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Jets of fresh nurse milk spurted into my eyes, my nose, my face.
It began last October with a routine cleaning. I'd been going to Dr. Williams since I was a kid, but he'd become more withdrawn over the years, leaving most of the work to his younger, more patient assistants. Not that I've minded. You see, I've always found a trip to the dentist to be one of life's more sublime rituals: a quiet, Muzak-filled pause, a chance to browse through childhood periodicals, to luxuriate one's senses in a safe, and polite environment. I've worked hard at keeping my teeth healthy, flossing and brushing on a regular basis. And so it came as a shock, on that chilly autumn day, when the new girl informed me I had not one, but two cavities. She said it as though she were offering an apology, one finger resting on my bottom lip. Under any other circumstance, I might have felt dirty, grim, or cheated, but I delighted at the idea of a return visit, my smile tightening beneath her gentle touch. Her name was Judy, Dr. Williams new dental hygienist. In less than an hour, she would possess my heart.

Judy was a redhead: pale skinned, with light freckles drifting over her cheeks and nose. A well-built woman with wide hips and heavy, rounded breasts, she could not have been over thirty years of age. And yet, there was a loneliness in her eyes, a hungry ache she could not seem to hide. Her movements were exact, and as I watched her that first day, she seemed almost too contained, a restless ocean, called to by a waxing moon. I settled into the chair and waited while she prepared.

Her skin seemed translucent, the veins on the back of her hands like blue rivers, running beneath the paleness there. As she pulled on a pair of latex gloves, she caught me staring. She smiled sweetly, and commented that safety must always come first. I noticed a photo of three pug dogs, hung on the yellow wall. Judy said that they were her babies. She sighed, paused for a moment, then slid on a pair of safety glasses. As she scooted a stool over, I caught a whiff of lavender, like baby powder, or perhaps a scented bath salts. Soon, she was inside my mouth.

Coated with saliva, her fingers slid between my lips and gums. They probed deeper, and I opened wide, offering her easier access. Judy leaned over, and stretched my cheeks, her crisp white uniform brushing against my shoulder. I was helpless beneath her probing fingers. I felt myself becoming aroused. Looking into her eyes, I noticed a freckle dotting her green iris. Thankful for the brisk weather out, I felt glad I'd chosen a thicker, darker, pair of trousers. Perhaps they'd hide my excitement. Judy gazed into my mouth, then reached for the polisher. She asked if I'd like citrus or peppermint.

As she rose, I caught sight of her expansive bottom. I imagined how she looked beneath the uniform: firm, muscular thighs supporting a pale, and delicious rump. White pantyhose covered her legs, and, for an instant, I saw my face pressed between her thighs, my nostrils filled with a warm mix of nylon, sweat, and arousal. Judy turned and caught me again. I blushed and stammered, and asked how long she'd been working here. Her kind smile reassured me not to worry, that everything would be just fine. She told me to relax, that we'd have plenty of time to talk later.

Back inside my mouth, Judy pressed her body closer. Her left forearm rested on my shoulder, and, as she stood behind me, working on my bottom teeth, I felt her full, almost maternal breasts squashed against the top of my head. As she worked, her focus became more intense. It sounded like she might be humming. Was it snippets of show tunes? The opening bars of "Do-Re-Mi?" Perspiration diamonds sparkled on her snowy brow. A suction hose lay hooked inside my cheek, and the good Nurse Judy occasionally used this instrument to suck out the copious pools of saliva that flooded my eager orifice. Then, just as I neared the overflowing point, Judy stopped polishing, and instructed me to spit into a nearby porcelain basin. As she reached past me, I felt an urge to bite into her fleshy forearm, to leave a toothy imprint there. But this was Judy's game. Her poise was unflappable. She retained absolute control. Holding a plastic cup to my lip, she told me to rinse. I gladly obliged, and this seemed to please her. She said that I was very good.

Then she went back to work. Faster this time, with a sense of urgency previously hidden. Standing by my side, one hip pushing against the chair's armrest, Judy thrust the head of the instrument deep into the sticky mint paste. She braced one hand against my cheek, and with the other, she once again invaded my mouth. As her latex glove brushed past my lips, Judy commanded that I open wider. Of course, I wanted only to oblige. And so, squinting, I cocked my head, offering her better access. She pushed further, stretching me, buzzing my lower molars. In and out she worked it, her voluminous chest heaving beneath her uniform. My pulse quickened; I felt myself throbbing. Hot saliva shot down my throat, and for an instant, I thought I might gag. Judy sensed this, and, just as I began to choke, she shifted the sucking vacuum, paused, and asked if I was all right. I nodded. I tried to speak. I begged for her to continue. I longed to take her inside of me, to feel her going deeper. I imagined her entire fist, plunging, filling me, stretching me wider than I've ever been stretched before.

She loaded up more paste, then leaned in closer and started on my uppers. The machine's metal arm shook in her grasp, her fingers pulsed and vibrated. My lips became electrified, every nerve ending sparked to new life. If I could only wrap my mouth around her, give suck to her fingers as they burrowed into my oral cavern. Bits of plaque mixed with saliva, and as the humming tip exploded over jagged bicuspids, minty white drops splattered Judy's glasses and hair. It embarrassed me greatly; I wanted to fetch a towel, but I found myself helpless beneath her forceful toil. One globule lay on her cheekbone, and I watched, horrified, it slid lower, down toward her lovely mouth.

How we doing here? Dr. Williams snatched up my files. Judy pulled out quickly. She removed her glasses, and wiped her face.

Almost finished, Doctor. She gave me a little wink.

That's nice, real good. He waddled over, and poked my gums with a sharp metal tool. Judy stood behind him. She said she'd noticed a couple of dark spots. Dr. Williams suggested an X-ray. He hovered for an instant, then thankfully left us alone.

Once again, a cloud drifted across Judy's face. She stared at the picture of her dogs. Her babies. Her surrogate children. A shame, really, because she seemed so built for motherhood. I imagined a baby, cradled in her arms, her enormous bosom, overflowing with milk. Veins like road maps, wide areolas, the tender, extended nipples, the sweet and nourishing taste. I closed my eyes. The baby disappeared. And in the plush hotel suite of my mind, Judy tilted her head; her smooth neck beckoning me closer. Reaching back, she unzipped her uniform, then wiggled her torso, as the white nylon melted to the floor. She took my hand and guided it to her bra clasp. With a snap, it parted, the cups still clinging to her full, lusty breasts.

It's been awhile, hasn't it? Back in the office, Judy approached with a protective apron. She adjusted it onto my lap, sliding it toward my chest, her face so mysterious, I wondered if she could read my mind. You should really get X-rayed more often.

The friction of the apron nearly undid me. I throbbed against the heavy lead, aching for release. Standing beside me, Judy, very slowly, peeled off the latex gloves. Don't worry, she whispered. I'll try and be real careful. She reached into a drawer and came back with a folded piece of cardboard. It's just that I'm sweating so. Open?

Like she really needed to ask. Her unsheathed fingers danced in quick, and she instructed me to bite down hard. As she withdrew, one finger dragged past my upper lip The shock of bare skin set my whole face tingling. The cardboard pushed deep into my gums, and as my mouth began to lubricate, I felt myself grow hard again. Judy swung down the camera. She placed it against my jaw, then hurried off to throw a switch.

While the photos developed, I drifted back to the hotel room suite. This time, I took the dental chair with me. Judy, clad only in white pumps, pantyhose, and nurses cap, unlocked one arm of the chair, then leaned over to unlatch the other side. As she did, her tremendous mammaries dragged across my thighs. Surprised by the absence of my shirt and trousers, I opened my mouth to speak, when Judy put a finger to my lips, tossed a leg over, then straddled my lap completely. I pulsated against her, and, as she pressed down harder, the steamy valley of nylon caught my bare erection in its wicked, hygienic, web.

Judy leaned toward me. She pushed her breasts together. Tiny white droplets oozed from her nipples, and I opened my mouth as she offered me a taste. My tongue flicked from one to the other, luxuriating in her sweetness. Her hips rocked to and fro, and as I rose up to meet her, she let out a slow, throaty moan. I grabbed her hips, and she began to move faster, her sticky wetness seeping through her once-professional hosiery. Push harder, she told me, and I did, lifting myself up from the chair, thrusting against her, wanting more than anything to please, to satisfy her, to bring her the frenzied release for which her lonely eyes begged.

Breathing hard, she pumped her breasts, and as she pinched her nipples, jets of fresh nurse milk spurted into my eyes, my nose, my face. I opened my mouth, hoping to lap up as much as possible. Judy became frantic, her pubis battering my nearly bursting rod. With a groan, she sank forward into me. My lips closed around her nipple. She began to tremble. I gently gave suck. Heavenly streams flooded my throat; my mouth filled with her sweetness. I swallowed greedily, gulping down every proffered drop.

Just then, the real Judy, back with the developed photos, pulled away the X-ray apron. As it slid across my tented trousers, the sudden friction drove me over the brink. I held tight to the arm rests, gasping as I climaxed. Judy stared in wide-eyed amazed at the growing wet spot, as spurt after spurt filled my boxer shorts and trousers. It was then that she won my heart over completely. For just as the last tremors of orgasm shook my prone body, Judy placed her index finger to my lips, and shushed me back to tranquility. Her eyes locked on mine, and for one brief instant, the florescent overhead lights created a halo effect. She smiled sweetly, then informed me of my cavities.

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