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I want to feel it next to my skin
I sometimes have submissive tendencies when it comes to sex. These are never full-time thoughts, just fantasy interests I like to explore occasionally. A while back I started gravitating to this one particular dominant woman on the interent. Her name is Lexi Lapetina.

She has a cool website, but that's not where I found her. I first discovered her on a free-clip site. There was a clip about Small Penis Humiliation of hers that someone had posted and I clicked on it. I was naked with my lubed cock in my hand when I first saw it. The clip was only 6 minutes long but I remember I came about 4 minutes into it. Reflecting back, I guess that would be considered one of those defining moments where my life took a course change I never saw coming.

Lexi is different. She starts by using her intelligence and wit to make you feel comfortable. Once she has you relaxed she uses a unique unscripted verbal humiliation technique to bring out your hidden submissive nature. To say she is special is an understatement. I had seen this method of domination used before but never by such an expert. I was totally hooked after that first clip.

The next thing I remember was a Google search for her site and then credit card verification...I was soon on my way to buying all her clips. You can tell when you watch her she's not acting a part. I think her need to control men is part of her internal chemistry. I can't count how many times I've cum watching her. Every male with a sub-angst should have a few of her clips on hand.

I think all guys are probably like me. When we want to masturbate we lube up and start cruising the net one-handed. I'm sure our venues are varied depending on our particular tastes; be it live-cams, erotic stories, sex-clips or whatever. I don't know about you other guys, but during a session I'm constantly hard, sometimes for hours. I never know when, but there comes a moment where something clicks inside me and I know its time to cum. This is when you want to have a few Lexi Lapetinas in your collection. Happy Endings were never the same for me once I discovered Lexi.

I had never written to an internet porn personality before but for some reason I felt I needed to let Lexi know that someone out there really appreciated her work. I decided to write her just a short note to say thanks for all my happy endings.

I wrestled with a number of different greetings. Should I use Lexi, or Ms. Lapetina or what? I don't know why, but for some weird reason I finally decided Mistress was the most appropriate. I won't display the whole letter here but as I was writing it my hidden sub-angst kept rising more and more out of me. What started out as a short note turned into a War & Peace version of passion for a woman I had never met before but had provided me many hours of sexual pleasure. It started out "Dear Mistress" and ended with "yours in hopeful servitude, slave."

Between Mistress and slave, I droned on and on about how I thought she was the web's most creative, intelligent and desirable dominant woman in the business. How she had all the attributes needed to make up the total package. My sub-angst slathered that she was the most beautiful Mistress of them all, with a voice that would make any man's cock either harden or shrivel depending on her intentions and mood. It became a boring long-winded fan letter from a devoted admirer to his masturbatory muse. I ended it by telling her I had an idea for a clip that she hadn't done yet and if she were interested I'd send it to her.

The moment after I clicked on Send I regretted it. Have you ever done that? Why can't someone develop a way to retrieve an email if someone hasn't read it yet? The person who figures out that solution will become rich instantly.

I'm sure when she stared reading it she must have laughed thinking what a wimp I was. Coming to the conclusion...just another lowly male she had wrapped around her cyber finger. I figured she'd probably read only the first few paragraphs before she hit delete. But no worries, I wrote most of it one-handed and came a couple of times composing it....a win for me in the end I figured.

I'm sure she gets a lot of letters like mine from her fans, but I got lucky and something I said had sparked her interest. If took a few days but she wrote back....."I'm interested - send me your clip outline."

I couldn't quite believe it; she had actually read my whole letter. I was truly embarrassed at the thought of that fact. I had never let on to another women that I had any submissiveness in me. The realization that Lexi knew this about me caused me a little anxiety.

Her note to me was just 7 words. If the Yahoo gremlins had mis-delivered those 7 words my life would be different today.

Here's my cuckold story....

First off I'm single and have been for years. Successful in business to the point where I retired early at the age of 40; not rich, but comfortable. I live on my sailboat in the Caribbean and get to the States for only a few months each year during hurricane season. It was during my States-time that I wrote to her.

I instantly fired back my idea for a clip. My outline revolved around the Cuckold fetish, which seems to be getting more popular on the internet. It included, SPH (Small Penis Humiliation), Forced Bisexuality, Light Feminization, Creampie Eating, Ruined Orgasm; the whole gamut. What made it different for Lexi was that it required live-participation from 2 males in the clip. Most all of Lexi's domination clips revolve around her being alone with the camera, so this would be a real break from her style.

She rarely fucks guys in her clips. She states she is bisexual; frankly I always thought she played for the girls-team more than the Srt8 team. In one clip where she is having sex with a guy I remember the guy had a pretty big cock. SPH is an arena where Lexi is an expert. Her unique intelligent humiliation really makes a sub guy like me wonder if maybe I really haven't pleased all the women I've been with. No joke.

My cock isn't huge, but it isn't small either. A previous girlfriend measure it once and she came up with 6 inches; I came up with 6 and one-half inches. She laughed when I said that.

"Once little boys reach the age of 8 they stop adding the 'half' to their age. Think about it, when you're 20 and 6 months do you say, you're 20 and a half?" She teased.

What I do remember from that night, was that with all the attention paid to my cock during the measuring process we fucked like rabbits for a long time after my official stats were collected.

It was kind of cool to think I was actually communicating with a woman I'd never met about my submissive sexual interests. Lexi has a great body; her naked image floats around my head a lot of times when I masturbate. Along with my emailed outline I had a 'what the hell' moment and attached 2 naked pics of me. One from the back, and one from the front...in the front one, I had a greased up hardon...6 and a half inches to be exact....lol

The next day I received a short note back saying she appreciated me taking my time to send her my ideas. She said how she had been thinking of making a live-cuckold clip for a while and my outline provided a lot of insight into the mind of a submissive man. She ended her letter with the statement, "Is that all the bigger your cock gets?" There was one of those yellow "sad faced" icons following that sentence.

That night I masturbated and came twice reading that last statement while looking at a pic of Lexi.

A month later I received another email from Lexi saying she was going to turn my outline into a short movie and wondered if I would be interested in being an actor in it. Do women like chocolate? I couldn't answer fast enough.

"Where, When...I'll work for free." Was pretty much what my response came down to. I ended the email with a sappy statement of how it would be a dream to be in the presence of such a beautiful and exciting dominant woman like herself. Am I a wimp or what? After I sent it I never thought to ask what my part would be....the Bull or the sissy cuckold?

Long story short, a couple of weeks later I was getting out of a cab in front of Lexi's house. Knock or bell? Bell. Seconds waiting turned to minutes and then more minutes.

Lexi said she wanted me to come stay at her house for a few days before the shoot. She felt it important to get to know me before she made her movie. She plays a real head-game with her clips; it made sense that the better she knew me the better the movie would be. Also there were the necessary STD tests that required some time.

When you greet a friend or acquaintance in most foreign countries there's always a hug and some cheeky air kisses involved. I've been lucky to visit a lot of places in the world....in Argentina it's two kisses - very brief, once in Chile, twice in Spain and Italy but not a brief as Argentina, three times in Brazil. I love Brazil. It's a shame, but America with its puritanical roots has never adopted this custom. Waiting I wondered what would happen when Lexi opened the door.

I rang again.

Lexi had written that I was going to play the cuck role. She didn't say it in a cruel manor, but simply stated that my cock was not big enough to sustain the appearance of being a real Bull. Standing there, I started to wonder if my waiting was some initial head-game she was playing with me.

The door finally opened. Beautiful. Jean shorts, barefoot and a sleeveless T-shirt, I could see the impression of her nipples poking out. She gave me a sincere hug that two friends would give each other; double cheek air kisses. Italian or Spanish I was thinking as we held each other.

A brief get-comfortable conversation turned to a polite house tour and soon she was showing me to my room.

"Dinner out tonight if that's okay?"

"Works for me." I answered.

"Great, come on down to the pool in an hour, we'll have a couple of drinks before we go, dress casual."

"Sure." I answered like a lamb to the lioness meekly. To be clear I'm an assertive guy; I don't normally talk or act in a meek manor. But somehow being in her presence and remembering all the D/s clips I've seen her in, it was hard to be the 'normal me' around her.

I think I forgot to tell you about Lexi's smile. It's her best feature... except for her tits, ass, lips, etc...ha ha. Actually her smile arrives five minutes before the rest of her body. Most internet dominants think its out of character to smile. I mentioned before that I don't think Lexi acts the part of a dominant. She has this one clip where all you get to see of her is her mouth. I've cum to her smile before.

After she had deposited me in my room I noticed on the bed a little gift package. Inside there was a pair of pink silk panties and a note.

"Kelly, we only have three days to prepare for our movie together. I want to make sure we're both in the right frame of mind to make the best movie possible. These are my most favorite pair of panties; I wore them all day and wrapped them just before I came to the door to greet you. In one of the drawers are some more panties; I think it best if you wear panties the whole time until after we finish the filming. I know it's all just a game, but I would like it if you wore my pink panties to dinner tonight. Thanks, Lexi"

When I was 15 years-old I could get a hardon just looking into the side of a girls shirt and glimpsing her bra strap. The older I get the more it takes to get me hard, the truth is I never get an 'instant hardon' anymore. The moment I touched her silk panties I got hard, they were still warm.

Drinks at the pool were typical of two people on a blind date. Conversation and me were the only things casual. I wore jeans and a golf shirt, which fit Lexi's instructions to a Tee, but Lexi dressed anything but casual. In fact I think she went out of her way to dress up and make it seem like I wasn't up to her class. A head-game I figured.

She wore one of those perfect 'simple black dresses' that all women own, but when they put them on they look and feel like a million-buck fashion model. The dress was short but not too short with just enough flesh visible to be sexy but not slutty. Her big porn star ass looked edible in the tight fitting material. The bling on her wrist and around her throat spoke money. And her heels were high enough to allow her to rise above my 5'10" frame.

A lot of the uncomfortable feeling I had in her presence was probably because I was wearing her panties...and knowing she knew I was. She never said a word about it though. I know some guys play these types of games with their wife and girlfriend all the time. This was a first for me. I've read stories how guys get hardons the moment they put on a woman's pair of panties. For me it wasn't like that, at least not then. It was just weird, and certainly robbed the assertiveness that I usually have around a woman away from me.

We took a cab to the restaurant, which could be described as urban-posh. Nobody was dressed casually; except me. Lexi knew people and every time she stopped to talk to someone she went out of her way not to introduce me. It was like I was the visiting hick cousin she had to drag out for an obligatory dinner. After the 3rd time she failed to introduce me I realized she wasn't being rude, it was just part of the game she had devised for the night. I smiled thinking what a master she was at creating the façade of her being the HotWife and me the tag-along cuck husband. I sat down with a hardon.

We had about 30 minutes of personal history chit-chat before Lexi turned up the heat.

"You know I'm really excited about this new movie we're making. I want you to know I had about 100 actors who I could have chosen to play your part, but I really liked your body and thought it would be great on film."

"Thanks, I guess? It goes without saying I'm looking forward to being in the movie with you too," I mange to say trying not to be conceited.

"You know we're going to have sex together don't you Kelly?"

"I know. I'm hard now thinking about it." I really was.

She smiled. "Are you hard thinking about sex with me or is it because your little penis is in my pink panties."

A segue here...When Lexi calls your penis small on her clips any guy who possesses even a little sub-angst can not help but get hard or cum. Her voice is so natural and honest when she says it. As she was calling my penis small she displayed that magic smile of hers and ran one of her high heels up my calf.

At a loss for words at that moment, I chose to just smile back.

It wasn't something I had to work at or think about, but at that moment I had become a true submissive guy with a woman for the first time in my life.

She reached across the table and started running her fingernails up and down my bare forearm. Her touch was electric. I could feel my cock getting even harder in Lexi's panties.

"You know I don't normally let a guy with a small penis fuck me." She said smiling.

I couldn't figure out if she was kidding or not.

"Your outline made sense though. I have to fuck you at least once to show how your little penis can't please me. But with the size of your little dicklette I doubt if I'll have to do too much acting." Another big smile.

Like a deer in headlights I smiled back, failing to come up with a cute quick retort.

Another segue...what is it with the mystery answer to the question if cock size is important to a woman's orgasm or not? I think I'm average size and I don't think a woman I have been with has ever faked it. I'm sure I'm not alone in this perception. But when a woman as beautiful and bed-experienced with big cocks like Lexi says only big cocks do it for her, well...a guy's got to wonder. I think she called my cock a dicklette to dig me in a deeper submissive hole. But actually it backfired.

I removed her hand off my arm and with just a little force pulled her ever so slightly towards me. I whispered across the table looking as serious as I could, "Lexi, I don' t know if you're making fun or if it's all real about you liking big cocks. But....

- First....I'm here with you sharing an intimate dinner looking in your beautiful eyes....something I never would have thought possible before.

- Second...In a couple of days I'm going to be lying naked with you while we make a movie; and even if it's only for a couple of minutes...I'll feel like I won the lottery.

- And the third and final thing...The thought of my cock entering my masturbation muse of many years....is so over-the-top cool, you can call my cock all the names in book and you still won't diminish an experience I'll have many future pleasurable memories of."

Then I kissed her cheek softly, pulled back and smiled. I felt the most comfortable I had all night. My assertive-self was back, a 'me Tarzan-you Jane' kind of feeling had come over me.

She sat back and quietly stared at me.

I thought, oh fuck, now I really blew it. I was supposed to be playing the submissive cuckold and she was supposed to be 'in charge' and I had just usurped the roles. I suddenly had the thought of those other 100 guys who could fill my spot easily. But I didn't back my posture down or say I'm sorry.

She suddenly smiled and laughed. "I guess I had it wrong about you. In the community we call someone like you a 'switch'. Don't worry, on camera who's going to know, right? I'll confess Kelly I like a man who isn't afraid to stand up for himself, your stock just went up."

I use to do million dollar deals and know when to shut up so I didn't say a thing.

We started talking again. In just a short time our conversation seemed to transform to the 3rd-date type. Everyone knows about 3rd date dinners – right?

When a guy finds a girl who is special, they sometimes hold off getting them into bed. They make a show of taking their time to make the woman feel she means more to him than sex. I'm sure women know how this game is played better than any guy. Secretly they probably want to go to bed on the first date just as much as the guy, but don't want to seem like a slut...so they let the guy lead this dating dance routine. It's all in fun, but both parties know the score. The reality is that the 3rd date dinner always leads to sex, and that was exactly how our dinner was progressing. This was becoming better than I could have ever hoped.

Lexi was soon laughing at my jokes, and her body language changes were giving me the impression she really liked me. Soon our gazes into each other's eyes became deeper. By the time the second bottle of wine was consumed we were kissing across the table like 16 year-olds in love.

I usually never fall for women hard, it's almost always the other way around. But by the time dinner was over, I was officially smitten with Lexi and I thought her with me. Who would have thought that this whole porn-movie experience might lead to love?

Soon we both knew it was time to leave and take this to the next level. I paid the check and we left the table with Lexi draped on my arm. I'm sure it was the wine and having my beautiful dream Mistress on my arm, but I felt like I was walking on clouds.

Just before we left the restaurant I heard a deep booming voice from the bar, "Hey Lexi".

Instead of us heading out the door she was pulling me into the bar. The next thing I knew she was off my arm and into the arms of the guy who called her. This guy was bigger than me, at least 6'3" and looked like he had logged in a lot of gym time. Solid. I'm in my mid-40's and he was probably in his late 30's. Tan, dressed in an expensive suit, diamond cuff links, Rolex...the whole works. His dark hair was slightly long and swept back off his ears.

"Hiya Babe," he said as he pulled her up into his arms and kissed her...tongues and all.
After they broke the kiss he looked my way and with an engaging smile reached across Lexi and we shook hands. "You must be Kelly? We're going to be working together. I'm Rick."

I was a little startled knowing this guy was the Bull in the movie. "Nice to meet you," I said meekly. I had suddenly lost the old self-confident me, and also my newest love interest as well. The whole time he and I were talking Lexi was all but fucking him...kissing his neck, running her hands inside his suit, giving any casual observer the impression that I was certainly not part of their group.

Lexi headed to the bathroom and Rick and I were forced to continue conversation alone. Despite his intimidating size he seemed like a nice guy. We talked about sports and the weather for a few minutes before Lexi came back and started her assault on Rick again. You could tell Lexi had him worked up.

"Well we better go, lover before I start fucking you on the bar." Lexi said loud enough for the close patrons around us to hear.

Rick gave me a look that said, 'hey what's a guy to do man?' Lexi kissed him again and they turned to leave without even looking in my direction.

Just before she exited the bar she whispered something in Rick's ear and came trotting back to me. She foraged around in her purse and found a small box and pushed it into my hand.

She brought her lips to my ear and said softly, "I told you I don't fuck small dicks. See you later cucky." Then she bit my earlobe hard enough to make me cringe and threw me one last heart-stopping smile before joining Rick and leaving the bar. I instantly got an emotion I had never felt with any other woman before in my life...jealousy.

Before he left Rick turned, smiled and winked at me. That's when I remembered that in my outline there was a scene where I sucked the Bull's cock to get him hard for my HotWife. Something I had never done before. I felt myself shiver, right down to my panties with it's shriveled up little penis.

On the box was a small card. I figured she must have written it in the bathroom. I opened it in the cab.

Dear cucky,

I had fun time tonight. It was interesting to see how far I could take you. Something that's important in porn is that the men actors have big cum shots. Your little penis won't have the recuperative powers of someone like Rick, so I don't want you to cum until we make the DVD. Please wear this until I take it off you.


Inside was a CB 6000 Chastity Cock Cage. Also included was a small brass lock that was unlocked - no key included.

I'd seen pictures of cock cages before. Chastity was an activity that always was exciting porn for me to watch. But the reality of me having my cocked locked up and someone else having the key was another story. I knew I was stuck having to go through with this so I figured what the hell. When I got to Lexi's house I put it on, locked it and then put back on the pink panties.

The cage had 3 separate sized rings, which were included and some directions. Lexi had tied a little red ribbon around the smallest ring, it was real tight but I made it work. On the porn clips I had viewed, the cages were all plastic, but this one was chrome....no expense spared in movies I guess? It took a while to actually get warm. There's a slight weight to it so you always know you have it on.

My nipples are hard-wired. Once I had it on I wanted to test it out, so I squeezed my nipples and sure enough I could feel the blood start rushing to my cock. I could actually feel a throbbing. I squeezed my nipples a little harder and all of a sudden my cock started to hurt. My erection had nowhere to go and the blood kept rushing in, the pain was getting intense. Once you start a hardon you need to take care of it but I had no way to get any release. Man did I fuck up or what? I had to lie down on the bed thinking about the Pope for 10 minutes until the pain finally stopped. What the fuck had I gotten myself into?

Lying there in bed I kept thinking about what had actually happened at the restaurant. Did I read the signals wrong or what? The whole time I'm thinking Lexi is starting to like me; she's mind-fucking me playing a game only she knew the rules to.

Replaying the evening a few times back and forth I realized what was up. In order for a cuck to feel any real anguish when his HotWife starts cuckolding him, the cuck has to be in love with the wife – right? What Lexi had done, and I fell into her trap, was to let me think she liked me enough so that I would fall head over heels in major-like with her. Notice I didn't use the word 'love' here.

After a short time, I realized the genius behind her whole devious plan. I was truly smitten. It wasn't only jealousy I was feeling thinking she was probably fucking Rick right now, but a cuck's anguish also.

I'd read about cuck-angst before and now I was actually experiencing it for the first time. Jealousy sure, but also inadequacy for not having the right equipment to want her to chose me. Then what crept in was another weird feeling where I was happy she could get laid the way she should by a real man who could make her feel like a woman's supposed to feel when she has sex.

This last feeling was unexpected. In a short time Lexi had somehow gotten me to like her enough that I was actually concerned for her sexual pleasure needs. Like I said genius. Only someone as smart as Lexi could have devised this scheme.

I fell asleep thinking of Lexi's ass, tits and smile....

I woke up in the dark smelling Lexi's perfume. "Hey cucky, how's it hanging," she said laughing. I could tell she must have continued drinking after she left the restaurant.

The room was in almost total darkness; I couldn't make her out that well. She sat on the bed, her lips barely grazed mine giving me a soft sweet kiss. The second kiss was more intense. I think for her as much as for me. Her tongue went deep down my throat. There was a foreign taste to her kiss. I figured it was the remnants of Rick's cum she was trying to share with me. I felt her hand playing with my cock cage under the panties. I could feel the blood starting to rush in.

"Too bad it's so small otherwise I would have let you fuck me tonight." She said with no cruelty just a little sadness.

"Rick is a good fuck, but I think you probably have better insight into a woman's needs. Don't get me wrong, some nights I just love to get pounded by a big cock. There's nothing like it, it's something only a woman can really understand. But most nights I just need the gentle compassion of companionship with a person who wants me to have more pleasure then themselves. Guys with that gene and a big cock seem to be impossible to find, trust me I've looked."

I could only chalk up this blunt honesty to whatever alcohol she had been drinking.

She kissed me again, soft and gentle; the taste of Rick's cum no longer present. I wasn't sure where this was going but I didn't want to take advantage of Lexi while she was drunk. I laid there and took the passive position accepting her kisses like a willing sub was supposed to.

Our kisses became hotter and hotter. I couldn't help myself; soon my hands were in places I had only dreamed of them going before this moment. Her shoulders were so smooth and warm. I buried my wet lips into where her neck and clavicle meet. My fingers dancing up and down along her backbone. I heard a deep sigh.

She leaned over me, I loved the feel of her heavy breasts on my chest. The effect on me was a typical one; my cock was soon aching in its new cage. She stopped playing with my cock and started running her hands through my hair as our kisses got hotter.

I kind of lost control a moment and started to unzip her dress. Realizing what was happening she pulled back a minute.

Fuck, I blew it I thought.

"You came a long way to help me with my movie, didn't you?" She said mater of factly with not a hint of being drunk. I wondered if this was another mind-fuck she was playing.

She stood up. There was just enough light to see she was taking her dress off. I reached my hand out and trailed it along her torso hips ass and legs, she had nothing on underneath. She reached down and slipped off my panties. Like she was testing it out, she flipped my cage up and down and side to side a few times, it was slightly painful with every movement.

"I've never been with a man who had one of these on, I want to feel it next to my skin." This time said as sober as a judge would say it.

Me with only a cock cage on and she now naked, she moved on top of me. She made me keep my legs together and squatted down with her legs split over mine, our pelvises touching. It wasn't what she wanted. She reached down between us and adjusted my cock cage up instead of down so she could feel it next to her clitoris. God that hurt.

"Oh, it's warmer than I thought it would be," she said with some surprise.

It was the ultimate Cowgirl position except there was no penetration for me. I let me hands roam freely. I didn't know if this moment would ever come again so my hands were everywhere at once. Her ass and tits my focus area. I'd seen them enough on clips, but to finally be touching them was almost too much for me. She has a little horseshoe clip in her left nipple. I love playing with nipple bling. If my cock had been exposed I would have probably cum by now.

She leaned down and started kissing me again while sliding her clit up and down on the chrome cock encasement. Every once in a while she'd jump a little. I thought is was out of discomfort at first, but her moans would get louder when it happened and she'd grind down on me that much harder. The cage has some rough edges where the pieces meet. Some women like rougher treatment to their clits more than others. I guess Lexi dwelled in the rough-camp.

Our kisses became over-the-top for me. I was getting lost in a confused passion where I had a useless cock that was hurting me but at the same time my whole focus was on making sure the steel was in the right place so Lexi could get the ride of her life.

Her breathing got more erratic and all of a sudden she got quiet. Some women are like that. They start out like animals but in the final moments they go into what can only be described as a "relaxed tension". Yea, I know it's an oxymoron but it's the truth. I think Lexi is like that. I could feel an undercurrent of tension in a body that had stopped moving.

I knew what she needed. I pulled her down on top of me, her big tits mashing into my chest. I held on tight to her ass with one hand and her back with another immobilizing her to me. Without moving much myself, I ground my cage into her clit as hard as I could. Then I buried my mouth into her neck trying not to cause he too much distraction. The pain to my cock was like a burning I'd never felt there before; I hope I wasn't doing lasting damage.

I could hear her cum before I felt it, which is backwards then when you're actually fucking a girl. When you're fucking you can feel her orgasm approaching long before she announces it.

This was too cool I thought. Here I am locked up but bringing a woman to orgasm, or at least being a part of the process anyway.

Lexi kind of shivers when she comes I discovered. No loud screaming or wild jerking, just quiet little moans and some slight body shakes. After or during I couldn't tell she needed to be kissed. It was intense to say the least. I could feel a lot of wetness around my cock cage.

The after-cum period was quiet. She just laid on top of me with her full weight not moving. I didn't know how long it would be before she left me, so I used the moments to slowly explore that big ass I'd cyber-gazed at for years with my hands. If Lexi thought I was trying to bath her in loving caresses so be it.

"Does it hurt?" She said sounding a little tired.

"What?" I said.

"Your locked up cock."

"Yea, but just a little." I lied.

"Do you want me to let you out?"

Whoa. Yea Baby, let me out so I can fuck the shit out of you I thought. Then I thought no, I can do that with a woman anytime, maybe I should just leave it on a while to see what this whole Chastity thing was all about. Then I thought, fuck that, this is Lexi Lapetina, who happens to be naked in bed with me, let me out now and I'll show her what a real fuck is like. This whole thought process probably lasted 30 seconds.

"Yes I'd like to get out." I said trying not to sound like a begging Street Urchin from Mumbai.

I heard her chuckle.


"You took to long cucky. If it takes that long to decide if you want to fuck me then you don't deserve it."

She was back. The "she" being the 'Genius Lexi', who knew how to weave the D/s web better than anyone.

Realizing my mistake but also knowing this is what I came for, I started laughing and then she started laughing. We both knew this was all a game. One with few rules but with compliant and willing participants ready to explore each unknown avenue as they came along.

She got off me slowly and kissed me on the cheek and said good night. Watching her bend over to pick up her dress I could just make out her ass cheeks spreading. If there was ever a next time I was going to make sure the lights were on.

"You promised to take me sailing tomorrow, get some sleep cucky." And then she was gone.

The pain was so intense I couldn't go to sleep. It took a full hour for the blood to recede enough from my cock so the pain was not a distraction. But that was okay. It gave me a chance to replay my first sexual experience with the cyper-woman of my dreams. Am I a lucky guy or what? Who says a guy with a 6" penis can't bring a woman to orgasm?


She wanted me to rent a sailboat and teach her to sail. I chose a small 28-footer with a tiller. Teaching a person to sail is always a crapshoot. I've done it many times. Fifty-percent of people I've taught can feel the wind and fifty-percent can't. Those that can't feel the wind, always think they can. Of the fifty-percent that can, a very small percentage get so hooked they work and save to spend every free moment they can on the water. That was me. Lexi turned out to be in the fifty-percent that could understand wind and appreciate the beauty of moving a boat through the water without a motor. It made it that much easier for me to fall in love with her.


There was no more sexual contact between Lexi and myself from that night in my bedroom until movie shoot day. True to form, she spent many hours teasing and humiliating me. Over the next two days I had to change my panties 9 times. It's amazing how much pre-cum I had produced in her presence, while being locked up. She figured out my hard-wired nipples. She soon became addicted to playing with them after she saw how much her attention to them affected me. I spent countless hours in pain with an engorged cock having no release options.

I'm not sure if she was practicing her domination techniques for the movie, or if she just enjoyed having a submissive pantied guy running around her house that she could play with at her whim.

Her humiliation of my cock became routine. Dicklette, pricklette, clitty were just some of the names but there were many more. Any guy reading this who has the SPH fetish...I can tell you that watching clips of SPH is fun, but having a live hot woman do it while your caged is so cool there is no comparison.

She was never naked in front of me but almost. She'd wear these see-through bras and panties to see what the reaction was to my caged cock. She watched me clean myself. I had to sit to piss and she watched that. She said she never had a man in chastity before, I think it was all a learning opportunity for her.

She only played her humiliation games about half the time. The other half we were like a regular couple. Except I was in panties the whole time and she was in-charge.

Over those two days we spent some time working on her movie fine-tuning the rough spots. There were also enough other moments of conversation, laughter and quiet togetherness where I went from smitten to love. If it was her mind-fuck to get me to this state it worked.

The movie was to be about 90 minutes more or less and shot at her house. By movie day my attachment to her was real and not an act. Any cuckolding that would happen on the screen was going to be real. I never stepped out of myself and analyzed Genius Lexi again. I just went with it like driftwood being pulled to sea in an ebb tide.

On movie day when Rick arrived and gave her a nice hug and kiss, the jealousy I felt was real. The cameraman turned out to be a woman, Lisa. One of the most exotic and beautiful women I had seen in ages. Their hug and kisses showed they were either present or past lovers. With Rick I felt a pain to my heart, with Lisa I felt my soul being attacked.

Was I a wreck or what...?

Lisa brought along a guy, who you could tell was gay, named Tyler to help her and another woman named Cindy who I guess handled makeup and clothes. A very cute and perky twenty-something wearing short shorts and a loose tanktop.

Lexi had kept me in panties and chastity for the meet-and-greet time. She thought it best to help the other participants in the movie to see the proper establishment of roles. I was not embarrassed in front of Rick or the others, but a true shame and self-consciousness happened when I was in Lisa's company. Lisa had Lexi's love, something I didn't.

The movie was actually going to start in a couple of hours. The house was a buzz with activity.

"Come on Kelly." Lexi said pulling me out of the group towards my bedroom.

"It's time for his milking." She announced to the group.

"I'd like to watch that." Said Tyler.

"Sure, come on along." Lexi said.

"Me too." Said Cindy

"Well me too also." Piped in Lisa.

"How about you Rick?" Lexi asked.

"Naw, I'll just hang by the pool, have fun."

"I thought you didn't want me to cum until we made the movie so I'd have a lot of cum for the scene?" I whispered to Lexi.

"Kelly, only real men in cuckold films have big cum-shots, you're the sissy remember. Sissy's have hardly any cum for their wives." Lexi explained with her big smile.

"Can't wait to see this." Said Cindy. "I've never been to a milking before," she giggled. Soon everyone was laughing about it to my expense.

Once in the room Lexi told me to take off my panties. I can't tell you how embarrassed I was to be doing this in front of everyone.

"Wow, I've never really seen one of those on a live guy before." Lisa exclaimed.

"Me neither." Both Tyler and Cindy said at the same time.

"How long has he been locked up?" Asked Tyler.

"Three days...and I've been teasing him constantly. I even fucked him with it on." Then she went on to explain all the details about our drunken fuck to the group.

For some reason her telling everyone about our night together, that I thought was special, hurt a little.

Lexi had the key to the lock in her pocket.

"He's got to be ready to bust." Tyler said.

"Let's see." Lexi said as she undid the cock cage pieces gently. Coming off it was like I was losing the one piece of modesty I had left and I almost wish she had left it on.

You'd think I'd be hard and ready to cum after the 3 days of confinement, but just the opposite. It must have been nerves or the public embarrassment but my cock was only about 3 inches long and really shriveled up.

"Not very big is he?" Cindy exclaimed.

"He's just nervous, aren't you Kelly? I've seen pictures, he's a grower." Lexi sated to the group.

It hit me that Lexi had never seen the real me yet. Now I was more than embarrassed; the first glimpse of my cock and what does she see? Shit.

"Lisa do you remember James?" Lexi said.

"Oh yea, now that was a beautiful cock."
"You remember his nipples?" Lexi asked.

"The same here?" Lisa asked.

Lexi just nodded.

"This is going to be fun." Lisa stated and smiled at me.

"You guys are going to explain all this for me aren't you?" Asked Cindy.

"Just watch and learn." Said Lisa.

Lisa approached me and gave me one of the most intense stares I'd ever had from a woman in my life. Walking up to me I noticed her long manicured fingernails for the first time. Standing in front of me she dropped her skirt and kicked it away, she wasn't wearing any panties.

"Don't get your hopes up little boy; I'm like Lexi, I don't fuck little girly clits." She said softly as she put her hands to my bare chest.

"You know we're going to have to shave his chest, Lexi." She stated.

"My job, Lexi." Cindy piped in.

Lisa firmly grasped both of my nipples between each thumb and forefinger. She started with just slight pressure and then increased the force a little more every few seconds. Once in a while she'd twist a little. Other times she'd pull a little. She was good at this.

I went from shriveled to soft and blood engorged to rock hard in all of about 20 seconds. Lisa was a Maestro; my nipples were now on fire. I'm not a pain-slut but you can get as rough as you want with my nipples. Lisa was not only good, but probably the most skilled person who'd ever done this to me before. My hard cock was pointing out and touching her pussy hair.

"You're right he is a grower." Exclaimed Cindy.

"He can park his shoes under my bed anytime." Tyler said.

"If you cum on me sissy you'll regret it." Lisa warned.

The whole time Lisa is playing with me, Lexi is standing 4 feet in front of me with her arms crossed just watching. It was like she was trying to capture mental pictures of what was happening for future clips or something. Tyler was just sitting back on the bed probably amazed to be allowed to just watch.

"Come here Cindy, I'll teach you how this works." Lisa said. She removed her hand off one of my nipples and released the pressure off the other one.

Explaining to Cindy, "First you need a guy like Kelly here who is not just a submissive but who has sensitive nipples also. They're actually hard to find. Tyler are you one?"

"No way, if you had done that to me I'd have dropped to the floor and be crying by now."

"Right," Lisa acknowledged. "Now here Cindy grasp his protruding nipple with your thumb and forefinger, like I was doing. Now the key is...you have to find the pain tolerance level, not all sluts are the same. Start slow and just keep doing it harder until he can't take it anymore."

"How will I know when that happens?" Cindy asked.

"Look into his eyes, they'll tell you, or you can always ask?"

"Slut on a scale of 1 to 10, tell Cindy what your pain threshold is."

"No blood - no foul Cindy."

"Too cool." Cindy exclaimed and then pinched me so hard I cried out and she instantly let go of me.

"No, not like that Cindy," Lisa explained. "Like I said, start slow and work up to it. Sure he can probably take most any pain you can dish out, but the key is to own him."

"Own him?" Cindy wondered.

"Yes, own him. You see a lot of women don't know how to do what we're doing or aren't willing to do it. Once you bring a guy off with nipple play he'll follow you around like a puppy dog for the rest of his life. Take off your shorts."


"Yes, trust me, just do it and your panties too."

She did.

There's nothing like being around a young taught body. Seeing how much I was admiring her butt she smiled and took her top off too. She was hot and so cute this was getting fun.

"Now do what I do?" Cindy asked.

"The same as me." Lisa moved around and grabbed my back for support; she had stopped playing with my nipples for while there but now she grabbed on like before. She moved in close and put her leg right up against my rigid cock. Cindy mimicked her actions exactly. They both started putting pressure on my nipples, pulling and twisting occasionally. Their amounts of pressure and pain were not the same and it was driving me to my max. Felling their smooth bare legs up against my cock... the pre-cum was drooling out onto their thighs.

"Now put your lips to his era and tell him his little sissy clit is so small you'd never let it in your pussy." Lisa said smiling at Cindy as she started to put her lips to my ear.

Cindy giggled, "Too cool."

This whole time I had tried to stand as still as possible but it was impossible now. Cindy's hard 20-something tits pushing up against me along with the nipple play and now both of them mind-fucking me with small cock talk....I was going to cum. I figured fuck Lisa's warning and started to hump their bare legs trying to push my cock closer to their pussies.

"Wait Stop!!" Lexi yelled.

Both women backed off instantly leaving me hanging. Shit, Fuck, Damn!!

"There's a part in the movie where my little sissy of a husband has a ruined orgasm. I'm the one ruining it and I've never done one before so I wanted to try it now."

"He's all yours, he was leaking on my leg anyway," Lisa said.

"Mine too." Cindy giggled.

"I'd have him clean you with his tongue girls but I need to make sure he has some recoup time between now and our first scene, we're running out of time." Lexi explained.

"No problem, I only let special boys touch me with their tongue anyway," Lisa said looking at with an appraising look to see if I qualified as special.

"Me too, I guess." Added Cindy.

I envied the next boy she was going to date.

"I want to try a prostate massage cum." Lexi said and moved behind me and squatted up to my ass.

She grabbed some lube and put some on her finger and also my ass hole. This was uncharted waters for me and I believe her also. My embarrassment level was off the charts, but my cock had only wilted a little since the girls had stopped their attention. The moment Lexi's finger went up my ass I came back full-tilt.

"Let's see, where is that little bugger at in here? Tyler is it supposed to feel like a ball or something?"

"Don't ask me?"

Lexi kept digging all around trying to figure out what was what. She'd hit my prostate a couple of times, but this was way too fun to help her out.

"Yes, it will be like a hard little ball. Put your finger on it and then roll the tip of your finger around it and just keep massaging it. See look at his little clitty, now you're on it." This from the expert Lisa, who would have guessed?

She was right, Lexi was in the right spot. I'd heard about prostate massages before but never had one. My cock had a life of it's own. It felt like there was a pressure building that wanted to come out from the base but nothing was coming out. It was like being on the edge of cumming but not being able to. The more she massaged it the more the pressure built, but there was no release from whatever she tried.

"It's not working." Lexi said exasperated, but still digging away inside my ass like she was searching for lost treasure.

"Let's help, Cindy." Lisa moved in and so did Cindy. "This time don't touch that little sissy clit with your leg."

"Wait I want to see. Tyler get your ass over here." Lexi ordered.

Tyler came around my back and Lexi squirted some lube on his finger. "Don't worry it's easy to find now, it's very swollen and about 4 inches inside."

"Really?" Tyler asked.

"I pay you right?" Lexi said to him.

"Right boss, whatever you say, but in the future, you don't ever have to pay me for this. I've been waiting to get at this ass the moment I saw it."

Oh shit, I thought.

Tyler wasted no time. He found the right spot in seconds. The girls moved in and started playing with my nipples right away. I was going to cum, I could feel it, any second now.

Lexi was standing just a foot away. She came in and put her hands on both sides of my face and gave me the sweetest and nicest kiss she had since I met her. She looked deep in my eyes and said, "It's all a game baby, do like Mistress says now and cum for me." Then she backed off and took up that arms folded posture again.

It started with just a few drops. My hips were jerking but there was no friction so it just made it more frustrating. After the first drops the girls and Tyler figured whatever they were doing must be right so they just increased the pressure and pain thinking more would be better. It was.

I hadn't cum in about 5 days I figured which is a long time for me. I was starting to close my eyes and then I remembered why I was here.

She was standing a few feet in front of me, her arms crossed just taking it all in.... smiling.

The trickling drops soon turned into a steady flow. There was no pleasure to speak of at all for me. It was just a continued oozing I was forced to witness while Lexi's team worked on me. After about a minute the flow was lessening some.

"Stop!" Yelled Lexi and everybody suddenly stopped what they were doing. "We need to save some for the movie."

Son of a bitch....that was the most unsatisfying experience of my life.

"Watch this Cindy." Lisa said.

Lisa started scooping up some cum in her hands and also slathered some remnants on her fingers. I knew what was coming.

"Eat it sissy." Lisa ordered as she held her hand and fingers up to my mouth.

I ate willingly. Like a dying man of thirst in the desert, I licked and sucked.

"Let me try it," Cindy said and found some leftover cum herself. She made a game of me sucking her fingers. She moved into me so I could feel her young tits as she did this.

I can't tell you how cool it is to have dominant women feeding you your own cum....especially...

.....when one with exotic looks is naked from the waist down and possesses a knowledge of D/s play like none other I had met before.

...when one girl is just that, a girl not a woman yet. Perky, tight, playful and adventurous...who also happens to be naked.

But the best part of whole event....my beautiful cyber-muse was standing in front of me, arms crossed flashing that magical smile of hers the whole time my cock oozed cum...I can't remember if I mentioned it, but I've cum to that smile before.

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