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Nasty female masturbating sexstories
The sledgehammer crashes through my dream. I wake, instantly forgetting what the dream had been about but just as quickly sad to have left its warm embrace I register the neighbour's car, coughing and spluttering in the driveway, robbing me of my sleep, of the worlds I visit when I am floating.

Gazing at the alarm clock I saw it was 7.45, an hour earlier than I had planned to wake up. In a haze I rolled onto my back, my head settling into the lush pillow where it had been resting, my auburn hair flowing around me. I could feel a slight morning chill in the air and before I pulled up my duvet I felt a stiffening of my nipples and could feel them pushing into my baby blue tank top. I had owned this top since high school, a present from my first boyfriend and whilst it was now way too short and tight to wear out in public, I still loved sleeping in it, loved the way my 32C boobs filled it out and whenever I became aroused, could guarantee that the friction on my nipples would quickly bring them to an erect sensitive state. Against my wishes to fall back asleep I could feel my morning horniness beginning to creep through me, my nipples rubbing agonisingly against my shirt, loving the way the chill of the air juxtaposed the rising heat within me.

I breathed deeply sinking further into my bed as my right hand began to stroke my stomach playing with my belly button, slowly working its way along the toned centre of my stomach flicking the bottom of my top, my thumb pushing further and further up, my little finger still circling my belly button, causing my skin to prickle and my breathing to increase.

Without conscious thought my left hand had slipped down my side and was pressing the crotch of my pink tartan pyjama bottoms into my glowing mound, feeling the rasping of my trimmed auburn pubes against the cotton and a spreading wetness causing the material to stick and achingly peel off my wet folds.

Biting my bottom lip and starting to roll my hips up and down my right hand had made its way under my shirt cupping my breast. Gazing down, seeing the fabric moving as the hand underneath massaged by breast, almost foreign, almost not my own, a stranger that had found its way into my bed in the night and was now bringing me to life in the morning.

With a quick upward movement I raised my upper body and pulled my top over my head, carelessly flinging it off the side of the bed, hearing in the distance the sound of make-up, my phone and a glass falling from my bedside table, not caring, consumed in the pursuit of my pleasure. I hook my fingers under the waist band of my pyjamas and eagerly push them down exposing my wet pussy and I wriggle my hips and legs pulling the pants down, gripping the material between my toes then kicking out of them, pushing them to the end of the bed.

As my legs undress me of my pyjama bottoms, I bring both hands up my body, my pussy crying out to me for depriving it of the attention it was loving, the fingers it was swelling around and teasing myself I begin to play with my tits, taking a nipple in one hand between my fore finger and thumb, squeezing it as I push the other up with my whole hand. The nipple between my fingers responding to the pressure aches delightfully, and I squeeze harder, twisting a little, a sharper pain, my brain telling me to stop, but my desire saying that my body can take more, that I want to take more, then releasing, the internal battle subsides for a moment before my other hand grasps its nipple and the torment begins again only this time I find that both nipples are being twisted, being pulled, the pressure rising, then lessening then tightening its grip again.

My mind is flooding with the desires that I want; my sex crying out to be touched I raise my left thigh crossing it over the right and squeezing them together, offering any kind of friction I can to my crying clit, trying to satisfy the lust in every pore of my body, crying out as a bolt of pain shoots through my nipple, a tear forming in my eye, then rolling down my cheek, feeling its exact path on my face, all my senses heightened, its wet trace feels like a river and I moan as it tickles my ear lobe eventually being absorbed into my hair.

It is too much, my mouth now dry as if all moisture has flooded to my wet sex, I release my nipples and my right hand races down my body, pushing between my thighs, having to fight my left thigh from squeezing into me more, as if I don't believe I will finally end the torment of not giving my wet folds their due attention, my pussy savouring the little pressure my thigh has been able to provide.

The instant my fingers hit the top of my now damp, thick short brown pubes my legs relent, spreading like a flower, the scent from my juices flowing up, filling the air, the seductive scent of pleasure, of sex, of being a woman. Suddenly, a prolonged moan cuts through everything, deafening yet distant as finally my fingers meet my clit, my middle finger pushing down, my juices coating it as my labia wraps itself around, then my finger curls up, through the folds, seeking the bud and finding it proudly exposed, presenting itself to be stimulated, my fingers eagerly obliging, flicking over it, into it, scissoring it between fore and middle finger. I cry out again, my left hand runs through my hair, gripping it into a ball, pulling then releasing, my face turned, pressing into my open hand I bite the base of my thumb, then grip my hair again and I try to bury my face into my pillow.

My pussy on fire, I feel my climax racing toward me, only one is thing missing, the one thing my red hot sex is screaming for and like the most wanted person at party, arriving late, just at the right moment, my left hand joins my right, slipping below it and two fingers invade my pussy, gliding into my juicy hole, the walls of my pussy so hot and sensitive, welcoming them in a tight embrace, every inch of their entry gloriously savoured.

Overwhelmed with divine pleasure my body flips over, my left hand releases my clit, replaced by the base of my right, my hips grinding down, the weight of my body on my hand as a third finger, stretching my lips but held slightly lower than the other two enters my dripping pussy. I grind down harder and harder, moaning and as I close my mouth I feel the two wet fingers of my left hand between my lips, the taste of my womanly juice seeping into my tongue, dancing over my taste buds, and I suck them hard, biting them as I begin to scream.

My legs kicking out making circles as yes, finally, bursting from the deepest part of my body, my orgasm explodes out of me, my pussy lips gripping my fingers as it milks around them, the tips of my fingers flicking harder into the rough skin of my G spot causing wave after wave to crash onto my hand, trembling now, my clit, on fire, every feeling amplified feels numb against my slippery hand, as if it's too much, as if it can't process this much pleasure, so I raise it slightly, releasing the pressure and allowing the pleasure to engorge me again and I cry out louder into the pillow then bringing my clit down again onto my hand, savouring the touch as I tremble, shaking violently, my legs spasm, my fingers held tightly inside me, as I let the tide come in, let it wash over me and I drown for one infinitely blissful moment.

Opening my eyes, adjusting to the light of the room, I find my fingers have slipped from my pleasantly warm wet sex, nestled lovingly between my thighs. The scent of my juices from the fingers held just beneath my chin and the taste on my tongue a blissful reminder. I slowly, roll over, releasing my fingers and I look at the clock. 08.10. I smile, nestling my face into my pillow....I guess I have another 35 minutes to kill before I have to get up...

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English Sex Stories

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