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Masturbation consists of anything that's going to enhance an erection
Jenny was on the phone to her girlfriend, Cassie. Cassie was working away at the moment and they hadn't been together for a few weeks. The conversation had started off rather mundane talking about the weather, how their friends were doing etc. It wasn't long before the conversation started to turn a bit more candid.

"So are you missing me" Cassie asked

"Of course I am, you wouldn't believe how much I miss your company"

"Just my company, is that all" Cassie remarked laughing.

"God, you know that I miss your body, the way you touch me, the way you hold me."

"So have you been doing anything to ease the situation then" Cassie asked.

"Well, I have eased the situation a couple of times with my fingers, if you know what I mean"

"I've been the same, but after a while I needed more than my fingers, so I looked on the internet and found that there was a sex shop just around the corner from the hotel and, well, I bought myself a vibrator"

Jenny's heart skipped a beat, "How did you have the nerve, what's it like, is it good" Jenny had so many questions. "I can't believe your staying in a hotel, and your using a vibrator, suppose someone hears and what about the maid suppose she finds it when she is turning down the room?"

"The thought of being heard turns me on even more as does the thought of the maid finding the toy, in fact I left it out this morning and when I came in this evening, it was in the bedside drawer cleaned." Cassie then added in a husky voice "I bet she used it."

"Stop it; you're making me jealous, and horny."

"Do you want me to go and get it, shall I use it while I'm on the phone to you, do you want to hear me cum"

Before Jenny could say anything she heard the phone being put down and footsteps a drawer being opened and closed and then the phone being picked back up.

"I'm holding it now, it's about 8 inches long, it's bent over at the end so that I can hold against my g spot."

"What are you wearing Cassie darling. I want you to set the scene for me, I'm lying on the sofa in just my night dress, god your making me horny, my pussy is throbbing, please tell me what you are doing" Jenny almost pleaded.

"I'm laid on the bed, naked, I've just had a shower my skin is tingling with excitement"

Jenny then heard a low buzz as Cassie switched the toy on.

"I'm running the vibrator over my breasts, my nipples are hard, I'm playing the vibrator over them now, god this is good, my hard nipples are aching, I wish you could suck them. I wish you could bite my hard nipples."

Jenny's right hand was gently massaging her own breasts mimicking the actions at the other end of the phone.

"I'm now running the vibrator down over my stomach, I'm sliding it between my thighs, I'm spreading my legs, the toy is running up and down my slit. My pussy lips are opening, I can feel my juices starting to flow. Do you want me to push the vibrator inside me?"

"God yes, push it in, I want you to slide your toy up inside your pussy, I'm wet as well my hand is pushing the material of my nightdress up and down my pussy, my juices are staining the material, I want you to pump that toy in and out of yourself thinking about me with a hand between my legs, I only wish it was your hand"

"There was a gasp on the phone, I'm fucking myself now, I'm imagining that you are here watching me fuck myself with my toy." Cassie was thrusting the plastic cock in and out of herself, she was struggling to talk on the phone at the same time and ended up putting the phone down on the bed allowing her to use both hands. She rubbed frantically at her clit as her other hand manipulated the vibrator to a position where it was stimulating her g spot.

Jenny could hear the noise of the toy being pumped in and out of Cassie's cunt, she heard the phone being put down and then she heard squelching as Cassie rubbed at her clit. She, herself, had dragged her nightshirt up her body giving herself easier access to her wet sex. She continued to use just one hand not able to put the phone down for fear of missing anything. Her fingers rubbed down from her clit and right down her wet slit and back up. She then brought her fingers up to her mouth tasting her juices before rubbing along the length of her slit again, she then rubbed in a circular motion starting off slowly then increasing in speed until her hand was a blur. On the phone she could hear Cassie start to cum, she heard her start to gasp, the gasping getting louder as Cassie approached her orgasm. Jennys fingers were now pumping in and out of her dripping cunt, her orgasm welling up inside. She heard a scream on the phone as Cassie finally tipped herself over the edge. The sound of her friend cumming had a similar effect on Jenny and she came hard, her juice pouring out between her fingers that were buried deep inside her wet cunt.

It must have been about a minute before Cassie picked up the phone "Christ, I've never cum so hard before."

"You and me both sweetie" Jenny replied "I only wish I could have watched, you know how much it turns me on to watch you with your hands buried between your thighs"

"Yea, I do enjoy putting on a show for you. I can't wait until we are together again."

Soon after they both said that they loved each other and ended there call.

The next morning Jenny woke, her mind went back to the previous night and she immediately became aroused, "I've got to buy myself a vibrator" she thought as she slowly drew a finger up her dampening slit. "Shit" she thought "I haven't time for this I have to be at work in an hour". And so she showered, got dressed deciding to dress a bit more sexily, a sheer blouse with a short skirt, her push up bra showing off her cleavage.

All morning at work she could hardly concentrate, her mind going back to the previous night. By the time her lunch hour arrived she was in a state of high arousal. Instead of doing anything about it now she decided she would visit the sex shop she had discovered that was at the other side of town.

She plucked up the courage and walked in, she was surrounded by racks and racks of vibrators, dildos, love eggs. On the wall opposite, hung up, were uniforms of all descriptions; schoolgirl, police woman, nurse and many others. At the far end of the shop there was a section with DVDs. Looking around there was no one else in the shop, which helped, apart from a female sales assistant who nodded and asked if she could help.

"No thank you, I'm just looking" Jenny said and then started looking at all the vibrators. It was difficult to choose but in the end she ended up with 7 inch sensuous massager, as she walked over to pay she noticed some double ended dildos and immediately she imagined her and Cassie fucking each other, with 9 inches of the same dildo buried deep inside each other. Making sure that no one else had entered the shop she then picked up the Bend It Double Dong. She put the items on the counter and smiled at the assistant. The assistant rang the amounts in the till and said "Because you've bought two you can have another at half price"

"I wouldn't know which other one to get"

"This is one I would recommend" and put on the counter a remote control mini vibe "I've got one of these and its awesome, if I'm going shopping I can just pop it in and have some fun at the same time"

Jenny paid for this one as well and hurried out of the shop and went back to work arriving there just in time.

As the afternoon wore on Jenny became more and more restless she couldn't wait to get home and try out her new toys.

Finally 5 o'clock arrived and Jenny hurried off to catch her bus home. As usual there was no one else on the bus other than the female driver. She couldn't wait any longer and phoned Cassie.

"You'll never guess what but I've bought some sex toys" she whispered into the phone. "some we can share."

"Why don't you try one now"

"I can't I'm on my way home from work, I'm on the bus"

"But you always say that there is never anyone else on the bus, why don't you try it"

Normally Jenny would be horrified at the thought of doing anything like this in public but today all her inhibitions seemed to have disappeared. As quietly as she could she opened the Sensuous Massager and inserted the batteries. Turning the knob it let out a low hum, she looked up to make sure that the bus driver didn't hear, she was concentrating on driving.

"Right I'm going to do it" Jenny said quietly on the phone to Cassie.

Jenny slowly hitched her skirt up to allow her better access and ran the buzzing vibrator up and down her dampening mound. She could feel her nipples harden and looking down realized that they were showing through the thin material of her blouse, as she held the phone to her ear she managed to gently rub her breast with her arm.

"Is it good Jenny darling, what are you doing" Cassie asked

"A bit too fucking good, I'm running it up and down my pussy over my panties. I'm so wet"

"Take them off, take your panties off"

Jenny put the phone and the vibrator down and slowly eased her panties down her legs then picked them up and put them in her bag, she picked up the vibrator turned it back on and then put the phone back to her ear.

"I've taken them off and I'm running it up and down my pussy lips now, I can't believe how wet I am, it feels as if juice is coating my thighs."

"Rub the throbbing tip over your clit"

Jenny did that and it nearly made her jump out of her seat, she could see the driver look at her in the mirror.

"Push it in, push it up your cunt, work it deep inside your wet hole" Cassie said urgently "I'm frigging myself off listening to you, I need to hear you cum."

"It's deep inside now, I'm close, I'm starting to cum" and with that Jenny came hard her juice flooding out coating her hand and skirt."

Jenny heard on the phone Cassie start her orgasm and they both came together.

After they had calmed down and wished each other a good evening, Jenny managed to get the toy away before the bus pulled up at her stop. She stood up her skirt still around her waist, as she quickly pulled it down she noticed that the driver was staring at her intently in the mirror. Jenny walked up to the front of the bus and nearly froze when she saw that the bus was fitted with security cameras. The monitor was zoomed in on the seat were she had been sitting, the damp patch visible on the material of the seat. The driver smiled at her and whispered, "I'll keep the disc for my own pleasure"

Jenny almost ran home, ashamed and also very excited.

Cassie would be home in the next couple of days and Jenny still had a couple of toys to try.

English Sex Stories

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