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He didn't think she'd be rubbing her smelly feet in his face
"Well, he's a boy. Now, Eric, if this isn't incentive for you to get your act together, I don't know what is. Now get your clothes on and get back to work."

Steph was already standing, stooping to retrieve Eric's underwear from the floor. "Can I take these?" she asked Amanda.

"If you want them, take 'em," said Amanda.

"Those are mine," said Eric, reaching for them.

"Not anymore," giggled Steph as she ran with them to the door, and stepped outside, leaving the door open.

Eric hurriedly pulled on his pants before someone outside could see him.

"Just take your pants and shirt. You can get dressed in your office."

Fortunately, Eric managed to get his pants on, pulling on his shirt and grabbing his shoes as he walked out.

He could see Steph sharing a laugh with the copywriters Jess and Allie, showing them his underwear to a deafening burst of laughter. Seeing him walk to this office, they waved and blew him a few mocking kisses.

He shut his door. his degradation mounting by the hour. How could it get any worse?

Eric was disappointed because Robyn, the President and Founder, had returned to the office and he'd been hoping Amanda would introduce him. It didn't seem like he'd meet her at this rate, and Robyn would be heading out on another flight later that evening.

Disappointed in himself and his work, he moped in his office with the door closed. As the end of the day approached, he waited for the office to quiet down and for everyone to leave. Assured that everyone had left for the day, he opened his door. Silence.

Grabbing his bag, he left his office and walked to reception.

To his shock, the interns and copyright girls were clustered, whispering as if in anticipation of something. Upon seeing Eric, they sprang to their feet, cheered and whistled, his boxer briefs hoisted up by a yard stick over the front desk. The girls were doubling over with laughter.

"What took you so long?" said Jenna.

"I just want to go home," he said, backing up.

"OK," said Allie as she and Kylie approached, smirking mischievously. He knew they wanted to humiliate him again but he didn't know if there was an alternate exit.

"Just answer this. Cut or not?" asked Allie.


"Your penis," said Kylie, giggling. "Circumcised or not. We've been wondering."

"It's none of your business," he said, backing away, glancing back to his office where another intern was standing, her arms crossed. He'd have to make a run for it down the hallway. He believed there was a fire escape at the end of the hallway.

"Of course it's our business," said Jenna, grabbing him by the arm. "Are you going to tell us or do we have to find out ourselves? We don't mind, do we?"

The room erupted with laughter and more whistles.

Eric pulled free and darted to the rear of the offices.

"Get him." howled Jenna, to a thunder of footfalls as he raced down a hallway. It was a dead end, but the door at the end seemed like an exit. Grabbing the door handle, he opened it and threw himself inside before closing the door behind him. There was a lock and he locked it, just as the girls threw themselves against the door and started banging.

"Get out here, Eric," yelled one girl. "Come on," yelled someone else.

"What is this?" asked a woman to his rear. He turned.

What first appeared to be an empty room was merely an alcove to a larger room where a sharp dressed woman sat behind a desk, her dark hair drawn tight behind her head. She must have been close to 45, but could have passed for younger.

"They're attacking me," he confessed.

The woman stood up. It was Robyn. It had to be. Surely, he could make his case to her. All this hijinks would stop if the President put an end to it.

"What's going on?" she asked, elegant in her pumps and long skirt as she walked to him, a hand to his shoulder. "Who's attacking you?"

"The women out there," he said, as the girls banged on the door.

"We know you're in there," yelled Allie from outside.

"My girls are attacking you?" asked Robyn, incredulous, a hand to her hip.

"They ..." he began, embarrassed to tell her what the girls were about to do.

"What?" she asked.

"Come on, Eric," said Jenna from outside the door. "We're just havin' a little fun."

"You girls were attacking Eric?" asked Robyn through the door. Eric breathed a sigh of relief. He was home free.

"We were just gonna take his pants off," said Kylie through the door. The girls outside laughed and cheered.

"Ok," said Robyn with a shrug as she reached for the door. Eric grabbed her by the arm.

"What are you doing?" he asked, frantic.

"I'm letting the girls in. Sounds harmless enough. A little hijanks after working hours never did anyone any harm."

"I don't want them to strip me," he pleaded.

"You must Be Eric," she said, calmly, a hand to his chest. "The one who likes dirty, smelly feet. Which is all good. To each his own. I won't judge you for that."

Eric could barely object as she continued speaking.

"Now my girls are pretty normal. They're not used to boys working here, and we get a cutie like you. Nice butt. Handsome face. And you expect them not to get all hot and bothered? If their pulling off your pants helps keep things sane and morale high, I won't get in the way. And I've always been keen on keeping morale high."

"And my morale?"

"We're a company, Eric. A company of women with one cute boy. We all contribute and do what we can got the good of the group and the company as a whole. I know things haven't been working out all that well for you here, but at least the girls have been having fun with you, from what I've heard. And that's invaluable. That's called making a contribution to the team. Your contribution to the team is as our resident ... well ... hottie. You want to strut about getting them all worked up, you've got to take the consequences."

Far from being the solution, Robyn was turning out to be a big part of the problem.

"I just want to do my job."

"Our job is what our company requires of us. And what your job requires is what make this place a productive and exciting place to work. Those girls out there are an important part of this team, and they've done amazing work today. They told me they were going to mess around with you a bit which, it being after hours, I won't refuse. They promise to keep distractions to a minimum during office hours, and they did that. Now that's it after 6, they can let their hair down a little, have a few laughs. It's good for the company. Which is why I need you to man up and get out there and let those girls have a little fun. They've done good work which, from what Amanda tells me, is more than I can say for you. But it's easy to ignore your deficiencies when the girls get so much enjoyment out of you. They're happy and I'm happy."

"I can't do this anymore," he said, defeated by the situation. There was no escape. The girls continued to bang on the door, eager to get their hands on him.

"You can and you will. I haven't seen the women here so enthused to be here in over a year. And that's because of you. And all they want to do is see you naked. I can't fault them for that. You're a cute boy. Probably got a pretty decent body. So I admire their restraint today. They've been good and you're their reward. That's your value here."

"I wanted to do good work," he said, eyes downcast.

"You'll still a boy, and if your best assets are dangling between your legs, might as well let the girls check them out. So, you couldn't keep up here, but you'll do fine just being a dumb boy who can't keep his pants on."

The girls were calling Eric's name.

"If I were them, I'd be trying to get you naked too, though I wouldn't mind seeing you with your clothes off."

Robyn walked to the door.

"Wait," he begged.

"Eric, really," she said, hostility in her soft-spoken voice. "This is ridiculous. Do you have something against my girls having some fun after a long day?"

"No but why does it ..."

"This job'll work out if you remember you're part of a team. And your team is out there. We work together and share some laughs together too."

As Eric grabbed the door, Robyn surprised him by grabbing him by the crotch and squeezed hard. He grabbed her hand, trying to pried it loose. But it was just enough time for Robyn to unlock the door.

"Come on in, ladies," she called out and the door opened, the women flooding into the room and surrounding Eric, grabbing him and pulling at him, laughter and cheers as Jenna and Kylie stopped to unbuckle his belt. He was about to reach for it, as if he could prevent them, but the other women were already holding his arms behind his back, and pulling him down. With someone just behind him, he stumbled to the ground and everyone piled on top.

He could feel Jenna and Kylie loosening his pants before yanking them down his legs to a resounding cheer. Even Robyn, to his disappointment, was applauding.

The girls giggled as they pointed out his penis being on the small side. He was too mortified to think, shifting helplessly as they held him tight, everyone checking out his penis.

"It's cute, but tiny," said someone. The girls burst into laughter.

As someone began tugging his shirt up to his head, he was surprised to see that it was Robyn. The other began helping her until she was able to pull his shirt up over his head and over his arms.

"I haven't helped strip a guy in years," she said, spinning his shirt to the crowd. "That was ... exhilarating."

The girls were manhandling him, squeezing his buttocks and slapping his cheeks, laughing as they rubbed in his utter helplessness. It was as if they could do whatever they wanted to him.

"I want to thank you ladies for being patient with me today," intoned Robyn. "And for all your hard work."

Someone tossed his pants to Robyn and she chuckled.

"It's times like this when it's all worth it. When I know what we can accomplish when we ladies work together. We stripped this boy in seconds flat. And we should remember the world is ours for the taking. We want it, we should have it."

The women cheered Roby's inspiring words.

With Eric still sprawled naked on the floor, Robyn uncorked a bottle of wine and handed out glasses, the women drinking and joking about work as they sat around and on Eric. As someone poured a little wine on his cock and balls, he flinched from the cold. The women laughed.

"See, Eric," said Robyn with a smirk, her high heel resting on his chest. "We just wanted to check you out. It wasn't so bad was it?"

The women giggled.

"You can let him go," said Robyn. In response, the women let go of his arms and legs. Those sitting on him stood up. As he stood, women smacked his rear end as he scrambled for his pants and shirt and ran to the door, too humiliated to look anyone in the face.

He returned to his office, resolved that he couldn't work there anymore, grabbed his things and walked to the front door.

Robyn, however, was waiting for him at reception.

"Where do you think you're going?" she queried.

"I quit," he answered flatly.

"Then you quit the entire industry. What do you do next?"

"I don't know."

"You'd leave a job that pays really well with women who like you, all because some of them saw you naked? I thought you were made of stronger stuff, Eric."

"It's everything. It's their feet in my face. It's the humiliation."

"One. They offer you their feet because they know you like it. The ladies in accounting said you had a stiffy."

Robyn grabbed his crotch and squeezed. He stiffened under the contact but recoiled instinctively.

"I didn't .." he tried to tell her before being interrupted.

"And the humiliation should toughen you up. How do you expect to make it here if you can't toughen up and be a team player? They want you to succeed. They want you to be a good fit. Tell me you're not walking away from that."

Truth be told, he wanted it to work out. But he feared it wouldn't. If Robyn had faith in him, perhaps there was a chance for him. Robyn had power. Real power. He couldn't forgive her for degrading him the way she did. But perhaps he was letting pride get in the way.

"I don't want to walk away from it," he declared.

"Then we'll see you tomorrow, sweetie," she said, patting him on the behind as she walked back to her office.

"You're more than welcome to join us for our celebration," she said, turning back. Eric could hear the women laughing in Robyn's office. "But the clothes'll have to come off again."

"That's alright," he told her, returning his things to his office before heading home.


To Eric's relief, the morning was uneventful. He could work in his office alone, away from their knowing stares and playful smirks.

He had to attend the weekly company meeting, ordinarily on Thursdays but today on a Wednesday because of scheduling conflicts. Robyn was once again away from the office, but Amanda, being the most senior member of the company on site, presided. She addressed the progress on the critical accounts as well as a few housekeeping issues.

"And finally, I'd like to address some issues regarding our newest addition, Eric."

Eric slumped in his seat. He didn't know what to expect.

"I believe there were some promises of foot rubs never given. And, Jen, I believe he's been smelling your feet?"

Women tittered.

"Boy, did he ever," answered Jen with a broad grin, to everyone's amusement. "And he knows how to use his tongue too."

The women in the room leaned forward, more intrigued.

"Well, that's just it," explained Amanda. "We're a team here and we can't have Eric performing different services for different people. Unless he can perform these services equally, then we'll have complaints about him doing some things for some of us and not for others."

Everyone agreed. Eric got nervous. He didn't like where the conversation was headed.

"If he's going to give foot rubs, everyone should be entitled to them. And if he's going to smell feet, it should be everyone's feet."

The women cheered.

"He'll smell our feet?" asked the HR assistant Amber.

"It's fairness that's required here," explained Michelle, the HR director. How could she see nothing amiss in company-wide foot smelling? Fairness? Where was the fairness in forcing their dirty feet in his face?

"And we get foot rubs?" asked one of the interns with a grin.

"You should all be entitled to foot rubs and foot worship," explained Amanda. "So if you want him to smell your feet, he'll do so. You want a foot rub, he'll give you one. You want him to smell one foot while rubbing the other, he'll do that too."

Women laughed at the suggestion, but amusement was mixed with intrigue, the eyes of the room sizing up Eric as he tried to disappear in his seat.

"And don't worry about your feet being stinky, he loves it," explained Jen.

A number of women cheered.

"He's gotta smell our feet?" asked one intern to another. The other intern nodded before the pair of them burst into laughter.

"So to make sure we all get equal treatment here, I'm setting aside today for Eric to address your foot needs for the day" said Amanda. "If you think you should have been given a foot rub, today's your chance. You think you should have had a chance to rub your feet in his face, today's your chance. "

"I want him to smell our feet," said Jenna, turning to the other copywriters with a smug grin. Other women cheered the suggestion.

"I could really use a foot rub," said Michelle, the HR boss who was sitting near Eric. She grabbed his knee and squeezed.

"Now we can set him up in here," said Amanda. "Under the desk. So if you ladies can help me out with him."

"He's a little squirmy," noted Kylie.

"Yeah, you'll probably need to tie him up," added Stacey.

"I have just the thing," said Val who ran out and returned with duct tape.

Eric was walking to the door when the interns grabbed him. One of them grabbed his crotch and he doubled over, which made it easy for some of the other women to pull him to the ground. He could feel hands grabbing his legs and arms. He squirmed but it was no use.

The noise in the room was deafening, laughter interspersed with wild chatter. Hands grabbed him everywhere, squeezing his buttocks and cupping his crotch as he was pulled under the table, his face near the head of the table.

"Hey, how come the interns saw him naked and we didn't," yelped Vanessa from accounting.

"Oh, you're right," noted Amanda. "You should all have a chance to see him naked."

Eric flushed crimson, anticipating the worst. As if on cue, hands grappled with his belt and shirt buttons. It was a fury of giggles and gasps as the women tugged and grabbed, his pants and underpants yanked down to his ankles with a round of applause and high fives, with his shirt pulled up and over his head.

He struggled but the accounting girls had already affixed the duct tape to his arms and legs. He was naked and spread eagled under the desk. The room was a cacophony of chuckles and whistles.

"How's he gonna rub our feet if his hands are tied," asked the HR assistant.

"Well, foot worship first," suggested Jen. "If you want to get your feet in his face, having him smell them and lick them, now's your chance. Then we'll have him do foot rubs."

The women cheered their approval, some of them already taken seats in the chairs surrounding him. He could see their legs and shoes, but didn't know who was sitting around him, heels and flats already pressed against his naked body, and someone's booties against his head.

"Put your names on the list," suggested Jen. "Ten minutes for foot worship. I know it isn't very long but we want to make time for everyone today."

Whoever got her name on the list first was kicking off her shoes and pressing her warm nylon feet in his face: large size 10s that smelled of vinegar and leather as she lathered his face with sweat.

"Smell my feet," said Brooke, Alex's assistant. He could imagine her smirking, and here she was humiliating him. They were all going to humiliate him with their feet.

He inhaled as her nylon toes clutched at his nose.

"They don't have to ask for you to smell them," said Jen, leaning close. "You just smell them whenever you can and when they press them over your mouth, you lick and suck. Got it?"

Eric nodded. How was he going to get through this?

Brooke continued to work her feet over his face before wiggling her toes over his mouth. He opened up and she slid her toes inside for him to suck.

He could see Brooke and Nicole gazing down at him and smiling. Other women continued to use his body as a foot rest, legs crossed and shoes on his legs and chest as they talked at the conference table.

It must have been Nicole's feet the slipped from a pair of flats, soft and sweaty size 7s that honed in on his nose. As she cupped them over his nose, she squeezed. He could hear her giggle.

Nicole's feet smelled of cornchips, with a hint of something sour. In his last week or so, he'd smelled much worse, so a moderate foot odor was nothing. It was still a little degrading sitting here naked while women felt free to rest their shoes on him and rub sweaty feet in his face.

Another pair of feet, nicely pedicured through the sheet black stockings, grazed his face. They were warm and intensely sweaty, musty smelling with a hint of vinegar.

"He's finally smelling my feet," said Alexa's voice. Beautiful Alexa. He could almost forget his humiliating circumstances with her size 9s sliding over his face. It was a pleasure to please her, even with her stocking toes cupped over his nose.

"Smell my feet, bitch," she said to the titters of the other women. "I had to say it."

He smelled her feet and when she dipped her stocking toes into his mouth, he sucked them too. As she removed her stockings, rolling them down her leg, he watched transfixed. Her legs were shapely and as her damp sweaty feet pressed down on his face, he could still see glimpse of the shape of her leg right up her skirt.
Alexa had no more regard for him than any of the others, and yet he tolerated her humiliation of him, using his nose and mouth as if his sole purpose were to service her feet.

He remembered Steph's high heels as she pressed them down on his face before using his face to pry them off, her hot, sweaty nylon feet acrid and ripe, like apple vinegar. She rubbed them all over his face before telling him to have a good whiff.

Others were still using his bare chest and legs to rest their feet. Every now and then, someone would have their shoes over his crotch, the occasional inadvertent pressure against his groin making him hard. He hoped no one would notice.

Michelle and her assistant Amber were soon making use of his face, Michelle's sweaty size seven nylons and Amber's size 9 bare feet. Upon removing her low heels, Amber revealed soiled yet smooth heels and soles. Her toes were particularly cheesy as she clutched at his nose while Michelle practically deep throated him with her nylon foot.

Michelle slipped off her nylons to apply her pungent bare feet to his face and ordering him to "clean her soles." He did his best in the limited time.

It wasn't long before he heard a familiar chuckle, the women sitting near his head slapping on his face before pressing ripe bare toes over his nose.

"Smell my nasty, stinky feet," roared Jenna to the merriment of the rest of her team. Her feet, fresh out of a pair of flats, were acrid and cheesy, filthy as well as nauseatingly smelly. And yet Jenna relished every minute.

"Why didn't someone tell me how much fun this was?" she asked her friends. "He's like totally smelling my nasty feet and they're super gross today."

The women were laughing, Allie's Uggs on his neck and chest and Kylie dirty Klogs pressed against his cheek. It was the interns who kept stomping their sneakered feet on his legs and chest.

"He'll lick 'em too," reminded Heather, someone else from the copyrighter team.

Pushing her toes into his mouth, Jenna laughed as she told him to "suck my dirty toes."

By the time Jenna had dipped all her dirty toes in his mouth and made him suck them, Kylie had a shoe off and was sliding her toes over Eric's nose.

"Have a nice sniff," she said, the toes of her solid size 10s clutching at his nose. They smelled of sour milk and musty show fabric. He continued cleaning between Jenna's toes and sucking on her heels as Kylie wiggled her toes over his nose and kept demanding he "small my dirty, nasty feet, stupid."

With time of the essence and the other women extremely impatient, Eric was soon licking the crud from Kylie's cheesy toes and the dirt from the balls of her feet. Every now and then, a sudden contact with his groin gave him a shock.

"Look, he's totally hard," yelped one of the interns. The others laughed.

"He must love my dirty feet in his face," said Kylie with a chuckle, ripe toes over his nose and another set of toes in his mouth.

Allie was up next, along with her friend Heather. Allie kicked off her Ugg boots, her damp sock feet slamming into his face and sliding around. They were rank, as if she hadn't changed her socks in days and days, stained and even crusty near the toes.

"Eww, I can smell your feet from here," remarked Heather, her Vans resting on his chest.

"Hold your nose," said Allie as she cupped her cheesy sock toes over Eric's nose. He inhaled the pungent stench of moldy cheese as she pressed one and then two sock toes over his nose.

"I can't believe I got this guy to smell my feet," she said. "And I like never change these socks."

The women uttered gestures of disgust.

"Bite the sock with your teeth" commanded Allie as she slipped her sweaty bare foot from it. It wasn't long before she had her bare cheesy toes over his nose, ordering him to take "big whiffs."

"Hurry up," said Heather. "Get 'em cleaned. I want a turn."

"Alright, boy. Gimme some tongue on those."

Allie pressed her toes over his mouth and he let them, sucking on them while she cupped the toes over her other foot over his nose.

"How's it feel?" asked Heather.

"Fanastic," said Allie. "I've gotta get my toes sucked more often."

"If you can get someone who can stand the smell," noted Jenna from somewhere in the room. The other women chuckled.

"He likes it," observed Allie as she had Eric clean her soles and heels.

Heather was quick to slip off her heels and apply her sweaty size 7's to his face. They were moderately ripe, faintly cheesy but mostly smelling of old shoes. She was a little more gentle as she held them over his nose and asked him to smell them, before proceeding to have Eric lick them from heel to toe.

In quick succession, at ten minute intervals were researcher Kelsey in her size 6 Vans and the interns Megan with size 9 Converse, Ashley in her size 7 Oxfords and Taylor in her size 10 Keds. Their feet were sweaty and sharply pungent, yet tolerably smelly as they took turns giggling and asking for foot sniffs. They all took turns stuffing toes into his mouth, and even pressing in their heels.

The impatience of some meant that all four were trying to get their toes sniffed at once. It was an energized forty minutes with Ashley and Taylor's shoes on his face with Kelsey's ripe toes over his nose. A half hour later, Megan was removing her sneakers while Taylor and Ashley were still sliding their bare feet all over his face, alternately squeezing his nose with their toes and pressing them in his mouth.

The interns loved every minute and seemed to get a real kick out of ordering him to smell their pungent-smelling feet.

"Is he still hard?" asked Megan.

"Totally," noted Taylor. "Jen was right. He does love smelly feet and mine were extra gross today. I've gotta get new sneakers."

As all three girls tried to rub their feet in his face, he couldn't see a thing. He could only taste the salt of their sweat and the cheese of their scent.

When the room got quiet, after the interns left, Nikki sat in the seat closest to his face, her legs crossed and the sole of her heel over his face.

"It was a slippery slope, Eric," she remarked. "Looks like they really got you good. I might as well enjoy this too."

Pulling off one of her heels, she pressed a warm nylon foot onto his face. Her feet smelled of vinegar and soy sauce as she clutched at his nose. With both feet on his face, someone rested another set of low heels on his chest.

"You're invited to our event Friday, Nikki," said Dana.

"That's alright. You have fun with your friends," answered Nikki.

"You enjoying that?" asked Dana.

"Mnn. Feels great," answered Nikki, her toes wiggling over his mouth. "I'm just massaging my feet on his face."

"You can do it Friday with an awesome group. Just sear the same shoes and hose tomorrow and Friday and then come join us."

"I'll think about it," replied Nikki as she pulled her nylons down over her slender legs, presenting Eric with a brief glimpse of her reddened bare soles before pressing a heel over his mouth. They tasted tart and salty but the flavor was mile compared to other people's feet.

"Are you next?" asked Nikki.

"I'd love to, but I'm saving my feet for Friday," said Dana as she pressed her shoes against his chin and cheek. "Pretty soon you'll get a chance to get to know my smell. But you'll have to wait."

Other women came and went. He recognized some of their feet. Val and her team made use of him again, reminding him about keeping appointments. Jen and Chelsea with their disgustingly ripe feet rubbed them in his face and had him suck their toes.

Amanda was last, pressing the soles of her shoes over his face and reminding him that he'd have to really impress her to get her respect again. "Though it's hard to respect a guy who had to smell and clean your feet," she told him before prying off her pumps and sliding her damp nylon soles over his face.

Amanda's feet were tart and pungent, with a sharp vinegar sting to them. They tasted the same too as she made him lick and suck on her nylon-covered toes.

Once Amanda was done, she cut his arms free.

"You're gonna give everyone a great foot rub, starting with me," she said, thrusting one stocking foot in his face. "Now make yourself useful and show me you can do something right."

He began pressing her feet, sliding his fingers up and down her soles and squeezing her toes. "More pressure," she told him one moment. "That's too hard," she told him the next. Amanda was a tough customer, but eventually she seemed satisfied with what she got because she stood up, grabbed her shoes from the floor and called the others to get their feet rubbed.

And so it began again as Eric sat upright under the conference table, as the girls took turns presenting him with their feet. Others continued to slip off their shoes and shove their bare and nylon feet in his face, or even rub them on his chest and back.

When he lay down from fatigue, the women at the table were quick to cover him with their feet, shoes dropping to the floor and hot sweaty feet once again sliding over his face as he rubbed one pair of feet and then another. He didn't know whose feet he was rubbing. It didn't matter.

At any given time, there was someone with smelly feet near his face. It reeked of old socks and unwashed feet. When someone's toes found his nose he's invariably be asked to "smell them." Toes were still forced in his mouth, and his body still used as a foot rest.

Eventually, the afternoon drew to a close and many of the women had left to go home. A few of the interns stayed to smother him with feet as they kept asking him for my foot rubs.

"Smell my feet, boy," one intern ordered, and then another. They relished their power over him.

It was Amanda who arrived to tell him he was done for the day.

"How do you feel?"

"Exhausted," he admitted.

"Well, now you know what real work is like. Now you're beginning to pull your weight around here."

Standing up for the first time in hours, he was unsteady on his feet. He had a hard time finding all his clothes which lay scattered about the room, his pants and shirt torn slightly in all the excitement. Getting dressed, he shuffled to his office and headed home.

He should have felt humiliated but he no longer cared. How much worse could it get? Everything he'd feared had come to pass. What was left?


Eric didn't understand why he came to work. He wasn't one of them. He'd stood apart from the first day. Since then, they'd been trying harder and harder to set him apart, as if he alone were unworthy. And yet he wanted to prove something. He knew he could succeed in their world. In time, they would leave him alone and let him thrive.

Without this job, he had nothing. He had to make it work.

So he returned to his office, women seeing him and smiling. He knew what they were thinking. They'd all presided over his humiliation the day before, but they weren't going to get the better of him.

His assistant Nicole tried to conceal a smirk, as she and Brooke shared a conspiratorial glance.

He'd barely sat down when Nikki peeked in his office.

"You know the more you come back, the more they think they can get away with," she told him in a whisper. She, like the rest of them, had forced her feet in his face the day before. How was she a confidante?

"Do they think they can break me?" he asked. "They can't."

"Remember the slippery slope, Eric," she told him before stepping outside.

It was a quiet enough morning. Around lunchtime, Dana buzzed in. She was the only one who hadn't degraded him with her sweaty feet. But it was her intention to do so Friday.

"Come with me to lunch," she said.

He saw no reason to refuse and agreed to join her.

Outside, two women appeared in the parking lot.

"There he is," said one, in a slightly raspy voice. She was a woman in her late thirties, solidly built yet attractive. "Dana's told us so much about you. My name's Kat. And this is Trish."

Trish was a slender woman in running shoes, most likely early thirties. Kat was a more full figured in jeans and boots.

Eric shook their hands, these women who were palling to humiliate him on Friday. Was it really so hard to say no?

"He's so cute," said Trish, giving his stomach a squeeze. "Lean and muscular. Me likey."

"It told you you'd love him," said Dana.

"So we can look at him but we can't play with him yet," concluded Kat with a chuckle. "You're cruel Dana."

"We can get a few feels though," said Trish who was quick to cup his rear end. "Nice ass," she said to Kat who also took the liberty of cupping his other ass cheek.

Eric looked around, nervous about who might be watching.

"You can do that in the car," said Dana as she gestured the others over to her Range Rover.

As Kat gestured Eric into the back seat, she followed while Trish entered from the other side, wedging him in the middle as they helped him with his seat belt and began touching his arms and chest.

"Nice and firm," noted Kat.

"Muscular" observed Trish, her hand under her shirt over his abdomen.

"Why can't we take him to the house now," said Kat, her hand caressing Eric's pant leg.

Trish surprised him by grabbing his balls and squeezing. He gasped.

"Mnn. Soft and squishy," she said with a chuckle.

"Not soft for long," remarked Kat to the amusement of the others.

"Yep. Things are firming up," noted Trish.

Eric was apprehensive and yet he was enjoying the attention. He had to remind himself that they wanted to make him smell their feet.

"You must be so excited," said Kat. "One more day and we're whisking you off to a day with the ladies. You'll belong totally to us."

"I should have warned you," noted Dana with a grin. "They're super grabby."

Trish still had one hand on his stiffening cock and another on his stomach. Kat had a hand on his leg and another up the shirt of his arm.

"You think we're grabby, wait 'till you meet the others," warned Trish.

It could either be the greatest day of his life or the worst. He didn't know which.

"So you really like stinky feet, huh?" said Kat as she crossed her leg, raising one cowboy boot. "Well, I've got a few surprises you're gonna love. Same socks and hose all week."

"Try no socks all week," said Trish as she crossed her legs over Kat's, revealing slender ankles over her running shoes and clearly no socks. He could already smell the musty, rancid old shoes of theirs.

A hand slipped down his pants and grabbed his fully erect cock. He gasped.

Trish grinned as she squeezed his member.

"A little small, but that doesn't matter, huh girls," said Trish.

Dana and Kat laughed in response.

"We've got some great stuff planned, which until tomorrow is our little secret," said Dana as she turned the car into a drivethru.

"Fast food?" asked Trish.

"Would you rather go in and eat where you have to behave yourself or eat back there where you don't have to behave?"

Trish giggled as her hand slipped to his balls, cupping them in her hand and squeezing gently. He was putty in her hands.

"Everyone's going and we'll have a huge play space, secluded and private so we can make all the noise we want and really go wild."

"I know a few more women who'll come by to check it out," said Kat.

"Oh, that's great," said Dana.

"They were like 'are you sure he likes really smelly feet?' and I'm like hell yeah. And I'm like asking them if they'd like to get their feet worshipped after work on Friday and they said that would be cool. I explained we were getting our feet stinky and they said it sound like fun but was I sure he wouldn't mind smelly feet. And I told them I wouldn't let them stick their feet in his face if they're feet didn't reek. And they laughed and said they'll be there."

"That's great," said Trish.

"Oh, you remember Nora's friends. They came once before when we did that cute bartender. Well, they were asking us about the next event and I said the theme will be smelly feet. They didn't get it and I had to explain that our boy will be smelling everyone's feet, and licking and rubbing. And they kept asking me, so this guy has to smell our feet and we can get out feet as nasty as we like. And I told her ... ah, that's the whole point. They were all excited 'cause they thought it would be a prank on the guy so I never told him Eric loves it. But the only reason they wanted to do it was because they thought he'd hate it and they were going to give him a nasty, cheesy surprise."

"I didn't tell the others he likes it," said Dana. "It would spoil a lot of the fun of forcing their dirty feet on him."

"How many commitments now?" asked Kat.

"Some gals'll drop by later. At least twenty I think."

"Wow, that's huge," answered Kat.

"And I almost thought no one would be into the whole smelly foot thing but it's firing everyone up."

At the drive-thru, Dana ordered burgers while Eric continued to get felt up, hands under his shirt and down his pants. It would have been a fantasy come true if it weren't for all this talk of smelly feet. He wanted it and yet he feared it immensely.

The women ate their food in the car, Kat feeding him his burger in the parked car, one hand caressing his chest under his shirt.

"We're gonna have so much fun with you, Eric," said Kat.

"Don't bring your nice clothes," said Dana. "You'll probably get them torn to shreds in the first five minutes. And with that many women, things do get out of hand."

The others chuckled.

"He can't expect us to behave," explained Trish. "This is our chance not to behave and work you over as only a group of wild, wickedly imaginative and slightly sadistic women can.

On the drive back, both Trish and Kat had their hands down his pants. He should have asked them to stop, but he didn't want it to stop.

"Are your soccer friends coming?" Trish asked of Dana.

"When I told them about getting their feet super smelly they were like awesome. Let's totally do this guy. And they have no problem getting their feet super ripe."

"You didn't tell them he likes it?" asked Kat.

"I told them he hated feet and they were primed and ready."

As Dana parked the car, the women extricated their limbs from him and told him to get a good night's rest. "You'll need it," explained Kat. "It's gonna be a long night."

The women tumbled out of the car and walked to their vehicle as Dana turned back to Eric.

"Told you they were loads of fun. The others are even more fun. Just remember that most of the women tomorrow will think you hate smelly feet so they think they're really gonna work over some dumb jerk who deserves nasty feet in his face all night, but of course you'll love it and you should love it."

As they got out of the car, Dana gave him a pat to his rear end. "Alright, cutie. Let's get back."

Dana had been consistently sweet to him, enough so that he had to forgive her the prank that set all of the week's events in motion.

Returning to his desk, he had a summons from Amanda to see her in half an hour. He was nervous, but he was finally ready to stand tall and proud. He'd stammered his way through her harangues, but this time he'd be prepared. What else could she fault him for?

He also received a memo to staff about dress code. There was a note about the day's dress code which specified that "males will wear only dress socks and dress shoes. No clothing about the knees will be permitted apart from hats."

Clearly it was another humiliating joke.

Dana stopped by his office to tell him she'd see him tomorrow when he showed her the memo.

"I was wondering why you didn't dress down," she remarked with a smile. "They do take dress code seriously here. Michelle in HR does, and Amanda."

"Why would I not wear clothes?"

"Because it's basically an all-female office and we love seeing you naked, why do you think? It's all in good fun, but still best to take it seriously. Not too late to comply, Eric. Dress socks and dress shoes only."
Dana chuckled as she walked out.

Eric refused to dignify the dress code. It was an insult. Would they insist on his nudity after everything they'd done to him?

As the time for his meeting arrived, he walked to Amanda's office.

Steph grinned almost malevolently as she gestured for him to open Amanda's door. "Pathetic," she said under her breath.

He opened Amanda's door and stepped inside.

He didn't expect to see Nicole, Brooke, Michelle and Amber standing at one side of the room, they arms folded over their chests. They smirked as if they were privy to a shared joke. Was the joke on him again?

Behind him, Steph entered the room with a large box and kicked the door closed behind her. She dropped the box at the door.

Amanda turned, sizing Eric up before sighing.

"You haven't learned anything, have you Eric," she said with her usual chilly gaze. "You already neglected to send me a few reports today but you missed our meeting. I would have thought that yesterday would have given you reason to push harder, to prove we were wrong about you. But it seems we haven't incentivized you enough."

"I ..." he began.

"Strip. Take it all off."

"Except your socks," added Michelle. "Did you purposefully neglect the memo or were you too stupid to read it?" she asked. "We try to accommodate popular requests and each week we set aside a special day to dress as we want to dress. Everyone pushed for no clothes for you but I wanted there to be at least some dignity in it so I insisted on dress socks and shoes. It is a business office after all."

The assistant's chuckled.

"Are you going to take of your clothes or do you need some help?" asked Amanda.

Brooke and Nicole flinched as if they were ready to jump him if need be.

Eric unbuttoned his shirt and removed it. He was embarrassed but somehow he didn't care anymore. They'd already seen him naked. So off came his pants and also his underpants, to the smirks of Brooke, Nicole and Amber.

He felt foolish standing in only his dress socks and shoes. Nicole's stifled laughter didn't help.

"Now that we got the dress code out of the way, let's address my concerns," said Amanda. "Drop to your knees."

He fell to his knees, expecting Amanda to pull up a chair for someone to wipe her shoes in his face. What did happen came as a surprise. Steph promptly pulled something over his head and down to his neck. It tightened.

Eric turned to see Step grinning and holding what appeared to be a leash. He felt what seemed like a collar around his neck.

"Because you're largely useless at your usual job," explained Amanda, "today will be a day of service for you, for the rest of us hard-working women. And since about all you can do well, from what I can tell, is foot service. Foot service is what you'll provide the ladies here who are on their feet a lot."

Eric was angered, not so much by the foot service but by the notion of servitude. He didn't belong to anyone.

"Nicole?" said Amanda. And Nicole stepped forward and took the leash from Steph, pulling it so it tightened around his neck.

"Your assistant will be in charge. She'll know where to take you and I'd advise you do as she says. In the event that Nicole is preoccupied, Brooke will also be given you instructions. You will look to them for everything you do on a day of service. If they tell you to do something, you do it. If they don't give you permission, you don't do it."

Brooke was standing by Nicole, both of them struggling to contain their amusement.

"You got that?" Amanda asked Eric.

"Yes," he answered.

"Let them do the thinking for you, because you're not up to the task. They will know best so you will listen and do precisely what they say."

Eric didn't think he could feel fresh humiliation, but he did. He felt completely emasculated and useless.

"I've given them a list of items to address, and I've also given them some latitude to fill up your time as needed doing what they see fit."

Hearing a loud smack, he turned. Brooke was carrying a thin cane, slamming it again against a table with a resounding thwack, much to the merriment of the women present.

"That's what happens if you don't so as you're told," said Amanda. "It seems these boys only respond to discipline and corporal punishment. Subtlety is beyond them."

"To your duty," said Amanda. Brooke prodded Eric in the back with the cane. "Outside," she said.

The other women had seen him naked, but they'd never seen him treated like a beast of burden, a collar around his neck, poked and prodded like a work horse. It was beyond degrading.

He hesitated and within seconds, he felt a sharp pain as the cane smacked his rear end. "Move," commanded Nicole. "You've got feet to worship."

And outside they went, to the whistles and laughter of the other women outside. Even Alexa and Dana seemed pleased by his complete degradation, as if it were all part of the fun.

Nicole and Brooke made a beeline for the copywriters offices, poking him towards the interns who tittered at the perverse new humiliation. "Eric's here for foot service if anyone wants him," announced Nicole.

The interns giggled.

Jenna was seated nearby and pulled her feet up onto the desk. "I wouldn't mind getting my toes sniffed," she remarked with a smirk, prying of one loafer and then another, her nylons a little wrinkled as she flexed her toes. "That feels better," she said, leaning back and crossing her legs at the ankles.

Brooked prodded Eric forward, pushing him down until his face was level with Jenna's nylon feet. The pungent, musty aroma assaulted his senses, even before he held his nose to her toes and began sniffing.

"You like that smell?" asked Jenna. "This is awesome." She clutched at his nose with her toes as she had him smell her toes again and again.

Noticing Kylie seated nearby, a pair of pumps on her bare feet, she pulled them off to reveal fleck covered soles, soiled heels and toes. "Smell my toes too," she ordered. He turned and did as he was told, the scent of warm cheese and vinegar strong as she slid her toes over his nose.

"At least he's good for something," noted Brooke, relishing her role as Eric's co-owner.

And so it continued, as the women took turns slipping off shoes to get their feet sniffed and also rubbed. The interns wanted him on the floor so they could shove their hot sweaty feet in his face at once.

Jenna then opted for a foot rub, followed by Kylie and Allie who also dangled a pair of socks for him to sniff.

"Now put one in your mouth and smell my toes," said Allie. Eric hesitated and Nicole smacked him.

It was Allie who pushed the toe end of her filthy, crusty sock into his mouth before pressing her grimy toes up against his nostrils, flecks of nail polish on dirty toenails. He sniffed and inhaled the nauseating stench of old gym socks and French cheeses.

Why did the women with the foul-smelling feet enjoy making him smell them? And why did the girls with the filthy soles want them cleaned?

Nicole and Brooke also had their feet serviced, smacking his face with their soles when he made a face. Their feet were pungent and ripe, but tolerably smelly compared to Allie's cheese toes.

The remainder of the afternoon was spending, parading Eric around the office, having him drop to his knees to provide foot rubs and foot worship on command. Val and her girls made good use of him, as did Chelsea and Jen.

"It's about time we got some people foot service around here," noted Jen with satisfaction as she pried off her pumps and began working her feet into Eric's face. "Now let's see how you smell feet now," she said, curling her toes over his nose.

He inhaled deeply, forgetting that the smell of her feet was sickeningly foul. The smell of unwashed foot sweat and rotten, moldy shoes was overpowering as she wiggled her toes. He wanted to prove he wasn't a complete failure and sniffed her toes with all the enthusiasm he could muster.

"Now that's what I call foot worship," she noted, closing her eyes, her toes flexing over his nose as she relished his attentive and enthused sniffing.

As the office closed, Nicole and Brooke spend the remainder of the day having him clean their feet with his tongue before proceeding to clean their shoes too, and also making him smell inside them. Both of them had been wearing filthy old sneakers, which accounted for the fetid stench of their feet and socks.

He helped clean their desks and when he dropped some papers, they took a keen delight in taking a few swift hits at his behind. He cringed and they giggled.

"Well, I gotta go," said Nicole. "You're done for the day, boy. Finally getting some real work done, huh?"

Nicole loosened his collar and pulled it off; and as he walked away, smacked his butt hard with the cane. He despised them, but he was just relieved to be done. His mouth was sore from all the licking and toe sucking and his nose was full of the scent of their cheesy toes.

Unable to find his clothes, he clumped to the floor of his office, utterly exhausted. He forgot he was even hungry.

Eric didn't realize he fell asleep.


Eric awoke to titters. Turning his head, he could see Nicole and Brooke peering down at him. Had they come right back?

"You sleep here all night?" asked Alexa who was standing at the door, her arms crossed over her chest.

Eric realized he was naked. Embarrassed, he grabbed his crotch and leaped to his feet and hurried behind his desk.

"We've seen you naked, Eric," reminded Alexa. "No need to hide now."

It was more humiliating in front of the woman he liked. She'd seen him humiliated, but now he could feel her contempt and he hated it.

Nicole giggled.

"It's the morning?" he asked, incredulous.

"It's 9:05 dumbass," said Brooke with a sneer.

"My clothes," he said to himself.

"Don't look at me," said Alexa, shaking her head. "You belong to these two now."

"You get your clothes when we say so," said Nicole. "Now stand up."

Eric stood up. How quick he obeyed her. Was he not even fighting it anymore.

Alexa smirked. "They really do own you huh," she remarked. "Why do they get all the fun?"

Eric wished for a change in ownership.

Nicole took a booted foot to his rear end, kicking him out the door and into the main hallway.

There were titters from women he couldn't see.

Sitting at a table was Jenna in canvas sneakers and Allie in her Uggs. Jenna pried off one sneaker to reveal her slender bare foot.

"I want you to smell 'em, bitch," said Jenna as Brooke pushed Eric close.

He fell to his knees and pressed his face close to the warm sole, sniffing loudly for everyone. It was early, so her feet smelled only faintly vinegary and musty. It was still degrading.

"Anytime you need him to smell some feet," said Jenna. "I'm game for it."

"You're smelling my feet again too," said Allie, pulling off one of her Ugg boots to reveal the same damp, soiled sweat sock, wrinkled and filthy as she flexed her toes. A warm rush of sharp cheese and vinegary wafted into his nostrils as she held her foot next to Jenna's.

"Smell it," commanded Allie.

He sniffed and still felt nauseous.

Allie kicked his face. "Smell it like you mean it," she demanded.

He was in pain from the kick, but he leaned forward and did his best to sniff her feet with as much passion as he could muster. Her sock feet were rank, but he inhaled again and again.

"That's more like it," said Allie with a chuckle as she proceeded to shove a foot in his mouth, deep throating him with her ripe toes.

A door slammed and the girls turned. "Robyn's back," said Amber.

"Oh good, you're having fun with our boy. Send him to my office please."

Eric could see Robyn walking to her office, strutting purposefully in her high heels.

Nicole grabbed Eric by the hair. "You're not done yet," she said as she kicked Eric towards Robyn's office.

He stumbled and walked toward Robyn's open door at the end of the hall.

"Shut the door," she said without gazing at him.

He did so.

"Well, I'm glad to see you're finally finding a sense of purpose here. I've asked the women to help you as much as they can. I really want it to work out. Sure your job performance was weak, but I figured we could still make good use of you. Now come here."

Eric stepped close, reminded by the penis swinging between his legs that he was naked in front of the big boss.

"Around the desk," she said as she turned her chair and began drawing up her skirt. Reaching under, she pulled off a pair of panties and tossed them to Eric.

"Put those on your head and drop to your knees," she commanded in her soft voice.

He pulled her panties over his head and dropped to the ground. Her legs were open before him and he could see her shaved pussy under her skirt.

"You want to stay, don't you?" she asked.

Eric nodded.

"Then I want you to show me how much you want to stay. Show me here using only your mouth."

Robyn was pointing at her pussy. Eric didn't mind oral sex. In fact, he enjoyed giving it. But these circumstances were a belittling. It was as if he didn't have a choice.

He leaned in close, his hands to her knees.

"Well ... get going," she said, leaning back with her eyes closed.

And so he proceeded to kiss and lick between her legs, slowly at first; and as she moistened and opened, he licked and sucked more intensely. She moaned and he kept at her with a feverish pace. He wanted her to cum and he wanted her to like him.

She gasped as she convulsed. It was beautiful. But before Eric could catch his breath, she kicked him to the floor with her high heel shoe.

"Now get me some coffee," she ordered without so much as a glance as she swiveled her chair back to the desk.

"I was looking for my clothes," he said.

"That's a question for your handlers. Now get me that coffee."

Eric wiped the pussy juices from his mouth before walking to the door and opening it. Nicole was waiting for him at the door.

"Can I get my clothes?" he asked her.

"You don't need your clothes."

"I have to get her a coffee," he said.

"Do it," she answered, following him to the kitchen where he prepared the coffee naked, in full view of the giggling interns. Allie and Kylie were mocking his small penis, much to everyone's amusement.

"That's why he does our feet because his penis isn't much use," said Kylie with a chuckle.

Eric hated them but he was prepared to endure it. They couldn't hurt him unless he chose to feel hurt.

Grabbing the coffee, he took it to Robyn's office and set it on her desk.

"You know I may have another purpose for you. I've been studying martial arts and I'd like to practice with you. I'll have more time next week. Come here and I can try out some moves on you."

Eric nodded before walking from the room.

Upon exiting her office, Nicole and Brooke grabbed him and dragged him to Val's group in accounting, women prodding, grabbing and pinching him everywhere he was taken. Vanessa peered up from a desk before leaning back.

"Just have him lay down there," said Vanessa as she began unlacing her Converse tennis shoes, work without socks.

As soon as Eric's head hit the floor, Vanessa slammed one of her enormous feet onto his face and thrust her toes up against his nose.

"Smell 'em," she commanded.

They smelled of rotten sneakers and old crusty gym socks, but he did as he was told.

And when Vanessa was done working her feet in his face and getting them cleaned again - her feet on occasion plunged deep into his mouth - he was commanded to service the other women.

"I bet he ate her out," said Brooke.

'What's this?" asked Val, visibly tensed as she worked her nylon feet over Eric's face.

"He gave Robyn's oral pleasure," said Nicole.

"We get oral pleasure too?" asked Val, knocking Eric back with a swift kick. "No one told us. I'll have to talk to someone about that. Why can't we all make sure we're getting equal treatment here."

Realizing that he'd soon be asked to lick pussy, he was stunned. It was like a perverse sexual fantasy, only he wasn't as thrilled as he thought he'd be.

"He's gotta eat us out?" asked Stacey.

"Awesome," murmured Kelly to everyone's giddy reaction.

"I'll get to the bottom of this first," said Val as she returned her feet to Eric's face. "Now finish cleaning them, asshole."

And so it was that Eric spent the morning an early afternoon, handed from woman to woman, cleaning filthy feet, smelling cheesy toes and even licking dirty shoes. There was no longer a pretense of being an account executive. He was essentially their slave.

When he was too tired to suck another toe, he dropped to the floor. Nicole and Brooke dragged him back to his office and dumped him on the floor. He didn't realize he'd fallen asleep again until Dana woke him up.

"It's that time, fella," she told him, beaming. She had his clothes in her arms.

"Put these on. The ladies prefer unwrapping the gifts themselves."

Eric got to his feet and took his clothes, pleased to get some semblance of dignity back. The gravity of the situation didn't hit him until Dana grabbed his arm and tugged.

"They're waiting. Come on."

It was the night of the foot smelling event Dana had been planning. He'd been humiliated enough at the office. A private party couldn't have been any worse. But the girls here, especially Brooke and Nicole, were becoming cruel, and he was happy to leave them.

Nicole smirked beyond her office desk as Dana lead Eric to reception.

Outside, he relished the fresh air. Though the smell of unwashed feet lingered in his nose, it was less potent now.

He felt hands on his arms and back. Trish and two other women he didn't recognize, both reasonably attractive, were pulling him to Dana's car.

"Time's a wastin'" said Trish as she gave him a push inside.

The women were all smiles as they grabbed and pulled at Eric.

"These are two other members of our posse," explained Dana as she sat in the driver's seat and started the car. Trish sat next to her in the passenger seat.

"Meet Carmen and Nora," said Trish, pointing to each in turn. Carmen was a plump woman with long dark hair, one hand at his belt and the other between his legs. She was wearing a skirt, tights and flats. Nora was tall and big-boned, her grip strong as she held onto his arm. Nora was wearing jeans and a filthy old pair of Adidas sneakers.

"Are your team mates coming?" asked Trish of Nora.

"With bells on," answered Nora. "Or should I say with dirty old gym socks on."

The women laughed.

"This is gonna be awesome," said Trish with a broad grin.

"Finally," said Dana, glancing back at Eric with a wink.

Carmen's hand slipped down his short, grabbing his cock. He stiffened.

"Not too big," she noted.

"We have more fun with guys with small dicks," explained Nora. "They're always good for more laughs."

Nora pulled at his pants to peer inside.

"Try to keep his clothes on, ladies," said Dana. "Everyone gets a chance to help strip him."

"I should blindfold him, huh?" asked Nora.

"We don't want you to know our secret location," explained Dana.

Nora produced a blindfold and slid it over his face. He could see nothing as Nora and Carmen slid their hands up his shirt and down his pants.

Nora's grip was tight as she grabbed his cock. "A bit small. Good thing he's gonna smell our feet not try to fuck us with that."

The women chuckled.

"I'm gonna see if I can get it a little bigger so he can make a better impression," said Nora as she began stroking his cock, just enough to keep it stiff and throbbing.

With Nora's firmly wrapped around his cock, Dora drove them uphill for at least fifteen minutes.

"I just saw Rachel and her friends," observed Carmen. "They're parking over there."

Dora turned the car and drove over a gravel lot before parking. Releasing his cock, Nora opened her car door and clutched at Eric as Carmen pushed him out. He stumbled to his feet.
He could hear some muffled cheers from inside a building, followed by high-pitched howls and catcalls. Eric was nervous.

Carmen, Trish and Nora all guided him down a set of stairs before opening a door. He was greeted with a deafening howls and whistles. It sounded like at least twelve women, maybe more. He still had a blindfold on so he couldn't be sure.

"He's lovely," said one woman."

"Great find," said another.

Someone grabbed his belt.

"Shall we strip him?" asked Dora as the women converged on him. Someone knocked him to the ground.

He could feel hands all over him as the women didn't remove his pants and shirt so much as pull and tear them off. It was frightening enough he feared being torn to pieces by these banshees.

His semi-erect penis flopped about to the cheers of the women as he was dragged naked for about five seconds before being slung over a sofa.

Women grabbed his ass and smacked him hard with the open palms. Others grabbed his balls and cock while some grazed their nails over his backside. They were helping themselves to him, hands everywhere.

He tried pulling off his blindfold, but the women were once again pulling him by the arms to another spot, hands over his legs and chest as he was poked and prodded, squeezed and pinched. The noise of the room was deafening, all howls and shrieks punctuating the white noise of excited chatter.

"He's hot, but his cock's like ... tiny," said one woman.

"If we wanted a guy with a big dick, we'd have a guy with a big dick," said Kat's familiar voice. "He's here to smell and lick your feet."

Women laughed loudly as he was placed on the floor, his arms pulled over his head, hands grabbing and tickling him.

As hands released his arms, he was surprised to find he couldn't move his arms or legs. His wrists were tied above his head, and his ankles were tied too.

Instead of hands on his body, it was shoes. In fact, he was covered in shoes from foot to head.

His blindfold was removed to reveal beaming, mocking faces gazing down at him. There were fourteen women seated around him, all of them using his body as a footrest.

Overhead was Kat, her boots over his forehead.

"Anyone want to shove your feet in his face?" asked Dana.

The room burst into howls and applause.

"Anyone want him to smell your feet?" asked Dana, to even louder hoots and hollers.

"I hope your feet don't stink," said Kat, earning laughter from everyone.

He recognized Kat, Carmen, Trish, not to mention Dana, all of them smiling down at him. The other women were a diverse group, some in their early twenties and a few in their forties, some plain and some really cute. On his body were resting sneakers, loafers, flats, high heels and boots.

"A few notes," said Kat. "Let me first thank Dana for offering us this cut boy to play with tonight and for being delightfully wicked about suggesting we give him a night of super smelly feet."

The women cheered.

"And let me thank all of you for being amazing women and for coming here to share these wonderful moments of working together and having fun the way we want to have fun. This is our time and our night. Let's make it memorable."

The women roared and cheered, some slamming their feet against Eric's naked body.

"Time to unleash these sweaty things," said Kat as she began prying off one of her boots.

Women were affixing nose plugs, chuckling in anticipation.

Kat removed her boot with a gasp, revealing the blackened, creased sole of a sports sock. "That feels great already."

"Put it in his face," said someone. The women laughed.

Kat let her sock foot drop to his face. It felt hot and damp as she rubbed it around, crusty toe ends finding his nose as she wriggled her toes playfully.

Eric inhaled. The women applauded.

The smell was potent, the leather of the boots barely noticeable in the sour, musty bouquet of her sock foot.

"Smell my toes," demanded Kat. "Same socks all week."

Women applauded, and as Eric turned his head. Women pressed shoes against his face to hold it in place.

"This is so awesome," observed one of the women.

"You're gonna smell everyone's feet, boy," said someone else. "Nasty, stinky, cheesy, dirty feet all over your face."

Eric inhaled again and again as Kat ground her sock toes over his nose before once again sliding her sock foot all over his face.

Pulling off another boot, she pressed a freshly damp sock foot in his face and told him to smell them. The stench was overpowering and sharply organic. And yet he inhaled loudly again and again. Whatever the women at the firm taught him, it was to show enthusiasm even for unpleasant tasks.

Kat peeled off her socks to reveal calloused and wide-soled size 8s, purple flecks of nailpolish on dirty toenails.

She rubbed her sweaty bare soles over his face, her rough heels scratching a little.

"They have him clean their feet at work," noted Dana.

"Wow," said Trish. "That's quite the workplace you've got there."

"They just want to have some fun. Like us."

The women cheered some more.

"So I can have him clean them?" asked Kat.

"He can start with the heels and work his way up to the toes."

"Nice," said Kat as she pressed a heel to his lips. He took it into his mouth and began licking and sucking at the toughened flesh.

Her feet tasted tart and salty as he licked her soles before sucking on her toes, at one point taking all her toes into his mouth, to the raucous approval of everyone.

"And he'll clean between your toes too," noted Dana.

"Sweet," said Kat as she examined her toes. There were flecks of dirt between the toes. "Go for it then. Clean between the toes."

"So he does this at work too?" asked one of the women.

"He made such a fuss about someone having smelly feet when she took her shoes off we just figured we have to teach him a lesson and we did," said Dana. "He's been smelling our feet a lot since then. I thought all of you would get a kick out of doing this too."

"He deserves it," said Kat as she worked her sweaty soles into his face.

"Look. He's a little hard," said another woman, nudging his penis with her shoe.

"Because you're touching it," explained Trish. Others laughed.

"Kiss them and say thank you," Dana asked Eric. He kissed Kat's feet all over and thanked her for them. They looked a lot cleaner, especially the heels, once he'd finished licking them clean.

Carmen was next with her tights and flats. She kicked them off and presented her hot, steamy soles just over his face. It was a sharp, vinegar smell with a hint of cheddar.

"My, they stink," remarked Carmen as she pressed her toes to his nose. "Sorry you have to smell those," she said.

"You're not sorry," said Trish. Everyone laughed.

Carmen was soon working her feet over his face, pressing the balls of her feet up against his nostrils and tell him to smell her cheesy feet. It was difficult to stomach, but no different from what he had to endure all week.

Upon removing her tights, she dangled them in his face before having him suck on the acrid, vinegary toe ends. She took especial delight in having him lick the length of her chubby feet and having him work his tongue between her toes.

Trish and Nora were soon at his face. As a sneaker dropped to the floor, Nora presented a grimy size 10 foot, her heels blackened from the filthy old sneakers. She quickly pressed long toes over his nose and told him to "smell my feet."

He inhaled the putrid stench of well-worn sneakers and unwashed sour feet as she slid her toes over his nose and pressed her unpainted toenails against his nostrils. She made good use of his face, "to massage her feet" as she called it. Her feet were big, warm and extremely sweaty, as sharply pungent ten minutes into it as when she first slipped off her dirty sneakers.

He was licking between Nora's toes when Trish presented his nose with an ankle-length sock foot, blackened from all the extra use. With her toes clamped down on his nose, he could smell the days and days of sweating in her sneakers. Her scent was almost sickly sweat and faintly cheesy, particularly once she peeled off her socks and worked her sweaty bare feet in his face.

Eric was a bit surprised to see Dana gazing down at him, her boots on either side of his head. She'd ushered him into his week and a half of humiliation at work and she'd orchestrated this event too. He had yet to get her feet in his face and here she was, about to get her chance.

"I've been waiting for this for a long time," said Dana, tapping his face with the toe of her boot. "I was going to wait until everyone had a go, but I don't think I can wait much longer."

Dana pried off a boot, giving off a potent stink of vinegar. It was musty smelling too as she wiggled the toes of her nylon-covered size 9 ½ foot. Plunging down on his face, her toes splayed over his nose, her toes were redolent of something cheesy and fruity.

"Smell my feet, Eric," she commanded firmly. She seemed satisfied as she closed her eyes and leaned back, pulling off the other boot before pressing both nylon feet on his face.

Women chattered and giggled as they cheered Dana on. She worked her feet hard into his face, sliding them over his nose until he'd smelled them thoroughly. She stepped away briefly, during which time Nora returned her big feet to his face, her toes up to his nostrils. When Dana returned, she was dangling her nylons which she proceeded to shove in his mouth. She forced her sweaty, sticky bare feet in his face.

"Keep smelling them," she insisted before pulling out the nylons from his mouth using her toes and then plunging her toes into his mouth instead. Her toes were tart and sour as she pushed them deep into his mouth, four and even five at once. She had him clean every crevice and nibble on every callous. It was as if she'd planned everything she did, down to the sniff and lick.

Dana was truly the orchestrator of it all, though the other women were anxious to work their feet in his face too. Women were still arriving, their numbers increasing to twenty as they began drinking alcohol, smoking and telling raunchy stories. They were getting drunk and Eric was high on foot fumes.

And so the night wore on, one woman after another, kicking off shoes and shoving pungent, filthy feet in his face. Everyone loved it and vowed to do it again to some poor sap. There was a debate over whether he had it coming. Someone argued he probably deserve it. Others said it had to be him and unfortunately for him he got chosen to worship the feet of so many women.

Eric never tried to fight it that day. He inhaled deep when they told him to sniff and he licked and sucked hungrily when they wanted their feet cleaned. Pleasing them was all that mattered. He thought of little else.

Once everyone got to try him out, he was untied and the ladies proceeded to grab and poke at him, some spanking him and others having him jack off for them. Dirty socks were stuffed in his mouth and panties pulled over his head before being forced to sniff more undergarments, shoes and socks.

His head was pushed between their legs and he licked warm, pungent pussies as they used him for their pleasure.

As the early morning wore on, many of the women had left, even the posse members. Only Kat and Dana remained.

It was a house Kat had inherited a while back, so she wasn't going anywhere. "You can stay here, Eric," she said, her feet near his face as she caressed his leg.

"What an awesome night," said Dana.

"You know it," answered Kat, giving Dana a high five. "You did good finding this one. He let us get away with everything. It was great."

"He was a good find," said Dana, pressing a sweaty bare foot against his cheek.

"They'll want more. I don't think anyone knew how much fun this was gonna be. I mean they all wanted to see what it was like, him smelling our stinky feet and all. But no one knew. Definitely have to do it again."

Kat also raised a foot to Eric's face, her sole to his face as if expecting him to kiss them. He did.

"So you'll stay?" she asked.

Eric was too exhausted to think of going home. Besides, his clothes were in tatters.

"What would he wear home?" asked Dana, glancing at what became of his pants. They shared a glance and burst into laughter.

"Look like you're staying," said Kat. "At least until we get you something to wear. You can sleep up in the room with me. Just lick my feet until I fall asleep."

"Mmn, that sounds nice," said Dana.

Dana gave Eric's bottom a few squeezes before making her departure. Eric followed Kat upstairs. She pointed to the foot of her bed and he lay down. She readied herself for bed before doing the same, her bare feet pressed up against his face. And so he began licking them, slow broad licks that left her moaning and eventually snoring.

Eric contemplated his situation. He'd survived a night with over twenty very grabby and tipsy women and endured the humiliations of the office. He should have been angry, but there was no anger left. It wasn't resignation either. If anything it was contentment; that or fatigue.

And so he slept. Tomorrow would be another day with new challenges.

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