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I wanted to kiss Elizabeth very much.
"I know! Lets go out tonight," Elizabeth said. "Some good food, some wine, maybe meet some men. Come my dark, sad little friend, lets go out. Leave your secrets behind, they'll be here waiting in the morning when we come back."

So we went out that night. It was the first time I had gone out at night to have fun in a long time. For years the night had been my time for whoring, thieving, killing, sorcery, or to just hide in the shadows. The hours of the night were my working time. It was difficult to think of it as a time for eating, talking, and drinking. I'd never been much of a drinker anyway. I could usually nurse an ale for a couple of hours while hiding out in a dark tavern. Barmaids often forget I'm there which is just the way I like it.

Now all my old comforts were being thrown to the winds. Elizabeth wouldn't let me take my weapons or even let me wear my black robe.

"Give it the night off," she said; sniffing it disapprovingly. "Maybe you could call some of those fey like in that story you told me to wash it for you."

"You shouldn't speak lightly of the fey, Elizabeth." I reproved her, though I couldn't believe any of the silver race ever taking affront to golden 'Liz. Elizabeth started digging through my bags looking for something for me to wear. I never unpack.

"Well not much to choose from, but . . . Hey! What's this?" She was holding up a red silk dress. "I didn't think you knew any other colors but black, grey, brown and green."

"Oh it was given to me by a women I midwifed for some months ago," I remembered. "She had little money and said she no longer needed the dress and I could have it. I was thinking of selling it or shortening it in case I had to whore again."

"Well put it on," Elizabeth said holding it out to me. I got up and started taking off my tunic and skirt when I felt Elizabeth's eyes on me. For the first time in ages I felt self-conscious getting undressed. Me and Elizabeth had been sharing the room for a few weeks now and had gotten dressed and undressed in front of each other and even shared baths and the bed, but suddenly this was different. She was watching me disrobe; appraising how I looked.

I stripped down to my camisole and short-pants and reached for the dress.

"No," she said. "Those won't do with this dress. Take them off." How come I could never argue with her? I pulled the camisole up over my head baring my breasts to Elizabeth's eyes. My nipples became hard under her gaze.

"Lucky," she said. "Those don't need any support at all."

"That's because they're only half as big as yours," I pointed out to her.

I turned from her and pulled down my short-pants and let them fall to the floor. I was completely naked. I half-turned to her and grabbed the red dress from her hands.

"You have a nice slender form Gwyn. All muscle. We should get you something more revealing to wear for our shows."

"No thank you," I said. "I don't want to reveal anymore of myself then I already have."

I put the dress on and Elizabeth did up the buttons in the back. I was both scandalized and titillated by my reflection in our mirror. The red silk clung to every curve of my body and Elizabeth's appreciative stare over my shoulder made me feel nearly naked. I found myself uncharacteristically twirling around letting the skirt flare up and show my legs. It felt sexier then whoring.

"I know why that young mother no longer needed the dress." said Elizabeth. "It had already served its purpose."

Indeed I hadn't felt that sexy since the King's Beltane ball over four years ago. That was when Sileres had been given the Barrow-sword and been declared the Wren King. It seemed two lifetimes ago. I suddenly felt tired. I wanted to cry again, but my self-restraint wouldn't let me.

"All this dressing-up is so tiring," I complained.

"Oh don't you back out on me now. I'm going out and you'd better go with me. Throw on some makeup while I get dressed."

I rummaged through Elizabeth's rouges and face paints for something subtle for my cheeks and eyes. Going out without any makeup would have been conspicuous. The general rule here was lots of red for the face and eyes. I decided on black instead. It made me feel comfortable.

In the mirror I could see the reflection of Elizabeth stripped naked looking through the closets and dressers for something to wear, throwing clothes hither and yon. When she bent over her shapely hind-end would fill the mirror and her golden-haired gigh was visible between her muscular thighs.

She found a dress she liked and held it high over her head. The stretching movement accentuated the shape and slope of her large breasts. If she had been an thumb less in height the effect would have been corpulent. Instead it was voluptuous. I stopped halfway through putting on my make-up to watch the burlesque in the mirror.

"What are you looking at?" Elizabeth held the dress against her body in false modesty; barely hiding anything. "If I known you were a spooner I'd have found another partner."

"Spooner? I'm surprised this backwoods, uptight, paternalistic society has a name for it." I turned in the chair and gave her a good looking over from head to toe and back. "I seem to remember you getting a good eyeful just before."

"Are we going out or not?" Elizabeth turned away and slipped the dress over her head.

Heading out through the Goat's Head we got our share of looks and whistles and an angry stare from the inn-keeper. "I don't be having any whores in my place." she yelled after us. "No whores!"

"Don't you worry." said Elizabeth throwing her a kiss. "We're not whores, just sluts." The men clapped and cheered and the women hissed as we passed out the door into the darkening streets.

"Where to first." I asked Elizabeth. "I'm new at this."

"Let's get a quiet drink and a little something to eat first," she suggested.

It was a clear night with Caldon's thin waxing crescent just rising over the sea and the Broken Sky hanging in the north. We went to a cafe and sat outdoors sharing a carafe of sweet wine and a spicy fish dish with onions and bean curd. I sat looking west to watch the lightning and dust daemons dance over the Gev beyond the cliffs. I didn't want to look to the north at that kaleidoscopic interstellar scar, the Broken Sky, and I'm not partial to Caldon either. I always feel He's looking at me like a stern Father with that purple eye of His.

Two men, merchants from out of town, offered to pay our tab, but I rebuffed them. Elizabeth didn't understand, but I explained to her that back in Tuirn if a man paid your tab you were obliged to go under the table and suck him off. When you came back up he'd be gone and there'd be money on the table.

"I was the best cocksucker in all of Tuirn," I stated proudly. "The Tuirn men you see don't fuck women; they fuck boys dressed like women. And when your under the tablecloth they can pretend they don't know what's happening. That way they're not cheating on their wives. 'True as a Tuirn' we say in the Ys lands."

Afterwards I bought a cheroot from the maitre' d. Elizabeth was scandalized at a woman smoking, but I enjoyed every puff. Some passers-by did stare at us, but we're sword-dancers I told Elizabeth. We're supposed to be outside social conventions.

"We're already ostracized so why bother trying to be 'nice girls'?" I said. "Amongst the Keltii of the Ys lands it is the women who rule. I should take you there someday." I made smoke animals when people weren't looking to make Elizabeth laugh.

I'd have been content to end the night like that, but Elizabeth said it was time to party. So we left the café and went to a private house the maitre' d had told Elizabeth about. He said we would be most welcome there. The way he had said it made me a little worried. We were two young unescorted women going to an unknown place, but I hadn't left all my night-time equipment behind.

I didn't have my cloak, but I had three throwing blades in a garter around my left thigh and a poison tipped comb in my hair. My little purse also hid components for Wind Curtain and Spider Climb if I needed them. I didn't like to needlessly go into potentially dangerous situations, but I felt prepared to handle most ordinary circumstances.

The house was on a dark street, more like an alley, with three bouncers hanging by the door. It was a situation I'd have ordinarily avoided unless I had business and then there is always a back way in for my usual mode of entry. Elizabeth just walked up and said the maitre d' of the café had set us and we wanted to dance and have fun.

"Oh honey we can have a lot of fun. You don't need to go in to have fun with us," said one. Then he noticed me. "What's with your friend? She don't look like fun to me? Tell her to go home."

"Oh no," Elizabeth said. "Me and Gwyn are together all the time. All the time." That sounded rather suggestive to them and me.

"Sounds good to me," said another one of the boys. "I like the way she looks. Red's my favorite color. Hey, darling," he called, starting down the porch toward me; looking me up and down. "Let's have some fun!"

I pulled up my skirt and showed him a lot of leg. It was going to be the last thing he would ever see aside from the blur of the throwing blade hitting him in the throat.

Then the door flew open and the two biggest men in the city came stumbling out, bumping into the door-muscle, and nearly knocking them and themselves over.

"Sorry. Sorry," said the bigger of the two. "Sorry."

"Sorry? Fuck the little shits. Sorry?" said his thinner partner. "Oh. Good evening ladies," he said turning to Elizabeth and me with a flourishing bow. "Please pardon my disgustingly vulgar language. I was about to vomit but I puked instead."

"Hi, Gwyn." said the other "Hi, Elizabeth." Apparently he held no grudges. It was Desz and Goth, the city-watchmen. I quickly let the skirt of my dress fall back down.

"What are two nice girls like you doing here?" asked Desz.

"One might as well ask what two on-duty watchmen are doing here if the evidence wasn't so overwhelming," I said, waving my hand across my face.

"Investigating!" said Goth proudly and loudly and full of wine. He apparently wasn't very practiced with vintages.

"Eh. Oh, nothing. Nothing at all," said Desz staring pointedly at his partner.

"But you said we were - ugh."

"Never mind, Goth," said Desz with his elbow. "You ladies frequent this establishment?"

"No. First time," said Elizabeth.

"We heard of it from a maitre d' on Spice street," I said.

"Eh, yes." Desz turned to the men by the door. "You're to treat these young woman with respect or I'll hear of it."

"We're quivering in our boots, blow hard."

"And I'll tell Goth," he continued.

"Yeah! And we'll . . Eh . . . Hmm?"

"Let them in!" bellowed Goth so that even Desz was almost blown over. It was like the twisting winds of Sosis banging upon a loose door. "Sorry," said the big guy.

"You girls have a good time," said Desz.

"Yeah, thanks for the introduction," I said.

We did have a good time. There was music, food and drink, and some girls from the Old Kingdoms dancing to their strange music. Me and Elizabeth tried to keep up with them, but their hips and bellies just moved in ways ours weren't used to. We showed off some of our sword-dancing which was difficult in dresses. I'm sure I flashed my gigh at more then one overly stimulated male. Elizabeth had snuck a pair of short-pants up under her dress I noticed.

After that we reclined on some plush cushions and had some date-wine and I lit another cheroot. This time Elizabeth tried it but she coughed on the smoke.

Next to us were some men from Azanaghea with a narghile. They offered a stem to Elizabeth. The water cooled the smoke they said, so it would be easier for her. She tried it. After a couple of puffs she started to giggle and couldn't stop.

"What are you smoking?" I asked the men. I had a nervous feeling that I should have asked that first.

He said something incomprehensible that translated as 'vegetable oil' in Keltii which made no sense to me. I shrugged my shoulders and asked one of the Old Kingdom princes, they're all princes, sitting on a cushion next to me to explain.

"Opium," he said. "It is the oil pressed from a flower that grows in the wild southern mountains west of the Gev. It makes you sleepy and peaceful. Days can pass without notice. It is sublime."

Apprehension hit my spine like a chariot charge. Oh fuck, I thought. I took the pipe from Elizabeth and tried to get her up, but she was dead weight. I decided I'd have to let her sleep it off. I tried to stay awake, but my old instincts had been blunted by date-wine and too many weeks of inactivity so we both dozed for awhile on the big floor pillows.

When I awoke there were three men with their hands up our skirts stroking our legs and bellies. Another man was playing with my hair and mumbling something in my ear. I liked that; the slow caressing felt nice. I'd partied with men from the Old Kingdoms before when I was whoring in Tuirn, they were always very solicitous, but I had to look out for Elizabeth. I had no idea how she'd react if she woke up with some prince going to town between her knees. Luckily the opium seemed to have a lethargic effect on the men and for all their attentions it seemed they had no interest or ability to go any further. After awhile I shooed them away and shook Elizabeth awake. We moved to another room and had some tea and then headed back to the Goat's Head.


We made our way across town and up the stairs to our room like drunken goats with broken legs. We bumped along the walls of the stairway and nearly fell over the railing twice. I was dizzy with the aftereffects of date-wine and cigars. Elizabeth had had several shots of ouzo and a few hits of opium. Even after our nap and some tea we were still a bit pissed.

Finally we made it to the landing outside of our room. Getting the door open and closed without falling over was a task worthy of Lugh Long Hand Himself, I reflected. We got into the room and I was both holding up and hanging on to Elizabeth so I could take off my shoes when she leaned forward and kissed me on the lips.

"Elizabeth, its me," I reminded her.

"I know who I'm kissing. I'm kissing Gwyn," she giggled. "Or at least that's the name she uses. Don't the girls where you're from like to kiss?"

"Yes, but we kiss men."

"Oh, we can't do that," she said wagging her finger in my face. "'Can't kiss the boys' my mother said, but we do like to kiss very much. Kiss me, Gwyn." I leaned forward and she started to giggle again.

"What's funny?"

"I'm sorry. I'll tell you sometime, but not now." Her voice lowered, becoming slightly husky. "Kiss me," she said.

I leaned forward and placed my lips gently on hers. She pushed back hard and parted her lips just a little. The kiss went on and on and neither of us pulled back. Then Elizabeth's tongue flicked inside of my mouth and touched mine. I jumped back to catch my breath.

"Don't you like kissing me, Gwyn?" she asked. Elizabeth's large breasts were heaving up and down in her tight white dress.

Oh, yes, I thought. More then I ever knew I could. "Yes", was all I could say.

"Then kiss me some more." she said. Now her fingers were busy behind her back as she undid her dress. I held her by the shoulders and we kissed again as her dress fell from between us. Her round bare breasts were now pressed against my red dress. The raw silk scratched her nipples; teasing them erect. Then Elizabeth reached behind me to undo the buttons of my dress. She had to pull and tug it rather hard to get it off my hips it was so tight.

I was surprised at how excited I was becoming. I had only known sex with men before. This was completely new. I could feel my gigh moistening. Apparently the girls of Elizabeth's islands did more with their time then mending nets, singing folk songs, and spinning camel yarn.

Elizabeth's hands were everywhere. She cupped my breasts, played with my nipples, and ran her hands down my back to caress my bottom; pulling my thighs against her own.

"Ouch! Gwyn, you're wearing knifes under your dress?!"

"Sorry," I said out of breath. I undid the garter around my left thigh and tossed my throwing blades to the foot of the bed. Then I grabbed Elizabeth and started kissing her more. Our tongues were dancing like swords between us. My hands found her breasts. I'd wanted to touch them since I met her I realized. I was surprised at how firm they were to the touch for being so big. I played with the nipples with my thumbs.

"You never done this before?" asked Elizabeth breaking the kiss to pant for breath. "You learn quick!"

I cupped her breasts in my hands and bent my head to lick her nipple; sucking it into my mouth.

"Oh! Oh!" cried Elizabeth. Her hands grabbed fistfuls of my hair. I suddenly pulled back.

"I'm sorry" she said breathlessly "Did I pull too hard?"

"No! No, I just remembered something." I pulled the comb from my hair and checked the tips. The poison didn't seem to have been touched.

"Let me see your hands, Elizabeth." I ordered. My cold instincts emerged through the heat of my sexual desires. My heart was now beating hard in panic at what I may have let happen to this girl that I loved.

She held her hands out for me. A puzzled look on her face was accompanied by frustration that our 'kissing' was interrupted. There was no sign of poison on her hands. My heart slowed a bit as I sighed in relief.

"One moment," I said giving her a quick kiss as I headed to the frontbreak. I poured some water from the ewer over my brush into the basin and passed it through my hair. I looked over my shoulder and saw Elizabeth staring at the hair comb. She was holding her blonde hair to one side. Her heavy breasts were hanging down in front of her, the nipples still erect. She was wisely not touching the comb tines.

"Poison!? Gwyn! You have poison on your hair comb!?"

"Yes. I told you I have many secrets Elizabeth. I live in a different world then you." I was worried she wouldn't want to kiss me anymore. How had I developed this need for her? This sexual wanting? I'd never kissed a girl before, but I wanted to kiss Elizabeth very much.

It was more then sexual. It was a closeness with another person I hadn't allowed myself in over three years. Elizabeth was a person who could never hurt me; never lie to me. She had no guile at all. I was suddenly amazed that she had managed to run away from home. Surely she had had to lie to someone to pull that off.

"I'm sorry. It-, I might have killed you." Tears were in the corners of my eyes.

She came to me and I put out my arms for her; she hesitated for a second and looked at me.

"Anymore surprises? Got more knifes hidden in places I need to know about? Got pins up your butt? Poison rouge on your nipples?"

"No. I'm so sorry, Elizabeth." I was so close to crying. All my defenses were gone. All I wanted was her. Would she ever come into my arms again?

She rushed forward and we embraced. "No. I'm sorry. These things you do you do to protect me from things I don't understand. Dangers you see that I don't."

We kissed again. Soft then harder and harder. We fell on the bed. Elizabeth started kissing down my neck to my breasts to my belly. Then she stopped and looked up into my eyes.

"Its just I don't want to cut my tongue on anything," she said with a leer. And then she descended down to my gigh and kissed and licked its lips. Sileres had done that once so long ago, but it felt different this time. Elizabeth's whole being was focused on giving me pleasure through her tongue to bring me to fulfillment.
Her fingers were everywhere both inside me and out. They scratched at the roof of my vagina and played with my clit. She grabbed my ass like she was splitting a peach and inserted just a tip of her finger into my rear-hole. Sileres had never done that! I screamed and screamed; a high pitched cry of pleasure I'm sure woke everyone in the Goat's Head.

The next morning we got sly looks from all the men at the inn and frowns from most of the women. The landlady lectured us both on loose behavior and whoring, again. She'd of thrown us out but no one had actually seen any men coming in or out of our room. It didn't occur to any of them that Elizabeth and I had been making-love to each other and there hadn't been any men involved. Apparently 'spooning' was not as prevalent on the mainland as in the islands.

One night, as we were getting dressed to go perform we made love instead. The sight of our naked bodies had stirred us so much we dove into each others arms and onto the bed. We spent hours kissing and caressing each other until we were spent and slept into the early morning.

"We missed our show." said Elizabeth.

"We're entitled to miss one, I think." I said.

"I'd have thought you'd be the more professional."

"I'm not a sword-dancer." I said. "I'm the sword-dancer's partner and last night I was her sex-partner."

"That was naughty of us." she laughed.

"Yes, and not very wise. We missed the show and we missed our money."

"We can perform tonight."

"Won't be as good. People were used to our schedule and tonight Gerquahn does his show at the hall. Everyone will be there . . . ."

"Hey!" we both said.

"Why don't we go there. We can perform out front before Gerquahn starts," Elizabeth said.

"And take money that they were going to give to him. Somehow I don't think the hall-master's going to let that happen."

"Well, how can he stop us?"

"Some of those ushers are big boys."

"We're the ones with the swords, Gwyn."

"They're for dancing not fighting. Do you want to start a feud with the playhouse, Elizabeth?"

"Well, we could ask." she shrugged.

"They'll want a cut. Is there a customary percentage amongst sword-dancers?"

"Never heard of the idea before. But he shouldn't get more then a third."

"We'll offer twenty percent and go to thirty if we have to. Otherwise we get another night off." I smiled.

"We better get dressed before you ask me to lick your, what do you eastern girls call it, your gig, again. You've become such a slut for my tongue."

"It's 'gigh'" I pronounce carefully. "and yours loves my tongue as much as mine loves yours."

"I think my 'gigh' likes your fingers better." she said. "They're so nimble and long. Like skinny penises."

"Your gigh has never had a penis, skinny or otherwise, but bring it over here and I'll love it some more," I teased, wiggling my fingers, then both of our stomachs rumbled in hunger.
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