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Same sexual stimulation as mine, but from different fingers
The afternoon started innocently enough.

It just didn't end that way, although it was not entirely my fault. This would end up being one of those events that hindsight would have completely prevented, and in many ways I wish it had. But I cannot go back and change it.

It was my first year at the University of Vermont, or UV as we called it. Burlington up in northern New England is a nice enough place, not very large, a good college town for the most part. But best of all for me, and for a lot of us as students, was that if you got on your bike, in ten or fifteen minutes you could be on a nice beach right by the lake or upriver in enchanting rural surroundings.

We had found some small ponds that fed into the river upstream that were off the beaten track, great places for small drunken twilight gatherings, great walks in the forest. A couple of the places were so remote that I had never run across anyone while I was there, and they were excellent spots to clear your head, get some quiet.

It had been a long, hard winter, and we were all happy when the snow starting slinking away in March. Mid-May was warm, and while we had rain from time to time, we got a stretch of a week with sweet, sultry warm temperatures. Probably just barely into the 70s, but it felt absolutely tropical to us, and everyone pulled on their shorts and summer clothing, and the girls looked good in short skirts and tank tops, no more baggy sweaters and hats and overcoats.

My girlfriend was still back at high school in my hometown, she wouldn't be coming to university until next year. I missed her. That first year at UV I had mostly stayed faithful, only a couple quick, temporary, extra-curricular hook-ups, nothing to seriously rock the boat.

Sally had come up to visit a few weekends, which took elaborate maneuverings and some mini-prevarications to assuage fastidious family members about whose place she was actually staying at, but we went long stretches apart, which I found really hard. My groin found it most difficult, to tell the truth.

So I spent a pile of time on my bike for diversion, my legs had gotten nice and thick, and I had explored a lot of the local area, and was glad now that good weather meant I could extend these jaunts.

It was a spectacular Sunday afternoon in the middle of our May sunny weather. I had pedaled up one of the old roads, on dirt trails past the easy-to-reach ponds, and was up at one of the smaller, secluded ones upriver. The water was almost warm enough to swim in, and you could see the newts doing their mating thing in the reeds near the water's edge.

I had my towel to sit on and a book and set myself up at the north edge of the pond. The forest had a nice little clearing at that end. Although I hadn't planned on it, the water was so inviting and I had heated myself up enough on the ride that I wanted a swim. I pulled my clothes off and ended up taking a quick chilly plunge, drying myself off and then lying down in the sun, which felt great.

It has always been a turn-on for me to be outdoors with no clothes on - a bit daring, illicit. It wasn't something I got to indulge in much, although me and my teenaged buds would get some skinny-dipping in from time to time on our summer breaks growing up.

But to be alone then, just feel the sun and air on my skin, no clothing to stop the sensations, that was just fine. It felt primitive, natural, just the way things ought to be when air temperatures were adequate to support the practice.

I was lying there in the sun, soaking up the whole sensual totality of it all. My muscles were relaxed and now cooled from their exertions. I found myself daydreaming, my eyes closed.

Well, of course, pretty soon my thoughts drifted to matters erotic. I cannot claim that the thought of Sally started me along that path, it was a more general kind of arousal. I just was feeling excited by being outdoors and unclothed.

My penis started to grow all by itself. Naturally, just my becoming aware of it stiffening made it grow more. From shrunken limp prick, with the plunge in the cold pond water, it had warmed itself like some alligator lying on a sunny rock, and willed itself into a creeping, autonomous erection. Bit by bit, my thoughts running through various lewd avenues, it grew of its own volition, until it was lying out full length on my body, pointing straight up at my head.

I gazed down at. Sure looked good. I couldn't help it. My fingers began to trace its length, running softly from bottom to top along my shaft.

I love my penis. I think most guys would say this. Mine has a nice curve to it, and a handsome rounded knob. And when sperm is hurtling out of it at a thousand feet per second, there is nothing better in the world. Sally more than once has said it is beautiful.

Even more important to me however, was how her eyes gleamed when it was in front of her, then when she wrapped her sweet cozy lips around its lovely sensitive head or coaxed it into her damp, inviting crotch-entrance. My eyes were now fixed on it in the afternoon sunlight, all stiff and expectant and regal.

Look, I was just nineteen, doing what comes naturally. I know it wasn't any image of Sally that started it, but by the time I started stroking myself, she had entered the picture, and I imagined her soft, wet mouth running over my prickhead, her hands holding my balls, her long blonde hair dragging over my legs. My mind transferred all my actions to her. She was with me in spirit, worshiping my erection with me.

Sun streaming down, my body dried off, my penis felt absolutely marvelous. I kept it up for a good amount of time, never getting too close to climax, just mid-range in that "zone" of anticipatory pleasure. I would let my penis rest from time to time, just put my hands behind my head to focus on my building arousal.

I imagined all sorts of erotic things - how I would be rubbing Sally's soft chest, burying my nose in her crotch. But my fingers always eventually returned to my penis, caressing my prickhead, fingertips tracing my shaft up one side and down another.

I was getting a good head of steam built up, fluid starting to ooze out my cock's tip. My balls were starting to send me their insistent message, "you better finish up pretty soon 'cause we are getting good and worked up down here." They felt full, on edge, ready for release.

I had one hand around my cockhead, fingers making a nice tight circle around my cockhead's ridge, squeezing, making it feel damn good, when I froze.

I hadn't heard anything, my ears had been alert to any unusual sounds, and all the background noise was of the normal forest and pond variety: birds and insects - the breeze rustling leaves. In precaution, I had opened my eyes from time to time from my fantasies to look around the pond to make certain I was alone, but something else entirely had given off a warning.

I looked around with some panic. No one, nothing amiss, but something was off. I looked up and behind me and my breathing came to an absolute halt.

Standing next to, maybe a little behind, a tree, not forty feet away, were a couple of young females, staring intently at me. With a sinking feeling I realized I knew one of them, Rachel, who also went to UV. My hands were stock still, holding my penis, and all of sudden I was feeling very sick about it all.

My brain absolutely locked up. Now reflecting back with the advantage of time, I can catalog all the different things that were going through my head: surprise, embarrassment, shame, fear, mortification, the desire to be anywhere else on the planet than where I was right then, when only a minute before I had been residing completely and happily in an outdoors heaven. But at the time, there was just a blur of tangled, unpleasant emotions. A complete and devastating paralysis gripped me.

Of course the two had immediately noticed that I had spotted them. One of the girls furtively put something into one of their backpacks. They stood there for the longest time.

None of us moved. Maybe this is akin to when animals freeze at the first sign of trouble - they just hold still and hope that whatever is hunting them moves along or maybe didn't see them and then all would be well and they'd live another day. But in this case we all knew exactly what was going on.

Finally, almost to my relief, the two very slowly walked over until they were about five feet away, where they stopped, looking down at me at the water's edge. I gave them a very thin, embarrassed smile.

"Hey Rachel," I said weakly, and then finally remembered to let go of my penis, which snapped back on my belly, very hard, very visible.

Their faces were not unfriendly, I think the second girl even had the barest hint of a smile.

"Hey Chad," Rachel replied.

There was a long awkward silence while we looked at each other.

"Ah, how long have you both been here?" I asked, far more nervously than I wanted. "Not used to seeing anyone else up here," I said lamely. In fact I had never seen a single soul at this particular pond on previous trips.

The two looked at each other. "Ten minutes?" ventured Rachel. The other one nodded. "Maybe twenty?"

Oh Jesus. So they had been watching me wank for a good long time. I was glad I could not see my own face, it must have been redder than a bad sunburn. I sat up to face them. There was nowhere for my erection to hide.

"I don't do this very often..." I began, but didn't finish. Rachel started laughing.

"It's okay Chad, really."

Her smile was genuine. "It's not like I don't know any other college-aged males," she said, not quite soothingly, but not unkindly. "You thought you were alone."

I saw that her friend had her eyes riveted on my penis, which uncooperatively was still standing straight up.

Rachel saw my glance at her friend. "This is Maxine," she said. "Chad," she said my name by way of introduction and gestured towards me, although Maxine had already heard it.

"Nice to meet you," I went in a weak voice.

"Sorry we interrupted," said Maxine. Her voice was deeper than I expected.

She gave me the barest flicker of a smile, and then said, "Looks like you weren't going to last a whole lot longer."

Rachel totally busted up at this point, she couldn't help herself from laughing. "He was extending the whole business much further than I expected," she said, more to Maxine than to me, then offered up a "Sorry" to me with a sheepish look.

I hadn't had any classes with Rachel but had seen her around the freshman quad. We had friends in common, and I had talked to her a little. Medium height, fairly trim, like a volleyball or soccer player maybe. Long brown hair, sweet face. I knew she had a boyfriend.

Her companion was fairly nondescript in appearance, on the short side and heavy. Let's just say that if she lost twenty pounds you would barely notice. Curly dark hair, vaguely Jewish in looks. Big thighs but no corresponding chest to go along, more or less a pear shape, probably my least attractive body-type.

We were silent for a long time. Uncomfortably long. I was trying to dream up a way to extricate myself, and couldn't come up with a exit strategy other than grabbing my stuff, jamming it all in my backpack and pedaling off naked on my bicycle, as fast as I could. Didn't seem like a very decent plan however.

Finally, realizing that nothing was going to happen unless they did something, Rachel walked over and sat down next to me on the towel, Maxine to her side.

She looked out at the pond. "It is beautiful here. How did you find this place? We were on a long hike and just stumbled on it from that trail," she pointed up past the tree.

So we talked a bit, I answered her, and our conversation gradually got a bit more relaxed. Luckily my penis descended and wasn't quite so obvious. My adrenal glands finally stopped pumping out frantic neuro-transmitting chemicals and I began to realize it maybe wasn't the end of the world.

It turned out Maxine and Rachel were old grammar school friends, from back in New York City, which explained Rachel's accent. Maxine, unlike Rachel, had gone to a private girls' high school, and now was attending Skidmore. So she was a rich girl, or at least way beyond the normal middle-class economic comfort zone. She was visiting for a long weekend, heading back on Monday.

Finally I was able to form the sentence I had been trying to craft in my head.

"Ah, Rachel? I would appreciate it if we would all stay a bit quiet about this whole scene?" I looked at her face. "Okay?"

I noticed she was looking at my penis, lying on my thigh.

"I mean, it's not like I broke any laws or anything..."

"Unless this is private property and you are trespassing?" she said.

"No, no, not so worried about that, just that..." I couldn't finish.

"Just that you would rather not have all of UV hear stories about your little auto-erotic adventures off campus?" she asked, straight-faced.

I nodded.

Rachel then got a bright look on her face.

"You know, it doesn't seem quite fair that you are naked and we aren't." She shared a knowing glance with Maxine.

"At the very least we ought to have our shirts off. The air is warm and the place seems quite deserted." I was about to say something about this last observation, how that indeed had been the case but wasn't anymore, but kept my mouth shut.

I swallowed. This was not what I was expecting, and in the next couple minutes I was treated to the sight of the two of them removing their shirts and unhooking their bras. Rachel had a tight, minimalist athlete's chest, smooth firm mounds with nary a crease beneath them, lovely little nipples that grew erect once they hit the air. Nice strong shoulders, flat stomach. Her caramel-colored hair came half-way down her back.

Maxine was of considerably less appeal. Her moon face was round and handsome enough in a girl-next-door kind of way, but she had a good sized belly, and her breasts, pointed with dark ends, looked like little gopher snouts poking out over her stomach. They would have been fine on a girl who weighed a hundred pounds, but in her case they just sat there resting on her chest, although they did move nicely with the shirt removal.

Rachel put her shirt and bra into her backback, and I spied an expensive looking camera in her bag.

She saw my look and paused.

"You didn't..." I began, my throat tightening.

"We did," she said simply. "Just a few."

Ah fuck. This complicated matters.

They sat down facing me so we were in a triangle. I found that both of them were staring at my penis, then at my face, then my crotch again, in some sort of odd ocular cycle.

"You know Chad, it really was kinda arousing to see you touch yourself." Rachel was looking intently at me.

"I have never seen Scott touch himself that way, maybe once or twice just to check his penis before we got serious," she continued. This was her sweetie, a tall rangy-looking fellow from downstate, decent enough guy.

"I bet Maxine has never seen anything like this either," she continued. Maxine shook her head silently, eyes on my prick.

"Would you mind touching yourself again, Chad? Please? We would like to watch."

"There is the little business about sharing this whole scene, Rachel," I responded, my face reddening.

"Can I have your word that news of this won't get beyond us? You never really answered my earlier question. And the camera?"

The two exchanged looks. "No, no further," Rachel insisted. "On our honor." Maxine nodded, eyes still on my penis.

"Let me help with the start," Rachel went, not waiting for my response, and reached over to fondle my penis, fairly soft now and resting on my thigh while I sat cross-legged.

It took an astonishingly short time before my penis was hard again. Rachel's fingers were sweet and soft and gentle, and of course my cock had already been plenty aroused before their arrival.

I took over and gently worked my shaft, holding my balls. They stared, entranced.

I let my fingers caress my cockhead, rummaged a hand underneath my balls, pulled on my shaft from various angles, their eyes intent on me.

But I wasn't all that comfortable doing this, and my erection didn't stay. Gradually my cock got limper, as I was a bit self-conscious. Finally I was reduced to waving it around, just playing with it. Rachel reached over and her touch made it hard again, very quickly. Same stimulation as mine, but from different fingers. Made all the difference. She smiled. I swallowed.

She exchanged a glance with Maxine.

"Excuse us a sec, Chad? We'll be right back."

I watched them walk back to the tree where I first spotted them and they had a whispered conversation. I didn't feel compelled to fondle my penis, but it stayed hard regardless.

They returned, Maxine's little snout-nosed breasts moving nicely as they walked back. The flesh on her hips overflowed the edge of her jeans.

They stood over me, looking down. "Can we ask a big favor Chad? A really big favor?" Rachel's eyes sought mine.

This took me completely off-guard. What did they want now? All I could think of was permission to witness me finish off my little mis-guided masturbatory adventure, maybe capturing it all with their camera so they could end up with a nice amusing outdoors sexual documentary to chuckle over afterward. "UV Stud in the Wild" they might title it.

But no, the story was far more complicated, and even absurd, than that.

I heard about them growing up as friends. Rachel had always been pretty, had boyfriends, social life was never an issue. Maxine was an only child, shy, and her private high school had been isolating emotionally and especially romantically. I was getting more and more uneasy as the story went on.

"She's never had a boyfriend, Chad. Never made love." I was struggling to make sure that my ears were getting this right.

"You are a good-looking guy, a nice guy. You would be perfect." Rachel's gaze was steady, earnest.

"Oh no," I said straight away.

I objected on multiple grounds, including mostly the business of faithfulness to Sally. But I knew that Rachel had seen me with at least one other girl at UV so I was on somewhat flimsy ground there. What I could not manage to say was that I just wasn't attracted to Maxine.

"We will be the only ones to know," insisted Rachel.

I snorted at this. "Maxine wouldn't tell anyone else about losing her virginity? I'm sorry, I cannot believe that."

They exchanged looks. "No one at UV, no one you will ever know or see. It would be her close friends only. Look Chad, this would be a huge mitzvah."

I looked puzzled at this last word, but Rachel explained, "A boon, a good deed. In Jewish tradition, a meritorious act."

I found it hard to believe that fucking a college classmate's friend would be considered to be any sort of good deed for any religion, and said so.

"I can pretty much assure you that you will have a good experience," insisted Rachel, "and maybe we can sweeten the deal afterwards too." I was not sure about this, and offered up more objections, including the fact that I had no condom, there were pregnancy issues, etc.

Rachel laughed softly. "That part is all under control, Chad. Maxine got her IUD back in January, in hopes of losing her virgin status this spring sometime. In fact that's the main reason she came to UV this weekend."

I looked puzzled again, and Rachel explained their mission. Skidmore was in-grown and cliquey. The guys weren't interesting or adventurous. The two of them had gone to parties both Friday night and Saturday at UV with the idea of Maxine hooking up with someone, and yet none of the situations panned out. Guys were indifferent or things just never progressed in the right direction.

Ah, it was all a little clearer. I pointed out that a girl who wanted to lose her virginity really didn't need to try very hard, there would always be lots of ways to accomplish this, a very different situation than for a male.
I proposed that if this was such an important deal then Rachel should perhaps ask Scott to do the honor.

She gave me a withering look.

"I don't think you have the faintest notion of why that is such a dumb idea, on so many levels."

I elected not to pursue this line of argument. We were all quiet.

I will grant you that they never tried to leverage the "caught in the act" deal, or to suggest that they would tell everyone if I didn't agree. There was no blackmail, or even the hint of it, although I think it was not unlikely that they felt that by doing me a favor with their silence, it would be honorable for me to reciprocate by agreeing to their request.

Sensing that any momentum that they had was slipping away, Rachel pulled her jeans and knickers off, and stood in front of me with her crotch a few inches from my face.

"If you accommodate our request, I can offer myself to you too," she said, and impulsively pushed her groin into my face. "I'll bet you're good for two. Scott usually is," she laughed impishly. I was taken by surprise, but not before her scent had registered in the deep primal recesses of my brain. "Two for the price of one."

Her crotch triangle of hair was dark and thick, and the smell was intoxicating. She held my head in her hands and ground her groin into my face. My prick twitched with desire.

I found myself licking Rachel, who was already damp, but got wetter quickly. My head whirled.

I came up for air and looked at her.

""Okay," I said simply, still not sure how all this was going to work out.

But at least there was perhaps some balance to the equation now, the issue of what we would be doing that might reach Scott's ears too, a stalemate of trust if you will. It was all too much for me to fully process at the time.

Maxine shyly dropped her own drawers. Her crotch thicket was much darker in color and thicker in density. The curly tangle drifted out to her hips, trickled down her thighs, even up towards her navel. Her thighs were big and meaty.

Within the last few minutes I had increased by half again the number of vaginas I had ever seen. In non-dark conditions anyway. And doubled my number of licked labia. My mind traveled at the speed of light, just not coherently.

I had taken Sally's virginity the year before and figured, even if we didn't stay together, that the girls I ran into at university would most likely not be in the virgin category. Here was another opportunity, and maybe an adventure with Rachel too.

My conscience, or will, or whatever you want to call it, seemed to be doing pirouettes and backflips, shape-shifting all over the place, and I found myself convincing myself that here was an amazing pleasure experience, right in front of me, carpe diem and all that, and I was going to seize it with both hands and wring every bit of enjoyment out of the chance dropped in my lap this afternoon.

The thought of Sally gave me a pang, but I confess it wasn't a monumental one.

It was almost like what I had heard people often go through when trying to lose weight. You have just blown your careful regimented routine, gone off the wagon, eaten a doughnut maybe, so why not have another? The hell with consequences, you had already transgressed. I was in over my head anyway.

But it is one thing to decide you are going to do something like this, and another to see it through. Maxine looked at me shyly, almost embarrassed, and I realized that as the man of experience, on the spot as it were, I was going to have to conduct this whole sordid little affair through to its end.

I urged Maxine over to the towel and had her lie down. Her belly flattened out as she lay on her back, that was good. Her thighs were wide and soft and white. Her little breasts just sort of drooped out to the side, and I figured I ought to pay them at least a little lip service, so I rubbed her nipples and gave them each a little tongue-over. They were salty, very pathetic little efforts at nipple-hood. I couldn't stop myself from comparing them to Sally's big thick nipples that easily hardened into a very aroused state.

I vowed I had to halt this line of comparative thinking however, or the next stretch was doomed to go badly. This was not Sally's lithe body laid out in front of me. I was also annoyed at myself for dragging even the image of Sally into the middle of this, let's face it, romantic betrayal.

As I lay next to Maxine I kissed her, not enjoying the experience very much, but it gave me a chance to run my fingers over her notch and rub her thick groin lips. They were not even remotely damp, so I had to lick my fingers and finally managed to coax the semblance of arousal out of her crotch.

I directed her hand over to my cock, about half-hard at this stage, figuring she ought to have some experience playing with a prick before it gathered its energies sufficiently enough to impale her.

Her fingers were tentative, almost clumsy, it was obvious that they had never felt a penis before, but it didn't much matter. Just even a little touch along with my attentions to her groin were enough to stiffen it up.

I was very aware of the need not to rush things. This was so different from Sally, who couldn't wait to have me up her the first time, when we had decided we were due, and of course Sally had been hyper-aroused, "wet" was nowhere near a strong enough word to describe her groin, she had been dripping in anticipation for me.

I kicked myself, there was Sally again. No, I was going to have to make sure Maxine was desperately damp, as wet as possible before I made my move.

So I nestled my head in between her legs, her eyes a little alarmed looking, and I began to lick her. At least this was the right thing to do, Rachel definitely was enjoying watching this, and before too long, I had not only gotten Maxine pretty well slicked up but even had her hips moving around a little in pleasure. Big fleshy lips, but a cute little nubbin of a clitoris. She liked it when I pressed my tongue-tip on it and moved lightly, teasingly. Her groin hair tickled my nose.

I stuck a finger up her channel and worked her about. She was tight, no question, so I pushed and stretched and probed her recesses.

Finally, I judged the scene ripe for action and got ready to mount her. She was looking at me hard, her expression a little difficult to read. Enough so that I even asked.

"You good to go?" My eyebrows arched in encouragement.

She smiled thinly and nodded, so I put my cockhead at her entrance and moved it up and down a little along her lips, just for a get-acquainted feel.

I lay down on top of her and kissed her. She felt very wide and soft underneath me, like sinking into a large warm pillow. I reached down with my hand to maneuver my penis into position.

My prick had lost some stiffness, confound it, and I tried to push the head of my cock up her entrance. To my intense dismay, it wouldn't go, and in fact got limper and limper the more I tried to coax it along.

Fucking hell, I cursed beneath my breath. I had enough sense not to try for too long but pulled off and lay next to her, my fingers on her labia, still playing, keeping the moisture going.

I muttered something about needing just a moment to get hard enough again for a proper entry, like this was normal and all that, but I could see the alarm on Rachel's face.

Luckily, Rachel helped out, and sidled over next to us. She got her own hands involved, stroking my shaft, fingers playing over my cockhead until I was good and hard again.

I tried again, with the same effect. My penis head would get just past her outer lips and then I would feel my shaft deflate. It was like trying to push a just-cooked piece of spaghetti into the entrance of a drinking-straw. Now I was really worried. I had gone too far, committed in my head to do the deed, and yet my equipment seemed determined to thwart me.

Twice more I pulled out, Rachel coming to the rescue each time with her magic fingers, and then I tried again. I could feel my face reddening, my consternation and concern no longer able to be hidden.

I could see Maxine was looking worried now too, I am sure the gears were grinding away in her head, maybe all of this proving to her that she wasn't desirable, guys were just constitutionally unable to couple with her, that she would stay a virgin for the rest of her life, all of that sort of thing.

I finally pulled away, really upset now, and played my fingers over my penis, trying to will the noble beast into a compliant stiffness.

Both Maxine and Rachel looked alarmed and disappointed, while my fingers ran across my cockhead.

I knew something different had to happen, so I gestured Maxine over.

On my knees, my prick poking out at about a forty-five degree angle, half-hard, I spoke to her.

"You are plenty wet, nothing wrong there. Give me a little lick, get my penis all wet and slobbery, and then I think we'll be good to go." I sounded more confident than I felt.

Maxine eyed my tool warily, but I was sure I could read her thoughts.

Maybe if she wasn't going to be penetrated, at least she would get the first taste of a penis in her mouth. One first for her today anyway, maybe two if you counted touching my prick as well.

She came over on all fours, her little breasts dangling straight down, and gently kissed my cockhead, then slipped her lips over my tool.

That did the trick.

Something about seeing her take me in her mouth, the way she crawled over on hands and knees to seek my penis and then engulf me with those thick, cock-innocent lips, was intoxicating. I don't have any explanation for it. But it looked good, felt better.

Her head at my groin, hair moving around while she went in and out along my penis, on all fours, her broad back and ass out in front of me - I quivered with desire.

She knelt on her haunches for a bit, and I looked down at her, her mouth working me, her breasts jiggling with the effort. Rachel urged Maxine's hands under my balls, so they got some attention too. Divine.

She was very tentative, but her mouth moved nicely, and of course her tongue was totally wet and warm, and I even started to fuck her mouth vigorously after a few minutes, my arousal quite complete at this point. I now wanted her.

I withdrew and gave her a good hard hungry look, and urged her on her back. She spread her legs fetchingly, and I was on her in a flash.

This time I had to work to slow myself, but my penis cooperated and I found myself pushing my cockhead up her, a fraction of an inch at a time. It was tight, and getting tighter. I stopped a couple times when I felt her hips stiffen. "You okay?" I checked, and she nodded each time.

One final tight spot, I went real slow, just applying constant pressure, and I felt my prick head enter through a tight gripping ring of womb. She winced.

I lay there a moment, and kissed her. "Okay?" I murmured and kissed her neck. She gave me a squeeze and we were on.

It was short. I was slow and deliberate, mostly gentle, until the end. Her grip on me was intense. I am not sure she enjoyed it much, but when I was pushing at the end, I didn't care. My balls were screaming for release from their built-up pressure. My sperm came out with a rush, me grunting like a wild pig.

"Huh, huh," I went, my hips doing that thing they only do when the sperm is spurting forth, little quivering shakes at the end, urging my fluids out. Felt good.

We lay still, but out of the corner of my eyes I could see Rachel beaming.

When my cock softened enough that uncoupling was not going to be a difficult task, I slipped out, and sat next to Maxine. Our eyes locked and I gave her a good smile of triumph. She looked a bit undone, but I detected happiness. I rubbed her chest and thigh.

Only then did I become aware of our surroundings again, the warm air, the quiet pond, the forest edge. All was well.

Rachel leaned over and gave me a kiss, her tongue darting momentarily into my mouth. "Thanks!" she said breathlessly.

And then a louder, "Congrats!" to Maxine, who smiled broadly.

I was pretty sweated up by that point, particularly the areas of my body that had been pressed onto Maxine.

"Care for a swim?" I asked. "Cold, but if you're quick it is super. Got my towel here to dry off after.'

They got in up to their knees before chickening out. It was cold, I grant that.

I did a quick underwater plunge, and rapidly dried myself off. We sat down together and talked. It looked nice there on the pondside, three naked young folks.

Rachel in particular looked good to me, so trim, her body taut and appealing. I was looking at her hard, hoping I would actually get a chance with her. Maxine keep staring at every move I made, almost like she couldn't believe we had just coupled. I tried to play nonchalant, like I took virgins every day of the week.

But our intimacies had broken several boundaries between us all, and we started telling stories. It wasn't too long before I was asking Rachel questions about Scott. What their love sessions were like, how they met. I was a bit evasive about Sally, but they asked anyway.

Dried off and warming up again, I found my groin begin to stir.

"So do you like sucking Scott?" I asked Rachel. "What's his penis like?"

She gave me a quizzical look but answered.

"He might be a little bigger than you, but his balls are real different. Yours are bigger and hang totally different." She looked at my scrotum intently. "His are all bunched up when he is excited, very tight."

"He does like my mouth on him, no question about that. I usually give him a good tongue-over before we couple."

Maxine was looking back and forth between us, a bit amazed that we were talking so frankly.

I found out all kinds of things. That sucking him was almost always part of their foreplay, even that she would have him spurt sometimes in her mouth, and then they would couple afterwards when he had had a chance to recover. She liked to be on top.

"I'm in control that way," she leered at me.

Maxine seemed a bit undone with some of the discussion. "He just dumps his sperm in your mouth?" she asked. "Isn't that a little, ah, gross?" She made a face.

So we talked a little about that. Rachel said you got used to it and it felt nice to have a live pulsing penis in your mouth. I could see that Rachel was getting aroused. Of course, she had just seen me fucking her old friend, and had to have seen my rump going good at the end.

No one had ever witnessed me make love before. I have to say I had enjoyed that part of it, knowing that Rachel had been watching, just inches away. Sally always said I had a nice set of "buns." She marveled at how strong they were, how firm and round. Rachel had had a ringside seat to see them in action, clenching away.

I was imagining my penis up Rachel, what she would feel like with her groin enveloping my cock.

All this talk had stiffened my penis into a fine state. I decided it was time to move matters along. Rachel had pressed her own groin into my face to start this all, it was time to reciprocate.

I stood up, my penis hard and horizontal in front of me. I moved slowly over to Rachel, sitting, and pushed my penis towards her face.

She looked at me, then my penis, bobbing with desire in front of her. She gave the tip the tiniest kiss, than ran a fingernail under my balls, until my cock twitched on its own. Looking at me with a lecherous smile, she opened her lips and took my cockhead into her mouth.

It was luscious. Her lips were soft and wet, her tongue adept. She was not in a hurry and gave me a long, languorous work over. I liked they way her head moved as she took me in and out. Maxine's eyes were large as she watched, spellbound.

Rachel's eyes met mine. She had me lay down, the girls on each side of me. Then she gave Maxine a lesson in penis-sucking.

"See here?" she asked Maxine. "The head, right here?" pointing to that lovely little place just next to my piss-slit where my head met my shaft. "Guys love that spot." She had Maxine lick her thumb and press there, grip my cockhead and stroke. Felt super.

One of the strangest parts of the next hour, and it went on at least that long, was not just that we were outdoors and all, but that we talked about sex while doing it. Sally and I were generally quiet and intense when aroused, the kind of noises we made were mostly of the "More here" variety, or "Yes, ummm, that's good" while we stroked and licked and pleased each other. We would make animal noises while climaxing but wouldn't really talk while in the midst of our touching.

But Rachel's eyes were shining, she was enjoying the chance to have my penis between herself and her friend, getting to play the role of seasoned ballerina in the dance of sex.

They took turns sucking me, while the other fondled my balls.

Rachel had Maxine examine my scrotum closely. "See his balls moving around in there?" she would ask while they oscillated about. "Making more sperm, he is getting excited," this comment was accompanied with a wanton smile in my direction.

We took breaks to prolong things. I licked each of them, although Maxine didn't want my tongue up her channel. "Little sore there," she said.

Finally, after I had gotten Rachel pretty close to a climax, she was real wet, lots of hip movements, she pushed me over onto my back on the towel. She sat on my chest, eyes gleaming, and pushed her crotch, damp hair and all, into my mouth for a good few minutes, then ran it over my whole face, smearing her fluids around. I could feel her dampness on my cheeks. Maxine's face was perfectly still, I could see out of the corner of my eye, eyes wide.

Rachel then slid down my body and slithered her slick labia over my cockhead and down my shaft until we were joined together at our groins.

She put her hands on my shoulders while I held her hips, and started to grind into me.

This felt absolutely grand. She had a good grip, and she oozed her way up and down my shaft, pushing her groin forward at the bottom to give a nice extra squeeze. Her eyes were shining.

She came very quickly, lowering the rest of her body down onto me, her tongue seeking mine. Her chest was pressing into me. I felt her strong asscheeks with my hands when she started to come, they were clenching hard.

"Uhh, uhh, uhh," she went, and then her hips slowed and were still. I was very pleased that she had climaxed before I did.

I was anxious to launch my sperm into her right then, but Rachel had other ideas.

"Hey," I said when she pulled off. "I'd like to finish..."

"You will," she said. "Just the way you started." She shot a look to Maxine. "Watch this."

She manipulated my penis with her hands, one set of fingers under my balls, kneading, giving me a good ride. I was quite close, and Rachel slid her other hand along me fetchingly. She paid attention to my cockhead, which was registering intense pleasure at this point.

She did something then that Sally had never done to me, stroking my shaft rapidly while playing her tongue-tip over and into my piss-slit. I was dying.

My hips were squirming, and she picked up her pace, fingers in a ring flying up and down my shaft, squeezing my cockhead at the top of her cycle. My balls couldn't hold out any longer and I felt the first spurt of sperm let loose.

She seemed to sense its imminence, since she pulled her head out out to the side. It was a good blast, followed by another stronger one, a sloppy wad of semen heading up past my navel, then another three or four of lesser strength, until I had a good pile of sperm sitting on my stomach in a pool.

My chest was heaving, my balls drained. Rachel's look was, I don't know, like a conqueror? Like she'd just won the state lottery? Her eyes were bright, sharp. Maxine's mouth was hanging open.
We were still for some time, eyeing each other. Finally Rachel used the corner of my towel to clean me off.

"You know, I have always wanted to do that to Scott but never have."

"I suspect he would enjoy it," I answered a bit breathlessly. It was not hard to imagine her doing this to him. I wondered if I would end up getting a thank-you card from him.

We talked a little longer, but the afternoon was wearing on.

"Hate to fuck and run, but we have to go," said Rachel finally, trying to be light-hearted.

"Think you mean stroke and run," I said, with a bit of an edge. I had wanted to climax inside her.

I wasn't sure how I felt. My crotch felt fine, no trouble there. But my day had pretty much been taken away from me as soon as these two had stumbled upon my scene. I suppose each of us got something out of it all, but of vastly different import.

We put on our clothes silently, and I gathered up my stuff and turned to bid them farewell. I gave Maxine and kiss and a hug.

"Next time will be even better," I said, giving her ample rump a pat. "Always is."

She gave me a very broad smile. "Thanks Chad." Her fingers fidgeted. It was a little awkward.

Rachel gave me a hug and a long eager kiss, and opened her backpack. She pulled out her camera, popped open a side-cover and silently handed me the camera's memory card. At least that part was now settled. Or so I thought, as I took off on my bike down the trail, my mind racing, my groin warm and tingling.

I shuddered when I viewed the photos on my laptop back in my dorm room. Rachel had not quite been truthful. There were more than "a few" photos - more like two dozen. My penis was rock hard, my hands enthusiastic, my approaching pleasure quite obvious to anyone who would have seen the photos, my identity unmistakable.

I didn't find out until a couple years later, completely by accident and revealed by someone else, that her camera was a fancy enough model that it had slots for two memory cards. She had kept the second but given me an entirely false sense of trust by turning over the first.

With a sinking feeling and a sudden burst of anger and betrayal at this intelligence, I wondered then how many moments of entertainment I had unconsciously and unwittingly provided her and her friends over that interval.

It explained some of the looks I had occasionally gotten from some of the other female students, little smirks or amused half-smiles while they looked me up and down. I thought maybe they were just checking me out, but now it seems likely that there was more to it than that. But I never confronted her, it just didn't seem worth it at that stage.

Sally never found out, not to say I didn't spend a pile of time agonizing over it all, and in fact our relationship didn't even survive her first full year up at university, each of us eventually pairing up with someone else.

It turned out that Maxine was the daughter of a big-shot judge for the New York State Court of Appeals. I had tagged big-game offspring, but of course that kind of news can't be broadcast very well, and didn't actually ever do me any good in the status department. I never saw her again.

So the afternoon ended up being something like a wild dream, a little oasis of oddness, albeit one with tingling reminisces to my groin.

So what's the moral of this story? Don't fondle yourself when you think you're alone? If that was true, then masturbatory activities around the world would come to a grinding relentless halt. Either that or we would all turn into exhibitionists, which maybe wouldn't be so terrible.

I don't know. So many things in life come together at odd junctures and speeds. I wish the day didn't happen the way it did, but my penis still can get hard with the memory. You don't tend to forget the loss of a virginity, even one not your own.

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