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I must have been dreaming. I knew I was dreaming now. Cummon, Nepal?
I was stirred awake by a stroke of bright light across my face. Two blades from my blinds were lifted, sending two searing lines of sunlight through the room and upon my closed eyes. My hands pawed at the sudden brightness, but the radiant relent drew me from any hopes of returning to dreamland.

My first eyeball blinked open. Through an unclear haze of a slight hangover I saw the sexy contours of a shapely naked woman near my window! This demanded the attention of my other eye, and my aching mind, which raced to retrace the events of last night. I recalled Papa Joe's pizza, a few guys over, my birthday cake, a game on the flat screen, a case, and no women. Definitely no naked women that wanted to go to bed with me. Who wanted an almost thirty, just unemployed guy? A few women on the internet, but none last night. At least that I could remember.

I sat up. Well, nearly sat up. I hadn't completed a real true sit-up since college. I now weighed two-hundred and fifty pounds at 5'10". I'm a bit hairy too. It's the Italian part of me which didn't help. My friends had reserved the nickname of Bear since about ninth grade, given to me by a spin-the-bottle closet winner. It stuck, in fact, I was almost getting used to it.

"That's why I'm here," she said in a smokey voice with a slight southern accent. She took a quick seat on the bed next to me, and then laid down facing me with her elbow propping her head up. She stole the covers and pulled them over what I eyed were a pair of muscular, lean legs.

I rubbed my eyes as they adjusted to the light and focused on my lovely room raider. The unsettling hottish breed of the female persuasion, and in incredible shape. I realized now she wasn't naked, but wearing a spandex sort of cat-suit that left little to the imagination. She was mid-twenties, bronze-hued blonde with long straight hair that fell about her shapely shoulders and bust. Her blue eyes peered up at me, and an self-assured smirk crossed her full lips. There was a familiarity about her angular looks. Like when you see a friend of a friend from way back in high school, but you can't remember her name or exactly which party. "Now that you've had a look at me, let's talk," she said and placed her hand on my shoulder, urging me to lay down again. I resisted, peering over at the sexy anomaly.

I did ask what I always as of strange women that wake me in my bedroom, "Forgive me if this offends you but, did we- you know; I'm not sure I-"

"Not yet Bear," she said matter-of-factly.

"Oh good. I guess. I think," I fumbled, running my hand behind my neck nervously. "Who are you?"

"I'm your escort," she said again, in a very charming but businesslike manner. She placed one of her legs over mine, I was sporting a log-cabin sized morning woody, that her thigh rubbed up against and caused me to jump.

"Oh!" I laughed. "This isn't something, I mean. This isn't something one of my friends did. You know, paid you to wake me up, do your thing. You know, because-" I began to wiggle away from her pursuing knee.

She lifted a hand to stop my presumption. "No. I'm not that kind of escort. My name is Dawn. I am your spirit escort. I'm here to give your body a push in the right direction, by your soul's request of course."

A weird silence stood between us for a long moment and we tried to read each other.

"I'm sorry Dawn, last night wasn't too clear for me obviously. Where did I meet you?"

She rocked herself over me. Dawn's strong legs pinned my hips to the mattress. She put her arms on my shoulders and looked me straight in the eye. This amazing fitness trainer-type woman was pressed against my morning hard-on, the slick spandex and my silk boxers were the only barrier between my sex and hers. She pushed me back into my pillow, her spectacular boobs jiggled above my chest. I was incredibly aroused and frightened at the same time. This is how bunnies must feel before being consumed by an absolutely sexy fox.

"Okay look, this is going to be very hard for you to understand, so I need your attention. Which mmmm I think I have." Dawn said while settling on my hips with a gently rocking motion. "This is the first time we've met, physically that is. I've been with you for a while though. We have a lot of work to do. I thought this morning would be a good start. Are you hungry?"

I was. I was hungry and intrigued by this sexy but crazy woman in my bedroom. "A good start for what?"

Dawn What'shername rose off my shoulders and sat up. Her shapely rump pressing into my thighs. She then folded her hands together. She bowed her head and prayed out loud. "Dear God, please give me the power to wake up tomorrow and stay on my diet. I really need to drop a few pounds before summer this year. I know I can do it. It's just really been hard since I lost my father. Amen." Dawn lifted her head and grinned at me coyly. "Sound familiar?"

I looked at hear in disbelief. It was the prayer, in exact words, that I had prayed the past few months. "Who are you?"

"I'm the power that's going to make you stay on your diet, among other things." Dawn said while leaning forward and over me again. Again she positioned her hips over mine and began gyrating against my swollen organ, and I was almost sure I was going to explode from the motion of her on top of me. Her hair dangled down into my face and smelled like lilies. She smiled inches away from my face when she whispered, "You just need the right motivation, don't you?"

I swear if my cock were super-empowered would have poked through my boxers, pierced the spandex between us and stuff itself into the promised warm juiciness of her body. My hands so badly wanting to grip her ass, to-

"Go ahead. Grab my ass. I really don't bite," she said.

"You can read my thoughts?"

"Even the dirty ones," she purred as my curious hands went around her hips and cupped her taught rump. "That feels good. Don't it?" she asked with southern appeal.

"So you're like my guardian angel?" I asked.

"Kinda Bear," she said using my nickname. She leaned over and grabbed my gut with both hands, shaking it like a bowl full of jelly. Then she leaned over to my ear and whispered, "I'm more like the answer to your prayers. I'm an escort. I'm going to recharge your will power a bit, and then point you in the right direction. That is, if you agree to the terms."


Her hips stopped rocking. "Well escorts aren't free Bear." Dawn said with a little grin that obviously meant a whole lot more. She laid her hand over my heart. I gasped as it felt like she reached into my chest and squeezed it. She then withdrew her hand quickly. "Good. I'm not too late."

"I can't imagine why God would send you now!" I blurted, letting go of her ass and rubbing my tingling chest. "What was that?"

"Who said I worked for God?" Dawn replied, ignoring my second question. "I'm here to fix your soul Bear. I'm here for you. But let us not discuss these things on an empty stomach."


She snapped her fingers. Everything went black.


She snapped her fingers again, and the world came back in a flash.

It appeared I was at the zoo? How did that happen?

"Wrong, this ain't the zoo. This is the jungle. Nepal, actually," Dawn clarified. She was sitting next to me, cross legged in a flimsy V-necked dress, black in color with blacker animal print striping.

I got my bearings and checked my surroundings around us. We were sitting on a crude stone bench, aside a churning rocky path that led upwards on a mountainside. A chorus of wildlife echoed from the lush jungle greenery that surrounded the path. I could see behind us the earth sloped downwards, and the cascading sound of rushing water whispered it's audible presence. It did look like Nepal, I suppose.

The air was sweet, humid and temperate. I was only dressed with a white robe I didn't own. It was silky and light, and tied at the waist with a black belt of the same material. My eyes then settled back Dawn, and I noticed she wasn't wearing shoes. Her feet were pretty, her toes manicured and painted red. I learned quickly that everything about Dawn's seemed damn smoking hot. Her dancing blue eyes redirected my attention. "Do you feel comfortable?"

"I guess," I answered truthfully. "This is a bit strange though."

"I can imagine," Dawn said with a smirk as she rose from her seat and faced me. "I'm here to make this as comfortable of a process as possible. But you'll soon see it's going to get a bit more strange."

"I can't imagine how."

"I know." She replied with a girlish giggle. "Let me begin by sucking your dick."

"What!" I must have been dreaming. I knew I was dreaming now. Cummon, Nepal? Yeah right.

"Your not dreaming." Dawn growled as she kneeled before me and started untying my robe. In a moment she peeled the garment open and looked upon my flaccid member hanging under my belly hungrily. "I told you we needed breakfast. You have some fruit beside you. It's healthier than the MacGreasies with syrup you've been eating every morning."

I began to say something in response when she buried her head between my legs and sucked my formless sex into the wet warm confines of her mouth. I was left open mouthed and speechless as I felt her fingers cradle around my balls. Instantly the blood rush from every extremity to my loins, leaving me dizzy. My hands went to her soft hair, which I petted, then pulled back from her face as her suckling became more intense with the swelling of my member in her mouth.

Oddly I then noticed a fruit basket sitting beside me. I couldn't remember if it was there before. The basket was wicker, and the fruit inside was roundish with a brown rind. My appetite was curtailed by the massage Dawn's tongue was performing on my cock, and my attention instantly returned back to her. She was servicing me like a king.

"I'm going to feed you breakfast if you keep this up." I let her know. She awarded me by slowly releasing my steely sex from her lips, one inch at a time, before engulfing the length again into the velvety confines of her mouth. Dawn also gave me ample view of my member being consumed between her lips. She repeated this erotic process again and again. Each time with one hungry blue eye peering up through the curtain of her bronze wavy hair. Her efforts were stirring cum into the base of my member. "I'm getting close."

I noticed that Dawns other hand was at work under the slack hemline of her dress- between her thighs. ‘MMmmmm. . .' I felt her voice hum onto my head. She released me to say ‘Don't hold back on the honey! I'm starvin' Bear!'

With that I felt her slender hands release my balls and wrap around the base of my cock to start pumping. Her thick lips wrapped around my cock just under my head and milked me with gently squeezes. In rhythm with her repetitions, Dawn's soft flat tongue coaxed the underside of my member for cum to rush forward with audible slurps. There was no holding back. The intensity of her oral overture grew with hungry anticipation.

Suddenly her blue eyes grew wide as my organ shot a thick load of salty breakfast into her mouth. She moaned and gulped the initial spurt down, but my pulsing member spewed several more streams of appreciation beyond her lips. She remained locked onto my head until the final surges and my groans of appreciation subsided.

Suddenly Dawn rose up to face me. She released my cock with an oozing string of cum swamped saliva to her lips, despite her care not to lose a bit of the gooey prize of her efforts. In a fluid motion she wordlessly crawled atop of me. One hand reached down for a piece of fruit in the basket. The other went to my chest. I felt pricks of pain. I glanced down and saw that her hand- was clawed! The red painted talons stuck painfully into my hairy chest! Also amazingly the sleeve of her dress seemed to melt to her skin like paint, giving her body a pantherine look.

Dawn lifted the fruit to my lips with her other hand. ‘Bite.' She commanded to my thoughts. I did, while leaning back from the pressure she put on my chest. The rind was rough but giving. The peach-like fruit inside was incredibly sweet and soft. Juice from the bite ran down my cheeks as I laid back. She then quickly tore the fruit away from my lips, leaving all but a little sweet meat of the fruit on my tongue as I laid completely flat on the bench, with her crouched on top of my bulk. Dawn's blue eyes commanded my attention, but they were no longer human. The pupils dilated tightly in a vertical feline manner. ‘Kiss me!' She commanded through my thoughts.

I pressed my lips to hers. Our lips parted and instead of her expected tongue she released a large warm load of salty ooze into my fruit sweetened mouth.

I instantly knew she carried the mouthful of cum my member had dumped, and spat it into mine. I was shocked more than anything.

"Swallowing the fruit of my labor is the first term of our pact." She purred outwardly before kissing me again.

Her tongue danced on mine for a moment, and slithered back into her own mouth, leaving mine full with the swampy-sweet treat. Her catlike eyes danced with mine. I felt her large leathery palm press into my chest and her claws retract. "Swallow it," her voice urged.

I swallowed the load down my throat. It slid evenly like an oyster. My stomach clenched with the thought of my own cum returning to me for a meal. I felt very full and warm.

Dawn's body settled against mine above me, her lips meeting mine again and kissing me hungrily, our tongues wrestled friskily. The weight of Dawn's tits pressed against my chest. Her tight stomach writhing against my soft bulk, as her hips again set themselves upon my still swollen sex. I prodded her eagerly for sex but was disappointingly rejected with a soaked silky barrier of her panties. My hands went around to the small of her back, down to her ass where I cupped the rounded weight of them. Her eyes blinked two times, and I noticed her pupils returned back to their familiar human roundness. Her hand's slender fingers ran through my hair and I felt her rounded manicured nails on my scalp. We laid together on the rock for some time. Kissing and touching each other playfully. My thumbs hooking the elastic of her panties, and pressed them downwards.

Dawn shook her head. "Not yet Bear. You did really good though," she whispered. "You have one more term to meet before we consummate our deal," she said. "I bet you have more questions."

I did. I began to voice them when Dawn snapped her fingers.


My favorite coffee house. We had a window seat at a small round chess table that had no pieces. Two steaming tall coffees sat on the table between us.

"I thought this was proper way to follow yummy breakfast you provided," Dawn said while taking a sip of her coffee. She was still dressed in her kittenish black dress. I saw now I was wearing casual khaki shorts and a white polo shirt. I felt refreshed, like I had just taken a shower. I smiled and drank a sip of what tasted like a mocha latte. I had questions.

"Can other people see you?" I asked.

"Yes, I'm not a ghost."

"Good cause I didn't want the people here to think I was talking to myself. Where did you come from? Why do you look so familiar? Why am I so comfor-"

She held up her hand silencing me. "The answers to your questions are complicated Bear. You have to have faith in me. There are a lot of forces pulling and pushing people's souls around these days. I was moved to help you out in a very direct sort of way. Think of your body as a pawn on this table that has made it to the other side. I'm here to switch your pawn body with a knight's piece."

"That makes no sense of all."

"Yes it does," she replied. "I'm your escort towards being a more effective individual. Do you know what makes individuals more effective?"

I shrugged my shoulders.

"Will power," she answered. "The power to take your life into your own hands. Your father had a very strong will."

"What does my father have to do with this?"

"You said it yourself in your own prayers Bear. The reason you're finding a lack of will since your father's unfortunate death- is a vulnerability being taken advantage of. His death took part of your ability for self-motivation away. These holes in your heart are prime real-estate. You have a bad buyer. I'm here to remove that and put something better in it's place- if you follow through."

I digested the philosophical depth of her comment with another sip of sweet coffee. Dawn was right. My ability to commit to anything was strangely lacking. I wasn't always that way. I was very effective person in my college years. "Forgive me, but I don't know how to put this," I said. "What does our sexual encounter have to do with my will power?"

Dawn grinned and said, "Everything Bear." Before I could protest she snapped her fingers.


I was laying down flat on my back on a soft furry surface, a white, polar bear skin rug! The weight of Dawn's body was pressed above me. She was peering down at me with her blue eyes intently. I looked to my left and saw the source of heat and light, a gigantic stone fireplace with a roaring fire. To my right I saw an oak posted king-sized bed with down comforters. The room, lit only by the amber glow of the fireplace, was lavishly decorated with rustic appeal. It had no doors. Dawn wiggled above me commanding my attention. I realized I was wearing nothing more than boxers. "Do you like?"

"Where are we?"

"My place," Dawn giggled. Her teasing movements above my bulk were spurring dirty sentiments between my legs. "Yeah it's no to shabby," I answered truthfully.

"Good," she said. Dawn leaned over and nuzzled my neck. Her hair tickled me before I felt her lips give gentle sucking kisses, followed by the occasional nibble and lick. My hands slid around her waist, as her panty clad hips rocked against my impending hard-on. This went on until my arousal was steely hard, and her gentle lapping kisses became hungry moans of pleasure. After a few moments of grinding the silk material of her panties grew warm and wet between the mounds my member was centered against. I gathered her flimsy dress in my hands and pulled it upwards. She took the cue and raised her arms so I could pull the dress off. Now we were getting somewhere. Underneath she wore a black lacy bra that barely contained the weight of her breasts.

I took each in my hands and kneaded their yielding flesh between my fingers. Dawn smiled as I massaged her boobs to the point of feeling her firm nipples underneath the material. She reached behind herself and with a tug her bra fell free, releasing her full natural globes from their black confines. The tops of her breasts were beaded with sweat, they hung in a natural teardrop form, lightly tanned in color with light aureolas and centered cafe brown nipples. She lowered them to my face, and my mouth latched upon her perked nipple. I rolled my tongue over it several times, and then bit down on it slightly, causing her to jump. I followed by sucking as much skin as I could into my mouth. My other hand slipping over her other boob and massaged it in a circular motion. This caused Dawn to let out a series of moans before finally admitting, "Oh God Bear, that feels great. You're making me really whet."

My kissing and massaging of her breast went on for a time. Soon I let my hands linger down her chiseled stomach to the hemline of her panties. Dawn showed no objection, so my fingers slid between the soaked silk and her hot flesh. She lifted her hips to my feel, letting my fingers dive downwards against just-shaven mounds. She giggled as my fingers explored, "Go ahead Bear, I want your fat fingers in my honey hole."

I obeyed by separating mounds and diving my fingers into the folds of her sex. I curled my index finger deeply into her flushed flower. "You feel amazing," I complimented as she began to hump my hand. Another thick digit penetrated the tight opening to her sex. My fingers wiggled against her clenching slick walls. I pushed through the tightness and explored her mercilessly for a spot that would induce pure energy into her belly. I found it nearly two inches in her, on the left lower side. The pressure of my finger caused her body to collapse on mine and hug me tightly. She whimpered, "Oh Bear, Mmmm yes right there. Yes!"
I was instantly rewarded with a flood of her sexual honey, and the rhythmic pressing of her pussy into my grasp. Her sweaty boobs rocked upon my chest, and she let out keening noises as my fingers strummed an orgasm from her body. My rock hard member poked from the fly of my boxers, and pressed against one of her taught thighs as she quaked with desirous tremors. How I wanted to taste her!

I forgot Dawn could read my mind. She raised off of me with a devilish smile. In one graceful motion she pulled down her panties and stepped out of them. I was awestruck by Dawn's naked beauty. She then turned and crouched over me so her well formed rump was facing me. In the center a clean dark pucker clenched, and slightly below it rested her swollen mounds which barely contained two yummy wet petals of her feminine delicacy. She smelled clean, ladylike and rawly delicious. "Make me cum bear," Dawn said over her shoulder. "I want you to lap up all of my bitter honey."

That said, Dawn's knees fell back aside my head, and she pressed the carnal center of her desire onto my waiting open jaws. The bitter taste of her washed over my tongue. My hands went to her waist as I lapped at her sex. After a second of positioning, my flat tongue drove across her slit in long laps. I could tell Dawn enjoyed this, because the motion of her sex gently humped against my laps. I repeated my long strokes until she urged me for a change by pressing her pussy back against my face. I then pressed my lips against the upper portion of her slit and darted my tongue in and out of her needy hole. "Oh that's good Bear," she cried out. I felt her head lay down against my soft belly. I was only getting started.

In a single movement, I lapped upwards towards her taint. "Oh Bear," she growled. Lowering her asshole to my reach and dropping her wet sex on my chin. My tongue traced upwards towards her ass. "Oh Bear, you don't have to- OH," she roared!

At the same time my tongue rimmed over her pucker, my thumb entered the top of her slit and pressed against a hot nub in her flower. She pushed her ass back, and I stiffened my tongue french kiss her nether lips. I orally muscled my way into the tightness of her pucker, while my thumb went to work rubbing her clit. She growled, "Bear, you going to make me- oh God- Bear get your mouth- Oh God! Bear that feels amazing but-!" She buckled, "Oh, oooH." My tongue wiggled in and out of her ass. "Enough Bear! Suck my clit! Now!" She demanded.

I obeyed.

She lifted her ass from my oral massage and again pressed her pussy to my hungry mouth. With a moment of maneuvering I explored between her wet mounds for the treasured nub of desire. It took seconds.

I peered upwards as I successfully guided my tongue between her folds and sucked her clit into my mouth. But in that moment I notices something strange. Above her ass a long catlike tail snaked upwards! I felt the weight of Dawn grow heavier, and her audible sounds grow more beastly, yet the form of her body was feminine and human like. "Suckle my clit quickly Bear. Make me cum. Swallowing the fruit of your labor is also the second part of our pact!" Dawn demanded breathlessly with conviction.

I did, Relentlessly. Again and again I sucked the red-hot nub between my lips and spat it out, only to suck it in again. Above me Dawn's tail thrashed, and I could feel her talons again grip the sides of my belly. Her breath grew hot on my boxers, and then without warning- an unusual sucking kiss swallowed the head of my member into the confines of her mouth. I lifted my ass a bit, and she released me and took a moment to shimmy down my boxers, giving her unabated access to my love organ. I then felt Dawn swallow it down again. Her rougher tongue spurred a new eagerness into my duty on her splayed flower, causing me to eat her with new abandon.

My hand then crept around the taught cheek of her ass towards the saliva greased pucker. The pressing finger teased around the wrinkled rim. She roared and pressed back causing my thumb slowly drive into her ass. She was warm and tight inside, her anal muscles clenched my digit and I wiggled it ruthlessly.

Dawn's tail whipped at my regained lapping, and the first wave of a second rocking orgasm shook her body. My tired mouth was flooded with her sexual nectar, which I swallowed up with insatiable hunger. Her juices were warm and tasty to my pallet, I feasted upon them eagerly. Dawn humped my face, each time I ground my fattest finger deeper into her ass. She growled and wiggled as her body rode through wave after wave of pleasurable licking and painful ass prodding. After several moments, her shuddering resided, her humping grew more gentle, her breath became less ragged. I slipped my finger from her ass, and she lifted off of me.

Dawn turned to face me. As she did, I could see that she indeed did have a tail, and her eyes were dilated vertically like a cat. When she spoke, I saw her incisors were slightly pointed behind her red lips. Her voice was still sweet, "Okay Bear, there's one more part of our pact. Do I scare you?"

Oddly I wasn't. "You just look a bit-"

"I am just a manifestation of your desires Bear," Dawn said frankly as she sat astride my stomach. I could feel the wet warmth of her sex on the skin just above my solid erection. "That's why you feel so comfortable with me. I keep my most human form, but when you, well, disrupt my concentration I revert back to well-"

"It's okay. I like it. You're very cute in a sexy feline sort of way."

"Thanks," She said. "Then your ready for the final part of the pact?"

"I guess?"

She leaned back and fully impaled my stiff cock into her oily canal, causing us both to gasp out in surprise. My shock from her sudden ferocious movement. Her sigh perhaps from the depth of my prodding. A forthwith warm feeling flooded through my spine as we aggressively physically consummated a relationship with uneven grinding pushes. "How do I feel?" She asked blatantly.

"Tingly, and kinda hot," I answered as she pressed her hips against mine, driving my head to the squishy soft innards of her sex. She leaned over and nibbled on my earlobe for a moment, the breath through her nose in my ear over delectable sucking sounds. "Listen to me closely. Because we have one shot at this Bear," Dawn whispered, "The tingling is like magic, it's our spirits mingling."

A bead of sweat drew down the side of my face from my temple. I felt Dawn's tongue leave my earlobe and lick it from my cheek in a long wet stroke. Then she kissed the spot over and over before saying, "The heat is purely physical. It's our blood mingling. Making you more like me. Stronger, complete."

She shifted her hips again, pushing me to the back of her cervix. A feeling that made us grin together. I felt a clench of kegel muscles around my length. "That is where you must cum, no shallower, and not until I cum myself. For mutually mixing the fruits of our labor is the final term of our commitment."

"What- then." I said as she squeezed me inside mid sentence.

"Mating your Guardian is a forbidden act Bear," she said with all seriousness as she began to rock back and forth in my lap. Her motion caused my shaft to back out of her fleshy flower a bit, before plunging it in again. Each stroke sending a plethora of tingling up through my back. "but it's the most powerful stroke of commitment. You'll release everything holding you back."

She slowly backed off of my stiff cock. Leaving it between us in the night air. "I thought you were just an escort," I pointed out as she stood and walked over to the post of the bed.

I watched her perfect ass jiggle with each step. Her catlike tail followed her graceful movements. Dawn hugged the pole like a stripper, her toned thigh raising just enough to give me view of the feral pussy my prick had just been in. Dawn held the pose for a moment before she swung her body over the mattress and peered at me with icy feline eyes. "I lied."

"What kind of angel are you?"

"Yours, and a very naughty one at that!" She said while patting her bare rump. "Now are you going to come over here and seal this deal before you go limp?"

I didn't need any encouragement. I rose and approached her slowly, like a lion to his prey. She faced away from me, grabbed a pillow and hugged it tightly. Dawn was bent over the side of the bed, her feet touching the ground, her upper body pressed against the soft pillow and comforter. Her head was turned to the side, her bronze hair cascaded over her smiling face. "That's a good Bear. I want to feel you inside of me."

There was a moment of apprehension, but that was crushed by the vision of her pearly dewed mounds hanging between her thighs. The temptation was too great to resist. I positioned myself behind her taking the sides of her hips into my hands and prodding my cock under her ass. "Oh Bear," she said. "When you slip yourself inside of me, there could be a change, be ready to be more- OOOhh!"

I fed myself into the hungry center of her desire. Instantly I felt the slick walls of pussy were burning hot. "Oh Dawn," I growled as I gripped her sides and planted myself firmly into my sinful angel. I blinked, and I saw she had wings! Huge raven black feathered wings that spread out in a six foot span from her back to the contrasting white down comforter. She looked over her shoulder through her hair with a roguish smile. "Well? What do you think?"

I relaxed my hips, allowing my length to slide of out Dawn. I felt her wet kegel muscles constrict in an attempt to keep me in, but instead almost pushed me out. I then slammed myself forward. Driving myself through her young tightness to the hilt. "Oh!" Her back arched and her wings lifted off the bed a bit with the surge. The stroke sent a sultry tingling sensation up my spine and through my arms and legs. It felt so good! So empowering! She ordered me to do it again. I complied ferociously, causing her to scream out. She ordered me again! I grew strangely angry with tenacity. This led to another repetition of sliding myself out slowly inch by inch, before letting her have it with a single deep stroke." Oh God Bear. Do it again! Harder!" Dawn pleaded.

I was possessed by our sex, but her orders were so annoying! Anger gripped me. I raised my hand back and brought it down on her ass with a sudden open palmed strike! Her head snapped back and she shrieked! I could feel the impact of my smack on my shaft buried deep in her sex. My hand was hot when I removed it my hand print was on her ass. To my surprise I felt warm juices well up from her insides. "Bear that really hur-"

"Be quiet," I told her firmly.

She laid still and quiet as I humped at my own pace. Her whimpers turned again to moans. I saw her wings curl back towards her body. Again her sounds provoked me. So I planted myself deep into her rump and gave it to her again with a vicious smack. Again she growled, and again I felt a surge of her sexual juices which I thankfully thrusted into.

Then without warning she raised off of the bed. Her wings folded back at me and my steely member slid from her whet hold. Dawn turned and faced me. She looked me straight in the eye. "As we mate I understand your ego grows," she growled. "But don't forget your role here. I brought this prayer's answer to you."

With that she laid back from fully me on the bed. Dawn invited me to her by spreading her thighs for me to take her. "Come on Bear."

My lips passed over her taught belly, and quickly moved over her breasts and to her neck, finally kissing her full lips. I was now positioned over her. I felt her hand wrap around my cock and guide it to the entrance of her wantonness. With two pushes I was fully inserted into her warmth again atop the bed. Her legs raised up and wrapped around my hips, drawing me deeper into her. At the same time, her wings spread and wrapped around our mated bodies. So soft was every part of her. We began to rock into each other causing the bed to creak.

We kissed each other hungrily, tongues dancing on each other as my solid prick slipped in and out of her folds with renewed urgency. Our mutual hunger told us the mate would be quick. I humped into my angel like a steady beast. I felt her claws rake my back as our pace increased with our breaths. "Faster," she pleaded between breaths. I obeyed by quickening my pace to shorter, and harder impacts into her bucking hips. Her boobs jiggled against my chest with each piston of our sweat slickened bodies together. Each stroke sent tingles now down my spine, through my balls and through the member stroking her abyss. "Dawn," I pleaded. Her breaths grew short. "Bear I'm-" She warned. I felt the urge to spill into her. "Oh bear! Oh no! Oh God you feel so good!"

Suddenly Dawn's back arched. I thrusted upwards and sank myself into the deepest confines of her constricting flower and released myself. "Oh No! Wait! Oh God Bear!" With a sudden lurch I felt my member spend hot seed deep into her womb. I backed off before lurching again pumping another stream of hot sticky liquid into her. It felt so good, as if I was purging the weight of sin into her. Dawn's eyes grew wide, as if the realization of our unbridled, uninhibited sex had struck her. I felt her hand on my chest pushing, but it was too late. I pistoned again, sending another spell of sinful love deep into her full angel flower. "Oh, No. Oh yes!" She gave in and hugged me as the waves of her own orgasm overtook any control of her body. I felt gentle shuddering hug of her wings around me. We humped each other in a wild union until our torrid storm of aphrodisia climaxed. We made love until the last spurt of liquid sin subsided from my body into hers, until the last quaking shiver of divine energy washed over our bodies, until the creaks of the bed fell victim to the squishing sounds of diminished pushes into her wet velvety afterglow, until all of the heat and tingling subsided between our bodies, into a myriad of gentle kisses.

We melted into a long session of giggling and cuddling, touching and tickling. In time Dawn and I found each other at the end of the bed, admiring the fire place side by side, our feet toying with each other by the pillows.

"It's done Bear," she whispered. I was exhausted. I suddenly noticed her wings were gone, and Dawn was perfectly human looking being. "Where are your wings?"

She rolled over quickly and took my hand and placed it on her belly. "Our pact is sealed," she said. "We did a very naughty thing, but it's going to make you better."

I looked over at her, "What does that mean?" I asked.

"It means I've saved you from yourself, but I now carry your burden in my tummy," she explained. "Guardians are forbidden to procreate with their physical clients, because of the end result."

"Which is?"

"I probably shouldn't tell you," she whispered excitedly.

"I think you should," I said, looking at my hand on her belly. I felt a gentle churn under her skin.

"The birth of a demon. Our demon. The one you purged into me. I think we should name him Chase if it's a boy, Stormy if it's a girl."

I withdrew my hand from her stomach. She looked at me with serious eyes. "I've taken him away from you for a while Bear. This burden was causing you a bunch of problems. You're going to see life is easier. I'll try and be a good mommy to it. So get back to your life and make the most of it, because our baby will have to be dealt with afterwards."


"Well, after life I should say."

Dawn leaned over and pressed her lips to mine, I tried to escape her for the many questions I had! But her open mouth sucked the wind from my lungs. I grew dizzy, then blackness subsided.


I stirred awake from my bed by the smell of coffee. My eyes opened one at a time. I was back in my room. I was sweating. What a freaking dream!

I sat up, truly sat up! My stomach seemed a bit tighter, but it could have been my imagination. I did feel a bit stronger. I stumbled to the vanity mirror in the bathroom and flipped on the lights. I saw myself, in much better shape. This was amazing! I flexed my arms, taking a second to admire my new found muscles. I had muscles! I turned my shoulders, and saw a red mark. Upon turning around and looking over my shoulder, I found scratches running down my back.

Dawn's searing mark of our love making.

I stumbled out of the bathroom and into the kitchen. Beside the coffee maker was a hand written note with a couple of lines on a memo pad I kept there for messages. I picked it up and read it.

‘Dear Bear,

Enjoy the coffee! My ass is really sore! Please don't worry about me though, I can handle our little- demon until you get here. Remember I'll be watching you! So waste no time, my Lovey Bear. This is your show and the clock is ticking. So get too it like I know you can!

Love Forever,


I poured a cup of coffee, and drank it down. Rewinding and replaying the events in my mind. After the cup was drained, I did feel a bit rejuvenated. A feeling I hadn't felt in the mornings for quite some time.

I used the energy to purge the apartment of all the pizza boxes and beer bottles, then filled a trash bag with the unhealthy inhabitants of my refrigerator. When finished, I then picked up the phone and dialed information.

"Yeah I need the number to the Synergy Gym."

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