! Insurance..(Yes.Tried first. But I had to pay and they will re-emburse me, maybe, depending upon liability, they said)!!... so . .I am not a liar . .plus premiums would probably go up next year to 'Compensate' for 'Their Loss'!!.

The auction room was packed . .with people bidding for what I considered was over-priced junk. All done, the room cleared . .I wandered around amongst the dust and dirt of the rear shed...a ray of setting sun glanced against something.. blinding me for a moment.. clearing my eyes the sun had now placed a ray of light onto the ground at my feet.. and was slowly moving towards the rear of the shed.. being a woman, curiosity got the better of me!, I followed it.. coming to rest upon a very dusty encased piece of . .Furniture?, before leaping into the sky..lost amongst the evening twilight.

The 'Furniture', upon closer inspection was about 6 foot tall by 18" wide, a panel?, of sorts, with wide base and obviously a swivel..along the side were . . ornate handles, curvatures of odd design and obviously very old. A Tarpaulin covered the front of it.

Upon lifting a corner of the tarp I saw what was indeed a mirror, a full - length one at that, just what I was seeking!!. Coughing with the dust I pulled the tarp off.. the mirror surface had a thick grimy coating on its surface, using a tissue I wiped off a corner and knew I just had to have it.. the glassed surface shone like a jewel.

I approached the Trader and made enquires. the man was not too helpful,

complaining that he had to move a lot of old and dusty furniture to 'dig it out', besides, the last person down there from memory, he said, had been his departed father, many years ago. I looked back at the mirror in the distance.. it seemed to have an aura around it, distinguishing itself from the nearby dusty furniture. Rashly I negotiated to give him a few dollars extra for the trouble of loading and shipping it to my home. Reluctantly he agreed, requiring time to deliver. The overall final price being what I would have paid for one 'as new'. But the compulsion to own the mirror overtook my usual sensible attitude.

It actually took about five phone calls and a week before the mirror arrived, the two men who lifted it to the bedroom hadn't even bothered to clean it, as it was still in the same grimy condition as when I first espied it, the tarp still in place. Paying them off I placed newspaper around its base and removed the tarp. Looking at last through the grime I could just see the image of myself, blurry and fuzzy. The framing of the mirror was even more ornate than at my first inspection, the wood, smooth and polished, and reminded me of a man's thigh to the touch.. musculey, a firmness, but yet a softness about it.

I eagerly set about removing the grime, starting at the top with a household window cleaner. .I cleaned enough to finally get to see into it .. looking . .and reeled back with shock!! . .the image was not me!! . .it was somebody else!!.

I backed away . .soas not to see the image, my mind reeling, and feeling giddy, trying to comprehend what I saw, the common - sense in me telling me that it was impossible!! ..steeling myself, I walked up to it from an angle and placed my hand to the cleared spot, and looked at the image . .I reeled again . .the image was my hand alright, the wedding ring in the image proved that, but the hand was slim, dainty, flawless!! . .I turned my hand over, the image did the same, the reflection still showing an absolutely perfect hand, feeling bolder, I thrust out my arm, covered in grime and dust. The arm in the image was also covered in grime and dust, but the arm was long, slender and perfect!! . . .. Amazed I went to the kitchen and made a strong cup - of - tea, reflecting upon this transformation that the mirror image could give.

'Was the whole of the mirror like that', I thought.. Trembling slightly at the absurdity of it 'supposing it was, then what. . Would I see a perfect? . 'Me'?

Now I'm not a raving beauty, by any means, but am considered. . Well. . Attractive, after all, I am married and had my fair share of Boyfriends prior to being married!!, and like any other female, takes pride in her appearance and dresses, well . .to the best of what one can afford, though I must admit that some outfits fit the bottom bit better than the top!!, sizes being what they are!!. I looked at my arms and hands . .ohkay, they had had their fair share of the weekly washing, ironing and gardening, with the usual 'dishpan' look and scratches, but all -in - all were, to me anyway!, in a pretty good condition considering my age, and what I spent on conditioners to prove it!.

Feeling slightly silly and fortified by the tea I went up to the bedroom, looking in at the mirror. It was at an angle to the door, and I couldn't see my reflection. The part I had cleaned seemed to have a pale bluish glow to it, jewel -like. Steeling myself, and trying to avoid looking into it, I furiously removed, scraped and cleaned its whole surface, revealing finally its surface. Avoiding looking into it again I lined it up with the bedroom door, it being far heavier than one would imagine to move, and putting my back to it left the bedroom for the kitchen, making myself yet another strong cup -of -tea.

'Now what', I says to myself, 'after all, it is a mirror, which I wanted to replace the one that was broken, 'why the problem of looking into it, after all, that's what it is for'! Washing my hands I self -consciously tidied my hair and put on a bit of lippy, smiling inwardly, ah! women!! . I nervously laughed out loud, which uplifted me went to the bedroom door.

I peeked around the doorjamb, and yes!, could see me!!..I giggled at the sheer stupidness of what I was doing, creeping around my own home!! . .I stepped into the doorway of the room and looked at the mirror...

I was stunned, my mind going completely blank at the image I saw, trying to

Comprehend and co - ordinate the reflection into coherent sanity!!. The woman 'in there' was absolutely lovely!!!, her eyes were as wide as a young deer, her perfectly proportioned body could be easily imagined under the old jeans and white shirt she was wearing, her hair had come straight out of the hairdressers, soo perfect... her,

'OOOh', she yelped, and moved!!...

"But that's what I just said" . .I stammered out loud, taking a step backwards, and so did the image!!. I turned and ran back to the kitchen, trembling all over.. I wished for once in my life that I could light a cigarette, or something, anything, to control my nerves. I thought of phoning my friend up the road, but to say what?..that I have a mirror which . .umm . .it just doesn't happen!, but was it me? I looked at my faded jeans and grubby white shirt, the same as what the image was wearing. .the silliest thoughts entering my head but having some reasoning, 'just suppose it WAS me!, after all, it is a mirror for chrissake!, but suppose it had some, umm . .yeah . .well . ."Special" power to reflect. .what?????. My mind was a turmoil, and I was beginning to feel slightly scared. I made another cup of strong tea, wishing that there was something in the house a bit stronger!, calming myself enough to knowing that I would have to face the mirror again, after all, it was in my bedroom!

Again I peeked around the door, the image peeked back,! . .I waved . .the image waved back!! .. I stuck a leg out into the doorway. . and looked at amazement at the image!! . .

Now I haven't got a bad pair of legs, in fact, I'm quite proud of them and can, if I have to, wear a mini with the best of them and make a good showing, but the image in the mirror left us all for dead!! . The Jean clad leg was obviously very long, slender and very shapely! in fact, I was quite jealous!!, but then sanity grabbed me and I realised that I was looking at MY leg!!. I wiggled my toes, my feet being bare, cute slender toes wiggled back!! . .I giggled and did it again . .feeling braver I stood in front of the doorway and . .I fell in love!! . .with her/me!!.

The reflection/image of me, even though from a distance, was absolutely

Breathtaking!!. She/me was lovely. .ooh soo perfect . . Poised. . Serene.and, from this distance could see a slightly stupid look on her perfect face that looked out of place. I took a few faltering steps towards the mirror, stumbling a bit. The reflection did likewise, and looked utterly out of place with her sheer beauty. I blushed.

"Sorry", I said out loud. The reflection did likewise; her face even more entrancing with the rose coloured blush around her cheeks. . I laughed out loud, the sheer tension of the past few moments seeming to lift and leave me.

"You're me". . I stupidly said to the mirror, wagging my finger at 'her'! "You're my reflection. .I don't know how it's done, but I like it"!

Confidence being taken in by talking to myself was making me bolder, perhaps

Braver! I started to gabble nonsense to myself as I walked up and down in front of the mirror, admiring the smoothness of her walk and the way she held herself, her body under the jeans and shirt very obvious in its ability to strain and stress the fabrics. . A thought occurred to me. . Wonder if. . Well. . What DO I look like under the clothes?

I was shaking all over now at the thought. I went to a corner of the bedroom and removed my jeans and shirt. My bra had seen better day's, and was a 'working' one. My thong had also seen it's fair share of washing and didn't quite 'hang' right on my hips. I crept up to the mirror and, standing about three feet to one side, slowly walked forward, stopped, and turned my head to look at the reflection.

"Jeezus . .You are beautiful", I gasped to the image, and 'she' was indeed!

Even standing in bare feet her legs were long and slim, the curvature of her thighs to her waist just perfect, being slightly rounded in front, to her waistline, only a flat tummy showed, as flat as a washboard, her body curved up to breasts that were heaving against the bra, trying to achieve their natural shape of defying gravity itself, her swan neck supporting a perfectly framed face against long hair, her long slender arms hanging loosely against her sides. Shyly, I loosened the bra, my breasts, upon being freed, instantly jutting out, I took off the bra, revealing the pinkest of nipples pointing to the sky. Gasping with the wondrous apparition, being completely mesmerised, I turned to face the mirror full on. .I felt sexual sensual sensations rising all over my body, as I looked, a desire, a wanting, of this woman who was there, but not. I couldn't help myself, I just had to see, I removed my thong, the reflection carrying out this simple task with the grace of a swan, a ballet dancer, each movement a showing of lithe limbs, this simple act being akin to a skilled stripper.. I giggled at the movements, revelling in the motions, yet at the same time the sexually feminine part of me admiring the way I moved. I stood there naked, legs akimbo, arms outstretched . . .if it was possible to hold and to literally 'feel' that reflection I would have had no hesitation, she was the ultimate in womanhood, briefly I stroked my naked vagina, and felt guilty at such an intrusion to such perfection, as it didn't seem 'quite right' to see such a dainty hand playing with herself.

For the next hour, or so, I'm not quite sure of the time passing, I paraded in front of the mirror, bending over, looking at the perfect ass, sitting, cavorting, watching my fluid movements, there seemed to be nothing I could do that made me less than perfect! I pulled faces at myself, laughed, cried, and frowned, but each motion, emotion, just either put on a pretty pout or a sensual pose. . The spell. . If it was one, I just could not fault!

The phone rang. . Shearing into my thoughts and body. I stood still, suddenly shocked that I was acting like a young girl, tearing myself away from the mirror I picked up the receiver,

"Hello"..I said ..my voice trembling with emotion.

"Honey! .You Ohkay", Hubby said, concern in his voice, "You sound, umm, different" "Yes, I'm alright", I replied, controlling my voice, "what's up"

"Be home about seven, car trouble", he said

"Ohkay, see you then", I replied, now in full control of myself.

'Hell, forgot about dinner', thinking to myself, "Can you bring Takeaway Hon, had our new mirror delivered today and busy cleaning it up",

"Yeah, righto" . .a puzzled voice from him. The phone went dead.

I looked at the time, phew! Plenty of that, fortunately! I looked around for the cleaning materials, found them and approached the mirror, the reflection of a naked beautiful woman with a basket of cleaning materials in her dainty hands not seeming to be quite right, and began the task of cleaning the frame.

Although the frame was complicated in design the overall concept appeared to be simple, a few curves, bends, a handle of sorts. Wishing to get the job done without further ado I closed my eyes, the apparition from the reflection as I worked sending too many sensual feelings throughout me, each movement I made being accentuated by the fluid movements of so perfect a figure. The top part of the framing was easy, my polishing cloth and hands buffing the peculiar feeling wood easily. It was only when I got as far as the middle-half that I snatched my hands away. . Opening my eyes,

"Who's there" . .??..I looked . . Nobody was there, just the frame. 'Am I being silly again', I thought. Like the first time?

I eyed the frame up closely. nothing unusual about it, just a couple of rounded pieces of wood that were made to represent?..umm . . Supports for the mirror, nothing unusual about that. I felt them..hard, unforgiving..and dusty!!.

I polished them until they gleamed as new. The wood seemed to appreciate this effort, and began to shine as only polished redwood can. Seeking the final 'glow' as only redwood can achieve I closed my eyes, and using both hands, began to rub gently.

I was immediately aware of a feeling that my hands had closed around a man's buttocks. . The sensation was so profound that I had no intention of opening my eyes, lest the sensation disappear!! The firmness, yet softness, of what my hands were feeling was incredible, sending little sparks throughout my vagina!!.

Not even wanting to give up this feeling I continued to polish (massage?) these firm, yet soft mounds, feeling between the cleft, polishing vigorously, my mind fleetingly thought about 'the front bit', my hands began searching, but found only glass. The sensation of holding these buttocks became too great, perspiring with emotion, and weakening at the knees, I opened my eyes, but only the frame was there, the redwood glowing oh, so brightly!!!

I looked in the mirror at the sweating woman, she looked back, tiny beads of sweat upon her brow but not a hair outa place!!..her eyes were wide with a question in them, but I could not supply the answer. I could see small droplets of cum on her perfect upper thighs, proving that at least she was human!!!

Grinning at her for me feeling sooo stupid again 'will I ever learn', I say, I parade to the kitchen to recover and have yet another strong cuppa..my nakedness not bothering me one itsy, bitsy, bit..after all, wasn't I perfect!!?

I checked the time..still plenty before hubby came home..I was now caught up/captured by this fascinating mirror..what other secrets did it hold?. My Mind told me, deep down, that there was plenty of time to find out, save it till later, but my wet thighs and total sensations of sheer sensual feelings overrode common - sense, besides, my nipples had started to ache with sensations I had never felt before, and were very hot! I got an ice cube out of the freezer and applied it to my nipples . . .aaaaahhhhh... . . The sheer sensation of coolness! how I desperately wished for a man to .. Ooooooh . .. my breasts subconsciously thrust up, as if seeking those of my hubby. .God . .they ache so!!!.

Now perspiring freely, I had a quick shower, not wanting to waste one precious second from the mirror. Partially drying off, throwing a towel around my hair I raced to the bedroom, and looked in the mirror.

SHE was perfect!!!, tears sprang to my eyes as a very wet, daggy - haired tired woman looked at her reflection!!! Underneath the hastily wrapped towel around my hair I couldn't fault myself!, in fact, the casualness of the towel made me even more alluring!!!.. my eyes, and face, held a wantonness, which was soo child-like I wanted to cry at the sheer innocence of the look!!!. What was amazing were my breasts!!, which were now sooo protuberant that they were practically trying to face east - west on my chest, soo firm, proud and upstanding!!! . .the nipples soo hard and obvious, and facing up soo much I wondered if they could climb any higher!!!, 'God, if a plastic surgeon could see these he would bottle them'!!, I thought, giggling my head off!!!.

The compulsion to finish off the cleaning of the frame had now overtaken all other thoughts. .it had to be completed. whatever the cost!!

I gathered up the cloths and polish again, trying to ignore the gleaming globes of the previous efforts, but forgivingly giving them a quick 'rub', which immediately sent shivers through me as I felt the softness between my hands, and the wetness between my thighs as the sensual feelings once again engulfed me.

Gasping, I carried on to next part of the mirror frame, finding the 'handles' I had noticed in the Auction Room.. handles were, well, handles for lifting the mirror during transport, perhaps?

Getting just a little bit slightly accustomed to my reflection in the mirror I squatted down awkwardly to begin cleaning. Looking at the reflection it was as I was now getting used to, me/her posing . . oooh, sooo daintily, every part of my body, legs, body, arms as if out of a magazine .. Could I not pose any other way? giggling furiously, and very 'turned on', by my image I began to clean and polish the handles..Ohkay..cleaning and polishing the handles!!..granted, they came up bright and clean, but no 'rosy glow'!!!. Then it hit me!!!.

Closing my eyes, I cleaned and polished the handles, the feeling was instantaneous!!!, my cloths were around a VERY sensuous penis!!..not only that!!.

It was a BIG ONE!!!, I let go the cloths, they were in my way!!!, and held the most longest, firmest, yet softest penis possible!!! . .the total sensation and just the sheer feeling was just incomprehensible to my mind, I was trying to 'see', (but knowing that I couldn't), this member in my hands!!!. My body literally screamed for me to encompass this object, I could feel the juices flowing out of my vagina in anticipation!!!, but I dare not let go!!. I continued on my task, to polish this thing!!, with each stroke, I could feel the pulsations of torment, and, feeling the head, the inner throbbing as the thing came alive??.

Twisting myself around, I placed this thing in my mouth . .a momentary taste of polish was noticed, but was replaced by the taste of manhood, I sucked and licked and found the tiny hole within the tip of this member.. Prodding my tongue in deeply, my built - up and total frustration behind me as I did so . . .and the mirror/member swelled!!
I imagined juices flowing into my mouth, sweet, I swallowed, I wanted more!!, I sucked harder, and more imagined juices came, greedily I swallowed again, then searched for more with my tongue, lashing it around this soft, but firm, rod -like -thing in my mouth . .I felt the spasms of this rod, pressing against my lips, but the action itself only massaged my lips into being more sensitive and tender.. I felt a compulsion to bite . . . I had to, and found the ridge of the head with my teeth, and gripped it . .not wanting it to leave me . .I imagined more fluid flowing into my mouth, accompanied by even more severe spasmodic injections of fluid.. I swallowed this even more greedily, then went seeking more!!!, my tongue probing the very essence of this penis/thing?.. all my built - up emotions, anger, torment and frustration's, and . . revenge? . .at what I was/am/could be?.. incorporated into the mirror . . . perfection? . .huh! . .I will show this mirror what perfection is, even if I havta' drain it!!

Somebody gave up . .I think it was the mirror!!!, my reflection started to get fuzzy as I settled in to mouthing this wonderful thing, soft, but hard, both my hands gripping it like a vice, daring it to shrivel!!!. My stomach was doing flip -flops from the imagined fluids being drained from the mirror . .my . . .it certainly gives a lot!!.

Sheer cussedness would not make me let go . .the member finally degenerated to a rosewood handle on the side of the mirror.. I had won!!!..Me . .The perfect woman!! . .and why not? . .I says to myself haughtily!..after all . .I am!!

I sagged to my knees, panting heavily but triumphant in knowing that somehow, I had got the better of the mirror, not only was it capable of giving pleasure?, of sorts, but also able to take it, of sorts!!

I looked at the side I had.. . .u m m . . 'polished'!. .indeed it had!! The redwood was positively gleaming!!

I stood up and faced the Mirror. Challenging its very existence.

"See, Mirror, you think you're perfect, but me? . .try that for size, and see how far ya get",!!

Perfection itself looked back at me, legs wide apart, dribbling from her mouth and vagina, trickling down her thighs, not a hair outa place, her eyes as glaring as mine!!.

I heard the front door latch click . . footsteps . .gulp!! . .hubby!! . . I forgot the time!!!.

I literally threw on my jeans and shirt, perspiration making the task difficult. Grabbing my thong and bra I kicked them under the bed, and ran out into the hallway.

"Whoa . .Young lady . . .you that hungry"! Hubby jovially said, grabbing my hand. . he stopped, looked at me and carefully placed the takeaway on the hallstand; turning me towards him he held me at arms length and looked me up and down.

"Been to the beauty parlour, Hon?" .he sounded sincere, his eyes roving over me.

"Uh, no . .just a quick makeover, why" . .I could not believe the conversation we were having!! ..me, all sticky, in old jeans and shirt . .getting this sort of attention from hubby!!

"Dunno. .You seem, ah, um, different, any chance of taking you to bed now"!

I thought that at first he was joking and was about to give a flippant reply, but when I looked into his eyes I knew that he was sincere, having seen that look when I first started to date him, and he was trying it on. . I didn't think that I would ever see that look ever again!

"Uh, sure Hon, lead the way". I said, my voice trembling with anticipation.

He did better than that!!, picking me up in his arms he whisked me off to the bedroom, all thoughts of the dinner, and mirror forgotten. The whole evening was spent being entranced by a gentle, careful lover as he explored and entered me, lifting me to heights of sensuality that I had only dreamed about like a long lost summer! For hour after hour he caressed, kissed, held, joked, talked, and then did it again, my body responding as if awakened from a long sleep, to finally both of us collapsing from sheer exhaustion, falling asleep upon the bed!

I was awakened by his voice.

"Whadd'ya think, Hon?"..

I was still on cloud nine from the previous evening, stretching like a cat, my hip bones pleasantly aching from when he had gripped them, trying to pull himself in further!

"Think what", I said, sleepdust in my eyes.

"My new tie, c'mon . . look in the mirror"

I shot out of bed as if scalded! terrible things speeding through my head, and literally screeched to a halt, stareing!

Hubby was standing in front of the mirror, fully dressed, his face almost against the glass, adjusting his tie, his reflection was, well. . Him!!. My heart restarted again as I fully expected to see. . What? . . I gathered the tatters that was my mind together into coherent thoughts.

"Looks good, Hon, new tie, eh!?"..I managed to stammer.

He turned to look at me with puzzlement written all over his face. .

"You Ohkay"? he enquires. . I nod my head. . " Pity. . If I had enough time I would race you back to bed right now, boy, you look good!! . . Worth missing dinner for, too!!"

Smiling, I saw him to the front door, getting a real tongue - kiss from him as a parting!

I practically skipped back to the bedroom, and looked into the mirror.

Me/She was there. . Naked as a jaybird, but yeah, did 'she' look good! I had a twinge of perverse satisfaction at seeing 'her' hair was in dis - array, but somehow it still came together as a casual effect, as if purpose coffered by a hairdresser! I looked at 'me', long, slender legs seeming to overwhelm the rest of my body, arms crossed across perfect breasts, a dainty hand in thought under the chin, a pretty frown on my face, eyes thinking. . 'How come hubby didn't change in the mirror reflection. . Doesn't this work for men'?

I thought of calling my girl - friend over to find out, also the urge to tell someone, just to relieve the pressure, or getting them to believe?? . . But what if it didn't work for them? . . I would be considered crackers and they would call the men in white coats to come and lock me up. I racked my brains for a way to prove if the mirror worked for other people, too, goldfish? . . Hahaha . . I came to the realisation that I was. . Well. . 'stuck' with it, and, judging from last evenings, umm, performance from hubby, not that bad a thing . . .I was giggling to myself now!, my dainty hands on my long rounded thighs, bending over, my breasts still refusing to point down!, 'and lets face it', I further thought, 'if hubby can keep THAT up . . .who's complaining?!, I burst out laughing at the thought, never feeling sooo happy for years, and, reaching out, held the mirror frame in my hands.

I must have grabbed the mirrors.. Umm handle, as the immediate sensation of a penis was in my hand. . I dare not look, the momentum of last evening still in my body, dormant, I thought, but now awakened and ravaging my whole being.my mouth went dry, inner sensual feelings bought perspiration to my brow along with hot flushes, I had to have it, I wanted it, my breathing was short, my heart pounding, moving around I put my vagina's lips onto the penis head, the coolness of the object against my hot lips sending me into a tormented frenzy, my juices must have lubricated it for I felt it inside me! but not enough!!.. I moved closer to the mirror, the penis entering me further, but still not enough!! . . I was silently screaming for it to expand, fill me, as much as you can! I was now panting very heavily. . Wanting to enjoy the full moment of the supreme climax, but it was not there!! . . In desperation, for the first time ever in my married life, I began to play with my clitoris, squeezing and stroking it . . . still not enough! . . My head felt light. . Lights flashed behind my tightly closed eyes. . I screamed. . "AAAAAAAAAAH", and fainted!.

I awoke on the floor, shivering all over and very cold. . I crawled into bed, my head spinning, thankful for the electric blanket under me and the warm blankets on top. My loins were on fire, throbbing. . My vagina was aching from the Disappointment of not climaxing, my whole body seemed to be against me for not satisfying it, I felt a sense of incomplete loss as to not being a whole woman, the feeling remained throughout the day, as I was just paying token effort to the daily chores of the house, avoiding the bedroom and mirror until necessity drove me into it to clean it up.

The mirror faced the door, it was unavoidable to not look into it. I purposely had put on the daggiest piece of clothing I could find, volumous. . Torn, Faded, . A typical washerwoman. . Paying homage to the housework, and what had to be done. I had eaten the takeaway from last evening for lunch. Full of grease and oily, now that it had got cold, reheating adding to the mess, blowing my tummy out. I had put on no make - up. . Feeling totally depressed at the experience which was not to be, all -in - all, I must have looked dreadful.

The mirror 'greeted me'. I stood in the doorway and looked at my reflection, dropping the mop and bucket into a watery mess on the floor. If I looked beautiful before, or even lovely...I was now a Goddess!!! The clothing was still there, nothing material had changed. . But the image was one of a supreme female being. . Totally serene, almost ethereal in appearance!! The statuesque woman who looked back had, in her eyes, the wisdom of a thousand galaxies and suns!!. The Gods of Creation itself must have 'sat on the board' and designed her!!, she was absolutely faultless, even her skin, of what I could see, glowed with a golden ethereal light. I/She ..moved . . Inanely to pick up the mop and bucket!! . Her movements alone were not movements at all! . Like water flowing over a dam, a motion that was fluid. Gripping the mop and bucket firmly, trying to keep a grasp on reality itself, I walked towards Her. She approached me, her movements akin to a boat leaving a mooring. . Moving, but not.

I didn't feel afraid. Had no reason. . 'She' oozed confidence and had a gentleness about her, a childlike innocence about her whole being, except when I looked into her eyes, but this was only fleetingly as mine were downcast, marvelling at what one could achieve with a piece of rag as a dress!!!

I had a disconcerting impression that I was not fully 'in control' of the image being reflected back at me via the mirror, my logical thinking processors appealing to my total sense of awareness that there WAS such a thing as TOO much of a good thing! Steeling myself, I looked at the reflection. . Remorse showed in her eyes. The total remorse of a thousand years of seeing sooo much . . . torment? . . Love gained and lost? . . Battles for her favours, that were, and I faltered at the word, won, but lost, the victor claiming the woman, and the victor claiming the prize, but not the true women herself.

Tears came to my eyes, looking at this supreme female goddess, I sank to my knees, sobbing uncontrollably, reaching out my hands to the mirror. . Touching nothing but cool glass. . Wishing terribly that this mirror was truly magic, and I could reach out and comfort this oh, sooo perfect Goddess, to hold her in my arms and to absorb the imagined thousand years of her tormented heartache into mine, so that we could share the pain together.

But it was not to be. The glass remained impregnable to me, only glowing a soft bluish hue to my reflection. It was not a cold hue . . No, I had a strange feeling that the glow were feelings, I stood up, and shook my head violently to clear it.

I dropped my cloths that I was wearing, and looked upon myself as only the Gods had seen. . The mirror began to glow a bright red hue at my reflection. . Utter perfection. Wiping the mascara from my tear-stained eyes, I approached the handle. I closed my eyes, and grasped the handle.

Utter bliss!! . . The handle/penis was alive in my hand. Long, throbbing, probing, searching, the thing was enormous, full of energy, and a felt longing to be satisfied! I placed my vagina over the thing, my lips feeling the hot member. I reached forward to find the rounded buttocks that I knew were there, finding them, grasping them, and pulling them towards me. I gasped. 'Oooaaahhhh', as the member entered me, swollen, awfully long, throbbing uncontrollably as it search for its destiny. I instinctively tensioned my muscles as this thing entered me, making the mistake of drawing it in even more!!.. I couldn't help it, but had to open my eyes, and looked into the mirror, from side on!!.

I couldn't see my reflection, of course. Not that I wanted to! As, Well, It wouldn't have seemed right anyway! but the mirror was now glowing a very deep purple, so much so that the light brightened up the whole bedroom.. The thing/member inside me gave another thrust, instantly blotting out my vision with the reaction of this inside me, the sensual climax of this being coursing through my very bones and nerve endings, electric bolts of lightning zinging to my toes, fingers, tongue and hair itself!! . . I didn't scream. . It wasn't necessary..I just opened my mouth and out the words came!!


I felt? .. as if hot bolts of fire were being injected into my loins.. A fullness of manhood, filling up my tummy, the thing felt as if it was completely inside all of me, as if I was standing upon a very sensuous pole, spearing into my body. My breasts were solid with ecstasy, my hands feeling nothing but firm solid flesh as they gripped them. Again, a thrust from the member.


The fire again entered my loins. .jeeze!! . . The pain/pleasure was unbearable; my breasts ached from the sheer emotion and tension of my muscles trying to achieve the ultimate. My loins twisted and heaved at the intrusive thing, trying to reject it, but the spasms of my body subconsciously drew it in even more!


I had no idea if I was talking/yelling/squealing? At anybody! Again, another thrust! . As if by pulling a curtain..A coolness.. And calmness, overcame over me!! . . I could feel the member inside me, filling me. Throbbing gently against my inner body. Stable. I opened my eyes and looked askance at the mirror. And looked in wonder at what I saw.

The whole bedroom was lit in a golden sun - glow being emitted from the mirror,! The light bouncing off the walls, floor and ceiling, the room itself looked as if filled with gold!!.. I placed a hand in front of the mirror, the reflection being returned as if from deep within a smoke - filled chamber, fuzzy, and indistinguishable from the reality of the true image!

I lifted myself off of the member/handle . . .feeling no pain, agony, aches.. Just a sensation of total satisfaction that at last, I had competed, achieved, and won, total nirvana with the mirror!!

Confidently, I approached it, and stood with legs akimbo, my hands on my hips. Ready to question, and if necessary, to argue with the Gods themselves!

"Now, lookie here", I began to say, and stopped in mid - sentance, open mouthed!

The mirror surface had turned to black . . .jet black. . Coal black . . .just well, plain bloody black!!.

Perplexed, to say the least, I touched the glass and tried to peer into it, but it was like looking at the sky without stars. . Deep, endless black, is if to the end of the universe itself. . A finality. . A peace. . A quietness.

I showered and tidied myself up, the bathroom mirror reflected the me as I knew her. . Nothing special, I finished cleaning the bedroom, the mirror now seeming odd, without the reflections. I covered it with a blanket.

I prepared dinner, setting the table just in time as hubby arrived. He stopped, looked at me and went pale.

"Good Grief"!!!!..he exclaimed. ."You're just absolutely lovely, how did you do it"! ..He held my hands, his whole body trembling as he looked at me.

I was confused. . what WAS he talking about? . . Nothing special about my appearance that I knew of? . .I kissed him lightly on the cheek and smiled, he almost fainted!!.

"YOU are not cooking tonight", he said . . "only the best for you"!.. and with that before I could so much as grab my purse or change or check my lippy I was in the car being driven to a posh Italian restaurant. . my favourite food. ..

Throwing his jacket over my shoulders to ward off the chill evening air he escorted me into the restaurant. .it was packed, as usual, the queue behind the rope almost up to the door. We headed to the bar for a cocktail. . And the strangest thing happened. . The whole restaurant went deathly quiet. . Nervously I looked around to see what had caused it. . Perhaps a holdup?

I practically almost fainted, grabbing my husband's arm at the sight before me. Everybody was looking at me!! .. I mean EVERBODY!!, customers, bar staff, even the waiters!!

A portly man broke the silence, running up from the depths of the restaurant, stopping, almost bowing!!, in front of me. Puffing, he said,

"We are more than honoured you have chosen to dine here ma'am . .my name is Luigi, at your service ..a table?"

I dumbly nodded my head, to be met with another response from him.

"Boy's, quickly now, don't keep the lady waiting. the best table . .NOW"!!.

As at one, waiters started to rush everywhere, elbowing aside waiting patrons, and seated people, a space magically appearing in the centre of the room . . a table being whisked over the heads of the seated diners . .white cloths appeared, candles were lit, chairs placed!! .Luigi held out his hand . .

"Allow me, ma'am, to escort you" . .I gracefully placed my hand in his, he trembled and visibly wilted as I did so, stammering,

"Th.th.this way..p.p.p.p.please"!

Somehow through the deathly silence and stares of diners, staff and onlookers I managed to grab hubby's hand and allow us to be seated.. Luigi clapped his hands.

"Waiters".. he yelled, the spell was broken . .!! people started to cough, murmuring amongst themselves, the women giving me sidelong looks, as if sizing me up at a meat shop!!.. the men were openly staring at me!!, the occasional cry of 'Ouch', as their womenfolk gave them a kick under the table at their legs and shins! bringing some normality back to the restaurant. A menu appeared, cocktails arrived, I quickly looked around, it seemed as though every waiter in the restaurant was at our table!, as nobody was getting served!!

"Er.. Shouldn't you be waiting on the other's, too", I said, looking at one particularly good -looking Italian.

Perhaps I shouldn't have said that, in fact, in retrospect, I have now learnt to keep my mouth shut unless I have something to really say!!

A scuffle broke out amongst the waiters, table - napkins being flicked at each other, slapping each other with menu's!!

"She looked at YOU..", one of the waiter's shouted to the good -looking Italian, "So . .GO .. this is MY table"!!

"No..No.. not true", the good -looking Italian shouted back, "She is sitting on MY chair, so this is MY customer"!!

I looked at hubby.. totally perplexed.. he was grinning from ear - to - ear!

"Umm . .do something", he said to me .. "try and stop this"!

"Like what"?, I said sarcastically, barely able to hear myself speak above the commotion.

"Umm . .hold yer hand up or something", he had to shout that back, the noise was getting worse, I heard a smack, as a punch landed on some poor waiter!

I stood up . . Immediately the silence was deafening!!.. the waiters stopped in mid punch, or whatever they were doing, a dozen pair of eyes bored into me . .I felt naked, and blushed from head to toe..!

"Ooooooh"!!! ..the sound came from all the waiter's lips in unison!! I had to say something to stop this!!. Summoning up courage I said.

"Boy's.. is it ohkay if only he serves us?!" ..I pointed to the good -looking - waiter. Luigi thankfully intervened at this point, shuffling amongst the throng of waiters to the forefront.
"You heard the lady, guy's ..now GO.. do your job . .look after the other's", he said, making the word 'other's sound like he was talking about some second - class citizens!

Flashing looks of jealousy and hatred at the good -looking - waiter they shuffled off, crashing and banging plates upon the other patrons tables, slapping down the poor people's drinks, spilling them over the tablecloths.. I felt sorry for them.. but still could not comprehend what was all the fuss was about?!

We ordered our meal from the good - looking -waiter, 'GLW' ..(I giggle here, as I have abbreviated his name that I 'gave' him!!). He dashed off to the kitchen, from which immediately came a ruckus, I heard him raise his voice to . .the chef?, perhaps?.. further sounds of crashing.. the chef popped his head out from behind the swing doors and looked at our table, and, well, he just stood there looking at me, I could feel his eyes! . He was almost decapitated by the swing doors as a waiter swung past him! . He disappeared back into the kitchen, shouting and waving him arms?

The GLW came out, running up to our table, looking at me he said,

"Chef apologies, profusely, ma'am, but is preparing fresh food, other stuff no good for you. .He say's drinks are on him whilst you wait"!.

At a loss at what to say I look at hubby, still grinning from ear - to - ear.

"You're gonna start world war three at this rate, Darling", he started to laugh, practically pissing himself!.. The GLW looking at hubby with concern, wondering what he was laughing at!.

"Is he offending you, miss"? the GLW enquired, placing himself next to hubby.

In panic I reached out and grabbed the GLW by the arm, to pull him off hubby, and from nowhere came two waiters who grabbed the GLW!

"We'll take care of him, ma'am, he won't hurt you", they cried, and started to cart him off!

I felt that the whole situation was now getting ridiculous, my hunger had abated for the food. I reached down and whispered in hubby's ear.

"We're leaving.now", and I walked to the door, the whole restaurant going quiet, watching my back, leaving him to settle up for the drinks or whatever.

Luigi caught up with me at the entrance.

"Please come again, won't you, ma'am, we're soory the food was not to your liking"

I turned, held his hands and looked at him, poor Luigi! if a man could melt, then he was!! . . Perspiration started to appear on his forehead, he turned bright red, his hands began to shake in mine!

"It's not that, Luigi, but something happened today that I do not understand, but we will come back soon", I said, feeling like a nurse!

We arrived back home, hungry, for food, that is! . . He had other ideas, and carried me kicking and squealing to the bedroom, and he lost me in a cloud of sensation and happiness as he made love to me in every possible way!

The mirror? ..I had a new one made, to fit the original frame. Upon taking out the blackened glass a yellowed parchment fell to the floor from behind it. I tried to pick it up but it disintegrated into dust, there was some writing on it, but what is said, or what it was for, or even it's purpose for being there, I have no idea!

The urge, or the inclination, to 'play' with the frame has also dissapeared, it is just a piece of furniture now, and lets face it.furniture is not a 'turn on'!

Me? .. Dunno, some day's I try, really try, to look sloppy! I tried, as an experiment, to wear just rags, literally, to hubby's works 'do', but all I received was compliments on my coiffure, and couture. And where can they buy one!

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