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So tight. Oh yes. You will be a delight to fuck
Steve and Victor were twins. Although aside from their looks you would have never guessed. They were both 6'2", 160lbs with dark brown hair and green eyes. Victor was rich and lived in a mansion. Steve was poor and lived in a box. They were both in their 40's and excellent health. Victor was a ladies man. He had left many broken hearts behind during his lifetime. While Peter was still single, he had never met the right woman for him.

Our story begins on a cold winter's night in the middle of November. The rain is pouring down over the box Steve calls home. He huddles in his thin blanket thinking about going to the shelter when suddenly he feels a sharp pain in his chest. He clutches at his chest but by the time anyone comes. He had died. Steve had a heart attack.

Over 100 miles away at that moment, Victor was fucking his newest mistress. She was 25, big busted and the tightest pussy he had ever fucked, when he to had a heart attack. It came on so sudden that the paramedics weren't able to save him.

Our brothers meet for the first time in years at the gates to purgatory. There are two escalators before them. One led to heaven, the other to hell. Now I will tell you that both men headed for the gates leading up but only one was permitted to cross the barrier. The other was driven kicking and screaming into the pits of hell.

Now you probably think you know who went where right? And you may be right. But you may be wrong. This is their story...

Chapter 1: A night in heaven:

The man stepped off the escalator and walked towards St. Peter just outside the pearly gates. "Is this heaven?" He asked looking around.

St. Peter looked at him. "Yes it is. God has welcomed you to his house. Inside the gates you will find the angels. Some are beautiful some are not. Whichever you prefer they are all yours."

The man looked at him. "All mine?"

St. Peter smiled. "Yes. This is heaven. You can fuck them all you want. This is paradise."

The gates opened and the man stepped through. There were many female angels standing just inside the gates. Some were big and some were small. Others were right in the middle.

Some had big tits, some had small. Each stood there waiting for a man to come into their bodies. These were god's angels. The women he made special for the men admitted to heaven.

The man walked up to a medium sized woman. He had always like the bigger girls although there was nothing wrong with the small ones either.

"Hi..." he said looking into her deep blue eyes." I'm..."

She put her hand on his lips. "I know who you are. You are welcome here. I will be your love slave for eternity if that is your wish."

With a wave of her hand the clothes she was wearing were gone giving him a plain view of her naked body. Her medium sized breasts made his mouth water. The small bulge of her stomach covering the V between her legs made his cock jump.

"Oh yes. That is what I want more then anything." he breathed.

She led him over to a cloud; she lay back on it spreading her legs wide. "Fuck me." she whispered. "Love my body with your beautiful cock."

The man looked down at his suddenly naked body. He was surprised to see that he was young and strong again. His 10 inch cock stuck out proudly from his body.

He wanted to taste her, to have her taste him. But the look in her eyes made his cock throb so bad he knew he had to be inside her. He had all eternity to please her with his mouth and hands and have her please him.

He moved onto the cloud, feeling it's softness beneath him. He kissed her softly as he slid into her depths.

She moaned as she wrapped her heavy legs around his waist pulling him deeper inside her. "Fuck me baby." She moaned caressing his cock with her pussy.

He slid into her slowly. Feeling her caress him each time he pulled out. "Oh your pussy is so tight." he moaned as she clung to him. "It's almost like you're a virgin."

She smiled as he locked his mouth on her nipple. "This is heaven. I will be whatever you want me to be."

The man moved slowly inside her. Her muscles rippled as he thrust. "Oh baby. I could fuck you forever." he moaned as he his cum started boiling in his balls. "Your pussy feels so good."

He started thrusting wildly inside her as she met him stroke for stroke. Their cries mingled with others until it became a song. A song of voices raised together in desire and lust.

He slammed his cock hard and fast inside her, feeling the cum boiling in his balls. "OH fuck me." She cried digging her sharp nails into his back.

He realized there was no pain. He fucked her harder. "Cum for me baby. Cum all over my hard cock." he cried as he hammered her pussy hard with his flying cock.

Her voice raised above the others as she reached her peak. Her body tightened around him until he couldn't hold back anymore. "OH GOD! I'm cummmmiinnnngggg..." He screamed as he filled her with his juices.

He collapsed against her catching his breath when he realized his cock was still hard. "How is that possible?" He asked as he started moving inside her again.

She smiled as he rode her. "This is heaven."

Chapter 2: A night in hell:

While the one brother rode his angel over and over, the other brother was terrified. He thought he had lived a good life. He didn't understand why he was heading into hell.

He stepped off the escalator and looked around. The man himself stood before him. Horns, pitchfork, the works. The man shivered as he walked towards him. "I don't understand. Why am I here? I don't belong here."

The devil laughed. "Of course you would say that. They all do." He waved his arm and saw a row of men, chained to iron beds with demons fucking their asses. All the men were crying out in pain. The man cringed.

"I don't belong here. I was a good man." he protested as he felt while felt like boiling acid poured over his skin. He screamed at the pain. When it faded he saw that he was naked and all the hair from his body except that on his head was gone.

"You have done wrong and you will spend eternity being punished for your deeds." The devil cried.

"No...I don't belong here." The man cried over and over as two demons both with huge cocks hanging away from their bodies took him away.

He screamed as he was pushed face down an iron table, his cock locked in a vice below him.

"I don't belong here." he cried one more time as his hands were shackled above his head, his legs spread and chained to the table beneath him.

He watched as the devil sporting a huge hard on of his own walked towards him. "You will be punished." the devil said moving behind the immobile man.

"NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!!!!" The man screamed as the devil spread his ass cheeks and slammed into his virgin ass.

"So tight. Oh yes. You will be a delight to fuck." The devil moaned as he hammered the man's ass with his hard cock.

The man cried as pain wracked his body at the devil's hard thrusts. "Please." He begged only to have one of the demons cocks shoved into his mouth.

He was forced to suck on the demons cock while the devil raped his ass. His body thrust forward painfully against the table with each of the devil's hard thrusts.

The man cried and whimpered as the demons used his body. When they were done, two other demons took their place. One demon was at his mouth while the other shoved his hard cock into his battered ass.

All through eternity he felt his ass ripped open by a hard cock. After a while he started to enjoy the rape but he never let on. See that would be heaven, and he was supposed to be in hell.


So which brother was which? Which one got to spend eternity with the angel while the other was ass fucked in hell? If you said that Victor ended up in hell and Steve in heaven. I'm sorry but you're wrong.

See Victor may have been rich and a ladies man, but he was also a good one. He donated to charities and never turned away a widow or orphan. He also made sure all his child support was always paid on time.

Steve on the other hand lived in a box because he had just gotten out of jail for murdering a couple while they slept.

So you see dear reader, don't always judge a book by its cover. Because when you read the words inside you may be surprised by how things turn out in the end.

English Sex Stories

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