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Best friends and neighbors playing nasty fantastic sexstory
Jason Sloan groaned as he held a hand gently to his sore ribs. "I'm so tired of this kind of crap." Mitchell Haggard and his fellow group of Jocks had beaten Jason again. Three of the jocks pressed him to the wall while Mitchell had repeated pummeled his ribs with his fists.

He continued to stumble trying to be sure that nobody would see him trying to make it back to his off campus apartment. Because of Mitchell's constant hazing, Jason had very few friends on campus.

This was the start of his third year at college and he had so strongly hoped that starting university would mean he would leave behind the stigma of being a nerd. In the beginning it had even looked as though it was working. However that all ended when Jason had convinced one of Mitchell's girlfriends to break up with the douche bag.

The girl, Quincey, had been Jason's best friend all through high school. She was the only popular person in his school that did not treat him like dirt. Maybe because their parents here best friends and neighbors and they had practically grown up together. Or simply because she had such a good heart.

Right as they both started their first semester Quincey attracted the attention of a third year jock by the name of Mitchell Haggard. Mitch was known for his hard partying ways. Mostly because his fraternity got away with almost murderously criminal behavior. His father was the Chief of Police for Ann Harbor and so he and his goons were protected for their horrendously poor behavior.

Jason was jealous of Mitch's relationship with Quincey, after all he had spent years pining over her. But that was not the reason he convinced her to break up with the douche. The fact that Mitch would constantly cheat on her was his reason. Jason knew down to his soul that Quincy deserved better.

Jason had to bring Quincey to the frat because he had heard Mitch bragging about yet another girl he was going to score with. Quincey refused to believe Jason about Mitches cheating ways. Even though they had only been together for a couple of months she trusted Mitch when he told her Jason was just misguided or jealous. But on that day Jason had tricked her into thinking Mitch had a surprise.

It had been heartbreaking when he had opened the door to Mitch having sex with the girl to show Quincey the truth. It had also caused him to have a mortal enemy in Mitch and his entire frat. And because mostly the entire campus was afraid of the frat because of Mitch's fathers connections.

That day Quincey stopped speaking to Jason. Blaming him for the pain she felt. Unbeknownst to Jason she had given her virginity to Mitchell just a few days earlier because she thought she was in love with him. That same day was the start of almost 3 years of attacks from Mitchell and his fraternity upon Jason.

This last beating had been amongst the worst. He was sure at least one of his ribs was broken. But he also knew from repeated experience that going to the police or even the campus police would get him no where. He would have tried to call somebody but one of Mitchell's goons had broken his phone.

Jason cut left and entered a large park, cutting trough would make his trip on foot shorter and he hoped he could get to his bed as soon as possible. Maybe laying down would relieve some of his pains. He was breathing extremely shallowly because of the pain in his ribs. He failed to realize that he was was hyperventilating himself and making himself dizzy. He stumbled off the path and tried to catch himself against huge oak tree.

The last sound Jason heard was the thump of his body hitting the ground at the base of the tree followed by his own moan of pain. Then the world went black and he remembered no more.

It could have been minutes or hours later that he began to wake. He heard the most curious sound. Like tree branches bending in the wind and logs splitting. He raised himself to his feet with the aid of the oak tree. Before he was fully standing he discovered what was making the wood splitting sound.

A long crack seemed to be opening in the tree. Probably fifteen feet long and getting longer as it spread up the length of the tree. It continued to spread length wise simply because it was getting wider. By the time Jason was lucid enough to begin questioning the bizarre circumstances of a tree splitting open on its own, something even more odd happened.

A glowing golden orb pushed itself out of the tree. The orb was roughly the size of a softball. The orb seemed to be clear like glass but with no shiny reflection, almost as though it was made of solid air instead of glass. Inside the orb there was a glowing and pulsing cloud of gold.

Jason reached up and pulled it from the whole in the tree. The orb began to flash as soon his hand came into contact with it. The flash came with his heart beat. Thump, thump. Flash, flash. Inside the cloud of swirling gold came the pulsing lighting flash along with Jason's pulse.

It was probably just moments but he felt as though he had been looking into the gold cloud for an eternity. The sound of people talking while they approached him from behind pulled him from his reverie. He quickly stuffed the orb into his backpack and hobbled back to the path and on his way home.

It was only a couple of blocks and the whole time he was wondering about what the hell the orb was. How did it come out of that tree? What was the cloud made out of? What made it swirl and glow? Why did it flash with his heart? He was so consumed with these questions that he did not even notice the excruciating pain in his torso and face.

As soon as the door closed behind him he pulled the orb from his backpack and began examining it. He turned on the lamp and sat on the couch under the cone of light. He rolled it all around and could not find any seam or mold points. He tried thumping it with his finger but it did not make any kind of expected sound. It reverberated as though it was solid steel.

Jason spent hours looking into the orb. Finally he leaned over and put his face into his hands. He quickly winced and sat up looking at his hands. He had opened one of the wounds on his face from his beating. There was blood on his hands. He grabbed the orb from his lap and went to place it on the coffee table.

Before it was out of his hands there was a tremendous clapping sound like the sound barrier being broken. His fingers sunk through the mass and the clouds burst forth to envelope his hand. Jason shook his hand but the cloud clung to him like glue and quickly made it's way up his arm.

He lost sight of it when it made it's way past his shoulder but quickly saw it again as it enveloped his face. He panicked when it covered his mouth and nose. The cloud disappeared into his mouth and nostrils. I wonder if it's poisonous, was his last conscious thought.

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English Sex Stories

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