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Excited beyond belief, Tylar imagined as the women without dress
Tylar paid the high elf wizard, and smiled happily.

Ah, Greater Faemore! What a dark and wonderful wood this was!

He looked around himself, his sensitive eyes seeing into all corners and crevices, along the edges of all the trees and over the tops of the hills.

Suddenly his pointed ears picked up a sound, a voice.

"Help! Help!"

Tylar moved quickly to one of the large spires that stood curving over the portal site. As he rounded it, he saw a disheartening sight.

Three large wasps had pinned a small figure against a tree. Their stingers tore at the clothes, and were scratching poisonously at the skin.

With a flash, Tylar cast one of his many high-powered spells.

Instantly, the wasps were mesmerized.

The dark elf male moved forward swiftly, and took the hand of the person panting against the tree.

It was a young wood elf girl. He pulled her away from the wasps, placing his finger on her lips to keep her quiet. She nodded, and followed.

At last, the mesmerization broke. The wasps looked around, confused and disoriented. And then they flew off in the other direction.

Tylar took his finger from the girl's mouth, smirking.

"Quite the mess you got yourself into," he spoke easily in Elfish.

The girl just stared.

Tylar looked at her, understanding her awe.

He was Drow, a dark elf. She would be marveling at his blue skin, that matched the shadows almost perfectly. She would not be used to his white hair, as pale and stark as the snows of Snowvale. And in his Murt Frog wizard's robe, he knew he cut an imposing yet dashing figure.

He stood still for several moments, allowing her a chance to look him over, and see he meant her no harm. Then he ducked low, and began to bind her wounds with bandages from his packs.

"You...you saved me..."

The wood elf blinked at Tylar.

"Why yes...yes I did."

Tylar winked at her as he tore off some of the meager clothing she had been wearing, patchwork, and pressed a bandage over her thigh, his fingers lingering perhaps more than they should.

"How can I thank you?"

The girl looked at Tylar as he stood up, just slightly shorter than him.

He smiled into the green eyes, then reached out and touched a lock of red hair, brushing it from the tanned forehead and tucking it behind one slender pointed ear.

"Nau, you need not thank me. Seeing such beauty as yours in this wood is reward enough."

He reached into one of his many bags hidden magickally beneath his robes.

"Here," he said, pressing some platinum coins into her hands. "Take this and go and dress yourself better. Patchwork will not hold out very long against wasps such as those. And you will encounter them again, I'm afraid."

He took the young elf's hand and kissed the palm, the kiss almost innocent except for the tip of his touch that touched her skin at the last instant.

She looked at Tylar, then gave a slight bow.

"My name is Buddaflie. If you...ever need anything from me, some way to repay..."

Again, the wood elf blinked innocently, and Tylar found himself suddenly filled with desire for her.

"Nau. Just wander back to your city."

He looked her up and down, his eyes devouring.

"You are safer there."

Then he turned his back and left, following the path towards Lesser Faemore.

Hours later, many rangers in Lesser Faemore had perished under Tylar's magicks. He was schooling a young wizardess in spell craft. Lessons with

Sheen Tremblestorm always left him exhausted. The girl insisted on using her staff to strike the rangers down! Though her staff was indeed mighty, a gift from Tylar himself, it still did not match the spells the young Drow could muster, if she just applied herself. And then there was her attire!

Tylar could only take so much of standing next to the girl, who refused to wear a robe. All she wore were leggings that covered her up to her thighs, a small crotch piece, and a small miniscule red top. And she had a face like his sweet Ursule. Sheen Tremblestorm was married though, as willful as she was, to one of Tylar's powerful wizard friends, a high elf yet.

How Dannal managed to keep his wife under control, Tylar cared not to know. Sometimes Sheen had strange marks on her skin, and when asked, she would grin lasciviously, silencing Tylar's questions.

Whatever it was, she seemed not to mind.

Tylar sat at the tunnel through the hills, Lesser Faemore behind him,

Greater infront of him. And he found himself now aroused.

Darn Drow females anyways. Frustration wrapped in blue flesh. Ah but what fine blue flesh it was.

Tylar touched himself, through his robe.

Then, he felt a set of eyes on him. He was almost embarrassed, except he had covered the gesture with a stretch, and a yawn. Carefully, he eyed the shadows.

And there peering out from behind one tree was Buddaflie.

Tylar smirked. Then, he beckoned her.

Slowly, the girl crept towards him. In the dark, Tylar could perceive she had new clothing on now. Leather clung to her every curve, leggings shining in the soft light of the woods, halter top hugging her breasts.

She sat down near him, laying her staff on the ground and hugging her knees, green eyes boring into him.

"Buddaflie! You are looking spiffy in your new armor."

The girl did not reply.

"What a day it has been, hmm?"

She nodded slightly.

"What to do now," Tylar thought openly. And he found himself still aroused but not thinking of Sheen at all.

"Buddaflie, would you care to walk with me through Lesser Faemore? Just a walk, with company."

Buddaflie looked at Tylar, and he watched as her eyes traveled down his torso. So, she had caught his previous touch on himself after all.

The wood elf stood up, and smiled suddenly.

"I would love to, kind sir."

"Please," he said, rising to stand very close to her. "Call me Tylar."

Tylar led Buddaflie through the tunnel and into the even quieter, impossibly darker woods of Lesser Faemore. Apparently, the girl had never been this far from home. Tylar showed her the camp of the rangers he killed constantly, and she pretended to be amazed. He pointed out the undead ruins, and she tried to look duly impressed. Even when he showed her where the Fae Draegons spawned over the old dilapidated druid ruins, still Buddaflie threw him a fake smile.

But every time he turned slightly away from her, he could see her watching him.

Enough was enough, Tylar thought. This girl made him feel hungry, deeply so. And innocent and young she may be, he knew she was entranced with him.

Such was the life of an enchanter, he thought coyly.

"Buddaflie, would you like to see something...special?"

The wood elf turned to him, and blinked eyes he was beginning to think were not so innocent.


Tylar took a piece of cloth out of his packs.

"Now, because this is something special, in a special place, I have to cover your eyes. You understand, don't you? It is a Drow place, where you should not be."

Buddaflie nodded slowly, and Tylar could see she was trembling. The slight smile on her lips told him that it was not a bad tremble, and he smiled as well. He placed the blindfold over her eyes, securing it behind her soft red hair. Then he brushed his mouth near her ear, whispering to her.

"Now...follow me, and say not a word. And question nothing. I want you to see, and experience, something special."

With that, Tylar cast Invisibility over Buddaflie, shrouding her from prying eyes, and led her into the stone cliff, into Vesuvias Manor.

Down the ramp, he led her. Past the small lake, through the maze of tunnels. All around them were noises of battle, sounds of the dead and dieing. But Tylar did not stop. He crept onwards, pulling the wood elf behind him, until he came to a sheer stone wall. Looking around, he saw no one watching, and knocked three times on the stone with his knuckle before pressing inwards.

They entered a secret space.

Around them were doors. Tylar walked to one, and knocked on it three times. Then he opened a different door, and pulled Buddaflie inside.

Quickly, he pulled her close, feeling her body shivering in what, fear? anticipation?

"Now...we begin..."

Nearby was a table. Tylar easily picked the wood elf up and lay her back upon it. Buddaflie did not object. He tied her arms to each corner of the table, then secured her legs. Then, leaning over her, he trailed a hand down her leather-bound chest.

"You have done well to trust me. I will now show you something special, that even few Drow ever have the privilege to see..."

Tylar leaned in and kissed the girl, his hand removing her blindfold.

Her lips rose to his, and he knew that she, too, hungered. Then he pulled away, grinning into her face, and took up a seat in a nearby chair.

Buddaflie looked at him, startled.

The door to the room opened.

In walked three Drow women, clad in leather, holding priestess whips in each hand. Their faces were solemn, not a smile between them, as they surrounded the table, blocking Buddaflie's shocked reaction from Tylar's view.

For a rare treasure, he had been promised this exact service, whenever he wished. But he had not ever dared to take one of his own race here to test the word given by the residents of Vesuvias.

Buddaflie, however, was not of his race.

Excited beyond belief, Tylar watched as the women removed Buddaflie's clothing with small daggers. He would have to replace that later.

One dipped to silence her squeals of worry with a kiss. Another took one erect nipple into her mouth, pulling at it, teasing it. And the third pulled the leather leggings from the slender thighs and began to drop kisses over the red curls of hair.

Tylar parted his robes, touching his rod. This was incredible! Never had he hoped to witness such as this!

The women moved their lips and mouths and hands all over the slender,

tender body of the wood elf. She was pure, they whispered. She was clean.

A whip was dragged slowly down her bare chest, the leather and barbed ends made to drag over the breasts, over the belly, over the puss, then over the thighs. Tylar watched as the whip reversed course.

Then, it stopped. The wielder began to press it against the girl's private parts, parting the puss lips and nudging the bud of a clitoris into stimulation. Tylar stroked himself, watching in awe as the end of the whip disappeared inside Buddaflie.

The wood elf groaned. She was a virgin no more.

The whip end moved slowly in and out, and Tylar cupped his balls as he saw it become slick with puss juice.

Then, he could stand it no more. He threw off his robe, and climbed aboard the table, untying the girl's legs. Another girl climbed aboard as well, and put her back to Tylar. The other two undid the wood elf's arms, freeing her. But she did not move, nor struggle, as the Drow atop her chest placed her puss over Buddaflie's mouth.

The wood elf began to lap madly at the puss, causing the Drow to writhe.

Tylar leaned forward, hands on the shoulders of the girl before him, and inserting himself into the warmth of Buddaflie.

Ah! It felt so tight, so good and clean and warm.

Tylar shuddered in a quick climax, but his cock stayed hard.

He still hungered, wanted more.

The girl before him came, and he looked over her shoulder, watching as she slid weakly off the table and the other two Drow moved in to lap and lick at Buddaflie's cheeks and lips.

He brushed them away, lifting the girl clear off the table, cupping her ass in his strong grip, ramming himself deep inside.

The wood elf put her arms over his shoulders, clinging and moaning loudly, her voice like a song in Tylar's ears.

Nearby, the three Drow had collapsed into a heap. He eyed them sideways. One was leaning against the wall, almost limp as the other two dove into her lap, tongues fighting for leverage over the puss opened to them.

Suddenly Tylar looked into Buddaflie's green cat eyes. He lifted her fast, and quickly inserted his hot cock into her ass, filling her.

She cried out, in pain, but did not ask him to stop. She writhed over him, her fingers clawing her back as she leaned away from him, hair spilling onto the table beneath them.

Fast, hard, Tylar thrust into her tightness. Sometimes, he moved back to her puss. Sometimes, he moved his hand between them, supporting her ass with one while his fingers made her cum with the other.

She clenched her muscles over him, driving him crazy.

And he came inside her, spewing hot cum up inside both her walls, several times. He came again. And again. And again.

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