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I was fetish for every ounce of cum from him
My buddy Jason and I decided to try out this new club. We both had heard that it was the hottest place around.

Jason has been my best friend since grade school and it was really great to see him again. We were always close and often I envied his luck with the ladies.

I had been in school, up north, for a while. I was trying to land a good job, but things just hadn't gone the way that I had planned.

It didn't help matters that I hadn't been laid in a while, either. I was hoping I could end this drought tonight.

Since I was staying with Jason, until I could find an apartment, I rode to the club with him.

He had broken up with his girlfriend a month previous to me arriving so he was as horny as I was.

Once we got inside, we were in awe. This place was absolutely loaded with hot women.

I started drinking some "liquid courage" and soon was ready.

I picked out a few ladies but, as the night wore on, I still hadn't hooked up with any of them.

Then I saw this striking brunette, sitting near the dance floor and hoped my luck would change.

She owned a beautiful pair of long legs that were being highlighted by the short skirt that barely covered her.

I thought, "Man, I wish I was eating what was between her thighs right now".

When I approached her, she looked up at me. I could see that she was glistening with perspiration. It was pretty warm in the club but she must have just got off the dance floor.

I started up with some small talk and thankfully, she asked me to sit down.

Her name was Jennie. She had the most beautiful hazel eyes and her hair was long and full of blond highlights. Did I also mention that her tits were perfect?

I asked her, "Why aren't you out there dancing?"

She coolly replied, "My feet are killing me. These new heels look great but they are tough on my feet."

I looked down at her feet. They were hot. They were tan and her toes were painted a bright red. I swear I started to get hard staring at them.

"Your feet are killing me too," I said.

"Why?" she asked with a smile. It was obvious she could tell I liked the way they looked tonight.

"Because they are so sexy," I replied.

"You think that girl's feet are sexy? Well if mine are so sexy, then would you rub them for me? I'll owe you."

I said, 'Sure, and you don't owe me anything. It's my pleasure."

"You're either a gentleman or a foot lover. I hope your both!"

She slid off her shoes and put her feet in my lap. My cock was hard a rock and I know she felt it.

I began rubbing them and couldn't take my eyes off them.

"Wow that feels so good. I could let you continue this at your place if you want?"

As she asked me this, she began rubbing the back of her heel across my cock.

Before I could answer her, Jason came walking up.

He smiled at me and then looked at Jennie.

"Jason, I wondered what happened to you," she said.

I said, "You guys are acquainted?"

She said, "I had the hots for Jason three years ago but we both were seeing someone."

He smiled and said, "I still have the hots for you. You look even better now."

I was afraid I was getting cock blocked by my friend but then Jennie blew me away.

"Your friend here promised to continue his foot massage at his place."

He said, "Yeah, he loves chick's feet. Well, his place is actually mine. He's staying with me until his place is ready."

"Then let's all go back there together," she said with a mischievous grin.

I looked at Jason and we both smiled.

Jennie put on her shoes and she held both our hands as we left the bar.

She followed us in her car and Jason filled me in on Jennie.

He said that he had heard that she was a wild one. She was his ex's friend and she told his ex that she loved to push the limits people had about sex.

She once tried to kiss her boyfriend after she blew him.

"Big deal, you never kissed a chick after getting head?" I asked.

"She pushed the cum back in his mouth during the kiss. Does that change your mind?" he replied.

I was a little embarrassed but I have always wondered if a chick would do that.

Well, this was my best friend so I said, "I wouldn't mind."

He seemed surprised by my answer.

"You may get your wish tonight and one other thing, she loves cunnilingus above all else."

I said, "Who doesn't? That's fine with me because I could eat her pussy until next week."

"I think you're gonna get your chance at that too, tonight!"

I added, "And how did you know that I have a thing for chick's feet?"

"I didn't but could tell it was working for you with her. I guess I didn't know a lot about you with all of your foot loving and cum swallowing," he replied.

He was right; maybe I didn't know myself either.

When we arrived, she sat on the couch and I sat right next to her. Jason went to get some more drinks for us from the fridge.

I leaned over to kiss her and she nearly shoved her tongue down my throat. I began to rub her tits.

Just then Jason came back in. "Don't start without me!"

He began to undress and it was a little weird. But Jennie began to rub my crotch and soon I didn't care anymore.

Jennie suggested we go into the bedroom. She jumped on the bed and stretched out. She looked magnificent.

Jason and I approached her from either side of the bed. I shed my clothes quickly and sat on the bed.

She looked over to me and held out her foot.

"You need to finish my foot massage first. Since you seem to love my feet so much, why don't you use your tongue to massage them this time."

"I told you she was a wild one. Enjoy yourself partner. I think I'll suck on these instead," he said.

I wanted to fuck her right away but she wanted to have a little fun with me first. So I held her foot and removed her shoe.

Jason remover her top and bra and began to kiss and rub her tits.

I bent over and stuck her big toe in my mouth. I ran my tongue all around it. It tasted salty but they smelled good.

Jennie moaned and said she was glad I lover her feet so much.

I began to lick and suck on all her toes. When I began licking between her toes, she began to moan again. Her feet were so sexy!

"What's going on down there?" Jason asked.

Then Jason saw what I was up to.

"Dude, that's nasty. She's been dancing on them all night," he said.

"Shut up and leave him alone, it feels great," Jennie replied.

As they continued to debate my toe sucking skills, I watched as Jason began to bring his hard cock up to her mouth.

"Why don't you suck this while my friend sucks your feet?"

Then she opened her lips and he slid his cock inside. She closed her lips around him and he began to thrust.

She was giving him oral pleasure and I was wondering when I was going to get the chance to do the same for her.

Jason looked back down at me and said, "Dude, enough with her feet. They're cleaner now than after she got out of the shower. Eat her box. I want to fuck soon or I'm gonna blow in her mouth."

So I pulled her toes away from my face and slid between those lovely thighs of hers.

As I slid my head under her skirt, I saw that she was wearing a g-string. It looked like it was sopping wet and smelled like pussy juice and sweat.

I moved the crotch of the g-string to one side and began slowly running my tongue all along her slit. When I did that, she moaned around Jason's cock and I felt her hand behind my head.

"Fuck yeah, eat her good pal!" he said.

He had said that she loved oral sex, above all else. Tonight, she was going to get all she could handle.

I nibbled on her lips and began to explore deeper. She tasted so sweet, as her juices began to flow freely now.

She freed herself from Jason's cock and looked down at me.

"Your friends cock taste's delicious. Now lie on your back and then keep on eating me. I'll want to suck your cock next."

It sounded like a plan to me, so I spun around and lay on my back.

I watched her shed the rest of her clothes and then waited for my turn to play in her mouth.

We were both lying near the edge of the bed and as she bent across my body, I felt her velvety lips slowly descending upon my cock.

She sucked my entire into her mouth and then began a slow, gentle rhythm. Her mouth was so warm and wet. I was lost in my pleasure when I suddenly wondered what had happened to Jason.

When I looked around, I saw her gorgeous twat above my face. Knowing what she wanted, I extended my tongue outward and began to feast on it again

Then I heard Jason tell me to, "move back a little, or else". I looked back towards his voice and saw him stepping in behind her on the bed with his hard cock in his hand.

I thought, "Oh fuck, he was gonna fuck her while I was still under her, eating her out."

He began sliding his rod up and down against her wet pussy lips. This looked amazing. His cock looked enormous this close up. His mushroom cap was glistening from her saliva and his veins were bulging out.

Jennie stopped sucking me when she felt him rubbing his cock on her pussy.

"Ooh yeah, you guys know how to treat a woman. Please don't stop eating me though! This has always been a fantasy of mine."

When she said that, I knew I would definitely do it for her.

I concentrated on her clit and watched as Jason's cock, still rubbing against her pussy, finally slid inside of her after he slowly applied some forward pressure with his hips.

Her pussy lips expanded and seemed to swallow his cock, accepting him completely.

She groaned while she was sucking me at that moment.

He continued sliding into her until he finally bottomed out against her ass. He must have been feeling so good.

"Keep up the good work. You definitely got her ready for me. She's so wet!" he exclaimed.

As he pulled back, I saw how shiny his cock had become with her juices covering it.

I had never thought about it before but, I had a sudden urge to taste it.

He began picking up his pace and was really fucking her pretty hard now. Being this close to the action was like watching a porno in 3D and getting your bone sucked at the same time!

"How's the view from down there?" he laughed.

He was having fun with me so I swiped my tongue across his cock as he fucked her. It tasted and felt weird. Then I stopped to see his reaction.

He groaned and then said, "Why did you stop?"

I was glad he wasn't freaked out, but then Jennie stopped sucking me and said, "Stop what?"

He said, "Never mind" and she continued, oblivious to what just happened underneath her.

He was pounding her with long hard strokes. He was being vocal and telling how amazing her pussy was and grunting every so often. I wondered how long he could keep this up.

After about ten minutes, I noticed a different taste in my mouth. She began to taste a little salty and realized that besides them both sweating from all of the exertion, he must be mixing a little of his cum with her juices. He was nearing the finish line.

Sure enough, my prediction came true.

He began to tremble and told her he was about to cum.

"Where do you want it?" he asked.

Jennie said, "Cum in my pussy."

"But what about..?"

Jason was concerned about me but she cut him off and said, "Just do it!"

I wasn't sure if I could move away, anyway. She had me pinned to the bed. The more I thought about it though, the more I wanted to see it, especially this close up.

He pumped two or three more times and then began to tremble. I knew what was next as he shoved himself into Jennie as deep as he could.

Then, I watched his cock and balls beginning to contract. He was groaning with each of his blasts. It must be feeling so good.

He must have cum in her pussy for almost a full minute like that. The load he delivered must have been immense.

Then, at last, he was still.

He slowly withdrew his cock from her steaming pussy and stepped back. I looked at it now, amazed.

Her pussy lips were shiny and swollen. They were still hanging open from where Jason's cock had just been. His jizz was just beginning to drip out.

Jennie stopped sucking me and suddenly said, "I need to cum, make me cum."

I began to slide out from beneath. I couldn't wait to fuck her when suddenly...

She planted her dripping pussy squarely back on my mouth.

"No way!" I heard Jason yell.

I wanted to say the same thing but I had a mouthful of dripping pussy in my face.

"Please eat me, I've never had anyone eat me out after," she begged.

Jason turned on me quickly and even chimed in, "Yeah dude, do it for her! You said before that you wanted her to kiss you with a mouthful of your cum. That it was a fantasy of yours. Now you're just kissing a different set of her lips and getting a different load of cum, mine!"

Her pussy was plastered on my mouth and she was rubbing it back and forth across my lips.

"You said that? That's my fantasy too!" she cried.

That bastard betrayed my confidence and now had her thinking I wanted to suck his load from her.

"Oh fuck, eat me please!!" she begged.

So I decided to get her off. I couldn't let a woman this beautiful beg for sex. So I opened my mouth and extended out my tongue.

Her head and body jumped like an electric shock hit it, not my tongue.

"Oh shit yeah, suck me," she yelled.

"He's really doing it? This is fucking awesome!" Jason yelled.

I licked her twat and marveled at the difference in its condition. Before, she smelled flowery and with only a hint of sweat. Now she smelled like raw sex and tasted like semen.

'I don't know how you're enjoying that mess dude. I hadn't cum in a week, not even jerking off!" Jason said.

"Well in that case," Jennie said.

She stopped sucking me and sat all the way up on my mouth. All I could see was the inside of her crotch now. She was letting gravity work its magic.

His thick, hot seed began pouring out of her and straight down into my mouth.

I heard her say, "I feel it! Drink it! Suck me! Oh fuck! Clean my dirty pussy you bad boy, you."

His cum just didn't stop. He was right about not cumming all week, he couldn't have.

There was so much coming out of her pussy, that I thought maybe he was wrong and hadn't cum for a month.

Then I heard Jason say, "Make her cum and get her nice and clean again."

He was having too much fun with this, but I still did as they wanted. I even ate her to two more orgasms after this one. She couldn't control herself and wouldn't get off my mouth.

This woman loved cunnilingus!

Finally, she bent back over to finish me off. She knew how desperately I needed to cum.

As she began sucking me again, I could see between her legs. I recognized the now, all too familiar shape of Jason's cock, slipping back between her thighs.

Apparently, eating her to three orgasms had given him enough time to recover and he was now ready for a second helping of Jennie.

How could this guy possibly have another drop of jizz left in his body?

I was soon to about to find out how wrong I was.

She was still so wet, that he slid into her pussy effortlessly.

Her head jerked straight up as she felt him slide his cock back into her.

"Oh, fuck me, I needed some cock again so bad," she said.

My mouth was getting tired and decided to stop eating her to enjoy both the show and her talented blowjob.

Once again, his cock was back plowing into her pussy, over and over.

I heard Jason say, "I'm gonna fill her up again for you, since you liked eating my sweet cum so much."

He was taunting me but I knew he was right.

"Yeah, will you eat it again?" she asked me.

I responded, "Mmm hmmm."

I heard her giggle and him groan.

He was able to last much longer this time. So I decided to slide even further underneath her body. This way, I could lick even more of her pussy.

"How does it taste? You know you like it. I'm so glad that you do," she said as she took me out of her mouth again to urge me on.

I began tonguing her right where he was entering her and was also able to tongue him a little, too.

"Her pussy is unbelievable," Jason said to me.

Then Jennie said, "Jay, give him a taste."

"Of what, your pussy?" he asked.

"No, you!" she snapped back.

"I already have. He keeps licking the underside of my cock as we fuck."

"He has?"


The secret was out, I thought.

"Oh that's it. You both are gonna make me cum again," she said when she heard that.

Everyone seemed ready to burst now and I could see that Jennie was going to be first.

She started to yell and then I saw her pussy clamp down on Jason's cock and conversely, her mouth clamped down hard on my cock.

Her orgasm pushed him over the edge and he yelled out that he was gonna cum too!

I began erupting into her mouth and pumped out, what felt like, gallons of jizz. It felt wonderful to finally cum.

Jason cried out, "I'm gonna cum, oh fuck, here I cum!!

My orgasm was over and I was ready for him to fill up her pussy again, so I could suck out her delicious creampie. All of a sudden, Jenny moved away from him.

His cock slid quickly out of her pussy and it looked angry. It was throbbing wildly and looked to be a shade op deep red, almost purple.

He looked wild with lust and confusion.

I wondered what the hell she was doing now.

"No, come back!" he cried out, trying to desperately to hold back his impending explosion. He desperately needed to be back inside of her warm wet hole back, to release his seed into.

His cock was hovering just above my face and it dripping in juices. It would have cried out for help if it could.

I quickly decided I couldn't let this go on any longer. She shouldn't be doing this to him. As a guy, this was agonizing to watch. So I reached up and grabbed his cock and stuffed it into my own mouth.

As it slid along my tongue, I marveled at how it felt. It was large and hot. The veins were bulging out and I could feel his desperate need to cum. I drew him in as deep as I could to try and satisfy the void that the loss of her pussy created.

He had fought so desperately not to cum and probably thought there was no way out of this predicament.

Suddenly, his cock was surrounded with a warm, wet mouth. His body reeled in excitement and triggered his explosion.

The human body's instinctive nature is to not waste its precious seed. So with me satisfying the primordial requirement of a warm, wet receptacle, his brain could now give out the signal to let him orgasm; and did he ever.

The dam holding back all of his pent up semen crumbled.

He yelled,"Oh yes!"

I felt the head of his cock swell obscenely and he began to shake just before his eruption. There was this huge gush of molten hot syrup. It hit the back of my throat and I had to swallow it immediately.

The flavor of his cum was tangy, yet sweet and I wanted all his body had to give. It was different this time. It was pure and undiluted with pussy juice.

He still had no idea what was happening to him. All he knew was a mouth was presented before him and he was using it.

I was sucking him for every ounce of cum he had, in an attempt to satisfy this new hunger I felt. He was simply on auto- pilot and delivering what I craved..

Then he instinctively reached down and grabbed my head to hold it still. I pursed my lips and sucked hard, as he pulled his cock back and forth across my tongue as he pumped out all that he had in attempt to satisfy himself.

I could see his face. He was lost in his pleasure. I had rescued his orgasm and his body was thankful. My reward was in his smile and the mouthfuls of thick cream he delivered.

I swallowed and swallowed, as his cock continued delivering every drop of semen he had been desperately trying to hold back inside. Then the pace of his thrusts slowed and so did his juice.
When his spasms finally stopped, I knew his nuts had to be empty. The quantity he had just produced was incredible, considering the size of his last ejaculation.

Jason was suddenly back in control of his senses now. He had snapped out of his orgasmic trance and looked around to see what had happened.

When he looked down at me, I still had his now softening rod lodged between my lips. He seemed thankful to me for the rescue of his orgasm, but just didn't know what to say.

He slipped his cock out of my mouth and sat back exhausted, drained and speechless.

Jennie bent over to kiss me. As her lips pressed against mine, she pushed her tongue inside. It was a sensual kiss and then came the flood of thick liquid as it poured into mine from above.

I recognized it instantly as my own semen. Apparently, she never swallowed mine in an effort to satisfy our shared fantasy for this snowball.

I swallowed mine down too and we continued to kiss.

Jason had no clue about the cum kiss, he was still trying to make sense of what just happened.

Jason then spoke to me. "Well, thanks for coming to my rescue back there. It felt awesome. I really wasn't expecting any of that but I wasn't expecting Jennie to do that to me either."

Jennie said, "I knew he'd help you out. What are best friends for?"

We all laughed at that one.

"You know, you could have helped me through some of my dry spells in the past."

"Well, there won't be any dry spells for either of you any time soon, if you both play your cards right!" Jennie said.

We all laughed again and then cleaned up.

Jennie decided to spend the night. It was really late and we were all definitely spent.

In the morning, I woke to hear some commotion in the bedroom again. I had spent the night in my room and couldn't remember where Jennie had slept.

When I walked in, I saw Jason lying on his back and Jennie on top of him taking a ride. She was in the reverse cowgirl position and her eyes were closed.

This meant neither of them saw me enter the room.

Jennie was sliding almost completely off of his cock on the upstroke and then slamming her hips back down on him, practically impaling herself on his throbbing cock.

Apparently, they had been at it for a while as the sheet beneath them was soaked in her juices.

I crawled over to check out the action and began trying to lick her pussy, but it was like trying to hit a moving target.

She felt me and opened her eyes and smiled.

She put a finger to her mouth, to tell me to be quiet and then pulled him out of her pussy when she slid upward on his cock.

She then began stroking him with her hand." Why did you pull me out? I want to cum in your pussy," he pleaded, not knowing what was next.

His answer came in the form of me taking his sticky cock into my mouth.

He smelled like her pussy and her juices were everywhere on it. Its spongy head was pulsing out little spurts of cum in my mouth as he was ready to blow.

"What the...?" he said.

I think he quickly realized what was happening and then groaned loudly as he pushed up his hips and drove himself to the back of my mouth.

I heard him mumble how good it felt.

"Better than me?" she asked.

"Different, that's all," he replied.

Jennie watched for a bit then decided to scoot back on his face to receive some cunnilingus while she watched Jason and me.

I sucked him the way I like it done. I took him deep, and made sure to use lots of tongue.

Jennie said, "He's getting pretty good at this."

Jason replied in a low voice, "Fuck yeah."

We continued this until we felt Jason's thighs begin to tremble.

Jason suddenly stopped tonguing her whole and said he was gonna cum soon.

I felt his cock begin to expand and my mouth watered for its creamy release when suddenly, Jennie slid back down from his face and pulled his meat from my mouth with a pop.

He must have thought he was having Déjà vu.

Jason screamed," No please, not again! Don't stop sucking, please finish me off! Somebody...."

He didn't have to suffer long. She quickly stuck his cock back into her steaming pussy.

"Oh yeah, that's it. Your pussy feels so good. I'm gonna cum any second."

After only a few strokes inside her, he began to spurt.

As soon as he was done, Jennie rolled on her back and I moved to eat her creampie, but she told me to fuck her first.

This wasn't any problem, as my cock was as hard as stone and I still hadn't fucked her.

I entered her with ease. Her pussy was so tight and warm and wet from Jason's semen.

I looked down at her as we fucked and I couldn't ever remember fucking a more beautiful girl in my life.

Jason had put a massive load in her and I wasn't going to be far behind.

I pumped myself into her slick channel and she put her legs up on my shoulders, so I could get as deep as possible.

This provided me with a chance to suck on her toes again. I think she forgot that I loved this play.

I sucked between her toes and chewed on her heel and she began urging me on.

"You liked sucking on him. You wanted him to cum in your mouth, didn't you? We'll do that later, I promise. But do me first.

This talk must have pushed her beyond her limits and she began cumming in a matter of minutes.

When her pussy began spasming with her orgasm, it clenched my cock like an invisible hand. I began spurting a massive load into her to add to Jason's.

When I rolled off of her, I expected her to plop her sloppy cunt on my mouth, but instead I was shocked to see Jason bury his face in her drenched hole instead.

He was sucking her out and Jennie was going crazy.

She squirmed and pinched her nipples as he vacuumed all the semen he could find in her, and there definitely was a lot to be found.

He had to suck her for quite a while. Then she reached down with both hands. She gripped his ears and began to undulate with her hips on his mouth.

When her orgasm finally hit her, it appeared she was trying to shove his head inside of her pussy.

She cried out and I heard him cough. She must have squirted her juice as well as any remnants of our semen down his throat.

She asked, "Are you okay?"

"Yeah, I thought you were gonna drown me," he replied.

"You guys are gonna kill me. What made you want to do that? I was happy to find one guy that would do that, but two? I must already be in heaven," Jennie said.

She stretched out like only a contented and very satisfied woman can do.

Then Jason replied," Well, I couldn't let my best friend think I was some kind of prude or something, especially after of his wonderful treatment."

I knew what he meant and so did Jennie.

I asked, "So what did you think of her creampie?"

He replied, "It was cool but I think I'll leave them to you from now on."

"Gladly, I have this strange fascination with them for some reason." I replied with a smile.

"What about you sucking Jason?" she asked.

"I was always curious about the taste of cum and I knew neither of you would judge me," I said.

"Cool, I'll keep that in mind next time I can't get laid," he said.

"Just oral," I said.

"Guys, I'm still here."

I said, "I know, who could ever forget about you."

She kissed me and we all cleaned up.

Jennie fucked us both again (and again and again) that day.

I explored every inch of her body, with her help. I swear that I found every spot on her body that caused her pleasure that day. I swear that my tongue will never be the same again.

After that, Jennie and I both moved in with Jason at his request. We have a non-traditional arrangement, you could say.

Jason and I both get to enjoy Jennie's feminine charms, either together or solo and she enjoys both of us just the same.

She's insatiable. I think she's trying to wear my tongue down to a nub with all the oral sex she requires.

So, now I get to live with a beautiful girl and my best friend at the same time. One could say that I get to have my cake and eat it too!

Or is that creampie!!

I guess my luck has finally changed.

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