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Friends playing role playing game in their bed
Charlotte sank down into her chair a little more and brought the pint up to her face to conceal her identity. Her cutting blue eyes followed the man from the door to the bar. His sword hung keenly from his hips, his boots were of worn black leather but were still in great condition. He wore a long, red wool coat with polished gold buttons and his dark wavy hair was pulled back from his face. This man had to be a good 6'3", 6'4". Even though he was in his early 40's, he had the look of a flirty school boy with a mischievous sparkle in his brown eyes. Charlotte grimaced unhappily. He wasn't as grotesque as she thought he would be.

"Ah, Captain Rouge!" The saloon keeper beamed a happy, toothless smile. "Fancy you being here! What's yer poison?"

Captain Rouge slapped his gloved hand into the bar keepers hand and shook heartily. "Jack, rounds of your finest ale for everyone!" He tossed a handful of gold coins onto the bar top.

The saloon burst into cheer.

The nerve of that man, she fumed. How could he just waltz in here, and buy a round like that? Did he think that everyone loved the great Jean Rouge, other wise known as Pirate Red John? Charlotte kept her position, peering over her beer, watching the captain. Her eyes full of hatred.

A new pint of dark ale was placed on the table in front of Charlotte by a bar wench. Head from the beer spilled over onto the rough table top. "There ya are lassie! Complements of Capt'n Rouge!"

Charlotte glanced at the rough looking woman. "Merci," she choked, focusing her attention back to Jean Rouge.

The wench stared down on Charlotte for a moment. "If ye don't mind me sayin' so, a bar is no place for a pretty little lass, such as yerself."

Charlotte glared at the woman. The last thing Charlotte needed was some bar wench giving her motherly advice. If there was one thing Charlotte could do it was take care of herself. Despite being 5'4", she was quite handy with a blade and knife. Rough and despicable company did not phase her one bit. "I do mind you saying so. Piss off." Charlotte said dryly.

The wench looked surprised. She tongued her one front tooth, "well I never," and walked away.

A younger man walked through the saloon doors and made his way over to Charlotte's table. "Captain LeDoux," he said with a strong french accent, "Charlotte, I hear that Red John is here in St. Lucia!" The man sat down next to Charlotte.

"I know, Martin," Charlotte pointed at Captain Rouge.

Martin followed Charlotte's finger and his eyes grew wide. "Oh."

"He's been here for a little while...bought a round of drinks for everyone."

"Damn, et I messed it!" Martin shook his head. Martin Bourge was Charlotte's first mate.

She shot him a dirty look.

He noticed and smiled. "What? The least I could do iz get a drink off of that bastard!" Martin was also Charlotte's most trusted friend. "You need to have more fun, Charlotte."

Charlotte scowled her pretty face. "I'll have fun when Rouge is dead." She pushed Martin the pint the wench had just brought her.

He grabbed the mug and slammed the beer in less than 30 seconds. Froth clung to his lip and scragly facial hair, which he liked to refer to a mustache.

"Thirsty?" Charlotte grinned but her eyes never left Rouge.

As if he could feel her eyes piercing his body, Jean Rouge looked towards Charlotte.

Her heart skipped a beat.

Rouge smiled slyly at her and got another pint of beer.

Then Charlotte's worst nightmare started coming true. Rouge was walking over to her table!

Her eyes narrowed to angry slits as he came closer. She noticed how he seemed to strut over, like he thought he was God's gift. Suddenly, Charlotte had an idea. She knew that nobody but Martin knew her in this port. "Martin, ignore everything I am about to say."

"Eh?" Martin looked at her. Charlotte's demeanor changed suddenly. She sat up in her chair. Her eyes began to sparkle, and it was the first time that Martin had ever seen her show her teeth when she smiled. They were bright white. He scratched his head.

"Hello there," Rouge called to Charlotte. He was a very handsome man.

Charlotte batted her eye lashes coyly. "Hi."

Rouge grabbed a chair with his foot and kicked it next to her. "Mind if I sit down?" His face was rugged with a five o'clock shadow that looked more to be 8 o'clock.

Charlotte smiled. "Please, sit."

Rouge sat down next to her and handed her the beer, the whole while looking at Martin. "Who's this guy?"

Martin opened his mouth to speak, but Charlotte was faster. "He's my employee, Jacques."

Why was she acting so strange, Martin thought. She was acting like she actually LIKED this bastard.

Rouge turned to Charlotte, "and what might your name be?" He spoke softly with his face just a few inches from hers. His breathe was sweet, like cloves.

"Marie, Marie Bareaux." She couldn't believe she was sitting so close to her mortal enemy. But it was clear to her that her plan would work.

"Marie," Rouge purred. "Do you know who I am?"

The nerve of this arrogant bastard. "You are Capitain Red John, are you not?"

Rouge smiled, impressed with himself that this pretty young girl knew his name. "Yes, I am. What brings a beautiful little girl like you into a hell hole such as this?"

Charlotte took a long drink of the beer. "I am a trader, and it is my business to know what people such as these want."

Rouge nodded. He eyed Charlotte up and down quickly. Her brown curly hair hung to the middle of her back. She was dressed in men's breeches and clothing, but only Charlotte could pull it off in such a way that made men's minds turn to the gutter. Rouge noticed that Charlotte's mug was empty. He bought another round for her and Martin, thinking that he might could get Charlotte drunk and she'd be at his mercy. What he didn't know is that she could put beer away as well as any man, if not better.

Several rounds later, Charlotte was sitting in Rouge's lap and Martin was about to pass out. Charlotte looked at Martin, "Don't you have somewhere you need to be?"

By this time, Martin started understanding what Charlotte planned on doing, even in his drunken stooper. "Oui." He stood up, faltering a little. "I will be back at the...uh...you know." He waved his hand and left.

Rouge was kissing Charlotte on the neck. He was close to being drunk himself. "Would you be so kind," he kissed her neck. "To accompany me," Rouge kissed her chin. "Back to my room," he touched his lips gently to hers.

Charlotte opened her mouth slightly and touched her tongue to his. She opened her eyes, and saw that his were shut. Charlotte was far from drunk, and was ready to set the hook. She kissed him deeply. Revenge would be hers tonight.

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