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timing the strokes on her pussy with the plunging of her friend
The rain pelted down on the two women like Thebinian sling bullets on a Gothmark horde. It made their night dash through the murky Breinden swamp all the more dangerous, but the duo didn't dare slow their pace — not when the beastly howls could still be heard over the downpour.

"Faster, Sera! I can still hear them!" Romica Fey Blood yelled to her halfling companion.

"Easy for you to say, Romi!" the child sized-sized woman answered. "You've got the longer legs"

Romica was about to snap at the shorter woman when a deep and feral growl pierced through the sheets of rainfall. Both women froze at the awful sound and could actually feel the blood drain from their faces.

"Promise me, Romi," Sera said, her voice trembling, "You'll slit my throat — you're going to make it quick. I'm not going to be some worg's bitch! You promise!"

"No one is slitting anyone's throat, Sera — gods damn it!" Romica screamed, seizing the halfling by the shoulders. "No one is dying today, gods damn it!"

Romica caught herself before she started shaking her friend out of sheer frustration, and turned away from the sobbing halfling to calm down.

In truth, she was just as terrified as Sera, and for good reason. They were both poisoned, and Romica could already feel the toxin working through her body — especially between her legs. She knew that if they didn't find an antidote soon, both of them would be screwed in more ways than one.

This was far from what the Valkovnian swordswoman thought a life of adventure would be. The daughter of a landed noblewoman and an elf knight-errant, Romica expected quests filled with excitement, fame and riches, ending with some quiet years in a country estate surrounded by attractive servants.

Now it looks like I'm better off getting swallowed by this gods damned swamp! Romica told herself bitterly. Damn it, Romica — think! You're not dying here. You've got to find a way out. Got to...

"Romi, look!" Sera cried out, pointing into the gloom. Romica followed the halfling's gaze to a tiny flicker of light glowing in the distance.

"The Vondberg Hills are over there," Romica said.

"And probably filled with more things that can eat us," Sera replied.

"We could always wait for your worg husband."

Without a word, Sera made a beeline for the light, and Romica raced after her into the dark swamp.

* * *

The howls seemed to grow louder with their every step, pushing both half-elf and halfling even harder towards the light, as they hoped to the gods that they wouldn't run into some unseen tree trunk or hidden sinkhole. Luck was with them this night. The pair reached the foothills without accident or injury, and then their goal just behind a clump of bushes.

"Wait," Sera said. "How do we know whoever is in there is friendly?"

"How do we know they're not?" Romica replied. "What I'm sure of is that we are going to some Khalistani harem if we stay out here."

"Out of the way," Sera said, rushing past the foliage.

"Wait up," Romica called out as she followed her friend. She soon found herself at the mouth of a very large cave, which opened into a long, and seemingly man-made cavern that echoed the light patter of Sera's booted feet.

"I'll hide the entrance," Romica called to Sera. Then, she heard the halfling scream.

Drawing her longsword, Romica sprinted down the corridor and went straight for the light ahead. She ended up at another large cave mouth.

"I'm here, Sera. Where... Oh Shit!"

Romica stopped dead in her tracks, right next to a similarly rooted halfling whose eyes, like hers, were fixed on the enormous man-like figure in front of them.

It was an ogre.

Sitting as it was on the other end of a large fire pit, the creature looked to be at least a head taller than tallest Northman raider, with a body rippling with muscle. The ogre was naked from what Romica could see, its light brown skin glinting with a thin sheen of sweat. The giant was also clutching something between it legs, and this is what really caught the half-elf's attention.

The ogre was holding the largest cock she had ever seen.

Like a Velerian temple pillar, the huge sex stood proud, leaking pre-cum from its angry, helmet-like head. Despite her fear, Romica wet her lips as she stared at the sex lance before her. She imagined herself ripping off her clothes, impaling her pussy on the huge shaft, and going up and down its length until...


Romica's head snapped up at the voice, and she found herself staring into the ogre's yellow eyes.

"Do you mind!" The ogre said as he quickly covered himself up. His face was bright red.

* * *

Harl could not believe how bad his luck has been. Last night, it was the bobcat that literally scratched his ass awake when it chased a hare into his bedroll. This morning, it was his ill-advised shortcut through the Breinden, which almost drowned him in flash floods and mud.

Now, just when he thought he could dry out, relax and enjoy a few moments remembering how a naked Lady Ameline slid up between his legs, enveloped and caressed his shaft with her pillowy breasts while her raven-haired head bobbed up and down his cock, sucking its angry head — these two show up.

Damn! Harl cursed inwardly. Father always said ogres were a luckless race, but this is ridiculous!

"S-stand back!" The taller woman commanded, drawing her sword as she spoke.

This can't be happening! Romi dreaded inwardly. A gods-damned ogre! If he attacks now, we're dead!

"I'm not going to hurt you," the ogre grumbled as he wrapped a blanket around his waist. "Just let me explain."

"I said stand back, monster!" The taller woman repeated, brandishing her blade at the giant.

"You know, it's rude to point a sword at someone in his own home."

"Well it will get a lot ruder if you don't stay away!" The shorter one, a halfling, spat in anger as she scooted next to her friend.

"Ruder is not a word," Harl replied. "If you're going to intimidate someone, you should at least be grammatically accurate."

"Don't correct her, monster!" the taller woman screamed. "We're not taking any lessons from a stupid ogre!"

"Great, more insults," Harl said. "May I remind you that I'm not the one who's trespassing here?"

"Gods damn you, ogre!" The tall woman screamed hysterically. "I swear I'll run you through! I'll kill you! Damn it, just leave us alone!"

The outburst took Harl by surprise. It didn't sound like an angry threat coming out of the woman's mouth, but more like a desperate bluster to hide panic and fear. Instead of answering, the ogre took stock of his visitors.

Slight elfin features shone through the soaked brown tresses of the swordswoman. Probably a half-elf, Harl thought. Despite the frightened trembling of her hand, she held her blade expertly, and looked to have a well-toned fencer's body under the light duelers' vest and leathers she wore.

The halfling too seemed dressed for adventure, clothed as she was in leather armor with a matching rogue's bandoleer worn across her chest. All of which moved in harmony with the halfling's obviously limber form.

Both had the look of veteran sellswords, quite capable of handling themselves in a scrap, making their panicky demands and terrified demeanor totally out of place. Something was not right.

"Wait. Calm down, you two," Harl said, "I'm not here to eat you or anything. I want to help."

"Save it, monster!" The halfling said. "You can take your help and shove it up your..."

A loud guttural howl cut off the halfling's harangue, and insults soon turned into screams of terror as the two women literally jumped at the awful sound, before fleeing to the far cave wall.

"Oh great, more visitors." Harl grumbled and stomped over to the cavern corridor.

* * *

"Godsohgodsohgodsohgods! Romi, what are we going to do?" Sera asked. "If that ogre won't eat us, it will be the harem for sure. Romica, we have to do something!"

"Ohhhh!" Was all Romica answered followed by an ominous clanging of metal on stone as the half-elf dropped her sword.

"Romi?" Sera asked, turning to her friend. The halfling's eyes widened in horror as she watched her friend jam her hands into her pants to desperately fondle the spot between her legs. Romica's face flushed red and her eyes shut tight, all testifying to the inhuman lust that had taken her over.

"No!" Sera gasped. "It's started!"

* * *

"We want the women," A gravelly, menacing, voice demanded in perfect goblin. The order took the ogre aback, not that he hadn't been threatened before, but from where it was coming from surprised him. Three worg-riding goblins had entered the cavern, and each of their flat, green colored faces were masks of utter contempt.

"Woman-things mine!" Harl screamed at the trio. "You leave, or I make you into food!"

"You will give what is Gormak's, you stupid piece of shit! Son of an Elf! Kobold's bitch! Orc Whore!" A goblin spat.

Well that didn't work, Harl said silently, as the goblin continued to swear at him. Looks like they're made of sterner stuff. Hold on.

Out of the corner of his eye, Harl noticed the other goblins moving their worgs into fighting positions, with one moving to the side to flank him while another discreetly fit an arrow to his bow.

They're trying to ambush me! Harl realized. Damn, that takes balls for a goblin, especially with an ogre breathing down their neck. What in the hells am I up against?

Harl looked closer at his opponents. Normally, these child-sized creatures would cower at a giant like him defending his cave. The goblins bared their fangs, all of them eagerly clutching their small but well-made weapons and looking comfortable in their quality black leather armor.

Their worgs stood out as well. The gray fur and a blackish snout marked the wolf-like creatures as Shadow Fell Worgs, a particularly intelligent but vicious pack of monsters. Only the largest of goblin tribes could ever attempt to tame even one of their number — and these goblins commanded three.

Why the hell didn't you bring your sword? Harl scolded himself. What are you going to do? Fight them with half a hard-on?

"Dog whore, are you deaf?" The goblin screamed. "You will give what is Gormak's, or face the wrath of the Gray Striders!"

"No! Me Cavemaster!" Harl answered, moving towards the foul-mouthed goblin. "Me Strong! Me crush you tiny head!"

As he moved forward, Harl could see the other goblin get ready to pounce, and he guessed an arrow would be trained on him soon.

Right, they still think I'm stupid. Better prove them wrong, you dumb ogre.

On cue, the goblin to his side launched his worg into the air and into Harl, confident in his surprise attack. Neither creature saw Harl's sudden backhand smash into them, slamming worg and rider into the wall. Both fell into a heap on the cold ground.

The ogre then quickly shed the blanket around his waist and whipped it in front of him, slapping away an oncoming arrow. The swearing goblin finally got into the act, his sword slashing at his naked opponent's legs while his worg snapped at Harl's feet.

Harl dodged and sidestepped the duo's attacks as he ducked away from the goblin archer's whizzing arrows. The ogre knew he couldn't keep up this dance forever, and searched for any opening he could exploit. It came swiftly when his movements maneuvered the worg and his rider into the cave wall. Harl then feinted the goblin into striking thin air, exposing the monster's flank.

The ogre quickly lashed out with a powerful kick, sending both creatures into the stone wall with a hard crunch. The blow killed the worg instantly, and stunned its rider. Harl then followed-up with a quick, smashing heel to the moaning goblin's head, silencing him forever.

His companions weren't so quiet, howling at the giant as they recklessly attacked with bow and steed. It was also a dead giveaway for what they had planned. Easily dodging another arrow, Harl made another quick crouch as the other worg rider sailed over his head. The ogre then grabbed the goblin as its worg was in mid-jump and hurled it down the cavern corridor, just as the archer loosed another arrow.

The shaft pierced the hurled goblin's skull in-flight, and its dead body smashed into the goblin archer, ruining his bow. A grunt of approval left the ogre's lips as he took a moment to gloat and admire his work. The celebration was short though, as the now riderless worg caught sight of Harl's long, dangling sex. Growling, the creature charged at Harl's fleshy shaft and snapped at it with its jaws. Harl yelped in panic at the worg's attack, barely escaping its sharp teeth.

"You tried to bite my dick!" The ogre screamed.

A sudden and palpable rage built up in the giant, creating an aura of violence that even the worg retreated from. It was a hesitation that it wouldn't live to regret, as the towering ogre exploded into a frenzy of anger, rushing the beast and seizing it in his vise-like grip.

"You fucking tick-bag, you tried to bite me!" Harl screamed, slamming the unfortunate worg into the cave wall again and again, until it was an unrecognizable mess of fur and blood.

Dropping the mashed corpse, Harl's furious glare landed on the remaining goblin and worg. Instead of running, as most goblins would do when facing uneven odds, the creature stood his ground.

"Gormak will avenge me!" The goblin cried out as he raised his sword and urged his worg to charge. The angry ogre ran at his attacker as well, giving out a loud battle cry as he met the goblin's advance. Like his pack mate, the slavering worg leapt at the giant, intent on tearing out his throat, but Harl was the quicker of the two and caught the worg as it jumped.

The ogre violently drove his knee into the worg, shattering its ribcage. Its rider fell to the ground, stunned. Discarding the worg carcass, Harl ran towards the prone goblin and gave it a mighty kick, slamming into its torso and launching it into the cavern ceiling. The goblin hit the stone above so hard that its skull cracked. The dead monster fell to the ground — now a few inches shorter — where it finally stayed motionless.

* * *

"Well, your friends won't be bothering you anymore," Harl said as he returned to the fire pit. "A little help would have been great, though." Going into a battle rage was exhausting for the ogre warrior, and he hoped that still had some of his father's pick-me-up tonic.

"What did those little buggers want with you anyway?" Harl asked, rummaging through his pack. "Nothing good, I assume. Aha, here it is!" Popping open a vial he found, Harl gulped down the tonic his father brewed and immediately felt a wave of invigorating energy that eliminated his berserker fatigue. Behind him, he heard the low moans of his female guests.

"Tired as well, eh? Drink some of this and you'll feel better in no time. My father calls it the Crimson Bull. Don't ask me why."

With another tonic in hand, the ogre finally turned to his companions "The name's Harl, by the..."

Harl was struck dumb at the sight he laid his eyes on.

The half-elf was on her back, her drenched trousers bunched around her ankles, exposing her porcelain, widespread legs — still wet from the rain. Her hand reached between her thighs, thrusting a pair of fingers in and out of her already sopping pussy. Her other hand opened up her vest and reached into her damp shirt, cupping a full, milky-hued breast, kneading it and tweaking its upturned nipple.

The halfling was also on the floor with her pants circling her feet. She was face down, lewdly moaning as she stuck out her cute bare buttocks at Harl. Both of her tiny hands fondled her privates, with one hand furiously strumming her clit while the other stabbed her ass with her middle finger, noisily squishing as it thrust in and out.

Despite the lust on their faces, the two women didn't look like they were enjoying themselves.

"What in the hells are you two doing?" Harl asked.

"P-poison!" Sera croaked. "Lilith's Kiss!"

"Goblin slavers," Romi moaned. "Drugged us. P-please help."

"Oh crap!" Harl cursed. His father had told him about Lilith's Kiss, the slaver's toxin that could make even the most chaste Helvian priestess into a raving sex fiend. It was mostly used by depraved eastern sheiks that snatched up young and attractive men and women for their harems. Most of these victims rarely survived more than a year, as the poison quickly uses up the body and mind.

An anti-toxin brewed by the slavers was the only cure. That is, until Harl's Father had told him of another antidote.

"All right." Harl said. "Don't panic, you two. I know how to get the poison out of you."

"What?" Romi asked as she sat up. "You have an antidote?"

"Well, not exactly."

"What do you mean, not exactly?" Romi screamed. Forcing herself up, the half-elf hopped towards the ogre in a rage, even as she continued to awkwardly piston her fingers in and out of her pussy.

"You have to have the cure, or you don't!" Romi screamed, hammering her fist into his chest as she howled. "You have it, don't you? Tell the truth, you damn ogre! Give it to us!"

"Get a hold of yourself!" Harl said, fending her off. "There's no antidote, but I know of another cure. But, we have to leave here now."

"Why?" Sera chimed in, standing as well with her fingers still stabbing at her privates. "You're going to take us to your kitchen, aren't you? Put us in a pot to cook us! Eat us!"

"What is it with you two and cannibals? We have to leave here because the Erhine river will be coming through that cavern any moment."

"H-how do you know?" Romi slurred, suddenly leaning on the giant.

"You broke the rune circle when you entered the cave. You must have if you went through the bushes. Always told father that he should enchant something more permanent."

"And why should we believe a word you say?" Sera asked.

Just then, the deafening sound of rushing water roared into he cavern, immediately extinguishing the fire pit and plunging it into darkness. The screams of the women again echoed in the cave, but their panic was cut short as surprise engulfed both Romica and Sera when large hands suddenly scooped them up.

"As I said we have to get out of here. Are you well?"

With his night eyes piercing the darkness, he looked at his two semi-dressed guests. He held the half-elf to his chest, while cradling the halfling in his other arm. Even if he could only see in black and white, he figured that the halfling had lost some color to her face, with the frightening darkness and all. The half-elf's features took on a blank and emotionless look.

The woman at his chest then tilted up her head, somehow locking her eyes onto his in spite of the deep gloom. A lewd smile crossed Romi's face.

"I want your cock," Romi said seductively. "I want to fuck your big, fat cock!" She then jumped onto Harl, wrapping her arms and legs around his neck and torso. To Romi's joy her moist pussy landed right on the head of Harl's upturned cock which she immediately began sliding against.

"Gods, yes!" Romica squealed, humping the surprised ogre in the darkness. "I want you inside me! Tear me up! Ram into me!"

"Hey, stop that!" Harl commanded, trying to keep his balance and hold of the halfling. "You're going to drown us!"

"Lilith has taken her," The halfling said. "That's what it does. All you think about is sex. And once your body is used up, they throw you away, letting your mind rot until you turn into a drooling bag of abused flesh, pathetically begging for an orgasm."

"Gods!" the halfling continued, "Are you happy now? Seraphina Highhill has drunk her succubus juice! Are we even for that Rat God Eye I stole? Well, am I? Oh, Ogre, just let me drown! Let me drown..."
"By Valkar, enough with the oratory!" Harl said, quieting Sera. "Nobody's drowning today!" The ogre then peeled off the humping Romica and slung her over his shoulder, holding her in place with the hand of his cradling arm.

"Please, Master," Romica whined. "I'll let you put it anywhere you want. Just please fuck me!"

"Fuck time later!" Harl answered as he plunged his hand into the water to fish out his gear and sword.

"W-where are we going?" Sera asked the ogre. "C-can't see."

"The upper chamber," Harl answered, slinging his pack over his shoulder. "Don't worry, my eyes can pierce the deepest darkness." A loud thump soon followed the words Harl spoke.

"What was that?" Sera asked.

"Oww," Harl groaned. "Low stalactite. Didn't see that."

* * *

The next few moments were a blur for Sera. The ogre had snatched her and Romi up and taken them into the blackness. The roar of the floodwater had faded and was replaced by the ogre's heavy steps racing up some unseen staircase.

The sounds that truly tortured the halfling were Romi's lustful moans and the slapping of the half-elf's flesh as she humped the ogre's shoulder. "Stop it Sera!" the halfling scolded herself. "Got to keep your head straight. Got to stop thinking... About... How you're going to let that ogre dick slam right into your cunt, and how you're going to die happy when it splits you in two!"

"Hold on," Harl said. "Stay with me, we're almost there."

The loud creaking of a door marked the end of the climb and Sera felt a soft breeze on her bare skin. "What is this place?"

"Welcome to my father's other hideout," The ogre said. The next thing she heard was a tinder strike and the sudden blaze of a row of fire sconces on either side, revealing another large cavern.

Scanning the large space, Sera spotted a huge mattress in the center, with all manner of sacks and chests lining the walls. At the far end of the cave was an odd looking spout where a small waterfall flowed.

"First things first," Harl said. "We get you two comfortable." With that, Harl unceremoniously dumped his two companions on the mattress, and tossed his gear amongst the stores by the wall. He then walked away from them towards the water spout, quickly jumping under its refreshing flow.

"What are you doing?" Sera asked desperately.

"Just washing off a bit. My father made his own Velerian Shower out of the rock and..."

"You're washing off?!"

"Mmm Sera smell nice," Romi slurred as she crawled up to her friend. Sliding up behind the halfling, Romica licked her friend's slender neck with a long swipe of her tongue.

"You taste even better," Purred the half-elf.

"Damn it, ogre, this is some time for you to take a bath," Sera protested.

"You said it was Lilith's Kiss," Harl replied, splashing himself with water. "According to my father, aside from the antidote, there are two other ways to purge the 'succubus juice': coupling with seven dwarves or one aroused giant."

"Wha -- what do you mean?" Sera asked, as she vainly tried to fight off Romi's attempts to finish undressing her.

"Well, since there are no dwarves around I'll have to — uh — couple it out of you."

"Wha...? Mmph!"

Romi finally got Sera's shirt completely off while the halfling was distracted, and Sera's yelp of disbelief upon hearing what the ogre planned gave the sex-crazed half-elf a chance to thrust her tongue past the halfling's lips to taste her mouth.

Romi's hand went down between Sera's legs as well to find the small woman's clit and roll it between her fingers. As much as she tried to fight it, the halfling soon found herself falling deeper and deeper into lustful bliss.

"Yes, I know it sounds fantastic," Harl continued, "but father says it's the only way outside of the antidote to cure you, and I don't know what else I can do. So, I need to get clean first. Being covered in goblin blood doesn't get me in the mood."

As he looked to his companions once again, he knew he had to act fast. Both of them were now completely naked and scissored between each other's legs.

"P-please help!" Sera moaned as Romi pulled her by the ankle to increase friction of their labia slipping over each other.

"Just a moment longer," he said, rushing to his backpack. After rummaging through his gear, Harl brought out a stoppered flask. As he knelt by the bed, Harl uncorked the bottle and poured out a clear, oily liquid onto his hand. He then lathered his hands with the lotion to a slippery sheen.

The ogre then poured more of liquid on his large cock and gave his organ several quick pumps to bring it fully back to life. "Ok, now we're ready."

"Stop, I need her," Romi moaned in protest as Harl pulled Sera off her and put the two side by side on the bed.

"I need to put you in place first," the ogre said.

The half-elf gave the ogre a murderous gaze, growling ferally as she pumped her crotch up at him. "Gods damn you, I need to come!" Romica demanded.

"As you command," Harl replied, and immediately stuffed a thick middle finger into the half-elf's wet pussy.

Romi howled as she orgasmed with the first penetration, slamming her body back on the mattress, writhing and arching as waves of climax coursed through her.

Harl grunted approvingly at the half-elf's ecstasy, but he knew he still had to turn up the heat. Digging deeper into Romica's wet mound, Harl's finger chanced upon that special, soft patch of flesh that was the gold in every woman's moist sex. Without hesitation, the ogre curled his finger to flick her pleasure spot.

Again, the reaction was immediate, with Romica's eyes popping wide open while a soundless scream formed on her lips. Her body stiffened into an arch as her legs and intimate muscles clamped down on Harl's flicking finger, tightening around it and savoring each quick caress of her vaginal walls.

"Ahh — gods — YES!" Romica finally screamed, each word louder and drawn out longer than the last, as a stream of her juices squirted upwards like a fountain to wet the ogre and her halfling friend with tasty female honey.

"More!" Romica panted, sagging back down on the mattress. "I need more! You can fuck my mouth, my ass. I just need you inside me!" She licked her lips and stared at the ogre with a lewd, hungry smile.

Ok so far so good, the ogre thought. Now for the little one. Harl then turned his eyes to the halfling.

Sera couldn't help but watch the ogre ravish her friend, her eyes locked on Romica's undulating body as she came again and again on the giant's invading finger.

Sera's own fingers had danced on her moist sex, sliding up and down her tiny clit, stabbing her pussy with rapid-fire jabs, trying to match the ogre stroke for stroke until she came as well, her moans blending in with Romica's lustful screams.

The halfling knew it was stupid — coming like that would just speed up the poison and she would be lost — but Sera didn't care. They took a chance in trusting the ogre, and now he was getting what he really wanted.

Eating can probably wait, She thought cynically. He likes to play with his food first. "Well if I'm going to die, I won't have the mind to realize it! I'm coming too, Romi! I'm...

"Are you always this noisy in bed?"

Sera's head snapped towards the voice, bringing her face to face with the ogre. To her surprise, the halfling liked what she saw. The ogre's body was a vision of symmetry, with well-sculpted muscles covering his frame instead of the bulbous sinews that covered most of his brethren.

His skin was free of the warts and scabs that were common among the giant-kin. In fact, his tan colored form was as smooth as a bronzed talos. His face, even with the bright yellow eyes and the small fangs jutting from his lower jaw, seemed like the powerful visage of some godlike titan.

The halfling could only stare as this perfection of manhood brought a hand down to her own doll-like body, small in size but possessing lean curves that fired up men's loins. She quivered as he gently parted a leg. "What are you going to do?" Sera asked.

"Well," the ogre replied as he wet his lips and parted her other leg, "I'm..." He paused and chuckled. "Going to eat you."

"What?! No! Get away!"

Before the halfling could scurry off, Harl brought his mouth between the small woman's legs and gave her sex a long swipe of his tongue. Sera's whole body stiffened at the wet contact, arching her back as jolt of orgasm tore through her tiny frame.

Before she could even recover, the ogre planted his lips on her pussy and expertly took her small clit into his mouth. Harl sucked on the sensitive nub, rolling it around with his tongue and making the halfing girl moan for more.

Hearing her cries, Harl spreads Sera's legs ever so slightly, just enough to widen the lips of her creamy pussy. The ogre stabbed his tongue deep into her wet, pink flesh, swirling his large mouth muscle inside the hafling. Sera answered with a high-pitched scream, thrashing her body about as the ogre's tongue tickled her walls, grinding herself against the giant's mouth.

A growing heat soon spread from Sera's loins to creep throughout her aroused body. The halfling pumped her sex onto the ogre's mouth, vigorously fucking the cock-like tongue as she pushed herself closer to the edge. "Yes, harder!" Sera commanded. "Fuck me with your mouth. Yes —that's it! Fuck me! Fuck me!" She continued to squeal the last in an ever-louder voice as her pleasure mounted.

The halfing went rigid for a second time as waves upon waves of climax battered her sweating form, until a final crushing orgasm slammed her whole body, throwing her into a dark oblivion. For a few moments, Sera was in blackness, but the far off sounds of Romica's panting slowly pulled her back to consciousness. Opening her eyes, Sera realized that she was feeling something she hadn't felt in a long time. She had a clear head.

"I'm cured," the halfling breathed.

"No, not yet," Harl told her. "Well, not completely."

Sera turned to her side, taking in the sight of the ogre still pistoning and twirling a finger in Romica's loudly squishing pussy.

"You're so sexy when you come, Sera," a sweaty, thrashing Romica cooed.

Sera could feel her excitement leaking out of her sex the moment those words left her friend's lips. "Crap, you're right."

"Don't worry, I'm working on it," Harl replied.

"On what exactly?"

"Well," the ogre said, "according to my father, the mixing of an aroused giant's seed in the, uh, flower of a poisoned person results in an all natural antidote. It cures the person immediately and provides others with a potion that can be imbibed."

"Meaning I have to drink your cum," Sera said.

"Coming from your friend's sex, yes." Harl continued. "I fear I would injure you if we tried to do it the other way."

"Thanks for the concern," Sera said as her hand wandered back to her pussy, "but you still haven't answered me."

Romica screamed to the cavern ceiling above as another climax ripped through her.

"I have to get her excited and wet," The ogre said. "She's bigger than you, but not that big — if you know what I mean."

"Right," Sera replied, suddenly finding herself mesmerized at the girth of the giant's sex. "Shit! Keep yourself together Sera!" Spotting the giant's bottle of oil, Sera snatched up the container and lathered her hands with its contents. "Let me help."

Giving her hands a nice thick glaze of oil, Sera ducked under the ogre's arms and grabbed Harl's large fleshy rod.

The ogre moaned, feeling tiny hands pleasurably slide up and down his long, thick shaft, coating it with more of the bottle's slickness. "Th-thanks."

"That's it," Romica squealed. "Get him nice and hard, that's a good girl!" The half-elf then reached over to the halfling's bare bottom to fondle Sera's wet pussy, her thumb pushing into the small woman's puckered asshole.

Sera moaned from the touch. "Just get the poison out of her before I go back to being sex-mad!"

"Right," Harl replied and took his finger out of Romica's pussy. Before the swordswoman could protest, Harl lifted up Romica by her waist and brought her sex to his lips. The half-elf's scream of lust and joy filled the cavern as she felt the ogre's lips envelope her. His tongue flicked her sensitive clit, and then pushed into the folds of her sopping sex. Romica grabbed hold of giant's hair and pushed herself onto his face, grinding her pelvis onto the giant's mouth, thrusting her sex onto the invading tongue.

Well she seems wet enough, Harl observed, his face now flowing with pussy juice. Time for the cure.

Another orgasm ripped through Romica's sex-battered body, making her limply sag on the ogre's head. Harl saw his chance, and pulled his lips from her folds to lower her to his lap.

Sera saw what the ogre had in mind and held his cock straight, aiming at the descending pussy. Harl meanwhile turned Romica around, putting her back to his chest and draped her left arm over his shoulders. He then brought his hands to her legs and held them from under her knees, spreading them at the same time.

"Hey — be careful, will you?" Sera's voice trembled.

"Always," Harl replied and settled the moaning half-elf on his upturned cock.

Romica's eyes shot open and her mouth formed into an O as a wordless howl broke from her lips when the giant's cockhead thrust past the moist lips of her pussy.

"Ohhh — FUCK!" Romica Finally yelled as her pussy stretched out to accommodate the fleshy invader.

Sera let go of Harl's cock and just sat back to watch the spectacle unfolding before her. Mesmerized, the halfing stared at her friend's slow impalement on the massive cock, watching the half-elf writhe and shiver in pain-pleasure.

To his credit, the ogre was going slow, easing his giant flesh rod into Romica's greedy pussy. The same couldn't be said about Romica, who — despite the discomfort — did all she could skewer herself onto his cock. With her face screwed up in lust, she braced her body against the ogre's and forced her nakedness up and down the slick shaft, even as the giant wrestled her to keep still.

The half-elf wasn't having any of it, teasing the ogre by grinding her ass against him, sliding his thick cock head along her velvety inner walls, gripping its helmet with her vaginal muscles. The ogre groaned in response and struggled to keep his sex-craving partner in line.

"Gods, this is hot," Sera whispered, her still eyes glued to the erotic grappling before her. She brought her hand down to the moistness of her sex and began sliding her silky fingers along her wet lips.

By now, the ogre's pants came quick and heavy, with a little hint of desperation. Damn it, I can't come now! Harl's mind raced. We have to come at the same time! Got to stop her from getting me off — but how?

Harl knew he couldn't clutch the woman tighter. He'd probably break all her bones if he did. He couldn't stop either, or the poison would finally take her over, and even giant seed wouldn't cure her. Hells, it probably would be easier if I just give her what she wants. Hey, wait a moment — why not?

Without warning, the ogre gave in to Romica's writhings and impaled the half-elf on his stabbing cock. "Ohhh Gods YESSS!" Romica bellowed, her pussy suddenly filled with almost the entirety of Harl's enormous member.

Even in her state of sexual delirium, Romica knew she had never felt so filled in her entire life, feeling the ogres hot dick everywhere in her pussy, making every movement she made a trigger for another orgasm. "Oh Fuck!" Romica cried out, her body stiffening from a quick climax shooting through her while the giant moved her body upwards.

It was slow and deliberate, her ascension up the fleshy pole, sliding against each and every sensitive patch of moist pussy flesh, sending more jolts of hot pleasure through her quivering form. Just as the wide tip of his cockhead kissed the tender lips of her sex, the ogre dropped her back down on his stiff cock.

Another howl of pleasure passed Romica's lips as Harl's cock again filled her up, making her squirt a fountain of juices, and drenching a dumbfounded Sera. Unconsciously, the halfling licked at the honey that covered her, wetting her lips and sucking fingers, all the while with her eyes locked on the erotic tableaux before her.

Rhythmic gasps came from Romica and her ogre lover as the giant bounced the half-elf up and down his large shaft with deliberate movements, taking care not to hurt his partner. Harl was finding it harder and harder to control himself as the half-elf's gyrations became even more fervent, her pussy gripping his cock in a warm, tight embrace every time it slid in and out. It took all of his willpower not to start slamming into the sex-mad woman, ravaging her pussy until he filled her up with cum.

Keep your head, Harl, He thought wildly. It's not polite to maim the person you are trying to save. Hey what's that?

Looking down, the ogre saw a tiny head between his legs. Feeling a velvety swipe of a tiny tongue on his balls left no question of what the halfling was doing, and Harl growled in approval.

For her part, Sera couldn't control herself, watching Romica get impaled repeatedly on the monster cock, her eyes focusing on her friend's sweaty breasts, bouncing up and down as the ogre fucked her. "Gods, that is hot," she had repeated, timing the strokes on her pussy with the plunging of her friend.

As she masturbated to her companion's fucking, Sera's attention soon turned to the union of the ogre and half-elf's joining. Even though she had climaxed several times already, Romica's pussy flowed with juices, drenching the ogre cock that speared it. "I've got to taste that," the halfling whispered, and crawled towards the couple.

The scent of sex became heavy. Sera's ears filled with wet squishing noises as she moved towards the couple, zeroing in on the large ball sack in front of her. Without pause, the halfling's lips touched the ogre's scrotum — kissing it, tasting it, savoring its manly flavor, marinated in her friend's pussy juice.

A lustful growl came from above, which made her smile, making Sera lather her tongue over the giant's balls even more.

"Oh, he likes that," She heard Romica say. "Hope you like how I taste too." Sera looked up into the bedraggled but beaming half-elf's face, still sex-mad and vacant-eyed. The ogre too was looking at her, his face a mask of concentration. A malicious glint then emerged in Sera's eye.

Slicking a hand with Romica's juice, Sera reached under the couple and teased the flesh of the giant's asshole. She saw her chance and quickly traced her tongue up the ogre's balls, to the base of his shaft, right up to Romica's puffy lips, and finally her erect clit. Her lips took in the half-elf's sensitive nub, sucking it and rolling it with her tongue. At the same time, her fingers pushed passed the ogre's sphincter, now slick with pussy fluid, and explored within.

The reactions were immediate, with both of them screaming out their climaxes to the heavens. Sera then felt a squirt from Romica's pussy on her chin, quickly joined by a raging river of pearly liquid streaming out of her friend's sex and down the ogre's shaft. Sera squealed with joy and happily licked up the mingled juices.

Romica felt like she was going to explode when Sera's lips touched her clit, and then she actually did when the halfling started sucking her. Bursts of light bloomed before her eyes as her body trembled in climax, followed by a series of come-quakes triggered by the gushing of warm cum from the ogre's stiff cock.

The half-elf felt the hot cream flood her pussy, splashing against her sensitive vaginal walls and spilling out down her inner thighs. The mental image alone was enough to send Romica into the seven heavens, screaming out her joy of sexual release. As a final eruption spread from her sex, throughout her sweat-streaked form, and right to her head, Romica orgasmed into unconsciousness.
For a moment, everything was dark, but somehow safe — free of anxiety and danger. Then, a small pinprick of light shone in the distance, becoming bigger and bigger with each passing second until the brightness revealed to the half-elf what she'd been lacking for the past couple days, true clarity of thought.

"Sera!" She said. "Sera, I'm cured! My mind's thinking clearly and... Ohhh!"

"Yummy," Romica heard a voice say even as a wet suction enveloped her pussy lips. Somewhere between being screwed senseless and reclaiming her faculties, Romica wound up back on the mattress with a nude female halfling happily munching on her ogre-cum filled pussy. She shivered with pleasure every time Sera's tiny mouth and tongue sucked and licked her, but she knew it had to stop. The poison was still in her friend, and fucking would just make it worse.

"Sera stop," Romica moaned. "The poison will finish you." Sitting up, she moved her hand to the bobbing head of the halfling.

"I wouldn't do that if I were you."

Romica's eyes went to the ogre's voice and found the tired looking giant on his side behind Sera. "She needs the cum," he said.

"Right and this is all part of your... OH! Treatment!"

"In a word, yes. Like I told Sera, I'm not going to couple with her. I'd probably do more harm than good. But since you have both our cum inside you, she can take the antidote by mouth."

"Isn't she supposed to — come?!" The last word emerged as a yelping gasp as Sera's tongue darted over the half-elf's clit.

"You look funny when I lick your clitty," Sera snickered and stuck her tongue into Romica's frothing sex.

"Oh Gods," Romica gasped, pressing the halfling's head onto her pussy. "All right! Do what you need to do. Quickly!"

Without further prompting, Harl leaned into the halfling's pert buttocks.

Sera moaned, sending sweet vibrations through Romica's flesh, the half-elf savoring each delicious tingle.

"His tongue!" The small woman gasped as she lifted her head, her mouth glazed with white fluid. "Can feel it inside... Licking me... Fucking me!"

"Don't stop!" Romica pleaded as she cupped the back of Sera's head, urging the halfling back to her pussy. Sera didn't need anymore encouragement, diving back in with greater verve, sucking and licking every piece of delicate flesh, drinking in more of the mixed elfin and ogre cum.

The tender assault sent Romica back to the mattress, arching her body and pressing her sex upwards into Sera's mouth. Behind closed eyes, Romica's mind played out the erotic vision that was undoubtedly occurring. Sera with her lips locked on flared elf-pussy, the ogre tongue-fucking Sera's slippery slit, slithering in like some fleshy snake sliding in and out, taking quick swipes at her tiny clit. It made the halfling shiver every time the ogre licked her, and Romica could feel it between her legs, causing the halfling renew her own lashing of the elf pussy in front of her with even more vigor, pushing the half-elf closer and closer to the edge.

"I'm coming, Sera!" She screamed. "Gods — I'm coming! I'm coming! I'm coming! I'm coming! GODS!"

Romica exploded onto Sera's face, squirting into the halfling's mouth and even shooting the last of the ogre cum past her open lips. Sera too was climaxing, the ogre sliding his tongue along the patch puffy vaginal flesh gave any female so much joy, and the halfling screamed her orgasm into Romica's sex.

These new vibrations sent more shock waves through Romica, stretching out her own soul-shattering orgasm until she bellowed her satisfaction once more, and finally sank into warm oblivion.

* * *

"My name is Romica Ionescu," the half elf said. "Many thanks for helping us."

"My thanks as well." Sera said. "Seraphina Highhill is what the plebs call me."

"Uhh... I'm Harl Caddick," The ogre replied to the women lying on either side of him. He felt a bit silly about making introductions to people whom he just had wild sex with. He always thought that those came first. "And it was my pleasure."

"I'll bet it was." Sera smiled, turning to her side. "And a whole lot more."

"Hey, if I had a vial of the antidote, I would have given it to you two — no strings attached."

"Oh, don't worry, we believe you," Romica said as she too turned to Harl. "You seem to be a good sort. Uh, no offence, but you seem to be very articulate for an ogre."

"Half-ogre," Harl corrected her. "Actually, I'm more human than ogre. And besides, would you expect anything less from the son of a princess?"

"Your mother is a princess?" Sera asked.

"It's a very long story." Harl chuckled.

"Well, the rain hasn't stopped yet," Romi said. "And the flood is going to last a day or so."

Using a foot, Romica traced a line up Harl's long leg until it reached his flaccid cock. Her toes then tickled the length of his shaft, coaxing the cock flesh to life.

"I think we have time for a long story," Romica continued, smiling at Harl's moaning response.

"Among other things we can do," Sera added as she snuggled herself closer to Harl's torso, caressing his chest.

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