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My little slutty birthday girl I want you to plunge the vibrator in to the hilt
Julie lay in bed listlessly, she just couldn’t seem to fall asleep tonight. Here she was on the apex of her thirtieth birthday and David her husband was away for the weekend at a conference for his job. He had tried to get out of going but the boss had told him that if he missed this convention it would result in his losing his job.

Julie had woken up in the darkness and heard the rain hitting the patio outside their bedroom window. She had left the window open and that fresh rain smell always seemed to arouse her. She felt that longing between her legs but she knew that tonight there would be no one else to help her scratch that itch.

Julie slowly stood up and walked into the bathroom and washed her face off before returning to bed it was only 11:30 P.M. and she now realized that within the next half hour she would be another year older. Maybe David would call and wish her a happy birthday if she were lucky tonight at midnight. He sometimes did things just like that, little things that still reminded her that he loved her and she was the top priority in his life.

The beads of perspiration ran down her body as the night air had taken on a more humid quality. Julie once again stood up and this time she removed her shirt and panties. There was no reason to stay dressed tonight she could lie there on the silk sheets and let the cool material perhaps relieve some of the tension building up inside her body.

At exactly midnight as she was still tossing and turning the phone rang startling her. “Hello?” she answered inquisitively.

“Happy birthday sweets,” David’s voice came through the receiver, “I expected you would have trouble sleeping tonight. I checked the weather report and knew you had gotten some rain this evening and I know what happens then,” he chuckled.

“Well, David honey,” Julie cooed, “I hope you get back here soon because I have some desperate needs and wants right now. Besides that, I am aroused by all this rain and I need to be touched.”

David was sitting in his hotel room with a huge grin on his face, Julie had always had a kinky side but they had never explored the area he was about to lead her down on her birthday tonight. He hoped she would play along and then perhaps add a new facet to their sexual relationship.

“Julie,” he spoke in a deep gruff voice now, his vocal issues were the first subtle change and he wanted to make sure that she responded accordingly. “I want you to take off all your clothes if they aren’t already on the floor.”

“Ok,” Julie whispered, excited by the change in her husband’s voice, “everything is off and I am lying here on the bed wishing you were here.”

“Now, stand up and go to my dresser, once there go into the top drawer and take out the box on top.”

Julie padded across the room and did as instructed each step she made she could feel her arousal stirring between her legs even more. “Done, Sir,” she teased.

“Very good girl, “ David replied, “for the remainder of this conversation you will call me sir and also you will do exactly as told or I will hang up the phone and disconnect it. Is that understood?”

“Yes, Sir,” Julie said excitedly.

“Good girl,” David responded, “now go and sit down on the bed. Open the package and describe what you see.”

Julie opened the package and inside was a long vibrator made of some type of latex, it was exactly the shape and size of David’s amazing proportions and even as she slowly stroked it absent mindedly in her hand she knew that it was just that, exactly like David. The only change was at the base of the shaft there was a little tube for her clit with a suction cup on the end. Also inside the package seemed to be a small plug of some sort its precise use escaped her at the moment but she was sure she would find out.

“Oh sir,” she said joyfully, “it matches your cock exactly, thank you David, I mean David sir.”

David quickly decided now was the time to engage the next step to his plan. “Lie back beautiful and spread your legs. Do not, I repeat do not do anything you aren’t instructed to do.” “Now,” he said with a smile, “take the vibrator in your hands and stroke it, I am sure that was the first thing you did when you removed it from the package but now I am telling you to start stroking it as you would me.”

Julie lay there on the bed and as she cradled the phone to her ear between her head and shoulder she started stroking the shaft like David had instructed. She was enjoying this immensely and she wished if she could change only one thing that it was David’s cock and not a replica. She imagined stroking his thick shaft between her fingers and the way his body responded to her every touch and the tingles just touching his cock sent through her spine every time she touched his body.

“Now Julie,” David instructed, “I want you to run cock over your lips and suck just a little, and I know how you moan when you are sucking my cock so I had better hear that also.”

Julie already drenched in her arousal took the shaft in her hand and brought the finely crafted cock in to her lips she took the head just inside her mouth and started to suck it softly. Each time she swallowed she moaned, David knew that this would arouse her to no end. She moaned louder, “Mmm,” as she sucked the head and a few inches of the cock into her mouth.

“Now, my little birthday slut,” David growled, “I want you to run the cock down your body and turn it on low and trace your nipples with the head of your lover’s cock.”

Julie took one last suck and then did as instructed, she turned the device on low and ran it down the valley between her ample breasts and then slid it over to her right nipple. The first contact sent shivers up her spine as she felt her nipple harden and she continued to tease herself as directed. “God, David,” she whimpered, “this is making me so hot, Sir.”

“Now just as you have both nipples hard I want you to take the shaft deeper down your body and start to tease your wet little slit which by now is soaked and just begging to be touched and probed,” David ordered.

Julie was feeling more aroused than she had in months, David must have planned this well in advance and known just what her mood would be right now. Although she knew that he couldn’t control the weather it was a nice touch as well. Julie slid big vibrator down her body over her soft little tummy and farther down until it met the puffy lips of her pussy. As soon as the contact was made she started to shiver uncontrollably and she had numerous tiny little orgasms.

David knew that the anticipation inside her body would be driving her wild right now and he also knew that Julie needed to be ordered to continue the attack on her body. “Now slide just the head of the vibrator inside that wet little pussy of yours,” he commanded.

“Yes, sir,” Julie whimpered. She slowly spread her smooth little pussy lips apart and inched just the head inside her opening. “It’s done, sir,” she said in a far away voice.

“Now, my little slutty birthday girl I want you to plunge the vibrator in to the hilt and leave it buried all the way inside your tight little pussy.”

Julie did as instructed and once the vibrator had made its full contact inside her little pussy she was immediately writhing with her pleasure. It was almost to much for her to bear. Being unable to slide the vibrating cock within around she felt so full yet so empty at the same time. Julie needed that extra friction of the fucking motion and David was making her wait.

“Oh sir,” she mewed, “I need to work your cock in and out, please, please let me.”

“No, my little cock hungry lover not just yet,” David said with a grin, “I want you to turn the vibrator on high and push it deeper still.”

Julie turned the device on high and even though she doubted much more would fit inside her she took a deep breath and pushed yet again. Once the vibrator had bottomed out and the only thing she had left sticking out of her pussy was the very bottom with the round knob that controlled the speed. Suddenly the little suction cup on the end of the vibrator latched onto her clit and hummed wildly as it pushed and went wild against her clit.

David knew by the squeals seeping through the earpiece on the phone that the custom made vibrator was now doing its work on Julie. He had specified that the clitoral stimulator only come alive after ten seconds of the vibrator being turned on high. It was a special idea he had had knowing how Julie would react to it. David still had two or three surprises left for Julie before her night ended. He expected right about now the next one would be exerting itself.

Julie lay there on the bed her pussy leaking her fluids in copious amounts as she had continuous orgasms that only had a few seconds in between. Now as she concentrated on the vibrators attention inside her slit she felt a new feeling altogether. The head of the vibrator started rotating deep inside her. It was hitting every single wall inside her quivering pussy. “Oh my fucking God David,” she screamed as the most intense orgasm she had ever experienced washed over her body.

David knew that this was a birthday Julie would never forget. Slowly he opened the front door and slowly walked up the stairs to their shared bedroom. He suddenly spoke before he opened the bedroom startling Julie from her orgasmic euphoria, “Now my little slut prepare for a few more surprises.” Instantly he broke the connection by closing his cell phone and made his way to the bed and his naked sweating wife in a few short seconds.

Julie opened her eyes to see David before her and as he reached down and stroked the vibrator in and out of her pussy with one hand he was pushing down his boxer shorts with the other. Julie didn’t know whether to be furious or elated as her lover and husband was standing there before her. She decided to enjoy now and be mad later. She opened her mouth and devoured his shaft as it sprung forth as he pushed his shorts to the floor.

“That’s it Julie, suck my cock like you have been fantasizing about for the past few hours,” David urged her.

Julie although she had never truly been submissive to being commanded found herself even more aroused now as her pussy was being fucked by the vibrator and she had David’s real cock sliding in and out of her lips. She was hungry to please him after the efforts he had gone to surprise and add some spice to their sex life. Julie knew she would do anything he asked tonight and she would fully enjoy it. She lowered her lips to the very base of his cock and sucked in hard tugging at the sensitive flesh with her teeth and rolling her tongue over it.

David had one last surprise for Julie tonight. Now was the time to spring it upon her. He reached down and pulled her head away from his shaft and rolled her over on the bed. As he slid over her he captured her outstretched arms and ran his hands down to her wrists. Once he had her wrists firmly in hand he reached under his side of the bed and pulled out a pair of handcuffs, pink little furry handcuffs to be exact. More of a novelty item but they would help the mood tonight without hurting his wife’s delicate little wrists. He quickly cuffed her to the bedpost as he rubbed his cock against her tight ass. His cock occasionally slipping into the crack of her ass and making contact with her asshole. Julie had only taken his cock into her dirtiest of holes three or perhaps four times in all their years of marriage and dating. But at the moment she wasn’t against anything he may attempt.

David could feel Julie reflexively grinding her ass back against his cock and although he would love to fuck her tight ass seeing as how they only rarely had attempted that he had other plans tonight. He would save that obscure treat for another time. He reached into the nightstand now and grabbed the bottle of lube from the drawer. As he withdrew it he reached inside the box that contained the small anal plug and quickly prepared it for its duty. As soon as he had it glistening with lubricant he spread Julie’s tiny ass cheeks and spread them apart. He slid down the bed and did something he had never done before to anyone, David stuck his tongue out and lapped at the little hole between her cheeks. As she moaned and gripped the bedpost in her hands Julie moaned as she felt David’s tongue explore her in regions untouched by a human tongue this far in all of her thirty years.

David explored her asshole with wild passion. He lapped, probed, and kissed every inch of the exposed area between her cheeks and then as soon as she was starting to buck against his mouth he slid back and pushed the little plug against her relaxed opening. Julie moaned louder now and made sure not to clench her ass cheeks as she felt David pushing what had to be that plug from her box deep inside. It met little resistance as he worked it in and spun it a few times to make sure she could feel it.

Once David was satisfied with his efforts he removed the vibrator from her pussy and turned it off. Julie whimpered but didn’t speak yet as she knew David must have something else planned for her. David then brought his hand around her face with the vibrator inside his fist and nudged it against her lips. Julie wasn’t opposed to tasting herself but this was a new approach by her husband and she felt kinky in the fact that she wanted to take this vibrator into her mouth and clean it completely.

As soon as Julie had complied and started taking the vibrator into her mouth David wasted no time in pulling her up onto her knees and spreading her legs wide. He quickly spread her still sensitive pussy lips and stuffed the full length of his shaft inside her. Julie was already so turned on by everything else that had happened that once she felt David’s shaft slide inside her in its entirety she exploded in orgasm.

“Oh yes,” she moaned around the vibrator as David started to pump inside her pussy.

“I love you sweetie and happy birthday,” he said with his patented smile behind her. David thrust deep and hard inside her and while one hand was busy working the plug inside her asshole the other was reaching under her and tweaking her nipples and then dropping to rub her clit only to quickly return to her nipples. This was nearly stimulation overload and for the second time tonight Julie was cumming constantly now. Her body was a complete quivering erotic zone and she knew that she would be sleeping in late tomorrow.

David pounded in and out of Julie’s tight cunt for a few minutes and kept urging her to cum with his words and actions. After a few more moments of alternating between deep long thrusts and quick short ones he settled on ramming in to the hilt with every thrust now and reaching his own much needed climax.

David slid inside one final time before he felt the dam break and his cum surged through his shaft expediently as he worked the plug buried deep inside Julie’s asshole. “I am going to fill you up with my cum,” he screamed out in a raspy voice.

Julie spit out the vibrator and moaned with David now. “Yes, cum inside me lover, fill me to the brink with your hot liquid love potion.”

David needed to hear nor do anymore, he grunted, “Ungh!”, and then spurted the first few shots deep inside Julie. He was still thrusting in jerks when a new wave of cum hit him and he shot off another load inside his wife.

Julie squealed as she felt the next pulsing come deep inside her and she shivered in pure enjoyment as her body was racked with orgasm. “I love you David,” was all she got out before she fell asleep as he undid her handcuffs and pulled out the anal plug.

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