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I am enjoying the restriction she has placed upon me with my feet tied snugly togethe
"Come on Mr Spoon, slaves must do what they are told... AND remember not to speak. I don't want to hear your voice at all."

She motions me across the room towards our sofa, somewhere in suburbia. I was playing a familiar role, the man with the useless dick.

She said she would never touch me intimately again, I was not allowed to cum. She never wanted to see my cum and was not going to afford me the pleasure of shooting when she was around.

She allowed me to cum each Wednesday at bedtime. I was given ten minutes in private. Then I had to join her in the bedroom, always making sure there was no sign I had cum. No spillages or remains of an erection, so I had to do the deed quickly, which wasn't very pleasurable.

Now it was Friday and I wanted, needed to cum again.

"Since you have denied me a family, you will not need to cum at all, there's little point in you shooting."

We had a good sex life, passion ensued more often than not, in the missionary position, quite conventional and suburban. When I came I lost interest quickly and often before she'd had her orgasm it was all over. I would roll over and start snoring. These days with her plans and her control of my orgasms, she had more orgasms than ever, just not from being fucked by my cock.

"You're my non-ejaculating pussy licking, pleasure toy."

"I have all the fun and you don't get to cum!"

She's looking up at me from the leather sofa, delegating her commands at will:

"Now remove everything... so I can view you naked, everything ah ha ha."

She places a plastic bag in front of me.

"Use this."

Standing there and I start to remove firstly my shirt, dropping it into the bag followed swiftly by other garments. I continue to strip as she makes her commands; I remove my trousers, boxers and socks under instruction. Placing these items into the bag provided, I stand in the nude while she checks me over.

"Turn right around for me."

I move with a type of pirouette so I can be inspected by her.

"I see Mr Spoon is happy as usual, I like what I see!" She says with that grin on her beautiful face. This indicates she is pleased that I am erect and excited by all the activity.

"A cum free cock...it only glistens in hope and anticipation...shame!" She teases, with her sexy grin.

Only a thin net curtain shields our play from the prying eyes of the outside world and its voyeuristic needs, as I stand there for her.

"Today you will wear nothing at all, meaning ALL DAY."

"You will be as nature intended you to be." She approaches and removes my wristwatch, placing it in the bag.

"There will be no time restraint today, but you will love the restraints which I use to pleasure your body."

She moves in squarely to my face. I look into her dark brown eyes as she kisses me passionately for some seconds. She's fully clothed. I'm in a more vulnerable state of undress as I probe my tongue into her lovely willing mouth, we connect perfectly at the mouth like long term couples do, and kiss most intimately for some time. I swish around inside her with my tongue's familiar style and rhythm. I love the warmth and closeness of her mouth. The familiar kiss between lovers, she seems to be quite excited and I trust her kisses.

She grabs at another bag, pulling out my first sanction, a length of white rope. I offer forward my hands as I know there is little point resisting her thirst.

"Shake hands with Mr Spoon." She says.

I am allowed to reach down and hold my penis with one hand for a few seconds, I'm hot. I grip and give a gentle squeeze. I'm not allowed to move my hand at all from this original grip. Releasing after just a few seconds, I know I will not feel the sensation of touch there for a while.

With my hands in front of me again, she expertly whirls the rope around my wrists, taking over my body. I clasp my fingers together as the rope pulls my elbows inwards, around my wrists a number of times the grip increases. A few knots later and my wrists are bound solidly in front of me, not uncomfortably tight but nice and secure palm to palm.

I rather like the feeling of several rope coils encasing my skin. I wriggle at the wrist, she likes to see me testing out her handy work for her. I know I cannot escape from this now, as the reality of my situation sets in and I think of nothing else but this thrill.

"Mr Spoon is busy today isn't he." Convincingly looking at my member, which is often quite 'jolly' when she's around. She's a pretty girl, shorter than me with freckles, slim and curvy with a wicked smile, long flowing hair down her back and sexy with it.

She orders me to stand in the corner of the room, so I do what I'm told. Taking a few steps backwards to my favourite corner and onto her plastic tray. I stop when I feel the next white rope touch against my back. It dangles down from a hook in the ceiling, where someone once hung a budgerigar cage?

"Mmmmmm she says, lift your arms very high."

I raise my hands up toward the ceiling. She stands in front of me and loops this new rope through my wrist restraint taking the precaution not to brush up against my manhood as she does the work. My hands are quickly pulled up and held high in the air over my head and quite secure. My armpits are exposed and my body is clearly on full view as I face into the room like a human corner display unit with all the sensitive bits available.

"If Mr Spoon dribbles, you'll lick the tray clean, Mr!"

I nod to confirm I understand, as I am not allowed to speak. My pre-cum must be obviously visible now, an indication of my state of arousal and my need for sex.

My bare feet are clammy and sticky in contact with the smooth plastic surface of the tray as I re-position my stance. It's like the drip-tray under a leaky old car that's visiting a posh friend's driveway.

She continues with her plan, removing my sense of sight using a woolly black cotton scarf, it makes a journey around my head two or three times? Then she secures it neatly at the back and quite snug. She makes a good job, I try to find daylight at the corners, moving my open eyes around. It's plain that no light can leak in. I close my eyes in defeat. I have succumbed to her. I am guessing it is about 10am and I know this could be a long day.

"OH DEAR she says, it looks like Mr Spoon is dripping already-naughty thing."

Her movement in front of me creates a waft of air and I hear a clink as she places the metallic table spoon onto the plastic tray.

I've been standing here a short time but it feels like a long time, my body reacts excitingly to her control over me. My 'useless juices' are starting a free-flow from my cock forming thin trails, of syrup like material, running towards the awaiting spoon which I will lick up later.

"That's re-cycling." she'd say.

I sense her movement again as a new rope touches my ankles. I can feel her breath quite near to my cock. She pulls my legs in neatly with several turns of the rope binding my legs securely. On her way back up she blows air at my cock, just to tease me more. I stand to attention as the tip feels the coldness. I'm definitely bound and secured. I scrub my legs together at the knee to check, and I can feel how tight the restraint is.

I am enjoying the restriction she has placed upon me with my feet tied snugly together, my hands raised, bound securely over my head and my eyes covered completely. In my world of darkness. I think of how my body must look as I Stand in the corner, my creamy white skin only slightly contrasted against the minimalist, white painted walls. I'm helpless with all my flesh on show, my freedom passed to this girl.

She taps the top of my foot, I instinctively lift my toes so she can tie a shoelace with a bow, bringing my toes together securely so I cannot wriggle about much. I test out the available movement and today she has not been very generous.

"Stand completely still, YOU MUST drip onto the spoon."

I can't move much at all! But if I twist or turn my body slightly it will mean my stringy flow could miss the spoon.

"You will licking the tray."

There's no activity for a few minutes, I can't feel the flow of my pre-cum but I usually leak. She will make me taste my own sex.

There's a click, the television set comes to life. The only way I can tell that she's still in the room.

I can hear her moving about occasionally, I must play her waiting game. It's daytime telly and an argument over a guy who has cheated on some girl, she sounds pretty angry. For a minute I am distracted from my predicament and my erection moves slightly downwards as I relax a little from things.

I hear a few more distant noise. I smell coffee brewing. She's moved to the kitchen and is making a cup. I stand there helplessly enjoying my day off work. There's a loud noise above my head which abashes my senses. It's the doorbell! Who could it be, visitors? Surely not? A random caller?

The air moves as she passes by in front of me to open to the door. There is a rush of cold air and my cock likes it, as it breezes over my entire body I have goose pimples and I become more erect.

I hear some lazy laughter and short conversation. She will make some excuses? Ask them to leave? It's her day, she planned to have her fun with me?

Then they enter the room. I hear foot-fall and some new voices as my heart skips beats and a massive surge of adrenaline rushes my body as I realise that more than one set of eyes are being cast upon my naked vulnerable form.

"The girls have popped in for coffee."

I assume it's the two friends she's mentioned a few times, who pop in for coffee and chat when I'm at work, of course I can see nothing of them at all but I smell perfumes and stuff.

I shake with excitement and my body is alive with the knowledge that I am utterly helpless. She has full control over my body and is allowing it to be fully exposed and violated in this way, visible to these stragers today! Whoever she feels like inviting along? Whoever's entertained by my predicament? I had not agreed to this!

"Don't worry about him." I hear her say to her girlfriends

"He is unable to move, completely harmless, forbidden from speaking a word at all today, so we can have our usual gossip without interruption."

"He doesn't play golf and likes to be teased like this. He loves it so much he dribbles all over the place, look!"

There's some female giggling... a "shh shh." I hear several footsteps to and from the kitchen as I stand there almost inanimate, just taking breath, brushing at the back of my blindfold with my eyelashes.

I listen to the rattle of cups and cutlery, the paper-crinkle you hear when a packet of biscuits is being opened.

There's some idle chatter about someone bumping into a guy down the road in the corner shop. Apparently he thinks he's special. Then I hear some girly small talk conversation about shoes or something like that.

It is hard to listen accurately when you're standing on full view! Totally naked in front of three? Girls. Helpless, arms raised, blindfolded and dribbling pre-cum. My most intimate and personal body fluids aimed at a spoon strategically placed to catch the fun juice.

In my darkness I imagination these girls faces from their voices like you would picture a radio presenter from their sound. They are all stunning. Taking coffee and biscuits in front of me, making remarks about my body and how much I clearly enjoy being restrained for their entertainment. I have a nice body, slim and well toned upper body and a good sized cock, which stands to attention quite a lot.

After a few minutes of in-activity, I feel the air in front of me moving again raising a few hairs on my skin. Suddenly a hand is gripping at my cock quite firmly which takes me by surprise! I'm not expecting stimulation from anyone. I am denied all pleasure of touch when I'm tied-up. Then I get a pleasurable sensation, my foreskin being pushed back to fully expose my glands. I have a picture in my minds eye of my cock now! She wants me to look my best in front of her mates. I certainly do look good with a shiny purple bulb and the veins of my manhood on show.

"Much better!" She says.

"Make sure you keep it hard and no rolling back."

I stand as hard as ever, my cock is at full attention now! My foreskin tightly stretching as my blood pumps me up as hard as can be, I feel about an inch longer than usual.

The air in front of me moves again and the spoon clinks from the tray.

"Anyone want to re-cycle this useless juice?" She asks the room.

"I wouldn't mind taking a closer look!" A smooth and lovely sounding feminine voice shows an interested tone in reply.

I must open my mouth wide now. I feel a fingertip slide into my mouth and along the top of my tongue "suck it" says a sweet voice, the finger motions in and out a few times. I clam down and suck at this, a violating finger belonging to a complete stranger and then two fingers, that taste tangy. Sliding a few more times towards the back of my throat and then removed. The cold spoon then touches the tongue of my open and willing mouth and is tipped to allow the taste to enter and mix with saliva. I offer my tongue into the curve of the utensil as it's turned, lifting my silky juice from the cold metallic spoon. My body accepting my own liquid back for a taste test.

My thoughts race. I am being fed my own juice by an unknown female! A complete stranger in my house! Standing immediately in front of me with my nakedness, she's clearly happy to help out. I have to accept her offering with clearly no choice.

"No swallowing" a familiar voice says.

"He's not allowed to swallow! "I want to see him keep it there, on his tongue."

I must keep the pre-cum floating in my mouth, to taste it and to show it is still there upon command.

"Show the girls that you love your juice."

I open and close my mouth and motion my tongue up and down, stringing at the pre-cum to prove it is still there.


There's a reduction in activity in front of me. I wait there helplessly. After a few minutes another whoosh of cold air hits my flesh, there's a few goodbyes and the guests are on their way. The front door is closed to the uncertain world and the room falls quiet once more. I imagine her face is smiling at me widely, I have been good. She has been able to put on a show for some of her girl friends.

"Half past eleven, you have done well!"

I feel the ropes that bind my legs and feet being tugged, loosened and removed, I move my feet slightly.

"Step off the tray."

I widen my foot position, stepping either side of the tray lowering my body and so stretching my now uncomfortable arms higher into the air.

"The tray must be licked clean, how can I serve coffee and cakes on this!"

I open my mouth again to show her my pre-cum is still there, then I start to lick the tray clean. My tongue slides nicely over the pooled drips and I clean up the tray as ordered, like a terrier on something covered in gravy. She moves the tray around and I keep licking at it.

"I want you to lick the sweat marks left by your feet so keep licking."

I lick what she holds in front of me for a few more minutes, it feels a bit gritty and I know I am licking the places where my feet were.

"I see Mr Spoon is still very drippy down there."

My arms are finally loosened and lowered down, my hands are still tied firmly together in a solid bond. She removes my blindfold, I adjust to the light of the room. I am instructed to go down onto my knees to inspect the floor for drops. I lick the most recent dribble off the wooden floorboards. It feels good to be able to lower my hands down in front of myself after all of the time they were raised skyward.

"The girls love my coffee mornings so much!"

"Very popular." she explains.

She grapples at my torso with her sharp long finger nails, standing behind me she ushers me out of the room and into the hallway.

"Quite the talk of the town you are, he he he."

Motioning me to the foot of the stairs, I start to climb.

"It's time we took this fun to bed!"

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