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She sexually stimulate by crossing her legs tightly
I haven't been able to please my boyfriend's sexual desires in a very long time. We have had an amazing relationship for years, but I really wanted to spice up our sex lives. I feel like I can't please him enough with our busy work schedules. I work days and he works nights so it's hard to have our time together for an evening of fun.

Today at work I was feeling quite horny as usual. I wanted to plan an evening of something new. Late in the day, I got an amazing idea to surprise my boyfriend with something new.

After work, I decided to go to a porn shop to just browse around and get different ideas. I have only been to a porn shop with Tim, so it was my first time going alone. It was exciting and at the same time, I could feel men stare me down as I walked up and down the isles curiously.

I looked at the usual items that Tim and I would look for such as sexy lingerie and new porn DVD's. Today I was in the mood to try something completely different on him. I started browsing all the toy novelties. All I could think about as I was looking for a new toy was how beautiful Tim's ass is. Lately we have been into something new- which is 69ing while we both lick each others asses. I never explored this with another man so the thought of it turns me on so much. While we were having sex a couple of weeks ago, I lubed up his ass with my saliva and inserted my finger in his ass to see his reaction. I never heard Tim moan so loud in my life. I thought for sure that we woke up my roommate.

As that thought crossed my mind, I wanted to really get his full hard attention. I passed by the dildos and strapon isle. I stopped dead in my track and got a very mischievous idea. I started getting into looking at all the strapon's the shop had to offer. My pussy was getting wet at my sick idea. I picked up this leather strapon and liked the way it was shaped to my body. The thought of being dominate and surprising him was making me crazy. I picked out a dong to go with this leather strapon. I grabbed a 6" cyberskin cock that I could imagine Tim going wild over.

When I got home, I saw that Tim wasn't there, which was perfect for me to arrange some preparations for the night's activities. I ran up to my room and threw my packages down to jump in the shower. I washed every inch of my body and shaved my pussy completely bare, as I was going to make Tim cover me with his tongue.

After I was dry and lotioned, I spread my purchases out on the bed. I picked up the 6" cock and felt how smooth it was as I began to caress it. I knew Tim was going to go crazy with this big cock up his ass. I slipped the O-ring over the cock and fastened it to the harness. Then I put my thong on before strapping the dildo to my body. I felt so sexy sliding the leather up my legs and so powerful as I strapped myself in. I went over to the mirror and watched myself stroking my cock. The sight made my pussy gush.

I heard Tim coming up the stairs and turned to face the door just as he was walking in. My boyfriend stopped dead in his tracks and the look on his face put a large smile on mine. I ordered him to strip off his clothes, which he did, and crawl on his hands and knees to my new appendage. My boyfriend looked so fucking sexy crawling on the carpet with his already rock hard cock swinging underneath him.

As he approached me I asked him if he liked our new toy and he smiled as he nodded his head in approval. "Show me how much you like it!" I demanded of him. I smiled in satisfaction as I watched my boyfriend slip my lifelike cock into his mouth. As he displayed his cock-sucking skills, I couldn't help but imagine myself watching Tim give a guy head. My pussy started to drip as I pictured walking in on him with a 10" cock shooting a hot load into his mouth.

Tim had his eyes closed as my thick dick slid in and out of his wet mouth. I wondered if he was picturing the same thing I was. When he started moaning with a mouthful of cock, I couldn't take it anymore.

I ordered my boyfriend to stand up and get on the bed. I stared at him from across the room as he looked over his shoulder from his hands and knees. I gently made my way over and placed both my hands on his wanting ass. "Put you head down on the bed!" I demanded of him as I didn't want him to see what I would be doing. I slowly lowered my face to him as I spread his cheeks apart. Tim jumped a bit when he felt my wet tongue sliding along his wanting asshole. I rimmed him and enjoyed watching his throbbing cock jerk up and down with excitement. Tim began stroking himself and I felt his asshole open up for me. My long tongue dove into my boyfriend and he moaned into my mattress.

"Oh god Jenn, I want your cock in my ass," he mumbled into the bed. I began shoving my tongue in and out of his asshole, lubricating my target. My pussy was throbbing as I heard Tim beg to be fucked in the ass. As I removed my tongue from my boyfriend's asshole, I got up on my knees and positioned my cock at his entrance. I started slapping his hole with my cock.

"Tell me what you want!"

"I want it in my ass."

"You want what?" I teased him, wanting to hear him say it. I accentuated my question with some rough slapping with my hard-on.

"I want your big dick in my ass!" he screamed. I reached over and opened the bottle of lube. As I squeezed a few drops onto his asshole, he jumped, surprised at the coldness of it. I immediately began warming it up by sliding my middle finger in and out of his ass. Tim was practically shaking with excitement. I slipped my finger out of him and applied a generous amount of lube to my 6" cock. I felt so sexy as I began to stroke my cock, jerking myself off.

"You want this?" I teased him. Tim turned to look at my hand sliding up and down my cock and moaned very loudly.

"Oh god, yes Jenn. I want that fuckin' big dick to split me open."

I nearly came in my panties. As I lined the tip of my cock up with his wanting hole, I felt him tense a bit. "Relax baby, and it will feel much better for you," I instructed him. I immediately saw Tim's asshole open up to me and I took the opportunity to slip the head of my hard-on into my boyfriend's ass.

We both yelled in ecstasy together, probably too loud for my roommates being in the next room. I placed my left hand on Timmy's back as I slid the rest of my cock inside him. My hips were pressed into his ass, as I gave him some time to get used to my girth. I knew his anus was throbbing on my shaft as he felt the head of my dick on his prostrate. "Fuck me in the ass Jenn!" Tim yelled, surprising me.

I began bucking my hips a bit, enjoying the site of my hard cock sliding in and out of my boyfriend's ass. I began to pick up my pace as I leaned onto Timmy's back, pressing my tits into him while I fucked him.

"Oh my god, Jenn., I love that dick in my ass." Tim was moaning very loudly and jumped a little when I reached my right hand around his waist to stroke his hard cock. He was throbbing so much, I thought he was going to shoot his load right away.

"You like feeling this cock in your ass?" I whispered in his hear, feeling his moan flow through his entire body. "I'll bet you wish it was real you pervert. I want to watch a man fill your ass up with his cum." Again Tim moaned in concurrence. "I want to see your face as I give you this big cock." Tim's cock jumped as I removed my cock from his ass to flip him over.

Once on his back, I spread my boyfriend's legs and lined up my hard cock with his ass to resume fucking him. I saw Tim close his eyes as my dick penetrated him, filling the void he was racked with for those brief moments. As I slid inside him, I applied more lube to his own cock, wanting to watch my boyfriend stroke himself as he got fucked in the ass.

"Oh Jenn, make me your bitch. Give me that fucking hard cock right in my ass. Goddamn it Jenn, I love cock in my ass. Fuck me baby, make me your bitch." Tim's demands were definitely too loud but I didn't care. I was so close to cumming, knowing my roommates could hear me giving my boyfriend my big cock.

I watched Tim's face as he took my cock, eyes closed concentrating on not cumming all over his hand. As he opened them to watch me, I saw a scared but excited look on his face as he looked past me. I stopped thrusting and looked over my shoulder right into my roommate Yvette's eyes. We smiled at each other as I resumed giving Timmy the dicking that he desired.

I felt Yvette creeping up behind me to watch over my shoulder. "Yeah baby, you like taking this big cock don't you?" Tim threw his head back in enjoyment as our friend watched me fuck him in the ass. Tim was stroking his cock furiously and I was impressed in his control to not have cum yet. I decided to test him.

Continuing my thrusting, I turned my head to Yvette and softly kissed her on the lips. She responded with her mouth and soon our tongues were wrestling each other while my cock was hitting Tim's prostate.

"You like watching me fuck my boyfriend in the ass?" I asked Yvette. She nodded enthusiastically.

"He looks so sexy with that big cock in his ass," Yvette whispered.

"Why don't you go get your harness?" I whispered back. We kissed again and then Yvette turned to go upstairs to retrieve her matching unit. I saw Tim struggling to keep it under control as I resumed fucking him. I was taking it slow with our new toy, so I wouldn't make him cum yet. His moans were getting louder as I let him feel every inch of my big dildo slowing gliding into him.

I leaned over the bed, pressing my tits up against him, reaching up for a kiss. We were passionately kissing, as I felt a cold hand touch my body. Tim was grabbing my ass, keeping me close inside him. His cock was throbbing in pleasure.

Another hand slid down the small of my back and close to my ass. I looked behind me to see Yvette fully naked with a devilish look on her face. "Is it my turn yet?" Yvette asked, stroking her member. Her cock was slightly bigger than mine, about 7 1/2 inches. Her tits were so perky and her nipples fully erect. I let my dick slide out of my boyfriend's wanting ass as I was intrigued to see Yvettes next move.

I fell to my knees on the floor. I started to caress her member with my tongue. Her cock was beautiful and hot red. It was so soft to lick that it felt like a real dick. I was grabbing on to her firm balls and she let out a moan. My hand slid up her leg as she pushed her dick deep in my mouth. "Yeah bitch, take that cock." My gag reflexes were working hard as she pumped that hard cock in my mouth.

Tim sat up from the bed massaging his fully erect dick. Yvette leaned over toward him and they started slowly kissing. Tim's left hand was curiously exploring her body as I worked my hand to Yvette's clit. As Tim and her kissed she let out a soft moan. My middle finger slipped into her dripping tight pussy. I thrust my finger in and out of her like a real dick. My finger was getting wetter and wetter as Tim grabbed onto the back of my head. He shoved my mouth deeper on her cock. I pulled up off the cock abruptly as I wanted to taste her sweet lesbian juices. I spread her legs apart more as I was still pumping my finger in her cunt. Tim was groping her tits and sucking on her perky nipples. Yvette started to moan louder and louder with each stroke of my long tongue on her clit. Her pussy was gushing with juices. Tim and I were getting Yvette so close to climaxing. I slowed down licking her clit and made my way to her ass. Yvette was so aroused molesting Tim's beautiful body with her hands and mouth. He lay back down on the bed hungrily wanting more from her.

I was sitting on the floor, cock still hard as a rock. My tongue slid into the crack of Yvette's ass making her scream for more. I was massaging her wet pussy with my fingers. As Tim lay on the bed he spread his legs so Yvette could tongue his member down. For a lesbian she sure knew how to please a man. Her small mouth plunged on top of Tim's rock hard cock. He let out a pleasing yell. As Yvette was sucking him down, my face was buried in her asshole. I was stretching out her hole with the deep thrusts of 3 fingers in hopes that she would sit on his cock.

Yvette went up to kiss Tim again, with the scent of cock on her whorish mouth. As she went up for a kiss, she mounted Tim like a queen. She new what she wanted of him. I grabbed his cock from underneath her ass and stuck it up so she would relax her sexy juicy pussy on it. .Her red dildo was resting on his stomach as she sat on his hard on. She yelled so loud as she felt a real man's cock slide into her cunt. He let her do the pumping as she grinded his dick to hit her g-spot. A few more hard thrusts and she burst out a loud scream as she squirted all over his body. She stopped for a moment in pure ecstasy. I spread Tim's legs open and grabbed onto Yvette's body from behind. My cock found its way to Tim's stretched out asshole. I reached around Yvette for some lube from her squirting cunt. I massaged my erect cock and slid into to Tim's ass again slowly. Yvette felt Tim's dick throb inside her pussy which made her go crazy. She was on the balls of her feet pouncing up and down on his cock. Harder and harder she rode him like a bull champion. I was pumping Tim's ass long and hard. Tim and Yvette were both screaming in extreme pleasure. I quickly slowed down as Tim's yelling indicated he was about to cum in her lesbian pussy. As I stopped pounding my sexy boyfriend, Yvette slowed down as well. She was now grinding his cock into her pussy in circular motions, letting her clit be massaged by his bare skin.

She got up and off of him and kissed his neck. She whispered in his ear, "Is it my turn yet big boy?" and licked his neck. Tim started to moan again. She pushed him up on the middle of the bed to have her way with him. She spread his legs like a girl and said, "I have been waiting to give you my cock for a long time!" "Are you ready?" Tim shook his head as he was preparing for an even bigger dick in his ass. I crawled up on the bed and lay beside Tim. I was kissing his body as Yvette plunged her cock into his ass. She worked that dick into his ass so good and Tim's moans were getting louder as she was massaging his prostate. Tim was stroking his cock and I wanted to finish him off right. As she was getting more and more into a constant motion, my mouth wanted to taste another woman's scent on my man. I licked the top of his head, and made my way down to the bottom of his shaft. I swallowed his cock deep in the back of my throat. Tim used my mouth like a pussy and shoved my head down on his cock more. Yvette was moaning as she dominated Tim's ass. He started moaning louder and louder again fully throbbing in my used up mouth. Tim exploded into mouth with the biggest load of cum. Some of his cum dripped out of my mouth. I wanted to share his cum with him and went up to him for a kiss. I let him lick the cum out of my mouth. Yvette slowly slid her cock out of his ass and lay down on the either side of him. Curiously she kissed him to taste the cum of a man. She licked her lips very satisfied.

A couple minutes went by, and she sat up in a fast motion. She kissed Tim again on the lips and thanked him for a great time abusing his body. She kissed me as well, thanking me for letting me join in. "Anytime baby," I said. All of us were in smiles as this was the first of many threesome occasions we would have together.

I slid off my harness and cuddled up next to Tim. He could barely keep his eyes open after being dominated by two women. I just slowly touched his bare body with my fingers caressing his skin calming his racing heart.

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English Sex Stories

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