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He loved to eat her pussy and was the absolute best at it
Knox rushed through the front door of his house, immensely excited with his new find. In his hands was a small stone box with some old carvings on it. This object was just the newest of many that already lay in the household. Knox had a fascination with old things, an obsession even. He was always bringing home various things he had found out and about and examining them closely. Today, this object had jumped out at him in the store he had been browsing. The feelings it gave him told him that he had to have it.

"Misty! Honey! Come here! I've got something to show you!" Knox went into the bedroom the two shared and sat down on the bed, running his hands over the box. He couldn't wait to look over his new find!

After a few moments, Misty entered the room. She saw the stone box in her husband's hands and shook her head, sighing. His fascination with this kind of stuff was one of the few things that Misty had trouble accepting about her husband. Trying to be patient, she sat down next to him, asking, "What is it this time, honey?"

Knox quickly held up the box, showing it to her. "It's an ancient stone box. There's writing on it and the store clerk said it had never been opened before. Isn't that exciting? What could be in there?" He was practically panting with the excitement. He passed the box to his wife, wanting her to examine it too.

Another sigh escaped Misty's lips. Her husband could get really crazy when he found something new. Taking the box from him, she couldn't deny that she felt something special about the box. Glancing over the writing on the box, her eye caught on a few select words. "BEWARE WHAT LIES INSIDE THIS BOX" Frowning, she pointed it out to her husband.

Knox took the box back from Misty, almost greedily. His eyes roamed all over the box, excited. When he had looked at the box earlier, he could have sworn the text was all in some other language. However, it was clear as day now that it was in English. One set of words in particular peaked his interest the most, barely even bothering to notice the warning. It was instructions on how to open the box! "Look, honey! We could open it! It says all that has to be done is a man and woman to lay their hands upon it, at the same time." Setting it down on the bed, Knox placed his hand on the box, anxiously waiting for her to do the same.

Misty hesitated. She wasn't sure about this, not trusting the ancient box. One look at her husband's face told her she was going to do it though. His face was alight with so much pleasure, that she wouldn't be able to bear letting him be disappointed. With a groan, her hand moved to the box and lay next to her husband's.

Immediately, a click was heard from the box. Both Knox and Misty pulled their hands back, startled by the sudden noise. Knox was the first to react and reached down to open the box. After pulling back the lid, he revealed the box's contents. Inside was a pair of stone rings, one slightly bigger than the other. Knox smiled and grabbed the bigger of the two rings, sliding it onto the ring finger of his right hand.

"Knox!" Misty whispered furiously. "You shouldn't just put that on. You...you don't know where it's been." She didn't know why but her husband putting on the ring felt like a bad idea. That silly excuse was the best she had been able to come up with to explain her feelings.

"It's fine, honey, see?" He held up his hand, showing that the ring was sitting plainly on his finger, doing nothing. Picking up the other ring, Knox offered it to his wife. "C'mon, Misty, please? Humor me one more time? I want to see them on both of us."

Misty thought for a moment. Her gut was telling her as hard as it could not to put that ring on. However, her brain kept telling her how silly she was being for being afraid of a little ring. In a moment of anger at herself for being so stupid, her hand darted out and grabbed the ring, shoving it onto her right hand. Neither person breathed for a moment. The rings did nothing. Both exhaled, relieved at the tension being gone.

The tension was not gone though, not entirely. Suddenly, the rings became very warm. It wasn't burning their fingers but it was definitely not natural. Misty tried to grab at hers, wanting it away from her body. She was shocked to find it wouldn't move, stuck to her finger as if glued. Slight panic in her eyes, she glanced at her husband. Her jaw dropped as she saw what was happening to him.

A force had taken control of Knox, causing him to stand up. Then, he felt compelled to take all of his clothes off, revealing his slightly out of shape body and his average sized penis. The ring then surged with heat again and Knox felt an itching sensation all over his body. Both Mary and Knox watched as Knox's chest became very muscular, as if he had been working out for years. Extra fat simply disappeared from his body. That wasn't the only change. Knox moaned as his 5" cock lengthened, stretching out to just over 10"! It grew in width too, becoming quite a monster cock.

Misty watched as her husband finally relaxed, as if he was in control again. He gaped down at his new body, not able to help the grin that came over his face. "Wow..." he breathed. Looking up, he saw his wife's fearful eyes and said, "It's ok, honey. I think it's over. Some ring, huh?" With these words, he noticed the same motions begin to come over Misty and figured something would happen to her now. He stood, transfixed at the sight.

Misty stood up and removed her clothes, just as her husband had. She saw that his cock was fully at attention looking at her body. She worked hard to stay in good shape but wished her breasts were a bit bigger, only having modest 34B's. The same itching sensation came over her body, just as it had with Knox. Her breasts suddenly grew, ballooning out to 40D's very rapidly. The nipples extended as well, becoming a couple of inches long and rock hard. Misty gasped as she felt her pussy flood with wetness. It was like a tap had been turned on in her body and her juices flowed with no stop. Soon, her legs were coated with it. The last change was to her clit, it also growing in size. It protruded from her body, almost comically.

Misty's body relaxed and Knox was at her side immediately, a hand on her back. He looked into her eyes and asked, "Are you alright?" She simply nodded, unable to say or do anything else. At that moment, both of them gasped. They had each just been filled with an insatiable lust and needed to fuck right then and there! Groping wildly, the two came together in a passionate kiss, sucking and tongues all.

As they kissed, they slowly moved to the bed, lying down next to each other. Knox's hand was on Misty's tits quickly, wanting to feel her new flesh. Misty gasped at her husband's touch, amazed at how good this felt. There was now so much for him to grope that the sensations were phenomenal. Still, she wasn't prepared for him to take one of her now massive nipples into his mouth and start to suck. A loud moan escaped her lips. It felt amazing! Her giant nipple was full of sensitive nerves and having it in Knox's mouth was heavenly. Each nipple got equal love and attention from Knox. The two were soon lying in a giant puddle of Misty's juices, her tap still flowing.

Misty was sure that her orgasm would be hitting her any second, with feelings this good. Curiously, it wouldn't come. She figured it was just because her pussy wasn't being simulated and groaned. Pushing Knox's head off her tits, she slid down to his new cock, wanting to taste it. Her mouth opened wide and engulfed the mushroom head, tasting delicious pre-cum. Both moaned deep at the sensation.

Unknown to both Misty and Knox, one last change had happened to Misty. Her gag reflex was effectively gone now and she could deep throat like a pro. Knox quickly found this out when he thrust into Misty's mouth, wanting more of his cock in her. Before long, the entire length was in her mouth and throat and he merely smiled. Her throat was so warm and moist and it cushioned his cock so perfectly. He watched as she bobbed up and down on it, sending sensations coursing through his body.

Misty couldn't take it anymore; she needed her pussy stimulated! Not bothering to pull her husband's cock out of her mouth, she simply spun her body around, allowing her pussy to be positioned over her husband's face. It didn't take long for him to start digging in, lapping at her folds expertly. He loved to eat her pussy and was the absolute best at it. As horny as she was, it felt more amazing than ever. She squealed as he took her now giant clit into his mouth, sucking on it. Misty could barely handle the sensations on her too-sensitive clit, bucking wildly around.

Five minutes passed and both Knox and Misty were becoming extremely frustrated. Even with all this amazing stimulation, neither had managed to orgasm yet. It always came close but it never hit fully. The feeling would simply fade away for a few moments before returning to annoy them again. They rolled off of each other, breathing heavily and sweating profusely. They glanced at each other and instantly knew what they had to do.

Misty scooted herself to the end of the bed and spread her legs wide. Knox walked to the end of the bed and grabbed her legs, putting them on his shoulders. This was their favorite sex position and they knew it would do the trick. Slowly, Knox pushed his cock into Misty's waiting pussy. She had worried for a split second that his now huge cock might be too much for her but was allayed of these fears as it slid in smoothly. Her pussy was so wet and stretched now that you could fit a bowling ball in there.

Knox began to thrust, picking up in speed quickly due to his constant almost-orgasming state. Moans filled the room, coming from both of them. It was a good thing they lived somewhat away from neighbors because they could probably hear them from their own houses! The room smelled like hot, wet sex. Knox continued to thrust and Misty continued to moan, tits bouncing up and down with each thrust. Her clit was rubbing up against his cock on each thrust, sending chills of pleasure throughout her body. She was also sliding around on the bed, her juices from earlier causing her back to be very slick.

Again, the two felt their orgasms coming. This time, they finally hit and with amazing force. They grabbed hands, their right hands, and squeezed tight. Knox fell forward, his legs losing their feeling. His cock stuck into Misty's pussy kept him from falling all the way over. Misty was on the bed shaking violently. Her tits flew throughout the air and her pussy squirted even more juices, with such force that they sprayed from around Knox's cock. Their minds were completely blank, pleasure invading every inch of their being. These orgasms kept going, not wanting to stop.

Suddenly, the rings activated again. This time they were cold as ice. Knox and Misty gasped at the feeling but didn't move, paralyzed with the pleasure of their orgasms. They watched in horror as the stone from the rings began to spread out along their bodies, completely covering them. Within seconds, the two were encased in stone. Anyone walking in would think they were looking at a rather risqué statue.

Misty and Knox were still cogent, unable to comprehend what was going on. Their orgasms had lessened slightly during the entombing and it gave them a second to feel true panic. Then, the statue shattered into dust, falling apart. A few moments later, only the two rings remained. Misty's mind was trapped in the smaller ring; Knox's mind trapped in the other. They realized they weren't alone in their rings, many more trapped souls residing in each. Before they could try to scream, the pleasure returned, even more powerful. The feeling of not being able to reach orgasm came back and this time it happened more rapidly.

Nothing could be done about it. They had been trapped, just as many others had been over the years. Misty and Knox were doomed to forever feel pleasured but unable to actually reach orgasm, a torturous existence. The pair of rings floated up and back into the box, waiting for the next victims to come along and add to the powers stored within.

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