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I went at the University's medical office for the regular visit that all students had to do twice a year. It wasn't much of a deal, just some checks and a couple of tests. I knew Dr. Halep from previous visits. She was a sexy lady in her mid thirties, not very tall, quite short actually, and slim. But above all she was very nice. It was a pleasure to talk to her, each time. This time, she was not alone; there was a young woman together with her in the office.

"She is Dr. Hellen," said Dr. Halep, introducing the other woman. "Well, soon to be. She's doing internship."

The visit went as usually, Dr. Halep asking questions and filling some forms, and sometimes explaining something to Dr. Hellen. I did some eye checking and they took a blood sample from me. It didn't take more than 10 minutes for everything.

"Well, we're done," said Dr. Halep.

"Good, thank you," I said, and stood up.

"Well, there would be something else," said Dr. Halep, with her pleasant voice.

"Yes, doctor?" I said.

"Perhaps you can help us, Dr. Hellen actually," she said.

"How is that?" I asked.

"Why don't you sit back," she said, pointing to the seat. "You see, she is doing some research for her diploma," she continued while I sat down again. "And she needs some figures for that."

"OK. And how can I help her?" I asked.

"By providing her with some answers," she said.

"You mean, taking part in a survey? Answering questions?" I asked.

"Right; something like that," said Dr. Halep.

"OK," I said.

"So you agree?" asked Dr. Halep.

"Yes, that's fine," I answered without knowing what kind of questions she was going to ask. But Dr. Halep was so hard to refuse. "So, what do you want to know?" I asked.

"I'm doing a survey about men penises and how much do they cum," said Dr. Hellen, and I was completely surprised by her answer. That was something I hadn't consider when accepting helping her.

"Oh, I see," I said, and my voice shown surprise and reluctance.

"I hope that is not a problem," said Dr. Halep, smiling irresistibly to me.

"A... I don't know," I said.

"Please," said Dr. Halep. "These surveys are completely anonymous, I give you my word. And she needs people to help her with that, and fast. Do it for me," she said.

After thinking for a moment I decided to go for it. Dr. Halep was hard to refuse.

"OK," I said and they smiled thankfully to me.

"Thank you," said Dr. Hellen and grabbed a form from a drawer. She took a pen, and wrote something on the paper and said.

"So age is 22... Your height?"

"178," I answered and she wrote it down.


"70 kg," I answered.

"Now, I need to you take off your clothes," she said.

"My clothes?" I answered.

"Yes, I need to measure your penis," she said.

"You didn't say anything about that," I said.

"Please do that for us," asked Dr. Halep again. "It's more accurate if she measures it instead of you just telling us the size. And don't worry; we've seen all kinds of penises already."

I stood up and started to undress without saying anything to them. I removed my pants first and then my underwear, standing naked from waist down, with my small cock hanging between my legs. Dr. Hellen took a ruler, and then put a pair of medical gloves on and came to me.

"What a big foreskin," she said grabbing my cock in her hands, while Dr. Halep was looking at us behind her desk.

"Yes, indeed; an impressive piece of skin you have there," she said to me, smiling and winking to me. It felt like a compliment the way she said it. And despite my small size it felt like she was enjoying the view.

Dr. Hellen pulled my foreskin back and used the ruler to measure my cock.

"8 cm," she said to Dr. Halep, who took the paper and wrote it down.

"Is this your regular soft size?" Dr. Hellen asked.

"Yeah..." I said and Dr. Halep wrote that on the form.

"The girth is... 8," said the young woman after measuring me.

"I will need to get you hard so I can measure you again," said Dr. Hellen to me.

Without waiting for me to answer or approve she started to strike my cock and jerk it. This was more than I expected and blushed and Dr. Halep saw that and smiled to me with a look that said, "You didn't see this coming."

It didn't take long for the woman to give me a hard on. When she considered it was good enough, she used the ruler again to measure my length.

"13," she said.

"Just as I was expecting," said Dr. Halep while she filled in the form. "And girth?"

"11," answered Dr. Hellen after measuring me again. "Now, the only thing left to do is taking a sperm sample," she said.

Dr. Halep passed Dr. Hellen a bottle of lotion; she opened it and poured from it on my hard cock. She then spread it on my entire shaft and started to jerk me off. I felt almost humiliated sitting on a chair, with this young woman on a chair next to me, jerking me off, and Dr. Halep watching the entire scene from her desk, just a couple of feet away. But it was not the time to back off. As much as weird it looked like I felt pleasure and excitement. Dr. Hellen was doing a good job, and I wondered how many times she did that before. How many guys ended up helping her and getting a hand job?

When she saw I was about to cum she changed the position pointing my cock down and placing a small glass at the tip, so that when I came a few moments latter all the cum hit the glass. She stretched my cock, milking it of the last drop of cum. She looked at the glass and read the scale.

"3.5 ml," she said.

"That's good," said Dr. Halep while writing down the data. Then, she handed some paper towel that Dr. Hellen used to clean my cock. She did that softly and patiently and when she finished I was all cleaned up.

"Thank you so much," she said to me and she smiled as she stood up.

"A... tha... sure," I said.

"You can dress up," Dr. Hellen said, taking off her gloves.

"So it was not that bad after all," said Dr. Halep. "Right?"

"A... no... I guess," I answered, not knowing exactly what to say.

"I'm glad to hear that," she said while I was dressing. "In this case we're expecting you again next week for the second sample," she said.

"Second sample?" I asked, surprised again, when I though they cannot surprise me again.

"Of course, we need 3 samples at least," she said. "I'm sure you won't let us down, right?"

"A... no, doctor," I answered.

"Great. See you next week then," she said.

I left the room amazed by the way they played me, and, at the same time, eager to come back for another hand job like that.

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