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Wife imagined her husband as a stranger
Her robe wrapped around her, Marilah slipped her hood over her head as she crept out of the palace. Two guards fell into step behind her as they made their way to the secret exit, both men stumbling in the darkness of the passage as she took sure steps, guided by years of memory. Exiting in an alley, they slipped through the streets as the sun grew low beyond the city. She hurried up to be on time. She did not want to be late on this evening. Ever.


Growing up the third child of King Harlun and Queen Temorah had been difficult. Her brother never let her forget he stood as Crown Prince, heir to the throne, and her sister was betrothed to a foreign prince, bringing wealth, status, and power to her father and his kingdom. It had occurred to Marilah that accidents happen to even the bravest princes, but her brother had the devil's own luck, surviving even 'accidental' falls down stairs with barely a bruise to show for it. No one ever suspected Marilah, her innocence haloed by red-gold hair, wide green eyes set in that heart-shaped face. She was by far prettier than her sister, and smarter than her brother, but there were no foreign princes for her, no crowns waiting to rest on her head.

And so, she had conceived of a plan to move herself up.


The tavern squatted in the Old Town like a mugger waiting for victims. Foul smoke curled from its ragged chimney, almost as foul as the cheers and laughter as she entered, for the tenth time.

No elves, at least.

Walking to the bar, she realized she had been slow this year as a shudder ran through her even before she passed the first table. The crowd of ruffians, thugs, dockworkers, thieves, and worse cheered louder as she dropped her robe to the floor, revealing herself to them all. Naked, she stood, pale skin reddened by the sunset through the window, her delicate curves, high firm breasts, and light down of blazing red above her mound exposed to all. She turned to see the crowd. . .

Gods, there's even more than usual, she thought, as words came to her lips.

"From now, til the sun clears the horizon, I am yours to do with as. . ."

She didn't get the last words out before a grizzled giant of man had grabbed her by the hair and pulled her down into his lap.


The king had one great advantage over his neighbors. He had a court wizard, of great renown and power. Malisious was tall, grey of hair and beard, with a gaze that sent seasoned knights fleeing and brought the young castle maids running. He was a master of hundred spells and potions, and had served since the days of King Harlun's grandfather, sixty years gone.

No one knew how old he was, and none dared to ask. His loyalty to the kingdom was without question, but there were whispers of dark secrets in his past and in his tower. More than one maid who crept to his bed at night left quickly the next day, pockets filled with gold, but eyes filled with something else.

Marilah was sure the girls were just that, silly girls scared by a man of power. But if she could entice that power to her side, make him see how much better she was for the throne, she would be unstoppable. And so, for her eighteenth birthday, she had asked her father to permit her to study under Malisious.

"You have an heir, and an alliance, already. Let me give you a sorceress to serve the realm, to help our good wizard. Please, father, may I learn what I can, whatever he will teach, for the good of us all?"

Having felt some small guilt over the years for how little he had regarded his third child, King Harlun made a stern face as though considered rejecting her request outright. But Malisious himself had suggested training her long before now, having told her father he had seen the potential for sorcery in her for years.

"Very well, my girl. You may move into the apprentice's room in his tower, and take up his craft. But learn well, and do not show shame onto your family."

"Thank you, father, oh thank you so much!"


The thick cock battered against the back of her throat, forcing itself deeper with each stroke. Her spittle poured down the shaft as rough hands gripping her hair pulled her head back and forth, her mouth being fucked like a whore's cunt. The tavern crowd whistled and jeered as she kneeled before the tradesman, her knees already covered in the thick dirt of the floor, tears running from her eyes as she choked on her first cock of the night.

They always use my mouth first, except for the elves.

The man battered her throat for some time, forcing his cock all the way over and over, as she worked her tongue along the underside, her lips pressed tight now around him. From time to time, he pulled her completely off of his cock, at which she pulled forward licking the length of him, tonguing his balls, all the while gasping little babbling sounds of pleasure.

From long experience, she knew the moment had arrived even before hot cum spurted into her mouth. She swallowed the thick load as it flew onto her tongue, lapping it up like fresh cream, and sucked the last drops from the head of his dick just before she was pulled up and away. She was bent over the first table, roughly pushed against it, feeling the splinters scratch her hardened nipples first, before dragging along her breasts and belly as her legs were kicked open behind her.

"Yes!" she cried, "However you wish, take me, use me, fuck me!"

She couldn't help it. On this night, she wanted this, and more. She had yet to meet her limits, which frightened her greatly, remembering what she had been through before.


The wizard's study was an exercise in extremes. The basic furniture, simple wooden desk and chairs, and a half-dozen bookshelves lined with sturdy old volumes, were oddly banal next to the twisted design of the mirror resting on the desk, the smoking bottles scattered among the tables and shelves, and the portraits of scenes of terrible sorcery hanging on the walls.

Marilah had cleaned this study daily for three weeks, without having been taught one lesson yet. She had tried everything she could think of to get the wizard to begin teaching her, from logical arguments that she was ready to start, to innocent flirtation, up to the point where she had demanded what he needed from her before he would share a single spell. Malisious had just smiled, put away the tome he had been working on, and retired to his bedchamber. Not that she hadn't tried to reach him there, either. But the damned door was not only locked, it had rudely told her to go away when she tried to sneak in late one night.

While again arranging his potion ingredients, this week it's alphabetically, last week it was by region, she thought again of some of the books she had seen in the study. The one he had been reading when she had made her demand had caught her eye, the title had been readable and was something like "Potions of the Mind."

Now that is something I could use.

Looking for the book didn't take her much time at all, its distinctive binding stood out among so many other bland leather dusty works. Ah, she read, it's Potions of the Mind, Body, and Soul!



The fifth man had just filled her cunt with his load, pulled his shrinking pecker from her and staggered away. She couldn't help the wetness and the occasional orgasm, but after nine years of this she had come to expect more from this night. Although, there were times she wished it hadn't been quite so intense, like the night she realized she would need two guards with her.

It was her second year coming to this tavern. Word had got out after the first year, shaming her father, already devastated by the deaths of her sister, by assassin, and her mother, by fever. He had thrown himself from the second tallest tower of the castle on the very next Harvest Night. Marilah had watched from the tallest tower, had thrown on her robe, ordered her bodyguard to accompany her, and left for the tavern.

Midway through her gangbang, her guard had decided to join in. As she could refuse no one there, she had merely spread her legs wider, gasping as he had forced her knees back further and pushed his long, fat, gnarled dick into her tight asshole. He was by no means the first in that entrance, but he still forced a cry from her throat as he had torn into her ass without mercy, fucking her mercilessly as she kicked her feet in the air. Her gasps and moans had swiftly turned into screams as she came repeatedly, her juices pouring over his cock and balls, slapping wetly against her as he growled his impending completion.

Behind him, from the far corner, a slender man in black and gray clothes had crept forward. Just as her faithful guard filled her raw ass with his hot cum, a sword had come around from behind his neck and slit his throat from ear to ear.

The crowd had screamed and pushed away from the bloody scene, the guard fallen away from the table, Marilah covered in his blood as his last load poured from her still-open ass. She had looked up into the eyes of the assassin, who calmly and skillfully reversed the sword in his hand, raised it high, and pinned her to the table through her heart.

She had felt the shock of the impact, shook from the sensation as the killer left his sword buried in her chest, turned, and fled out the door. He was already gone when she began shrieking again, cumming over and over as she tried to pull herself away from the table. It took several minutes before one of the tavern regulars, seeing she was not dying, pulled the sword from her chest.

Her continuous orgasm ended right at that moment, and she leapt onto the man, a short, balding, fat oaf known as a fence for the local thieves, pulled his pantaloons to the floor, and began begging for him to fuck her, to shove his cock in her mouth, her cunt, her ass, anywhere he wanted. The already-shaken man, seeing the blood-covered princess on her knees, unharmed by the sword, lost control of his bladder.

While his urine was not what she had wanted, the feel of the hot wetness spraying across her chest still drove Marilah into another orgasm, as she had knelt before the fat old fool wiping away her blood and the blood of her guard in the flow.


The Potion of Sovereign Control, she read. Just what she was after.

In fact, the description of the potion's effects amazed her. It gave the creator absolute control over the subject, not just in mind but in body as well. The illustration showed a man shriveling at a word from his master, and the text described in detail the absolute power this potion had.

The ingredients were the hardest part, but having spent the better part of a month arranging and rearranging Malisious' entire stock, she was certain she knew where she could find them all. In fact, the hardest to find ingredient was the easiest, for her.

The blood of a virgin, willingly given, she smiled to herself.

It took three days to secretly craft the potion, all the while hiding her activities from Malisious. She kept up her complaints and demands, not wanting a change in her behavior to tip him off, and watched carefully for a time to slip it into his wine. She had her chance two days before Harvest Festival.


She was now taking three men at a time, feeling her pussy wrapped around a short, but stout cock, her lips wrapped around what would have been a much better dick if it tasted like it had been washed in a week, and what had to be the bastard son of a minotaur was forcing himself in and out of her anus. Her face shone from the layers of cum already sprayed upon it, and both her cunt and ass leaked white to every stroke in and out of her.

The assassin wasn't even the worst experience, as far as this night went, she thought. That was reserved for the elves.

She had begun her night, two years ago, as she had this night, but she had arrived early. She had stood by the bar, huddled in her robe, silent and apprehensive at the look of the crowd. She feared no mortal injury from these nights, or illness, but she still had the memories to haunt her, and occasionally more.

While waiting for sundown, the tavern door had again opened, as a dozen elves quickly entered, with guarded looks at the other patrons, hidden threats in elven eyes, obvious threats from elven swords sheathed at their sides. They were tall, pale in a luminescent manner, and silver-haired. Turquoise eyes gazed at and through Marilah, leaving her feeling naked already.

"We understand there is a celebration here tonight," said the leader, his voice resonant, like a chorus of soprano and baritones. "We wish to partake, for the fair folk enjoy celebrations." He did not sound in the least mood for merriment. The bartender thoughtfully began pouring wine for these new visitors.

He glided to her, followed closely by his fellows, as the rest of the tavern hung back in awe. "We will start when you do, milady. And when we are done, the others may take their turns. We would not deprive others of their celebrations."

Even before the sun had begun to set, he had brushed aside her robe. Her lips parted to speak the oath as the moment came, but his finger on her mouth silenced her. At the same moment, he pulled her aside, laying her across the first table, and entered her in one stroke.

His cock was long, but thin, as pale as he, and hard as marble. But from the moment he first thrust into her, she felt as if a fork of lightning had entered her cunt. She thrashed, the power running through her like current as she came in a mind-blowing orgasm that just would not quit. He thrust into her in a steady tempo, the jolting burn from his cock never fading, every stroke just as the first for her. The sun crept out of sight in the window, and yet the tavern was silent, there was no sound other than her throaty groans.

He fucked her in that fashion, never slowing down, or speeding up, but always feeling so perfectly alive, like a force of nature. Her mind could not form words for her lips as the lightning entered her again and again. She felt as if a waterfall had opened between her legs, pouring her out onto the floor, her bright red hair plastered to her face by a sea of sweat. And still he continued, never letting her out of that shattering orgasm. An eternity later, she saw the sunrise throw light into the still tavern, as he gasped his own orgasm and filled her with heat and light.

And then the sun began going down again. As he pulled out of her drained figure, she saw the bartender was still pouring the first glass of wine. As the elven leader took the glass and raised it to his lips, the second elf stood between her legs.

Oh no


As Malisious drained his wine, the princess smiled in triumph.

"I think now you will teach me what I need," she declared, as he glanced at his glass. He looked surprised for a moment, staring into the glass, and then drained the last drops from it.

"I really thought it would take you longer to make that," he said, smiling, "I had barely begun hinting at it when you must have found the formula. I am impressed, by your impatience if nothing else."

Puzzled, Marilah tried to keep her composure, "You must obey me! You have drunk the potion, I made it exactly right. Obey me or, or, or I'll turn you into a lizard and feed you to the hawks!"

Malisious laughed, "You stole one of my formulas, and expected to be able to use it on me? Why would I leave something you could use against me just laying about? My dear little, spiteful, plotting princess, you did exactly what I expected you to do."

She gaped at him as he stood, disrobing before her. Gods, he is huge!

The wizard had revealed a body as if fashioned by the finest sculptors. A heroic frame, thick muscles, and flaccid, yet enormous cock all had been hidden under his robes. "Let me explain the Potion of Sovereign Control to you," he said, walking by her as she stood motionless, paralyzed in fear. "It does give absolute control over the body and mind of the subject. It does require the willing virgin. But it is the virgin who is the subject of the potion, and the drinker who is the master of the subject." Tears welled in her eyes, as he strode around her, as comfortable as if he were a king himself and she the naked subject.

"I studied the ways of wizardry, sorcery, and alchemy for fifty years before I discovered this elixir. It would be of some use to most, a curiosity at best to others, for how many willing virgins are all that useful to control? Besides the obvious carnal uses, but there are simpler ways to gain those pleasures."

He smiled at her," I, however, had been extremely obsessive in my studies all those years. And through all that time, I had never received the touch of a woman. For me, this potion was the ultimate achievement. I have control over my body and mind, and both are as superior as I can imagine them to be. I do not age, and keep only the gray in my hair and beard as a reminder of my days as a mortal man. "

He stopped in front of her, lifting her head to meet his gaze, "You have wanted nothing but power since you were old enough to talk. The king and queen have given great responsibilities to your brother and sister, and wanted you to be free of those burdens. Instead, you have attempted to gain the privileges of power without those responsibilities. And now you have tried to steal my power."

He grabbed her dress by the front and ripped it like cheap paper, exposing her to him instantly. He had yet to give her a single order, yet Marilah could not bring herself to move.

"I could command you to die, and you would, on the spot. But you may be able to learn something useful, and you are after all the most beautiful young woman in the kingdom." His smile grew darker, as he looked her over.

"You will henceforth go to the tavern of the Bloody Sunset every year on Harvest Festival. From the moment the sun kisses the horizon, you will offer yourself willingly to all who come there, in any way they wish, until the sun pulls free of the horizon once more. You will survive each of these nights without lasting injury or illness to mind or body, and you will remain awake and aware for every moment of the night. For twelve years, twelve hours a year, servicing any who wish to use you. "

He laughed at the look in her eyes, fear, revulsion, pride, and hate, all at once. "I will be somewhat merciful. You will not age, nor become less beautiful, in those twelve years. And you will take pleasure from every act of service each of those nights."

She dropped to her knees, unable to bear thinking about the terrible curse he had laid upon her. Harvest Festival is only a day away!

"Come, lass. I will not send you to your doom a virgin, now." Malisious took her by the hair and pulled her towards his bedroom. "In any case, you've got a lot to learn before tomorrow night."


His commands were obeyed, by her body and mind. She remembered the agonizing orgasm of the sword through her heart, she remembered each and every thrust of men, criminal, peasant, and even noble, she even remembered the twelve elves taking her, each for a night and yet that same night, but the incredible, overwhelming pleasure they had given her had been vague in her mind from the moment the last had finished within her and they had departed. She had begged the crowd that night for so much more, pain on top of pleasure just so she could feel more of what the elves had done to her. Not one man had taken her cunt that night, fearful of using her where the elves had laid claim. Malisious had laughed at her when she told him she was pregnant afterwards.
"Well, I did say no injury or illness. A baby is hardly either; it's somewhat surprising you haven't caught before now." He had arranged for the half-elven child to be delivered to a nearby elven camp. Marilah had been torn, having discovered that she, the selfish bitch princess who had gotten herself cursed for it, had feelings for her daughter, and yet was unable to meet her innocent turquoise gaze.


For now, her tenth year, she was somewhat relieved it was fairly ordinary. She was repeatedly fucked by the tavern patrons, regulars who came year after year, and new faces who had heard the tales. Degraded, covered in dirt, cum, and even sometimes piss, all of this was nothing new to her anymore. As midnight approached, the halfway mark of her night, she was alternating sucking on two cocks at once, and deep throating each of them individually, while some rake had his hand buried in her cunt, stretching it out for the crowds' enjoyment.

They all laughed each time he pulled out, and her cunt shrank to its undamaged state, before widening to the thrust of his fist as if for the very first time again.

The sound of horsemen outside was audible over the duller roar of the crowd now. She finished swallowing a watery, bitter, yet overflowing load from one man, and looked up just as the other sprayed a much thicker load across her face.

Ducking to enter the eight foot doorway, the centaur pushed his way inside. "Ho there, Hops. Is this the Festival night you told us about?" Behind him, three of his fellow stallions shifted nervously in the street, hooves shuffling as their tails flicked in mild embarrassment. The bartender waved to the centaur chief as he caught sight of Marilah. The centaur trotted lightly past the first tables, his hot gaze on the naked, gorgeous redhead as his penis began to slide from its sheath.

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