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Single biggest pair of breasts she'd ever seen, thought of, or dreamed about.
The sounds from the apartment above hers were the same she'd heard over and over again. When Sarah had arrived, she'd vowed to do everything to NOT reveal what she really was- though that was sort of a given, now that she'd had time to see human culture for what it really was. That being said, she could still pass as a human, albeit an unusually abnormal one.

"No, please, don-" SLAP!

"Shut up, you're my daughter! You do what I say, when I say it, and that's final!"

She'd resolved to not interfere with others' lives, after a few disastrous attempts at intervention. She still had the lightning-shaped scar on the left side of her throat from the knife the man had pulled on her. She'd been weaker, then, and had used her 'tazer' on him, and then lost it- at least, that's what she'd told the police. The story the mugger had told the police was much more farfetched, and had made a minor note in the tabloids, but that was it.

"Leave our daughter alone, Marcus!"

"You stay out of this- she's your daughter, you refuse to control her!"

"She came back thirty seconds past her curfew, because the bus was late!"

"Oh, so now you're taking her side!"

She flipped onto her other side, pressing pillows to her ears to try and drown out the sounds passing through the poorly insulated ceiling of her apartment. For the two months she'd lived here, the family above her had slowly gone from slightly bad to... well, what it was now. She gritted her teeth and mentally cursed her exceptionally acute hearing. Deciding that passively blocking out the sounds from above wasn't working, she got up, and dressed in her workout clothes, and began to practice kickboxing on her punching bag. WHAM! WHAM! WHAM!

"Deborah, get me a beer."

"Marcus, you're drunk."



Not enough. She could still here them. Frustrated, she picked up the punching bag, stand and all, and hurled it at the ceiling, where it impacted loud enough to wake the dead, crashed to the floor, and left sizable dents in both places.

"Hey up there! Keep your goddamned dispute down, you're not the only people in the frik'n building!" Her voice was rough and coarse; the scar on her throat had originally dug deep enough to damage her vocal cords.

"Fuck you, you stupid bitch!" The man's voice echoed through the floor as he stomped twice and then went back to berating his family. That was the final straw. She concentrated and then stepped out of her apartment, clad in a navy blue sport bra and black Lycra shorts. Locking the door behind her, she walked sedately towards the stairwell. Halfway up the stairs to the eighth floor, the lights went out as the city went into a blackout when the power plants shut down.

Shouts and cries and curses echoed from all over the building. The drunken husband hadn't seemed to notice, and in the cover of darkness, she picked the lock on his apartment, silently opened the door, closed and locked it behind her, and walked into the living room, able to see easily through her optical cybronic implants. The power out ended as the power plants started up again at a silent mental command, and the husband yelled in drunken shock as the lights came on and a stranger was in is living room.

"I've tried to be patient. I've tried to ignore you. I've tried to simply hope you move out. But every day YOU" she pointed at Marcus "get more drunk, and more hateful, abusive, and you get LOUDER. That's the ONLY friggin' reason I'm here, right now, is because I'm tried of trying to get some sleep while you are still up at 1AM abusing your wife and child. Are you gonna shut up, or do I do that for you?"

"Fuck you, you stupid bitch!" Marcus had been a steel mill worker before he'd been laid off, and had owned an impressively muscular body. Since then, he'd degraded and had grown a beer gut, but could still throw a mean punch.

She, on the other hand was built like a bouncer's wet dream- muscular, lithe, and powerful. Standing at seven feet three inches, she cut an imposing figure- chalk white skin from head to toe, silver-white hair down to her shoulder blades, and eyes like lightning. And there was a major storm brewing in those eyes.

On the heels of Marcus' comment, the burly man was laboriously getting to his feet. She was already in motion, her fist moving at high velocity.

Her first punch was intended to warn the guy that he was outclassed, and landed in his ample stomach. With a loud grunt, Marcus fell back into his chair, blinking drunkenly.

"Stupid bitch, I'll have you arrested!" He tried to get back up. She let him, her blood was boiling with rage now, and she figured letting him get a punch in might shut him up. The drunk was on his feet, standing among a pile of beer cans, swaying slightly. He swung once, missed, but the second blow landed on her right cheek.

She let fly with a flurry of blows on his stomach, chest and two on his face. "Touch me again and you'll regret it."

Marcus snarled and leapt at her, missing by a good margin and crashing to the floor. She landed one blow on the back of is head and he passed out. She nodded to the woman standing in the doorway, who was looking nervously at the man lying prone on the living room floor.

"I'm sorry to have to bothered you, miss, but that bastard seems to think he's king of the world. I hope you'll forgive me for taking him down a few notches."

The trembling woman nodded slowly.

"I'll just let myself out, then." She walked to the door and then did let herself out. She walked back downstairs, into her apartment, and fell asleep.

The next day found her relaxing until her afternoon job. She worked as repair staff at the local community college.

She arrived with her usual promptness, and grabbed her tool belt and a list of things that needed doing, some of them were routine, and others were not. One of the desks in classroom 3B was rickety, and rather than shell out for a new one, he simply had maintenance fix it. Today she had bathroom duty as well, restocking the restrooms with the appropriate materials, and then she'd have to do the classrooms.

It was in the third floor restroom of the classroom building that she found the girl.

The third floor classrooms were rarely used, and as such, the restrooms even less. So she was both surprised and unsurprised to find someone hiding in the stall, trying to muffle her crying.

She poked her head into the stall. "Hey, you okay, kid?"

The girl looked 20-ish, and her face was blotchy and stained with tears. She hunkered down and reached out. "You okay?"

The girl sniffled. "What do you want?"

"I'm the maintenance crew, kid, I came in here to restock the TP and such, and as a result, I found you. Why are you sitting in here, crying?"

"M-my dad's total bastard- last night he lost it and started hitting mom when she tried to stop him hitting me- because I came back a few measly seconds after the clock chimed 1."

Her blood ran cold, her mind reviewing the previous night's events.

"You want to talk about it?"

"N-not really."

"Fair enough. What's your name?"

"Dana. Yours?"

"Me? I'm Sarah." Sarah smiled kindly; pulling a tissue from the roll she kept in her pocket for cleaning up minor spills. "Here ya go, dry your tears kiddo. Though I'm probably the same age as you, so I guess I don't have the right to call you that."

"How old are you, Sarah?"

"Me? 22."

"How come you're not in college?"

"It never came up- once I got outta high school, I had to do other stuff, and never really got around to going- plus it's so damned expensive. Even community college."

"So you're a janitor at the college?"

"Nah, that's part time- My full time job is... erm.. I'm a bouncer."

"Like, one of those guys that keeps people from misbehaving at a club?"


"But... why not just work that job full time? Why take a second job?"

"Because it's nice to hang out with other people my age, and working here lets me do that, sorta."

She sat in silence with Dana for a few minutes.

"You gonna be okay?"

"I think so."

"You think so?"

"Well, I'm scared to go home, cause of my dad."

"If you got home early, would that help prevent anything from happening?"

"I think..."

"You think?"

"He'd probably get mad at me for catching a ride with someone else."

"Ah. Damned if you do, and damned if you don't. Well, look, I'll give you a ride, and if he tries anything, I'll keep him from hitting you. If he persists, I'll call child services."

"He'll just get angrier."

"He'll have nothing to get angry at. If he hits you, they take you and toss him in jail. If he hits his wife, they still toss him in jail. Maybe overnight, but still... Besides, if he comes after me, he'll have a lot to worry about."

"You'll stay and help?"

"Yeah, I will. So you'll take my offer?"

"Y-yeah. Thanks." Sarah smiled at Dana.

"No problem. I'll see you at 4:00, ok?"

"Okay!" Dana managed a weak smile, and Sarah went on to finish her duties and went on with her day.

At four o'clock, she stood outside the school, next to a sleek motorcycle. Tinted chrome, non-reflective black paint, and all angles, it looked like the illegitimate love child spawned of a Stealth Bomber and motorcycle. The result was beautiful.

Dana came out of the classroom building and started towards the bus stop, and then headed for Sarah when she waved.

"Hey! Dana!"

Dana came over and looked the bike over. "What kind of motorcycle's that? I've never seen one like it before." Sarah chuckled.

"And you likely never will again- this is my own design, built entirely by me." Dana blinked.

"Is it safe?"

"Safer than most motorcycles. It's not going to suddenly fall apart on us while I drive, if that's what you're thinking." Sarah got on, and with an odd electrical whine, the engine started, and the sound faded down to almost silent as the bike idled.

"Climb on."

"Okay..." Dana climbed on behind Sarah wrapping her arms around the taller woman's torso, blushing as she accidentally bumped against Sarah's breasts.


"S'ok- they're kinda hard to miss, y'know?"

The tires spun for a split second and then caught, and Sarah sped away from the curb, weaving in an out of traffic, following Dana's shouted directions to her apartment. Just as she had thought, Dana was the child of the family who lived right above her. A minor spell was enough to alter the memories of her previous late-night intrusion, and they would be looking for someone else. Dana walked slowly up the stairs, dreading going through the door, but she went in.


"I've been at school, Dad."

"You're lying! I saw you walk over to your friend's house!"

"Dad, you walked me to the bus stop this morning."

"More lies! Come here, so I can make sure you listen next time." The ominous tone was enough for Sarah. She walked in and leaned again the doorway casually.

"I wouldn't do that if I were you. And she was at school- I'm the janitor there, I saw her there several times today."

"She's my kid, you stupid freakish bitch! I'll correct her the way I see fit!" The normally calm gaze Sarah possessed was suddenly red hot at the man's comments. She was used to ridicule over how she looked, but this guy somehow managed to rile her.

"Touch her once and I'll have child services on you before you could pull your hand away. Touch her twice and you'd be out cold before you hit the floor." Her voice was as cold as a Minnesotan midwinter blizzard.

"Shut up, bitch!" He leaned back to ready a blow for Dana.

He never even got halfway to having it ready.

Sarah struck with the speed of a lightning bolt, lunging across five feet of moldy carpet with a right hook that knocked the man out of his chair and had him on the floor in a quarter second. He lay there, dazed and rubbing his cheek. Sarah walked over to Dana.

"Sorry, but watching him do that kinda set me off. You ok?"

"Yeah, I think so." Dana came to a conclusion right then. Her father had been getting worse, and he probably wasn't going to stop at this level. It was time to leave.

"I can't stay here, though, Sarah."

"S'ok. Want to stay at my place until we get this settled?"

"Yeah. Let me get some stuff."

"Take all the time you need, I'll wait here."

Dana ran down to her bedroom and grabbed a few sets of clothes, the few precious things she had that weren't broken, and stuffed it all into a duffel bag. She walked back to the living room. Sarah looked up at Dana as she came back, apparently unaware of Marcus getting to his feet behind her, anger written on his face.

"Sarah, I'm all set to..." She trailed off in horror as Marcus reached for Sarah, aiming to strangle her. Without even looking, Sarah's fist lashed up and backwards, hitting Marcus square in the face, and the man fell back, clutching at his now probably broken nose.

"Ready, Dana?" Dana managed a slow wide-eyed nod.

"Cool. Let's go. I'll get the bag." Sarah gently took the bag from Dana's hands and walked with her down one floor to Sarah's apartment. Slightly messy here and there, but overall much nicer than the one Dana had lived in. "I've got a spare bedroom I don't use, you're free to shack up in there."

"Thanks." Dana looked at the ceiling rather nervously, as though her father might fall through it at any moment to begin his reign of terror anew.

"Dana, if he tries anything, I'll break his legs. Slowly."

Dana looked at Sarah, and giggled weakly.

"Thanks. Uh, Sarah?"



"Why am I doing this for you?"


"Because despite my total indifferent-seeming attitude, I do care about what goes on around me, and I have a streak of good samaritanism in me a mile wide." She grinned rakishly and dissolved into giggles. "Whatcha want for dinner, Dana? I'll cook up most anything- it's more fun."

"Well... do you do Mexican food?"

Sarah's eyes lit up, "Do fish swim? How hot do you like it?"

"Kinda hot- not too hot, though."

"All right. In that case, don't touch the stuff that's sparking or glowing."


Sarah laughed, "I'm kidding! Chill!" Sarah grinned at Dana. "Glowing? Honestly, you think I'd serve spiced toxic waste?"

Dana smiled a little, "I guess not."

Sarah chuckled, "Go get moved in and stuff, shower if you need to, I'll have everything ready in about half an hour."

"All right."

Dana walked into the room Sarah had given her, her head spinning.

She barely- hell, she really didn't know this woman, this... AMAZON at all, and yet here she was, living with her while this pale individual was watching over her protectively- hell, she'd even threatened to hurt her dad if he tried to go after Dana again. Not always the best idea, but her heart was in the right place.

That wasn't the only thing that was in the right place. She was HOT, H-O-T hot! For all the height and muscle mass, she was still feminine- easily enough to sport the single biggest pair of breasts she'd ever seen, thought of, or dreamed about. She was so powerful, too, and despite all that strength, she was careful, lithe, restrained. Her mind kept returning to every curve of Sarah's body that Dana had seen, and daydreamed about it while she showered, daydreaming of the two of them in bed, laying together, maybe a small loving touch here and there...

"Dana! Yo!" Sarah was waiting patiently in Dana's bedroom, calling through the bathroom door.

"Huh? What is it?"

"Dinner's ready! You'd better come quick before I eat it all!"

"You wouldn't dare!" Dana quickly got out of the shower and wrapped herself in a towel and peeked out of the bathroom. Her bedroom was empty, and the door was closed.

She could sense Dana's arousal from all the way across the apartment, while cooking dinner. Her blood ran warm and then warmer as thoughts leaked from Dana's mind and were picked up in Sarah's.

'Sweet goddess above! I thought she might have been Bi, but she finds me attractive? I mean, I know I'm no slouch- I had all my peers falling all over themselves, in ANY form, to try and bed her, and she'd turned them all down. But Dana... wow!

She pulled tortillas from the oven, and stirred the contents of pots on the stove, and kept the cooking going for a few more minutes, and then went to find Dana.

She leaned against the shower door and did her best to block out the exceedingly erotic thoughts coming from within.

"Dana! Yo!"

"Huh? What is it?"

"Dinner's ready! You'd better come quick before I eat it all!"

"You wouldn't dare!"

Sarah smiled and walked out of the bedroom, closing the door and going to the kitchen and setting the table.

A few minutes later, Dana walked out. Casual jeans and a blue t-shirt was all she wore, bare feet padding nearly silently across the carpet. Sarah smiled. "Hey. You hungry?"

"Yeah- it smells delicious!" Indeed it did. Savory smells of all kinds. Most of them laced with one spice or another, the predominant ones being garlic, onions, and salt. Dishes were arranged beautifully on the table, their contents steaming, a few of them chilled, and all in all, it looked wonderful. Sarah chuckled and sat. "Well, don't stand there gawping, sit down and eat!" Dana smiled and did so, putting a tortilla on her plate and loading it up with what looked good. Sarah had one on her plate and had loaded up almost everything- sautéed onions, refried beans, grilled chicken, a little sour cream, lettuce, tomato, mushrooms, black olives, red beans & rice.... And she already had a stack of four on a second plate, ones she'd made already. She smiled and held it out to Dana.

"Want one?"

"No thanks, I'll make my own."

"All right." Sarah dug in, eating quickly, but neatly. Her stomach protested its emptiness with a few growls and groans. Dana raised an eyebrow.

"You sound hungry, Sarah."

"I am! Exercise and keeping rough people out of the club works up quite an appetite in me." She smiled and devoured another burrito, after loading it up with peppers and hot sauce.

Dana blinked, but ate her dinner, making small talk with Sarah. Sarah politely ate, talked, and did her best to make Dana comfortable. Dana was done eating in maybe half an hour, not eating much. Sarah made like the energizer bunny, and she just kept GOING. It was incredible to watch, in a way. Dana was simply amazed. Where was she PUTTING it all?

A quick glance told the tale. Her stomach, normally slightly curved inwards, smooth but muscular, had bulged outwards, giving her the appearance that she'd swallowed a basketball, and she was still going strong.

"How can you eat so much?"

Sarah swallowed her mouthful and answered, "I work out a lot and I keep myself physically active all the time. So I have to eat a lot to keep myself going. I usually have a small breakfast & lunch and just go to town at dinner."


'Goddess above, she's even sexier with that stomach!' Sarah did her best to close out Dana's thoughts, but it was difficult. She concentrated on eating instead.

Three hours later, she was full, very full. Really, truly, hugely full- one of the biggest meals she'd eaten, ever. Her stomach was huge, bigger than an over-inflated beach ball, her bellybutton popped out, and she leaned back and sighed, gingerly patting her stomach.

"Oooh... now THAT was good. You like my cooking, Dana?"

Dana nodded slowly. 'I'd like the cook even more- goddess, she's turning me on so much!'

"Dana? Hey, you okay? You're spacing out here..."

"Oh! Sorry!" Dana blushed a little, and Sarah smiled at her.

"Sorry, I'm not used to having company, and I usually only eat like this at night, so..."

"It's okay, Sarah. It's just... surprising you can eat so much- a meal that size probably would have killed anyone else." Sarah chuckled.
"Yeah, I'm a tough girl. However..." Sarah groaned, slowly getting to her feet, leaning heavily on the table as she stood up, her huge belly thrust out proudly before her as she leaned back, looking hugely pregnant, her full heavy breasts resting proudly atop her belly. "...I am going to go and lay down to sleep this off."

It was rather late- 8:17 was what the clock said- and Dana was feeling a little tired as well. "I'll go and sleep, then, Sarah. I'll see you in the morning."

"Night Dana. Sleep well." Sarah waddled slowly into her bedroom, closed the door, and the lights in the living room went out. Sarah sighed, lying down on her bed, sinking deep into the soft mattress, lying on her back. She wriggled out of her pants, and shirt and bra, leaving only her panties on, the white silk garment flush with her body in such a way that it seemed seamlessly linked to her, a part of her body. She closed her eyes, running slender fingers over her belly and breasts, sighing happily, and savored the sensations her finger produced on her body, and lost herself, half-sleeping while touching her belly and breasts, eyes closed.

An unknown time later, she opened her eyes as a second pair of hands joined her own. Dana was standing next to Sarah's bed, blushing, her fingers gently stroking Sarah's belly.

"Dana? What gives?"

"Well, I came in here because I think my dad's at your door and is trying to get in, but when I came in here to tell you, I got... uhh... distracted."

"He's at my door? For the love of the goddess, I swear I'll kill that bastard!" She practically threw herself out of bed, hopping from foot to foot as she pulled a pair of pants on and then a shirt, and walked over to the door.

Anger radiated from the other side of the door in waves of nauseating energy. She grabbed the handle and almost ripped the door off it's hinges as she yanked it open, her free hand in motion, connecting with the man's face before he could even register that the door was opening.

"Go the fuck away, you stupid shit head! Scram! Bother me again and I'll really make you sorry!" The drunken man clutched at his mouth, probably to try and find the teeth Sarah had knocked out, and that was the last thing she saw, because then she shut the door and re-bolted it, and walked back to her bedroom. Dana was waiting.

"Drunken asshole doesn't know when to give up." She muttered, lying back down on the bed. Dana looked nervously at the door.

"Sarah, he can't get in, can he?"

"He can, but he'd have to break the door off its hinges first, and if he did that, I'd be awake before it hit the floor. You're safe here, Dana."

"I'm... I'm still scared, Sarah."

Sarah reached out and gently pulled Dana into the bed, cuddling her close. "He can't get you if I'm here, that much I can absolutely promise. Okay?"

Dana clung to Sarah, pressing close, still nervous.

"It'll be okay, Dana."

"All right." Sarah lay awake for a long time after Dana had fallen asleep, listening for danger.

She awoke groggy and feeling ill. She tried to sit up and came fully awake as she realized she was restrained.

She was tied to the bedposts on her bed. As she began to take a sort of mental inventory to see just what was going on, she heard Dana cry out in pain from the living room. The sound of someone moving- it sounded like her father- came from the same room, and Dana cried out again, weakly, protesting something. Anger surged through her body.

'Screw subtlety' she thought, and she heaved with all her might. The metal posts creaked and strained, the rope fraying from the strain put on it. She wrenched herself free and leaped off the bed, curling into a ball and hurling herself through the door, rolling to her bare feet among a shower of wood splinters. A few muscles he hadn't realized were bruised screamed fiery pain through her nerves, but she ignored it. The scene in front of her was enough to make her sick.

A case's worth of empty beer cans were littered on the floor of the living room. A mix of smells, most of them unpleasant, filled the room almost thick enough to choke someone.

Dana's father was trying to rape his daughter for whatever reason, but between his bulk and his drunkenness, he hadn't done much more than half crush her and scare her to death- plus hitting her some, Sarah could see some new bruises already.

"DIE!!" She didn't stop to think, didn't care about the repercussions, didn't care about anything except that fact that this CLOD was trying to hurt someone she cared for. A fireball of electrical energy leapt from her outstretched hand and slammed into the obese man, knocking him out. Sarah blinked, her head clearing, and suddenly she realized.

Dana had seen her throw the lightning ball.

"Wh... what ARE you?!" She shrieked, scrambling from beneath Marcus and cowering in the corner, away from Sarah, shivering in fear and terror.

Sarah simply was silent. Since her cover had been blown, she simply summoned the rest of her clothing onto her body, and levitated Marcus off the couch, summoning some of his cleaner clothing onto his body, and sent a message to one of her friends.

'Mike, I'm sending you a troublemaker. Bury him as deep in the cells as law allows.'

'Gotcha. Cover blown?'

'I'm that predictable, aren't I?'

'Yeah. Once you get the victim calmed down, bring her down here for an official statement so I have some reason to bury this guy. Want me to come by with medical help to calm her down?'

'No, I'll do this myself.'

'You always do. Send the perp.' A flash of light and Marcus vanished.

'Got him, Mike?'

'Man, what did you do to him?'

'I used a tazer on him. Unofficially, I did a low level nerve fry to get him to stop raping his daughter.'

'Sweet Goddess above! What else did he do?'

'Hit her multiple times last night and just now. Must have drugged me somehow or something- whatever he used, it's potent stuff. I'll toss you blood sample later so you can analyze it and try and track this stuff down- it's good enough to even put one of us out cold.'

'Damn. I'll look later on, ok?'

'Deal. See ya.'

Sarah terminated the mental link and looked over at Dana. The entire conversation had taken less than a second. The girl cringed.

"What're you gonna do to me?" She cried.

"I'm going to sit here until you're calm enough to talk, or, if you want, I'll help you move back into your mom's apartment upstairs. Your choice."

Dana was unsure of what to do, and then leapt to her feet, dashing into the room Sarah had let her move into, and shut the door behind her, bolting it. Sarah sighed, changing into workout clothes and walked over to the stack of weights in the corner of the living room, and started working out. She lost track of time, but it was a good solid hour before the door clicked open once more. Sarah set down the leg weights she had and waited. After a few moments, Dana came out. Sarah sat calmly on the workout bench.

"What are you?"

"Something sent here to find people like you and help them."

"That doesn't tell me what you are, Sarah- and what should I call you?"

"You can still call me Sarah- that is my name. I'm a Flier."

"What did you do to my dad?"

"I stunned him, though I should have done it differently- but I was just so mad that he was trying to... hurt you like that that I didn't think about not showing off, all I wanted was for him to stop."

"Is... is this what you normally look like?" Sarah shook her head.

"Nope, this is me doing my best to look human."

"So... what do you normally look like?"

"You really want to see?"


Sarah nodded, standing up, her breasts bobbing heavily from even this slight motion. Lines of silver traced up and down her body, beautiful flowing lines of metal moving along her skin in small rivers, those same lines moving through her hair as well. A pair of long, thin extensions of cartilage grew from her back, the flexible 'wings' crackling with energy, blue-white lightning crackling along them as rainbow energies formed wing-like shapes. Her eyes glowed slightly, and she looked almost... regal, though there was beauty and sex appeal to spare on her body as well. Dana just stared.


"I.... Uh..."

"I take it you like it?"

"Uh.... Huh.... "

Sarah went back to her 'human' form.

"You ok? How far did he get?" She'd decided that she'd calmed Dana down enough, Sarah decided that making sure she was okay now that she wouldn't get hysterical would be a good thing.

"He didn't get anywhere at all. He was t-too drunk to do anything."

"You gonna be ok?"

"Y-yeah... I think so." Sarah smiled kindly, and leaned towards Dana, hugging her comfortingly.

"If you want to move out, then that's fine- if I were in your shoes, I'd feel pretty nervous about living with some strange creature."

"But you're not a strange creature! You've been kind and done your best to help me, even though you don't know me well at all. I mean, you scared a me a little, especially with the... what DID you do to Marcus?"

"I shocked him with a low-power lightning bolt."


"Yeah. Lightning. The stuff that makes loud noises when there's a storm going on. The thing that makes thunder." Sarah raised an eyebrow at Dana. The girl managed a sort of strangled squeak.

"You can throw -lightning-?"

"Yeah. I can. Why?"

"Is that even possible?"

"Sure. Watch." Sarah grinned, standing, and executed a joint-popping stretch, and flexed her fingers. A small ball of lightning formed on her right hand, about the size of a tennis ball. A compact point of light the size of a marble sat at its center, pure white light, yet muted so it somehow didn't blind when looked upon. Crackles of lightning lanced outwards to the edge of the sphere, flattening on contact with whatever held it in, if anything at al, and the ball rolled in her hand for a moment, then jumped to her free hand. She produced two more such spheres and proceeded to juggle them flawlessly, even occasionally tossing one over her shoulder or in an awkward arc around her body, and still moving flawlessly. She caught them all, and they winked out, after which she bowed.

"See? Easy as pie, for me." Dana giggled slightly.

'I've won her over, I think.' Sarah thought to herself.

"With that said and done, Dana, I am a little tired. I'll go to bed, unless there's something you need."

"Actually...." Dana started, and then thought to herself. 'For something- no, someone_- that's not human, all she's done is tried to help me. Protect me even, though she's a little misguided on doing that it seems, all this in the space of two days. She is nice, though, and hot, even.'

"Can I stay with you?" Sarah smiled.

"Sure." She looked kindly down at the girl and gently scooped her into her arms and started to carry Dana to her room, and Dana stopped her.

"I meant stay in your room, Sarah. Is that okay?"

"Dana, I've only got one bed in my room..."

"I don't care. I feel safer close to you." Sarah's emotions flipped in on themselves at those words, words she had hoped to hear from someone she loved- and had, once, long ago, though it felt like ages to her.

"Thanks, Dana. I'm flattered." She stepped through the door to her bedroom and closed it behind her Dana, clad in panties and an oversized t-shirt, was gently lain down on the queen size bed. The mattress was at least two feet deep, and almost absurdly soft. Sarah, clad in a sport bra and her black shorts, climbed tiredly in beside her, and pulled the sheets up over them both.

"Why's your mattress like this, Sarah?"

"It's about as close to being in space as I can get- it's comforting for me."

"Being in space? As in outer space? Outside the atmosphere?"

"Yeah. That's why Fliers are called that- not because we can fly, but because we can fly among the stars. Once I manage to figure out how, I'll take you up there."

"What do you mean, 'fly among the stars'? Like with a spaceship?"

Sarah chuckled, "Nah, we do it the way it was meant to be- out in the pure black, feeling the solar rays on your skin, dancing on moonbeams, without a single thing between you and the vacuum of space but your own skin." She smiled happily, her eyes half-closed as memories past flashed before her eyes. For a moment, she looked almost... sad.

"I miss those days." She said, softly.

"Hey, you'll be able to do it again."

"Not for any decent length of time."

"Why not?"

"Cause I'm keeping an eye on you, beautiful." Dana blushed.

"I dunno, am I really?"

"Yes, you are, even with the marks that Goddess-bedamned who claims he's your father put there. Speaking of which, tomorrow morning I gotta bring you down to the police station so they can see what he did to you. You'll also have to identify your dad in a lineup so my buddy knows who to put in the deepest cell the law allows him to."

"You have a friend in the police?"

"Kinda, Mike Turn. He's an officer there, and he's a flier like me. Specializes in physical healing, so he'll probably take a minute or three to fix you up and get rid of those bruises and such. You'll probably be healthier at his hands than any other doctor."

"Is he as big as you?" Sarah chuckled.

"Nah. I'm an exception- I have a battle magick at my disposal, so I have to keep in shape- a mage who is flabby of body is also flabby of mind. My body reflects my magical element- powerful and flashy." Dana giggled, and tugged at Sarah's bra suggestively.

"Flashy? You can say that again."

"HEY!" Sarah laughed and tickled Dana, who giggled helplessly under the merciless tickling of Sarah's lithe & nimble fingers. She kept looking for new places to tickle, when Dana's squirming accidentally ended up pressing her breast against Sarah's hand. Sarah stopped tickling and blushed. Dana gasped for breath and looked at Sarah.

"I'm sorry Dana, I didn't mean-"

"It's okay. I kinda liked it." Sarah blinked.

"You did?"

"Yeah. I'm bi, I like either sex."

'Oho!' Sarah's mind said, and she quashed a partially formed idea- there would be time for THAT revelation later.

"Do you want to touch mine?" Dana was no slouch in the bust department- She sported a pair of 48F cups (DDD in some manufactures) and they were quite full, shapely, and soft.

Sarah, on the other hand, made Dana look almost flat by comparison. Her breasts were huge, round, heavy spheres of soft, sexy flesh, a little bigger then basketballs. Sarah, blushing profusely, tugged her bra off, baring her massive chest for Dana to see. The girl gasped- Sarah was even bigger when she was braless.

"I don't mind having them touched- they're quite sensitive." Tiny nipples just the barest shade off of white beckoned Dana's lips. The massive spheres invited her hands- indeed, that entire chiseled body seemed to call Dana's entire being with a sexual summons that was nigh irresistible. Her hands found the soft spheres, her lips settling on a nipple, and Sarah moaned, pulling Dana close and seeming to envelop the smaller woman's body with her own, loving, caring, protecting, and erotically thrilling all at the same time.

Tiny fingertip touches brushed down Dana's body, the smaller girl thrilling to Sarah's touch, Sarah almost orgasming from Dana's lips and hands on her breasts, her cries quiet, though the emotion within them spoke volumes. A silent climax from Sarah had her back arched and lightning harmlessly playing across her body. Fingertips found Dana's nipples, and her lips met Dana's in a passionate kiss. Soft moans came from both of them, bodies locked in sensual bliss. One of Sarah's hands found it's way to Dana's nether regions, and the smaller girl gasped, her eyes wide. Sarah's fingers moved expertly, seeming to find just the right places to touch in all the right ways, and all too soon Dana was in the midst of a shuddering orgasm... and a second... and a third...

Pleasure overwhelmed Dana, her senses useless in the deluge of wondrous emotion Sarah invoked in her. An unknown time later, Dana finally regained enough control to blink and look over at Sarah.

Sarah was smiling kindly at Dana, one arm under her pillow, the other draped along her body.

"Have fun, Dana?"

"Ooooh yes indeed I did."

Sarah chuckled, "Glad I haven't lost my touch, heh heh."

Dana groaned at the pun, "Don't make a habit of that."

"Ah, you dislike puns?"


"But you know why you're so attracted to me?"

"I have a sinking feeling you're going to tell me anyway."

"It's because of my electrifying personality."

Dana crossed her eyes and stuck out her tongue. Sarah grinned and continued. "I be that pun was a real shock, wasn't it?"

"Gah, stop already!"

"Why? Anode you'd like them, that's why I'm doing this."

"Sarah!" Dana pouted and punched Sarah in the arm.

"Ow! All right, I guess you want me to - OW! All right, all right! I give up!"

"Darn right! Those puns are awful!"

"They're supposed to be, silly!"

Dana's only reply was a raspberry. Sarah chuckled.

"You wanna come with me to work tomorrow?"

"Sarah, the college is closed on weekends."

"The club isn't." Dana blinked.

"You want me to come with you to a strip club, on a Saturday night?"

"Technically I start in the afternoon."

"That's not the point! Aren't I too young?"

"You're 19, Dana. If you're with me, you'll be fine."

"You sure?"

"Absolutely. If I'm not there, Eddie or Sam will be."

"Eddie or Sam?"

"The two other bouncers. Anyone with me never gets touched without their permission."

"So no one gets close to me?"

"No one you don't want to."

"I can live with that." Sarah smiled, pulling Dana close as she fell asleep.

The next day found Sarah on her motorcycle, Dana clinging to her, as she rode to the club she worked at-The Golden Sunset. This was Dana's first time into any such place, and she was amazed. A calm foyer that looked like it belonged in a ritzy, expensive hotel, though a bit small for such a role- had red-carpeted floorboards that creaked beneath it. The woodwork was intricate and beautiful to behold and gleaming brass and gold finish were everywhere. A coat rack stood off to one side, and assorted garments hung on it, past a second pair of tinted glass doors with gold trim, into the club itself.

The view was breathtaking. Music played softly from speakers in the ceiling. The carpet gave way to polished wood, the tables also wood with frosted glass tops, and around each tall table was two or three barstools, arranged so that people sitting at them would have a clear view of the stage. The tables closer got successively lower, like bleachers, until the people in front of the stage were actually in armchairs, comfortable and soft from the looks of them. Side alcoves with round polished wood tables and cushioned 300-degree benches, and a curtain for privacy at each. People stood or sat, in groups of two, three, and more, chatting amiably amongst themselves. A pair of what looked like honest-to-goodness bikers was talking animatedly to a trio of police officers. Several people of Middle Eastern descent were talking to a group of Indians. A Chinese man, and an American were arm wrestling, with a Russian, two Filipinos, and a Cuban cheering both of them on. The general atmosphere was one of friendly companionship.

The bar, off to the left, had no one behind it, though it seemed to be stocked with every single known, and probably a few little-known forms of alcohol-carrying liquids, all in many forms, and various extras for mixed drinks, and the like.

The stage was well lit, but not blinding for whoever was on it. At the moment, there was a young woman who looked a little unsure of herself, sporting a pair of breasts almost as large as Sarah's. The girl slipped and fell, her top snapping, and even as Dana watched, one of the patrons- a young Caucasian male -climbed onto the stage, helped the girl up and did his best to fix the strap, and silently climbed down, all without trying to grope her at all. The girl smiled at him and went back to dancing, flashing suggestive smiles at him from time to time.
"SARAH!!" A few people near the door noticed the tall pale Amazon walk in, and a few of the patrons came over, looking to strike up a conversation.

"Hey, gang. This here's my friend, Dana- she's a guest here, so keep an eye on her for me, would you?" A few smiles and more than a few nods, as Sarah turned and walked to the bar, scooping a huge mug from behind it and pouring almost a full gallon of some kind of dark liquid into it.

"All right you drunken bunch! The bar is officially open!" Sarah boomed out from behind the dark polished onyx counter. A chorused shout came from all over the room, and people ambled towards the bar, collecting drinks as Sarah poured them. The gawky young man and dancer from earlier were among them. The busty girl came over to Dana, the strained straps of her bra creaking with every step.

"Hey, I saw you come in with Sarah. If she's watching out for you, you're definitely in good hands." She smiled at the young man next to her. "Almost all the regulars here know her, so they'll be here for you." A big, calloused, dark hand landed on Dana's shoulder.

"Moira, are you going to try and keep Sarah's friend from meeting everyone?" A voice came from above and behind her. A tall black man, probably just as strong as Sarah, was standing there in jeans and gray shirt.

"Sam! What makes you think I'd o that?" She said sweetly.

"Because no matter who comes in that door, you try and hypnotize them with those breasts of yours, kid."

"And there's something wrong with that?"

"Just keep your priorities straight, my dear."

"No problem, Sam!" She smiled and spun quickly, her top somehow staying intact as she walked, the young man at her side, towards a door at the back of the establishment.

"Who was that?" Dana asked the man with the hand on her shoulder.

"That, Dana, was Moira. Talented girl, beautiful, sexy, hornier than anyone I know, and with a heart of gold. She's like Sarah is- I trust you know Sarah's secret?"

Dana nodded.

"And so am I, as well as a few of the customers. You need any help, just yell. Someone will come running."



"Who's Eddie?" The big man smiled, and pointed over to a card table, where a small ratty little man was dealing cards. He looked like the most crooked men alive, and though his smile was imperfect to look at, the feeling behind it was honestly genuine.

"Him?" She squeaked incredulously.

"Yes, That's Eddie. Everyone underestimates him, unless they know him, in which case they stay clear of anything that'll tick him off. There's no kinder man in the world." Dana blinked.

"There's more to this place than meets the eyes, Dana."

"So I see."

"Oi! Dana!" Sarah called from behind the bar. "C'mon over here!"

Dana walked over to the bar, and settled herself in one of the chairs there. Sarah passed her a bottle of soda.

"How do you like this place, Dana?"

"It's... it's... it's incredible!"

"Glad you like it. Take a look up on stage- I think you'll get an eye-opener."

Dana turned to face the stage.

Dancing was a slightly older Asian woman, still thin, though not a total knockout. Dressed in a filmy silk dress, she sashayed around the stage. It wasn't erotic, or sexual, it was simply beauty. Yet the men, and even the women, were all watching. Most men would have turned away due to the lack of skin, or shape to her skin, but everyone watched.

"That's Gwen. She's a wonderful woman- everyone here knows her, and she enjoys dancing for us all, yet we all know- she herself included- know that she's hardly the right body for an erotic dance. So she employs beauty instead. Everyone loves her- it's hard not to."

There was a simple, perfect beauty about the woman. She was elegant.

All too soon, it seemed, she was gathering her dress and stepping off the stage. A few of the guys at the bar spoke up.

"Hey! Sarah! Go on up there!" Sarah actually blushed.

"Naaah, I look awful."

The guys simply started chanting her name, grinning boyishly at her.

"Sarah! Sarah! Sarah! Sarah! Sarah!"

"Oh, all right. Has everyone else left?" They all looked around. 4:00 and the only people there were the employees and the regulars.

"Yeah, no one who doesn't know." Sarah sighed.

"All right, all right! I'll do it. But Sammy, YOU have to go first."


"Yes, you!"


"So I can go and get myself ready."

"And I don't get time to?"


"Who'll be security?"

"The regulars, Sam! Hello, use your brain- these guys know better than to act up, and if anyone does, Eddie'll KO the sucker."

"All right."

"Good!" Sarah beamed at Sam, and walked to the back room. Dana looked at Sam in confusion.

"But... you're a guy!" Sam smirked.

"Fliers, like Sarah, and myself, can be either gender, Dana. I'll be female up there." Dana just gaped as her brain tried to absorb this information.

Sam was gone once she looked up at the stage.

An orb of dark energy, crackling with black light (the real thing, not the puny stuff given off by those 'black lights' that party stores sell) appeared onstage, and when it faded, a slender black woman was onstage, dressed in gray and black silk gauze scarves. Tiny pinpricks of the same black energy whirled around her as she began to dance. Not an erotic dance, an actual dance, beautiful, as she moved and undulated her body to some unheard music. She was more along the lines of the average human woman than the other girl who had been onstage earlier, Moira. It was beautiful, and hypnotizing to watch.

"Ladies and gentlemen, Samantha, controller of the void!" Samantha bowed and hopped off the stage, walking over to Dana.

"See? Piece of cake! Hey, Sarah's about ready. Keep your eyes on the stage."

"And now, ladies and gentlemen- The seductress of the storm, controller of clouds, she who laughs with lightning and is ravishing in rain, our very own bartender, Sarah Whitmore, the mistress of the tempest!" Everyone cheered and clapped. A tiny gray cloud formed onstage, and began to grow, lightning crackling within it, tiny feeble sparks, mere children to the real thing, the cloud grew larger and darker, and when it was big enough to hold Sarah, the lights in the club dimmed to a very low light, and there was a rumble of thunder. The clouds began to dissipate as something moved within them.

Wearing nothing but gray plumes of storm cloud, Sarah danced onto the stage. Curved lines of metal flowed up and down her body, lightning crackling along them, every long strand of silver-white hair was charged with the electrical energy Sarah seemed to embody. More sparks glowed and danced in her eyes as she moved, and a slight breeze started up, moving the clouds away from her body, revealing every inch of skin. Dana gazed in wonder at this beauty of femininity, when her eyes were caught by something. Sarah's waist was genderless- no sexual organs. Her breasts were still perched proud and round on her chest, moving in rippling, hypnotic movements, but aside from her body shape and breasts, she was neither male nor female. That said, she was still dancing erotically, occasionally teasing the audience with a touch here and there. Sam put her hand on Dana's shoulder.

"Don't be too surprised by that- she prefers to go female-genderless most of the time - say's it feels right for her. Most fliers have a form they prefer to be- I like being male, hence my 'Sam' form."

"She was all female around me, though."

"Because she was keeping up the appearance of being human, though she never does a very good job of that- gets found out too often."

Sarah had worked her way along the stage and was now in front of Dana and Sam. She grinned at Dana, winking and undulating her body, almost within arm's reach of Dana.

She was beautiful. Her breasts seemed, if possible, even bigger than before, and her white skin almost glowed, the metal strips on her body adding to the appeal. A pair of wings, made entirely of soft, rainbow electrical light, extended from her back, her eyes glowing brighter with energy.

"Dana, you asked to see me as I truly am. Now you have."

Dana nodded slowly, amazed.

"Ah, you must be Dana." Dana turned, hearing the voice in her ears and in her head at the same time. An ordinary man- one of the police officers Dana had seen when she walked in- was sitting at a table nearby, and he beckoned Dana over.

"Nice to meet you."

"Did you just speak in my head?!"

"Yeah." He nodded. "Sarah asked me to come here today so I could get a look at the damage that was done to you last night."

"That's all?"

"I need to have some reason for putting a man in jail, and that means evidence. In this case, you."

"I have to go to the police station?"

"No, that won't be necessary."

"What'll happen to my father?"

"What do you want to happen?"

"I'd like him to be the way he was before he lost his job. I don't know that that'll happen, so I'll settle for him never taking custody of me again- and my never seeing him again."

"Fair enough. I can do that."

"How'd you speak in my head like that?"

"Take a guess."

"You're like Sarah and Sam, too?"

"Mmm-hmm. It's my specialty. I can help get Sarah to be your legal guardian, if you like."

"I think that's best, all things considered."

"Consider it done."

"How come you actually look... normal? Sam and Sarah could take on a boxer or wrestler and win without breaking a sweat, and Sarah's skin tone doesn't help with her blending in." The man chuckled.

"Because I'm half human. I can't change my gender, and I have a little magic, but more or less, I'm Joe Average."

"I see." He smiled.

"I'm David, by the way. Go ahead and watch Sarah- she doesn't dance very often."

Sarah was dancing with Moira on stage now, and between the two of them, the sexual tension in the room was nigh unbearable seeing both of them dance, occasionally touch one another was almost too much to resist.

"So go up there, Dana. Moira will watch if you go up there."

"I-I've got almost nothing compared to those two, though!"

"No, you've got Sarah's love and attention, and that means more to her than the sexiest or bustiest partner on the planet. Go on up- you can stay dressed if you want to."

Dana climbed onto the stage, and after an awkward moment, Moira was gone, and Dana was dancing with Sarah. It was a heady feeling, having this sexual, sensual buxom goddess of a woman dancing with her, because she loved her. Sarah was amazing, executing motions and moves that would leave most women envious, or jealous, or both. She moved with Dana, letting the smaller woman orchestrate the dance, flowing around the girl like a hurricane around the heart of the storm. Lightning danced and flowed around them both, winds ruffling clothes and hair alike, and Sarah ended the dance by embracing Dana in a loving hug, though due to her height, she lifted Dana's feet right off the floor.

Applause resonated off the walls of the club like dynamite going off in a bomb shelter. Sarah somehow dressed in her jeans and t-shirt once more, hopped off the stage, and gently lifted Dana down.

"Have fun?"

"Yeah! That was amazing!" Sarah grinned.

"Glad you liked it." Sarah went back behind the bar, the doors were unlocked and the non-regulars came streaming in to see the stuff the public was allowed to see. Sam, reverted back to his 'bouncer' form, walked over to Dana.

"I suppose I should talk to you about Flier relationships a bit, before you find something out and draw your own conclusions." He sat down at a corner table with a mug of some kind of beer in his hand. Dana sat down with him.

"What do you mean?"

"Fliers don't get married. We're polygamous- most of us, when we're in the mood, have anywhere from six to ten relationships- sexually involved ones- at any one time. Sarah's done her best to limit herself, stay single while she's here, and so forth. She'll do her best to stay true to you, but.." Sam sighed. "Hell, we don't even reproduce the way humans do, Dana. It take two couples to form a child, and even then, the fliers you'll meet here, on this world, will only form the soul of a child when they copulate- the body is made... elsewhere." Dana blinked.


"Plus, fliers have mating cycles- once Sarah's hits her, she'll do her best to restrain herself, but sooner or later, she'll have to have sex with SOMEONE, preferably more than one someone. Most of the time, she'll come back here and do that with me, since we're both roughly on the same cycle. Sometimes, she'll hook up with Moira or Catherine."

"So, she's got lots of kids, then?"

"No, Dana. Fliers- the ones who go out into our world and your world- are physically sterile. We only produce the souls. There are designated mothers who gestate the bodies, and once the body's ready to be born, Sarah gives the soul to the mother, and she births the child, and that's that."

"You're confusing me, Sam. Just lay it down plain."

"There are two groups of Fliers- the Parent Caste and the Social Caste. The Parent Caste stays at home, on our world. Any Flier you meet is a Social Caste Flier. They produce souls, the Parents produce the bodies, and when both are ready, the body and soul are united and the Parent Caste fliers raise the child until he or she is ready to go out into the world. As such, we- the fliers you'll meet- do not have children, ever. We can become pregnant, but there is no end result that we see."

"So Sarah will be really horny every once in a while and want to have sex with anything that moves, and if she gets pregnant, there'll be no child that I'll meet."

"Yeah. Plus, the kid won't look like her- she looks the way she does- skin and such- because of her power, the storm. A child of nature magic- trees, plants, and the like- would be green or brown skinned, and would love gardening. Sarah loves storms."

"I think I get it."

"Worried about her?"

"Not much I can do to change it?"


"Then I won't worry."

"Good." Sam smiled. "Head over to the bar and keep Sarah company."

Dana walked over to the bar, wondering what to say. Sarah noticed her coming and then did a double take, looking more closely at Dana. Once the girl was sitting down, Sarah slid her a can of orange soda and smiled slightly- was she nervous?

"So, Sam's told you about us, then?"


"And... you're okay with this?"

"Not much I can do about it- besides, it could get interesting."


"Yeah. You, me, Sam, Moira- things could get interesting." Sarah blinked and then started laughing softly.

"As long as you don't hold it against me, lovely."

"Nah." They smiled at one another.

"Hey, look at the lovebirds!" Mike called out from his table. Sarah leaned back and solidly threw a bottle of beer at the off-duty policeman. The bottle pegged him in the forehead and bounced off; it was a fake, made of foam rubber. The rubber bottle landed on Eddie's card table and he scowled at Sarah.

"Hey, we're playing cards 'ere! Lay off, Sarah!"

"Pah, I wasn't aiming for you, Eddie!" The dealer's response had the bottle nailing Sarah in the teeth and she grinned, the bottle vanishing. Sam chuckled.

"Sarah, we all know your appetite is legendary, but isn't having the beer AND the bottle pushing things a big too far?" Sarah chuckled.

"Pah, laugh it up, Sammy! You eat as much as I do!"

"Not a chance! I stop well short of- Hey!" The beer in Sam's mug vanished. Sarah managed a smug grin.

"Sam, you should never give away a lady's vital stats. Meal size is included in that, you know. I could always tell everyone yours, you know."

"Oh yeah? Get your pale rear over here, bartendress- I challenge you to an arm wrestling match." Sarah smirked.

"Amusing. What're the stakes, Sammy?"

"Loser buys the winner dinner for a week."

"Done! Get your checkbook and take out a loan! I'll milk this for all it's worth."

"Ha! Like you have a chance." Sarah leapt over the bar counter and put her elbow on the table and flexed her hand. Sam's arm snaked out and met hers. Everyone crowded around and Dana sat next to Sarah.

No one was sure when the match had begun, but after a minute or two of neither side neither gaining nor losing, their hands started quivering. Sarah's arm began to falter, slowly moving towards the table. When her knuckles were about an inch away from the wood, she grinned at Sam, and yawned.

"Having fun?"

"Loads. I think you're toast."

"You do that." Her hand began to rise, slowly, inexorably, moving towards victory, and after three more minutes of steady motion, rapped Sam's knuckles to the tabletop.

"Ha! Break out the wallet, Sam! I win!"

"You're going to make me break the bank for this, aren't you, Sarah?"

"Yeah. You'd better take out a mortgage on everything you own, hee hee hee!"

"Hrmph. I don't have to tell everyone about how much you eat- your bragging is doing it all on your own."


"He's right Sarah." Dana chimed in. "Just from your bragging alone I doubt I'll ever take you out to dinner on my payroll."

"You're right- you'd never get the chance, because I'd be taking you out to dinner every night anyway!"

Cheerful banter filled the bar, and the rest of the night went by swiftly. Closing time came, and everyone filed out into the night. Sarah, Dana, and Sam were the last ones to leave, the clock over the bar reading 2:30. Sarah climbed onto her motorcycle, and Dana climbed on behind her, her arms wrapped around Sarah's waist.

"All set, Dana?"


Sarah started the engine and took off.

When they arrived home, Dana paused in thought in the doorway.



"When school closes for the summer, what do you for the summer?" Sarah grinned.



"Yep! Street racing!"

"Street racing?"


"As in the illegal high speed late night races between guys on the street for money?"


"You don't use the motorcycle, do you?"

"Nope! I've got a car that I'm putting together for that."

"Putting together?"

"Yeah- Last summer, some idiot crumpled the front end, and I had to buy a whole new engine for it. THAT was a pain in the ass, and I made the guy who did the damage pay for it. Hee hee hee!"

"Can I see the car?" Sarah chuckled.

"Later, love." Sarah lounged on the couch, yawning.

"Sarah, if you live in an apartment, and you keep your bike on the parking space on the street reserved for you, then where do you KEEP the car?"

"It's at the police impound lot, courtesy of Mike."


"Don't worry, it's not a problem." Dana cuddled close to Sarah.

"All right." They closed their eyes and slept.

"All right. Would someone tell me why we haven't moved against her yet?"

"We did. The situation necessary to capture her attention was created, and she is romantically interested in the victim, as predicted. The knockout powder we used worked as predicted, but it did not keep her unconscious long enough for us to act. Since she has not changed residences, we believe she has not become aware of us."

The first man spoke again, his voice harsh.

"Fine. So when CAN we move against her?"

"We hope to lure her into a trap, using the victim as bait. Hopefully, this will work."


"Yes, sir."

"You don't want to fail me."

"I understand, sir."

"Oh my god."

"Aha. I see you like it?"

"I can't believe I'm saying this about a car- I sound like SUCH a guy, but it is beautiful."

"Glad you approve of my handiwork." Dana giggled.

"As if I'd dare disapprove of it. Is there anything you CAN'T do?"

"Sure. I can't build a time machine, or move cities, or control people's minds, or any number of things."

"You had to take that literally, didn't you?" Dana asked, dryly.

"Of course." Sarah grinned.

The car stood on the lot in front of them, an object of perfection. Big, treadles flat racing tires adorned all four wheels, fragile road-hugging circles of premium rubber. The aluminum body had been laced with titanium, the metal brushed slightly, and then tinted, to match the windows, giving the car a stealth-fighter-ish look. The running lines set along the sides, under the doors and bumpers, and over the raised tail, were reflective silver, streamlining the angular beauty of the car. The rims were also brushed chrome; solid disks rather than spokes. There was no keyhole on either door, and the handles were recessed, barely visible. The mirrors were, oddly enough, missing entirely, and the grille was darkened steel. Just behind the rear wheel wells were two slight curved of metal like a piece of pipe wall, with spokes and machinery set within. The entire car just screamed out that it was a custom job, and was beautiful while doing so. Sarah smiled.
"Only one like and it no one but me can even get in, let alone started."

"How come?" Sarah let lightning dance between her fingers.

"There's a voltage sensor in the driver's side door, and it'll only unlock the door if it gets a specific series of small jolts- only I can make them. Anything else sets off the alarm and shocks the bastard who's trying to break in."

"Couldn't they just break a window or the windshield?"

"Nope, that's all reinforced bulletproof glass- a bat will just bounce off it."

"That's amazing, Sarah." The pale flier just beamed happily at Dana.

"Thanks." Sarah pressed her hand to the door, and stepped back. There was a click and then both gullwing doors smoothly swung upwards, giving a view of the interior.

Black leather seats were in the front and the rear area was filled with junk- tools, pressure canisters, hoses, and the like.

The front area was nice as well. The steering wheel had a set of buttons mounted on it; none were labeled. The dash had the usual climate control, audio system, etc. the dome light set into the ceiling was a half-globe plasma ball- the kind used at parties, and there were illumination strips around the edge of each door. Mounted on the dash was a small LCD display, and all in all, the entire thing was full of 'guy coolness factor' the kind of little gadgetry and such to make any car nut drool.

"I'm almost done with it. Another week and I'll be able to take it out for a second test run." She grinned wickedly. "I asked Mike to try and catch me in this once it's finished, so things will get VERY interesting once I hit the road." Dana gaped.

"You're crazy!"

"Damn right!"

"How fast can this thing go?"

"Once I'm done, it'll go 250 without breaking a sweat. More with the extras I'm putting in."

"I'll say it again. You're crazy."

"Hey there's good money in this, and I DO have to pay the rent."

"That's why you do this?"

"Nah, this just fun. The money is icing on the cake, so to speak."

Sarah turned and got back onto her bike, Dana climbing on behind her. Sarah looked back at the car one last time.

"God, that thing is so SEXY. It'll look wonderful on the road." Dana giggled.

"As sexy as me?"

"Mmmm.... No. Definitely no. But it's still damned sexy." Dana chuckled a little, one hands groping Sarah's breasts and then returning to clasp her middle as Sarah started the engine and sped off the lot, headed back to the apartment.

A speaker in the man's office came to life.

"Agent Nell, sir."


"In approximately one week, the target will be street testing a racing car of her own design, with the victim as passenger, with planned police pursuit."


"Arrange a distraction to keep the police occupied and the planned pursuit away, allowing us to substitute our own, and use that to hopefully corner and capture her."

"Chances of success?" The man asked.

"I estimate a 70% chance of success. If this fails, the target will be aware of us, however."

"A win-or-run situation?"


"Do it. Use any funds needed to appropriate materials required for this. I want your cover and appearance perfect. Whatever engine the target has in her car, I want yours to have as close to twice the power as you can get. Understood?"

"Perfectly, sir."

"Good." The man smiled in the darkness of his office. With the power he'd have if this succeeded, his corporation could regain control of any market it chose. There was, of course, no such thing as too much money.

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Trailing fingers down the warm skin of her breasts and the softness of her stomach SexStories 0 1,612 24-06-2015, 11:57 AM
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