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She was not oblivious to what might be sold in sex shops
Leanne kept her head down and her eyes low. She had never felt more out of place or out of her element before in her entire life. What was she doing in this seedy little store? Why had she driven an hour out of her way to shop here? She knew the answers to both of those questions, but she still couldn't believe she was in a nasty little sex shop. It was kind of a dark little store, but with the few furtive glances that Leanne had made she could see that they seemed to stock a vast assortment of sexual pleasure items.

She was rounding passed the "Great Wall of Dildos" when she heard a soft voice behind her. "May I help you pick out your new pleasure device?"

Leanne spun on her heal to face a thin older lady, who happened to be standing beside the line of the more massive dildos available. She felt her face flush with heat, and it took a great effort for Leanne to keep her eyes on the other woman and not on her own shoes. "I...I...um..." She stammered stupidly. This was also rare for Leanne. She might not be the most confident woman ever, but she surely carried herself with self-dignity.

"Don't be shy sweetheart! I may be older, but I am still a woman. I know all about that craving to have something thick wedged up in there." The woman gestured toward Leanne's crotch.

Leanne almost fainted with embarrassment at that point. The woman's words and gesture had not been intended to be crude, and they didn't come off that way surprisingly. The older woman's face was earnest and kind. Leanne almost found herself close to agreeing with the woman. She had been missing and craving a sex life for quite some time now. Sure, she could probably get herself fucked if she really wanted to, but that always felt empty. She didn't enjoy empty sex. It always left her feeling like a blow-up doll and nothing more. She wanted to feel like more.

Her ex-boyfriend had made her feel like more, but then he had also made her best friend feel like more as well. She had kicked his ass to the curb almost two years prior, and had not had her pussy filled with a cock since. She certainly did not own a vibrator or a dildo either. That just wasn't her thing. Her friends had tried to convince her to take a silicone or rubbed playmate for years, but the very thought made Leanne feel dirty and wrong. As did this seedy little shop, so she would have to just find what she had come for and get the Hell out!

"I am sorry, you are mistaken. I could never use one of these things." Leanne made a gesture with her arm and swung her arm toward the wall of plastic packaged dildos. Clumsily she unceremoniously knocked several off their pegs. The giant dildos fell to the floor with audible "thwacks". Leanne wanted to melt into the grubby floor and disappear. She was so stunned that she didn't even think to bend to pick them up.

"Well sweetie, you could have just told me that. You didn't have to smack those rubber cocks off the wall." The old lady joked, while she stooped to pick up the fallen dildos.

"I am sorry, Ma'am." Leanne found herself stammering.

"Don't be sorry, and don't call me Ma'am. My name is Matilda, Matilda Radcliff and this is my shop. So, what brought you here? What is it that you can use?"

"I am co-hosting a bachelorette party, and I was told that I would get the best party favours at a sex shop. So, here I am."

"That's not really my specialty, but I don't think you are from around here are you?"

"No I am not." Leanne confessed.

"I think your friends meant one of those more trendy sex shops. I do have a small selection, and should have most of what you might need, but I am more about selling the true blue sex toys and marital aids." Matilda paused and looked around, as if seeing her store for the first time. "Come over here. I keep the party favours next to the porn movies."

Leanne followed Matilda deeper into the store. She was so relieved for the fact that there weren't currently any others shoppers. Matilda was warm and soothing to be near, so despite herself, Leanne found that she was relaxing. She even glanced around to get a better impression of the stock that the small store carried. Leanne saw loads of movies, skimpy lingerie, dildos, vibrators, handcuffs and so much more. She was not oblivious to what might be sold in sex shops, but she had never witnessed these items up close. Some shocked her with their colours, others with their size, but what surprised her most was the small twitch she kept feeling in her pussy.

Matilda helped Leanne pick out an assortment of novelty items that would work perfectly for the bachelorette party. Chocolate penis lolly-pops, pink fur covered handcuffs, fruit flavoured edible underwear, penis-shaped straws and more. Matilda was sweet and even cracked jokes, putting Leanne at ease as they made their way to the check-out. She rang Leanne's items up as quickly as she could, but there were so many small items that it still took several minutes to do so. Leanne found herself glancing around the shop more freely. She was slowly relaxing bit by bit.

"Are you sure I can't interest you in a vibrator? I personally test almost every new version that I bring into my store to sell. They truly are a girl's best friend." Matilda said as she tallied Leanne's total. "Don't looks so surprised!" The older woman said when she glanced up.

"Oh, I'm not, it's just that..."

"I may be old, but I still have needs. My husband, God rest his soul, has been gone for years now, and I still have urges. Plus, I don't want to sell anything in my store that can't get the job done, if you know what I mean?" Of course Matilda winked.

Leanne blushed yet again. "I am sorry Matilda. I do understand needs, but a vibrator is just not for me."

"What if I sold it to you at cost?" Matilda coaxed the younger woman. Matilda could see that this woman was wound tighter than a guitar string, and clearly was ready to snap at any moment. A vibrator would do this woman a world of good, and Matilda intended to get one into her.

"Thank you, but..."

"But nothing! You need one, so why don't we go pick one out for you. If you don't enjoy it you can trash it and come back for your money. You have nothing to lose. What do you say?"

Leanne felt that odd little twitch in her pussy again. The idea of having some form of a "lover" appealed to her, and Matilda was making it awfully easy. What could it hurt? Just because she bought one, didn't mean she had to use it. She would never come back for her money, and it was highly unlikely that she would ever set eyes on this older lady again, so what the hell? Why not?

"Ok, let's go pick one out. In fact, why don't you pick one for me? All I ask is that it not be too big or too complicated."

"I have just the one for you. It's called the Jack Rabbit. What's your favourite colour?"

Matilda helped Leanne pick a pretty pink Jack Rabbit vibrator. She wrung it up with the rest of the Leanne's purchases. Leanne paid cash, and thanked Matilda for all her help. She drove home feeling the same twitches in her pussy that she had had in the store. As she drew nearer and nearer to her home, she could no longer deny that she was horny and she was likely going to give her new toy a test run.

Leanne poured herself a glass of wine and headed to her bedroom, carrying the unmarked dark blue bag from the sex shop. She dropped it onto the bed while she undressed. She stood naked before her full length mirror and took stock of herself. She was a taller woman. No one had ever accused her of being overweight, but she certainly wasn't skinny. In fact, her ex-boyfriend had likened her body type to that of Lucy Lawless as Xena. Leanne looked at her hair, face and body and saw very little resemblance to the Warrior Princess. She did have stunningly blue eyes that were striking just like Lucy Lawless', and maybe the angular bone structure of her face was similar as well. Beyond that, there was little to no resemblance.

Leanne's hair fell in shoulder length blond strands. She wore little makeup, and often dressed quite conservatively. She did her best to hide her curves. She was quite curvy with full "C" tits, bordering on being "D's". Her hips were rounded nicely, as well her ass. Her stomach wasn't flat, but the gentle roundness there was feminine and looked natural on her frame. No man had ever complained about her body, and yet Leanne felt compelled to hide it. She just wasn't totally comfortable with anything connected to her sexuality.

Running her eyes down her body again, Leanne couldn't miss her huge nipples that had hardened into thick peaks. They jutted out and begged for a lover's mouth to caress them and love them. Without thinking Leanne found herself reaching up and pinching them. A sharp thrill ran from her nipples to her groin. She allowed her eyes to roam lower, but continued to manipulate her nipples with her fingers. She took in her public mound with the sparse blonde hairs. She trimmed and shaved there often. Not for sexual purposes, but for cleanliness. She could see the lips of her pussy were swollen and dewy. She glanced at the bag on her bed. She bit her lip. Could she? Would she?

Walking to her dresser, Leanne gulped her wine down and enjoyed the warm sensation that pooled in her stomach when the liquid went down. Within minutes her head began to swim slightly. It didn't take much for Leanne to become drunk. One glass of wine couldn't do it, but it did set her buzzing. She decided to get another glass and then returned to the bedroom. While she sipped the fresh glass of wine she lit candles and pulled back her sheets. She even switched on some soft music and made sure her blind was pulled down tight. She glanced again at the bag. She gulped the wine again. She began to really feel loose and more relaxed. She went to the kitchen for another glass. She returned to the bedroom and sipped it while she used scissors to open the plastic packaging for her new vibrator.

Matilda had told her to clean her new vibrator thoroughly before using it, so she went to her washroom and did so with soap and hot water. Running her soapy hand up and down the shaft really made Leanne's pussy twitch with need. She was decidedly wet between her thighs and it surprised her just how aroused she had become over a piece of rubber. She chalked it up to having been too long since her last good fuck. She wasn't convinced that her new toy would be able to rectify that problem, but she was going to give it a try.

Leanne went back to her bedroom. The candles had heated up and the aroma of cinnamon now played on the air. When she picked up the bag from the sex shop, a small bottle of lubricant fell out onto the bed. Matilda must have snuck that in there, and this made Leanne smile. For some reason Leanne had enjoyed chatting with the older lady. She wished she had Matilda's confidence when it came to self-pleasuring.

Lying down on her cool silky sheets, Leanne lovingly caressed her breasts and nipples. She rolled her nipples between her thumbs and forefingers. Allowing her eyes to drift closed she slipped into a sexy fantasy. In Leanne's fantasies she was a dominant lover. She was commanding and in control while she fucked her male lover. Occasionally it was even a female lover, but often he would be male. Leanne would be on top of her lover riding him, or sometimes sitting on his face and demanding him to eat her out.

She allowed her hand to wander down below to her pussy. She slipped her eager fingers between her outer lips and made gently circles around her clit before pushing them further down to her wet opening. The vibrator was on the pillow next to her. It was about six inches long and of average width. It had a wheel to dial up or down the speed of the rotating shaft, and another wheel to dial up or down the vibration of the "rabbit" attachment. The "rabbit" attachment was a portion that protruded above the shaft that was intended to pleasure the clit while the shaft did its work. There were also two buttons on the base; one to turn on/off and the other to change the direction that the shaft would rotate in.

Leanne held up the vibrator and looked it over carefully. Hadn't she requested that it be simple to use? This one seemed to have an awful lot of options for a beginner. Deciding to simply ignore the bells and whistles Leanne lowered the vibrator between her legs. Unconsciously she lifted her legs and bent her knees. She took a deep breath and poised the rather narrow head of the vibrator at her slick opening. Without giving it too much thought she pushed the vibrator deeply into her cunt. She was plenty wet and it slid in with ease.

Her first thought was that it simply felt like a lifeless hunk of rubber shoved up into her twat. "Ugggh! What am I doing wrong?" She asked no one in particular. Frustration was evident in her voice.

Thinking that perhaps some friction might help the impaling rubber to feel more pleasurable, she slowly began to stroke it in and out of her pussy. This felt ok, but not great. Leanne kept up her strokes. She tried moving the vibrator slowly in and out of her pussy, but it wasn't hitting any of the right notes. So, she tried short and fast strokes in and out. This felt better, but still fell far from being truly pleasurable. Leanne decided to try angling the vibe toward her G-spot. This was awkward and gave her a cramp in her hand. She was noticing that her pussy was growing dry, when her thumb slipped and hit the buttons and wheels on the base. All of a sudden the Jack Rabbit came to life. The little "rabbit ears" began to buzz away on her clit and the shaft began a maddening dance deep within her cunt.

Within minutes, Leanne found herself gushing with wetness as she plunged her rubber lover rapidly in and out of her cunt with long strokes. Her body writhed on the bed, and she felt the sheen of perspiration break out over her skin. Her nipples were tight pebbles on the tips of her tits. When she heard someone moaning and grunting she could hardly believe it was her! Her moans and cries of ecstasy quickly became one long groan as she climaxed hard on the vibrator. Her fresh cream leaked from her cunt when she pulled the wonderful toy out of her body.

With little thought, Leanne brought the cream covered toy to her lips and licked her juices from its shaft. Matilda had been right, and the Jack Rabbit had surely done the trick. Leanne couldn't help but think this might very well be the beginning of two great friendships; one with her new Jack Rabbit Lover, and another one with Matilda Radcliff. Leanne knew all too well that she had opened Pandora's Box when she had pushed that vibe into her pussy and made herself cum so hard. Now she would have to go back to see what other pleasure devices Matilda might suggest.

English Sex Stories

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