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I'm going to lick and kiss your cock all over
Most men use a professional the first time, actually Dr. Sokay recommends it but Steve's wife Tina was having no part of that idea. She sat on the bed as Steve rose and stood in front of her. This morning is the first time Tina will see her husband's cock in nearly a year. Steve is healing from a brutal accident and the time has come to reintroduce his wife to his cock.

The clinic treating Steve follows a recovery plan for his type of accident. Now that the physical healing is complete it is time for Steve to move on to the mental healing and reintegration of sexual activity into his married life. The first day of treatment is today. Dr. Sokay is his doctor; she believes in jump starting the sexual integration in the beginning. Her work has proven this approach works best because the wife is often reluctant. The husband, her studies found, will often try to put off initial contact because he feels uncomfortable. It is for this reason Dr. Sokay recommends the client go to a prostitute the first time; so he can begin to get comfortable with the changes to his body and the initial reaction to it.

Steve and Tina are happily married, neither of them have ever strayed outside of the marriage. They have always enjoyed an active sex life, the past year has left them both longing to be together again.

"Are you sure? You don't have to do this you know." He asked his wife.

"Steve, it's ok, I've seen them before. Please stop worrying." She said in response.

Steve glanced at the clock and spoke. "Well OK then let's get it over with, I've got to leave for the meeting soon"

Tina slowly pulled the sash from his robe. Letting it fall to the floor, she looked up into her husband's eyes as her hands found their way to his waist. She forced a smile rather unconvincingly.

"Tina, honey this is important. Please don't look at my face damnit, look at my cock!" He took her head in his hands and turned it down toward his stiff member.

Tina gasped, "Oh Steve, does it hurt?"

"No baby, it doesn't hurt, touch it baby, please. The first time is the hardest, after this it will be easier next time." Tina was in no hurry to think of a second time. She tentatively reached for Steve's angry, scarred cock.

"Go on baby your doing fine, just a little more for today." Steve tried, but could not keep his voice from cracking; he wiped a tear from his eye and remembered the doctor's words.

"Steve, in the beginning you must be firm with her, try not to get upset when you see the appalled look on her face because she will have one." Doctor Sokay would tell her clients this repeatedly but still, it did nothing to lessen the shock.

He gained his composure and went on, "Tina come on, it's time, take my cock baby, love it like you used to, take me into your mouth baby, it's still me."

She looked up with a tear in her eye and was about to tell him she couldn't, and then she looked into his eyes and remembered his bravery and compassion at an earlier time in their marriage. Her heart filled with love and a genuine smile crossed her face.

"I love you Steve." That was all she needed to say, her mouth would say the rest. Her fingers traced the thick dark scar that twisted grotesquely up and around his once beautiful cock. She relaxed and bent her head down, it had been close to a year since she felt her husbands cock and she missed it terribly. When Steve felt her moist warm tongue, he let out a low groan.

"Good girl, Tina baby I love you, you're my life you know that honey? I don't know where I'd be without you. Thank you baby." Steve's words overflowed with loving emotion.

Tina traced the scars with her tongue; tears fell from both their eyes as she took him deeply into her mouth. She made love to his disfigured manhood as if it was no different from the way it was when they met. After he filled her mouth with his seed, she licked him clean as she had done so many times before.

Afterward they wiped the tears from each other's face. Tina was the first to speak.

"It will be ok Steve, it will. The initial shock was difficult you know, but then I thought of how wonderful and strong you've been throughout our marriage and suddenly your cock was just as magnificent as before."

"Thank you baby, I know this has been so hard on you but now we are past the rough spot. I am so proud of you baby." Steve replied.

They spent a few minutes together before Steve dressed and headed off to his first meeting with Dr. Sokay and the group.

Steve nervously opened the door and entered the generous sized office. A tiny red head named Clara looked up from her computer screen Tight red curls framed her freckle-laden face; her blue eye peered blankly at the client making his way toward her desk.

"Can I help you?" Clara asked the tall dark haired man in front of her receptionist's desk.

"I'm Steve Saunders; I have an appointment with Dr. Sokay." His voice was deep but seemed to have lost its edge, his words sounded timid as he spoke.

Clara felt like grabbing this handsome man and telling him not to worry, in time he will get his confidence back; as the shock lessens, he will begin to feel like a man again. This was the first time a client provoked that feeling in her in a very long time.

. Instead, all she said was "Have a seat. The doctor will be with you in just a few minutes. Take this clipboard, on it you will find some forms you need to fill out, the pen is attached to the clipboard."

In the beginning compassion shone in Clara's eyes when she signed in a new client. As time went by, the caseload increased and she adjusted to the changes in the world around her. Clara always conducted herself in a professional manner, her blue eye looked up at him, smiling, she handed him the clipboard.

"There you go" she said, "Bring this back when you're done."

It was not long before Dr. Sokay entered the waiting area and ushered Steve into her office. Dr. Sokay was a petite woman with a mass of silken raven's hair that fell just below her backside. She had a pouty mouth with full ruby lips. Steve was unable to determine her eye color; dark glasses covered her face. A deeply cut green silk blouse accented her ample olive tone cleavage. Her nipples poked through the outline of her sheer demi bra, igniting Steve's libido. For the second time in almost a year, and a second time this morning, Steve's cock stirred to life.

Once in the main office, Dr.Sokay led Steve to a separate exam room saying, "You'll find a dressing gown in there, take off all your clothing and slip it on. I'll be with you in a few moments. If you can, there is a urine cup in the water closet; if not we can get a sample later."

"Yes Dr. Sokay" replied Steve.

Steve slowly undressed; this day was turning into quite a challenge. The thought of exposing his tattered penis to a stranger, albeit a doctor was not something he looked forward to doing. He managed a urine specimen and waited for Dr. Sokay. When she entered, Steve saw her hair was up in a loose top knot.

"OK, Steve, why don't you step up on the zamlift?" The doctor said.

A zamlift, short for examination lift, is a motorized platform used for examinations. The patient or client stands on it and is raised or lowered to aid the demands of different tasks. The zamlift came on the market soon after the launch of the vagitect product.

A vagitect looks similar to a tampon with barbed needles at the base. It appeared on the market shortly after the incidence of rape started to skyrocket at ATM machines. It quickly gained national, then international attention; shortly there after the vagitect went on sale worldwide. The result was far better than anyone imagined. Due to the severity of the injuries a trip to the hospital was inevitable, once there, the would be rapist was arrested and charged on the spot. As soon as the attacker's wounds were tended to he went directly to jail. The injury served as a guilty plea. The number of random acts of rape dropped drastically and now the crime is rather rare. Unfortunately, this did not decrease the amount of identity theft crimes, they still run rampant.

Although it is very effective in warding off would-be rapists, the vagitect presents dangers if not used correctly. The biggest problem occurs when a woman forgets to remove the product prior to making love. Although no harm comes to the woman, the man's penis sustains damage that ranges from mild to severe. Towns across the country now have special doctors, clinics and support groups to aid the recovery, mentally and physically, unintentionally inflicted upon these men. Dr. Sokay runs the clinic in Steve's town.

"Now Steve, before we start the exam I'll go over the procedure again, did you read the papers in the information packet?" Dr. Sokay spoke while washing her hands and preparing her instrument tray.

Steve replied "Yes, I'm familiar with the exam, a little uncomfortable, but familiar with it nonetheless."

The doctor continued, "Very good, not feeling comfortable is normal, it will lessen in time. Now the first part of the exam includes a checkup on the healing process and a physical examination. Do you have any questions on that part?"

Steve shook his head no and Dr. Sokay went on speaking, "The second part will test your response to sexual stimulation, I will be checking to see if your reaction has changed due to the accident. In other words, does it take more or less to arouse you. I will then check your erection physically to make sure the scars are not pulling. The final thing I will be checking is your orgasm. We will check to make sure you are able to achieve one and if it is pleasurable. I collect the sperm for testing. Having said that are there any questions you want to ask before we begin?"

Steve replied, "I have one question, the orgasm and arousal part, will I be manually stimulating myself in front of you? I know you're a doctor and all."

Dr. Sokay interrupted, "Oh, no that is my part, I will be stimulating you orally; but if you prefer you can do it yourself."

"Oh, no by all means Dr. Sokay I don't want to interfere with your job."

Dr. Sokay replied, "Very well then, let's get started."

She approached the zamlift and raised it so Steve's cock was eye level. She put on the surgical gloves and examined the scars on Steve's penis. Then she proceeded to examine his scrotum and surrounding area. When she was through, she removed the gloves and tossed them into the nearby trashcan. Before she spoke, she took his semi erect cock into her gloveless hands and traced over the scars.

She said, "Everything looks fine Steve, you're actually lucky, your tissue healed just fine. You have a very attractive cock Steve, and you're bigger than most men."

Steve's cock stiffened at her words. He looked down from the platform to see Dr. Sokay rubbing his hard rod over her face.

"We'll move on to the next part of the exam now Steve. I see you have no problem getting an erection, that's good. I'm going to take you into my mouth now Steve, I'm going to lick and kiss your cock all over. At some point I will tease your head with licks and gentle sucks, I will make you feel like shoving your fat cock down my throat. When you feel that urge, I want you to go ahead and do it. You may grab my head and pull me into your groin, feel free say anything you want to me Steve. I want you to fuck my mouth for as long and as hard as you want."

His cock was rock hard now. Steve reached down and undid her hair so it cascaded down; he felt the silkiness of it on his legs. Dr. Sokay continued teasing his cock, licking and kissing it better than his wife ever did. Steve's hips started swaying as he tried to get his cock into her mouth. Her tongue assaulted him with long wet licks up one side and down the other, repeatedly she licked his length; there was fire building in his balls.

"Oh, damn that feels so good." He moaned as he thrust his hips into her a bit harder.

Dr. Sokay's mouth was busy licking Steve's cock but she answered his need by taking the tip of his cock through her pursed lips. When Steve felt his cock slip through her tight mouth he grabbed her long hair and wrapped it around his hands, holding her tightly, he thrust his needy cock and he entered her mouth fully. Because so much time passed since the accident, Steve knew he would not last long. He started to feel the building tension for the second time in as many hours. Dr. Sokay gently pushed him back and released her mouth from him.

"Don't stop! Please, I'm just about to cum! Why are you doing this?"

She replied, "Don't worry, I'm not done, you're extremely hard right now, I need to check your scars for any damage or pulling. Then we will continue from the beginning again."

Steve was not about to argue with that, after all, she was the doctor. There was one thing bothering him though. Dr. Sokay, I feel strange calling you Dr. Sokay when you're standing in front of me sucking my cock, can I call you by your first name?"

Her answer surprised him, she said, "Steve it is very important, due to the intimate nature of this part of your treatment, that we keep a doctor-patient attitude. I'm sure you can see where personal feelings could easily overshadow the doctor patient relationship. This is nothing more than part of your treatment; I'm just doing my job. To tell you the truth, I don't usually perform this test myself but Lolly, the oral simulation device we use, is out for maintenance and upkeep this week so I'm filling in for the machine."

She continued, "Back before Lolly we used to hire hookers for this part of the exam; it worked out well for both of us. There was a girl hired for today but she never showed up this morning and there was no time to find a replacement. I know I'm out of practice but we seem to be moving along OK."

Steve answered, "Boy Dr. Sokay if you're out of practice I wish I knew you when you weren't. You're giving me the best head I have ever had."

"You don't need to say that Steve, but thank you anyway."

Steve went on, "I'm not just saying it, you really are fantastic at sucking my cock. I know it must not be easy, given the way it looks. I know it is repulsive looking."

"Steve, that is what we will work on in the group therapy sessions, you will learn to become comfortable with the appearance of your penis. I'm not saying you will ever like it, nor your wife. What I am saying is that in time the two of you will learn to accept it and live with it. You will continue to have the same sex life you had prior to the accident as long as your marriage is strong enough. Don't forget Steve, Tina is living with the guilt of what she did to you also. That cannot be easy for her; a lot of the women do not bring it up because they feel so bad."

'Well Dr. Sokay, we have talked about it a little but generally we don't bring it up too much." Steve replied.

Dr. Sokay continued, "Talking about the accident is a big part of treatment once you andTina begin the couple's therapy sessions. Now, before we get into the therapy sessions I think we should move on to the ejaculation and semen collection phase of the exam. Are you ready to continue Steve?"

Steves cock did the talking for him and starting getting hard in anticipation. "OK, I see you are ready Steve, lets begin again." said Dr. Sokay.

Dr. Sokay stood alongside him and started by wrapping her tongue around the base of Steve's cock. She hugged his sex firmly with her tongue. She started moving up his length like this, alternating squeezing and letting up on the pressure as she moved up and down. Steve's prick grew longer and rock hard beneath her wet tongue. After about ten passes up and down his length, she turned to face him and took his dripping cock in her small hands.

Stopping a minute to speak she said, "Oh, very good Steve, your leaking some precum already. I guess you really do enjoy the way I suck you."

He replied by grabbing her hair once again and pushing her closer to his need.

"That's good Steve, show me that you want more, and show me how much you want to be in my mouth." She cooed.

Dr. Sokay started licking up the precum from his dripping head, she wrapped it around her tongue and gently pulled more out of him. Her tongue started swirling sloppily up and down his horny cock. His cock was slippery and wet with a combination of her saliva and his precum. His balls contracted as her fingers massaged them. Tentatively at first, she pushed the swollen cock head into her mouth, her tongue swirling and darting erratically allover him. Slowly at first, she sucked him in and out of her mouth, each time taking him deeper down her throat. Steve's breathing was getting erratic as he began thrusting himself into her mouth. Deeper and deeper, faster and faster, her tempo increased with speed and intensity. Precum flowed steadily now and she felt the head swell and tighten in her hot mouth.

Steve felt the back of her throat against his cockhead as he thrust harder and faster now. His hands tightly held her hair as he guided her head off and on his cock.

"Oh fuck yes, go on, don't stop now I'm almost there. Fuck my cock, it feels so good, your mouth on my cock is gonna make me cum, uurg, do it yes..."

Steve was thrusting now with all his might, his ears deaf to her gagging and gurgling noises. His heart was beating so fast, he felt the cum rushing up his cock towards freedom. Steve tightened his legs and kept thrusting harder. Dr. Sokay's head was in a vise like grip, Steve's cock rammed into her mouth to the hilt. Steve's movements became jerky. His balls pulled up into two tight golf balls.

He grunted, "Yea that's it, that's a girl. Are you ready? Take it! Take my cum! Here, now UUURRGG "

With that, his cock started jerking around in her mouth, pumping it full of his hot creamy jism. Dr. Sokay kept as much in her mouth as she could; she needed the sample. There was so much of it the cum ran in a stream down her face from the corner of her mouth. When he finally stopped cumming, she grabbed a cup and let the ejaculate run into it from her mouth before returning to his cock to lick it clean.

"My god Steve, there is so much cum, you came so much."

His reply was, "Dr. Sokay that was fantastic, I don't know what to say."

The only thing the doctor said to him was, "OK, well you better get cleaned up and dressed, I've got some notes to take before we join the group session."

The truth was Dr. Sokay did not know what to say either, sucking Steve's cock was fantastic and she wondered how she could ever keep their relationship on a professional level.

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