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Fantasy sex with stranger in erotic lifestyle
The city of Debrai. A trading port in the fey kingdoms at the head of the Laurseen river, Debrai held comers and goers from all the varying lands nearby. Not owing allegiance to any one kingdom, the city was governed by it's councillors and policed by their own guard. Made for commerce, once was able to buy or trade anything that could be procured from within the fey lands, including the fey themselves.

Strolling casually past shops with expensive, glass fronts the pair of blond elves were enjoying window shopping. They had come to Debrai as guards on a merchant train from their homeland and the city held many things the men had never seen before. Pointing and laughing or exclaiming in wonder, they happily wandered through the market until they came to a shop with a pair of miniature dragons basking in the window.

"Eh, look at that," the one elbowed the other, indicating the pet sized dragons, "I bet those would fetch a great price among the nobles at home, Baen!"

Baen lifted a pale eyebrow in response and frowned, thinking, "I don't think they'd get along with the peacocks in mother's garden, Jarl..."

"Ah yes, my affluent friend, I had forgotten your heritage," Jarl grinned toothily and smoothed his fine, golden hair back from his forehead, standing up straight and hooking his thumbs into his pockets imitating how he thought the upper class posed and strutted. Affecting a whining drawl, "Dragons, yes, terrible creatures... ate all of Findaurel's white peacocks! Can you imagine, the gall of those lizards!" he mocked his friend.

Two years serving in the border guard and the past couple months travelling from the capital to Debrai had left Baen much tougher than the stringy youth who had run away from his rich family's smothering bosom, and as such the solid punch he delivered to Jarl's shoulder rocked the other elf slightly.

"Ha!" Jarl grinned even wider, then winced and rubbed his arm, "Touchy, subject eh?" Not waiting for an answer the grabbed his riliciatrint companion and wheeled him into the shop, "Maybe they have smaller dragons as well, ones that couldn't eat a peacock..."

Snorting, Baen followed him up a step and into the well lit store. While his friend marched up to the front window display, no doubt to enquire about the price of miniature dragons, Baen placed his hands behind his back and began a perusal of the shop. Lizards, birds, rabbits, fish, and other creatures he couldn't identify filled the well kept display cages. Larger creatures were kept to the back of the place. He noted with surprise a half grown lycanthrope lounging in a glass enclosure.

He was about to start back to the front of the shop and rescue Jarl from purchasing some sort of exotic lizard when he heard a mew from the other side of the lycanthrope and turned to investigate. Sticking out from between the bars of a cage was a paw a little smaller than his hands. Another mew came from within the cage and Baen crossed in front of the enclosure and was nose to nose with a naked woman. Blinking he corrected himself, she wasn't an elf, but she certainly was female.

"Mrew?" she tilted her head and looked at him, her wide, dark eyes looking at Baen curiously as he looked at her just as curiously. Tufted catlike ears grew up out of her hair and a sleek tail sinuously wrapped itself around her bare leg. One of her ears swiveled to the rear of the shop, just as Baen's own hearing picked up the tread of someone coming towards them from behind the door.

A large woman, maybe part orc or giant came bustling through the back door, her arms loaded full of supplies. Nearly running over the smaller elf, she stopped short and set down her armload of packages, "Oi! Sir, didn't catch sight of you before I nearly ran you down! You lookin to get yerself a cat?" she asked guilelessly, nodding towards the naked woman in the cage. "This one here is a little doll," the very buxom woman reached through the bars of the cage and scratched under the woman's chin, who began to purr.

"I wasn't really in the market for a new pet..." Baen began, before the rough skinned half orc woman talked over him.

"Give me a minute to take these back up to the front," she said, picking up her supplies and bustling to the other side of the store. Baen could hear her greet Jarl when the woman mewed at him again. Tentatively he reached out a hand and stroked one of her silky, near black ears. The woman closed her dark eyes and placed a paw on his chest through the cage, purrring and leaning her head forward.

Baen had never seen a creature quite like this. Presumably she might not be natural he though, but could be the result of some meddling wizard. He continued to stroke her ear, and soft, long hair. The woman responded as an affectionate cat would, turning her cheek towards his hand and rubbing her pale skin against him. With the back of his hand Baen rubbed her cheek and then let his finger tips trail down her shoulder and arm, to just below her wrist where her furred paw began. Purring louder she pressed herself against the bars of her cage, the metal hard against her soft skin.

Swallowing past the sudden lump in his throat and growing stiffness in his pants, Baen quickly backed up a step. The press of soft flesh against him through the cage had been a little bit too much. From his vantage point a step back, the elf took in her smooth, pale body, the rise and fall of her soft, upturned breasts with each breath she took, her gently muscled arms and legs, the curve of her hip, the way her tail swayed back and forth behind her... His cock twitched in his trousers and he cleared his throat, turning and walking quickly to the front of the store.

Plaintive mewing followed him as Baen found his friend and the woman picking out lizards and placing them into a wicker cage. "See anything you like, eh?" Jarl asked him, "Ethel here, she helped me find a couple small but healthy lizards to take home." Another mew came from the rear of the shop while the half orc took Jarl's payment. Another while he put his leather money pouch away and started asking about feeding and care for the lizards, a louder long mew as Ethel was explaining how the miniature dragons needed lots of sun.

Uncomfortable at the mewling and endless idle chatter, Baen stepped forward and interrupted them. "I'd like the ..... cat, Ethel," he could think of no way he could walk back to their inn with a naked cat-woman and added, "could you have it and the lizards delivered to our room at the Charging Boar?" The half orc gave the elves a toothy grin and nodded.

"The cat be, 2 go-"

Another mew came from the rear of the shop and Baen set down two fat coins on the counter. "This is robbery, and had best include the delivery."

The halforc grinned again, scooping up the coins, "Aye sirs, your purchases will be delivered this evening!"

As quickly as he could, Baen drug Jarl out of the shop and back onto the street. "Two gold for a cat?!" Jarl asked, laughing, "What sort of feline could be worth that kind of coin? Or don't they teach you rich boys the value of gold," he egged Baen on.

Running his hands through his golden hair, Baen finally felt his erection start to subside, "Shut up, peasant," he growled at Jarl, taunting about their social stations a running joke between the two, "At least I didn't buy two lizards who will freeze solid at the first sign of winter!" he grinned. "Now let's go find some dinner, and not at some dingy hole, at a respectable establishment," he demanded in his most haughty tone.

Laughing harder, Jarl answered, "Yes m'lord, of course m'lord, only the best for you....."

Returning to the inn, the topmost floor which their entire merchant caravan had commandeered, from a dinner where the elves spent more coin wine than food, the pair were in a good mood. Heading upstairs they were stopped by one of the serving boys who travelled with their caravan. "Eh, sommat came for you, earlier, deliver, big boxes, whatcha gettin delivered?"

"It must be the animals!" Jarl grinned and started to take the stairs two at a time.

"Animals?" asked the lad, looking at Baen, who was ascending the stairs at a more normal rate.

"Aye," Baen nodded to the boy, who was a human, probably no more than fourteen, "We picked up some exotic pets, to take home with us, some lizards, and a ..... cat"

With the lad at his heels, the caravan guard walked through the open door into the room he shared with his friend, glancing at Jarl as he cooed at the lizards who were blinking with cold blooded disinterest at him. Scratching from the slatted wooden crate on the other side of the doorway drew Baen's gaze, and he unlatched the box, then slowly opened the front.

The cat girl slowly, crawled out of her crate, her ears swiveling a little as she surveyed the room. "Mrew?" she caught sight of Baen and scampered out of the box the rest of the way, her breasts swaying slightly as she advanced on all fours, tail up in the air and swishing.

A squeak from the serving boy at the sight of the naked female before him drew Jarl's attention from his lizards just as the girl sat back on her heels, looking up at Baen with her inquisitive gaze. "Oho, so -that- would be your 'cat'". Crossing the small room the muscular exsoilder grinned at the boy and turned him around, closing the door behind him, before his stunned expression could wear off. "Nice looking feline, boy-o" he reached out a hand and stroked the girl's soft ear, his eyes slowly drinking in her body from head to tail, "she was in the back of the shop, eh?"

Quirking an eyebrow at his companion, Baen nodded, untying the leather thong from his hair and braiding it over itself, while he watched the other elf stroke his new pet's ears, "Aye, near the door.... didn't plan on buying anything when I went in," he went on as he turned the girl - who was purring now - towards him and tied the braided, leather thong about her neck as a makeshift collar, "but well, she looked worth the gold!" he grinned, his almond shaped eyes alight with pleasure at the naked catling who was rubbing against him.

The girl, who was on all fours, nuzzling against Baen's hand after having curiously inspected the collar held both the elves' attention, neither of the men saying anything as she purred, rubbing her lithe body affectionately against her new owner's legs. Jarl cleared his throat, realizing he had been starting at the girl's soft tail and the smooth skin of her round ass, which she raised up in the air slightly whenever the petting she was receiving from Baen neared the base of her tail. "Ahem... I guess you will have to buy her some clothes, eh? Maybe we can git her into some of the kitchen girls' stuff in the meantime."

Not really paying attention to his fellow caravan guard Baen half grunted a response, the cat-girl and placed both her paw like hands on his thigh and was kneading it as he scratched in her glossy hair, behind her dark ears. The more he scratched the further she arched her back, and Jarl's comments trailed off as she exposed the smooth lips of her pussy to him, below the curve of her firm ass.

Grinning, Jarl adjusted his swelling cock though his breeches as he noted a similar swelling in the front of Baen's pants. "Or maybe you just want to leave her naked, hmm?" he asked, reaching out and stroking the girl's silky tail once more.

Baen, blinked his clear, blue eyes, lifing his gaze from the girl's pale breasts with their dark nipples, to her own eyes, filled with happy affection at the attention she was receiving, to Jarl, "You can go see about getting her some clothes, if you want," he ran his fingers through her long dark hair, caressing the side of her face and with his other hand began loosening the tie on his pants, "I," Baen grunted as the girl's feline curiosity overtook her and she pawed at the hand that was tugging open his breeches, his cock twitching at the contact, "I was going to wait til tomorrow."

Turning his attention from his Jarl, back down to the purring creature kneeling in front of him, the elf took a deep breath, and freed his cock from his pants, continuing to stroke her hair and ears, "Mnnn, now there's a good girl," he murmured.

With one hand on the girl's tail, his other now slowly rubbing an erection that was nearly painfully trapped within the confines of his breeches, Jarl made a grunt of acknowledgement and watched jealously as the girl tilted her head to the side, sniffing at Baen's cock as it grew harder, the foreskin pulling back to reveal a shining, dark pink head. After a few tentative sniffs, the feline girl opened her mouth and licked her lips, the brushed her tongue over the very tip of Baen's erection, "Gods, she's got a cat's tongue," Baen moaned, tightening his slender fingers in her hair.

Chuckling at his friend's reaction Jarl started to undo his own pants, his other hand idly petting the girl's tail, and trailing his fingertips over the curve of her hip as he slowly freed his aching cock from his leather trousers. His voice thick with lust, "What are you going to name her?" The merchant's guard looked up as the little minx licked Baen's cock once more, making the elf shudder at the pleasurable, wet rasp of her tongue. "Or maybe," Jarl mused, rubbing his palm over the girl's smooth ass and between her thighs, cupping the swollen, delicious looking lips of her sex and squeezing hard, "she's got one?"

At the sudden pressure of having her pussy gripped by Jarl's calloused hand the girl opened her mouth and mewed. Taking the shaft of his cock in one hand, Baen pushed the loose hair out of his eyes with the other and watched as he rubbed the glistening tip of his erection all over the girl's lips and cheeks, "Oh yesssssss...." he moaned when she opened her mouth, and purring, wrapped it around his cock, "Mnnnggh... you so good kitty..." the elf managed between grunts of pleasure as the cat-girl swirled her rough tongue around the twitching cock onside her mouth.

Pulling back and freeing his saliva covered shaft from her mouth Baen stroked the length of his cock several times before reaching behind his head and pulling off his shirt, revealing his lightly defined chest and pale stomach. He backed up another step and his friend grabbed the girl's collar, holding her where she was while they both watched the blonde elf finish disrobing, kicking off his breeches and climbing onto one of the small beds in the room,

Squeezing and rubbing the girl's pussy, Jarl grinned and pulled back on her collar harder, making her back arch and thrusting out the smooth globes of her breasts as he spread her own juices all over her folds. "Kitty.... hmm," he grinned wider as Baen watched him pet the squirming, purring feline girl, and roughly grabbed her beautiful tits, rolling her dark nipples between his fingers. "Mmm, these are nice, Kitty..." he murmured into one of her soft ears, "now be a good girl and go suck on your new owner's cock a bit for him.."

Sitting half up on his elbows and the blankets he had pushed up, behind himself, Baen was idiling toying with his heavy balls, gently tugging on them as the girl walked towards the bed. Her tail sinuously coiling around one of her legs and her breasts jiggling slightly as she advanced, the elf noticed the red imprints left by his friend's mauling of her breasts and moaned. "Mew?" the cat-girl climbed into bed on all fours, her tits swaying enticingly under her body as she advanced on her owner.

Throwing off his own clothes to reveal his slightly more muscled body that was still lean and hairless in the way of elves, Jarl followed the girl, coming to stand at the end of the bed. Watching as his fellow elf reached under the girl and cupped her breasts as she happily sank her mouth around his throbbing cock made Jarl's own erection twitch as precum started to drool from the tip. The girl closed her eyes, purring at having her nipples tweaked and began to suck in earnest on Barn's cock. "Yesssss.... what a good good girl...." Baen growled through clenched teeth, barely keeping it together.

Not able to just watch any longer Jarl grabbed the feline girl's hips and began to slide the shaft of his cock between her slick pussy lips, rubbing her clit with his swollen cockhead. With each bump of his flesh against her stiff little clitty the girl whimpered, pushing her firm ass backwards, begging for more. "Mhnnnn.... I think your pet wants me to fuck her," Jarl leaned back, pulling his thick cock free of the girl's deliciously wet labia, "Aren't you a good little pet," he murmured, spreading her pussy open with one hand and grunting as he slowly eased the tip of his cock into her tight cunt.

Baen released his grip on the girl's breasts and brought his hands up to her head, stroking and petting her ears as he slowly began to thrust his hips, up, towards her mouth. "Oh, Kitty, you are so good.... such a good girl.." Praising her, Baen, grabbed the back of her head and forced his cock deeper into her mouth, relishing in the firm pressure of her tongue and throat along his length.

Grunting as he stuffed his cock roughly into Kitty's velvety pussy, Jarl petted her tail and slowly ground his hips in circles, "Oh that's a good pet, letting me stretch that tight little hole with my cock..." he gritted his teeth, the sinewy muscles in his neck and shoulders standing out as he eased out of her, and then pushed back in, a little harder, "you like that, pet? Mmmm, you like my cock?" Jarl began a slow, but very hard rhythm, pounding his cock deep into the cat-girl's pussy.

Purring, her breasts swinging with each thrust Jarl took, Kitty opened her mouth wider and let her new owner begin to fuck her mouth in earnest as she gently stroked his balls with her soft fingers, urging him to cum as she looked up at his strong, lithe body with her pretty, dark eyes. Sweat beginning to bead on his chest, Jarl flexed the powerful muscles in his legs and ass, increasing his pace while reaching around the girls hip and seeking out her clit with his fingers.

Suddenly the feline girl arched her back and yowled. Jarl had found her clit, and the added sensation of having her little nub of pleasure touched was too much, and Kitty started to cum, her pussy spasming, gripping the cock within her tightly. Having his pet orgasm as he fucked her mouth did it for Baen, and soon he was filling her throat with load after load of sticky white cum, grunting and moaning as his chest heaved, his hands tightened into fists in Kitty's silky hair.

"Oh yes, that's right, you really like it, don't you pet?" Jarl demanded, before pulling his cock out of the girl's dripping, twitching pussy and stroking once before covering her ass and labia in ropes of his own cum. Happy and spent, the three collapsed onto the bed, Kitty purring as Baen nuzzled at her breast, tugging on the nipple with his teeth before snuggling into the soft blankets between the two elves for a cat-nap.

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