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A young man dreaming about his boss in nightmare
Mary Swanson was a beauty of note, though up to this very day she had always hidden her body from the eyes of others, She had always worn sweater and loose fitting jeans but on Friday her boyfriend had proposed marriage and she had accepted. She had known him since junior school and they had always known that one day they would marry. They had never had any form of sexual contact other than him kissing her goodnight and that had only been a recent development. She loved him more than anything in the world; he was her soul mate. They had planned to live in the house his uncle had left him; the final papers had only been signed over the previous week. Steve had told her, now they had a place to live there was no need to wait any longer. Mary had been overjoyed and her firends had persuaded her that she needed to dress in a more sophisticated way, she needed to show off her figure. She had gone out and bought some new clothes accompanied by a couple of friends from work. They had gone into the Mall and she had been taken into shops she had never dared visit, Victoria's Secret, and classy shops that sold dresses and suits that showed off her curves. She had worn one of the outfits to church that morning and had felt daring as the close fitting dress had hugged her voluptuous form. It was the first time in her life she had realised how curvy her body was and she had been startled by the admiring glances she had received on her way to and during the church service. One thing that had struck her a being particularly unusual was that a Raven had seemed to follow her, flying from one tree to another and it had seemed to stare at her, she put the thought away as pure imagination and began to take pleasure in the admiring glances of the men, it was something new to her and she found she was enjoying being the centre of attention for the first time in her life.

One man in particular, a man she had never seen before, had been unable to take his eyes off her. He was very handsome in a strange sort of way, almost an image of her daydreams of her perfect man. His skin was tanned and his chest was like a barrel, she blushed as she had imagined the rippling muscles beneath his shirt. She pulled herself together this was no way for her to be acting, her fiancé, as she would have to call him now, had had to go into work, some sort of emergency, something that had only happened a couple of times since she had known him. Try as she might, after the service, she could not seem to be able to shake off the image of the man she had caught staring at her and as she walked home through the gladded arch of trees winding its way through the secluded park leading to her home. She was suddenly aware of footsteps behind her; it was unusual as this pathway was little used. The footsteps persisted and she stole a peek over her shoulder. It was the very stranger she had seen in church and for some reason her heart began to beat faster.

She could hear him speaking softly, in a tongue she could not recognise, but as he drew nearer her heart rate seemed to increase. Involuntarily her walking pace slowed down, it was as though she was being controlled by the soft tone of the voice and its unknown language. Mary stopped and turned, the stranger was much closer now, and the words seemed like an incantation, the thought went through her mind of fairy tales from her childhood and magic spells. The stranger was perfect, the man of her dreams. When she daydreamed, this was who she had thought of, a mixture of film star, brother, father, and lover. She gasped what had made her think of 'lover' that was a word not usually in her vocabulary. She felt strangely different to anything she had experienced before, her breasts were tingling and a strange warmth began to run up from her thighs deep within her body, it was as though she was in a trance.

The stranger came up to her and took her hand, his touch was warm and friendly as he drew her off the path and into the soft grass covered area, she had not know was there. The tranquillity of the spot lured her to relax as the stranger continued muttering the lilting almost songlike incantations. The birds were singing and the soft grass with the summer flowered border seemed to make her want to sit down. The man held her hand whilst she slowly lowered herself down and she sat on the soft dry grass, strange she thought to herself as it had been raining during the service. The rain had not touched this spot and she felt so very much at ease. The stranger knelt beside her, the incantations had stopped and she felt no fear as he bent his head and gently kissed her on the lips. His hands that had been on her shoulders at the beginning of the kiss moved down and unbuttoned her jacket. His kiss was unlike any other she had ever felt, his tongue was in her mouth and her breasts tingled and the nipples had hardened inside her new racy bra. She could feel her new panties were getting wet for no reason, other than the warm feeling running up into her very core.

She stared unable to believe what was happening to her, the stranger had removed her jacket and had unbuttoned her blouse revealing her breasts covered in the flimsy material of her new bra. Her nipples were now so hard they were like pebbles and with one easy movement of his hands, the stranger had released the catch and her breasts were open to the air. Mary gave an involuntary shudder; she had never in her life revealed herself to anyone since her breasts had developed. The man pushed her down and began to kiss first one nipple then the other. Mary seemed unable to put up any resistance, as the warmth between her thighs became a fiery heat. The man's hands unzipped her skirt, her mind raced in a sense of panic, but try as she might she seemed unable to do anything to stop him. She watched as he slid the new garment down over her thighs and she was lying on the grass wearing nothing but a pair of almost transparent panties which by now were soaking wet between her legs.

Oh God, she thought, what am I doing? I feel so inflamed and what's that strange smell? Then she realised the smell was the aroma of her own desire, it was coming from her wet panties. The man stood, she stared open mouthed, as he unzipped his trousers, his underwear was bulging with the swelling within. He pulled them down and his swollen penis sprang up, it was huge, thick veined and pulsating. She stared at it as the veins rippled with the blood being pumped through the swollen flesh. A desire to kiss the head of the swollen column came into her mind, and as if in a trance, her head moved forward, her lips first kissed and then opened to take the purple crown between the open lips of her rosebud mouth. The uncontrollable urge to suck the head deeper into her mouth followed, after a short couple of sentences in that same singsong voice that had intrigued her earlier. Soon her head was bobbing up and down the hot column of flesh; she was giving head for the first time in her life and she had to admit the feeling of pleasure was divine. The man began to thrust with his hips as he began to say words she could not understand but her throat opened and the thick shaft moved deeper and she felt the phallus begin to swell as it disgorged jets of fluid down the back of her throat. She swallowed what she could but it was too much and it bubbled up into her mouth, the salty taste flooding her tongue as it spilt out of the corners of her still sucking mouth to dribble down onto her sensitive breasts. The long swollen shaft was withdrawn and she lay unable to move as if restrained by invisible ropes.

Incredulously she watched as the handsome stranger knelt between her legs, his hands reached up and slowly began to drawn down her new panties, his eyes never leaving the join of her thighs as the panties slid down revealing lips of her wet vulva. It was as though he was drinking in the sight with a gluttonous thirst. To her amazement she helped him by raising her buttocks up off the grassy knoll, she felt the garment slip over her thighs and down her calves and off her feet. She gave a cry of absolute shock and horror as his head bent forward and he smelled her aroma as if he were inhaling the sweet aroma of a bouquet of roses. Horror upon horror, he put his head closer and a shock of electricity charged through her as she felt his tongue touch the outer lips of her sex. She gave an involuntary gasp as it gently probed between them. It seemed to excite her beyond anything she had ever felt before, no one had ever been that close, she knew he could see the hair surrounding her sex, the wisps of blonde hair, and the thicker hair just above her pubis mons, where she had meant to trim so many times but had never quite got round to doing it. Now she wished she had, she felt dirty somehow, ashamed of her own body. He raised her legs and spread them wide revealing her innermost secret place to his staring gaze.

She gave a soft sigh as he pushed his tongue deeper the tip seemed to penetrate her very soul as his nose and face pressed against the swollen folds. He began to move his tongue around within her, savouring the slick fluids she could feel oozing out of her. She could hear him slurping it into his mouth, as though it were the nectar of life. His tongue moved up and she gasped as it swirled around what must be her clitoris. The heat surged up and she felt him push in first one finger then a second. They had slid into her easily and now he was sucking the hardening nub and his fingers were moving in and out of the slippery entrance to her body, that up until that very moment no one other than herself had touched. Mary gave a yelp of pleasure as she felt the stranger suck her clitoris into his mouth and his fingers curled stroking the area directly behind where he was sucking. It was like bolts of electricity were going through her and then she gave a long moan as a surge of pure pleasure ran up into her, it seemed to come from deep inside, and her back arched up forcing the fingers deeper as her vagina clamped around them like a vice. She must have passed out for a few moments from the sheer ecstasy of the moment, for when she opened her eyes, the stranger was naked his bronzed chest rippling with muscles and his abs were like a six pack, the figure looked almost God like and the phallus between his thighs was a rod of pulsating flesh, it looked bigger than when she had taken it into her mouth.

His face was still wet with the fluids she had expelled when she had orgasmed and the grin of triumph on his face was a leer that was almost evil. He moved closer the hugely swollen staff almost but not quite touching her, as he kissed her. She could taste what she could only presume was the juices from her own vagina. Then his hands were fondling her naked breasts soon he was rubbing and rolling her bullet like nipples between his thumbs and forefingers sending radiating shocks through her upper body. The immense pulsating shaft looked like steel as he rubbed it between the wet folds of her oozing swollen sex. Mary was sure he would never be able to penetrate her with it; the very thickness of it seemed out of proportion with the place she knew it was meant to go. She could only stare, as it leaked a clear fluid and this mixed with her own excretions made the mushroom shaped purple crown slick. Her eyes widened as he used his fingers to hold her lips open and the head of his monster penis pushed forward. She cried out as it stretched her wide open, and slowly but surely it forced its way inside. He paused, waiting for her to get accustomed to the size of the huge head and she could feel the steady pulse of the blood pumping through it. He eased his hips forward and it slid deeper until it rested against her unbroken hymen.

The pressure increased until it was almost painful as the bulbous head pressed harder stretching the thin membrane, and once again she heard the lilt of the words as he incanted another verse. He pulled back momentarily and then with a series of lunges the stretched membrane split and was rent asunder as he slid deeper. The pain was sharp and she uttered a shrill yelp. It did no good, the thick phallus continued to slide deeper and deeper. He drove it into her with short sharp thrusts of his hips and her body was responding despite the pain. Her hips rose up engulfing more and more of his penis until she could feel his ball sack pressed against her buttocks. She had taken all of it and she felt her vagina pulsating matching each throb as he lay on top of her, his hands once more rolling the nipples as he kissed her, his tongue now deep inside her mouth. She seemed to have no will of her own, only a longing for something she did not understand. Her whole world seemed to be concentrated around her stretched vagina, where this stranger had pushed his huge phallus deep into her. His fingers of his right hand slid down to her clitoris and he began to slide his fingers over and around the sensitive hard nub. Of her own volition she felt her hips push upwards pressing her own pubis tight against the stranger forcing the thick shaft even deeper within her. The sensation of her inner muscles stretched beyond compare almost overwhelmed her, the incantations began again, Mary felt her breathing quicken and her pelvis begin to gyrate as her hips moved up and down rhythmically, her legs seemed to have a will of their own as they clasped around the strong muscular body.

He began to drive the thick muscular shaft in and out of her, first slow and long, the sound of his ball sack smacking against the wet cheeks of her bottom seemed so loud she thought that anyone passing nearby had to hear. She felt the ripple of pure unadulterated pleasure slowly take over from the dull ache where he had broken her hymen. The feeling gradually intensified flowing up from the tips of her toes, shooting up through the very sinews of her legs, her hips, her vagina, and her heart which was now beating like a trip hammer. Each stroke into her seemed to heighten the intensity of the waves of ecstasy rolling through her very soul. Her heart she thought would not take much more; he began pumping harder and faster, and had to remove his hand. She did not seem to mind, all she did was moan more and try to move her hips in time to his thrusts as the thick shaft began to move deeper and the speed built up, it was as though her heart was going to burst. The huge waves of rapturous pleasure surged through her, high voltage electrical impulses shot from muscle to muscle, vessels reached bursting point as blood pounded through her veins. Her scalp bristled, she could not get her breath, she felt her vaginal muscles tighten and her entire body went into total shock. She knew at once this was what she had heard her friends call an orgasm, as her body locked around the thrusting shaft.

His mouth sought hers again and their lips touched, her mouth opened as if by some unknown command, she accepted his tongue and the passionate kiss stirred more hidden feeling deep within her. The look on the stranger's face was enough to make her push up against him despite the sharp pain of having him inside her. And her body trembled beneath him. He continued to pull out and drive the thick pole of flesh back in again and again, never once taking his eyes from hers, between his long deep thrusts. She was beginning to lose control of her senses as he was driving the thick phallus into her harder and faster and she knew she had no way of stopping him, what's more the way her body was reacting, did she really want him to stop? The wetness from her vagina had travelled down between my legs and she could feel it under her, it made her body feel sticky against the dry grass. Looking down she could see the thick shaft moving in and out of her; the swollen flesh glistening with the wetness from her weeping sex. His thrusting became feverish as he plunged into her faster and faster

A shiver ran through her as he continued driving into her with a kind of animalistic ferocity forcing it up inside her as far as it could go. Mary could feel the sensation of it as it was thrust against her cervix. All her mind could think about was that he was going to shoot his warm seed inside her at any moment and what the consequences of that might be. Mary started to feel the tingle of an almighty orgasm build, as the feeling of arousal coursed through every inch of her body as her stretched vagina began to tighten around his plunging shaft. She became aware of a change in the rhythm the stranger gave a deep grunt from the depths of his very core and she could feel the shaft swell deep inside her; it jerked with each thrust and the heat burst inside her she could sense the jet of seminal fluid pulse up through her cervix and into her womb. The next time he thrust into her she felt him go deeper the warmth seemed to penetrate so deep inside her. The eruptions seemed to continue for a long time, she lost count of the number of jerks she felt the plunging shaft give, each one signifying more of the strangers seed being deposited into her previously virgin womb. At last her body stopped shuddering and her spasming, clasping vagina began to relax. She felt him soften within her.

The horror of what was happening to her seemed to overwhelm her as the incantations began again. Mary felt her arousal surge she could not believe what was happening to her, unbelievably she wanted him to satisfy her again, this time she was eager, her hips thrust up as she moaned softly. Her innocence taken and the spell or whatever it was, was giving her such erotic pleasure. Her internal muscles were gripping the whole length of the plunging phallus deep inside her, Mary's movements grew wilder and wilder, she urged him ever deeper into her pleasure zone. The feeling of her tightness seemingly raised the strangers hormone level, absolute lust filled his very core, the movement of his hips grew faster as he slid in and out of her and the fluttering of her muscles against his rapidly driving penis confirmed that Mary's climax was approaching fast, as he thrust his hard shaft into her with ever increasing speed. Mary could feel the sack smack against her wet bottom; she could feel his balls tighten inside his scrotal sack as they filled again in readiness to deposit his seed inside her for a second time. Her young pussy gripped the stranger's rigid shaft tightly as she began her climax, the surge of erotic elation coursed through her young and previously unrequited body. The stranger could hold back no longer and he cried out with an animalistic grunt of pure pleasure as she felt his penis begin to swell, as the thick seed bearing fluid began erupting like a fountain as it burst out of the swollen crown of the plunging phallus into her tender pussy. She moaned softly relishing in the pleasure she felt as the hot jets began splashing against her cervix and was being forced up into her uterus, spreading its swimming spermatozoa, each one searching for an egg to fertilise. Even as he jerked inside her the thick head disgorging its rich seed she could hear the incantations continue and she knew he was not done with her yet.

Unbelievably he remained hard and he began to move again slowly sliding in and out of her tight and now very sperm filled slick vagina, his movements soft and gentle at the start but soon becoming a series of urgent thrusting, grinding movements driving the rigid flesh into her vagina again and again, Mary gasped, how much more could she take? How much more had he to give? She quickly got back into the steady rhythm, and their unreserved coupling made wet squelching and slapping sounds as their urgent mating grew more frenzied by the second. The stranger was in no rush to end this conquest of her innocence, he slowed almost to a halt, allowing both of their levels of excitement to fall back momentarily until the pressure to climax faltered, then he would begin again, This was repeated time after time, they seemed to go on for hours, their combined fluids squelched, as the stranger's hips and scrotum slapped louder with each drive into Mary's tender vagina, she experienced a desperate need for her body to reach a release of her climax once again, as he repeatedly plunged his seemingly tireless penis into her soft and quivering sex, enjoying her rapid and urgent movements as she tried desperately to reach the culmination her body was desperate to reach. Unperturbed the stranger continued to ravage her, the plunging flesh now pounding into her faster, the man above her howling with the pure pleasure of the moment. Mary moaned and groaned with ecstatic pleasure as her cervix was touched again and again by her lover's constantly thrusting member. Contrary to her mind, which was crying with shame, her body was enjoying every moment; it could not get enough of the urgent thrusting, as she was unable to put up any resistance to prevent his complete domination of her wanton body. She felt the sack tighten as it hit her buttocks, his hips began to thrust forwards in short staccato jerks and her heels which were gripping him felt the muscles in his lower back contract, his buttocks began to clench in a series of spasms. She knew he was almost there, Mary's body arched upwards her vagina clasping his thick shaft in a vice like grip and her climax was upon her, her orgasm to burst like a star shell, she closed her legs around him thrusting up and she heard herself involuntarily moaning.
She began to shudder her head was thrown about wildly as The stranger's jerking penis pumped his seed into her womb for the last and final time. Her shuddering climax seemed to go on for ever as he gushed, jet after jet of his ejaculating fertile seed high inside her quivering sex. Finally she relaxed and her legs unclasped themselves from behind him and she lay back. Her legs wide open as he began to withdraw his slowly softening, dripping penis from her gaping lips, her stretched and sore vagina full of his seed. The man above her gasped his mouth continued sucking her tender breasts, his phallus slowly softening as it slipped from her sperm filled pussy.

Then she felt a shudder run through him and he lay still, she could feel his heart beating fast and furiously, the perspiration running down his body onto her slender frame beneath. Mary was trying to breathe, her lungs fighting for oxygen. The stranger was inert, his weight heavy on her chest; squashing her tender breasts. She lay still as his breathing slowly returned to normal; her own chest rising and falling as she too slowly began to return to a normal state of breathing. She knew she must look a total wreck, her body lay naked, exhausted, exposed and vulnerable as she felt him begin to move off her and stand his hard penis now slack a fraction of the size it had been.

The trance like feeling fell away like a cloak she began to think the whole thing must have been a dream but as Mary looked down at her body, her breasts bruised and red, her vagina open and stretched, the lips of her vulva red and swollen; the white fluid, tinged with her virgin blood, seeping out of her, told her it had not been a dream, it had been real.

As she lay there recovering from her ordeal she watched with horror as the physique of her lover began to change, the once handsome face became old and wizened, the long white beard and the pointed hat reminded her of pictures in her story books of long ago. Merlin came to mind as the form changed again and the figure shrank to the black raven, she had seen earlier in the day. The bird seemed to smile as it flapped its wings and flew up onto a nearby branch.

Somehow she knew whoever she told would not believe her story. In her mind she knew the wedding would need to be soon for she realised she was in her most fertile time of the month and the seed within her would surely have found a home. What would Steve make of her now that she understood what sex was all about. She only hoped he would be man enough for her after she had been visited by the wizard himself; otherwise she would be walking down this very path as often as she could in the hopes there would be a repeat of today's introduction to what sex could do for a woman and the erotic feelings it could generate deep within her very soul. Try as she might she never found that hidden glade with the dry grassy knoll; though she tried many times.

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