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When I do, we will make love. I will kiss your mark, and you will become faithful
The winter drove over Mellowhale like a great ice dragon's breath. The killing front left some men dead in the streets, freezing them to the earth in dark corners of alleyways behind buildings. 'A cleansing freeze', some elders would mumble from the comforting warmth of their fireplace. The street's live trash was cast into a merciless freezing slumber, then put to death's bed under a six foot blanket of snow. Dirty Mellowhale had become a clean winter wonderland for short span of time.

Yet in warmer dens, others like Horace Hoofenite enjoyed the uncommon season. This kind of winter gave meaning to a sunken floor bed filled with warm dark bear furs and pillows; an inn room with burning coals in the fireplace; and a thick woman who had passed out aside of him, trying to keep up with the mead he had consumed the night before.

'Hoof,' as all of his friends called him, was a barbarian horseman of Haught. He was a man of large stature, size and profession. Hoof was well known in his broad circle of friends as a hard working beast of burden. So it was nothing for him to take the slumbering woman with one of his mammoth hands, and pull her closer to his immediate morning needs.

She protested a bit. He ignored her rebellious hands and words, and pulled the chubby woman under him with one rough tug into the pool of covers sunken into the floor boards. It took but a moment to mount her struggling body. Underneath him, she fought to keep her legs together. Her endeavoring aroused him further.

Hoof's solid meat prodded against the soft giving flesh of her belly, as his knee worked between her meaty thighs. He saw her angry brown eyes flash up at him. Her auburn hair a flat tangled mess on the deeply stacked pillows beneath her. His hands went to her full breasts and coaxed her cooperation with gentle pinches of her perked nipples and hard kisses on her neck. She halfheartedly cursed something he didn't understand in her growling native tongue, but he felt her legs relax and open to his firm insistence, giving him shameless entrance to the wetted part between her thighs.

Horace took advantage of her renewed willingness, lowering his hips until his sex was upon the warm entrance to her feminine opening. With a grunt he worked his sex up into her furry hole. She grimaced at his size, but took his girth in without much complaint or resistance. He felt her hands explore the horse-like musculature of his torso, as he began to stroke her with unbridled heat. His cock slid out of her slit, doused with her warm juices, and then pistoned back into her slick embrace. His large hands slid down to her large doughy hips as his humping became more urgent and feral. She moaned with each push, arching her back and meeting his bucks with taught presses of her thick body. He humped her mercilessly as he sought relief somewhere deep inside of her womanly crevice. She began to insistently complain again in her own foreign language, but Horace shook his head at her. There was nothing to protest, the enormous horseman had already decided he was going to cum into this young heifer.

She tried to resist, but Horace placed one hand on her shoulder and clasped it tightly, taking some of her hair with it, and holding her down forcefully. With several heavy plunges into the depths of her snatch, he began to release himself. Each drive into her cushioned softness he pumped ample amounts of his maleness into her heavyset body. Begrudgingly, her dark eyes rolled backwards and closed as she gave in to her own climax, driven by the engine of muscle that humped her body with fervid strength and patience. Her sex came alive, flooding him with renewed liquid warmth. Their sweat slick bodies slid against each other as she moaned and bucked gently. Horace felt her arms embrace him tightly again, her nails gripping into the skin under his sinuous back. He throttled into her several more times before completely finishing himself inside of her. Once done, Hoof crashed upon her with heavy pants. He kissed and licked the soft skin of her neck in appreciation.

She said something more generous in her own language. Horace smiled and released his grip on her. She didn't flee. In fact she seemed quite content under his weight. He slowly removed his softening member from her still twitching cream-filled center. He didn't know her name, but he kissed her on the lips and she kissed him back. Their tongues licked a dance of mutual appreciation.

This was how to spend a winter, like a bear in his cave.

There was an insistent knock at the door that caused them both to sigh.

"Hoof!" A familiar feminine voice called out from behind the door. It was Tarakina. "Hoof we must get going. The snow has let up, we can make it to the caves!"

Hoof was actually a nickname Horace had picked up from his younger days of stable work. Hoof never regretted an honest day's under those king's horses. Not to mention that the job itself opened the door for his induction into the inland Saddled Guards of Mellowhale.

Now he was a four-year seasoned scout for the Guard. Tarakina was a Burning Plains ranger, who was building a reputation herself by action.

Tarakina was left in Hoof's protection. Until her lover, another ranger and friend by the name of Tyeson, returned from a trip out to sea. Up to this point, she had lived up to her reputation as a handful. Her beauty didn't help either. Tarakina was a striking, ebony-winged woman. It was rumored she was born from the myth of a fiery tribe in the Bloodsand's Desert.

Hoof had seen little to doubt it.

She knocked again insistently. Hoof rolled off of his heavy warm plaything, and rose out of the covers angrily, "I'm coming!"

It took him more than a moment to get to the door, he unsealed several latches and opened it. There stood Tarakina before him, dressed fully in black riding armor and red fox furs. Her large wings rustled angrily over her shoulders as she glared at Hoof with angry blue eyes. "Hoof you're not even dressed," She exclaimed drawing her angular features into a cute frown. Her eyes peeked down at the slick maleness that trunked downwards before him. "It smells like whet wench in here."

Just then, the covers from his sunken bed came to life, and out popped a large fat orange cat with angry brown eyes. Its ears lay flat, and she hissed angrily at the two. The defiant animal then scattered out of the room between Tarakina's legs.

Tarakina looked at Hoof. "Hoof, a Tabythian?" She questioned, "I thought even you knew better sense than to knock up alley cats in Mellowhale."

"I had no idea," Hoof grumbled meekly while falling back into the room to a wash basin. "I was cold. . ."

Tarakina pursued as he knew she would, stepping into the room with him, her magical whip dancing on her hip. "How many kittens have you sired in Mellowhale?"

"Enough!" Hoof bellowed in his deep voice as he finished cleaning himself with a wet rag from the basin. He then began strapping on thick leather pieces to his torso. He tightened their platinum buckles and flexed his muscular arms for their fit. In the mirror Tarakina was taking sharp examination of him, especially the magical brand that was seared into the flesh of his ass. The horseshoe shaped scar was carried proudly by the Horses of Naught, and Hoof was one of few humans to wear it. Hoof pulled up his riding britches over the mark.

"We need to make it to the caves today," Tarakina said, letting her mockery of his sex life go. "There's a teen in the Chasil Caverns that needs my assistance. He is a Cholt. Message has come to us that his dwelling has been struck with a plague, and he is a lone survivor."

"He's probably dead," Hoof said candidly. "This is a cleansing winter."

Tarakina shook her head. "It's said this boy is a healer, that his body resists whatever has plagued his tribe to death."

"How do we know for sure?"

"A messenger made it from the mounts," Tarakina replied.

"Let us speak to the messenger then, to get a firm map of the area," Hoof said. "We'll need it in these conditions."

"We can't," she replied, taking his side and pressing a slender hand on his hulking shoulder. "The winter killed him outside of the gates. The Guard wouldn't let him in for fear of infection."

Hoof turned his head towards her, golden strands of his hair twisted along his neck. "This travel could be for nothing. We could become plagued ourselves, if not frozen to death."

Tarakina picked up the brute's heavy sword and slapped it against his chest. "If I have faith in your brawn. They you'll have better faith in my instincts," Tarakina said. She pulled her hair from her face and kissed his biceps. Less than innocently, she peered up at him with a pleading look.

"We could use the help of another, a tracker" Hoof suggested pretending to ignore.

"I have just the girl in mind," Tarakina answered.

That was enough for Hoof. Tarakina's friends had always been trustworthy. "Then this will be an easy trip," he said with persuaded confidence. "I know the mountains a bit."

"Like the taint of an alley cat?" Tarakina teased.

"Very closely," he replied; pushing her towards the door with a playful shove that caused her wings to flutter


The heavy hoof of Alexina's brown mount landed in a deep puddle of frozen mud. She had been pursuaded into leading the duo for a trek into Chasil Caverns during the winter season. The winged rangerette and a barbarian horseman had purchased her tracking services with a sack of heavy gold and a refill of Rehd Tavern's best in her silver flask.

Yet, her ultimate motivation for joining them was far more complicated.

The whiskey did a good job of keeping the rogue woman warm. Her slight frame shivered under the mounds of robes that draped over her shoulders. Even her hands withdrew into the robes, grasping the reins from within. She hated the cold. She respected it, and knew how to survive in it; but hated it with all of her heart.

The snow had slowed in the past day, but tremulous mountain winds blew down upon them. They were closing in on their final destination, but wouldn't reach it before sunset. She urged her mount to slow and allow Tarakina to catch up to her lead. As she drew aside her Alexina tugged on Tarakina's gear for her attention over the howling wind.

"We must camp!" Alexina beckoned. She pointed to a huge freshly fallen tree. It's snow covered trunk was a good eighteen hands in height, and provided the perfect wall of protection against the elements against the rising ground of the mountain. Hoof had noticed their stop, and drew himself around to collaborate their decision to camp.

Alexina had dismounted and wandered to the edge of the path. She leaned over and examined some overturned dirt. She had seen things that bothered her. For one, they were a day behind a band of knolls. Though their abandoned campsites were hidden enough to fool the common eyes of her companions, their dog like tracks were blatantly left in the open to her trained eyes. A mark of the race's sheer stupidity.

It could have been nothing, perhaps a rogue party caught in the elements. Or it could be the knolls knew about the Caverns also, and were looking to make a quick meal of a weakened tribe. There was no way to know. She didn't wish to mention her findings to her companions until she felt it was needed to do so; and it wasn't- yet.

In minutes, she returned to the clearing to find the canvas skins were already thrown, framed and pegged by Hoof. Alexina, who was no pushover when it came to surviving the elements, was impressed by the man's endurance. She watched with due diligence as he brought a hammer down on the pin of the final corner of the tent. She could see the great many pounds of muscles working together so each strike was committed with power and force, driving it into the icy ground. Even in the freezing cold, the majestic sight of him struck a heat in her carnal core.

"He is something." Tarakina admitted cautiously behind her, just audible enough over the wind. "Beware of him though. Horace Hoofenite is no pushover. He is a stallion bred with the mare's blood of Naught."

Alexina turned and eyed Tarakina. "You've sampled my talents for yourself. You above all should know that I could even give a man like that all of the satisfaction he could ask for."

"He needs more than a hot bitch," Tarakina said unwaveringly. "Though I would not have invited you if I didn't think Hoof would fulfill your needs."

Alexina growled, letting her emotions be known to a woman she often hated, respected and sometimes loved. They seemed like sisters at times. "Perhaps he will want more from me."

"I think not," Tarakina retorted. "Hoof is easy, but not stupid. I'll see through your final payment." She then left Alexina, and plunged into the tent behind Hoof. The winged ranger looked like a raven storming into a birdhouse.

Alexina stood outside for a moment longer. She let the freezing cold wind simmer her resonating reactions. She had chosen to come along on this venture in part for the purse that hung on her hip, but largely for the opportunity Tarakina had arranged for her. Timing would be everything.

Alexina would seduce the barbarian. His romp would give her more than he could know. Who knows, if she played her cards right, Hoof could be her life mate. Not a bad choice, no doubt. Never the less, Alexina would be mothering a belly full of oh-so strong pups this spring.

She finally entered the tent and was greeted warmly by the darkness within. Alexina found it difficult to sleep within an enclosure filled with the scent of his masculinity. It caused a flushed heat to spread between her lower belly and her chest. She bit her lip as her hands slid downwards to release a bit of pleasure covertly. At times it was so difficult to keep the beast tame.


Tarakina missed Tyeson sorely. Her dearest mate was away for two seasons, on a training expedition aboard a large ship at sea. She knew he was ported elsewhere, riding out the winter and the remainder of his service term to the king. He had left her in the keep of Hoof; who was not the smartest man, but formidable in every other way.

She felt guilty for setting him up this way. Tarakina knew before she had approached Hoof that they would need Alexina to guide them to the exact spot in the Caverns. She also desperately desired finding that boy in the caves before he passed. The third part of Tarakina's deceptive equation was Alexina. She was a true companion for Tarakina. The only female in Mellowhale Tarakina had found good company with.

At times she had been more to her, a lover in her impoverished moments of loneliness. And though they seemed like sisters, Alexina was vastly more complicated than Tarakina. Alexina was bound to her cycles, and the latest moon commanded her to mate in a way Tarakina's love could not fulfill, not completely.

Alexina was a werewolf bitch. Tarakina had seen her transform into the sleek silver monster she really was. In her true form, Alexina was a perfect meld of canine and human. She was upright, curvaceous, and direful in one breath. Alexina's also had a voracious appetite for heavy bouts of sex. Bitten by a pregnant bitch herself, Alexina was a cursed breeder. If she didn't have a belly full of pups every ten seasons, she would lose her ability to change; and perhaps her life.

Mating a wolf was a complicated thing. For one, the man that emptied himself into her feral hole was fated for one of two endings; a destiny by her side as her wolven mate, or death by her ferocious jaws.

To this point, no man had proven himself suitable enough to be her mate. So there was no honor in trying. Only death became of the men that were seduced for her doing- and Alexina was by all means a slut. Tarakina knew because she had often helped seduce the poor men that would server her needs with the tide of the moon.

Men like Horace Hoofenite.

There was a difference though, lately Alexina had admitted to Tarakina that the longing for a true mate was settling down in her soul. Still, Tarakina found that hard to believe given her voracious appetite.

Yet, how could Tarakina judge. She was not deserving of the man who loved her. Tarakina's guilt was immense.

Just a week ago she let Hoof rip off her own panties. In a moment of weakness she found herself bent over his bed, pleading for his discipline for her own transgressions.

Hoof was a barbarian man with a beast's heart, so Tarakina knew he would have no problems doling out the punishment she sought.

His monstrous hands wrapped around her chest from behind, and kneaded her full breasts into her body roughly. Hoof leaned over and prodded her most private of places with his aroused manly stud. She felt belittled under his weight and strength. Tarakina quickly realized she was completely at his mercy.

Yet, she did have some control in her hips, and to his surprise and pleasure, she guided his hardened rod to a less than desirable place to take in a man the size of Hoof. He took advantage of her invitation, pressing the oozing head of his sexual sword on the dark pucker of her ass. His large sex well lubricated with her saliva from the lip service she had given him a moment before.

His bear-like grip almost crushed the breath from her as he drove himself into her inch by stretching inch. The excruciating pain and shame suddenly satisfied the emptiness she had been cursed with. "Are you sure?" he asked?

"Yes," she pleaded! Almost halfway in, she felt him back himself out a bit, then pushed the remainder of his length into her mercilessly. She had never felt fuller! His prod into untouched depths made her let out a long moaning "OOohh!" After several grinding pushes, he rose off her back. His massive hands released her large tits, and repositioned themselves on the sides of her waist under her wings. He was upright now and behind her. Hoof's ungodly girth remained planted into her rump.

It wasn't enough she craved more. "Spank me," she commanded.

Being a horseman, Hoof understood discipline. Tarakina knew he valued her guttural urgency; that she didn't want to be love patted, but scourged. She braced herself, waiting for the slap.

He brought his hand down on her ass heavily. The blow shook her entire body, as if lightning had struck her behind. She let out a scream at the crack of it, and then the blistering heat of his palm caught fire on her round rump.

The strike was like setting a match to oil. As tears rolled down her cheeks, so did the warm dampness between her thighs. It enlivened her nerves and suddenly she could feel every inch of the maleness that remained unkindly planted in her ass.

"Please Hoof," she said in almost a whisper. He needed no urging.

Hoof had his way with Tarakina, like a wild old buck to a virgin doe. He was painstakingly slow at first, and she struggled against it. There was no escaping the huge man's assault, he held her at bay by the hips. The rhythm and motion of his thrusts began to overwhelm the sharp pain of his prods with dull pleasure. Soon Tarakina found herself uselessly clenching with her sphincter to hold his size in, but he slid out of her butt almost completely, before ramming her full again with his veiny timbered length. These thrusts hurt, and Tarakina cried out his name, begged him to slow his relentless pounding.

He ignored her and quickened his pace, their skin slapping against each other and causing her tits to jiggle underneath her folded arms. The motion of his humping struck fire in her, which she sought to release with her slender fingers at the top of her slit. As the orgasm built in her tummy, she greedily plunged her fingers into the wet folds of her sex to tickle her trigger within. His large hairy balls slapped against her more sensitive lower parts with each thrust.
The room filled with the spicy scent of their dark coupling. Somewhere between his heavy thrusts and her cunning fingers, she rose like a pheonix on the crest of desirous heat. Tarakina gripped a handful of furs as the tide of an orgasm washed over her, sending her body into keening convulsions, and wetness down her thighs.

After loosing herself for a moment, Tarakina regained some form of composure and braced herself again to enjoy the thunder of his strokes. Tarakina then felt Hoof grip the sides of her hips harshly as he buried himself into her ass and began to pump himself into her with purposeful grinds and loud grunts. In his massive grip she felt a warmth fill her belly, and the throbbing of his heavy rod deep within. He let a great horse like grunts with each push into her behind.

Tarakina gave him a great show of her beauty, her raven wings spread out over her arched back to the sides of the bed, flashing their midnight colors above the pale round flesh he punished with heavy strokes. After several satisfying plunges that filled her lower tummy his seed, Hoof removed himself merciless from her. She fell forward and lay in place panting, with the afterglow of satisfaction and ravaged recourse of his harsh methods dripping down her thighs. Slowly she drew her wings back in.

"Do you want me to. . . " She then felt Hoof's body above her again, and his member press against her swollen neglected lips. She squirmed aside and peered up at him over her winged shoulder.

"No Hoof," she replied breathlessly. "I need discipline, not reward."

"Discipline for what?" Hoof asked.

"For being heir to baneful blood," she said in a small whisper. She was keeping things to herself. Hoof seemed oddly satisfied with the answer. After all, he did get to fuck her in the ass. "The things I do even now are not loyal to Tyeson. Yet I desire them so."

"You cannot escape who you are," he replied kindly.

"I live with it," she retorted. "My demons follow me."

"They follow us all," Hoof said, patting the dark red spot on her rump and lighting red hot reminder of her discipline. "You've paid enough."

For days she felt a sore reminder of their secretive coupling. She wondered what were the lengths to her mischievous behavior. How much serpent was indeed in her blood?


Now standing outside of the tent. She bathed in the delight of her manipulation of her two companions, but it would effect Hoof especially. Lost within her heart there was some regret, but it would not overcome the thrill of impacting their lives completely. Her wings fluttered, and she mused herself as a dark cupid.

Persuading Alexina to get them to the Chasil Caverns with the promise of Hoof's libido was nothing at all. The filthy bitch was made for him. Never the less, convincing Hoof to become her mate was another thing all together. That was between the two, but nothing she did not have a plan for.

She needed both of them to reach the boy, and that is what it all amounted to.

His messenger had called him a Sopian. Which meant his healing abilities were that of the Eastern Dragons of the Luoosh Plains; abilities similar but different to hers. If he was indeed alive when they reached him, Tarakina could pluck that magic from his weak body like a feather.

They would all profit. Tarakina would be stronger, Alexina would be pregnant, and as for Hoof; the barbarian horseman of Naught, would have the night of his life.


It was music to Hoof's ears. Alexina called out, "This is it."

A three day, uneventful quest was at ends. Before them, carved into a wall of sheer ice, was the large entrance to a cave. The entrance was six feet in diameter, and at the base was a bolder that had a crude rune chipped into it. "This is indeed it," Hoof confirmed as the three dismounted. "This cave is marked with the rune of Cholt."

The Cholts were a society of professionals who made magical weapons born from the icy rock of these mountains. They were of highest quality and pretty to look at with their granite type of finish. The Cholts often made ornamental weapons for kings and their swordsman.

If the rumors of the epidemic plague were true, then it would be a long time before anyone saw a Cholt fashioned weapon again, if ever.

Hoof took the lead, being the largest and most able man in battle. He drew his great dual-sided sword and plundered into the downward sloping darkness.

There was a scent in the air. Something familiar, but horribly out of place. It caused him to grip his sword tighter, as they sunk deeper down the icy hole. Soon doors appeared on the left and the right sides. The doors were fashioned of heavy woods from the mountainous forest. Ornamental carvings also became visible in alcoves cut into the wall. Small icy statuettes of their gods. Several were missing.

"There's no bodies," Tarakina said with concern, as if speaking Hoof's thoughts. She swept her hand over an empty alcove. "Someone might have beat us here."

Just then the door beside her burst open with great force and into nearby Tarakina. Her head struck evenly against the wall beside her, and she fell to the floor heavily.

Hoof had no time to react, as three husky knolls rushed them while laughing like crazed hyenas. They were smelly, dog like men armed with spiked Cholt clubs, no doubt stolen from the cave. The furthest one ahead, was slightly larger and meaner looking.

This uglier leading knoll caught Hoof off guard took a wild swing with his club. Hoof leaned backwards, and the edge of the weapon barely missed his skull. Hoof's arm shot out and grabbed the knoll between his forearm and biceps. The creature's weapon fell free as it tried to free it's head from Hoof's thick arms.

He felt his magical brand of Naught burn, and his barbarian body instantly filled with the power of ten horses. His arm squeezed shut on the knoll, and cracked his skull like a great nut. His eyes bulged and popped out of his head, as his gray brains exploded out of his pointed ears. In one motion, Hoof dropped the lifeless body in time to greet the second knoll with his sword.

These creatures were not known for their skill in fighting, just sheer savagery. So it was no surprise when the second plundered forward at Hoof like the first. This one, got no chance to deal a blow. Hoof charged forward and ran him through with his sword. The blow was so mighty, that the sword plunged through the knoll's chest, out of his back and into the wall behind him. He gasped out a gurgling final breath out of his bloody muzzle before hanging limp against the sword.

Hoof went to jerk his sword free for the third, but the gore on his hands caused his grip to sip loose of the hilt. He underestimated the distance between him and the third knoll, and the combination of the two gave the dirty dog ample chance to slap Hoof in the leg viciously with his club.

The angle of the blow sent Hoof's knees from under him. He fell to the ground with a thud. The strike of his head against the floor caused him to go slightly dizzy. He saw the final knoll rise above him in anger, drawing his club back for a death blow to Hoof's skull.

He then heard a 'thunk.' Like the sound of a finger thumping a melon. The knoll dropped his club, and desperately tried to reach behind his pointed ear. Blood rolled down his neck, and Hoof could see a knife's silvery hilt was lodged there. There was another 'thunk,' then another; as the creature was hit with two more throwing daggers in the neck and forehead. Blood splattered down on Hoof with each deadly blow. The final knoll's twitching body fell to it's knees and the collapsed.

Alexina stepped over and began withdrawing her knives from the creature's gory head. "Good thing you brought me," she said with a dire grin to Hoof as she wiped the knoll gore from them and replaced the blades in her wrist sheaths. He could see that Tarakina was already up on her feet, shaking off her blow.

For quite a while, nothing was said between the three, as they checked their bodies for injury. There was little to be smiled upon, the party was happy to have survived it with no loss of life.

The distinctive musky stink of the knoll bodies wafted in the air. Inwardly Hoof kicked himself for not recognizing their scent earlier. He also wondered why a seasoned tracker like Alexina didn't pick up on the scent. Hoof reserved any comment about that.

"Knoll's eat humans," Hoof pointed out. "They probably stockpiled the plagued Cholts for a winter barbecue."

The dismal comment didn't earn the slight courtesy of a smirk from his companions.


Despite their confrontation with the knolls, Alexina immediately felt the tide of the full moon pulling at her soul, even in the depths of the cave. She would have to make short work of things, her time to get Hoof's seed into her womb was drawing short.

Suddenly her lustful thoughts were interrupted by the scent of something dying on an upward draft from the corridor. "Perhaps the boy is near," she said. Alexina lead them by her innate ability down the sloped hall and through a slight labyrinth of sizable rooms. She finally sensed the boy behind what looked to be a bedroom door offsetting a lounge of sorts.

His door was weakly warded with a magical spell. It was enough to keep the knolls from him, but nothing to Tarakina. With a wave of her hand and a few sharp words, the azure glow of the wood diminished. They all entered swiftly.

The untouched room was lightly furnished with several bed stands and a dresser. On the far was was a small bed with a body laying still upon it. "He's dead," Alexina groaned, stepping forward and looking at the still body of what she guessed to be a teenaged man, wrapped in a heavy polar bear blanket. He was slight, and blonde haired.

Tarakina ignored her comment and placed her hand on his forehead. She paused for a moment as if reading his thoughts and finally replied, "No he is not," with whispered enthusiasm. "Please tend to the torches so I have two hours of light," she commanded. "Then remove yourselves. If I do not come out by sunset tomorrow, leave me."

The implications of her commands resonated with Tarakina, but she did not know what Hoof's understanding of her abilities were. Healing was an art of intimacy, that Alexina knew. Yet she was not sure her sister figure was up to healing.

As they tended the torches, Alexina was not surprised to see Tarakina begin to remove her clothing piece by piece. Soon she was completely naked, and even Alexina was taken aback by her beauty.

Tarakina was indeed a woman's woman. Her body was toned with even musculature from head to toe. Her hips wide set, her stomach taught and even, her breasts large and full. From her shoulders to rounded rump her midnight black wings, contrasted with her creamy skin. She seemed manicured, clean, and shaven despite their three day journey. Even the lips of her sex were shaped and cropped with slight golden hairs that looked like fuzz on peaches.

Though many times Alexina had shared a bed with her, coddled and kissed her, licked and tasted her- she was sure. There was no ends to her desire for Tarakina's spicy sweet taste.

Tarakina precariously grinned at Alexina's gawk. Her look said, 'Yes I'm beautiful, but I'm not yours. Not now.'

And as in the tempting presence of sour grapes, Alexina turned her head away.

Tarakina slipped into to bed with her seemingly lifeless host. Alexina went to Hoof's side and took him by the arm as he set the last torch. He was engaged by her winged beauty too. Alexina interrupted his thoughts with stern words. "Follow me," she beckoned. "Tarakina needs her time to work her magic."

Just what kind of magic was the question. Alexina had held her curiosity like a cat as they exited the room. This was a lot of trouble for a trio to deal with for the casting of a plague on a mere young adult. She suspected there was more going on under those covers than a healing. Alexina suspected that this place, or perhaps their sick host himself had something special to give Tarakina.

A special gift.


Hoof watched the door close with a heavy thud. He sighed and looked upon Alexina. She seemed anxious. "We have only time to kill now," he said.

"Patience is the virtue of a hunter, and rival of the lover." Alexina commented as she poked through the lounge with Hoof. It was relatively untouched. The knolls valued shinny trinkets that would bring them quick market gold. So the hand crafted chairs, tables and plush lounges were relatively left alone.

Her comment bought his attention.

Hoof noticed that for the first time since their quest, Alexina completely shed her cowl and furred robes in the flickering light of the torches. They dropped to a heap at her ankles. Underneath she was a slim and petite woman dressed only in loose, crimson-red sheer robes that hung from her body loosely. The slight material inhibited neither her graceful movements, or sight of her nearly naked beauty.

Her pants of the same material hung loosely around her slim legs and tight ass, that swayed enticingly with each step away from him and towards a round plush lounge chair. The transparent material gave Hoof view to an enticing slight black thong that hugged her hips with lace and flossed between her ample cheeks.

The large round seat provided ample room for several to rest upon its leather cushions. In addition it was surrounded by several ottomans to perch one's feet. It was a place designed for sharing intimate company.

Alexina took seat, the open front of her robe giving Hoof an enticing view of a black, lacy silken corset. The material well decorated the curves of her small round breasts, and her perked nipples from the cool air. She wore a thick gold choker around her neck, with a stunning ruby gem pendant that accentuated her dark eyes.

Alexina tilted her head like a small dog, and winked at Hoof playfully as she took attention to his intentional stares. Alexina's raven black hair was tied back neatly in a long ponytail. She took seat on the lounge, crossing her long legs slowly.

Like a winter fox, Alexina's looks were intimidating, yet appealing.

"Join me Hoof," she said; patting the seat next to her. "We have much to share," she urged. There was no reason not too, so he did. When he settled down into the supple black leather next to Alexina, she smiled coyly. It was somewhat unsettling. It became apparent to Hoof that she was ready for something her beauty aroused, but didn't expect to sample.

"You owe me a favor," she said plainly through her red lips.

"I do?" He played along.

"Yes. If I didn't fell that knoll, your brains would be on the floor of that cave," she pointed out.

Hoof drew a deep breath. He let it out slowly with perhaps a bit of his pride. He wasn't sure if her words rang with truth, though it was a weak moment for him as a warrior. He simply nodded.

"So I'm asking you to return the favor," she said while gracefully placing her hand on Hoof's knee. "I think you'll enjoy this too."

"I will?" He played the part of the dumb barbarian as well as she played the innocent girl.

"Uh huh," she sung, while running her hand up Hoof's thigh, to his crotch. There she gave his firming package a gentle squeeze. It felt good. Hoof took the liberty of raising one of his paws to her breast and taking the small size of it into his palm. She looked down with a smile. "Oh, Mmmmm, yes. You get the idea."

As he fondled Alexina, the top to her corset drew downwards, and he saw an interesting mark on the inside of her left breast. He let his curious thumb draw over the material and fold it downwards, until it showed the crimson mark in full on the inside curve of her breast.

His eyes grew wide. It was a dark red paw, with an ancient druid rune drawn across it in intricate black strokes across the center pad. The mark was a thing foretold in bard's songs and child's fables.

It was the mark of the wolf.

She placed her hand over his and pressed it against her soft breast, covering the mark. It tingled magically with heat against his fingers.

"Do not fear me Hoof," Alexina said in a voice so low it came up as a growling purr. "I'm not here to hurt you, or even to turn you. . . unless you desire it." She unfolded her legs, and leaned into the large man and looked up into his eyes. She whispered, "but you do owe me a favor."

"What is that?" Hoof asked as his mind raced. He was not scared, but found a renewed respect for the slight woman before him. Wolves were creatures of dark power, though Alexina seemed hardly threatening. She had his undivided attention.

"I need you inside of me," Alexina said as if the words them self burned her. Hoof felt her slender fingers dance against his groin, in a successful effort to surmount an erection through his pants. "I need you to fill my womb with your seed."

He squinted doubtingly. "You'll infect me."

She shook her head. "No Hoof. It works like that only in fables. Wolves are a committed species," she said with a provocative, lupine smile. "I could only turn you if your committed yourself to me. If you kissed my mark with true love in your heart. If I allowed you to kiss the mark during the climax of our throws."

Her eyes danced back and forth, trying to read him. She eagerly whispered, "I wouldn't mind that. I'm sure you would make a fine wolf. My heart would serve you terribly well."

Hoof wasn't so sure, but there was something sincere in her voice. Her hand cupped his clenched jaw.

"The invitation is mine. The decision is yours. But one thing is certain- I'm going to give you the best sex you ever had. This is not a choice. This is the reason I am here, and it's what you owe me for finding this place, and saving your life."

"Not my choice," the barbarian repeated cautiously.

"Well," Alexina said. "Some men find it hard to resist my charm."

Then before Hoof could argue, Alexina rose up from her seat with the grace of a dancer. She stood in front of him; her round tight rump near his face. Her thumbs hooked into the sheer loose pants and slid them downwards to her ankles. Her torso bent down, and her hands snaked downwards to the tops of her feet. The result was a backside view of Alexina's sheer black panties, which scantily clad the swollen mounds of her camel toe between her slim thighs.

"Do you find me charming?" Alexina asked.

Hoof did indeed. One of his large hand went to the perked stud in his pants and pressed against it needfully. "Show me more," he ordered.

WIth a dancer's grace, she ran her hands back up her shapely calves and thighs, until her fingers brushed against the hemline of her lacy panties, and drew them up tightly; So the material completely disappeared between her cheeks and into the folds of her feminine crevice. Her hands went to the lounge ottoman in front of her for balance. She looked over her shoulder, pulling her black hair aside capriciously. "I hate these panties, they always do that," she said floridly. "Would you mind fingering them out for me?"

The feminine scent of her moist lips kissed Hoof's nostrils, and that was enough to entice action. He rose one large paw up and placed it on her ass. The other led with a pointed index finger and dove straight into her barely covered pinkish center. The meaty petals of her sex were stuffed inwards and disappeared between her mounds with the girth of his finger. He wiggled aside the wedged panties, and poked deep into her liquid hold.

"Oh!" she squealed, as his fist drew against her sex firmly, finger burred inside. To Hoof's surprise, Alexina was hardly virgin tight, her pussy gave way to his prodding with mare-like looseness.

He withdrew his finger, just wet with her juices and added a second and third aside it. She greedily pressed backwards as he introduced the digits to her entrance; with relatively tight ease all three wiggling digits slid into her firm hold leaving his pinky and thumb pressed against her slit. She braced herself as he explored the wet elastic sides of her virginal hold.
Strangely his pinky touched something hard and cold just within the base of her slit. His thick thumb hunted under her labia, until it pressed against the wet pearl of her clam, causing her to gasp!

Without warning, Hoof jerked his hand sharply back, fingers hooking into her still lodged panties while doing so. He exited with such strength the dainty lace of the panties were torn violently from her hips, and thrown completely away from her body. The jolt caused the cheeks of her ass to jiggle, and Alexina scream out in surprise, "You brute!"

Hoof then took her hips into his tremendous hands. She bent over further for his pleasure. He could see now that her dark red labia was extended and pierced, the source of what his pinky pressed against. The puffy slice of her feminine meat hung slightly between her swollen lips and featured a ruby stud that matched her necklace. "Please," she beckoned over her shoulder. Hoof leaned forward and buried his face into her feminine offering, like a parched horse to an icy stream of water.

She tasted amazing. Hoof feasted upon her banquet of brash flavor with deep laps between the delicious loose folds that were tucked between her mounds. Alexina cried out at the ferocity of his meal on her virginal hold. Her body shook as his mouth and nose nuzzled firmly into her crevice of goodies. Soon she repaid the action by bracing herself and curling her hips downward against the eager upwards lapping of his lips and tongue. Still his massive hands held her at bay drawing her pussy against his face for deeper indulging. He could tell from her rising howls of passion, that his dinner and her climax would be served soon.

Hoof drew his lips tightly against her succulent labia and drew it completely into his mouth. The stud danced on his tongue, and he trapped it gently against the roof of his mouth and tugged on her sex.

"Oh Hoof that, uh. argh!" Hoof then spit it out, and drew it in again with a hungry slurp. Alexina squirmed with delight, and after several repetitions of sucking and spitting her feminine meat, his tongue darted forward between her lips in quick dives in and out of her mating hole. His oral assault on her sex was relentless. His large jaw ached with the effort. Alexina's breath grew ragged and he knew she was near. He raised his hand between her thighs, and again laid merciless pressure against her clit!

"Oh Hoof! Yes! Oh you stud!" She barked out as his unruly touch lit fire to her insides.

Hoof was finally rewarded him with a rush of her liquid love. He sucked at her gyrating sex voraciously, spoiling himself in a facial bath of her warm bitter juices. From the depths of her welled a strong flow of feminine whetness, that seemed unending. The stud on her sex grew magically warm against his lips, and a new sweetness flavored the folds of her virginal hold. Hoof surmised that eating Alexina was like spoiling himself with the sweet taste of a nearly ripe fruit- and now she gave him his meal of it.

Hoof then felt two hands grip his shoulders. Someone was behind him. He turned his head to see Tarakina, naked, with a willing smile on her face. "I see you like Alexina's Stud of Sensual Sweetness."

Alexina stood up straight and turned, a bit taken aback by the sudden end to Hoof's feeding. She crawled upon Hoof's lap and began kissing his face, licking her juices off of it. Oblivious to Tarakina's arrival except for quick glances.

Even with her insistent kissing, Hoof looked upon the sudden arrival of Tarakina with great curiously. How could she be done with the boy?

"Oh," she took the cue gazing at the door to the room she had come from. "The boy is dead. His condition was beyond my help."

Hoof frowned, Alexina seemed oblivious to her presence, tearing through the buttons of Hoof's shirt as she kissed his chest hungrily. "But now we have time to spend with you."

Tarakina's hands went to her tanned breasts and massaged them enticingly, her aroused brown nipples poked between her fingers. Hoof then watched as her hands slid downwards from her boobs, towards her golden haired sex. "Don't worry Hoof," Tarakina whispered as she primed herself before him. "I drew what I needed from him before his passing. So enjoy this treatment with no worry."

Hoof didn't, how could he? He was surrounded by two very naughty feminine ferrets, who obviously planned to engage him.

His attention was drawn back to Alexina, who was through the last button of his shirt, and kissing dangerously low along his belt line. Hoof's horse like cock begged to be freed from it's cloth stable. He helped her, drawing his belt loose, she shimmied his pants downward, unleashing his attentive member for her care and riding.

Alexina's greedy hands wrapped around the girth of his impressive veiny stud, and without warning she guided it into her mouth. Her other hand gripped his muscular thigh, as her lips clamped down on the shaft below his head. She suckled him into her mouth with urgency, the slurping sounds and grunts driving him into a frenzy. He fell back onto his elbows and watched for another second as Alexina deep throated him, drawing half of his entire length into her massaging oral passage.

Hoof threw his head back and saw that Tarakina was now standing almost above him. Her black wings twitched, as the fingers of her left hand were plunging in and out of her pussy while watching Alexina with a sister's envy. Her weakened knees pressed against the lounge behind Hoof's head, as it became apparent she was about to climax herself. Her long slender fingers slid out of lips and began playing fitfully against her clit. Watching her play was amazing, especially in unison with the succulent treatment his member was receiving from Alexina.

Tarakina's face contorted and she bit her lip, as the waves of heat flushed her curvaceous features. Her wings darted outward, arching high above her head. Her fingers worked over her pussy furiously, she began to shake. Without warning, she collapsed forward. Tarakina's sweat slick breasts fell upon Hoof's chest, and her taught tummy on his chin. He hungrily kissed it, licking the salty sweat from her skin.

She moved forward above him, and slowly his mouth traced downwards over her abdominal muscles, to her belly, over her golden patch, to the final destination of her lucid flower.

His hands went to her full rump, and pressed her cum soaked pussy into his face for sampling. Unlike Alexina, her feminine package was small, taught and young. Kissing her sex was like pressing lips to a wet kitten. His tongue dove into her well tucked slit. Her hot center tasted different than Alexina, an herbal spice that lingered like cinnamon undertow on a wave of bitterness.

He felt her breath on his stomach below his belt line. He felt Alexina remove her sucking lips from his length. There was a neglectful moment when his member was not being serviced, and was left cooling in the air between them. Hoof imagined Alexina was sharing the taste of him in a deep rocking kiss with Tarakina. She ground her pussy back into his face, keeping the horseman of Naught busy with her own mounted needs.

Hoof found her clit with his tongue and sucked at it voraciously as a new feeling surrounded his maleness. It was Tarakina's familiar kissing mouth. He felt a second pair of lips sucking on the sac that encased his manly gems. Together the women bathed his package in a well orchestrated massage of tongues, teeth and lips. Their moans and mews were audible over the smacking of their hungry lips for what boiled in his balls for release.

Tarakina was pushed into a second orgasm from the tongue stroking Hoof was giving her clit. Her warm juices ran down his chin. At the same moment she rewarded him by gripping his cock and stroking it quickly between her saliva drenched fingers. She tugged on him numerous times, and he could no longer hold back. Hoof released himself.

Tarakina pulled her pussy off of his face quickly and took seat by his side. The two women nuzzled each other like piglets fighting over a mother's teat for their share of his spurting cum. Alexina first, locking down on his pulsing member for two deep pulls, but not before several spurts cascaded over her face. Her mouth was nearly choking full of him, when she released his cock for fear of dribbling any of her prize. She swallowed her prize down, as Tarakina then stuffed the spurting head into her lips; some of it splashing between her breasts before she latched successfully on his head. Her cheeks drew full like a chipmunk from his seed, as his cock exhausted itself with final spurts against her relentless tongue.

Then, Hoof witnessed something his eyes could not believe. Tarakina released his cock from her mouth, and turned towards Alexina. As if well practiced, Alexina lay back and spread her legs for Tarakina.

The winged angel kneeled before her, immediately pressing her face to Alexina's loose flower. She then nuzzled her face between her mounds deeply, until satisfied with her position, and spat all of the salty maleness she had captured from her oral copulation with Hoof. Tarakina's kiss inseminated Alexina's vaginal opening like a hummingbird to a honeysuckle. Her tongue worked the seed in deeply, as Alexina fingers worked over her own clit, drawing an orgasm.

After a prolonged moment of intense cunnilingues, Alexina's back arched and she howled with beastly delight. Tarakina drew her head from between her thighs, and Alexina closed her legs to keep the seed inside while sustaining a wave pounding orgasm.

Tarakina then took seat next to Hoof as Alexina continued to row in her own sea of erotic fire. She lay almost on top of him, her wing spreading out over his torso. Her soft breasts lay upon his chest with perked nipples. The slight musky scent of her body odor and sexed danced like perfume around her. Tarakina smiled down at Hoof and whispered, "No chance of infection."

Hoof's hand went to her breast and massaged it gently. Tarakina's eyes closed, enjoying the touch in the own bath of her after glow. He felt her hand gently squeeze his softening length. It's softness toyed with him, well enough to perhaps go again. She then giggled and looked down at him. Perhaps she shared his. . . . "I desire you too," she completed his thought. "But you will not have me either Hoof. I'm not a feline whore or heated bitch that will wander away with your puppies."

Hoof smiled at her sentiment, but inside her dagger-like words cut him. He was not beyond admitting his indulgence in women could have been excessive. Yet he was not beyond love.

Still he took Tarakina into his thick, muscular arms for spooning her warm winged body. His renewed urgency pressed against her lower back. She nestled into him. "I'm perhaps not as shallow as you think, perhaps I'm ready for steady companionship," Hoof reasoned to Tarakina in a whisper.

They both gazed at Alexina, whose naked body was curled on the chair perpendicular to them, trying to find sleep in her solitary spot.

"Not with me, and not with her Hoof," she replied in a whisper. "We are sisters of baleful things. We are nightmares for our mates."

The words hung in the air. Sleep blanketed over the three's ravaged bodies. Hoof's final thought was perhaps a nightmare was better than nothing at all, as the last torch flickered out.


Deep in the night the urge to urinate stirred Hoof from his slumber. Tarakina slept hard, even as his massive body rose from the lounge. He saw two things wrong.

The first was the absence of Alexina. She was completely gone. The second was the ajar door to the boy's bedroom. Both of which peaked his curiosity, one of which he could do nothing about. Alexina was gone.

He exited the lounge room into the main cave, where he urinated like a horse fed for racing against the wall. After the satisfying long drain, he silently returned to the lounge room.

Peaked curiosity invited him to enter the room. The opened door of the deceased boy's bedroom was open. The torched within still barely flickering with life.

He entered the room stealthily. On the wall in the far side of the room, was the bed that contained the body. It was covered from head to toe in its blanket. With catlike steps the large man made his way aside the bed stand, reached down, and drew the covers back.

What remained of the boy was sickening. He had looked as if every drop of moisture was drawn from his corpse. He also appeared burnt, like a pig overdone in the pit. His mouth was open, as if his last act was a surprising gasp. Hoof had seen horrid things, the worst plagues of all in his experience. This was not the work of a illness he had seen. It was magic, or something darker done. He recovered the corpse.

He heard the light clicks of claws behind him and he spun.

Before Hoof, was a great silver wolf with onyx eyes and a mask of midnight black.

"Don't fear." It spoke from her muzzle with a familiar voice. "It is I, Alexina."

Hoof didn't fear, but was amazed by the sheer size of the her. Thrice the size of an ordinary wolf, with massive ivory fangs and silver claws. Around it's neck was a chain holding a ruby pendant. Alexina's necklace. It was indeed her.

"I'm pregnant." she said.

Silence hung between them for a long uncomfortable moment.

"Your darling sister did you a good service I suppose."

Hoof narrowed his eyes. "She is not my sister and for sure not my darling. You well know she's the lover of another and under my keeping."

The bitch scoffed with a sneer, "Tarakina saved you from my wolven concourse tonight. But she does us no favors. Her actions are not without selfishness. She needs you to keep her until Tyeson comes back for her. Just remember as you witness on this bed, she is no frail bird herself."

Hoof took his eyes off of the wolf and peered back at the covered corpse.

The wolf padded a step forward. "I understand your commitment to Tyeson has left her in your protection, but when you're done with her in a season; come back to me. I will show you the meaning of true companionship."

The hunger of her words flowed through her large canine teeth in long lines of lupine saliva. They resonated through Hoof, as if her voice were notes of tangible power.

"We are not unlike each other Hoof. We are products of magical and vastly powerful ancestry. Our mixed blood will produce a new breed of strong hunters," she paused and added. "And I'm quite fond of you."

Hoof searched his heart. The words carried through his lips with relative ease, "I will return in the spring."

If a wolf could smile, Alexina did. "I will count the empty moons until then."

"When I do, we will make love. I will kiss your mark, and you will become mine faithfully."

"Nothing less is expected." Alexina said. "Through your love I will turn you, by your love I will serve you."

"I look forward to the many nights we will share," Hoof replied, and the only lit torch in the room lost it's flickering light- leaving the two in complete darkness.


Tarakina stirred from her sleep as she felt Hoof settle down next to her. "Everything okay?" She asked, but her instincts told her they weren't.

The coil of her own magical whip curled around her throat and pulled tight. Tarakina gasped for breath.

She reached behind her to feel Hoof's massive bulk, "Relax, little bird."

Hoof was aroused. His massive hands wrapped around her body before she could react. She felt his cock nudge against the crack of her ass. Before she could protest in any way, Tarakina was enveloped by his strength.

Wordlessly, Hoof insisted on sex, and the walls she had placed against such an act were torn down by his persistence and the nagging neglect she felt in Tyeson's absence. That, and the tightness of the braided leather around her throat caused her head to grow light.

Tarakina felt weak as she let her thighs draw apart for him. From behind she felt his hardness snake forward, the serpentine head of which kissed the lips of her sex. "Oh Hoof, you don't want to- Ugh, mmmm. . ."

Hoof's body pressed against hers, and his stiff maleness introduced itself to the uninvited depths of her sex. For a moment she didn't know what to do with her hands, they flailed wildly at his insistent humping. Each press he sank himself deeper into her crevice. She cried out as his final buck seated his huge member deeply into the throat of her sex.

Her hands went to the massive arms that wrapped around her chest, she tilted her head back. The tightness of her binds loosened, and she took a deep breath. Her known assailant kissed her neck as he rolled atop of her and rocked forward into her helpless winged body.

Their coupling would be quick. She could tell from the intensity of his thrusts and the trespassing heat that welled from her pussy. In this position he had most of the control. She was a saddled mare. Under the horseman's expertise in riding Hoof drove her in full gallop towards a dangerous orgasm.

"Cum little bird!" Hoof commanded, "Cum for me and let me revel in the fire of your mischievous ways."

His hand went to her breast and squeezed it firmly. The act drew lightning upon her enamored sex, which was invaded again and again by his cock. She growled, "You seek to spoil yourself in my venomous touch. Go ahead, but beware my love can swallow your soul."

He spanked her. She cried out by the quick flogging. His hungry lips smacked against the flesh behind her neck as his thrusts became strong and intentional. His strokes so strong they shook her body. She knew this is what a springtime filly felt under the invasion of the season's champion hot-blooded stallion.

The poisonous little bird, the magical product of the Bloodsand's desert, an oh so desirous ranger gave herself completely to him. Sentiments that their mating could lead to her her impregnation were blinded by her sheer will to please him. So she didn't hold back, but instead embraced the rush of hot pleasure that started between her legs and flooded her entire body from wing tip to toes. The leather grew slick with her juices and sweat under her lunging body, and she ground her clit against the distressed leather with each of his bucks.

Hoof cried out, and she felt him spasm inside of her. She took one of the loose loops of braided leather from the whip around her neck and bit down upon it, as his thunderous plunges rocked her frame. He emptied himself into her body as her own sorcerous orgasm shook her. Her womb burned torridly with the invasion of his copious magical seed. Again and again he slid nearly out of her, only to push forward and into her swallowing sex. Their rampant mating became a storm of wild horseplay, as they sought hungrily to satisfy each other with their bodies.

When the storm subsided into gentile urges back and forth, Hoof crashed upon her back in panting exhaustion for a moment, then rolled off of her back. With his removal she felt a generous amount of seed slide from her sex. She closed her thighs gently, and rolled to face Hoof.

Her hand went to her neck, that was tender from her whip's burn. "Why did you want this?" She asked him.

"Did you not desire it yourself?" He retorted.

She did not answer, unsure of how she felt in the wake of their savage intercourse.

"This is what you intended, for Alexina at least, is it not? To give her a gift you could not share? To use us both for whatever work took place on the Cholt you have murdered?"

Tarakina looked away from him defiantly.

"Oh do not refuse me now little bird," Hoof said. "For I have finally made you and Alexina sisters indeed. You are now brethren of my brooding pleasure. Go to her. Put an end to the nightmare you pursue Tyeson and myself with. Follow Alexina in the moon's light. Together raise the pups I filled your bellies with in these caves."
Tarakina's anger went beyond words. The truth of them stung beyond the pain he had stamped on her ass. Tears dripped down from the corners of her eyes. Somewhere deep within she was ready to profess her love to Alexina, perhaps to commit to it.

"Tomorrow I'll return to Mellowhale. I'll be gone from these caves before the rising of the sun, before Alexina's return. I understand if you don't follow. Do not worry, I will tell Tyeson a fair tale of your disappearance."

She placed her hand on Horace Hoofenite's face and admitted. "I don't know if I should thank you or hate you."

"Neither do I," Hoof said. "But I go with no anger in my heart for you."

Tarakina kissed him again, "my fate is set by our actions and my growing love for Alexina. It is destiny then."

The last torch blew out in the room, and both settled against each other for one last night in company.

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