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She thinks about listening to a man masturbate.
The house was hot and humid when I got home on Friday afternoon. The sun was beating in through the sliding glass door and large bay window in the living room. Beyond them not too far away on the hillside the blueberry bushes were still wet from the heavy thunderstorm.

I decided to change into my gym shorts and a tee shirt, but after tossing my jeans in the laundry I realized I hadn't washed clothes for a while. All my shorts were in the bottom of laundry basket. I picked up a bunch of clothes and tossed them into the washer then left the room to get a pair of clean jeans. But as I walked across the living room in just my briefs and tee shirt I felt a momentary awareness underneath. I touched myself lightly and felt it harden a little as if it was asking for attention. Then my mind wandered to the last time I masturbated.

It was not quite a week ago when I had a long phone conversation with Anna that had touched upon the subject of sex for the first time ever. We had been friends for a long time but the closest our conversations had come to any sexual reference was in regard to past relationships we had.

That night we were both having a glass of wine and she mentioned how relaxed wine always made her feel. I sure felt relaxed then surprised myself when I said that wine made me last longer.

"What do you mean" she asked.

I wondered if I should explain but also worried that being too open might offend her. So all I said was that it keeps me up longer.

I didn't realize I had added a pun to that complimented my first comment until she responded.

"That's what I though you meant "She said. "Maybe I should have given my husband wine more often. He was always too quick."

I told her about how long some of the nights my ex and I had in bed and our conversation got into more details without becoming graphic in any way. When I sighed she pointedly asked how long it had been since I had sex. Too long I answered, to which she added "even alone" to her question.

I hesitated and she sensed I was embarrassed and apologized. "I know it's not a comfortable subject for most men. I couldn't talk to my husband about it and all my friends said their husbands would never admit they did it even if the were caught with their pants down... pun intended"

"I guess it's ok to do it" I said. "I've just never talked to anyone before about it. And I would've thought that women would be really turned off if her man did it. I hid doing it while I was married."

We began talking about youthful experiences and the shame that always accompanied it. Actually I did most of the talking. And I was becoming quite aroused by it because she seemed so interested. Her questions were personal but so filled with a youthful curiosity that I was put very much at ease after a while.

And I was incredibly hard and feeling wet too. My voice must have changed at that moment, or at least hers did. She softly asked if she could ask me something very personal.

"Sure" I said. "It's interesting talking about masturbation and not being nervous about it."

"Have you've never had phone sex" she asked.

"I'm not sure what you mean. Like call a 900 number or something.

"No" she replied. "I mean talk sexually with a woman you know and get turned on by it."

"Is this phone sex" I asked her.

She laughed and I said "what" rather defensively.

"It's ok. I wasn't laughing at you. I just realized how innocent you really are about it."

She didn't explain anymore but instead began telling me how aroused she gets when she thinks about listening to a man masturbate. Then she added "sure, it's not the said its not the same as the real thing but so much more pleasurable then doing it all alone. I've done it several times. It is surprising erotic. Only problem is now I have a fantasy about actually watch a man masturbate for me."

We continued to talk about it but I still was missing something when she finally said "you know, I am turned on a lot. And I want to picture you stroking while we talk. I mean, not just imagine it but share doing it. That's phone sex Jim. Sharing playing with ourselves all the way to an orgasm."

And we did. She had gently seduced me into getting undressed and describing every touch and stroke that followed. And the wine did indeed work too, because more than an hour went by before she told me that she wanted to listen to me cum.

Remembering it for the next few days had made me do it more even though I was alone. My briefs were wet too. But it also made doing it alone so empty compared to hearing her voice as she got close. I wondered if I could enjoy it with a glass of wine, so I went into the kitchen and poured one.

I wasn't in a rush. With the glass in my hand I walked to the sliding glass door and stood in the sun sipping the wine and got continued to get lost in the reverie my sexual imagination.

So when Linda wandered into view picking blueberries in her yard, I just watched her unaware I was standing their in just a tee shirt and my briefs. She didn't see me. She was focused on the bushes and slowly worked the hillside.

Linda and I had been neighbors a long time. Less than a year ago she had gotten divorced and we hadn't talked much since. Now, as she approached area the edge of my yard I found myself wondering about her sexually for the first time.

It was like a daydream. She wasn't really there. I had moved my thoughts away from masturbating for Anna's enjoyment to real having real sex again. Unconsciously though I began feeling myself through the fabric of my briefs. They were so wet it made me look down while I touched and I drifted away from the reality that I was standing by the door. When I looked back up I saw Linda standing there looking right at me. Our eyes met across the distance and I felt embarrassed and froze. Then she put her pail full of blueberries on the ground and cupped both her breasts with her hands.

I just watched as she caressed them for a few moments. Then she sat down on the ground and just looked at me. She was nodding at me it seemed. Maybe it was the wine, but probably not, because I hadn't been sipping it long enough. I wondered it she was trying to tell me it was ok to keep touching because she wanted to watch me.

So I began rubbing myself with one hand. Then I put the glass down and used them both. Her smile told me I read her mind correctly. When I lifted my tee short up as if I was going to take it off, she clearly nodded, and in the moment when it blocked my eyes as I lifted it over my head, she stood up and took a step in my direction. I resumed rubbing as I watched her approach.

When she got on the brick patio I was sure she wanted to come inside. But she took the lounge chair and moved it over to the door, then sat in it facing me and smiled. And I remembered Anna's words about fantasying watching a man doing it.

The idea of performing settled in place of just doing it. I wanted her to enjoy it, I realized, as if I was seducing her and not the other way around. So I went back to rubbing with two hands except now they also slid around my body as it rocked and swayed slowly.

Linda seemed beyond content to watch. Her smile never left, but it changed in a way that suggested curiosity was part of what she was experiencing. Maybe it was something new to her. But then why did she seem so decisive in the moment she first held her breasts to encourage me.

I think too much I thought. Which made me feel bold. I suddenly felt the desire to really do more than just dance, if that's what it was I was doing. My hand slid under my briefs and I held it for a few seconds before I slid it up and down and felt the juices under my grip. I brought my hand out and put it towards my mouth as if I was going to lick it. Her eyes smiled widely, so I did.

Then I reached down and pulled the waistband out wide, slowly out and over it, until my cock was free for her to see. As soon as they slid all the way off, my right hand began stroking very slowly. I stopped and spread the juices all around the tip, massaging it between two wet fingers and my thumb, then went back to stroking long and slow and very deliberate.

Linda sat up and leaned it for a closer look. Her eyes widened. Her facial expression suggested she was really turned. Did she want to come in and help, I wondered. I started to open the door and she shook her head. Then she mouthed the words "cum for me".

So I stroked again and again, slow enough to tease her, and me as well, till the pulsating sensation dictated it was time. I turned to the side and gave her a profile view as my back arched and my body seemed to pulsate and freeze simultaneously. And I came in three big bursts before it became so sensitive to touch I had to stop and just hold it.

Linda stop up and opened the door. "Thank you" she said. "That was so erotic.

I smiled. She leaned in and kissed me, took my hand, and placed it between her legs and said "feel how wet you made me. But now I have to ask you something. If I let you rest and recover, will you go down on me and taste me, and bring me there to. Then you cum in me."

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English Sex Stories

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